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Walkthrough by Rosemary and Gordon (Quandary:

This game is not overly difficult to complete. Just remember to talk to
everybody including the members of your party. You can get your party to do
things by opening their inventory and using their items.

Fishing hole (after intro/dream) 
Take journal, stick and fishing pole. Look at brook and reflection --
there's something in the tree. Move branches with fishing pole to reveal
bird's nest and locket. 
Try to take locket with pole -- too short -- you need to attach the stick to
it. Use pole/stick to get locket and examine it. A monster will appear and
it makes no difference what you do, Allanon will turn up to save your bacon.
Talk to him to get order to go to Leah to warn people of invading monsters.
When map pops up head east (follow path).You will come across a woman
(Shella) trapped beneath a tree. Try to move log -- you need to brace your
feet. Nearby is a rock, move it then free Shella. Talk to her then hand over
the locket. You both head for the river -- choose to go north or south, it
doesn't matter. You can outrun or retreat from the monsters in your path.

Chat to guard then head north. Chat to the gardener -- suspicious character
-- then go inside and Winston will tell you to go upstairs and see Menion
Leah. In bedroom take cup and note steaming pot and brazier. Back down to
chat to Winston. Read book for hints re escaping and the secret of the crest
of Leah. Take potpourri and smell it. Back to now empty garden and examine
hole. On to herbalist and give him cup to learn about poison and get
antidote recipe -- cloves, dogwood blossom & charcoal. Oh dear, it's not the
season for dogwood blossom, but at least the potpourri contains cloves.
Outside and note the pot plant that is flowering out of season -- maybe the
herbalist knows the secret. Head back to bedroom and pour contents of
steaming pot on brazier to get charcoal. Visit herbalist again -- he's dead.
Take the paper/recipe and green potion which is a strange fertiliser. Chat
to guard then up to garden and pour potion on Dogwood tree to get blossom.
Back to Herbalist's and mix ingredients in mortar on bench. Watch sequence.

Next day you will have a conversation with Menion, Allanon and Shella.
Shella is refused permission to accompany you to Tyrsis. Talk to Allanon
then outside to meet Shella in the garden. Try to leave town with her -- you
can't. Chat to her and make plans. She will tell you about secret passage
and give you her locket. (You should already know about the passage if you
read the book on the table). Inside mansion again and talk to Winston
following Shella's instructions to get rid of him. Examine crest and dragon
and use locket on dragon's eye. Outside head west to road then north. Avoid
or fight monsters -- it's your choice. 

At ferry talk to the evil gardener and prepare to fight -- you can't avoid
this one so choose your strategy well. Afterwards examine everything then
use rod to snare the rope and pulley in the river. Attach it to machinery
then pull it. It's stuck. Use Shella's inventory to shoot arrow at the brake
to release ferry. Head for Tyrsis (north and east) dodging the monsters. 

At gate ignore walking-corpses and head right to hut. Knock on door -- then
again -- till you are admitted. Talk to Brendel. Look in cooking pot, it's
empty. Offer food to learn that burning laurel will get rid of corpses. Back
to gate and left this time to laurel tree. Break off branch and return to
Brendel to get torch. Gate again (with Brendel) and talk to guard. He won't
allow a dwarf to enter so talk amongst yourselves till Brendel leaves.
Inside chat with the Seneschal. Note mace on wall. Go through first door on
right. Look at fire barrier around vault. Back to Seneschal and have Shella
show him the locket. King Balinor will chat and give permission for you to
search the area then you'll be returned to the Seneschal.
Go to the library and look around. Read book for synopsis of War of the
Races. Look at locked cabinet then return to Seneschal to get him to open
it. Read Stenmin's book for info on secret passage behind throne. Take book
and cut with knife. Read parchment/pact -- the signature is written in
Stenmin's blood. Talk to Seneschal about secret passage for permission to
enter throne room. 
In throne room note lion on throne, its jaw is rusted. Pour oil on it. Pry
open jaw with dagger to get key. Move dragon tapestry to reveal faint crack
in wall. Push horse's head
on wall to reveal keyhole to unlock secret door. Enter and light lantern.
Examine skull, you need more light. Light candles. The mirror will come to
life. When voice tells you to break it use your sword. 
Watch/click through dream sequence (choose any door) and you will be back in
the secret chamber and automatically pick up incense. You can now open skull
drawer. Take scroll and read it. Now back to Seneschal and use spell of
revealing on Stenmin's book. Read new entries and you'll be able to speak to
the King again.
Watch/click through cut sequence and take mace. (Brendel is now with you)
Head for wine cellar where Stenmin died. Take empty bottle and fill with
vinegar. Take bottle of good wine. Put incense, pact and mace on floor.
Light incense and invoke Stenmin's book on the pact, then invoke it on the
mace to summon Stenmin. Talk to him. He refuses to help so invoke the book
on him to read the soul-shattering spell. He'll now tell you the formula to
disrupt the magic barrier. (This will be automatically recorded in your
To solve the riddle you need laurel leaves (the tree outside), rose petal
(the potpourri) and mistletoe ( the oak near Brendel's hut -- you are too
heavy to get it, Shella will help). Add these to vinegar (spoiled wine).  
Head for vault and pour mixture on flames. Watch/click through cut scenes.
The sword of Shannara is broken and you will need powerful magic to repair
it. You will need the co-operation of the elves, trolls, dwarfs and gnomes.
On map travel north west towards Abalorn. It's a long way so you'll have to
stop overnight to have another dream. 

Talk to guard (Lessa). Examine road, note unusual flagstone. At fountain
note hole. Examine clay and get some, use Brendel's pot. Inside Manor talk
to Davio to learn all you can. Examine parchment on wall. Try to use log on
fire to learn about nest. Outside to garden of life, look at vines and
remove them. Close gate and take life rune. Open gate and examine runestone.
Back to fountain and use Shella's scarf in the hole. You now have the water
rune. Back to roadway, pour water on flagstone and take it. Use clay in the
carved stone then put flagstone on it. Take earth rune. Return to fountain
and examine manor chimney's, your rope isn't long enough to get on roof.
Inside manor and talk to Prince Arion then leave and talk to Davio some more
for info about runestones. 
Back to Lessa and try to take ladder -- swap rope for it. The ladder will
now be placed against the manor. Climb ladder and remove bird's nest from
chimney. Note metal piece. Push/turn weather vane, oil then turn again. You
will sketch the image you see. Take shingles. 
Down to Davio's room and burn logs. Talk to him again for clues if you need
them. Up ladder once more and use shingle on glowing metal plate to get fire
Down and read journal to see image. Give second shingle to Brendel then show
him your journal to get air rune. Return ladder to Lessa she will ask you to
give silver ring to Arion. Give it to Davio (who will pass it on) then Arion
will give you a gold ring for Lessa. Shella will note that Arion has the elf
rune -- he won't give it to you. Give golden ring to Lessa and she will
offer help. Ask her to get elf rune. 
Back to garden and place runes in runestone in order as per parchment: elf,
earth, air, fire, water and life. Take elfstones then leave. Talk to Prince
Arion, for letter of passage. Talk to Davio and give him the elfstones so
that he will join you. Leave and follow Davio's directions.

Streleheim Plains
You will come across monsters fighting Panamon Creel. Help him in fight and
you will be joined by the troll, Telsek. He and Panamon are seeking the
Black Irix. Telsek will lead you to a box canyon. Get him to take boulder
and throw it at the arch. Enter canyon and fight monsters who are disguised
as elves and trolls. (The best strategy might be to fight the leader here.
Also you can get Davio to use the elfstones once and then defend himself).
After fight talk to everyone in your party. Enter cave and light lamp --
talk to Aine. Show him letter of passage then examine Black Irix above
entrance. Tie your rope to the Irix. Watch/click through sequences. 
Go to Troll camp -- you can avoid fight by retreating. When captured talk to
trolls to try to stop war. Propose a challenge of Champions.
Head for Elf camp and show Arion's letter to guard. Watch/click through
sequences until the challenge of champions begins and the first riddle is
spoken. (Note You can go to troll camp and talk to Panamon for hints on
riddles or to Elf camp to ask Shella.) You must aid Telsek, the Troll
Champion to solve riddles.
Riddle 1: You are seeking a feather so go to promontory and search bird's
nest. Give it to Telsek. 
Riddle 2: You need to catch a fish but first you need bait. Talk to troll
cook about food in cauldron (worms) and offer to trade. But what? Shella has
a hint if you are stuck. Check out Brendel's inventory -- the wine has
turned to vinegar just the thing for a Troll cook so give it to him to get
worms. Now back to Elf camp and use worms on fishing pole to fish in stream. 
Riddle 3 You need a leaf. Talk to Elf guard until you convince him to part
with his shield.
Now you can help to ask a riddle. The one to end this contest is 'ask about
Elfstones'. But if you are enjoying solving riddles choose it last. Here are
the solutions to the others: Riddle 4 Arrow -- get one from Shella.
Riddle 5 Spice -- cinnamon from your potpourri.
Riddle 6 Helmet -- get it from Troll camp behind troll guarding Panamon.
After you say 'ask about elfstones' a combat sequence will ensue and you
must fight against the monsters who are once again disguised as trolls and

Click through sequences. Head east then south through pass. Here you must
fight and Davio will be injured. Keep going south to Storlock. Talk to gnome
healer. Head north east and you will follow stream to spider. Your party
will tell you what you need to do, but first immobilise the spider -- did
someone smell kerosene? Tie Shella's kerchief to an arrow then pour oil on
it and light it with tinderbox. Shella's aim is true and Telsek will do his
bit before you fight the weakened monster.
Next talk to Gnome again to learn about Torc and Helm. Head SW then S to
Silver River (lots of monsters).The King of the Silver River will save you
but he foreshadows a sad loss to come and gives you magic powder. Cut
sequence sees you on your way.

You need the Hammer of Power. Overnight the Hammer is stolen and your party
is accused. Your friends are placed in a cell and you must find the hammer.
Talk to King 
and Kili. Go east and examine room, note pottery shards. Talk to Kili and
Guard. Look at Kili to note something is missing. For help talk to your
companions through the cell bars. Go north to weapons room. Note soot, drag
marks and grey streak on chair. Push chair. Talk to Kili. Note hole on the
right side of the fire place. Return to Davio and ask about stein. He will
hand you one. Open it to find red sash. Show sash to Kili to unmask him.
Fight -- Telsek will join you. Talk with King then go east and get handle
from backpack Put handle in hole in fireplace and push it. Watch cut sequence.
From above river where monsters are building bridge go NE to large pond.
Davio will explain what you are doing. Talk to him. Use magic powder in
pond. Then use Davio's elf stones on dam. Fight monsters on the bridge then
the raft will float down river. Watch dream sequence.
Head north to Gnomes. Click through rope bridge sequence. Tell Davio to tie
rope around his waist. Click through sequence. Your next decision is very
important. We chose to use spell of release on Shella which means you must
kill her -- use your sword.(Using the elfstones ends the game.) You are

Gnome Camp
In darkness search screen for bootheel. Touch it then push it. Find nails
and use them to cut rope. Look at everything then take coil of rope. Use
bootheel to cut tent -- exit. Look at hatch and hole in base plate. Cut
second tent with bootheel. Enter and take dagger. Use blindfold on Shaman
then take the Torc. Now tie him up with the rope, you will get a key ring.
Exit and return to the first tent. Open the two metal chests with key ring
to get your possessions. Back to Shaman's tent and talk to Geeka until he
agrees to help in return for taking him to find the Helm of Command.
Outside, use Geeka's handle on hole near hatch. Next go to first tent and
get Geeka to help with the second metal chest. Tie your rope to the chest
then put (lower) the chest into the pit. Now tell Geeka to enter the pit
first. Enter pit. Look at hole near top of ladder and use Geeka's handle on
it to close hatch. Use Brendel's war hammer on the grating then get Brendel
to enter it. He gives you a box. Now you can open the metal plate near the
wheel. It's broken so fix it. Turn wheel. Get Telsek to use Black Irix then
get him to open door. Leave. Click through sequence. Go to lake watch/click
through sequence. Fight monsters -- watch sequence. 

Hall of Kings
In the hall get Telsek to push over the statues to stop monsters coming
through side doors. Go through main doors and fight shifter -- what happens
next is meant to happen and Davio uses the elfstones twice. Pick up diadem
and go through doorway. You can't cross the chasm so go back and take broken
door. (Telsek again). Return to chasm and go through door. You are now
trapped in a cage -- try to lift it. Get Brendel to help you. This allows
Geeka to get out -- unfortunately certain gnomes aren't to be trusted. Push
the cage over the hole that the falling helmet opened in the floor. Tie rope
to cage bar then go down. Look at top of idol and use Brendel's war hammer
on crystal eye. Fight monsters then climb idol -- watch cut sequence. Draw
sword of Shannara. Watch/click through sequence and choose appropriate
responses. Move through any door. Back at altar use sword of Shannara to
attack book. Watch/click through to the end of the game.

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