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In the TWO EXPERT LEVELS of "Shadow of the Cat" Lara returns to the city of Khamoon to discover the secret of the strangely beautiful cat statue, and sets off on a new adventure following the trail of the cat to it's deadly and mysterious conclusion.

Return to Egypt

Begin this level by making a daring leap across the trap doors which will open as you fly overhead. Climb up into one of the eye-shaped openings and enter the room to obtain your first medkit. Exit back to the trap doors and take the plunge.

A crocodile lurks in these waters so find your way to dry land quickly then take care of the beast from the safety of the shore. You should now be on a narrow stone/dirt walkway with a pool behind you. A ledge across this pool has several items waiting and another croc is lurking in the water below in a chamber off to the right. Dive in and quickly get to the other side. Take the magnum rounds and the medkit and kill the croc who should now be in the pool below.

Now dive in and swim into the underwater tunnel where the last croc came from. The underwater cavern beyond is home to some shotgun shells and a third crocodile. You should be able to outswim the croc and grab the shells; however if you aren't feeling daring you can tease the croc into following you back to the ledge and shoot him from dry land. Swim back across the small pool to the narrow strip of land.

Jump into the main pool and head down and to the right to claim 4 boxes of magnum rounds on each side of a square pillar. Climb back out and onto the ledge by the square pillar. Turn and do a jump and grab to pull up onto the pillar where two more magnum clips await. A door opens beneath the Sphinx when you jump on this pillar. It is timed so if you get the magnum clips you will need to jump off and back on to re-open the door and restart the timer.

When the door opens, immediately jump in and swim under the Sphinx. Another croc is lurking in this tunnel. You can either outswim him or return to the surface and kill him before proceeding. At the end of the tunnel is a hidden room which contains SECRET #1: 4 Boxes of Shells and a Medkit.

You can now climb to the base of the Sphinx to claim 2 more boxes of shells resting on a ledge behind the statue. Along one wall of this large chamber are some metal bars which cage a pair of black panthers. Kill them now while they are unable to fight back or kill them later if you are a glutton for punishment. When you are ready, dive in and swim through the tunnel in this wall into the next room, making sure to grab the box of shells along the way.

Another crocodile patrols these new waters so make your way to dry land and take care of the reptile. Your next goal is the cat statue, so head around the sloped surface and jump to the ledge bordering the pedestal with the cat. Jump in the water and find and pull the lever along the far wall to open a door leading out of this chamber. To exit the water go behind the statue and climb out then immediately backflip onto the pedestal with the cat. The outer ledge around the cat statue makes a great sniper location to take care of the black panthers which are lurking on the overhead ledges. When they are no longer a threat you can head over to the courtyard to the left to retrieve the shotgun and some more shells, then head for the newly opened door.

Start walking/jumping backwards as you enter the new rooms. One last cat will try to attack from the rear so it's best to be facing him as he approaches. When he is dead you can continue to the edge of the last room with the 4 columns, the ramps and the spikes. Jump to the left column then drop off the back to the flat ledge below. Walk through the spikes and head down the right path at the intersection. Climb up the first ledge then jump over the spikes to the next ledge. One last jump angled to the right will land you on the third ledge. Now you can drop off to a small ledge below and make one last jump over some more spike to land on a small ledge and trigger the secret door above.

Climb up to the ledge above and enter the door to find SECRET #2: 4 Boxes of Shells, Medkit, and 2 magnum clips. Start heading back the way to came and another door will open which leads to a quicker exit. You will be back in the room with the spikes and the slopes so make your way back to the intersection and go to the left this time and enter the large outdoor canyon.

Continue forward and slowly walk through the large patch of bloody spikes. Do not run or jump in these spikes. As you exit the far end of the spike area another panther charges down the passage. Kill him quickly before he drives you back into the spikes. Grab those shells on the right then continue down the passage and grab some more shells. Head around the corner and trigger the boulder trap. You can either run straight through or jump back to avoid getting crushed.

Head up the short ramp that the boulder just came down, and jump and grab and pull up onto the left ledge. Continue forward and up the stairs to a ledge overlooking an area below with a black panther. Kill him from this safe sniper location then do a running jump off this ledge to grab to the ledge across the way. Pull up and make your way over the sloped rocks. Then continue along the ledge on the left wall of the canyon until you reach the ledge with SECRET #3: 2 Boxes of Shells (or Shotgun if you don't already have it). You can now make your way to the canyon floor and head for those two stone blocks you saw earlier.

Pull the first block out so you can get behind the other block and push it into the next room. Continue along the passage until you reach the next room. There are many things to see and do here. First, jump to the small island and climb to the top of the column and get that Gold Key. A panther starts circling below you so kill him at your leisure with the pistols (always use pistols when the enemies can't fight back). Now dive in the water to wake up a pair of sleeping crocodiles. Exit the water and kill the crocs before diving back in to claim the magnum rounds in one corner of the room. Exit the water via the ramp where you just got the magnum clips and head up the slope and enter the door to the left. Grab that medkit off to the right then return to the previous room.

Now swim over to the bridge and dive down to find a pair of metal grates. Head to the left until you can get past the second grate and keep going down the passage as it turns to the right. You will come to a room with a cat statue which is your signal to get out of the water FAST! A croc is swimming up behind you right this minute so kill him from dry land before proceeding to the statue. Another pair of crocodiles awaken so take care of them before claiming the coveted Magnums and a medkit. Try out your new weapons on yet another pair of crocs advancing on your position. Exit the cave and return to the main room with the rope bridge.

Exit the water and make your way along the bridges until you reach the next small room with a pit. Climb up a series of ledges until you reach a branching point. To the right is a slope that leads to a very deadly crocodile nest. Unless you are going for a perfect kill score - STAY AWAY! Instead, take the left passage and climb up and drop down the other side to get a medkit. Return to the small room with the pit and jump into the opening along the side.

As you enter this dark room a croc speeds towards you. Kill him before he gets too close then head to the side of the room that overlooks the pool below. Find the gap in the wall and walk off backwards and grab on. Shimmy to the right until you can pull up and claim some shells. Jump over to the cat statue and enter the room behind it to find a locked door which is a perfect match to that Gold Key of yours.

Enter the door and head to the right to dodge the 3 deadly boulders rolling towards you. Grab the shells from the bottom of the right ramp then climb back up and head to the left. Drop to the ledge then jump over to the block where you can takeout a pair of panthers. Continue through the passage and pull the lever to open a pair of large doors. Get the medkit and head back to where you first dropped into this area.

Continued exploration of this lower area will activate two more panthers which you can kill from the safety of any of the stone blocks in the area, and will add 6 boxes of shells, 3 magnum clips, and 3 medkits to your inventory. Climb out of this area and back to the top when you have gotten everything you need from down below.

Heading up any of the 3 ramps will trigger rolling boulders. The ramps are space perfectly for side-jumping so the boulders are easily avoided if you are quick. Of course you can always wimp out and hang onto the side of the ramp and shimmy along until you pass the danger/trigger area. Whichever way you decide, once you are at the top of the ramp you will need to take out another panther before continuing.

The next room as a series of alcoves with some pretty good stuff in them. Jump into each of these areas to retrieve the various goodies; 2 boxes of shells and 2 medkits. When you are done you can take a look out the window to see what lies ahead. Then get ready for a swim. Do a swan dive off the ledge into the water below and angle into the tunnel. Swim quickly past the pair of crocs which are waiting for you and flip the lever at the end of the passage to open the exit to this area. You can swim fast than the crocs so keep moving after you flip the switch - perhaps making a grab for that box of shells you passed moments ago. When the door is open swim through and up into the pool. The crocs are hot on your heels and now a panther is patrolling the shore. Climb out on whatever side the panther isn't on and waste him with your best weapons. Then arm your trusty pistols and take out the pesky crocks which are snapping about the pool.

Head to the left of the pool and dodge the boulders as they roll towards you. Get the shells and a medkit for your trouble then turn and head for the fenced area where the boulders came to rest. Kill the attacking panther and get some more shotgun shells. Head up the short ramp to the top and get ready for a major secret.

This is more of an Easter Egg than a secret, but it still kicks butt! Face the fence and overlook the desert and the lake beyond. Turn left and walk to the wall with the sloped top. Turn with your back to the wall and take a large step forward. Now backflip onto the sloped ledge and then forward jump and steer to the left. It may take a few tries but you will eventually end up on the other side of the fence in the desert. The first thing to do is dive into that lake and retrieve the Uzi's from the bottom. Now exit the water and proceed to kill everything you can find in the surrounding dunes.

WARNING!! If you stray too far into the desert you will instantly die! Save often as you explore the outer limits of this secret area. Several panther mummies and regular black panthers are lurking in the dunes. You can even make your way to the top of the tall columns and jump your way back behind the actual level exit. Aside from the Uzi's, there isn't much to get and maybe a half-dozen creatures to kill. When you are bored or tired of dying from the "poison sand" you can re-enter the "real game area" and finish this level.

Back by the pool where you first entered this outdoor area is a stone column. Jump over the dune to land behind it and continue forward killing a black panther along the way. You will come to a bridge leading to the exit which is guarded my a giant mummy. Below is a lake with a snapping croc and a medkit. If you need the medkit or just want to get a perfect item score then take a swim. Exit to the landing and kill the crock after you get the medkit then return to the bridge and cross it. As you near the end of the bridge the mummy drops through a trap door into the next level. Follow him....

Temple of the Cat

Turn to find a switch. Flip it to open the trap door behind you then drop down into the room below. Head down the ramp and begin to collect the 4 magnum clips scattered about this room. Now head up the ramp and enter the opening on the right. Flip the switch to open the bars in this room. You now have access to a pair of medkits and a mummy has access to you! He won't attack just yet so get the medkit nearest the mummy then go for the second. As soon as you pickup that last medkit the mummy will be all over you. A few shotgun blasts or rounds from your Uzi (assuming you got it last level) will take care of him. Now flip that switch once more top gain access to the first secret of this level. The gold door from the first room is now open so head through it and up the ramp. Take out the pair of panther mummies as you turn the corner and continue up to SECRET #1: 8 (yes I said EIGHT) Magnum Clips.

No time to jump for joy right now though as two black cats are charging you from behind. Dispatch them with your favorite weapon then load up on more magnum rounds that you could ever possibly need.....yeah right! Now head back down the long ramp and make a U-turn and head back up the other ramp until you reach an apparent dead-end. Climb up to the ledge and pull yourself out into the great outdoors.

Head along the path making a short detour to the left to claim some shells. Now advance towards the pyramid in the distance. Jump onto one of the blocks for a better shot at the pair of panther mummies which attack as you approach. Retrieve the shells from the top of one of the blocks then head head toward the valley left of the pyramid. There are 6 boxes of shotgun shells laying in the valley and each is protected by its very own rolling boulder trap. None are very challenging and can easily be avoided by lots of side-jumping and back-flipping, so once you have avoided all the boulders and obtained all the shells you can continue.

Now head out of this valley and continue forward, this time to the right of the entrance to the pyramid area. A pool of water awaits down below so take a swim. Find and flip the lever to open the door which also happens to release a crocodile. Kill the croc from the ledge by the switch then dive in and flip the switch again to open the door which has probably since closed. Swim into the open door and retrieve the Ornate Key then return to the ledge and climb out and back up to the top. Time to check out that pyramid.

Start climbing up the pyramid until you reach the cat statue. A sweeping camera shot show the entire area and puts things into perspective. A pair of panthers patrols the lower tiers of the pyramid so hunt them down. Now go to the off-color block on the corner of the 4th level. Pull the block out then get behind it and push it once more. Now pull the second block out twice to reveal a shaft. Drop in and get the medkit then flip the switch to open the door.

Follow the tunnel into the next chamber where the other Ornate Key awaits. Take the key then jump out of this building and climb to the top of the pyramid and head for the main entrance which is located above the lake where you obtained the first Ornate Key. Both keys are required to open the door so use them to enter the passage beyond. Kill a panther which is lurking in the hall to the right. Continue down the hall and enter the room to find SECRET #2: Medkit (whoopee!)

Return to the main entrance and find a switch to the right which turns the lights on in this place. It also closes the door to that last secret which is why I had you do that first. Head back down the hall until you reach another switch which opens a trap door in a small chamber you passed a moment ago. Return to the small chamber and drop through the trap door to land on a block. From here you can view several passages and probably hear a panther lurking below.

Drop down and kill the panther then climb up one level and head around to the back to find and flip a pair of switches which open a timed underwater door. When you flip that second switch you need to get into the water below as quick as possible and swim through the door before it shuts. A pair of crocs are also swimming around to add to the excitement so swim past them and exit the water in the corner of the next pool. Kill the crocs from dry land then dive back in to claim the magnum clips in the underwater alcoves below. You also need to swim back to the room prior to this one and surface inside another chamber to claim an Ornate Key and a pair of medkits.

Go touch the cat statue to get a brief video then swim once more back to the main room and exit. Another Ornate Key is lying on the edge of the pool. Take it, then go on a panther hunt. As you climb up the tiers a pair of panthers start romping about the top level. You can kill them both before they even get within biting range. Two more Ornate Keys await up on the top tier and from up here you can see another key down below. Grab the fifth and final key and kill another panther before heading for that block in the corner by the pool. Pull it out to reveal a lot (4 clips) of magnum ammo.

One wall along the upper level has five locks - a perfect match for your five Ornate Keys. Use the keys to open a door out of this area. Enter and jump to the ledge below which also happens to have spikes on either side of it. Jump to each of the ledges to retrieve the shells and the medkit. Then jump over the spikes and grab onto the ledge and shimmy to the left until you can pull up. Slide down the slope and follow the path until you see a switch above you. Climb up and flip the switch to open a door above you. Now head around to the right and make your way to the very top and exit through the new door.

The hole in this floor leads to an underwater maze which is guarded by a croc. I found it was easier to outswim him rather than kill him, as he never stayed under this hole long enough to kill. In order for me to walk you through this maze without a map you will need to follow these direction exactly.

Dive in and swim to the bottom to get the Uzi Clips then hop back out the hole. The croc is now in motion. Stand on the side of the hole so you are facing the door you entered this room. Dive in and swim forward through the hole and go left and take the Uzi ammo from the bottom then turn around and go straight then turn right and flip the switch. This opens a timed door so quickly return to the surface and enter the door and kill the pair of panther mummies.

The next room has a pair of switches that need switching. A door opens back out in the main pool room and a boulder rolls out of the doorway. Magnum ammo, shells, a medkit and a crocodile all wait beyond the previously blocked door. Kill the crock and get the goods then head up the ramp and jump/dive to the pool below. Exit the water then climb to the top tier and enter the newly opend door.

YIKES! Eight panther mummies line the hall. They aren't activated for awhile, so gather up all the items in this room which consists of a medkit, uzi ammo and the Uzi's (unless you obtained earlier). Head to the bottom of the ramp to a large area that looks like there was a recent cave-in. Flip the switch to the right to open the door back at the top of the ramp then fight you way past seven of the eight mummies which are now awake. The best strategy is to stay in the cave-in section and use the various ledges to your strategic advantage. Spray them all with Uzi fire and they will soon fall. A medkit and more Uzi ammo are in the corners of this room.

Enter the new door and head up the long stairs. Turn and blast that last mummy who was trying to sneak up on you. What was he thinking? Jump down to one of the flat ledges below the top of the stairs. Now do a massive running leap to the far ledge with the Uzi ammo. Drop down from the side of the ledge without any spikes below to collect SECRET #3: A Medkit and Uzi Ammo; inside the doorway. Head up the sloped passage and jump to the left to avoid the boulder you just triggered. Now make a run for the alcove up the ramp to avoid the next boulder. Continue upward and turn left and kill the panther in the narrow passage. Climb up some more steps and grab a medkit and shells from the alcoves at the end of the narrow ledge. Now you are ready to climb up that huge set of stairs once again.

This time jump down to the square ledge then drop down to the next lower one then do a jump across to the ledge beyond the deadly sand. Once more jump over a small gap puts you on a ledge where you can pull up twice and enter the room behind the statue.

Alternative: Jump down to the first square ledge then do a running leap to the middle ledge. Drop off and shimmy left and pull up then do two pull-ups to the statue. It's more risky but faster.

Flip the switch to open the door at the bottom of the huge set of stairs, then turn around to find a magical bridge which provides easy access back to those stairs. Head down the stairs and through the door you just opened then turn and go down the passage to the right taking care of the crocodile you encounter. Grab the medkit and move on into the next chamber with another croc and medkit. Make sure you kill the croc before jumping in the water.

Flip the underwater switch to open some doors back in the previous room. A panther is patrolling the pool area so exit on the opposite side and open fire. Return to the room with the now-open trap doors and make your way up and through them into the upper chamber. Jump to the ledge above the trap door and another door opens behind you. Inside is a medkit and some shells.

Head for the door which opens as you approach and enter the next hall which is lined with 3 pairs of switches. Flip the middle switches to open the door then enter the room just a few steps...IT'S A TRAP!! Turn around and run back down the hall and into the door at the far right end of the hall. It's on a timer so be fast!

Now it's time to rearrange some blocks. Push the first block forward once then to the right once to reveal a switch. Pull the block on the right backwards once then push it right into the entrance. Now enter the room on your left and push the block in here once then pull it to the right then go around to the other side and push it once more to the right so it ends up in the corner. Pull the remaining block back twice then push it twice so it's in the doorway you just entered.

Now you can enter the final room and drag the block in there once to the right then pull it back three times so it's in the previous room. Now push it to the right once so it now rests where once of the previous blocks used to sit. Go back to the other room and find the sixth and final block. Pull it back two times then go around it to find SECRET #4: small and large medkits, uzi and magnum ammo. Hope it was worth it!

To get out of this area takes even more rearranging of blocks. Go to the previous room and move the fifth block back into the third room. Now move the forth block back into the doorway to get it out of your way then move the first block to the opposite corner of the room. Move the second block up against the first block and flip the switch you revealed earlier to open the door and get out of this crazy place.

In the main hall with the 3 sets of switches, you can flip any of the other pairs to enter the next room. A nasty threesome of panther mummies guard this next room so bring out the heavy firepower and take care of them. Climb the stairs and push the block into the statue and get the medkit. Continue up the steps and jump and grab to pull up onto the ledge. Follow the ledge around to the left and drop onto the walkway. A pair of panther mummies need to be dealt with before you continue. Enter the room at the end of the walkway then climb up the steps and drop into the next room where a pair of Uzi clips await.

Climb up onto the ledge and enter the passage on the left. Walk out to the main outdoor area and begin to make your way around the huge statue by jumping from pillar to pillar. You will need to occasionally use the alcoves on the outer wall to continue. At one corner you will come to a pillar which you must do a running jump and grab to pull up onto. A hole in the roof above can be reached by jumping and grabbing and pulling up. Take care of another panther mummy who is waiting up top for you, then follow the path around to the right.

When you are back around to the front of the cat you will see a pillar which is slightly higher than the rest. Jump to the top of this column then do a running jump to the sloped right cheek of the cat statue. Another panther mummy patrols the top of the head so kill him quickly before he knocks you off. Climb up the head and down the back to find a switch which extends the cat's tongue (which also serves as a handy red carpeted bridge). Go back to the top of the cat and slide down the nose of the cat - you can slide backwards and grab on then drop to the tongue if you want to play it safe.

Enter the cat's mouth and jump over the hole and flip the switch which open the door behind you. Turn and jump the hole once more then cross the tongue/bridge and enter the door. Head down the steps and jump the gap towards the cat statue.

You've just completed the Shadow of the Cat Missions.