Well, you are desperate now, dont you?
IN SOME WAY - and it seems to me that the later one
(which is more grammatically correct than first one)
was written, basing on its predecessor because some
very important moments are omitted.
1) I was very desperate when you need to make up an
image of Harmonica (Dubansky killer) in KAT tool -
I cant give you 100% guarantee but for me it was so:
set all left pointers (i.e. hair colour, eyes colour,
skin colour, sex etc) to extreme left - all of them!
Then all you need to do is to browse through all 
combinations of hairstyle samples (as I recall that
correct one is the second one). I AM sure that with
my suggestions will help you combine the image in
several seconds. Note - I havent mentioned all other
options to the right as mouth, eye etc patterns 
because they are default ones.
2) After your first visits to Yuri and Birdsong both
solves mention a floppy in casefile - bullshit - at
the time it is written in both solves the floppy isnt
there. Better do the next thing - play a message on
answering machine about meeting Yuri in Vilnius and
go there (outside the building an icon will appear) -
and after visiting that go to the Station, read all
mail in ComLink, download books from web as described
in solves and then open casefile, open Nukes File and
yes, the floppy will be there.
3) Next one is: after you deal with Onyx and Grendel -
both solves direct you to Pearson's office - that is 
bullshit - there is no mentioned camera on the desk -
you may find it when you visit a StakeOut location in
Moscow where Max is killed. Take a camera there - and
dont look for chip, it IS attached to the camera.
That's all I can recall... dont be angry if my hints 
on first image combining are faulty - I cannot playtest
it - you will... but it seems correct to me.
P.S. It took me several hours to overcome all 3 these
faults so it can save you life.
P.S. Lame solve-writers sux.


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