Zelenhgorm:    Land of the Blue Moon

Episode 1:     The Great Ship


by Moloto & Federation X

Walkthrough by MaGtRo     October, 2003


Gameplay:    This point and click game is the first episode of a FMV series.  Installation is done on CD1 and gameplay uses CD 2 and 3. It is not possible to automatically install the full game onto the harddrive. To bypass the CD changes:  Install the game as normal and then copy the "gfx" directory on disc #2 and disc #3 to the directory where the game is installed.

The main menu has the new, load, save, options and intro selections. There are also 4 language choices - English, Spanish, German and Swedish. Under Options, the subtitle and mouse invert choices can be found.

In most cases, the active spots are seen when the cursor becomes prominent while being moved around the screen.  Right click to bring up inventory bar at bottom of screen. Left click to pick up item and right click to place in inventory. To combine items, click-drag-drop one item over another item that is in close-up view. Right click to toggle inventory close. ESC brings up the main menu.

This walkthrough is just one way to get to the end. A lot of variation in gameplay can be done.

Places to get pearls:

1. Lighthouse water.

2. Town dock area.

3. Council of Elders building area.

4. Borrow pearls from grandmother.


Ways to be taken by Guards, face the Council, placed in stock or drowned (not necessary in the game):

1. Get drunk.

2. Talk second time with the Elder's wife at her house.

3. Talk second time with the guard at the Council of Elders building.

4. Get caught inside the Council building.

5. Give wrong answers and talk second time to guards guarding the ship.

6. Keeping the halberd at ship.

7. Going for beer with the guard.


You are Arrikk Vaheirr of the Dyers in the city of Seneva from the world of Zelenghorm. You dream that you have to follow your way - the way of the water. The power of the water has chosen you though they know not yet themselves. They still sleep. Only the ancient ones know. Awaken yourself and the power of the water. A ship has run aground close to your home.

Arrikk's Home


Look out the window and see a ship aground close to the house. Right click to back out of close up.

Pick up bucket at right of window.

Click the bed and have a dream about a shooting star passing the big dipper.

Bathroom:    Exit bedroom and turn left.

Look at the pictures of the exploits of 2 drunken young men.

Take the book of drawings from the seat. A magnifying lens appears in inventory. Use the lens to read the book. Study the drawings.

Exit,  turn left and look at mirror and hook at right wall. Exit at bottom left of screen.


Main floor:    

Take bag of pearls that has  4 pearls from drawer of table.

Take mussel shells on the floor left of table.

Take large bowl from shelf.

Take file from work table. Exit the house.


See a contraption that is similar to the one in the book.

Shed - Take the grinder close to the pyramid block of wood.

Ship - See that the upper deck is unreachable. No place to go aboard.



Turn around and take to the road. Talk to man and woman. The woman blames your left-handedness on bringing the ship to the area. Right click to stop dialogue and go your way. They give the sign to ward evil.

At the fork of the road, the path automatically takes the right direction. Turn left.


House:    Talk to a male relative. Borrow a ladder. Note: You can also borrow a ladder from your grandmother later in the game. You can pick an eggplant if you want from the vegetable garden. Exit and turn left.



Listen to the people talking about the lighthouse. The lighthouse just have now had light. Learn about the prophets of the Gods of Water.

Look close at pile of debris close to the cliff and take a piece of metal.

Talk to Verrit, your second cousin that is drawing the lighthouse. He warns you about being blamed. Right click dialogue and find out that only can hear the noise.

Water by dock - Dive into the water several times and click on the mussels to open them. Take as many pearls from the mussels as you can. Listen to the sound of your heartbeat and immediately go to the surface when it gets loud. You can come back here and other water places to dive in case pearls are needed to buy things.

Boat line - The contraption by the dock is similar to one of the drawing on the book. It seems to need a something to turn the wheel.



Go back to path and walk forward to town. Listen to town's people and how they feel about you. Talk to the people. They shun you. Continue the path.


Grandmother:    Talk to woman hoeing her garden right of blue fence and again be warned. Talk to her every so often to get information. Talk to her 5-6xs (leave and come back) until she says to find out why the ship run aground on your yard. Check the other houses and then continue through the left path.


Wool errand:    An old lady inside a house wants you to run an errand to get a ball of rushwool. She gives you 2 pearls - one for you and one for the yarn. 


Newsstand:    Turn right and forward to tavern. Turn left, see a man in the stock and forward to market building. Turn left before entering the market building. Check the drawing of the local news posted which includes the ship in your garden. Try to talk to the young man and woman.


Market building:      Listen to the mumblings and hear gossips about you.

Wool store - Go forward until the end of the walkway. Go to the second from end stall. Buy a small ball of rush wool for 1 pearl.

Turn  around to the closed stall and take the provision paper on top of the box by a sack with a triangle icon. The drawing shows chicken, rice wine, fish, pears and bread.

Jester - The last stall is the jester, Ayl - one pearl for a game. Play the games of the jester. Pay him a pearl and when you win you get the pearl back and words of wisdom.

Hint:    Save game before playing and then replay the saved game.

Ball in cups - The great raft waits for you and the left hand will steer the raft.

Rope puzzle - Steal a uniform, be the next one on duty and climb aboard the raft.

Card puzzle -  The world is much greater and much older. The world is Selh'garm .

Lever puzzle - You are not alone, there are other such as you far away.  One such as you can make the world great again.

Sun, moon and hand Cards - Win the cards. Trust the cards more than words of the prophets. The cards are not used in this episode.

Fish store (fish or mussels)  - Buy fillet of fish for one pearl.

Rice store (rice and rice beer) - Buy a keg of rice beer and rice for one pearl each.

Fruit store ( pears, spices, eggs and cherries) - Buy eggs and pears for one pearl each.

Meat store (pork, cabbages, chickens) - Buy some chicken for a pearl.

Tavern:     Take a seat on the table left of the stairs. Order a rice beer at a cost of a pearl. Do not drink yet. Turn right and go to the barrels and take the crowbar. Once you drink the beer and don't order another, the man will have you thrown out. If you drink too much, you will get drunk. Exit.


Take the path right of the rope store to go back to old lady and give her the rush wool. Turn around and go forward until the blue fence. Talk to grandmother if you want to. You can borrow money from her if you don't feel like diving for pearls. She will lend you 10 pearls in exchange for help during harvest. Go forward on the path right of the blue fence.


Elder's home:

Round bottom structure - See a round bottom structure with alligator heads. There are 6 icons at the base : cup, arrow, stone, sun, sword and anchor.  Click the notebook on the 6 icons and it will be drawn on the book.

Dog - Go to the trees and see a dog under the trees. He will bark if you get close. He can be silenced with pork.

Elder's wife - There's a break in the wall and see 2 women talking. The elder's wife will see you and tells you to go away. Leave without talking to her any further or the guards will be called.

Grindstone - Find a grindstone in front of a screened shed. Note that the right screen has a rubber latch at the bottom.

2 Guards - Listen to the 2 guards through the fence. One of the guards will watch the ship tonight and the guards will meet at the tavern later. Hmmm.

Exit through the break in the fence left of the shed.

Candle seller: Buy ten candles and free lighter with 5 pearls. Listen to the people beside the candle store.


Town dock:    Turn right from gossiping town people and forward right of the tree.

See a big boulder and take the rusty clippers from the bushes.

There's a short dock where you can dive and check the mussels for pearls. This and the lighthouse area are the best place to find more than one pearl per dive. Be sure to swim to the surface when you hear your heartbeat. If you need more pearls, dive for some more.

Turn back and look close at cartoons behind the swing doors.

Go back to the rope merchant by the tavern.

Rope merchant:     Buy rope for 2 pearls and nails with hammer for 5 pearls.


Purloin a Uniform

Time to follow the Jester's words of wisdom...


Council of Elders building:

Take the path left of the tavern, cross the bridge and see a guard. Talk to him only once or you will get into a fight.

Turn around and see 4 rocks on the ground. Use the notebook to get a drawing of each rock.

Go to the right of the building and up the stairs to a landing. Look around. Go down.

Boatman - The Boatman will be able to ferry you across to the rice fields.  He would need a map to do so.

The water here has mussels with pearls also.

Turn back and click on ladder at the corner. Take the grappling hook beside the ladder.

Dark maze:    To the left of the guard is an enclosure with a boarded up window.

Use crowbar on the planks blocking the window. 

Enter and see its dark in here.

Turn to the right and move forward to the darker passage.

In inventory, click on the lighter. Then click-hold candle to the lighter in close up view.

Go forward once and look down on wood book to the right on the ground.

Go forward 2xs. Turn left and forward 2xs to barrels of fish.

Look up and see a trap door. It needs a key.

Go back out = F2xs, R, F 4xs. It takes 2 candles to go around in the dark basement.

Key:    Go back to town.

Key Impression - Go back to the grindstone at Elder's home garden area and use the clippers on it.

Turn around and use the clippers on the leather strap at bottom of right panel of the shed.

Take the crank from the green cloth.

See a key impression on the wall. Use notebook on key impression to make a drawing of the key.


Make a key:

Look in the book and see 2 pages on how to make a glue to fix broken glass.

Read that you place shells and rice in grinder. Take ground items and eggs and mix in bowl.

In inventory, Look close at grinder taken from your shed.

Place rice on grinder to get ground rice.

Place mussel shells from your home on grinder to get ground shells.

Look close at bowl taken from your home.

Add ground rice, ground shells and eggs to make glue in bowl.

Click metal from lighthouse area on glue to get metal with glue.

Click key drawing from screened shed on glued metal.

Use file from your home worktable on key drawing on metal to get key.

Council Building's dark basement again:

Enter the dark basement. Turn right and go forward.

Light a candle. Forward 3xs, left and forward 2xs to the fish barrels.

Look up and use the key on keyhole.

Go up, candle is turned off and turn right to the rack of uniforms.

Take uniform. Do not open the door or you will get caught.

Exit down, forward 2xs, right and forward to outside.



Go to the dock. Use the crank taken from shed by grindstone on the wheel setup.

Ride the ferryboat.

Go to the backside of the lighthouse.

Look at base of lighthouse and see crystal embedded in the rock.

Use hammer to get a piece of crystal.

Arrik's house:    Go back to your home and find your house is covered with graffiti.

Wear the uniform - Enter your home.

Go up the stairs to the mirror.

Click on mirror and then click on hook beside it.

Arrik changes clothes. This happens only if you have the uniform.

Guards by the ship:     Go to the guards when you're wearing the uniform.

Talk to the guards. Be sure to give the correct answers and if you do give the wrong answer don't talk to them a second time or you'll get in trouble.

Answer 1 - The tainted one has been seen in the vicinity.

All is well then. You get the halberd.

Answer 2 - I was stung on the right hand by a bee.

The guard leaves due to call of nature.


Use ladder from male relative or grandmother on ship.

In inventory combine rope and grapnel hook.

Use grapnel hook with rope on ship's ledge.

Look around and see a domed roof on the bridge.

Go down to lower deck via the ladder on either side.

Go under a beam and see a door with a 3 mussel shell-like lock. Not enough data yet to unlock the door.

Go back to the ground.

Talk to the guard again.

Do not go for beer.

Return the halberd. Note: From here on there will be no more guards at the ship.

Go back to the house and change clothes. Click on mirror and then hook.


Round bottom Structure:   

Use the ladder on the round base and see the scenery from atop.

Click the crystal on each icon and get a cutscene and some prophecy.

Sun icon - The crystal's effect on the sun icon produces certain tones - remember it. The words are directed to you.

Ship:    Go to the ship door puzzle.

Cabin door lock puzzle:

The puzzle consists of 3 shell-like containers.

Turn to the right 2xs and look at the crank-hook setup on side of ship.

Place bucket taken from your bedroom on the hook.

Turn the crank. Take bucket filled with water.

Go back to door lock puzzle.

Click water filled bucket on the cuplike part of the puzzle.

Click on each shell and hear sounds.

Use the top circle to fill the chambers with water and the bottom to drain water.

Remember the sound made when the crystal was place on the sun icon at the round bottom structure. Match the tones here.

Left shell - full of water.

Middle shell - a quarter full of water.

Right shell - half full of water.

Click on each shell. Enter.

Inner door puzzle:    There are 2 sealed doors in this chamber. Use the crystal on the lock left of the door with water flowing. Enter the library.


Library:    Check the mural on right wall after entering.

Drawers with icons - With back on the mural, look down on the bottom right drawer that is ajar. The drawer has the sun icon. Take map. The other drawers have the other icons similar to that of the round bottom structure at the elder's residence.

Books - Check all the books and note that you can read it in all the languages when stared at long enough.


Bridge - Go upstairs. See a bird in a cage. Sit on the bench in front of the control panel. See a projector that is not powered yet (like the other doors) that will change the projected image on the mural.

Leave the ship.

Grandmother's Home:

Enter granny's home and talk to her. Show her the map. Learn about the world, your great grandfather, the Temple of the Dragons and the prophets. Nana is happy that you decide to go to the temple.

Take white flat breads hanging by the fireplace.

Go up the ladder to the attic and open the chest.

Click on the picture and the clothes. Learn about your past. You are a Temmel, kin of the Nekkaris.

Look at the drawings that shows the clues about the chipping of the crystals and the crystals on the icons of the structure. A stone is needed to be placed on top of the structure.

Go to the Council of Elders building.

Boatman by the Council of Elders area dock:

Talk to the boatman. Ask to go to the rice fields.

Show map. You are on your way to one of the rice growers with provisions.

Show the provision paper taken from the closed shop in front of the wool store.

You should have the bread, chicken, fish, pears and rice beer.

You pay him one pearl.

Rice Fields and Mountain Trail:

Take the right path in front of the rice grower's gate.

At night with the sound of wolves and other wild animals around, pick up the pile of twigs. Light the twigs in inventory with the lighter.

Go to sleep now.


To be continued......

In Memoriam: to Magnus Welinder. Concept, Story and Script. Game Design and Gameplay. Video and Technical Director.

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