.;jfi,   .ft.   ;t                        ,t
               .:::j   ;:j   it:                       tW.
               Lf KE  ,Lf,        i, .j;t:     .;jt,    :   .,ti::.
            .GG#L WE:t##L:  .;t. .L#t,,iE#;  jW;  ;WE:     DW.:
               #L Et tGt,   ;K#i  i#i   LW   f#,   KE      tD;:;;,
               j..::.: .W;   EW   t#t   LW   L#;  .KE           ;#j
              .;jLLGD,  LD:  ;Gj .tLD:  ,Gt .tDEt,:DE      ;itLj;t

     ,iffj:fffj:                                  ,j,       .:iftitititfift.
    LE  fG: i ;Kf                                 j#i         j#i      j#i
   L#:  WE  i..:#; tf:  :fj,   .;,ff.   .,ti::. :fj#tj:        i#i    i#i
   E#   WE  i ..#j :WG  .j#j   WG .ED. DW.:       i#i           i#i  i#i
   i#j  WD  i  ;W:  KG   ;#;   WDLt;'   tD;:;;,   i#i            i#ii#i
    ;Ej ;   i iL:  ,WE: :t#i  :WE,           ;#j  f#j             f##j
      ,i.:,jt,.    .;fitj ij.  'fij:'   ;itLj;t   :jft;      .:iftititfift.

       ,.   .                         ,-,-,-.       .             .  .
      / |   |-. ,-. ,-. ,-. ,-. ,-.   `,| | |   ,-. | , ,-. ,-.   |- |-. ,-.
     /~~|-. | | `-. |-' | | |   |-'     | ; | . ,-| |{  |-' `-.   |  | | |-'
   ,'   `-' ^-' `-' `-' ' ' `-' `-'     '   `-' `-^ ' ` `-' `-'   `' ' ' `-'

         ,-_/,.             .    ,---.        .  .           .
         ' |_|/ ,-. ,-. ,-. |-   |  -'  ,-.   |  | ,-. ,-. ,-| ,-. ,-.
          /| |  |-' ,-| |   |    |  ,-' | |   |  | | | | | | | |-' |
          `' `' `-' `-^ '   `'   `---|  `-'   `--| `-' ' ' `-^ `-' '
                                  ,-.|        .- |
                                  `-+'        `--'

             ~ King's Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder ~
                      A Grueling Quest to Rescue a Family
                                for DOS/Windows
                         FAQ/Walkthrough by bananagirl
                            Final Version - 7/14/02

         This document is copyright 2002 bananagirl. All information 
         contained within is protected by international copyright law.

                   .:*~*:.  { Table of Contents }  .:*~*:.

    1. Introduction
    2. Preliminary FAQ
    3. General Information
         o Story
         o Characters
             } Graham
             } Cedric
             } Mordack
             } Crispin
    4. Game Basics                   
         o Stuff You Should Know
             } Score
             } Saving/Loading/Restarting
         o Controls  
    5. Walkthrough 
         o Serenia
         o The Infinite Desert
         o Serenia Again
         o The Dark Forest
         o Serenia Yet Again
         o The Mountains
         o The Beach & The Ocean
         o Mordack's Island
    6. Maps
         o Land of Serenia
         o Infinite Desert
         o Dark Forest
         o Mountains
         o Beach & Ocean
         o Harpy Island
         o Mordack's Island
         o Mordack's Labyrinth
         o Mordack's Castle
    7. Revision History
    8. Copyright & Contact Info
    9. Credits/Thanks

                     .:*~*:.  { 1. Introduction }  .:*~*:.

Howdy. Welcome to my King's Quest V thing. It sucks. I'll be the first to say 
it. I wasn't going to do one for this game. I'm tired of it, oh so tired... I'd
rather curl up in a corner and die than play this game anymore. But I made a 
guide for it anyway. Feel sorry for me.

This is scrapped together fairly quickly, because I'm so sick of the game. 
There's no point list included in the file, but there's a separate one on
GameFAQs. I made it. Look at it. Feel sorry for me for putting so much time 
into this game.

OK, I'll stop complaining now. The walkthrough sucks, but it gets the job done.
And it only took me about half an hour or so to write. Go me. OK. Enough of 
that. I'm leaving. 

  - Bananagirl

                   .:*~*:.  { 2.  Preliminary FAQ }  .:*~*:.
Q. Who's this Roberta Williams person?
  Roberta Williams is the brain behind the King's Quest series, and many other
  wonderful games, such as Mission: Asteroid (which I've also written a guide
  for), Mystery House (ditto, and the first hi-res adventure game ever), and 
  the Laura Bow games. All worth playing.

Q. Where can I get this game?
  Your chances of finding an original copy of it are pretty slim, but you 
  might be able to find it somewhere if you look really, really hard. You'd 
  probably be better off to just buy the entire series in either the Roberta 
  Williams Anthology (dunno if this is even still available) or the King's 
  Quest Collection. Both should be fairly inexpensive, but there *are* quite a 
  few games in each pack, so expect to fork over at least a few bucks.

Q. Is this appropriate for my kids?
  Of course! There's nothing in it that will traumatize them, or even damage 
  their egos. Graham can die, but when he does, it doesn't show very much. 
  There's a bit of Yeti killing involved, but nothing that can possibly happen
  in real life is harmful to the little ones. The difficulty level might be a
  bit high for some children, but it's fun for everyone, so don't hesitate to 
  help out should they ask.

Q. How 'bout for older people?
  It's a classic. Highly recommended for everyone. Just make sure you keep your
  own saved games easily distinguishable from everybody else's. Few things are 
  more annoying than getting most of the way through a game and having someone 
  else replace your game with their own, which just happens to be near the 

Q. Why do these questions look familiar?
  Because I stole them from my King's Quest 1 guide, of course! I'm too lazy to
  come up with new questions and answers for everything, so if the same ones 
  work, I'm all for recycling them.

                 .:*~*:.  { 3.  General Information }  .:*~*:.

Graham was spending a day in the country, enjoying the sun, picking some 
flowers. All that other fun stuff that comes with relaxing. Suddenly, a cold
breeze blew in. Fearing a storm, Graham rushed back to his castle... Only to 
find an empty foundation. As he stood there, stunned, he heard a voice calling
out to him. The voice belonged to an owl named Cedric, who told Graham what he
knew about the disappearance of the castle, then gave him some fairy dust and
led him to Serenia to meet a wizard named Crispin.


King Graham
Graham is searching for his missing family and castle. He has no idea why they
have been taken from him, but he's out to get them back. Graham was also the 
hero in the first two King's Quests.

Cedric witnessed the disappearance of Graham's family and castle. He joins 
Graham in order to guide him and advise him. He's nice like that. Plus Crispin
told him to.

Mordack stole Graham's family and castle. He's mean like that. He has his 
reasons, but I don't want to ruin the game for you. You'll have to play to find
out why he did it.

Crispin was once a very powerful wizard, but his age has put a damper on his 
powers. He can't do much to help Graham at first, but he'll be back to help at
the end of the game.

                     .:*~*:.  { 4.  Game Basics }  .:*~*:.
                             Stuff You Should Know

Throughout the game, various actions and items will earn points for you. 
There are 260 points in the game, but you don't have to get all of them to 
finish it. It's just a nice little challenge for you.

Save (found under the settings menu) is a way of keeping your progress, even if 
you exit the game. Save often. Save well. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Restore (also found under the settings menu) recalls your saved games. Do it if 
you die or screw up. You *did* save, right?

Restart (guess what? It's also under the setting menu!) restarts your game. Big 
surprise there. Don't do this unless you're unbelievably stuck and you forgot 
to save or something.


They did away with the typing system when it came time to do King's Quest V. 
Now your mouse does the work. You've got a bunch of icons to select from. The
eye looks at things. The hand picks stuff up and touches it. The walking guy
walks. The mouth talks. Whatever item you're using does whatever it's supposed
to if used in the right spot. I'm too tired to come up with something chart-
like for this. Check the instruction manual or something.

                     .:*~*:.  { 5.  Walkthrough }  .:*~*:.
After the introduction, you will find yourself in front of Crispin's house. He
isn't in there now, so you might as well follow Cedric's advice and head for
the town. Cross the bridge and go south until you reach the buildings, then go

Just inside the town is an alley. It is blocked by a man trying to fix his 
wagon, but if you look inside the barrel, you can find an Old Fish. Take it. Go
into any of the shops then step back out. The man will be gone, but a Coin will
be glinting nearby. Pick it up and leave town. 

Go west and enter the pie shop. Inside, give the man behind the counter your 
Silver Coin to receive a Custard Pie. Leave the shop and go west two screens.
The bear is blocking access to the beehive, so throw him your Old Fish to make 
him go away. Since you helped him, the bees will allow you to take a Honeycomb,
so do so. Also, pick up the Stick lying on the ground. When you've done all of
this, go north. 

The dog is more interested in digging at the anthill than Graham at the moment,
but perhaps if you throw him a stick he'll be a bit more loving. Toss the Stick
you picked up in the last screen at the dog and you'll get the promise of a 
favor from the ants. 

We are now going to enter the desert, which is possibly the second most 
frustrating part of the game (the first being Mordack's Maze later in the 
game). Save your game and head west. 

                              The Infinite Desert
For reference, check the map for this area later in the guide. In the desert, 
head for the closest oasis and take a drink. Then head north and west until 
you reach the hole in the cliffs. Stand behind the pillar of stone on the right 
side of the screen. When Graham hears thundering hooves, he will hide himself 
from view and watch the bandits. Afterwards, take a drink from the small pool 
on the ground and head south and west to the next oasis, and finally on to the 
bandit encampment. 

At the encampment, wait for the drunk guy to pass out, then take a drink. Go 
into the tent on the right and walk around the bed pad, being careful not to 
step on it. Take the Staff and leave the encampment. Make your way back towards 
the gap in the cliffs. Be sure to stop at the skeleton at some point to get the 

When you reach the Temple, use the Staff to tap on the door and open it. 
Inside, quickly grab the Brass Bottle and the Gold Coin glinging beside it and
leave the temple before it can seal you in. Do NOT open the Brass Bottle. Leave
the desert.

                                 Serenia Again
Go to the Inn beside the Pie Shop and dig around in the haystack outside. As 
you do so, the ants will show up and begin digging for you. They will find a 
Golden Needle, which they will give to you. Walk east one screen to the Pie
Shop and try to exit the screen by going to the right. As you do so, a rat and
a cat should start running towards you. Throw the shoe you picked up in the 
desert at the cat, and the rat will promise to help you in exchange for saving
her life.

You picked up a Gold Coin in the desert. The gypsies charge one Gold Coin for a
fortune telling. Go pay them. You will learn a bit about Mordack's reasons for
stealing your family and castle, and the fortune teller will give you an 
amulet to wear. Put it on and go into the Dark Forest.

                                The Dark Forest
Go either direction upon entering and wander around until the witch shows up.
When she does, give her the Brass Bottle you picked up in the desert to get rid
of her, then look for her house. When you find it, go inside.

The witch has three things that you can take. The first is a Pouch of Diamonds,
located in a drawer. Open the drawer and pick it up. There is a Key hidden in 
the lamp that you can take, and if you open the chest, you can find a Spinning
Wheel. Once you have all of this, leave the witch's house and walk east.

You should find yourself near a tree with a little door built into it. The door
is locked, but you can use the Key you took from the witch's house to open it.
Inside is a Golden Heart. Pick it up and go east two screens.

There are small eyes glinting in the darkness of the forest. If you drop an 
Emerald from the Pouch onto the ground, an elf will dash out to pick it up. 
Drop another one, then squeeze your Honeycomb onto the ground and drop the 
third Emerald into the puddle of honey to catch the elf. He will lead you out 
of the Dark Forest and give you a Pair of Shoes in exchange for the Emeralds. 

                               Serenia Yet Again
Now we're going to put all of this seemingly useless crap we've been carrying
around to somebody else's use. Head west from the Dark Forest to find the
Weeping Willow tree. Give her the Golden Heart to transform her back into a 
princess and take the Harp she leaves behind. 

Look around until you find a hut with some gnomes in front of it. Give the 
older one the Spinning Wheel to receive the Marionette, then go back to the

In town, go to the clothing store and give the salesman the Golden Needle from
the haystack. In return, he'll give you the Cloak. Find the Toy Shop and give 
the Marionette to the Owner, who will give you a Sled in trade. Next to the
Toy Shop is the store of an elderly Shoemaker. Give him the Shoes to get the
Cobbler's Hammer.

Leave town and go west two screens to reach the Inn. Go on in and interrupt the
conversation. You'll find yourself in the basement. Just when all seems lost, 
the rat you saved from the cat will show up and chew through the ropes. Pick 
them up and use the Cobbler's Hammer on the Padlock on the door to escape. You
are now in the Inn's kitchen, so open the cupboard. Inside is a Leg of Lamb, 
which you should take. Unlock the kitchen door and go outside.

Go east once and north twice to find yourself at the now-abandoned gypsy camp.
Pick up the Tambourine left on the ground and go east three times and south 
once. You should be in front of a snake. Use the Tambourine on it to make it go
away, then head up to the mountains. 

                                 The Mountains
When Graham complains about being cold, use the cloak on him to put it on. 
Proceed to the next screen. Be careful not to fall off the edge of the cliff.
Graham will start whining about being hungry soon, so have him eat the Leg of 
Lamb. When that's done, toss your rope over the rock sticking out of the cliff
(NOT the branch) and climb up. At the top, hop over the rocks until you reach
the other side and cross the log, then move on to the next screen.

As you enter, a pack of wolves will appear and kidnap Cedric. Give chase by
hopping onto your Sled. At the bottom, walk east and give what's left of your
Leg of Lamb to the starving eagle, then go north to find yourself in the palace
of the Snow Queen.

The Snow Queen isn't willing to let you go, but if you play your Harp, she'll
give you a chance. You must exterminate the Yeti that has taken up residence in
her territory. She'll have her wolves lead you out. Go north.

The Yeti will charge at you as soon as you enter, so have your Custard Pie 
ready. Hit him with it, and he'll fly off the cliff. That was easy, eh? Go into
the cave and walk to the back. There is a crystal here that you can break off 
with your Cobbler's Hammer. Take it and go back to where the wolf is waiting.

The Snow Queen will let you and Cedric go, so walk south when you are escorted
out. Continue along your way until you are swept away by a Roc. When you find 
yourself in its nest, grab the Golden Locket and wait to be rescued. When you
are, you will find yourself on the beach.

                             The Beach & The Ocean
Take the Iron Bar lying on the ground and go north. There is a boat here, but
there's a hole in it. Use your Beeswax to plug the hole and push it out to the

On the open sea, float around until you find Harpy Island. Play your Harp to 
make them go away, then pick up the fishhook and walk west. Grab Cedric and
carry him to the boat to the west. Pick up the Shell lying on the ground before
you board your vessel, then return to the Beach by sailing west.

When you reach shore, climb out and ring the bell outside the shack to bring 
out the hermit. He won't be able to hear you, so give him the shell you picked
up on Harpy Island. He will fix up Cedric and call upon a mermaid to lead you 
to Mordack's Island.

                               Mordack's  Island
Pick up the Dead Fish lying on the ground and go up the stairs. You won't be
able to walk any further without being zapped by the large stone guardians. Use
the crystal you picked up in the Yeti's cave on the guardians to destroy them,
then pass through.

Go west when you reach the castle's entrance to find an old grating. Graham 
isn't strong enough to lift it as it is, so use the Iron Bar from the beach as
a lever and climb in.

You'll find yourself in Mordack's Labyrinth. Refer to the map later in the 
guide. Note that the direction Graham is facing is always forward. This means
that if you were facing north and you turned east, the screen would show east
to be where north usually is found. Before you can leave this dungeon, you must
find a creature named Dink. When you do find him, play your Tambourine for him.
Pick up the Hairclip he'll leave behind and find the door. Use the Hairclip as
a key to get out.

Open the cabinet in the pantry and take the Bag of Dried Peas and go north to 
find yourself in the kitchen. There is a girl working in here, but she doesn't
trust you. Give her the Golden Locket you picked up in the Roc's nest, and 
she'll tell you what she knows. Head right.

Walk in and out of here until a large blue beast appears and let it catch you.
It will take you to a cell. Examine the mousehole here to find some Cheese. Use
your Fishhook on it to get it out. Soon, Cassima will show up and help you 
escape. This is the only time she will help you, so you can't get caught again.
Follow Cassima out of the dungeon and go back into the organ room.

Keep going in and out until the beast shows up again. When it does, use the Bag
of Dried Peas on it to take care of it, then head west to the dining room. Keep
wandering around downstairs until you find a black cat. This is Manannan, the
evil wizard Gwydion defeated in King's Quest III. Throw the Fish you picked up
at the shore to the cat to distract it and catch it in the Empty Bag that held
the peas before.

Now that none of Mordack's guards are around, go upstairs and turn left to find
his bedroom. Go south into his study and examine the tome on his desk. You will
learn four spells, but you can't use them yet. Just wait in the study until you
see Mordack appear in his bedroom, then go north and pick up Mordack's Wand 
from his nightstand.

Go east two screens to find yourself in Mordack's lab. Go up the stairs and 
head to the right to find some sort of strange machine. Put Mordack's Wand on
one tray and Crispin's Wand on the other. Toss the Cheese into the machine to
start it. When it's done, pick up Crispin's Wand.

Mordack will soon appear and try to turn Graham into stone. As he does, Cedric
will fly in through an open window, and Mordack's spell will hit him instead. 
The machine sucked all the magic out of Mordack's wand, so he'll be reduced to
using simple transformation spells. 

Use your Wand on Mordack's new form and choose the Tiger Spell. When he 
transforms into a dragon, use the Rabbit Spell to jump out of the way of the 
flames he breathes. When he turns into a cobra, use the Mongoose Spell. 
Finally, when he turns himself into a ring of fire, use the Rain Spell to 
extinguish him.

As soon as you finish him off, Crispin will show up. He will use his magic to
restore Graham's castle and family to their rightful sizes and to heal Cedric.
He will then send Cassima back to the Land of the Green Isles and send Graham's
family back to Daventry. The end.

                         .:*~*:.  { 6. Maps }  .:*~*:.

                                     K E Y
                       | or - = Passable Screen Division
           = or # = Unpassable Screen Division (Sometimes Temporary)
                   \ or / = One-way Passable Screen Division
                            -|- = Staircase or Rope


                         L A N D   O F   S E R E N I A
                               | A | B | C | D |
                               | E | F | G | H |
                               | I | J | K | L |

 A = Gypsy Encampment             E = Ant Hill                     I = Bee Hive
 B = Weeping Willow               F = Gnomes' House                J = Inn
 C = Entrance to Dark Forest      G = Willow's Prince              K = Pie Shop
 D = Crispin's House              H = Path to Mountains            L = Town


                         I N F I N I T E   D E S E R T
                             | H |
             E   .---.---.---+---+---.---.---.---.---.---.---.
             N   |   |   |   | A |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |
             D   +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+
             L   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |
             E   +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+
             S   |   |   |   |   |   |   | B |   |   |   |   |
             S   +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+
                 |   | C |   |   | D |   |   |   |   |   | X |
             D   +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+
             E   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   | X |
             S   +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+
             E   |   |   |   |   | E |   |   |   |   |   | X |
             R   +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+
             T   | F |   |   |   |   |   |   | G |   |   | X |
                          E N D L E S S   D E S E R T

                 A = Gap in Cliffs        E = Oasis
                 B = Oasis                F = Bandit Encampment
                 C = Oasis                G = Well
                 D = Shoe                 H = Desert Temple
                 X = Deadly Scorpion


                             D A R K   F O R E S T
                                      | A |
                              | B # C | D | E |
                                  |   |   |   |
                                      |   |

                             A = Witch's House
                             B = Elves' Cave
                             C = Elves
                             D = Witch
                             E = Tree with Door


                               M O U N T A I N S
                       .---.---.                 .---.
                       |   | A |                 | E |
                   .---+-|-+---+     .---.---.---+---+
                   |   |   |    \    | C |   |   | D |
                   '---^---'     +---+---+---+---+---'
                                 |   | B |   | F |
                                 '---'---'   '---'

                  A = Wolves               D = Yeti
                  B = Starving Eagle       E = Crystal Cave
                  C = Snow Palace          F = Roc


                           B E A C H   &   O C E A N
                               | X | X | X | X |
                           .---+---+---+---+---+ E
                           | A |   |   |   |   | N O
                           +---+---+---+---+---+ D C   .---.
                           |   |   |   |   | B | L E   | D |
                           +---+---+---+---+---+ E A   '---'
                           | C |   |   |   |   | S N
                           '---+---+---+---+---+ S
                               | X | X | X | X |

                              A = Boat
                              B = Harpy Island
                              C = Hermit's Shack
                              D = Mordack's Island
                              X = Deadly Sea Monster


                            H A R P Y   I S L A N D
                                 | C | B | A |

                                  A = Harpies
                                  B = Cedric
                                  C = Beach


                        M O R D A C K ' S   I S L A N D
                                  | B |   |
                                      | A |
                                      |   |

                                 A = Guardians
                                 B = Grating


                     M O R D A C K ' S   L A B Y R I N T H
                       | X # X # A # X # B # X # X # A |
                       | X #   |   # X #   |   |   |   |
                       |   |   # X #   # X # X #   # X |
                       |   # X #   |   # X #   |   |   |
                       |   |   | C # X #   |   # X # X |
                       | X # X #   |   |   # X #   | D |
                       | A # X #   # X #   |   |   # X |
                       |   |   |   |   |   # X #   | A |

                                 A = Dink
                                 B = Exit
                                 C = Entrance
                                 D = Hole from Cell


                        M O R D A C K ' S   C A S T L E
                           1st   | A | B |   |
                          Floor  +---+=|=+---+
                                 |   # D | C |

                                 A = Cassima
                                 B = Beast
                                 C = Beast & Cat
                                 D = Cat

                           2nd   | A |   | C |
                          Floor  +---+=|=+---'
                                 | B |

                             A = Mordack's Bedroom
                             B = Study
                             C = Labratory

                   .:*~*:.  { 7. Revision History }  .:*~*:.

v1.0 (07/14/02)
I never want to see this game again. This guide is done. It will never be
updated. Ever. I don't care how many huge glaring errors I made. I will never
touch this again. I'm sorry. I hate it.

               .:*~*:.  { 8. Copyright & Contact Info }  .:*~*:.

This document is copyright 2002 Bananagirl (bananasquid@msn.com).

This document was written exclusively for use on the internet. It is not
intended to be used in any way that is profitable for anyone, including the
author. It is not to be reproduced in any way without express written permission
from the author.

The information found within this document is, to the best of the abilities and
knowledge of the author, 100% accurate. However, the possibility exists that
inaccurate information may be found within. Any errors (human, computer, or
otherwise) should be reported to the author as soon as possible.

King's Quest V and all characters, locations, etc., are trademarks of Sierra
On-Line and/or Roberta Williams. The author makes no claim to the creation of 
these. This document can only legally be found at http://www.gamefaqs.com.

Don't email me if you don't have anything constructive to say. I don't want to
have to hate you, but I might just do it if you give me a reason.

                    .:*~*:.  { 9. Credits/Thanks }  .:*~*:.

Bananagirl (bananasquid@msn.com)

Thanks to
- Roberta Williams, for making games that r0x0r my s0x0rz.

- My mother for buying me King's Quest 5 the first time I played it, whichever 
  relative gave me the money that I used to buy the King's Quest Collection the 
  second time I played KQ5, and whoever bought me the Roberta Williams 
  Anthology for my birthday or Christmas or Hanukkah or whatever, 'cause that's 
  the one I'm using now.


                                        K   jf
                                  ;LLfjjW    LLGLLf:
                                 GDi;;;t#     W;;;;E;
                                .ELLLL;tK     KLDfjLt
                                     tGEi    f#t
                                     D#f     E,
                                    jWK  jLfLEf;
                             .fEt,,,,tDL,fG. .W;;Ki
                          :tGGi,,,;LDf,iEt    K;tK
                        tDLi,,;tLDGi,;DL.     jLE:

                                                     Copyright 2002 Bananagirl 

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