King's Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder
by Jeff David

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Table of Contents

1.  Story
2.  Walkthrough
3.  Special Thanks 
4.  Legal Stuff

1.  Story
King Graham was out taking a walk in the woods one day.  Birds were
singing in the trees.  It seemed like a good sign.  Graham suddenly felt
a sharp wind blow from the east, sending sticks and leaves into his
path.  The air suddenly became colder and it seemed an unexpected storm
was approaching.  Graham immediately started walking back towards his
castle.  When he reached the spot where his castle was, he was horrified
to see nothing but an empty space where his castle had been before he
began his walk.  Graham began to wonder where his family was and where
his castle was.  Graham heard a voice behind him and turned around.  He
was surprised to see an owl in a blue vest wearing spectacles, sitting
in a tree.  The owl began to tell Graham what he saw, but said that he
doesn't know why Mordack would want to steal his castle.  The owl gave
Graham some old fairy dust, which would make him fly to Cedric's land,
Serenia.  Graham flies to Serenia with Cedric.  Just as Crispin's house
comes into view, the fairy dust wears off and Graham plummets towards
the earth below.  Fortunately, Graham lands inside a little stream by
Crispin's house.  Crispin comes out and sees Graham sitting in the water
and invites him into his house.  Crispin tells Graham about Mordack. 
Crispin doesn't know why Mordack would want to steal Graham's castle,
either.  Crispin gives Graham something that will enable him to
communicate with animals.  And so, the quest starts to find out where
Mordack is keeping Graham's castle and his family hostage at before it
is too late.

2.  Walkthrough
Note:  Save your game frequently and when you are at a dangerous part in
the game.
 Walk south twice.
 Go in town.
 Search barrel.
 Get fish.
 Go to shop with cloak in it.
 Walk out and get shiny coin on street.
 Walk west twice.
 Enter bakery.
 Listen to talk.  Buy pie by giving silver coin to William (don't eat
 Exit bakery and go west twice.
 Throw fish to bear.  Retrieve honeycomb inside the hole in the
tree.    Get the stick by the tree.
 Go north and give dog stick.
 Go east then south and search haystack.  Receive needle.
 Go west until you reach an oasis.  Drink water.
 Go south once and west twice.  Get boot.
 Go two east and north once.  Drink water.
 Go north twice and west three times.  Drink water.
 Hide behind the rock behind the oasis and watch scene. 
 Go west twice and south until you find an oasis.  Drink water.
 Go south three and west once.  Drink water from bottle by fire.
 Go inside red tent.  Get staff and exit tent (don't walk over the
 Drink water.  Go east once and north until oasis.  Drink water and go
north three and east two.  Drink water and walk up to temple and use
staff on door.
 Get pot and gold coin on floor (not in the chest).  Go out (if you
take too long you'll be trapped inside).
 Go south once and east until you're out of the desert.
 Give man gold coin and watch scene (the golden needle also works here
but it's best to give him the gold coin).
 After scene wear amulet.  Go east once and talk to the tree with the
harp in its hands.  Go east once and north once.
 Go east once and witch should appear (if not keep walking back and
forth between the two screens until she does come).
 When you see the witch make sure you have your amulet on because once
you see the witch you won't have any time to put it on.
 Give the witch the pot and watch scene and go north once and west
 Go inside house and search the dresser.  Get pouch then search the
lamp.  Get the key and search the trunk.  Get a spinning wheel and exit
the house.
 Go east and notice door on tree.  Use key to open it and get a golden
 Open pouch and find three emeralds.  Go west twice and squeeze the
honeycomb out on the ground.  Flick the emeralds to the pair of eyes
farthest to the right.
 Repeat process until emeralds are all gone.  Watch scene.
 Follow elf and enter cave.  Go through tunnel and obtain boots.  Go
south once and talk to man and go west once and give the bigger gnome
the spinning wheel.  You will obtain the marionette.  Go north once and
give the tree her heart.  Watch scene and get harp.  Go west once and
get tambourine.
 Go east three and west two.  Enter town.
 Enter the shop with the cloak in it.  Give the man the needle and
he'll give you the cloak.
 Exit shop and go to the middle shop.  Examine the sled and give the
man the marionette and he'll give you the sled.  Exit shop and go to the
shop farthest on the right in the screen.  Give man or woman hammer (it
doesn't matter).  Exit shop
 Exit town and go west once.  See a scene where a cat chases a rat.   
Throw the boot at the cat and he'll run away.  Watch the little scene
and go west once.  Enter inn and walk up to the men.
 The men will lock you in a room.  The rat will help you in return for
helping him.  Get the rope on the ground.  Break the padlock on the door
with the hammer and open door.  Open large cupboard and get leg of
lamb.  Go out the west door not the east one because the men will
capture you and you won't get saved this time so don't do it.
 Go east two then north once.  Use tambourine on the snake then go east
once.  Wear your cloak and go north once. Then throw your rope up on the
fat piece of wood just right to the thin branch.
 Eat half of leg of lamb and climb rope.  Jump on the snow covered rock
farthest to the left.  Keep jumping on the rocks along the top.  Jump
back on land again.  Place the walk cursor on the top part of the log
and you'll automatically walk across it.  Then go east once.
 Watch scene and use sled on sloping hill.  Watch the little scene and
when you're done with your ride the sled will break.  Then go east
once.  Give the bird the rest of the leg of lamb and he'll fly away.
 Go north once into the ice castle and watch scene.  When wolves move
put the harp on Graham and he'll automatically begin to play it.    The
wolves won't attack you and Queen Icebella's heart is warmed from the
harp music and asks you to defeat the yeti nearby.
 Watch scene and when it is over walk north once to the yeti's lair.
 Throw the pie at the yeti and he'll slip off the cliff and die.
 Go north once and break the crystal with the little 'hole' in it. 
Obtain the crystal and go south once and west once.  Talk to the wolf.
 Watch scene and head south once.  On the south side of the screen
you'll see a hill.  Make your way around the water and climb up the
 A 2-headed bird will come and capture you and take it to its nest. 
When you see the mouse cursor displayed as a crown switch to the hand
cursor and get the shiny object in the nest.  The object turns out to be
a necklace.
 Watch the scene in which the bird will rescue you from the 2-headed
bird inside the nest.  The bird that rescued you will drop you off on a
 Get crowbar and head north once.  Patch the boat with the beeswax and
get in the boat.  Go south twice and east until you see an island on the
north part of your screen.
 When you see the island head north and you'll arrive at the island
only to be captured by the Harpies
 Watch scene and play harp as soon as possible.  When the Harpies leave
look for a shiny object on the ground.  Pick it up and you'll discover
that it is a hook.  Go east and pick up Cedric and go east again.  Look
to the left of where you are and you'll see a glinting object near you. 
Pick it up and it is a seashell.
 Now get in the boat and head west until you reach a house on the
beach.  Ring the bell and an old man will come out.  After he is done
talking give him the seashell that you just found and watch the scene.
 After the boat wreck get the fish and head north.  Use the crystal on
one of the two dragon statues (it doesn't matter which one) and head
north once.
 Follow the path on the left side of the screen.  Use the crowbar on
the grate and fall down into the dungeon (I can't remember which way to
go in here but I can tell you what to do at a couple of certain parts in
the dungeon).
 When you find the gray beast (Dink) use the tambourine on him and
he'll do a backflip and he'll leave.  He'll also drop a hairpin on the
ground.  Pick it up and make your way to the door inside the dungeon.
 When you find a door somewhere inside this dungeon use the hairpin to
unlock it.  Then open it.
 Open the cupboard and get the bag of dried peas and head north.   
Talk to the girl but she's afraid of you so give her the necklace that
you found in the nest.  Watch scene.
 Head east twice and save your game.  Walk up to the table and wait for
the blue beast to come.  Let him capture you.
 When you're tossed in prison use the eye cursor on the mousehole just
above the puddle in the middle of the room.  Use the hook to get the
piece of cheese inside.  Wait for the girl to push away a stone.
 When she does follow her to the door and open it (if you lose her
you're going to have to find your way back to the door yourself; I don't
know the directions there)
 Go north and then east twice.  Walk up to the table and wait for the
blue beast to come again but this time have your dried bag of peas ready
to throw on him.  When he comes put the peas on the blue beast and he'll
slip and fall to his death.  Go south once
 You should see a cat there (Manannan).  So throw the fish to the cat
then use the empty pea bag to capture him. (If you don't get the cat on
the screen noted in my walkthrough go west once.  Keep on traveling back
and forth until you eventually do get him and do the procedure listed
 Go west once then north once and then west again and then south.  Read
the book in the southern part of the library (you'll know which one it
is because you will see four symbols when you have found the correct
 Now wait in the center part of the library until Mordack (the wizard)
appears in the doorway and goes to sleep on his bed.  Go north once and
take the wand off his table by his bed and go east twice.
 Climb stairs and walk towards the machine.  Put Crispin's wand on the
right tray and Mordack's wand on the left tray and then toss the moldy
cheese that you found in the cellar into the machine to activate it. 
Grab the sparkling wand off the right tray and Mordack will appear.
 Watch scene.  Use wand on Mordack.
 1st form:  Use the bottom right symbol.
 2nd form:  Use the top right symbol.
 3rd form:  Use the top left symbol.
 4th form:  Use the bottom left symbol.
 (On some older versions of King's Quest V it will show the symbols
from left to right.  The order to use those symbols in are 1st form: 
4th symbol\2nd form:  2nd symbol\3rd form:  1st symbol\4th form:  3rd
 Watch the ending.
 Wait for credits to roll by to see your total points (If you have
missed any e-mail me and I'll see what I could've put wrong in this

3.  Special Thanks 
GameFAQs for putting this walkthrough on their site
Sierra for making this game
Walkthrough for this game that someone else had on a site

4.  Legal Stuff
1. You do not sell this walkthrough or change the text in ANY way.
2. You do not claim this FAQ as your own.
3. You must have permission from me first if you want to post this FAQ
on your site.
4. You give me full credit for this document.

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