spycraft-the great game (solution by eddyx)

first of all remember that the interlink is the most important toy in the game all you want to know is there.
there 's not only a way for ending the game ,you can complite your tasks in different moments.

1)first  take a look to the interlink (comlink) look to the video.
2)for the training go to the farm.
3)go to milkosky's office (look at the telephon and listen to the mesegises.)wait for him, and look to the video.
4)open the door and  to the image analysis,look at the video.
5)click on the computer and start the image analysis.The first task is to identify the car  plate,for this zoom on the
    brown car till the end then activate the o.c.e, look at the car number the open the report  and e-mail the number.
    The secon task is to identify the numbers of tanks on the field ,do the same thing that before using the two photos,
     then open the report and e-mail 6 tanks.
6)go to the zone  and go on shooting field kill the enemys and exit on the white point,on the second task find the bomb
   click on it and exit.look at the video.
7)look at your interlink then go to the dci sterling.
8)look at your interlink go to your desk an click on the computer, then activate the kat.
    watch the square then zoom in the camera view till you have the x64 vision ,move your point camera over the big long       bilding until you see a gray person hiden behind a window , then click on the mix and match.
change the sketch until you see a similar identikit with the photo then click on search, you will find that he is Harmonica.
oper the report and e-mail the name of harmonica.watch the massage incoming.
9)now you have to find the tipe of bullet and pistoll used in the murder.
   go to the computer and click on the pit point program (you know that there was found no bullet and nobody hear a shoot)
for this the bullet is a needle pack projectile and the pistol was a pulse electric gun. open the report and e-mail this.
then look at the interlink messages.
10)go to the dci sterling and watch the video.then again to your computer and activate the security model program,
     look for dr.Cohlen look for the security image of the day 24.activate the mix and match bild the identikit and you will find the name of allen wayne. do the report .look at the messages.
11)now is time to find the person who helped wayne.on your computer activate again the security model and listent to the 
     2 an 22 telephon conversation use the sound match and isolate the woman voice , you will find the name of ying       chungwang at the residence 2314 e.rockland st.washinton.dc . do the report and look at the messages.
12)go to helifax ,watch the video ,look to the messages and go again to your desk.
     take every thing over the desk and put it in the diplomatic bag ,use the sheet with all that numbers on the computer then lunch the cypertool using the decode key of beale (book a-b) an the name of beowulf ,then do the report (ying is in moscow).look to messages.
13) now on your computer use the photo doctor for crating a photo of grendel in prison.
     take the central turkis newspaper and the central packet of cigarettes the one with the camel shape and reduce in prospective.Then the down-left photo of grendel do the same and pess print ,if all it's ok go on and look at the messages.
14)it's time to go to moscow .when you arrive talk to foster and ask her to take ying to the interrogation room.go there and  
      ask ying  this sequence 2-2-2-1-2-1-1-2-1-1-1.look ate the messages and look in the cia data-link the procat file.
talk with foster she will tell you of yuri gromicenski and birdsong.then look at the messages.
the phone number of yuri si 233-4819.go to pearson's office and dial the number ,talk with yuri.
15)go to yuri's office and talk with him. then go at birdsong appartament and talk with him.look at the messages.
     then return to pearson's office and look at the yellow peaper on the desk and listen to the telephon message of yuri,the  yellow paper will indicate you a report in the casefile,open the casefile and look at the nuke file then thake the floppy.First now open your diplomatic bag and take the floppy of the embc on the computer and then download the books in your computer.now use the floppy you find in the casefile with the computer ,you will see some news group messages,look at the re:grog and maggie de of the 28 february and decript with the beale (other) and the rabin hound book. look the messages.
16)go to the appointment with yuri at vilnius and watch the video.return to the office and look in the cia data link in
the procat file ,you will find the name of jhon blake and a telephon number :011-44-171-555-0909 do this number and talk 
to blake he will invite you in london.
17)go to london and talk to blake.look at the messages.return to moscow.
18)go to the office an look in the cia data link the onix file look all the alias of onix and the flights you will discover that
     he will pit stop in berlin .do the report and watch the messages.now you know that birdsong is disappired but you have the last telephon convesation ,so use the sound analysis and isolate all the sounds around the voices you will find 4
sounds and then looking on the russia map you will find that birdsong is in novosibirik at suvorov residence.do the report,and look at the messages.
then go to birdsong's houses open the door using the black bag that you have in the diplomatic bag and turn left, kill
Lange.then return to the station and go to the alley,look at the video,then to the yuri's file,look at the messages and in the operation manager.
19)go to yuri's office and get the file .now look again at the onix file and in the ceft file look at the sirial numbers of the tickets and you will find that onix is in heidelberg at the schlumphen hotel ,do the report ,and go to germany.
20)talk to onix tell him that if he will not collaborate you will speak about chamba with the indian governament.then continue to talk and at the end tell him that you want to lock around go to the left and open the wardrobe take hand lever
and use it on onix,go to the meeating (save)and choose the shoot possibility.
then go to the center of the map quickly without shooting ,kill grendel ,go out and kill the enemys.look for the messages.
21)go again to moscow then in pearson's office take the camera and watch the video .use the immage analyser,for finding the face of jalabad rajiv(remember the photo in the bleak's file?),then look cia data-link in the 201 file under the pearson's
 file and you will find the address 19 leningradesky prospekt in moscow, report all ,and look at the messages.
22)now go to the knnecaps and start the mission,you have to lead a squad into the bilding where birdsong is 
in hostage. click on all the 4 men and go to the 2nd floor.
move all four in front of the first door on the top ,then tell to the blue on to check the room ,tell the red one to throw the
stunt bomb ,and enter all the four,use the blue one again to check the room ,he will thell that bird song is inside,move all 
the four inside and you will resque birdsong.(remember do all this quckliy).look at the video.look at the messages.
23)now go again in pearson's office and use again the embc floppy on the computer and download the new book.
then use the cypher on the new messages and decript  with the decode kay beale (other)croack!,look at the message.
24)go to tunisia.kill all the men around the map then go to the centre you will find blake,drop the gun ,then when
blake takes the knife thake the gun and kill him.look at the message.
on the coppter take blake's computer and dawnload the files until 30/40% ,then when you hear the count down on ten disconect and throw the computer out.
look at message then decript the blue roots message with beatle (other)croack! and send in all the desination of the phonebook file the message.look at the video.
25)red square.activate the frequency detection an gps locator and go to the red point on the top left of the map (where agent volpe is),close the pda and shoot immidiatly.look video and messages.
26)go to crimea.go iside with yuri and then when warhurst enters drop the gun.then ask him 2-2-1 ,thake the gun and shoot.
at the and of all the way for ending the game corectly is to kill yuri.look at the finals scene.
the end
if you have problems e-mail me at edoardoc@cosmos.it

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