Mechwarrior 4 Mercenaries
                  Unofficial Strategy Guide and FAQ
                           by Kasey Chang
                      released August 26, 2003

0  Introduction

1  Game Information

2  Weapons

3  Equipment and Armor

4  Your Enemies

5  Lancemate Management and Mech Design

6  Your Mechs

7  Strategy and Tactics

8  Campaign Walkthru

9  Multiplayer

10 Misc Stuff

0    Introduction
This is an UN-official strategy guide and walkthrough for the game
Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries from Microsoft.

This document covers the single-player campaign in detail (how to
approach each mission), with discussion on weapons, mechs, and
tactics. This also explains the differences between factions and
paths in the campaign. There's even a section on multiplayer.


This is a FAQ, NOT a manual. You won't learn how to play the game
with this document, and I'm NOT about to add it to ease the life of
software pirates.

This USG only covers the PC version since that's the only version
that I have (and exist, at the time of this document's release).

Some of you may recognize my name as the editor for the XCOM and
XCOM2: TFTD FAQ's, among many others.


This document is copyrighted by Kuo-Sheng "Kasey" Chang (c) 2003, all
rights reserved excepted as noted in the disclaimer section.

This document is available FREE of charge subjected to the following

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I am just a game player who decided to write my own FAQs when the
ones I find don't cover what I want to see.  Lots of people like what
I did, so I kept doing it.

Previously, I've written Unofficial Strategy Guides (USGs) for XCOM,
XCOM2:TFTD, Wing Commander, Wing Commander 2, Wing Commander 3, Wing
Commander 4, Privateer, Spycraft, 688(I) Hunter/Killer. Mechwarrior
3, MW3 Expansion Pack, Mechwarrior 4, Mechwarrior 4: Black Knight,
Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed, The Sting!, Terranova, Fallout
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Driver, and a few more.

To contact me, see 0.4 above.


Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries is a trademark of Microsoft. Mechwarrior
and Battletech is licensed from FASA/Whiz Kids.

FASA has handed development of Battletech to Whiz Kids.

Cyberlore actually developed Mercenaries.

This USG is not endorsed or authorized by Microsoft or Cyberlore. The
information compiled in this USG has been gathered independently
through the author's efforts except where noted.

This guide includes strategies and tactics of approaching each and
every mission. If you need just a little help, don't read the rest!

This guide assumes you are using default gameplay settings and
options, with no cheats (invulnerable, no heat, infinite ammo, etc.)

There is an OFFICIAL strategy guide from Sybex. I have NOT read it.


26-AUG-2003    Initial release


Q: Can you send me Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries (or portions thereof)?
A: No.

Q: Can you send me the manual (or portions thereof)?
A: Try looking on your CD, dummy.

Q: Can you tell me how to play the game?
A: Read the manual, please!

Q: Can you help me get the game working?

A: Why should I do Microsoft's job for them?

Q: What's the latest version?
A: There is a "point release 1" available, mainly to fix cheats and
exploits. Get it at

Q: Does Mercenaries require the original MW4?
A: No.

Q: Do the Mech Packs work with MW4: Mercenaries?
A: Only in Multiplayer and Instant Action.

Q: Can I play the original MW4 campaign or Black Knight campaign with
the new mechs/weapons?
A: Nope.

Q: Is there a map editor? Mods? Inventory editor? Any hacks?
A: has a map editor. On the official website there's also
a mission editor.

Q: How about more multiplayer maps?
A: Go to the official Microsoft MW4 website. should have
more as they get more maps up and running. Also see links at the end
of this document for more maps.

Q: Will there be a Mechwarrior 5?
A: Who knows?

Q: Are there any cheat codes?
A: No working cheat codes has been found. Just turn on NO HEAT or
UNLIMITED AMMO in the game and see if you like playing that way.

Q: How do I get past mission X in the single-player campaign?
A: See the specific campaign mission walkthrough.

Q: Why is your FAQ shorter than other similar FAQs?
A: I don't repeat the stuff that's already in the manual. You can
read that yourself.

Q: What if I spotted something missing or more tactics?
A: Feel free to submit anything that can benefit this guide's
readers. However, make sure you have the LATEST version of this guide
(check, as chances are someone beat you to it.

1    Game Information


Mechwarrior originally is the pen-and-paper role-playing game based
on the Battletech boardgame. Battletech is a game of `mech combat,
where humanoid machines mounted with a lot of weapons fight each
other. The "pilots" of these battlemechs are known as "Mechwarriors".

Battletech itself borrowed several mech designs from Japanese anime
"Macross", which is known as "Robotech" in the US, but that's a
completely different story.

On the PC, Mechwarrior is an in-cockpit mech combat simulator where
you perform a variety of missions against other mechs, vehicles,
etc., in various terrain.


When Dynamix created the first Mechwarrior for Activision, it started
the whole genre of in-cockpit mecha-type combat simulation. Before
then, all Battletech games are either top-down turn-based or top-down
real-time. Mechwarrior changed all that. No one expected that a
simple 286 could support a 3D mech combat sim. Mechwarrior gives you
light mechs from Locust (20 t) and Jenner (30t) up to Assault mechs
like Marauder (75t) and Battlemaster (80t). People were used to the
old 2D stuff (indeed, Activision had already published "Crescent
Hawk's Inception" and "Crescent Hawk's Revenge", both 2D).
Mechwarrior has plot, adventure, 3D in-cockpit combat, contract
negotiation, hiring/firing mech pilots, buy/sell/repair mechs, full
in-game economy (different prices in each system) and more. Each
mission is dynamically generated, along with some fixed plot
missions. The game was an instant classic.

When Dynamix was purchased by Sierra (and went on to created the
Earthsiege/Starsiege universe based on their mech experience),
Activision had to create the sequel internally, and that took them
much longer than expected. The result is Mechwarrior 2: The Clans,
where you play as a Clan warrior (of either Clan Jade Falcon or the
Clan Wolf) battling other Clans and the Inner Sphere forces. There
were plenty of missions for both sides. While the initial version did
not include multiplayer, it was promised in a free patch, which
became known as "NetMech". Mechwarrior 2 was followed by an expansion
pack that added Clan Ghost Bear, as well as a semi-sequel: MW2:
Mercenaries, where you play an Inner Sphere mercenary group taking on
different missions for various employers.

The release of MW2 just caught the beginning of the 3D-accelerator
revolution, and the different games and expansion packs were re-
released in Titanium Edition with 3D-accelerator support. Some API-
specific versions (3DFX GLIDE, Rendition Redline, etc.) were bundled
with some 3D accelerators.

Activision eventually lost the Battletech license to MicroProse in
the bidding war. Activision then licensed "Heavy Gear", another
"mecha" universe, from "Dream Pod 9". The first Heavy Gear game was
not well received, partly because the combat tempo was VERY different
from Mechwarrior. HG's weapons are much deadlier, as the Gears are
much smaller (maximum is about 18 tons, compared to Battletech's 100-
ton behemoths).  Heavy Gear II was much better, requiring 3D
acceleration graphics, but the damage was already done. Activision
went on to spend big bucks for the Star Trek license, abandoning the
`mech genre altogether.

MicroProse, on the other hand, was attempting to trim in-house
expenses, and they contracted FASA Interactive to create Mechwarrior
3, based on the Battletech Virtual World sims (those huge MW consoles
allowing 8 players at once). However, the game is HEAVILY delayed,
and Microsoft was in negotiation to buy FASA Interactive. MicroProse
then negotiated with Microsoft and brought in Zipper Interactive to
create Mechwarrior 3. The product being developed by FASA Interactive
was changed to Mechwarrior 4 and will be published by Microsoft.

Mechwarrior 3 featured improved graphics and excellent interface, but
the AI is pretty awful. The inventory management interface is
horrendous. It is also very short at only 20 missions total in the
campaign. The missions are pretty well designed, however, with
excellent briefing videos. It was successful enough that MicroProse
released an expansion pack titled Pirate's Moon, which added another
21 missions, plus several other improvements including more mechs and
more weapons, and better instant action. However, none of the real
concerns were fixed.

Pirate's Moon was not widely released, and copies can bid up to $100
on eBay auctions until MW3: Gold edition was released.

Mechwarrior 4: Vengeance was released by Microsoft. It was followed
by an expansion pack titled "Black Knight". MW4 featured a vastly
streamlined mech customization module called MechBay, along with
pretty good graphics for its time.


MW4: Mercenaries is a standalone sequel to MW4: Vengeance. You have
started your own mercenary company with a bit of help from one of the
four major sponsors (you can choose one). Pick your missions and cash
your paychecks... buy bigger and better mechs and weapons, hire/fire
mechwarriors for your outfit, and live to tell about it. The Fed-Com
Civil War is sweeping the Inner Sphere... Times are good to be a


From the box

  *    Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
  *    128MB Ram
  *    700Mhz
  *    1 GB Hard drive space
  *    16MB Video Card
  *    24x CD drive
  *    Sound card & speakers/headphones
Multiplayer further requires:

  *    Multiplayer - 56kbps modem or LAN
  *    Maximum 8 players with narrowband
  *    16 players with broadband
  *    Modem speed 56Kbps
  *    Internet Explorer 5.5 and above
The game comes on 2 CD's. Only the second CD is required to play.

I've finished the game with 400 MHz CPU and a good video card with 16
megs of RAM, and 384 megs of system RAM. So the requirement is not
set in stone.

There have been reports of a dedicated Merc Server supporting 24
players at a time.


You get more mechs, mostly assault mechs.

You get more weapons, a full complement of Streak MRMs, the new
Rotary AC's, and a couple new lasers. Weird weapons like Cluster Bomb
and Bombast Laser have been removed. Some of the weapons have been
tweaked in performance. For example ERLGLAS has been slightly reduced
in range, while ER PPC has been slightly decreased heat and slightly
increased range.

You get a multiple branch campaign with 4 different starting points,
Solaris VII sub-campaign, and 3 different endings depending on which
missions you picked. Eventually, you'll join up with Steiner, Davion,
or neither.

You can "choose" your own destiny, so to speak. Fly to each system
and take on variety of missions, sometimes on opposite sides! Watch
your reputation of nobility or infamy grows and wanes, as you align
with either House Davion or House Steiner... or neither. (Too bad
it's not completely random, as the actual number of missions is

Inventory is "persistent". Destroyed weapons and mechs are removed
from your inventory. Crippled and damaged mechs can be repaired
though that will take time.

Salvage does seem to depend on how you kill the enemy mech. If you
killed the enemy mech by blowing off both legs, you should be able to
salvage most of the weapons and the mech itself. If you killed the
enemy mech by blast its torso into pieces, then don't expect much

A "free market" is now available to buy and sell things, as well as
hire/fire mechwarriors from your outfit. Depending on your
affiliation, you will have access to the good weapons a bit sooner or
later. As in previous MW4 games, the pilots will grow in ratings
based on their performance within the game. They can now get injured
or killed as well.

You get a couple more game modes in multi-player.

You get more maps to play on and some new terrain types (though some
of these appeared in the mech packs first).

NOTE: A lot of the new weapons and equipment were released in the 2
"mech packs". They are included in MW4:MERCS.


There are three different endings: Steiner, Davion, and Neutral. .

From each system, you usually have several choices on where to go
next. Different contracts are available at different systems.

In each system you can often pick from multiple missions, sometimes
on opposite sides! This affects your various reputation ratings.

For the campaign tree, see campaign walkthru.


A mercenary is basically someone who fights for money. If you can't
afford to keep an army of your own, you rent a mercenary outfit.
Sometimes, your army is not of sufficiently high quality or type to
do the job you want... To help out, you hire mercenaries, who can act
as either consultants, to teach your troops, commandos, to do your
special tasks, or just general soldiers, to do your fighting for you.

As a mercenary, you basically look on the market for assignments,
judge the pay against the risks, and decide what/who to bring in for
that assignment. You may or may not get friendly support. You may or
may not get salvage rights to the battlefield. It's all in the

To make sure you don't cheat the employer and the employer doesn't
cheat you, there is an oversight agency that holds all payments in
escrow. To accept an assignment, you have to put down a bit of money
in case you default, and the client has to put up money in escrow.
When the business is concluded, the money is released.


You'll see "Colonel Chang" sharing his wisdom of running a Merc

2    Weapons
This section summarizes the comments about the various weapon types,
and how useful each are. Study each mech to see which type of mech it
is (most lean toward a particular type of weapons). Then you would
know how to outfit it.


Ballistic Weapons gets minimal upgrades this time, as we finally get
the new rotary ACs, but they only come in RAC2 and RAC5. The cluster
bomb cannon is gone, though you get the Arrow IV Cluster Missile as

Cannons are rather heavy even though their hardpoint is rather small.
Get the Clan version if available, as they are lighter and often do
more damage.

The cannons need ammo. While ammo is available, you can pump out a
lot of firepower, but when you're out, you're left with nothing. On
the other hand, cannons don't produce much heat. Consider adding
extra ammo.

Ballistic weapons only fit in ballistic hardpoints (yellow slots in

Colonel Chang: If you enjoy shooting without heating up, ballistic
weapons are good. The main problem is recoil, reload time, and
running out of ammo. So make your shots count.

2.1.1     LBX Scattershot 10 / 20
Available types: LBX-10, LBX-20, Clan LBX-10, Clan LBX-20

Usefulness: A / A-

LBX has always been a potent short-range killer. Clan version is
lighter and thus more desirable, as you can fit in more armor or
ammo. Don't waste shots on long-range targets. LBX also tends to
"splash" a bit, thus spreading the damage over several sections
instead of drilling through a single section.

Colonel Chang: At close range, a few of these can kill mechs dead,
any size. The problem is getting close enough. Don't bother with the
small versions. Go all the way to LBX20's. If you can fit 3 LBX20's
in a mech, you'll knock even heavy mechs down.    If you can't fit
LBX20's, then settle for LBX10's.

2.1.2     Machine Gun Array
Available types: MGA, Clan MGA

Usefulness: F

Useless as ever. For 2 tons, you should put in a MLAS with 1
heatsink, or more speed, or more armor. The Clan version does
SLIGHTLY more damage, but these are like pinpricks.

Colonel Chang: Junk, enough said.

2.1.3     Gauss Rifle
Available types: Light Gauss Rifle, Gauss Rifle, Clan Gauss Rifle,
Heavy Gauss Rifle

Usefulness: A+ / A

The regular Gauss rifle is great, as it matches the Clan version in
everything except weight (where the regular version is slightly

HEAVY gauss rifle does significantly more damage, but takes up FOUR
contiguous ballistic slots. If you can fit this onto a mech, they can
be real killers except for their slow reload time. You get less
shots, but that just means you need to dedicate more ammo space.

Overall, gauss rifle is a great weapon except for the long reload

Colonel Chang: The light gauss rifle is probably the best compromise.
It has good range, light as the Clan regular gauss rifle, and only 2
slots, making it easier to fit onto mechs. It also has more ammo.
When you got the room, get the Clan version. Else, fit the light.
Keep the heavy for the Fafnir, where two of those will knock down
just about any medium mech.

2.1.4     Autocannon 5 / 10 / 20
Usefulness: A- / B+

ACs are terribly heavy, and decided low-tech. Still, you use what you

Colonel Chang: The Ultras and LBXs are better. Forget the regular AC
when you can get LBX or UAC. If you really want to play with AC, get
the new Rotary AC and extra ammo.

2.1.5     Ultra AC 2 / 5 / 10 / 20
Usefulness: A- / B+

UAC is your long-range ballistic firepower before the gauss rifle.
Ultras can be quite deadly if you aim carefully. Use zoom and go
after a specific limb. Mount a group of the small ones and you have
excellent range and damage... But they weigh A LOT.

NOTE: UAC has a slight range increase from MW4.

Colonel Chang: A surprise configuration is a group of smaller UACs. A
group of 4-6 AC2's firing together can be a rude surprise for someone
expecting LBX's. Of course, you don't get a big punch from the
smaller guns, but they will wear the enemy down.  A group of large
UACs can be used to chop off limbs and kill mechs dead. However, the
larger the gun, the shorter the range.

2.1.6     Long Tom
Usefulness: D / F

The Long Tom cannon is basically a huge mech-mounted mortar. Its BIG
shell causes a lot of splash damage, IF it lands on land. A few shots
can take down a building. It is an Inner Sphere-only weapon.

It is VERY hard to aim, as it has very low muzzle velocity. You'll
need to aim up in order to "lob" the shot. It does cause a lot of
splash damage, but the number of shots is very limited, and firing
rate is VERY slow. Also, do you REALLY want to use up 20 TONS for ONE

If the shot lands in water, nothing happens. Therefore don't use this
in swampy maps.

Colonel Chang: Interesting weapon that's difficult to use. I
personally don't use it but I suppose it could be useful in certain
situations. And you only get ONE in the whole campaign.

2.1.7     Cluster Bomb
No longer available. See Arrow IV Cluster Missile instead.

2.1.8     Rotary Autocannons (RAC) RAC2 and RAC5
Usefulness: A- / B+

The long-awaited improvement to the venerable AC, the RAC increases
firing rate but does not increase ammo storage. It is also prone to
jamming if used in prolonged bursts. Only RAC2 and RAC5 are
available, and they take up 2 slots each.

Colonel Chang: Mount these in PAIRS, and only use in 2-second bursts.
Add LOTS of extra ammo (3 extra tons each may still not be enough) as
RACs burn through ammo in a big hurry. Fire in short burst, blip,
blip, blip. This basically turns you into a sniper picking people
off. Do NOT use in duels as these lack "punch".


Energy weapons include lasers, PPCs, and flamers. Lasers vary from
small, medium, to large. Pulse laser fires more shots, thus causes
more damage, but also weighs more. PPC is half-ballistic and half-
energy, as the shot itself travels like ballistic weapon but the
weapon itself is energy-based and generates heat. There's also flamer
(point-blank heat weapon).

The Clan versions (if available) are either lighter or have longer
range (sometimes both), but also generate more heat. If you don't
need the extra range or the lighter weight, use the IS version.

Energy weapons generate heat, so you can't fire them too much, or
you'll overheat and shut down. You will need to increase the amount
of heatsinks to keep up with heat dissipation. You generally want the
heat dissipation bar to be in the green or high yellow. You may be
able to temporarily avoid the shutdown by doing either override or
coolant flush. On the other hand, energy weapons do not require ammo,
so you can fire them as long as you don't overheat.

The bigger the weapon, the longer the time it takes to charge up for
the next shot.

Energy weapons (beam weapons in the Mechlab) use red hardpoints.

2.2.1     Small Laser / ER Small Laser
Usefulness: F

Useless and takes up space. Put in more armor or more speed instead.

Colonel Chang: Junk

2.2.2     Medium Laser / ER Medium Laser
Usefulness: B

Your basic "filler", you can fit these almost anywhere for some
decent mid-range firepower without too much heat. The Clan ER version
produces more heat.

Colonel Chang: Keep the standard MLAS. The Clan ER version doesn't
have that much more range and produces SIGNIFICANTLY more heat for a
bit more damage.

2.2.3     Large Laser / ER Large Laser
Usefulness: A

If it's not for the heat this produces, this is a great weapon. The
Clan ER version makes even MORE heat, so make sure you put in more
heatsinks to compensate.

NOTE: Clan ER Laser has heat increased about 10% and damage reduced
about 5% from MW4.

Colonel Chang: Here, the Clan ER LLAS has noticeable range advantage
(a couple hundred meters). However, if you close quickly that few
hundred meters is nothing. Thus, I recommend regular LLAS over the ER
version, most of the time. However, the ER weighs slightly less. If
you need to shoehorn LLAS into a mech, ER may be a better choice.

2.2.4     Small Pulse Laser / ER Small Pulse Laser / Small X-Pulse
NOTE: Pulse weapon refire delay has been reduced.

Usefulness: F

The Clan ER version is now available. Faster cycle time and more heat
mean heat is even MORE of a problem. It's still too small to be

The X-Pulse laser is the Inner Sphere equivalent to the Clan ER
version. It produces even MORE heat...

Colonel Chang: still junk

2.2.5     Medium Pulse Laser / ER Medium Pulse Laser / Medium X-Pulse
NOTE: Pulse weapon refire delay has been reduced.

Usefulness: C / B-

The Clan ER version is now available. Faster cycle time and more heat
means heat is even MORE of a problem. However, it weighs twice as
much as a regular medium laser, and the faster cycle time means you
overheat more often.

The X-Pulse Laser needs even MORE heatsinks as it generates a LOT of
heat. It's also heavier than the medium pulse laser.

Colonel Chang: Pulse lasers require TWICE to THREE TIMES as much
heatsinks as a normal laser. As it already weigh twice as much, you
end up fitting in less lasers that fire more often.

2.2.6     Large Pulse Laser / ER Large Pulse Laser / Large X-Pulse
NOTE: Pulse weapon refire delay has been reduced.

Usefulness: A-/B+

The Clan ER version is now available. Faster cycle time and more heat
mean heat is even MORE of a problem. Fit extra heatsinks, and lots of

The large X-Pulse laser is not a bad weapon... if you have enough
heatsinks to handle it.

Colonel Chang: Large Pulse Laser is a very decent weapon in close
range... if you can stand the heat build-up. X-Pulse is lighter but
generates more heat. On larger mechs with access to water maps, they
are extremely deadly.

NOTE: They are also great in no-heat games.

2.2.7     PPC / ER PPC
Usefulness: B+

PPC and ER PPC produce a TON of heat, so to use these you need a LOT
of heatsinks. On the other hand, they kill tanks and vehicles dead
usually with a single shot, and range is excellent (esp. the ER

NOTE: PPC / ER PPC have been upgraded in both damage and range.

Colonel Chang: PPC is good, as it shoots like ballistic but has
infinite ammo like lasers. Clan ER PPC is slightly lighter, though
produces more heat. Add LOTS of heatsinks, remove non-essential
weapons, and peck at enemy from long range.

2.2.8     Bombast Laser
No longer available.

2.2.9     Flamer / Clan Flamer
Usefulness: D

Flamer is a point-blank weapon where you basically force the other
guy to overheat and shut down, so you can pound it with your other
weapons while he sits helpless.

Colonel Chang: this melee weapon is NOT that useful unless you have
other weapons or teammates to help you kill your overheated prey.


This family includes SRM (2, 4, or 6), MRM (10,20,30, or 40), LRM
(5,10,15, or 20), Streak SRM (2, 4, or 6), and Streak MRM (20, 30, or
40). There's also the Arrow IV Cluster Missile and Arrow IV
Thunderbolt missile, NARC beacon, and flare launcher. The Clan LRM is
lighter than the Inner Sphere equivalent. The Clan Streak SRM and
Streak MRM are not lighter, but the missiles are GUIDED, which means
you're less likely to miss.

Colonel Chang: If you fire a lot of missiles, get BAP. If you expect
your enemies to use a lot of missiles, get ECM.

2.3.1     SRMs
Usefulness: C- / D+

SRMs don't do enough damage and targets often move too fast at close
range for unguided munitions to hit.

Colonel Chang: Use the Clan SSRM whenever possible. SRM is almost
worthless except for their heavier warheads.

2.3.2     MRMs
Usefulness: B- / C+

MRMs are okay, but quite heavy when compared to Clan LRMs and have
less range. Consider getting the SMRMs when they become available.
Produces a LOT of heat, so firing a lot of these can be a problem.
You may need extra ammo as these don't last very long.

Colonel Chang: Very heavy, may be easier to mount more Clan LRMs
and/or more ammo instead. Remember, MRM is UNGUIDED. Need lots of
extra ammo.

2.3.3     LRMs
Usefulness: A- / B+

The Clan LRM launchers are the standard upon which all others are
judged. They are small and pack a LOT of missiles. One of the
favorite tricks is to pack in LRM20 and LRM10 into a 3-space slot.
Remember to double the LRM20 ammo so you maintain the salvo size.

Colonel Chang: Use Clan LRM racks whenever possible, as they are MUCH
lighter. They also produce quite a bit of heat, so have your
heatsinks ready. Buy up any Clan LRM 20's and LRM10's you see, plus 2-
4 Clan LRM15's. Sell the IS versions for cash.

2.3.4     Streak SRMs (STRK)
Usefulness: C+

Streak SRMs are guided, thus they will seek out enemy target even if
you launch them at a different direction. SRMs don't do that much
damage actually, but they do enough, and STRK is better than plain
SRM any time. And NARC beacon will help them hit better.

Colonel Chang: STRK6 is same weight as SRM6, so you can replace at
one-to-one ratio.

2.3.5     NARC Beacon
Usefulness: D in single player, B in multiplayer

NARC beacon basically "tags" the enemy for all friendly lock-on
missiles (all the LRMs and Streak MRMs / SRMs). In MP someone can tag
the enemy while the rest of you fire in support. In SP that one would
have to be you, and thus is not worth the trouble.

Colonel Chang: Personally I don't use this, but I suppose if I had
better help I may give it a try when my side has a lot of missile
throw weight.

2.3.6     Arrow IV Thunderbolt
Usefulness: B+

Thunderbolt is now considered as a special type of Arrow IV missile
system, but otherwise no change.

Colonel Chang: Thunderbolt missile cannot be shot down by LAMS. If
you shoot carefully, this may be a good mech killer. Consider arming
Longbows with these and turning them into direct combat mechs. One of
the Solaris champions uses a Vulture with 2 T-bolts. It can hit
pretty darn hard... While the ammo lasts.

2.3.7     Flare Launcher
Only used in night fighting. If you don't fight at night, you don't
need it. Even then, light amp works fine.

2.3.8     Artillery Beacon
No longer available (?)  (only in MP)

2.3.9     High Explosive
No longer available (?)  It's too often abused in multiplayer.

2.3.10    Streak MRM
Usefulness: B

Clan technicians were able to combine the seekers of Streak SRM with
the new Inner Sphere MRM to create the Streak MRM.

While there is no weight reduction compared to the regular MRMs, they
are quite useful in medium ranges, as they shoot a LOT of missiles.
They also fire somewhat slower than regular MRMs and is VERY heavy
(like MRM).

Colonel Chang: Very heavy, needs LOTS of extra ammo. Clan LRM's may
be more suitable.

2.3.11    Arrow IV Cluster Missile
Usefulness: ??

A super missile that splits into cluster bombs near the target, these
missiles can do a lot of damage to the surrounding enemies. Of
course, the launchers weight a LOT and thus should be left on
dedicated fire support 'mechs.

3    Equipment and Armor
Special equipment can go on certain mechs. While they will not damage
the enemy mech, they will help you hit the other mech or avoid
getting hit yourself.


Light Amplification is now standard on all mechs. It's useful at
night, but that's about it. If you insist, you can still use the
flare launcher.

There is no more AMS. Instead, all mechs now use LAMS (of mechs that
can use it, of course)

Advanced Gyro makes the mech more resistant to knock-downs. It is
easier to knock down enemy mechs in MW4:Mercs, and the advanced gyro
counter-acts that.

Enhanced Optics let you zoom in closer, but who has time for that any

IFF Jammer will make you appear neutral or friendly on enemy
scanners, but they'll see through it in no time.

Other equipment remains the same.

3.2   ARMOR

There are three types of armor in MW4. Ferro-Fibrous, Reflective, and

Ferro-Fibrous armor is the "default" armor. Each ton gets you 30 pts
of armor rating, and it works against any kind of damage: beam,
ballistic, or missile.

FF should be your "default" armor for all occasions, or when you
don't know where you'll end up.

I always use FF armor, and don't EVER use other armor. Really.

Reflective armor is a new type of armor designed to defeat lasers.
While each ton of this armor only get you 20 pts of armor rating,
this armor is extra effective against beam weapons. It is not so good
on ballistic or missile weapons.

Reflective armor is best used in colder climates, when most mechs
will be using energy weapons, or when you are expecting a lot of
energy weapons on your opponents. It also weighs more for the same
amount of protection, up to 50% more.

Reactive armor is a new type of armor designed to defeat ballistic
weapons. Each ton of this armor get you 20 pts of armor rating like
reflective, but it's extra effective against ballistic weapons. It is
not so good on beam or missile weapons.

Reactive armor is best used in hotter climates, when most mechs will
be using ballistic weapons due to heat build-up. It also weighs more
for the same amount of protection, up to 50% more.


Equipment is the other stuff you can mount on your mech besides
engines, heatsinks, and the armor and weapons listed above. They
enhance your mech in some ways. Not all mechs can carry all the
equipment. See individual mechs for available equipment. All mechs
can carry light amp.

3.3.1     Beagle Active Probe
Usefulness: C+

Also known as Beagle Probe or BAP, the Beagle Active Probe is
basically an advanced active sensor that "scans" the surrounding and
returns a stronger signal. This enhances your sensor range to 1250,
and can also detect shut-down mechs (which cannot be detected on
standard radar). It also decreases the guide missiles lock-on time
(guided missiles include Streak SRM, Streak MRM, and all LRM's)

Colonel Chang: If you have a "missile boat", get BAP to help you get
off accurate shots faster. It can also be used in scouting role. If
you are leading such a scout mission, use a mech that has BAP would
help as it can detect even shut-down mechs.

3.3.2     Guardian ECM Suite
Usefulness: B

Usually just called ECM, this equipment makes your mech even harder
to find on sensors. In terms of the game, it reduces enemy sensor
range against you, perhaps as close as 200 meters if you're in
passive sensor mode.

Smaller mechs should use this in order to sneak into range and get
some GOOD hits. One of the nastier tricks is to use ECM to get close
and slam a big salvo of missiles into the enemy's back. Another trick
is to use ECM to help you plant NARC beacons.

On larger mechs, ECM may jam NARC beacons and may even prevent enemy
missiles from locking-on.

Colonel Chang: ECM helps on stealth and recon missions. During big
brawls they aren't useful. They are mainly useful in help mechs get
into striking range.

3.3.3     Jump Jets
Usefulness: depends on your mech design and fighting style

Jump jets have different weight depending on the weight class of your
mech. They enhance movement by allowing you to jump over things
(buildings, hills, enemy mechs.) They also complicate enemy
targeting. However, they don't really slow down human shooters, as
while you're in the air you're nicely highlighted by all that flames
coming out of the jumpjets.

Jump jets are best used in hilly areas and on smaller mechs to
exploit their mobility advantage. On medium mechs, the jumpjets can
be used for pop-up sniper maneuvers, or for "overruns"

Overrun goes like this: run at the enemy mech top speed, fire all
weapons, then before you collide, jump jet straight over him, but
just enough to clear him. Hit the head/shoulders if possible. Then
keep running away.

Death from above, where you jump on top of an enemy mech to cause
damage to shoulder/head area can be done, though somewhat difficult
to arrange.

Colonel Chang: Jump Jets are difficult to use properly. They are best
used to conserve momentum and/or jump over obstacles. For example,
let's say you are running and there's a building in your way. With
jumpjets, you can run full speed at the building and then hit jumpjet
to jump over it, and land beyond it. Enemies will have to go around
if they don't have jumpjets. Another use is if you are going up a
hill, before you hit the foot of the hill and slow down, hit jumpjet
to go up, thus maintaining most of your speed.

Another jumpjet trick is using it to climb a normally un-climbable
hill. Head up until you can't go any more. then hit the jumpjet.
Start "inching" your way up and soon you'll be on the top.

Jumpjets are useful in urban environments, when you can land on top
of buildings for sniper attacks.

3.3.4     LAMS
Usefulness: B-

LAMS shoot down GUIDED missiles (Streak SRM or LRM), but LAMS can
engage only a limited number of missiles at a time. So the bigger the
launcher, the more shots will get through. LAMS is laser-based, and
thus will generate some heat. They will help you take LESS hits, but
it won't eliminate missile hits completely. You just notice you take
a few less hits overall.

Colonel Chang: LAMS effectiveness is not THAT good, but every little
bit helps. At only 1.5 tons, go ahead and fit them in when you can.

3.3.5     Advanced Gyro
Advanced Gyro makes the mech more resistant to knock-downs. It
appears to be easier to knock down enemy mechs in MW4:MERC, and the
advanced gyro counter-acts that. However, it can weight quite a bit
depending on the size of your mech.

Colonel Chang: Perhaps it's because I prefer heavier mechs and I
fight mainly AI, I have YET to be knocked down. Thus, I find advanced
gyro use up a lot of tons for no noticeable gain. If you are a
smaller mech going up against larger mechs it may be worth it, but if
you are smaller you have less room to fit extraneous stuff any way. I
vote no on this one.

3.3.6     Enhanced Optics
Enhanced Optics let you zoom in closer and better "field of view".

Colonel Chang: If you are creating "sniper mech", then go right
ahead. Else, not really worth it.

3.3.7     IFF Jammer
IFF Jammer makes you show up as neutral or friendly on enemy
scanners, good for confusion among the ranks.... or for scout mechs
and NARC planters.

Colonel Chang: It doesn't work on radar ID, just that "cursor". When
you slide crosshair over the target, it doesn't turn red. Best used
in low-visibility times, like night missions, when you can't see the
camo scheme of the other mechs.

3.3.8     Light Amp (sort of)
All mechs now have light-amp built-in. So this is NOT available as an
option now. It used to be available. It's listed here so people who
played MW4 don't get confused.

3.3.9     Flare Launcher (sort of)
Flare launcher is equipment, but since it's listed as a missile
weapon in the MechLab, it's listed under missile packs.

4    Your Enemies
Know your enemies to best understand ways on how to defeat them.


See SPECIFICATIONS.PDF for info on ground vehicles.

Ground vehicles usually appear in swarms. Individually they don't do
much damage, but in groups they can soften you up while enemy mechs
come in to finish you. Stay back and snipe them. You usually outrange

Quadpanzers and Demolisher IIs require more than a PPC bolt to kill.
Stay far back and snipe them to death. In fact, that applies to all
tanks and ground vehicles.

You can run over vehicles to destroy them. However, the explosion may
damage your legs. In an emergency where you must eliminate the threat
ASAP, this is a valid tactic.

Colonel Chang: Ground vehicles are mainly an annoyance at most,
except the heaviest of the tanks. Their mobility is lousy compared to
the mechs, but they do come in a much smaller package. That just
means you have to aim more carefully.


See SPEDIFICATIONS.PDF for info on aircrafts.

Nothing new here. You will occasionally get friendly air cover, so
don't shoot at everybody! One serious blast from a laser or PPC will
still bring down any chopper or fighter. If they get close enough, AC
and Medium Lasers work fine too. Heck, even machine gun will bring
down a fighter if you shoot close enough...

Colonel Chang: Once I climbed a hill, and there's these Stilettos
making a bomb run right at me! I opened up with my MGAs and lined
them right up... and blam! blam! blam! blam! Not quite skeet
shooting, but these fast movers sure never heard of "evasive
maneuvers". At least chopper pilots will fly sideways every once in a


See SPEDIFICATIONS.PDF for info on naval vessels.

No new naval threats. You will fight quite a few hovercrafts, patrol
boats, and even a couple destroyers. However, the destroyers aren't
that bad. It just takes a bit of combined firepower to kill it.

Naval threats are easily killed except destroyer. One shot from LGLAS
or PPC will kill any naval threat except destroyer.

NOTE: Someone suggested doing "death from above" on the destroyer. It
apparently does a LOT of damage to it if you can get it to work.

Colonel Chang: Fighting in water both cools you down and makes you
slower. Remember that when you engage naval threats.


You'll run into this new Overlord class dropship. It's HEAVILY armed
with gauss rifles, lasers, and PPCs... beware.

Otherwise, nothing too new here.

Colonel Chang: Dropships are nasty customers, with lasers, gauss
rifles, and more defending. However, they are also very big targets.
Circle of death works quite well on them.


Light mechs are Cougar (35t), Raven (35t), Osiris (30t), Flea (20t),
Owens (35t), Uller (30t), Wolfhound (35t), and Puma (35t)

4.5.1     Cougar
Decent little mech. The default config is 2 large lasers and some
LRMs, making it a long-range shooter. It's a bit on the slow side for
a light mech. Try getting close to it and knock it down.

4.5.2     Raven
Raven is usually equipped with ECM, so you may not seem them coming.
They usually use missiles to peck you.

4.5.3     Osiris
Decent firepower, but those lasers can overheat after prolonged use.
Just keep hitting it.

4.5.4     Flea
The light mech in the game... armed with USELESS weapons. These
should be cannon fodder to you. Even two PPC shots may kill one.

4.5.5     Owens
Now this is a better mech... It has LRM and lasers. It is meant to be
a long-range "picker". Get close and kill it. It's lightly armored.

4.5.6     Puma
Puma, being a Clan mech, can mount weapons no light mech is supposed
to have... 2 ER PPCs. As is, it's the deadliest of the lighter mechs.
This should be your priority target when you see one.

4.5.7     Uller
Uller is a decent mech, like smaller brother to Bushwacker. As is, it
has no knock-out punch, thus should be easy to kill.

4.5.8     Wolfhound
Wolfhound is a scout mech, with only energy weapons, usually X-pulse
lasers. It usually has heat problems.


4.6.1     Bushwacker
Bushwacker is a thoroughly average medium mech, with some of this and
some of that. A lot of the weapons are arm mounted, so if you remove
the arms you remove a lot of their firepower. That AC in one arm is
its heaviest weapon.

4.6.2     Chimera
Chimera is a bit small, just BARELY medium at 40 tons. It has nice
slots though, 1 of each 3-space slots. Still, it's too light to mount
serious weapons, and easily killed.

4.6.3     Hellhound
With decent long-range firepower with some short-range weapons, this
is not a bad balance. Still, being merely a medium, it's not meant
for brawling.

4.6.4     Hellspawn
Hellspawn is a mech that pecks enemies to death, as it mainly has
small weapons that works at medium range. The problem is getting into

4.6.5     Ryoken
The "Stormcrow" is a bit of everything mech, more fire support than
brawler. The LRMs can be trouble.

4.6.6     Shadow Cat
Shadow Cat is one of the light mechs that can mount a gauss rifle AND
jumpjets, making it ideal for "poptart sniper". Its default config,
on the other hand, has no knockout punch, a bit of everything setup.

4.6.7     Uziel
One of the best Inner Sphere designs, this boasts 2 PPCs for
firepower in almost any range, and speed enough to run away and
jumpjets to jump away.


4.7.1     Argus
Argus is decent if not too spectacular heavy mech. It's just barely
"heavy", and its' guns lack the punch, esp. at long range.

4.7.2     Black Knight
This Inner Sphere omnimech has enough energy weapons to fry most
enemies, but is prone to overheating.

4.7.3     Catapult
Catapult is the fire support mech most people think about, with lots
of LRMs and a few token lasers.

4.7.4     Loki
Loki's default loadout means it must get into short range to do
damage. So stay back a bit.

4.7.5     Mad Cat
Mad Cat in its default config has WAY too many weapons... LRMs,
medium lasers, large lasers, and MGAs? Still, it's not a bad combo
for multi-range fighting.

4.7.6     Nova Cat
Nova Cat, being energy-based, is EXTREMELY prone to overheating. To
kill one, just make it shoot a lot and kill it when it overheats.

4.7.7     Thanatos
Thanatos has decent speed and its aren't too bad either. Don't get
too close or those LBX with MRM will rip you up.

4.7.8     Thor
Thor is usually configured for long to medium range firepower, with
Ultra AC 5's and such. It lacks a knock-out punch and armor.

4.7.9     Vulture
Vulture is a fire support mech. Default config has LRMs with some
MDLAS, so killing it is not a major problem.


4.8.1     Fafnir
The only mech capable of carrying 2 heavy gauss rifles, this mech is
pure brute force. Get in close and behind it to kill it quickly.
Those HGauss will kill you dead if they hit. Thus, keep moving!

4.8.2     Gladiator
Gladiator is an omnimech that's slightly resembles Masakari, albeit a
bit heavier. It has a decent default loadout.

4.8.3     Hauptmann
The first Lyran omnimech, the IS omni has less omni slots than Clan
omni, but it's still quite flexible in design and able to accommodate
wide variety of weapons. However, it lacks the jumpjet that Gladiator

4.8.4     Longbow
Longbow is a fire support mech, but those missiles can do serious
damage, as it can shoot in salvoes big enough to hurt. It's also
armored heavy enough to shrug off lighter hits. Get behind cover and
force it to come closer.

4.8.5     Templar
A decent 85-ton assault mech, it offers good flexibility and
firepower. While not quite enough armor compared to Gladiator or
Hauptmann, that extra 5-10 tons has a lot to do with it...

4.8.6      Victor
This 80-ton mech can be quite adaptable, though it's a bit on the
light side. Just steady pounding works fine.

4.8.7     Daishi
Daishi's default config is rated very powerful (almost a full bar),
but a lot of that is LGLAS, which generates a LOT of heat and thus
not fired that often. The rest of weapons don't have much punch.

4.8.8     Atlas
The gauss rifle or LBX20 is its only big punch. Other weapons are for
mid-range brawling. It's big enough so you can go for the legs,
preferably from a distance.

5    Mech Design Notes


There are essentially THREE types of mechs: brawlers, guerillas, and

Brawlers, sometimes known as sluggers, fight other mechs and take
hits and keep going. They have medium and close-range weapons,
usually ballistic weapons.

Guerillas are hit-and-run mechs, sometimes known as "ankle-biters".
They usually have energy weapons as they can run away to dissipate
heat, then come back for another attack.

Snipers and fire support mechs contribute firepower from afar with
their long-range weapons. LRM boats and UAC boats can project their
firepower from afar. While not that useful in duels, they can help a
lot in big brawls.

5.1.1     Note Mech's Original Purpose
Look at the mech's weapon slots, and you can tell what type of mech
it was meant to be.

For example, a Vulture has a LOT of missile slots. That would make it
a fire support mech.

Now take a look at a Nova Cat. It has a LOT of energy weapon slots.
That makes it a guerilla mech, really. It needs to run around to cool

When designing your mech, keep the purpose of the mech in mind.

The Clan mechs with the omni slots can be configured to different
purposes, but they still have an original design purpose. Try not to
go too far against the original.

5.1.2     Brawlers
Most mechs are configured as brawlers... Brawlers are just that...
they slug each other until one gets knocked out.

Brawlers tend to have more armor and more hard hitting weapons,
usually ballistic weapons. Generally they are heavier mechs, armed
with medium to low-range weapons (with one or two long-range stuff).
Speed is a secondary concern.

5.1.3     Guerillas
Guerillas tend to be lighter mechs. They hit their target a couple
times, run away to escape reprisal, then repeat, in order to wear the
target down.

A smaller guerilla mech is sometimes called "ankle-biter", as they
are smaller and they tend to go after legs of larger mechs. With
proper mix of weapons, they can take off limbs and legs, and they'd
be moving too fast for larger mechs to react.

Guerillas tend to use energy weapons, as it can afford to cool down
during the "runaway" period. Guerillas need a LOT of speed, and
preferably jumpjets as well. Mobility and patience is key in being a
good guerilla.

5.1.4     Snipers
Snipers are, as the name suggest, pepper the target with long-range
shooting with PPC's, gauss rifles, AC2's, LRMs, and more. When the
target is weakened, they charge in and finish the target off. Fire
support mechs are usually considered snipers (or vice versa).

There's a variant called "jumpsniper" (a.k.a. "poptart"). They use
jumpjet to jump straight up, look over a hill, shoot, then land
behind the hill again. Shadow Cat is probably best for this, as it is
big enough to mount gauss rifle yet light enough to run away really
fast and mount jumpjets.

5.1.5     Lance Organization
In a lance, you probably need one sniper, one guerilla, and 2
brawlers. Design and configure the mechs based on these roles.

Try to keep the mechs in the same lance at about the same speed. You
don't want them to spread too far out.

These rules are NOT set in stone. For example, in a city or in hilly
areas, you should bring 4 brawlers due to lack of long-range fighter.
On a flat-out map, bring 2 snipers and 2 brawlers. And so on and so

5.1.6     Boat Mechs
A "boat mech" is basically a mech that has only ONE type of weapons.
Usually, this refers to an omnimech. A Nova Cat with only lasers is
one example. Another example is a Mad Cat with only LRMs.

Veteran online players frown upon boat mechs. Using such a mech means
you're a n00b and you may even be booted.

Of course, against AI then everything is fair game...

5.1.7     Grouping the weapons
When grouping weapons, you must keep in mind how many groups CAN you

Most people only use 3 weapons groups, since most joysticks have only
4 buttons and one button is used to control the zoom. I'd suggestion
you keep yourself to 3 groups as well to minimize confusion.

The general approach, as advocated in the training mission, is three
groups: 1) quick-firing short-range weapons, like MDLAS or MGA, 2)
missiles, and 3) hard-hitting slow-reload weapons

However, that is not always optimal. Sometimes, you need to take heat
into account. For example, If you have 2 LGAUSS and 2 LGLAS, do you
group the 2 LGAUSS together and 2 LGLAS together, or do you group 1
LGAUSS and 1 LGLAS in each group in order to give the other a chance
to cool down and recycle?

This also suggests that you should not mount a wide variety of
weapons in the same mech, since you can't group them effectively.

Another approach is to group the weapons by range. Keep the long-
range weapons in one group, medium range weapons in second, and short-
range weapons in third group.

Another example, let's say you have a Shotgun Daishi, with 3 LBX20's
and 2 LBX10's. The LBX10's have a bit more range than LBX20's. In
this case, you should group the LBX20's separate from the LBX10's,
with the third group including all of them. That way, you can shoot
them separately when the range dictates, with an "alpha strike"
mapped as well if you need it.

One possible trick is to mount a mismatched pair of weapons and group
them together. For example, one Atlas config I use has an ER PPC, a
regular PPC, a CGAUSS, and LGAUSS. To simply matters, ERPPC is
grouped with the CGAUSS, while regular PPC is grouped with LGAUSS. As
the ERPPC and regular PPC has different reload times, the two groups
will fire staggered shots, thus allowing the mech to cool down
between shots instead of firing two PPC bolts at the same time and
wait a very long time to cool down before it can fire again.

6    Your Mechs
Here's some discussion on each of the new mechs available, as well as
some recommended configs for your mechs.

In general, you want mechs that delivers knock-out blows rather than
"death of a thousand cuts". You usually don't have time to fight over
and over.

For each mech, the weight is listed, then the hardpoints (E=Energy,
M=Missile, B=Ballistic, O=Omni). The number right next to the
hardpoint is size. For example, 2x2E means there are TWO 2-slot
Energy hardpoints.

NOTE: When a weapon is mentioned here, it's generally assumed that
it's the Clan version of the weapon if not otherwise mentioned. For
example, if LGLAS is mentioned, it can be assumed that it's really
CERLGLAS. If LBX20 is mentioned, it's CLBX20.


6.1.1     Flea
20 tons        2x1E, 3x1B

Available:     ECM, LAMS

Flea is cheap, but also junk. It's too light to mount decent armor or
proper weapons. It is also not quite as fast as expected, despite
being the smallest mech available. All in all, junk.

Colonel Chang: A Flea is easily killed, just like in real-life.

6.1.2     Cougar
35 tons        2x2E, 2x2M, 1x2O

Available:     BAP, Jump jets, LAMS

Default Cougar has too many weapons. With LLAS and LRM, it should
STAY at long range. Consider dropping the BAP as well, as you need
the tonnage, but faster lock-on may help. Replace with more
heatsinks, speed, jumpjets, LAMS, and/or LRM reloads. Use the
superior speed to keep the range open and snipe at the enemy with the
lasers and LRMs. Consider carrying smaller LRMs if you want more
laser firepower. Keep running, and don't get close!

Colonel Chang: Light mechs should stay as far away as possible, and
LRMs with LGLAS is good. Surprise the enemy every once in a while by
switching to a "biter" config... 2 small LBX cannons.

6.1.3     Raven
30 tons        1x2E, 1x2M, 2x1E, 1x1M

Available BAP, ECM, LAMS, IFF Jammer, Advanced Gyro

The fact hat Raven comes with a NARC beacon in the default config
should clue you in to the purpose of the mech: NARC planter. It has
Beagle probe and ECM to make sure it can get out from under the enemy
barrage.  Its 360-degree torso twist is quite useful as it allows you
to shoot at chasers while maintaining full speed.

Colonel Chang: Raven is good when you have a full lance and a lot of
them have missiles. Otherwise, it's a bit too light to mount proper
weapons. It's a scouting mech, and should stay that way.   Raven Runner
Raven with ECM and max engines is a great mech to play multiplayer
CTF.  Just watch out for those heavy "guard" mechs with the knock-
down weapons. If you're down, you can't run.   Raven Divine Wind (MP only)
That's Divine Wind as in "kamikaze". NARC beacon, artillery beacon,
and high explosives. Enough said. Run around planting NARC beacons on
unsuspecting victims. If caught. Hit the high explosives and take the
enemies with you!

6.1.4     Osiris
30-ton         2x2E, 1x2M, 1x1E, 1x1B

Available:     Jump jets, LAMS

Even faster than the Raven, and even LESS armed, its primary
advantage is the possibility to add jumpjets. Drop the MGA and most
of the weapons. Put NARC beacon and jumpjet on it for survivability.
Run REALLY fast, jump away from your enemies. It's only advantage
over the Raven is availability of jumpjets.

Colonel Chang: Consider putting 2 LLAS on it just for sniping. Stay
way back.

6.1.5     Owens
35-ton         1x2E, 2x3M

Available:     BAP, LAMS, IFF Jammer, Advanced Gyro

Owens is meant to be a missile boat. You may want to downgrade the
missiles slightly to make room for a large laser.

Colonel Chang: Choices are simple: Clan LRM's, or Streak SRMs. Not
really enough lasers to do serious harm to anybody.

6.1.6     Puma
35 tons   ?    2x3O, 2x1E, 1x1B

Available:     LAMS

Puma, being a Clan mech (the Clan name is "Adder"), can mount weapons
no light mech is supposed to have... 2 ER PPCs. As is, it's the
deadliest of the light mechs, with 67% of the slots being Omni slots.
You can customize this to be just about ANYTHING if you can fit them

Colonel Chang: The deadliest light mech in the game... This should
really be considered a MEDIUM. VERY hard to find as well.

6.1.7     Uller
30 tons        2x2O, 1x2E, 2x1M

Available:     ECM, LAMS

Uller, known as Kit Fox in the Clans, is a good light mech with
flexibility, with fully 50% of its weapon mounts as Omni mounts.
However, it is not big enough to mount the three-slot weapons, and at
only 30 tons, no heavy weapon would fit either, which limits it to
LRM's and large lasers.

Colonel Chang: Not bad, not good either. Too small to really use
those omni racks, this ended up being a smaller version of
Bushwacker: jack of all trades, master of none.

6.1.8     Wolfhound
35 tons        1x3E, 2x2E, 2x1E

Available ECM, AMS, IFF Jammer

Wolfhound, in the default config, is under-armed, and with only
Energy mounts available, it's doomed to use up more tonnage to fit in
heatsinks. Use ECM to get close for precision strikes, then run away.

Colonel Chang: Forget the X-pulse laser in the default config. You
can't afford the heat. Replace with regular pulse or even just
regular large laser. Another possibility is an ER PPC and ECM, add
heatsinks to taste. Fire one shot, run away to hide. Pop up again to
take another shot. You don't even need to turn on your active sensors
except for occasional scan to make sure you're not running into an
enemy mech.


Ranging from 40 tons to 55 tons, these mechs offer a lot of speed yet
armor to stand up in fights.

6.2.1     Bushwacker
55 tons        1x3B, 1x3M, 1x2B, 1x2M, 1x2E

Available BAP, LAMS, IFF Jammer, Advanced Gyro

A very "balanced" mech in its default config, it also means it's good
at nothing. Modify it to mount fewer but heavier weapons.

Colonel Chang: Try to squeeze an LBX or AC in the 3B and the 2B. 2
LBX10's are good. The 3M and the 2M should be filled with LRM or
STRK6 launchers. The 2E hardpoint is good for a large laser.

6.2.2     Shadow Cat
45 tons        1x3O, 1x3M, 2x2E, 1x2B

Available BAP, Jumpjets, LAMS

A good balance of speed and weapons, the default config is not too
bad but a bit of a "spread". Try to squeeze in a gauss rifle or light
gauss and be a very light-footed sniper.  Add some LRMs and some

Colonel Chang: Try to fit in 2 ER LGLAS, and LBX20 (yes, it'll fit).
Use LLAS for sniping, and save the LBX20 for those who wish for a
close encounter. Alternate config is the "poptart" config, LRM and/or
gauss with jumpjets.

Another possibility is 3 ER LGLAS. You'll have heat problems, but you
should be able to get away and cool down, and try again later.

Yet another possibility is LGAUSS and ERPPC in the Omnislot.

6.2.3     Chimera
40 tons        1x3B, 1x3M, 1x3E

Available Jumpjets, AMS

Good hardpoints, but too light to use them. Drop the MGA and MRM20
and try to shoehorn LRM launchers in there. Consider using a PPC
instead of LLAS and MLAS combo.

Colonel Chang: Forget the default config... too many small weapons.
Strip the mech and start over. Fit in 1 or 2 of those 2- or 3-space
weapons. Light gauss rifle or Clan Gauss, Clan LRM rack, Large Laser
are all good choices. You need more "shock value". Shoot and scoot.

6.2.4     Hellspawn
45 tons        1x3M, 1x2M, 2x1B, 3x1E

Available Jump jets, ECM, AMS

Bad hardpoints, as you can't really mount any significant weapons.
Sort of light at 2 LRM10's and 3 MPLAS, it does have ECM. Replace
with Clan weapons ASAP for more weapons. Pulse lasers generate too
much heat. Replace with medium lasers and more heatsinks.

Colonel Chang: Hellspawn's hardpoints are too small to mount big
weapons. That makes it a "brawler", get into medium or close range to
slug things out. Consider adding Streak SRMs and lots of medium or
medium pulse lasers.

6.2.5     Uziel
50 tons        2x3E, 2x2B, 1x2M

Available BAP, Jump jets, AMS

Now this one is fun. Two PPC's is a lot of gun for a 50-tonner.
Forget the MGAs, as they're nearly useless. Replace SRM6 with Streak
SRM6 ASAP. Drop the MGAs and add more heatsinks or speed. If you cut
speed a bit, you may be able to squeeze in an LBX10.

Colonel Chang: Alternate configuration is replace with PPC with LGLAS
or ERLGLAS to cut down on the heat, and enlarge the missile bays and
guns. If you trim carefully you may be able to fit in one or two
RAC2's, or 2 LBX10's, but then you can only put in MDLAS's.

6.2.6     Ryoken
55 tons        2x2O, 2x2E, 2x2M

Available BAP, Jumpjet, LAMS

Ryoken is basically a slightly smaller Vulture. Known in the Clans as
Stormcrow, it is loaded with LRM.  Otherwise, it's quite average
overall. The slots are really too small to use it much, and at 55
tons you can't fit the really big weapons.

Colonel Chang: Consider fitting in 2 light gauss rifles for sniping,
or 2 RAC2 with 2 tons extra ammo.

6.2.7     Hellhound
50 tons        1x2E, 2x2B, 1x2M, 1x2O

Available ECM, LAMS

Known as Conjurer in the Clans, Hellhound is an excellent mech even
without any configuration. Default config comes with LBX10, 2 Large
Lasers, and SRM6, giving it full range coverage.

Colonel Chang: Too light to mount serious ballistic weapons, consider
filling up the ballistic bays with CMGA along with the omni bay, and
put 1 LGLAS and 1 Streak SRM 6. That way you can snipe, and then pick
enemies to death at close range.


The workhorse mechs, they can move at a "decent" clip while packing
more firepower.

6.3.1     Catapult
60 tons        2x4M, 3x2E

Available BAP, Jump Jets, LAMS

Artillery support mech, it relies upon its missiles to do damage, not
the other weapons. Stay far away and lob missile salvoes, at least
with the default config.   Catapult Artillery
Use Clan LRM racks to fit in more LRMs than you would normally carry,
and keep the jumpjets. Cut down the lasers if you have to.   Catapult Fighter's MW4 guide recommends fitting in 3 ER LLAS and Clan
LRM launchers. Lose the jumpjets and a bit of missiles to fit.
Remember to add heatsinks as 3 ER LLAS generates a lot of heat.   Catapult Flanker
Instead of LRM racks, this one uses 4 Streak SRM6 racks with reloads,
and forget the lasers, all speed and jumpjets. Get in and make an
oblique pass, shoot the missiles, run/jump out of range.

6.3.2     Loki
65 tons        2x3O, 2x2B, 1x2M, 1x2E

Available BAP, ECM

Clan called it Hellbringer, and it has a good weapons mix. The
default config is pretty good. Combination of MLAS, MPLAS, LBX10, and
Streak SRM6s are deadly esp. point-blank, and the Guardian ECM will
ensure it get away for more shots. Rush in, do your alpha strike, and
run away. Consider dropping the BAP for more heatsinks, and replace
the MPLAS with regular MLAS to reduce heat build-up.

Note: Loki has 360 degree torso twist.

Colonel Chang: Strip the mech and see if you can fit in 2 Clan Gauss
rifles and some lasers and missiles. Another possibility is show up
in 2 LBX20's. For a sniper config, show up with 3 ERLGLAS with high
speed and ECM.

6.3.3     Mad Cat
75 tons        2x4E, 2x3M, 2x2O

Available BAP, LAMS

Ah, the infamous Timberwolf / Mad Cat. The default config has too
many weapons, IMHO. I'd consider dropping the MGAs for more

One possibility is 2 LRM10s, 2 ER LLASs, and 2 LBX10s.

Another config is 4 LLAS and 2 LRM10s (consider lower speed to add
more heatsinks).  For close-in fighting, try 3 LLAS and 2 LBX10's,
with more heatsinks.

Another config is 2 LRM20s and 2 LLAS.

Another config is 2 ERPPC and 2 LGauss.

Colonel Chang: Mad Cat is flexible enough to accommodate wide variety
of configurations. Surprise your enemies by showing up in a config
they are NOT expecting...

6.3.4     Nova Cat
70 tons        1x6E, 1x4O, 1x3E, 1x2E

Available BAP, LAMS

Nice mech for 70 tons, as it is VERY heavily armored and armed, but
it overheats too fast, as it's mostly beam weapon slots! Drop the
smaller weapons and one of the ER LLAS for more heatsinks. Separate
the weapons into 3 groups, and learn to fire them separately.

Definitely fill the omni rack with non-beam weapons. You can't afford
to waste your limited tonnage on heatsinks!

Colonel Chang: One possible variant is fill up the hardpoints with
ONLY ER MLAS, and as many heatsinks as you can fit. Use groups of 3
or 4 each. This "laser boat" is absolutely devastating at close
range. Get in close and start circling! Otherwise, use the Omni slot
for a heavy gauss, and fill the rest with ER PPC's or LGLAS.   Nova Cat LGLAS Boat
6 ERLGLAS, LAMS, and as many heatsinks as you can fit in. Heat
efficiency will be low, so you have to shoot them at the RIGHT time.
Not suitable for a hot map, but extremely deadly when used right.

6.3.5     Thor
70 tons        2x3O, 1x2M, 1x2B, 1x2E, 1x1O

Available ECM, Jump jets, LAMS, Enhanced Optics

The big cousin of the Loki, the default mix doesn't have enough shock
effect. Clan called it "Summoner".  Alternate configs include 2 LLAS
and 2 LBX10's. Gauss rifle and PPC is another possibility. It also
has 360 degree torso rotation.

Colonel Chang: This mech needs a GOOD mix like LBX and a PPC, which
is where the name came from (thunder and lightning, Thor, get it?).
That mix is quite devastating at any range. Add some missiles and
lasers and stir for a potent mix.   Thor Sniper
Simple config...2 CGauss, 1 ERLGLAS, ECM, and LAMS. Armor would be a
bit low, but you're sniping, not brawling.

Alternate config is 1 LGauss, 2 ER PPC, jumpjets, enhanced optics,
ECM, LAMS, heatsinks. Great "jump sniper".

Yet another alternate config is 2 LGAUSS and 1 ER PPC. Add extra ammo
for LGAUSS   Thor Shotgun
1 CLBX20 (1 extra reload) and 2 CLBX10's. That config should blast
open just about anyone in close range except an assault mech. Go
after legs for quick kills, until you run out of ammo.   Thor Mixed
4 ER MDLAS, 1 STRK6, 2 CLBX10. This is an excellent mid- and low-
range brawler.

6.3.6     Vulture
60 tons        2x4M, 2x3E, 1x2O

Available ECM, LAMS

Vulture, known as Mad Dog in the Clans, can be thought of as a
smaller version of Mad Cat, and it plays that way also, with LRM20s
and good mix of lasers. On the other hand, it DOES have more missiles
than anything else, so it is designed for long-range confrontations
and fire support. Those lasers work at closer ranges as well, but do
try to stay out of range.

Vulture has 360-degree torso twist. It could surprise some people.

One alternative config is 5 Clan STRK6's with ECM and LAMS. You can
go very fast and be in and out before they know it. Get in close,
fire, get out of the way. Twist torso around and fire again. Circle
the fight and pour in more SRMs.

Colonel Chang: Surprise your enemies with weird configurations. They
said this is fire support mech? Watch it blow you apart from point-
blank range! One surprise config would be 2 ER PPCs with small LRM
and a small AC for backup. Another surprise config would be 2 MRM40's
or 2 T-bolts.

6.3.7     Argus
60 tons        1x5B, 1x3M, 2x2E

Available ????

This is one of those "okay at everything, great at nothing" designs.
Emphasis on ballistic weapons makes it quickly run out, and it's too
light to keep a lot of reloads. It's also too light to mount ENOUGH
heavy LBX cannons to be deadly.

Colonel Chang: Argus is one of those workhorse mechs that is heavy
enough to mount enough weapons to be decent, but light enough to
maintain decent speed. As is, it's merely DECENT. Fit 2 LGLAS and a
LOT of ballistic weapons, with some good missiles, and it should
serve you well. Stick with light gauss cannon and/or rotary AC's.   Argus Mixed
Strip an existing mech, and fit in 2 LBX10 2 LGLAS. Yes, it'll fit.

6.3.8     Thanatos
75 tons        1x4B, 1x3M, 1x2B, 2x2E

Available ECM, Jump jets, LAMS

Most people don't notice that Thanatos has 360-degree torso rotation.

The default mix is designed for mainly medium and close range combat.
The MRM40 should be replaced with T-Bolt or multiple LRM launchers,
and flamers with medium lasers for a "longer" punch.

Colonel Chang: Thanatos should keep the jump jet for quick escapes.
Consider putting in a heavy gauss and a light gauss with some lasers
for an interesting config. Also, Thanatos has a rather narrow center
torso.   Thanatos Puncher
Try T-Bolt, LBX20, and LLAS. You can even fit in AMS if you reduce
speed. Shoot LLAS from a distance, follow up with T-Bolt and LBX20 in
the face.   Thanatos Giant
Novasphere submitted this config: max armor, no heatsinks, 83 kph, 2
gauss rifles (1 light + 1 clan or 2 light), 4 MLAS, whatever LRM that
would fit.

"The Beauty of this Thanatos design is that you can do almost
anything with it depending on the needs of the missions. Just change
one of the main weapons to suit. This includes replacing the Gauss
rifles with LBX, along with an ECM and changing the LRMs to a set of
Streak SRMs. You can get in way close with sensors off and unload a
bunch of rounds into unwary enemies. This was originally just a
design to emulate the Titan from C&C Tiberian Sun (an RTS game to the
uninitiated), hence the variant's name."   Thanatos Shotgun
3 LBX10's, 1 ERLGLAS for long-range shots, and missiles to taste.

For people who prefer ultra cannons, try 3 UAC10's or even the rotary
5's (add lots of ammo).   Thanatos Sniper
3 LGAUSS, keep jumpjets. This would be an excellent jump sniper...
Add more ammo if possible.

6.3.9     Black Knight
75 tons        2x3O, 1x1E, 2x3E, 1x2B, 1x2E

Available ECM, BAP, Jumpjet, AMS

Black Knight's most interesting attribute is its omni racks. With 6
Omni slots available, you should use them to balance out the energy-
heavy loadout. The wide variety of equipment also allows easy
customization to most purposes. Consider putting in some PPC's and a
gauss rifle, with some lasers for all-around firepower.

Colonel Chang: Black Knight, with the omni bays, can be configured a
variety of ways. 2 Clan gauss rifles are good possiblities, as are 2
LBX20's or even UAC20's. Add the rest to your liking.

Some energy configs: 5 ERLGLAS or 3 LGXPLAS or 7 MDXPLAS

Some sniper configs: 3 LGAUSS (with jumpjet), or 2 CGAUSS and 2

Some brawler configs: 2 UAC20 and 1 ERLGLAS, or 3 UAC10


There are your workhorses. These can kill light mechs in a single

6.4.1     Atlas
100 tons  2x4E, 1x4B, 2x2M, 1x2B, 1x2E, 1x1E

Available ECM, AMS

The quintessential assault mech, Atlas is a "jack-of-all-trades"
design that lacks enough contiguous hardpoints to deliver true knock-
out punches. With all those energy hardpoints, remember to use good
weapons, like PPCs backed up by MLAS. You will need some ballistic
weapons and missiles to shoot while you cool down.

Colonel Chang: Atlas is an old design, and it shows, with a LOT of
small weapon slots instead of a few big ones. Mounting the really
large weapons can be a problem, but it has enough armor to shrug off
most hits. The gun rack can fit a heavy gauss, so you should look in
that direction. However, this is not exactly a great mech.   Sniper Atlas
Speed at one notch above minimum, armor nearly maxed, ferro-fibrous.
One ER PPC, one PPC, one Clan Gauss Rifle with extra ammo, one LIGHT
Gauss rifle with extra ammo. The reason for the MISMATCHED set of
PPCs is they recycle at different rates, and thus cuts down heat
built-up. You can fire all weapons as fast as the weapons recycle.
Only need two weapon groups.   Sniper Atlas Too
A variant of this is 2 ER LLAS, and 3 light gauss rifles. Stay at a
distance and snipe with both sets of weapons. Stay out of range!
Group this up with another mech for protection.   Shotgun Atlas
3 CLBX10's, 3 ERLGLAS. It's kind hot with 3 LGLAS, so it's suitable
to colder maps. Remove one of the lasers for warmer locations.   Shake-and-bake Atlas
Optimized for urban combat, fit in some LBX10's, Streak SRM6s, and
flamers. LBX10's to knock down the mech, flamers and Streak6's to
keep them down for the count.

6.4.2     Awesome
80 tons        3x3E, 1x2E, 1x2M

Available LAMS

A very "hot" IS design, the SRM2s are useless, and with 3 PPCs
overheating is a BIG problem. A Clan Streak SRM6 would be a good

Colonel Chang: Drop one of the PPCs and replace with other weapons.
Consider keeping the regular PPCs as those generate less heat, even
though they weigh more.   Awesome Zapper
Remove the arm PPC, and replace with 2 medium lasers. Remove the two
pulse lasers on the other arm and replace with 2 medium lasers.
Replace SRM2s with Streak6s. Add heatsinks to fill out the
difference. The heat problem is significantly reduced while having
improved close-in firepower helps in brawling.   Awesome Pulser
Replace PPC's with Large X-Pulse lasers. You can actually fit FOUR of
them, though heat will be a problem. Decrease the speed and add LOTS
of heatsinks. This mech is good on a COLD map. (On the moon and stuff
like that).

6.4.3     Daishi
100 tons  1x4O, 2x3B, 2x2O, 2x2E, 1x2M

Available LAMS

With this many omni racks, you can turn this into "any" of the "boat"

Daishi is the name given to the Clan mech "Dire Wolf" by the
Kuritans. Literally, Daishi means "Great Death", and it's quite
literal, as this assault mech will tear open any then IS assault
mech, while surprising fast and agile for 100 ton mech.

Daishi has far too many weapons in the default config, though those
four LLAS can be quite deadly. The Ultra5s and MGAs are nearly
useless, with very little "punch". Consider replacing them with LBX.   Shotgun Daishi
Daishi with 25 percent speed, no heatsinks, 2 large lasers (one in
each arm), and 3 LBX20's, each with one extra reload. Add one Streak
SRM6 pack for backup. This combo will knock mechs to the ground. Aim
for the cockpit and you can kill a mech in TWO SALVOS. The LLAS can
be used for sniping if you want to stay out of range. If you can't
stay open, then charge in to 300 m and open up with the three
shotguns. This is a great urban mech. Hide around corners and as the
enemy comes through, BLAM!   Shotgun Daishi 2
Daishi with minimum speed, no heatsinks, 3 LBX20's, 2 LBX10's,
reloads if possible, no heatsinks needed. This will kill a medium
mech in ONE SHOT, heavy in two or three... Until you run out of ammo.

This one is great for Solaris Assault and Championship matches. Kill
those near you and let the others duke it out for a little bit. Then
pick off the survivors by using cover to get close, as close as you
can, then LET THEM HAVE IT right in the face! Use zoom to get a
precise aim. Go after limbs, go after legs... Go after head... BLAM!   Sniper Daishi
Put in 2 Clan Gauss, 2 Light Gauss, and 1 ER PPC (just for fun). This
config has one hefty alpha strike. It has no close-range weapon
though. Would be one heck of a sniper mech. One salvo and the enemy
mech is almost toast.

Alternate sniper is fit in 6 ER Large Lasers with heatsinks. Fire
them in alternate groups of 3, and you can do a LOT of damage. Add
other weapons and heatsinks to taste.

An alternative config would be 3 CGauss and 3 ERLGLAS.   Daishi Gunner
Daishi with 3 Clan Ultra AC 20's, no heatsink, 1 ton extra ammo each.
This will kill mediums in one hit and heavies in two hits, three at

Colonel Chang: I used this config for Trial of Position and Solaris
and I barely got scratched except for a lucky hit or two. The problem
is getting into range, as the UAC20 range is a mere 350 m.

A variant of this would use 6 Clan UAC5's for better range, in
exchange for far less punch.

Yet another variant would be fit in as many of the Rotary AC2's as
you can, with at least 4 tons of extra ammo each. However, the punch
for UAC5's and RAC2's is seriously lacking, and not suitable for

6.4.4     Mauler
90 tons        2x3M, 2x3B, 2x2E

Available AMS, BAP

The default config relies on the Ultra2s for the firepower, which is
not that great. Lots of missile hardpoints that needs to be filled
with Clan LRM launchers or 3-space launchers like T-bolts.   Shotgun Mauler
Here's a general purpose Mauler config: 2 Clan LBX20s with 1 extra
ammo each in torso. Two ER MLAS in EACH arm, add Streak SRM6 or Clan
LRM10's to taste. Don't need extra heatsinks at all.

Or you can fit in two T-Bolt launchers. That's 40+ damage if you hit!
Follow up with the rest of the guns and you'll get quick kills.

6.4.5     Mad Cat Mk. II
90 tons        2x3B, 2x3M, 2x2O, 1x2E, 1x2B

Available BAP, Jump Jets, LAMS, Light Amp

Interesting design, as Clan gauss rifle is a real pinpoint hitter.
It's quite "punch-y" as is, and quite balanced.  You can't fill up
all the slots, so you'll have to decide what to fill.   Mad Cat Mk II Sharpshooter
One devastating config for Mad Cat Mk. II is cram in FOUR different
gauss rifles, 2 Clan that's built-in, and 2 more IS Light gauss
rifles, as they fit in the center racks. You'll need to remove all
the other weapons, as well as a little armor and the jumpjets to fit
them in. Of course, this only works on a map where sniping is
possible. Don't use this config in the cities.

You could use 4 LGauss instead to give the mech a uniform range shot.

You could fit in a fifth LGauss if you are willing to give up more
speed and armor.   Mad Cat Mk II Close Fighter
This is going to be a NASTY surprise for people expecting gauss
rifles. Put 1 light gauss in the 2B spot for sniping. Put 2 LBX20's
in the arms (almost same weight!) and you can fit in 1 more LBX10 in
the omni racks. At point-blank this mech is almost as deadly as the
sniper Daishi.   Mad Cat Mk II Missile Boat
BAP, 4 LRM20's (4x ammo), 2 LRM10's (2x ammo). This will pump out so
many missiles it will BLOW AWAY smaller mechs. Until you run out of

6.4.6     Sunder
90 tons        1x3M, 1x4E, 2x3E, 1x4O

Available ECM, LAMS

Sunder is one of the heaviest IS mechs with Omni racks. It is a very
respectable assault mech, even better with limited omni racks You
should try to fit some ballistic weapons in there to help with the
heat dissipation problems. Heavy Gauss is definitely a possibility.

Colonel Chang: HGAUSS with ERPPC and several ERLGLAS is a good config
without major heat problems. You don't HAVE to include missiles.

Another config is 2 LGAUSS and 3 ERPPC. It gets really warm with that
many PPCs. However, it's bearable. If you fire them in sequence
instead of all together.

For a laser boat config, consider 6 ERLGLAS, or 4 LGXPLAS

6.4.7     Fafnir
100 tons  2x3E, 1x2E, 2x4B

Available:     ECM, LAMS

The only mech capable of carrying 2 heavy gauss rifles, this mech is
pure brute force. Lyran's Defiance Industries intended this to be a
showcase mech, and it has some SERIOUS armor. The only thing lacking
is missiles.

While it's designed for 2 heavy gauss rifles, you can mount just
about ANY 2 of the heaviest guns available, backed up by some serious
energy weapons, and it'll still kill things dead. One possibility is
mount 4 RAC5's and some MLAS. Another favorite is 2 LBX20 or UAC20
with a complement of lasers.

Colonel Chang: One serious config is 2 ER PPCs and 2 HGAUSS. Set the
PPC's in separate groups while the 2 HGAUSS in a single group. Use
the PPCs on smaller targets and save the HGAUSS on heavy targets.
Fire PPCs separately to keep the mech cool.

6.4.8     Gladiator
95 tons        2x3E, 1x2E, 1x3B, 1x4O, 1x3O

Available:     Jumpjets, ECM, LAMS

Gladiator is a Clan Omnimech that's slightly resembles Masakari,
albeit a bit heavier. Its Clan name is "Executioner". It can be
configured various ways to fit your fighting style. The jumpjet makes
it very unpredictable. The Omni slots can be used to either add
missiles or add ballistic weapons to complement the existing energy

Colonel Chang: You can go either missiles (3 Clan LRM20's, or 2 T-
bolts) or ballistics (multiple gauss or LBX or Ultra AC). Jumpjet is
almost superfluous.

6.4.9     Hauptmann
95 tons        1x2E, 1x3E, 1x1B, 1x4E, 1x3M, 2x3O

Available:     ECM, LAMS

The first Lyran omnimech, the IS omni has less omni slots than most
Clan omni, but it's still quite flexible in design and able to
accommodate wide variety of weapons. However, it lacks the jumpjet
that Gladiator has, and the bays are a bit separated. Still, it's
easy enough to configure to your tastes.

Colonel Chang: The omni slots should go to ballistic weapons so you
don't use up 15-20 tons just for heatsinks. Two LBX-20's or UltraAC
20's are definite possibilities, though gauss rifles are also good.
The rest can be filled with LGLAS or such.

6.4.10    Longbow
85 tons        2x2E, 2x4M, 2x2M

Available:     BAP, LAMS

Longbow is a fire support mech, so don't use it in direct combat.
Give it BAP for faster lock-ons.

Colonel Chang: Unload all the LRM racks and replace with Clan LRM15's
or combination of Clan LRM10's and Clan LRM20's. SMRMs or T-Bolts are
other possibilities, though they eat up the tonnage quite a bit and
cuts down on overall mobility or firepower. Give it a few MLAS for
self-protection when the missiles run out, but giving it more reloads
is probably more efficient.

6.4.11    Templar
85 tons        2x2E, 2x2B, 1x2M, 2x3O

Available LAMS, Advanced Gyro, Jump Jets

A decent 85-ton assault mech, it offers good flexibility and
firepower. While it doesn't have quite enough armor compared to
Gladiator or Hauptmann, it IS a lighter mech to start with, and that
extra speed is welcome.

Colonel Chang: Consider 2 ER PPC's and 2 LGauss, makes a great sniper
mech. Others suggested 2 ERPPC's, along with Streak SRM6, some medium
lasers, and LBX-10 cannon.

6.4.12     Victor
80 tons        2x2E, 1x3E, 1x3B, 1x4B, 2x2M

Available ECM, LAMS, Advanced Gyro, Jump Jets

This 80-ton mech can be quite adaptable, though it's a bit on the
light side.

One alternate configuration is 4 MLAS and 2 LGauss and other weapons.
The LGauss provides long-range firepower while the MLAS gives a lot
of close-range punch.

Colonel Chang: Victor can be configured in a variety of ways. While
the default config of HGauss and other weapons are nice, they don't
quite give the knockout punch.

7    Strategy and Tactics


You have four different factions you can align with at the beginning.
They mainly differ in starting equipment, free market weapon access,
and amount of starting capital.

Colonel Chang: I won't go into the history of the various outfits.
You can pull that up with a LibComp. I'll only cover what you NEED to

7.1.1     Kell Hounds
Kell Hounds has mainly access to Inner Sphere stuff. Kell Hounds is
also mainly on the Steiner-side and thus have more access to Steiner
mechs. You'll get access to Clan tech at about mid-game. Other stuff
will probably come through salvage.

Starts with 1 Flea, 1 Osiris and 2 Wolfhounds and 5.5 mil C-bills.

Colonel Chang: Kell Hound affiliation is a decent, but not
particularly good sponsorship. The Steiner mechs aren't bad, but the
initial mech selection is pretty lousy. If you can survive the first
few missions and get better mechs, you should be fine.

7.1.2     Wolf's Dragoons
Wolf's Dragoons have access to Clan tech long before anyone else
would.  You start with Clan tech immediately. This is both a blessing
and a curse, as the Clan stuff is quite a bit more expensive than the
IS stuff, and thus you may not be able to field as many mechs as you
may want, and have less "spares".

You start with 2 Cougars, 4 Fleas, 2 Ullers and 4.5 mil C-Bills. You
have plenty of decent Clan weapons in your arsenal, and always have
access to more.

Colonel Chang: While the Clan mechs are good, they are also very
expensive to buy and fix. Sell off all the Fleas and raise some
capital first. Also sell off Clan weapons you don't need. Try to get
some Pumas, and you should be fine for a while. Consider selling off
the weapons you don't use for more cash. You may need to go to
Solaris to raise some cash if you can get a Puma. You should
pulverize everybody else if you have a Puma.

7.1.3     Gray Death Legion
Gray Death Legion is mainly famous for that Star League memory core
they nabbed. As such, they have access to Lostech items, but not a
lot of it. They use mainly Davion mechs.

You start with 1 Raven, 1 Owens, 1 Osiris, 1 Hellspawn and 1 Flea,
plus 8 mil C-Bills, along with some Lostech weapons in your arsenal,
but you get Clan tech relatively late.

Commentary by Colonel Chang: GDL sponsorship means you get good
initial capital. Sell off the Flea, and maybe one more mech to get a
better mech as leader, then do a few contracts to upgrade the rest.
Not having access to Clan tech until late campaign means you may have
less firepower than other mechs. Recommended for GOOD veteran

7.1.4     Northwind Highlanders
Northwind Highlanders is one of the most renowned merc units in Inner
Sphere, and as such, you get extra 20% pay on successful contracts.

You start with 2 Chimeras, 2 Fleas, 2 Osirises and 2 Ravens and 6.5
mil C-Bills. You also get Clan tech only late in the campaign.

Commentary by Colonel Chang: Good affiliation as the extra $$$ comes
in handy. Sell off 2-6 of the lousy mechs. Use the money to buy 2
good mechs and weapons, and use those on missions until you can
afford more. You should never run short on money unless you lose
mechs all the time.


Having a SECOND lance makes a big difference in the BIG battles.
Concentrate fire of all lancemates on one enemy mech at a time, and
you'll be killing enemy mechs left and right.

You will need to assign a lance leader for the second lance. Not
everybody will qualify. Read the descriptions to see who is a lance
leader. When you get Falcon, she's one.

Fire the guy who keeps losing his mech, replace with someone with
better skills. You can't afford to lose 1 or 2 mechs per mission, as
you are simply losing money.


With persistent perishable inventory and availability of the free
market, inventory management changes quite a bit from MW4.

You need to repair the mech before you can sell it. You cannot sell
damaged or crippled mechs. It takes 1-2 weeks to repair the mech, so
you need to have 2-4 spare mechs that you can use.

It is best not to use a damaged (yellow) mech as some parts will
remain damaged. Leave that mech home and use something else while
repairs are done.

A damaged (yellow) mech takes 1 week to repair. A crippled (red) mech
takes 2 weeks to repair.

The standard advice of stripping all the mechs you don't plan to use
still stands. You may also want to set its color to none, to tell
them apart from the mechs that you do want to keep (set those to your
favorite camo pattern). Rename those slightly to denote which ones
you do want to keep.

You always have access to Free Market, and depending on the faction
alignment you will always have access to certain items. So even if
you're already heard the mission briefing you can jump back to
mechlab and/or free market to further modify your mechs.

Free Market availability of certain items will vary. When you see the
right item come along, get it now! Items like Clan LBX20, Clan Ultra
AC 20, Clan Gauss rifle, and so on are very rare (in most cases). Buy
those up if you think you need them later!

Constantly replace your regular LRM racks with Clan LRM racks
whenever possible. When you buy a new mech, configure it to remove
older tech.


7.4.1     Know when to lead (the target, that is)
Lasers need almost no lead.

PPC's and gauss rifles need a SLIGHT lead

Cannons need noticeable lead, but that also depends on range.

Best time to shoot is when target stops to change directions.

7.4.2     In-Your-Face
Load up with close-range weapons, preferably LBX20's and maybe MRM's
or T-Bolts, but any heavy weapon would do. Go FULL SPEED at the enemy
mech, then when you make contact, fire RIGHT INTO center of mass. The
enemy gets confused when you're this close and can't do you serious
damage. Repeat attack (just keep bumping into him) until the enemy
center is flashing damage. Engage reverse, and get back to at least
75m, then resume firing. If you stay too close you'll be damaged in
the "cook-off". This is only useful against AI as humans will get
away as fast as possible.

In a bigger battle, you may want to back off earlier, as other mechs
firing at your target may kill it, thus "splashing" you with the
"cook-off" damage.

7.4.3     Firing Line
If you know enemy mechs are going to assault a certain position,
bring ALL your mechs to that location, and order them to halt, while
you go forward a little to "spot". When enemies are spotted, start
backing up while order your lancemates to attack. When the line past
you, go forward again, and help them pick off one enemy mech at a
time. This way, all the mechs engage together.

If you just order general attack, the faster mech will run ahead
while the slower mechs in the back will lumber forward, thus
separating the lance. This is especially bad when you have to crest a
ridge to get into position.

7.4.4     Concentrate Firepower
If you concentrate your firepower you can take down mechs faster.
Order all lancemates to attack a single target. Repeat until you have
no enemies left.

Pick the most dangerous target first. Assault mechs, fire support
mechs, and so on are priority targets.

7.4.5     Stay together
Your lance mates don't keep up with you that well. Either walk slowly
(50% throttle or less) or send them ahead to the nav point while you
walk around.

(In MP, that means wait for friendlies).

7.4.6     Send them ahead, or not
Sometimes you need to send your lancemates ahead to a certain nav
point while you stay and take care of the enemies. Switch to the
appropriate nav point and tell your lancemates to head there.

On the other hand, sometimes, it's more convenient to let your
lancemates mop up the enemies left at the nav point while you run
ahead to the next one in anticipation of the next group of enemies.

7.4.7     Never stop moving
Stay still is to invite someone to hit you. Circle of death is always
good. Even if you just move slowly, keep moving.

Throw in random changes in speed and you'll throw enemy's aim off.
Sometimes use speed 2, sometimes use speed 7, and so on.

7.4.8     Stay AWAY from almost dead mechs!
A mech that blows up will damage everything nearby, including other
mechs, buildings, vehicles, and more. This can be good or bad. If it
damages the enemy, it's good. If it damages you, your friendlies, or
your mission objectives, it's bad.

One of the most often newbie mistakes is to go point-blank against a
mech, killing it, and got toasted in the explosion. Even if he didn't
get toasted, he would be pretty damaged to not survive another 2 or 3
attacks. When the enemy's about dead, BACK UP!

Also, keep damaged mechs AWAY from your mission objectives. You don't
want that death explosion destroying the structures and such you're
trying to protect.


Colonel Chang: Solaris, ah, where it's everyone for himself, has a
few more tricks to play.

NOTE: Some of these also apply in online MP games.

7.5.1     Temporary Shutdown
A very useful starting strategy is shutdown your mech immediately at
the beginning. Similar to "go passive", if you shut down at the
beginning you may be able to convince other enemies to go after
someone else first. However, it also makes you a sitting duck. And if
you wait too long you don't have enough kills to qualify for the next

7.5.2     Go passive
If you go passive sensors only, and/or has ECM, you would be
virtually invisible until you get to point-blank range (250 meters).
Thus, stay back a bit from the action and just take on your closest
opponents. Or if others have passed you by, then shoot them from

7.5.3     Pick off the closest enemy first
If you have the misfortunate to start right next to another mech, you
may have no choice but to slug it out first. Since you're that close,
you can't cloak against him, and thus you MUST eliminate him first.
On the other hand, try the shutdown trick first.

7.5.4     Know your map
You need to know if you're near the map's edge or not. Being at the
edge restricts your mobility, but also protects your flank. Being in
the middle means you may get caught in a crossfire, but you have more
room to roam.

NOTE: Use the minimap (Shift-M toggle) often, if you don't have the
map memorized.

7.5.5     Pick off the winning side
If you see two mechs fighting, hit the one that is LESS damaged, so
that when they go, you can pick off the survivor more easily. If you
aren't sure who's more damaged (probably because you're too far off),
hit the one that is NOT emitting any smoke.

7.5.6     Look for temporary allies
If you can hit one of your closest enemies hard (like a full alpha
strike), someone may temporarily ally with you... until you and him
are all that's left. However, you must perform an alpha strike within
the first 15-30 seconds of the start, and it won't be one of the
named players.

7.5.7     Know the terrain
In coliseum there are sometimes water in a "canal" off to the sides
(depending on WHICH coliseum map I used. . There's more water in
jungle and none in factory. Thus, do you know on which map should you
use more energy weapons? By knowing the terrain, you can gain
advantage over your opponents.

7.5.8     Go after the named players first
The named players have names instead of mech models. They have custom
configs and frequently are the ones that do the best in the
tournaments. Take them out first.

7.5.9     Get kills "soon"
You can actually be disqualified if you don't get at least 1 kill. If
you keep running away you CAN be disqualified though the announcer
will call you a coward first.

7.5.10    Excerpt from Colonel Chang's memoir on being grand champion
     of Solaris VII
Ah, the final match. After studying the enemies a bit, I decided that
I need to knock out even assault mechs in no more than 4 hits. A LBX
boat has low range, so I decided on a compromise... Daishi with 2
Clan Ultra 20's and 6 ERMDLAS. The armor is nearly maximized. The
LAMS will protect me from some missiles, and speed is not a major
concern, so it's set to about 12%.

I drew the opening slot next to Ricardo Vicci. I immediately shutdown
when the game started. It's a good thing too since Robert (in a
Sunder) went after Ricardo right away, as did the Mauler next to
Ricardo. Then another Sunder walked past me, ignoring me for Ricardo.
After they walked by, I restarted the mech and followed the group,
who's already busy slugging at each other.

Robert went first, when I toasted him from behind with both group of
MDLAS and followed up with a blast from the UAC20's. Then Ricardo
went next (he didn't even need the laser). The Mauler was dueling
with the other Sunder, and both went down after barely hitting me. By
this time, the red Atlas (?) was dueling that Kuritan in the Fafnir.
The Atlas just went down from the HGAUSS salvo. I then blasted the
Fafnir from behind and took him out in 2 salvoes.

The immediate area looks clear, but to be sure I backed into the
canal and did a slow zoomed scan of the horizon. Didn't see anything
suspicious... That's when a PPC bolt knocked me almost off balance. A
Dragon has marched down the canal toward me! I immediately started
circle of death and kept pumping laser and UAC into his mid section.
He blew after 2 hits.

I saw Li Seng in his Vulture running around. Then he decided to come
after me! He connected with a T-Bolt, but he didn't get a chance to
fire another. My UAC20's knocked him flat, and the second salvo,
delivered just as he got up, finished him off.

I risked a quick scan on the active sensors. Only 3 other mechs are
left, one is Srin Odessa. The other two are a Dragon and another
Daishi (red and yellow camo?)  The Dragon went quickly after combined
assault of 2 Daishis. I concentrated on Odessa. He was barely damaged
from the previous battles! I quickly started the circle of death, as
I blast him with multiple salvoes of MDLAS and UAC20. He replied with
his UAC2's and HGAUSS. The other Daishi also fired on Odessa. Under
our combined assault, Odessa ejected when the core overloaded.

Now it's the final duel... Daishi vs. Daishi. I reversed the circle
and kept punching his mid torso, as he launched a full flight of
missiles and followed up with LGPLAS. We both connected and our
central armor's almost stripped. We somehow ended up in point-blank,
as I blasted another UAC salvo into him. His torso armor is now
mostly gone (flashing). I frantically hit reverse trying to get away
from this timebomb. I backed up to almost 50 meters... when my UAC20

I fired, almost by instinct. I can't let him get off another shot or
I WILL lose.

He blew up.

The explosion destroyed my last torso armor, and I ejected barely a
second after he did.

I won.

I rode the parachute back down to a rough landing. Victory never
tasted so sweet.


If you want to be a sniper, there are some tactics to follow as

7.6.1     Go passive
If you go passive sensors only, and/or has ECM, you would be
virtually invisible until you get to point-blank range (250 meters).
Thus, stay back a bit from the action and just take on your closest

7.6.2     Relocate after each shot
Hide behind a ridge and only shoot when you have a target. Relocate
after each shot. If you stay in same position other mechs may sneak
up on you and kill you, or others may be ready to counter sniper you.

7.6.3     Know your map
You need to know if you're near the map's edge or not. Being at the
edge restricts your mobility, but also protects your flank. Being in
the middle means you may get caught in a crossfire, but you have more
room to roam.

Use the minimap (Shift-M toggle) often, if you don't have the map

7.6.4     Reticule sweeping
IFF works out to edge of visibility, 1200 meters. If you just sweep
the horizon with your aiming reticule, you can often find targets you
did not spot. This is especially crucial if you had your sensors in
passive mode, as your radar range is reduced to merely 250 meters.

To counter this, enemies can mount IFF jammers.

7.6.5     Know your sniper type
A jump sniper obviously needs jump jets, and cover behind a hill.

A ground sniper need to just go over a ridge line, then shoot. You
need very good timing... Get up there, find target, hit reverse,
shoot, and you're back off the ridge before enemy can return fire!

A ground sniper with 360 torso twist can do an extra trick... Rotate
torso 180 degrees, then REVERSE your way up the slope. Take your
shot, reverse (to go forward), and you're off the ridge! Moving
forward is faster than reverse. If you time it well, you can hit
reverse just as you crest the ridge, shoot just as you come to a
stop, and then you're off the ridge almost instantly. It takes a lot
of practice though.

8    Campaign Walkthru
This walkthru was created based on the REGULAR difficulty level. The
exact count of enemies may vary depending on difficulty level you
have chosen and therefore may not match your situation completely.
Thus, this is only a general guide.

As you are free to choose among several missions in each system, I'll
merely list the missions and tell you how it affects future missions.

For every ton of mech you drop, you need to pay additional drop fee.
So technically speaking, the less mechs you bring, the more you earn.
However, in general, you can't EVER have too much firepower.

As the difficulty of the mission depends on which mechs you bring and
in what config, there is no reason to assign a difficulty rating to
each mission. Besides, the game already assigned a "threat level".

Here's are the parts of a mission walkthru

Prerequisite: what missions you must perform before you can access
this mission.

Mechs allowed: that's total, the choices are 1, 4, 6, or 8

Base pay: the amount you can expect to get paid. Remember some
faction alignment will affect actual payment. This is merely the base

Briefing: A summary of some background into and what the employer
wishes you to do.

Objectives: the primary objectives are listed. They MUST be completed
or you fail the mission.

SECONDARY: the secondary objectives are optional but may provide a

BONUS: bonus objectives are optional but usually has a bonus pay
attached to it.

The mission walkthru explains what enemies you can expect to see at
each, any tricks to approach the mission and such.

After the walkthru you get a note about which mission you will open

Rep Change is the amount of your reputation change. Remember you have
four rating: nobility, infamy, Steiner, and Davion. Doing each
mission will affect your ratings in some way.


There are no missions on Outreach. It is merely where your mercenary
company gets... incorporated.

From here, you need to pick a planet to jump to, hire/fire
mechwarriors, buy/sell mechs and weapons and such...

Initially, you have two systems available: Halloran V, and Eaton.
Jump to either one to start your career as a mercenary...

If you want a smooth progression, go to Halloran, then Eaton.
However, you can secure some heavier mechs at Eaton. If you can
subdue the enemies there with merely light mechs, you are pretty


Initially, 2 missions are available: Checkpoint, and Offshore. The
rest are opened up later. In general, you'll be fighting on Steiner's
side, or neutral.

Halloran is a generally cool world with a lot of water. Heatsink
efficiency is about 110%.

8.2.1     Checkpoint
Prerequisite: none

Mechs allowed: 4

Base pay: about 2 mil C-Bills

Briefing: The militia has extorted the convoys moving along the
roads. Corvatti Corporation wishes you to clear all these
"checkpoints" off the roads.


* destroy tents and hostiles at nav alpha

* destroy hostiles at nav beta

* destroy hostiles at nav gamma

This is an intro mission, so things are naturally simple. Just follow
the waypoints. You'll see some Bulldog tanks, some turrets, and a
shut-down Hellspawn at nav alpha, don't shoot the mech! You can
salvage it. Shoot the tent to make sure you fulfill the objective.

Between nav alpha and beta you will run into an Owens. Kill it.
Continue to nav beta, and destroy defenders there... more tanks and a
few turrets. If you want, you can go over the hill and take out the
turret control, so you don't have to fight the turrets.

Continue to nav gamma, and take out another Owens on the way. You'll
also see some enemy choppers. They are easy to kill with the right

Finally, you reach nav gamma, where you see a Puma (PPCs!), an LRM
launcher, and more tanks. Kill them all, take out the mobile HQ, and
you're done!

If the mission didn't end, you probably didn't shoot the tents at nav

Completing this mission opens up "Escort".

Rep Change: Steiner+1, Infamy +1

8.2.2     Offshore
Prerequisite: None

Mechs allowed: 4

Base pay: about 1.75 mil C-Bills

Briefing: The naval militia want the oil rigs of Transpax
Corporation. You will assist in defending the place against the naval


* defend oil rigs at nav alpha

* defend oil rigs at nav beta

* bonus: defend fuel industry buildings and vehicles (extra 500k c-
bills) (around gamma)

Still pretty simple, though this is slightly tougher. Basically, a
bunch of patrol boats and hovercrafts will attack first the alpha rig
and then the beta rig. Assign fast mechs to second and third
lancemate, and send them to nav gamma first. You want them there to
protect the fuel buildings and vehicles, which is next to beta. You
can take out the patrol crafts alone and hovercrafts.

You'll also see 4 Nightshade fighters attacking. They don't do much
damage, so just keep dodging their missiles and shoot them when you

When the destroyer show up, order all mechs to attack and circle the
destroyer, keep firing. It'll go down in no time at all.

Alternatively, send your lancemates to alpha and head toward gamma
yourself. Let them deal with the various patrol boats and the barge,
and the hovercraft at beta. You take out the 3 Condors that attack
gamma. Then order everybody to attack the fighters and the destroyer.

NOTE: It is possible to do "death from above" on the destroyer.
Having a mech landing on it will seriously damage the destroyer!

Completing this mission opens up "Offshore A".

Rep Change: Steiner+3,Nobility+3

8.2.3     Escort
Prerequisite: Complete "Checkpoint" mission.

Mechs allowed: 4

Base pay: about 2.1 mil C-Bills

Briefing: Corvatti Corporation cannot get their convoy through the
canyons. Escort the convoy through against any attackers.


* escort convoy through nav alpha

* escort convoy through nav beta

* escort convoy through nav gamma

* escort convoy through nav delta

* defend base from attack

NOTE: the convoy has 3 mobile artillery pieces. Do NOT allow even ONE
to be destroyed, or the mission is an automatic fail. Repair depot
available at nav delta inside the base (space port). A Hrothgar
dropship there will assist in defense.

While more difficult, this one is not that hard. The trick to escort
is you must attract the enemy's attention. Run straight INTO them,
and go amidst them. This will force them to attack you, instead of
going after your convoy.

Each checkpoint will have some fixed defenses and walls. An Owens
will attack you at Alpha. Some Vedettes (and maybe 1 mech) get in
your way at beta, and 3 mechs (Chimera, Hellhound, and Owens) will
attack at Gamma. Remove them as far away from your convoy as
possible. Killing them next to your artillery pieces means you may
blow them up instead. You may want to jump on top of hills and take
out any turret control APCs you see, thus disabling the turrets.

When you reach the base, a last-ditch attack comes in form of 3
mechs, but the dropship, turrets, and your lancemates should take
them out easily. And the mission will end.

Completing this mission opens up "Industry Raid".

Rep Change: Steiner +7, Davion -2, Nobility +2

8.2.4     Offshore A
Prerequisite: Complete "Offshore" mission

Mechs allows: 4

Base pay: about

Briefing: The naval militia wants this place pretty bad. They are
sending in ANOTHER attack force.


* defend oil rigs at nav alpha

* defend oil rigs at nav beta

* bonus: defend fuel industry buildings and vehicles (extra 600k c-
bills) (around gamma)

Almost exactly the same as Offshore, except you get TWO destroyers
this time, and instead of enemy fighters, you get friendly air
support while you fight the first destroyer.

Again, send half of your units to gamma to fend off raiders, and lead
the other half to take on the few enemies that come by. Then clean
out the second group, then the two destroyers, and you're done.

Completing this mission opens up "Industry Raid" if it hasn't been
revealed yet. .

Rep Change: Steiner+3, Nobility+4

Uziel should be available by now, and you'll need it.

8.2.5     Industry Raid
Prerequisite: Complete either "Escort" or "Offshore"

Mechs allowed: 4 (6?)  (I could have SWORE I got to use 6 mechs on
this mission...)

Base pay: about 2.4 mil C-bills

Briefing: You are raiding the rival industry that's causing causing
so much grief for the Corvatti. Unfortunately, the other side has
hired the Black Cobras. You can do quick raid and NOT engage the
Cobras, or you can wipe them out... and show them who's the REAL


* destroy generators at nav beta

* destroy factory at nav gamma

* destroy factory at nav gamma

* search and destroy fuel supply depot

* destroy all Black Cobras (optional) (major increase in Infamy if
you do)

This one can be difficult if you don't do it right. Bring as many
mechs as you can. You'll need the help.

As you start, you'll see two calliopes to right front. Ignore them.
They are behind a mountain. Just head toward alpha, and you can go
"through" the gap in the hills, and approach beta easily. Stop before
heading down the ridge. Order all your lancemates to stop and
approach yourself. You should see the generator or generator controls
just below the ridge. Destroy it, and the turrets go offline.

That should stir up the Black Cobras. A bunch of tanks will approach
from the south. Snipe them from long range. They're just a bunch of
Quadpanzers, Demolisher II's, and Myrmidons. Take them out. By this
time, you should see the Black Cobra mechs. Destroying them is
optional, but if you do so, you get extra "infamy". As you should
have the tonnage advantage, taking them out should not be a problem.

Once they're down, just search around for the targets you're supposed
to destroy, and destroy them. You'll need to look around a little for
the fuel depot, but it's quite visible if you head southeast a little
bit and look south. One PPC bolt into the whole thing and boom! It'll
blow sky high. That should finish the mission.

Completing this mission opens up "Offshore B".

Rep Change: Steiner+3, Infamy+2 (+10 if you destroy all of the Black
Cobra mechs)

Argus should become available by this time, as well as Shadow Cat.

8.2.6     Offshore B
Prerequisite: Complete "Offshore A"

Mechs allowed: 6

Base pay: about 2.5 mil C-bills

Briefing: The remaining Black Cobras have joined with the naval
militia to attack Transpax facility yet again. They vowed to raze the
place to the ground. Transpax needs you to run one MORE defense...
for the keeps.


* defend rigs at nav alpha

* defend rigs at nav beta

* bonus: defend fuel industry buildings and vehicles (extra 500k c-
bills) (around gamma)

This starts pretty much the same as the previous 2 variations. Send
lancemates to beta/gamma immediately.

You can take care of the boats at alpha with the help of calliopes.

Hovercrafts (3 Condors and 3 Harassers?) will attack beta/gamma.
Destroy them.

Finally, the remaining Black Cobras attack... 4 mechs. Argus, Uziel,
Bushwacker, and Hellhound (?). Order your entire lance to concentrate
fire on one at a time, probably Uziel first, then Argus. Destroy all
four and you win!

Rep Change: Steiner +3, Nobility +4

That's it for Halloran V!

When you complete Halloran V, the Solaris VII campaign opens up if it
hasn't been previously revealed.

8.3   EATON

This is about 2 weeks away from Outreach. Skye Separatists (rebels)
will be your employer mostly. They are mainly on the Davion side.

Eaton is a mostly desert world. Around the city / river cooling
efficiency is normal. Out in the deserts cooling efficiency will be
down a bit, about 80% or so.

You can quickly gain access to heavy mechs on Eaton. Some players
prefer to do Eaton before Halloran for that reason.

8.3.1     Merc Alley
Prerequisite: None

Mechs allowed: 4

Base pay: about 1.25 mil C-bills

Briefing: The governor has asked you to stop the convoys of the Lyran


* Stop Lyran convoy by destroying their escorts.

* Destroy all Lyran forces in the area

Just head toward nav alpha. You'll see a few tanks appear in the
distance with the convoy. Should be Vedette, Harasser, some Bulldogs,
and some LRM carriers. Snipe the LRM carriers, and attack the
surviving tanks. Then a group of Myrmidons appears "behind" the
convoy and a bunch of Nightwind choppers attack as well. Take them
all out, and the convoy is yours.

Try NOT to step on the convoy vehicles...

Completing this mission opens up "Merc Alley A"

Rep Change: Steiner -1, Davion +2, Infamy +3

8.3.2     Merc Alley A
Prerequisite: Completion of Merc Alley.

Mechs allowed: 6

Base pay: about 1.25 mil C-bills

Briefing: The governor has asked you to stop the convoys of the Lyran
loyalists, again. Expect tougher opposition this time.


* Stop Lyran convoy by destroying their escorts.

* Destroy all Lyran forces in the area

Try NOT to step on the convoy vehicles...

This time, you see Demolisher II's, then Chimera and Argus. Choppers
also join in, but there are friendly choppers in the area as well.
Eliminate all opposition, and you win again!

Completing this mission opens up Merc Alley B, and Bandit Hideaway.

Rep Change: Steiner -1, Davion +1, Infamy +5

8.3.3     Bandit Hideaway
Prerequisite: Completion of Merc Alley A.

Mechs allowed: 8

Base pay: about 3.75 mil C-bills

Briefing: The governor has asked you to destroy the marauders' base.
He is launching a full-scale assault on all known holdouts, and we
got one of them.


* eliminate all base defenders.(turrets, mechs, tanks, choppers...)

* destroy all specified buildings in the base (basically, anything
that turns red)

* bonus: destroy all fleeing vehicles (extra 150k).

Basically, don't worry about buildings, just kill tanks and turrets,
and when you see them, enemy mechs. You get a LOT of friendly tanks,
so let them take the heat for a while. You are here to take out enemy
mechs. You will probably only see 2 Osiris and 1 Argus.

As you fight, you'll get a note about vehicles escaping south.
Destroy them for a small bonus. (and infamy bonus, it seems)

You'll get a message about choppers taking off from nearby airfield.
Let your lancemates take care of enemies while you snip at the

Then you just level the entire base when there's nobody to stop you,
and you win!

Completing this mission opens up Merc Alley B (if not already
revealed), Governor's Mansion, and Revolution.

Rep Change: Steiner -2, Davion +4, Infamy +7 (if you destroyed the
fleeing "neutral" vehicles)

8.3.4     Merc Alley B
Prerequisite: Completion of Merc Alley A.

Mechs allowed: 6 (8?)

Base pay: about 1.45 mil C-bills

Briefing: Another convoy is supposedly coming through... You think
the Lyrans have learned enough? Or do you think this is a trap?


* stop the Lyran convoys by eliminating their escorts.

* eliminate all Lyran Forces in this area

Well, as you can imagine, Lyrans HAVE learned. There is no convoy...
Just mechs ambushing you. However, you brought plenty of help too...
Take out both the anvil AND the hammer lances... to show them who's
REAL veterans...

Any way, as you head toward nav alpha, you'll see Argus, Uziel,
Catapult, and Hellspawn. Take them and you'll realize you lost
contact with Castle, your base. This is clearly an ambush... But you
can fight through it. Then a second group of enemies appear...

New Objectives:

* disengage from the Lyran ambush at nav beta or destroy all Lyran

* failed: It's a trap! There is no Lyran convoy.

A second group of mechs (Mauler, Argus, 2 Catapults) and tanks appear
to cut you off. Destroy ALL enemies and you win!

Rep Change: Steiner -3, Davion +2, Infamy +7 (only if all enemy
'Mechs destroyed)

You'll get 2 crippled mechs as salvage. It'll take about 1 million
each to fix them, but you can sell them for about 4 each.

From here, it's onto the final missions...

8.3.5     Governor's Mansion
Prerequisite: Completion of Bandit Hideaway.

Mechs allowed: 8

Base pay: about 3.125 mil C-bills  (note: there's bonus pay, about 2
mil or so)

Briefing: Governor has sent his family into hiding... But the Lyran
sympathizers may have detected their presence. You've been dropped
into the area to protect the governor's family... If you can save the
decoy mansions, so much the better.


* protect the "real" mansion at nav alpha.

* destroy all hostile forces in this area.

* bonus: protect ALL mansions along the river (extra half million
bonus C-bills PER mansion saved)

If you have 2 lances, this is a cakewalk.

Send your second lance to nav gamma, and let them wait there.

First attack comes from south, along the river, bunch of hovercrafts.
You can take them from long-range easy enough.

Second attack comes from southeast, against 4 light mechs (Flea,
Osiris, Raven, and Wolfhound). They probably go after the mansion at
delta, but when they see you they'll come after you soon enough.

Third attack comes from east, also 4 light mechs (2 Flea, Osiris,
Raven). Defeat them by concentrate fire on one mech at a time.

Fourth attack comes from southeast, Uziel, Cougar, and 2 Osiris.
Concentrate fire on the Uziel then the Cougar, and clear up the rest.

With your second lance placed properly, they will defend
automatically. Your own lance can then be directed against specific

When you destroyed all enemies, you win!

Rep Change: Steiner -2, Davion +5, Nobility +7 (if you protected all

8.3.6     Revolution
Prerequisite: Merc Alley B or Bandit Hideaway

Mechs allowed: 8

Base pay: about 3.5 mil C-bills

Briefing: The "cold war" has broken into open conflict between Davion
and Steiner factions. The Lyran sympathizers are attacking the
capital from the west. You must stop them by reinforcing the gap.


* eliminate all enemies around nav beta

* bonus: defend mobile field base at nav alpha (150k C-bills)

NOTE: You can repair at the mobile field base at nav alpha.

You start in the desert as you get a message about reinforcing Barlow
gap. Continue toward nav alpha, and you'll see some choppers. Your
lancemates should take care of them, though feel free to join in.
Repair if needed. There should be TWO groups of choppers. Make sure
you splash both groups. You don't want them to destroy the base while
you're gone and ruin the bonus.

Continue toward nav beta, which is the gap itself. Some friendlies
will be there (Wolfhounds, Bushwackers, Arguses). The enemy mechs
will be pushing hard... First group is Argus, Bushwacker, and 2
Wolfhounds, from west. They are followed by a couple heavy tanks
(Demolisher, Quadpanzer, Myrmidon) from southwest, then comes the
heavy lance... Black Knight, Loki, Argus, and Wolfhound from
northwest. Destroy them all without any of them breaking through the
gap, and you win!

That's it for all the missions on Eaton...

Rep Change: Steiner -2, Davion +5, Nobility +3

If you haven't been to Solaris, that's open. Otherwise, try New
Exford or Styk...


Solaris the game world... Well, what can I say? Compete in four
classes of mechs (light, medium, heavy, assault), on three separate
arenas (jungle, factory, and coliseum). When you master those,
compete in the champion and grand champion tournaments.

Travel to Solaris is free, no jump fee required.

Combat is basically "last man standing". You must take out at least
one other player, preferably two, and survive.

Feel free to dedicate your victory to either Steiner or Davion in
order to boost your standings with either faction. The higher you
place, the more your "rating increase". Though it's usually +4 if you
win, +3 if you place second, and so on. You don't have to dedicate
your victory.

Just watch for the ones with real names instead of just a mech title.
Those guys have custom fitted their mechs instead of the default
config, and they can pack a real punch.

Solaris will let you make a LOT of money very quickly, so if you're
short on money, come here and raise a bit of capital... Hopefully
without losing your mech. Repair bills can be tough.

You need to win the light tournament before you get to medium for
each arena, then you go up to heavy, and so on.

To qualify for the grand championship, you need to win the
championship of any one of the arenas. Winning more than one would be
nice, but hardly necessary.

NOTE: Heavy / Assault / Championship won't open until you finish New
Exford and/or Styk.

Championship is open season: any mech is allowed, though most people
bring Heavy and Assault classes only. They have the armor to survive.

NOTE: Grand Championship won't open until you finish Wernke or

For those of you who insist on a list of all the named players, they
are in the end.


New Exford is beyond the Inner Sphere, out in the periphery, near the
Clan territory... You will see occasional Clan incursions.

New Exford has PLENTY of jungles, and the Clans are fond of ECM /
passive sensor ambushes. The trees makes long-range engagements
unpractical unless you're on top of a hill firing down (which also
makes you a big target!)  At least heat dissipation is normal, and a
lot of water around to help you cool down.

8.5.1     Jungle Patrol
Prerequisite: none

Mechs allowed: 8

Base pay: about 4.25 mil C-bills

Briefing: The Kell Hounds have contracted your company to search for
a Clan dropship that... "dropped in" the other day.


* search all nav points for Clan dropship

* destroy all Clan 'mechs

Well, very simple actually. Just patrol the 4 nav points, kill any
one you run into.

You'll mainly run into light and medium mechs, with a few heavies.
All Clan of course. Take them out. They are running in passive mode,
so you have to get close, unless your mech has a BAP. Basically,
you'll see Shadow Cat, Uller, Cougar, etc.

Between nav alpha and beta, you'll see Vulture, 2 Lokis, and a Shadow

When you get to near the end, a heavier lance shows up, composed of
Thor and 3 Ryokens. Take them out too, and you win.

Rep Change: Nobility +4

No new mission opens after this unless you also finished Storm Watch.
Then both Backstab and Beach Fight opens up.

8.5.2     Storm Watch
Prerequisite: none

Mechs allowed: 8

Base pay: about 4.25 mil C-bills

Briefing: The Kell Hounds have contracted your company to search for
a Clan dropship that... "dropped in" the other day.


* search all nav points for Clan dropship

* destroy Clan Jade Falcon's drop ship

You'll mainly run into light and medium mechs, with a few heavies.
All Clan of course. Take them out. They are running in passive mode,
so you have to get close, unless your mech has a BAP.

Just patrol the nav points, kill Clan mechs when you see them. You
should see Thors, Ullers, Cougars, Shadow Cats.

When you get to nav beta, order your fellow mechs to go to gamma, and
follow their route. You can see they take a big detour... Because
area around gamma is mined. Having BAP will help. You can "sweep" the
mines by shooting at the trees and such, but why? Just go AROUND.

Clean up gamma, and you'll see the dropship at Delta. There's a
Daishi there, a Thor, an Uller, and 2 Cougars. Let your lancemates
take care of enemy mechs and such while you circle-strafe the
dropship. Try to aim for the engines. When all enemies are down, you

Rep Change: Nobility +4

No new mission opens unless you also finished "jungle patrol". Then
both Backstab and Beach Fight opens up. Taking one means you cannot
pick the other.

8.5.3     Backstab
Prerequisite: both Storm Watch and Jungle Patrol

Mechs allowed: 8

Base pay: about 2.5 mil C-bills

Briefing: Instead of play by the rules, we'll raid the Jade Falcon
base at night, causing maximum kills with minimal risk.


* destroy all Jade Falcon Forces at nav alpha

* destroy all Jade Falcon 'Mechs at nav beta

* destroy the Jade Falcon Dropship near nav beta

* BONUS: destroy barracks before Jade Falcon pilots escape (Optional)

Immediately go passive sensors, and move carefully up to nav alpha.
Use long range weapons to destroy the barracks ASAP. Then kill the
patrolling mechs, 2 Ryokens.

NOTE: If you can destroy the barracks quickly, you get 3 extra Thors
as salvage.

Move slowly to nav beta, and fight Star Colonel's command lance,
which should be Mad Cat Mk. II, 2 Vultures, a Nova Cat, and a Thor.
Defeat them, remove the dropship, and you win!

Rep Change: Nobility -5, Infamy +12

Finishing this mission concludes missions on New Exford. You cannot
play both Beach Fight and Backstab, you must choose one or the other.

From here on, it's probably off the Styk, or more Solaris...

8.5.4     Beach Fight
Prerequisite: both Storm Watch and Jungle Patrol

Mechs allowed: 8

Base pay: about 5.0 mil C-bills

Briefing: You are going to fight the Jade Falcon Star Colonel, 2
lances to her binary (2 stars, or 10 mechs) for possession of the
planet. Challenge has been issued...


* destroy all Clan opposition

Well, simple enough. Star Colonel Aisa is in a Mad Cat Mk. II. She
has 2 Thors, 2 Lokis, Nova Cat, and 4 Vultures (note: the composition
WILL vary depending on difficulty level). Total of 10 mechs, against
your 8. However, you can bring heavier stuff. Concentrate on the ones
that charge you. Get into the water to cool off. You should be able
to take out all enemy mechs with only one or two loses.

NOTE: You also claim the Clan Star Colonel as your bondsman... In
other words, she works for you now, honor bound to the one who
defeated her in honorable combat. She is a GOOD mechwarrior...

Rep Change: Nobility + 8.

Finishing this mission concludes missions on New Exford. You cannot
play both Beach Fight and Backstab, you must choose one or the other.

From here on, it's probably off the Styk, or more Solaris...

8.6   STYK

(Really, it's spelled Styk, not Styx.)

Styk is out in Chaos March, on the border between House Liao and
House Davion. The Styk Commonality had declared independence from
both after several battles devastated the planet. Apparently, this
time the FedCom civil war may yet involve Styk again...

8.6.1     Reinforcement
Prerequisite: none

Mechs allowed: 4

Base pay: about 4.75 mil C-bills

Briefing: Get to nav alpha ASAP and rescue Hammer lance.


* defeat enemies at nav alpha

* defend base at nav beta

* bonus: rescue Hammer lance at nav alpha (nobility +3)

As you start, order all mechs to head toward nav alpha at top speed.
A friendly Raven will run toward you chased by a couple tanks. Take
them out yourself.

Continue to nav alpha. Let your lancemates take on the attackers,
usually 2 Thanatos and 2 Bushwackers. The friendlies, Hammer lance,
should be 4 Uziels. Don't let them get destroyed, and you'll see them
helping you later... A couple fighters will help you out.

Continue to nav beta, and help defend the base against a lance of 2
Bushwacker and 2 Thanatos, and some hovercrafts. A couple turrets and
calliopes will help you. Take them all out and you win!

Rep Change: Nobility +2 (+5 if you also rescued Hammer lance)

This opens up either Peace Talks or Assassination, depending on your
infamy rating.

8.6.2     Peace Talks
Prerequisite: Complete "Reinforcements", high nobility rating, low
infamy rating

Mechs allowed: 1 (just yourself)

Base pay: about 2.25 mil C-bills

Briefing: You're just the honor guard at the peace talks... Nothing
SHOULD happen. However... It's always best to be prepared.

NOTE: Bring the heaviest mech you can, optimized for city fighting.


* just go along.

Well, as you can imagine, nothing goes right.... The limo sudden
explodes... It's a car bomb! The Liao forces are attacking all over
the city!

New Objectives:


* Minimize civilian casualties

* Protect Convoy at Nav Alpha until Liftoff

* Escort Convoy to Nav Point Beta

* Escort Convoy to Nav Point Gamma

* Secure Extraction Point at Nav Point Delta

* Destroy the Pursuing 'Mechs (Secondary)

Basically, you're being the nice guy. You are alone in this mess as
you must escort the delegates (in a chopper) out to the extraction
point... If you had rescued Hammer lance in previous mission, they
will help you out (and that's VERY good) later.

Minimize civilian casualties basically means don't walk over too many
cars and trucks. Go AROUND them.

After the limo bomb goes off, take out the hostile tank near you.
Osiris, Bushwacker, and Argus will attack. Take them out quickly.

The delegates will pile into helicopters with escorts. You will need
to clear them a path. Head toward beta at top speed. Take out a
couple SRM launchers, tanks, and more tanks, and a mech, probably
Osiris or Argus.

Continue to nav gamma. Hammer lance will help you engage the few
hostiles, probably Raven and Osiris. Feel free to let them take the
heat a bit, help them out at long range.

Now you need to decide whether to take out the pursuing mechs. That
will be 2 Argus and 1 Thanatos coming in from afar. Thanatos has ECM
so you may or may not spot him. If you're pretty damaged and have no
Hammer lance support, just get to nav delta to end the mission. Else,
stay around a bit and help Hammer lance take out the 3 attacking
mechs for more salvage.

Rep Change: Nobility+13, Infamy+X (depending on how many cars/trucks
you ran over)

8.6.3     Assassination
NOTE: If your "infamy" rating is not high enough you won't see this
mission. You do this mission instead of "peace talks".

Prerequisite: Complete "Reinforcements", low nobility rating, high
infamy rating

Mechs allowed: 1 (just yourself)

Briefing: Basically, you're here to kill the delegates.

First target is the transport chopper at nav alpha. Just a few escort
fighters... You should be able to use a single long-range weapon to
take it out. Then kill the fighters, who won't be much trouble. Take
out the transport chopper first, since if you don't, it will fly away
at top speed, and you won't catch it!

At nav beta, you need to engage limo and escorts. Escorts are one
Uziel and a bunch of tanks. The limo's slow, so take care of the mech
first, then one shot into the limo... then the tanks.

Now you can go. However, there's someone in your way... Nav gamma has
a medium/heavy lance. You need to take out the leader in a Dragon

There may be other hostile units in the area, but you can probably
avoid them. Remember, you're alone here...

Rep Change: Nobility-5, Davion-2, Infamy+20

This ends your stay on Styk.

From here, Hesperus or Wernke is available. And there's always

8.6.4     Evacuation
Prerequisite: Finish "Peace Talks"

Mechs allowed: 4

Base pay: zero (yep, gratis) However, you get a big increase in

Briefing: You're doing this as a good guy... Escort the remaining
delegates to the space port through Liao attackers. No pay, maybe
some salvage.


* limos must survive

* escort convoy to nav alpha

* escort convoy to nav beta

* escort convoy to spaceport at nav gamma

Charge down the street and take out the approaching hostile tanks and
2 mechs. You want the front Bulldog to survive for as long as

Continue to nav beta and take out the Argus. Sniper the mobile turret
control APC so you don't have to hit the turrets.

Continue to nav gamma, and take out another Argus, plus a bunch of
tanks and missile carriers.

At nav delta, the base, you need to keep the spaceport safe from 2
Catapults and 1 Thanatos. Concentrate fire on one at a time. Kill
them all, and you should be done!

Rep Change: Nobility +15, Infamy -3

This ends your stay on Styk. And there's always Solaris...

From here, Hesperus or Wernke is available.


8.7.1     Escort (Steiner)
NOTE: This is a Steiner mission. If you've made your choice elsewhere
to join the Davion faction, won't see this or any of the other
Steiner missions.

Prerequisite: None

Mechs allowed: 4

Base pay: about 6 million C-bills

Briefing: Escort the convoy through a part frequently attacked by
Skye Separatists


* escort convoy to nav alpha

* escort convoy to nav beta

* escort convoy to nav gamma

* destroy all hostiles in area

NOTE: you need mechs that can do at least 75 kph to keep up with the
convoy. That means heavies, and with at least one or two notches of

Run ahead of the convoy and engage any and all attackers.

Near nav alpha, a Shadow Cat will do the pop-up sniper attack.
Destroy it.

Castle will radio that enemy mechs are following the convoy. However,
your fellow lancemates should take care of them.

Approach the bridge, and move slowly. The other end of the bridge
will blow up. You will take the long way around.

New Objective

* escort convoy to nav zeta, then gamma

Look on the minimap, and you'll see you're taking a detour. Order the
lance to move ahead and engage the next set of enemies... 4 tanks,
and 2 mechs. Destroy them all. When you see more tanks, take them out

Then you get message about enemies coming from that "lake". Engage
them as well, hovercrafts and mechs. Take them all out. That should
be all the enemies in the area. When convoy reaches the base, you

8.7.2     Raid (Davion)
NOTE: This is a Davion mission. If you've made your choice elsewhere
to join the Steiner faction, won't see this or any of the other
Davion missions.

Prerequisite: None

Mechs allowed: 8

Base pay: about 6 million C-bills

Briefing: Destroy the Steiner base in the area


* destroy all warehouses and factories at nav alpha

* destroy all warehouses and factories at nav beta

* destroy all hostiles in area

Bring your heavy bashers. Gather your group and move across the
river... Take out the Mad Cat Mk. II and some turrets around nav
alpha. You may want to take out the turret control tower first.
Continue taking out other Mad Cats, then destroy the buildings.

Continue to nav beta, a jumping Shadow Cat will attack. Destroy it.
As you get close to beta, again, take out the turret control tower,
then take on the defenders, multiple Vultures and Black Knights. Then
a lance of Mad Cats and Mad Cat Mk. II's join in. Take them all out,
destroy the buildings, and you win!

8.7.3     Assault (Steiner)
NOTE: This is a Steiner mission. If you've made your choice elsewhere
to join the Davion faction, won't see this or any of the other
Steiner missions.

Prerequisite: Complete "Escort"

Mechs allowed: 4

Base pay: about 7.5 million C-bills

Briefing: Destroy the rebel base.


* destroy comm equipment at nav alpha

* destroy all barracks at nav beta

* destroy Hrothgar dropship

* destroy all enemies in area

Move to nav alpha. Take out a Mauler and some choppers on the way.
Take out the turret control tower from long range so you don't need
to hit the turrets.

Continue to nav beta. Again, remove the turret control tower, then
the rest of the defenders (probably 2 or more Victors). Probably more
choppers. Destroy the barracks, and finally, the dropship, to end the

8.7.4     Stealth (Davion)
NOTE: This is a Davion mission. If you've made your choice elsewhere
to join the Steiner faction, you won't see this or any of the other
Davion missions.

Prerequisite: Complete "Raid"

Mechs allowed: 1

Base pay: about 4.5 million C-bills

Briefing: Scan 3 factories to get info on the new Lyran mech, Fafnir.


* hide at nav alpha until diversion draws away enemy mechs

* scan armor integration lab at nav beta

* scan weapon integration lab at nav gamma

* escape to nav delta

This mission is tough, but not as tough as the Steiner version on
Wernke. Any way, out fit a good heavy mech with nice speed. You are
going for stealth, not firepower.

Basically, go passive, then HOLD at alpha until you get the radio
message that you can go. Then go full speed ahead to beta. Stay near
the building for 20 seconds to scan the building. Enemies should have
noticed you by now. Take out the turret control tower to decrease the
amount of fire aimed at you, and scan the remaining building. Then
it's escape! Once you reach nav delta, you win!

8.7.5     Mech Works Defense (Steiner)
NOTE: This is a Steiner mission. If you've made your choice elsewhere
to join the Davion faction, won't see this or any of the other
Steiner missions. ELSE, this will be your final chance. If you do
this mission, there is no turning back. You're locked in with the
Steiners as the Davions black-list you.

Prerequisite: Complete "Assault"

Mechs allowed: 8

Base pay: about 10 million C-bills

Briefing: Davion sympathizers, in a last-ditch attempt, is striking
at the mech factory. You must defend it.


* defend weapon integration lab at nav alpha

* defend armor integration lab at nav beta

You start near the attack path of wave 1, 4 Templars. Destroy them
quickly. You have several friendly Lyran mechs to help out, so don't
be afraid of leaving some fighting to them.

A wave of Cougars and Uziels will sneak through behind you. Get your
lancemates to help out and take them down.

A final wave of Black Knight and Longbows will attack as well. Help
the Lyran guards destroy them. During the assault, you'll get a
message about 2 Hrothgar dropships landing nearby. You'll take them
out as well.

New Objective:

* destroy enemy dropships at nav gamma

Charge toward nav gamma, leaving the enemy mechs to the Lyran
friendlies. Get ALL your mechs moving. The Davions have air-dropped 3
or 4 Thors. However, just concentrate your fire on the dropships, aim
for the open engine nozzles (no armor!)   If you destroy one or both
the mission should end there without killing the rest.

NOTE: You get a free Fafnir from this mission. It's a very nice mech!

This concludes your missions on Hesperus.

8.7.6     Mech Works Assault (Davion)
NOTE: This is a Davion mission. If you've made your choice elsewhere
to join the Steiner faction, you won't see this or any of the other
Davion missions. ELSE, this will be your final chance. If you do this
mission, there is no turning back. You're locked in with the Davions
as the Steiners black-list you.

Prerequisite: Complete "Stealth"

Mechs allowed: 8

Base pay: about 9.5 million C-bills

Briefing: You will assault the mech plant while a group of
technicians try to steal the Fafnir blueprints.


* destroy all enemies at nav alpha

* destroy all enemies at nav beta

* secondary: destroy ALL enemies in area

* secondary: destroy weapon integration lab

* secondary: escape to nav delta

NOTE: You should capture a Fafnir from this mission.

Group your mechs together and head for alpha. A group of Zeus and
Thanatos, and other mechs will try to hold you off. Concentrate fire
and pick them off one at a time. Then take out the mobile turret

Continue to nav beta. There should be both a mobile turret control
AND a turret control tower. Take out both from long range as the
place is full of calliopes. Blast the 2 defending Fafnirs and tanks,
and the commandos will fly in to grab the blueprints.

While they do that, you get word that 2 more lances are moving in top
speed. You'll find Zeus and Longbow in each wave. Destroy all eight
and the commandos should be done. Destroy the lab and escape to nav
delta to end.

This concludes your missions on Hesperus.

8.8   WERNKE

Wernke is actually the planet. Some of the missions will take place
on Talon, the moon.

Talon is a cold and desolate place. It's great for energy-based mechs
as heat dissipation is 180% there. The planet is quite normal though,
heat dissipation about 100%.

Initially, you get to pick either Blackout (Steiner), or
Moonlight.(Davion). Once you've picked on, you can't go down the
other path.

8.8.1     Blackout (Steiner)
Prerequisite: None

Mechs allowed: 8

Base pay: about 8 million C-Bills

Briefing: Steiner Military has contracted you to attack a Davion base
on Talon, the moon... LEAVE NO WITNESSES.


* destroy HPG transmitter at nav beta

* destroy all enemies

* BONUS: destroy all fleeing vehicles (and occupied buildings)
(extra 800K c-bills)

This takes place on the moon Talon. So heat dissipation is high.
Bring more energy-based weapons, as you have a LOT of demolition to
do. Bring the heaviest lance you can afford. There will be a LOT of

Any way, move slowly toward nav alpha. You'll be playing BLIND as a
blackhole jammer will be jamming all signals until you destroy the
HPG transmitter at beta. You can't use radar or such until the HPG
generator is destroyed and jammer stops.

Any way, just let your lancemates engage at will while you move
forward to take out the HPG. Some Quadpanzers will be in your way.
Blast them when you can. It'll take a bit of firepower, but the HPG
antenna will go down. Then you can designate targets and concentrate
your firepower. You may want to use some firepower to take out the
calliopes on the ridges so they don't bother you during the fight.

During the fight, you'll get a note that vehicles are escaping.
Destroy all the green moving rectangles on radar (I assume you've
restored radar by now). Remember, NO WITNESSES. There should only be
3 or 4 vehicles to kill.

Clear out all opposition as necessary. A heavy lance of Awesome,
Black Knight, Catapult, and Hellspawn will attack at nav beta.
Destroy them all.

Blow apart ALL the buildings that shows red, which would basically be
barracks and such, and you're done.

Rep Change: Steiner +9, Infamy +21

8.8.2     Moonlight (Davion)
Prerequisite: None

Mechs allowed: 8

Base pay: about 8 million C-Bills

Briefing: Investigate what happened to the supply depot, expect
raiders and such.


* investigate supply depot at nav alpha

* locate / destroy mercenary drop ship

* destroy all enemies at nav alpha

* destroy all Black Cobra mechs

Well, so you chose the Davion side. Someone's wrong with the supply
depot and you'll find out what it is. Bring a heavy / assault lance.

Continue to nav alpha, destroy an Uller in your path. At nav alpha,
you'll find a "flood" of combat vehicles (of every type, from
Quadpanzers and Myrmidons to Harassers and LRM carriers). Destroy
them all. You'll also see a lance of mechs, probably Uziels. Take
them out too. A dropship is nearby, destroy it.

Black Cobra mechs should join in. You'll see Thor, Chimera, Argus,
Uziel, and Ryoken. Destroy everybody, and you win!

Rep Change: Steiner-6, Davion+11

Historical note: Those of you who read Battletech novels may remember
Colonel Burr. His Black Cobras fought on the Davion side throughout
the civil war. I guess you're sort of taking his place.

8.8.3     Night Op (Steiner)
Prerequisite: Blackout

Mechs allowed: 1 (just yourself)

Base pay: about 5 million C-bills

Briefing: stealth recon of the Davion mech factory is needed to know
if they are making the new Templar mechs.


* scan factory at nav alpha

* scan factory at nav beta

* scan factory at nav gamma

* secondary: stay undetected by enemies

* escape through nav epsilon

Definitely bring a mech with ECM. Thanatos is good. Bring a couple
lasers, and maybe a heavy gauss. Max speed and armor if you can, keep
jumpjets if you can. You need speed and stealth. If you got spotted,
2 lances of mechs, in addition to the patrols, will engage you.
Fortunately, they have mostly light stuff. So consider your approach.

Any way, the idea is to scan all three places without being detected.
First, turn OFF active sensors. One trick is to shut down or quickly
reverse direction. Look at the two mechs on patrol. Follow the
Dragon, don't get too close to their route. When they're gone, charge
in and hide on the OTHER side of the factory (near the crane). Shut
down and wait your 20 seconds.

Continue and go AROUND the hill, hopefully NOT run into the Chimera
patrol. Shut down if needed. You should be able to make it to the
second factory and scan it.

Third one will be difficult. You can get IN there, but getting out
will be difficult, as there are calliopes right next to the
factories. Hide next to the factory if you can, but not when people
are shooting at you, so they'll destroy the factory and you don't get
your scan. As I said before, try NOT to get detected is best.

After that, run for epsilon, zigzag to avoid the enemy shots. When
you get there, you win!.

An alternative way to do this is play it as a PURE assault attack.
Bring an assault mech and just blast every single enemy that comes
along. Some prefer playing it this way, but it's not quite as much

Rep Change: Steiner +11, Infamy +8

8.8.4     Country Life (Davion)
Prerequisite: Moonlight

Mechs allowed: 4

Base pay: about 9.75 million C-bills

Briefing: Defend the comm center against marauders...


* defend comm center at nav alpha

* destroy enough enemies to force them to retreat

* bonus: protect ALL buildings (get extra 950K C-bills)

Another Davion mission, which have you protecting a comm center.
Bring heavy lances.

At start, 2 groups of attack choppers go after the base. Take them

After that, continue to nav beta, where you see a bunch of tanks and
mechs. A light lance is probing the defenses. Take out the 2 Ravens
and 2 Hellspawns quickly or they will retreat.

Then the assault lances come in. Expect to see 2 Atlas, 2 Awesome, 2
Catapult, 1 Argus, 1 Thanatos (or similar composition). If any of the
light lance survived, they'll join the attack as well. Concentrate
fire on 1 mech at a time.

When they lose over half of their strength, they will flee. You can
keep hitting them or you can let them go. Once they leave (or are
destroyed), you win!

Rep Change: Steiner -10, Davion +10, Nobility +5  (extra +5 if you
protected all buildings)

8.8.5     Mech Works Assault (Steiner)
NOTE: This is a Steiner mission. If you've made your choice elsewhere
to join the Davion faction, won't see this or any of the other
Steiner missions. ELSE, this will be your final chance. If you do
this mission, there is no turning back. You're locked in with the
Steiners as the Davions black-list you.

Prerequisite: Night Op

Mechs allowed: 8

Base pay: about 10.25 million C-bills

Briefing: Take out that base you had scouted.


* destroy listening post a nav alpha

* destroy factory at nav beta

* destroy factory at nav gamma

* destroy all Davion forces

* destroy all Templars (bonus 1 mill C-bills)

Bring all your assault mechs, heavier the better.

Consolidate your lances, and have them attack one target at a time
from long-range toward nav alpha. Take out the turret control tower
to disable the calliopes. You'll see medium and heavy mechs, along
with lots of tanks and such. Again, take them out one at a time. Make
sure your lancemates don't go chase targets. Order them back if they

Continue toward alpha, and take out the listening post. An assault
lance (2 Victor, 2 Catapult?) will approach. Take them out.

Four Templars will attack. Concentrate fire and take them out as
well. Continue toward beta, and hit the factories. There is a Templar
Prototype armed but it may want to escape. Chase it down. If you
destroy the last non-Templar before the last Templar is gone, you
don't get the bonus!

Another lance of 2 Templars and 2 Vultures will probably attack. Leg
them and order your mechs to go after the Templars. AFTER the
Templars are gone you can come back to finish them off.

Wipe out ALL enemies, and you win!

NOTE: Consider leaving the factories at nav gamma for last in order
to give you more time to kill off the Templars. You MAY be able to
salvage some of them.

Rep Change: Steiner +15, Davion -15

This concludes your work on Wernke. You'll be black-listed by the
Davions for this attack... So you're thrown in with the Steiners,
heh? You can do Hesperus if you haven't been there.

8.8.6     Mech Works Defense (Davion)
NOTE: This is a Davion mission. If you've made your choice elsewhere
to join the Steiner faction, you won't see this or any of the other
Davion missions. ELSE, this will be your final chance. If you do this
mission, there is no turning back. You're locked in with the Davions
as the Steiners black-list you.

Prerequisite: Country Life

Mechs allowed: 8

Base pay: about 11.5 million C-bills

Briefing: Defend the base against enemy attackers.


* defend listening post at nav alpha

* defend factory at nav beta

* defend factory at nav gamma

* destroy all Steiner forces

* BONUS: defend all Templars (additional 1 million C-Bills)

NOTE: You also get 2 free Templars if you win this one.

Move everybody to nav alpha first. Medium and heavy mechs will attack
(Hellhounds, Ryoken), but you should wipe them out easily. Bring all
mechs back to main base ASAP.

Three lances will attack the main base itself. Expect to see
Highlanders and Hauptmanns. However, other defenders and turrets will
help you. The Templars on proving grounds will also power up and

A second lance of 4 Gladiators and 4 Demolisher II tanks will attack
from a different side of the base. Destroy them by redeploying your
second lance.

A third lance of Hauptmann and Highlander will attack. A group of
fighters will also attack. Destroy them all, and you win!

Rep Change: Steiner -10, Davion +15, Nobility +7

The Steiners black-list you from working with them again, so you've
thrown in with the Davions, heh? This concludes your work on Wernke.

You can do Hesperus if you haven't been there. Else, it's off to
Solaris again, or continue to Tharkad.


So you've thrown in with Katrina Steiner... Good luck in your quest.

8.9.1     Spaceport
Prerequisite: none

Mechs allowed: 4

Base pay: about 11.5 million C-bills

Briefing: Break out of the spaceport, and rendezvous with Rabid Fox.
He'll brief you when you get there.


* destroy fuel tanks at nav alpha (space port)

* destroy all comm buildings at nav alpha (space port)

* make your way to nav gamma and locate Rabid Fox

* Rabid Fox must survive

NOTE: Don't even THINK about doing this without 4 assault mechs.

As you start, the spaceport defenders start attacking you. First job
is to take out the two turret control towers on either side of
spaceport. That'll shut down the calliopes. Second is to take out the
fuel tanks. Your lancemates should be taking care of the Osiris and
Flea running around. Take them out if you want to, but save the ammo.

There should be a bunch of INACTIVE attack choppers hiding in the
corner of the spaceport. Destroy ALL of them and the helipads. You
don't want them to bother you later in the mission. There's also a
bunch of INACTIVE mechs there. Destroy them as well. You don't want
them to attack your rear. As they don't move, practice your sniper
shooting by going after the limbs. Go after the legs only for salvage

Now wipe out every radio tower, radio dish, and comm tower in the
spaceport. They're all along the wall in one section, should be very
easy to spot.

Now you can head slowly toward nav beta.

When you get there, you'll see a Mad Cat and 3 Ryokens. I suggest you
back up into the street instead of fight in the park where the
terrain is open and the lighter mechs have the advantage.

Continue to nav gamma. Rabid Fox will show himself.

New objective:

* Go to nav delta

If you didn't destroy the choppers and mechs, they would attack you
now. A bunch of Uziels, Fleas, Owens, Bushwacker, Puma, etc.

Destroy all of the mechs, and you are home free.

8.9.2     Hacker Run
Prerequisite: Complete Spaceport

Mechs allowed: 4

Base pay: about 19.5 million C-bills

Briefing: A team will infiltrate the base and try to locate Archon
Katrina Steiner's location.


* destroy all defenders at nav alpha and beta

* make sure the commandos extract the data and broadcast them

* escape to extraction point nav gamma

Move SLOWLY toward nav alpha. A bunch of Dragons will patrol in front
of you. Fire one or two shots to get his attention, then order all
your lancemates to attack. Destroy the Dragons now as you approach
the ridgeline. A bunch of choppers will join in. Take them out one at
a time.

After you get to the ridgeline, you'll see LOTS of enemies...
Calliopes (lots of them), some strong defense points, assault lance
including 2 Atlas, 2 Maulers, and light lance including 2 Osirises,
and 2 Ravens will attack. Concentrate fire on the Atlas first, while
you work on the forts and calliopes. Don't bother looking for turret
control towers... there aren't any. You just have to blast them apart
one at a time.

Keep blasting until you clear the entire top of the plateau. Now the
commando team will land and do the data hacking. Ignore the stuff
that's behind the hills for now.

A second enemy lance (2 Atlas, 2 Mauler, 2 Osiris, 2 Raven) lance
along with tanks will attack when your job is nearing completion.
Concentrate fire on the big mechs while you shoot the smaller mechs
and tanks. Then a third lance will attack when the job is done. It's
time to get out of Dodge. Order all mechs to run toward nav gamma.
You may lose a few. Once you are all there, you're done.

That concludes your business on New Avalon. What do you do next?

If you want to join the Clans, jump to Carse and do the "Trial of
Position". You get the "Clan ending".

If you want to carve out your own little piece of Inner Sphere and
protect base Griffin, jump to New Canton. You'll get the "Neutral

8.10  CARSE

Carse is a desert world held by Clan Wolf... You are here to meet
Khan Vladimir Ward... and perhaps join the Clan... Based on Rabid
Fox's recommendation.

8.10.1    Trial of Position
Prerequisite: Finish New Avalon series, otherwise none.

Mechs allowed: 1

Base pay: 0 (Clan never pays...)

Briefing: You are petitioning to join Clan Wolf in the famous "trial
of position". You must defeat FIVE Clan Mechwarriors in a row to win.


* defeat all five Clan mechwarriors.

NOTE: Do NOT shoot at someone who is NOT active, or he'll JOIN the
fight!  If you try to stand next to an inactive mech to "dodge" the
attack, you'll be disqualified.

The five mechwarriors you'll face are, in order of appearance:

Jules Sender, in a Vulture (base config)

Rhanda Stiles, in a Thor (base config?)

Zel Vickers, in a Mad Cat

Hans Noruff, in a Masakari

Manda Ruby, in a Daishi

I suggest a "trick" config... Daishi with 3 Clan Ultra 20's. You can
fit them in with 1 ton extra ammo each, really. All in same group.
Two hits, and the enemy mech is toast. An assault class mech may need
three hits, but that's why you have that extra ton of ammo. Even if
someone takes out an arm you still have 2 cannons to use.

Congratulations, you've finished the Merc campaign with the "Steiner
/ Clan" ending!

Historical Note: in the official history, Khan Ward of Clan Wolf
asked that Katrina Steiner be released to him. Victor Steiner-Davion
reluctantly agreed, as he does NOT wish to reopen the conflict with
the Clans so soon after the FedCom civil war.


This is end of the road, folks. You are following Castle's advice...
You're going to carve out this little piece of Inner Sphere for
yourself. Of course, you'll have to beat back the Capellans attacking
Griffon base...

NOTE: New Canton is a hot planet, heat efficiency is 80%. Bring ammo-
based weapons and extra ammo, instead of energy weapons.

8.11.1    Reinforcement
Prerequisite: Finish New Avalon series, otherwise none.

Mechs allowed: 8

Base pay: about 21 million C-Bills

Briefing: Griffin Base is under attack by the Capellans. It's a big
battle, and you'll help reinforce the positions.


* drive back all Capellan attackers

* OPTIONAL : Destroy all enemy mechs

People complain about no big battles... Well, this is about as big as
you can get. There's at LEAST TWO DOZEN mechs running around, PLUS
dozen or so vehicles, AND air units...

As you get air dropped you see that big fight is already on. There's
lots of enemy mechs around, so you better get to work. Order your
mechs to nav alpha, while you work on the vehicles and maybe the
attack choppers.

First wave is just heavy mechs... You'll see Argus, Black Knight,
Thanatos, along with variety of tracked vehicles, including
Demolisher II's, Myrmidons, Bulldogs, Condors, and LRM carriers. Some
choppers will even join the action. It's a real melee.

I never noticed if there's repair facility in Griffin base, but I
guess there could be. Try ordering your most damaged mech to repair
and see what it says.

Any way, after mopping up enemy forces at nav alpha, move your forces
to nav beta, and fight off the next wave... You will see Sunder,
Mauler, Masakari, Mad Cat Mk. II, and more tanks. Concentrate fire
and take them out one at a time.

Get repaired if it is possible. Else, make your way to nav gamma. The
Capellan forces are making a full assault, and Commander Wu is
leading the assault in his Gladiator.

Now you have a choice. If your mechs aren't likely to survive another
full-bore brawl, then concentrate fire on Commander Wu. Once he's
down, his deputy, a lieutenant, will order a retreat. If you don't
shoot at any of the retreating mechs, that's it, the mission will end
in about 15 seconds. If you DO shoot at the retreating mechs, then
it'll be a fight to the death, but you can fulfill that optional
"destroy all enemy mechs" objective.

Or you can just kill everybody the normal way... concentrate on
whichever mech that seem to be doing the most damage, and eventually
kill everybody.

Congratulations, you've finished the Merc campaign with the "neutral"


So you've join the Davion side... Good choice. You are here to help
Peter Steiner-Davion take back his throne.

8.12.1    Overlord
Prerequisite: none

Mechs allowed: 8

Base pay: about 15.75 million C-Bills

Briefing: Secure the spaceport and destroy the Overlord dropship


* secure nav alpha, destroy all hostiles

* destroy all Steiner forces at nav beta

* destroy the Overlord dropship

* Peter Steiner-Davion must survive

At nav alpha, you'll see 3-4 lances of heavies and assault mechs...
Atlas, Sunder, Daishi, Dragon, Longbow, etc. You will also see a
bunch of friendly assault mechs... Awesome, Mauler, Atlas, Sunder...)
Concentrate fire on one enemy mech at a time, and you should mop them
up in no time at all.

During the fight, a bunch of choppers, both hostile and friendly,
will come play. Feel free to play sniper and take out the enemy

Peter Steiner-Davion will join your assault at nav beta, which is
protected by calliopes and strong point defense turrets. You'll also
see 2 more lances of assault mechs... Daishis and Atlases. There's
also a bunch of tanks around. Destroy all of them, and make sure your
employer doesn't get busted.

When the defenses are done, concentrate fire on the dropship. Try to
go for the engines if possible. Order EVERYBODY to attack together or
you'll lose mechs left and right. When it goes down, you win!

8.12.2    Resupply
Prerequisite: Finish "Overlord"

Mechs allowed: 8

Base pay: about 17 million C-Bills

Briefing: We are conducting a resupply mission, with dropships
landing all over. We are expecting trouble, so stay sharp.


* all convoys must survive

* secure drop zone at nav alpha

* secure drop zone at nav beta

* defend dropship at nav delta

Follow the convoy to nav alpha. Send your own lance ahead, keep the
second lance with you. At nav alpha, Captain Dushka and his Hrothgar
is under attack by 2 Bushwacker and 2 Uziel, but with your lance's
help those mechs don't stand a chance.

Castle radios that 3 hostile Sunders are approaching your convoy from
behind, but that's why you kept your second lance nearby... Tell them
to stop, and then engage nearest enemy... They'll take out those
Sunders for you. Feel free to join in. Switch to nav beta, and order
your own lance to go there, as you head there while helping second
lance take care of the Sunders.

At nav beta, you'll see 4 Victors attacking a Hrothgar with 2
friendly Awesome on defense. Help them take out the attacking
Victors. By this time, your second lance should be done with the
Sunders. Order them to nav gamma. A second lance of 2 Vultures and 2
Thanatos will attack beta. Take them out with your lance, and the
friendlies. When there's one left, run to nav gamma with your lance
and let the friendlies take care of that last one.

At gamma, you can see that at nav delta a friendly Overlord is under
attack by multiple nova cats, and 2 maulers. There should be 2
friendly Awesome around as well. The nova cats will overheat all the
time. Nail them while they are shut down. Concentrate fire and remove
all the mechs, and you're done!

8.12.3    Checkmate
Ah, the grand finale... This will be a tough fight, no doubt about

Prerequisite: Finish "Resupply"

Mechs allowed: 8

Base pay: about 18.5 million C-Bills

Briefing: We are assaulting the palace through the city, wiping out
last resistance. Nondi Steiner will surrender... Or face the


* secure nav alpha by defeating Steiner rear guard forces

* destroy all hangars at nav beta

*destroy air control tower at nav beta

* Peter Steiner-Davion must survive

* defeat Nondi Steiner and her Royal Guards.

NOTE: Peter Steiner-Davion is in a Fafnir. If he's toast, you fail.

At nav alpha, you see 2 Awesome, 2 Puma, some tanks, and a mobile
turret setup. Take out the mobile turret control APC first, then you
can take on the enemy mechs. There should be 2 friendly Victors there
as well.

Continue to beta, watch for calliopes mounted on rooftops and such.
Take them out. At beta, you'll have to take out multiple Longbows and
Awesomes. Some choppers and fighters will attack. Take them out.

Continue to gamma, and you'll see Peter's lance under attack by
Longbows, Awesomes, and turrets. Help them destroy all defenders.
Concentrate fire on the one attacking Peter's mech. You're almost at
the palace.

When you get to palace, Nondi Steiner's royal guards show up... Four
Daishis. Concentrate fire and take them all down quickly. You don't
want Peter's mech blown up.

Finally, Nondi herself show up in a Hauptmann. Destroy her, and you

Congratulations, you've finished the Merc campaign with the "Davion"


To get to the Davion ending, you need to play the Davion side on
either Wernke or Hesperus until Steiner black-lists you. Then play
through the rest of the missions.

To get to the Steiner (Clan) ending, you need to play the Steiner
side on either Wernke or Hesperus until Davion black-lists you. Then
play through New Avalon. After completing New Avalon, go to Carse and
complete Trial of Position.

To get to the Neutral ending, you need to play the Steiner side on
either Wernke or Hesperus until Davion black-lists you. Then play
through New Avalon. After completing New Avalon, go to New Canton and
save Griffon base for yourself.

9    Multiplayer
In multiplayer games, odd configurations designed to exploit AI
weaknesses would not work as well, as you are playing against humans.
On the other hand, surprise can be interesting. Imagine you run into
a Mad Cat Mk. II armed with LBX cannons and Streak SRM6's!

Note: I found a multiplayer guide on You can read it

9.1   MP HINTS

Set your connection type to 56K, even if you have DSL or Cable. This
reduces the load on the "server" and makes things smoother for

Play courteously, minimal boasting is necessary. If you need ego
boost, go play yourself against bots.

If all the weapons and such got blown off and/or you're out of ammo,
just charge the enemy in a kamikaze run. You'll distract the enemy
and give your teammates a chance to regroup. Do NOT self-destruct.
It's discourteous.


As the tonnage is factored into the score, you need to pick heavy but
very hard-hitting mechs. Nova Cat or Black Knight are deadly in
"laser boat" configurations, and can move at a very good speed. Mad
Cat Mk. II can be surprisingly fast without the jumpjet, but is a bit
too heavy. Thanatos can be a good substitute.

You will need a variety of weapons but keep at least two large energy
weapons when you run out of ammo.


Both defense and offense are required. Usually, you need mediums and
heavies to attack, while assault mechs will "hold the fort". It's
better to keep a mix of mechs for both offense and defense, however.

The attacking lance should use long-range weapons. The smaller faster
mechs can try to outflank the defenders and sneak-in a few long-range
shots via jumpjets. LRMs, ER LLAS, ER PPC, and gauss rifles are
excellent sniper weapons. Lighter shooters like Shadow Cat or Uziel
can lead the way.


Defenders will need excellent short-range firepower coupled with long-
range accuracy. Figure LBX20's along with PPCs and LLAS.

Attackers would seek to occupy the defenders while lighter jump-
capable mechs bypass the defenders and go after the HQ.


Medium mechs actually DO have a chance, if you pick the right ones.
Cougar and its bigger cousin, Uziel, have excellent combination of
speed and firepower. Cougar is extremely hard to hit in a distance,
while its LRMs and ER LLAS will peck you to death.

Assault mech, on the other hand, should drop some of the armor for
speed. A Mad Cat Mk. II can be extremely fast when it needs to be.
While you won't outrun the smaller mechs, you can stretch them out
and let you pick off one at a time. Make sure you don't get caught in
the blast!


One can go on for days about the relative merits of Clan mechs vs. IS
mechs. While Clan mechs are more advanced technically, they are also
more prone to heat and catastrophic damage, while IS mechs are more
durable but carry less firepower. It's a trade-off, just like all
things in life.

IS mechs, limited to IS tech only, should probably stick with PPC,
LGLAS, Gauss or LGauss. Forget LRMs. X-Pulse is not a bad choice
except for the heat issues.


CTF teams have 3 types of players: Defender, Chaser, and Runner.

Defender: shoot the runner, preferably with knock-down capability. Go
after runner's legs to cripple them, as many as possible. Usually
heavy or assault class.

HINT: You need both close-range and long-range weapons. Your job is
to slow down the runners, NOT to get kills. If you can slow them down
the chasers can finish them off later.

Chaser: You play active defense. Need high speed to catch the
runners. Don't get in a Defender's way. Assist in defense. Also act
as scout and warn defenders of incoming runners. Also escort friendly
runners and pick off enemy chasers. You need medium to heavy mechs
with very high speed.

HINT: Tell your side where are the runners coming from, so defenders
can reposition to cover the approaches. Follow runners and hit them
from behind.

Runner: the ones that actually go after the flag, usually light or
medium mechs with jumpjet. Maximum speed. Charge through together and
some of you will make it through the defenders.

HINT: If you are crippled while carrying the flag, and there's a
friendly mech nearby, shutdown to drop the flag for the friendly.

HINT: If you are NOT carrying the flag, escort the one that does.
Follow just behind him so you shield him from enemy fire.

10   Misc Stuff


10.1.1    Srin Odessa
Srin is EXTREMELY dangerous, and he is last year's Solaris Grand
Champion. That means he only shows up in the grand championship,
being a "seeded player".

He comes armed with a Daishi (HGAUSS, and 6 UAC2's), all of them will
pick you apart at long range. He goes after your center torso with
the HGAUSS and your limbs and torso with the UAC2's. Keep moving
laterally! Fight him LAST as you want him to waste all his ammo on
other adversaries... And even then, he's smart enough to let others
fight it out before joining in...

10.1.2    Nako Toyoma
Nako is usually in a Fafnir (2 HGAUSS,2 ERLGLAS). He is very
dangerous (but then anyone in a Fafnir is dangerous). Do circle of
death on him and don't let those HGAUSS hit!

10.1.3    Terrance Munson
Can be in any one of the four mechs

Light: Wolfhound (1 ERPPC, 2 MDLAS or SMLAS?)  go after the arm with
the PPC

Medium: Uziel (2 LBX10, 1 LRM20) just stay back and get him to use up
his ammo

Heavy: Black Knight (standard?)

Assault: Mad Cat Mk II (standard)

10.1.4    Alex Haight
Another elite pilot, he can show up in various mechs

Light: Cougar (LRM boat) Fight him last, get him to use up the ammo

Medium: Shadow Cat (1 LGLAS, 1 UAC20)

Heavy: Loki (3 MDPLAS, 5 LRM10's?)  Fight him last, after he used up
the ammo.

Assault: Mauler (6 CUAC5's)  Stay back a bit and fight him last,
after he used up most of his ammo.

10.1.5    Li Song
Can be in either of 2 mechs, neither is hard to kill.

Light: Wolfhound (ERPPC, 2 SMLAS?)

Uziel: (2 LBX10, 1 LRM20?)

10.1.6     Marcus Wilder
Can be in any of the four mechs

Light: Cougar (standard?)

Medium: Shadow Cat (ERLGLAS, CUAC20) don't get close and the UAC
can't hit you.

Heavy: Thor (1 CLBX20, 2CLBX10) -- stay away from the shotgun config!

Assault: Mad Cat Mk II (2 LGAUSS, 6 CMGA?)

10.1.7    Peter Dexter
Can be in any of the following mechs

Light: Cougar (LRM boat)

Medium: Ryoken (LRM boat)

Heavy: Nova Cat (2 PPC and ???)

Assault: Atlas (mixed, PPC, STRK6, 2 LBX10)

10.1.8    Ellie Neils
Shows up in either of two mechs

Heavy: Black Knight (3 ERPPCs?)  Not bad, but heat can be a problem.
Look for signs that she's overheating, and take advantage of her by

Assault: Fafnir (2 HGAUSS, 2 LGLAS)  with only 16 shots for the
HGAUSS, get her to use up the shots first.

Not that good of a pilot overall.

10.1.9    Fen Cheng
Usually in a Vulture(2 T-BOLT)

Keep moving! Those T-Bolts can do SERIOUS damage to you!

10.1.10    Gus Polliard
Usually in a Uller (config unknown?)

He's a good pilot, sniper him if you can.

10.1.11   Robert Yearly
Can show up in 2 classes...

Heavy: Catapult (1 ERLGLAS, 1 LGXPLAS)

Assault: Sunder (1 HGAUSS, 1 PPC, 2 MDLAS, 1 LRM20 ?)

This guy goes against the grain... No missiles on a Catapult? Sunder
config is not bad, but it's kinda "standard".

10.1.12   Riccardo Vecci
This guy pilots a Daishi (2 LBX20, 2 LRM20, 2 STRK6)

He's good, so don't get too close. Chop his arms and he's helpless.

10.1.13   Samantha Coleman
Sam is good... she has a Sunder (HGAUSS, 1 PPC, 2 MDLAS? 1 LRM20?)
That HGAUSS is automatic respectability.

10.1.14   Alice Newkirk
Alice shows up in two classes

Heavy: Nova Cat (2 ER PPC?) way undergunned, but that's the price if
you don't a lot of heat...

Assault: Daishi (6 CUAC5's)  force her to run out of ammo, then you
have her

It hink I've seen her in the championships as well. 

10.1.15   Miria Stewart
Shows up in 2 classes:

Heavy: Black Knight (3 ER PPCs)

Assault: Atlas (1 PPC, 1 STRK6, 2 LBX10)

Not that good of a pilot actually.

10.1.16   Kayla Tirrel
Kayla only plays assault... In a Templar (2 CGAUSS, 1 LGLAS, 2

10.1.17   If there are more...
If there are more Solaris named players, let me know...


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