V.I. Pudovkin

You begin this level locked in the belly of a huge Russian freighter with no inventory - yes, even your Machine Parts have been taken from you. Weaponless, you must use stealth to avoid the guards until you can secure some weapons. Then you can search for your stolen artifacts and find a way off of this ship. The ship is a virtual maze of passageways and rooms with guards everywhere. Once you have found your weapons use your Auto-Pistol for best results and your Rifle for sniping those distant targets. Don't forget to collect ammo from the fallen guards and you should leave this level with more ammo than you started with.

The first thing you need to do is escape from your cabin. Knock on the door and try to talk your way out. The guard gives you an evil "Jabba-the-Hut" laugh and slams the door in your face. Turn to the right and climb onto the top bunk. Locate the ceiling vent with the unlocked padlock. Open the vent but don't climb in...yet. Drop back to the floor and knock on the door again then quickly turn and climb onto the bunk then turn and climb into the vent. You must do this quickly and perfectly or the guard will enter too soon and catch you on the bunk and yell at you.

Once in the vent, turn to face the opening and wait for the guard to enter. He will go around the wall into the bathroom area and you can drop down to the floor and go through the door. Indy will press the button to trap the guard inside and you are free for the moment.

Look down the next hall to spot several doors, each with a button that opens the door. Both the doors on the right lead to empty rooms. The door at the end of the hall leads to the first cargo area but before we go there you need to get one of the missing artifacts. Open the first door on the left and cautiously enter the next room.

To the left is a lever and some machinery. To the right is a door leading to another room with a guard and the first missing Machine Part. Pull the lever then quickly run out into the hall and down to the next door on the left. The guard will have gone into the other room to check out the noisy machine and you can quickly enter and get Taklit's Part from the table on the right. Exit back to the hall and go through the door at the end.

When you enter the cargo hold do not go past the blue box in front of you. If you sidestep you can just make out the arm and leg of a guard hiding behind the blue box. Use the Taklit part to turn invisible and run past the guard and through the door at the opposite end of the hold. Inside this room are several barrels. The middle barrel has all of your inventory items. Collect everything then head back to the previous room. The guard will no longer be there.

Stand so that it looks like the picture. That red box in the middle of the room needs to slide over against the blue box to the left. Then climb up and head to the brown box and pull it away from the wall. Drop down and climb up to the side and get behind that same brown box and push it out onto the red box you moved a minute ago. Now climb up to the top of this box.

Turn left and you should see a bar above. Use your whip to swing to the blue crate across the room then climb up to the crate on the left and finally to the metal ledge above. Ready your weapon and take care of the three sailors who enter the hold. When they are all dead you can go to the opposite side of the catwalk and go through the single door in that wall.

You are now in a short hall with openings on both sides and a red room at the end. A guard is in each room but you can run down the hall and turn right to hide behind the wall. This should draw the guard from one room into the other. Now carefully sidestep toward the door on the right (facing red room) and when your right arm is clear of the door toss a grenade into the room. Two for the price of one! Go inside and collect their ammo then head into the opposite room and get the Money Chest

Return to the red room and climb the ladder to the right of the door. Up top, turn left and open the door. Rush in and kill the guard. Take the Trauma Kit and the Urgon Part then exit this room and go back down the ladder. Follow the short hall back to the catwalk above the cargo hold and head to the opposite wall where there are two doors. Go into the door on the left.

Inside this small room are two more doors. The door to the side is locked so go through the other door and kill the guard inside and take the Money Chest. The other door in this room is locked so head back through the two previous doors leading to the catwalk and head for the door on the right.

Go through the small room and into the opposite door. This cabin appears to be a dead end but if you look on the left wall you will notice a big rust stain. Did you know that your Urgon part removes rust stains? Actually it removes the wall along with the stain. Use it to create an opening into the hallway beyond. Face the opening then turn right and do a side roll into the hall with your gun drawn. Kill the guard in the room at the end of the hall. Head down to that room and check out the hole in the corner with the ladder leading down. Don't go down yet but remember this location for future reference. It leads to Cargo Hold #2.

Now head back down the hall and check out the door. Inside is a guard and another Money Chest. Kill one and take the other then exit back to the hall and go to the end where you will find a ladder leading to another passageway above. (see picture). At the top of the ladder head straight into the electrical room and get another Money Chest then return to the main hall.

The first door on the left leads to a room with two soldiers and nothing of value. Don't even open it. Head into the first door on the right and kill the guard inside. Get the Silver Idol from the desk then return to the hall. Head to the next door on the right and go inside. Kill another guard and get another Money Chest. Exit this room and go through the wooden door across the hall. Inside the captain's quarters you should find a Gold Idol on the desk and a Trauma Kit next to the captain's bunk. Exit the hall and turn left.

At the end of the hall is a ladder leading to the deck. When you climb up and exit you will be attacked by many guards. They come in from both ends of the ship and I'm pretty sure they are unlimited. I killed eight before I gave up and continued, but you can kill as many as you like. It's a great way to stock-up on ammo. When you are bored with target practice you can approach the rust stain on the wall near the hatch you climbed out of. (see picture) Use the Urgon part to enter the small room beyond. Another guard will follow you through the hole - turn and kill him.

Head through the short passage leading to the mess hall then locate the ladder leading up and climb it. When you reach the top a movie will take over. When you have control you can turn around and take Azerimt's Part, which is hiding on the dark shelf behind you. Now you need to make your way to Cargo Hold #2. Remember how to get there? From here, head back down the ladder to the galley and out the hole in the wall. Turn right and climb down through the hatch and go to the ladder at the opposite end of the hall. Climb down and go to the opposite end of this hall (past the first hole you blasted open) and into the room with the opening in the corner. Climb down and open the door to enter the cargo hold.

There are several things you need to do in this room. The first thing to get out of the way is go to the back of the hold behind the truck and get the Money Chest from behind the crates. Now return to the control panel shown in the picture. Directly ahead is one of those blue gems from the pyramid in the previous level - the gem that works with Azerim's part. You need to get the gem (and the crate) raised off the floor so you can levitate to the catwalk above. Operate the crane using the following commands to raise the crate. Press the Left Button twice. Press the Middle Button five times. Press the Right Button twice.

Go stand under the crate and activate the machine part to levitate to the top of the red crate where you can jump forward then climb onto the catwalk. A pair of guards enter the area below. Snipe them with your rifle then head for left door in the wall behind you. You can actually take either door, but I took the left so the text reads better if you do too.

You are now in the engine room of the ship. The guard below will shoot but cannot hit you through the grate. Follow the catwalk around and take out the huge sailor and his smaller unarmed friend near the back of this area. Around on the other side is a ladder leading down to the lower catwalk. You may want to step out onto the narrow brown ledge to the left of the ladder and kill the blue guard below otherwise he will shoot you in the back as you climb down the ladder.

Follow the lower catwalk around to the previous side and climb down to the floor. Get the Silver Coins from under the catwalk and flip the lever at the base of the ladder. This lowers a ladder high above on the upper catwalk. Now climb all the way back up there and take the new ladder to the door above.

Enter this room and kill another huge sailor. Grab the Wheel Crank from the niche in the wall then exit through the door in front of you. The deck is still swarming with guards so you need to act fast. Turn right and head toward the front of the ship. You can either shoot or run away from the guards at this point.

When you reach the very front of the ship head toward the large winch and get the final treasure. After you have the Silver Coins tucked away you need to head all the way back to the other end of the ship. Again, you can kill or dodge the guards. When you reach the rear of the ship there will probably be one last guard near the lifeboat. Kill him then use the crank on the nearby winch.

Other guards are approaching but once the movie starts you should be safe. Indy will lower the lifeboat into the water and shimmy down the cable. Now that he has recovered all three of the Machine Parts and all of his personal belongings, Indy can continue the adventure as he heads toward the African coast on the horizon where the ancient site of Meroe awaits.

Recommended Purchases:
(3) First Aid Kits
(1) Submachine Gun Clip
(1) Auto-Pistol Clip