Indy arrives in Babylon and parks his jeep before carefully approaching the Russian dig site. When you have control move forward and climb up the first step then climb the pillar on the right. Turn and jump to the next and grab and pull up. One more running jump puts you on the narrow ledge around the corner from the radio shack further in the canyon. You can peek through the door of the shack and see the radioman inside. You can also go to the back of the shack and see guards off in the distance.

Return to the left side of the radio shack and climb up the short stone ledge with the crate. Pull the crate along the wall toward the tall stone ledge behind you. You can either climb up and turn to jump to the stone ledge or get on the other side of the crate and push it flush against the stone so you can just climb up to the top ledge. Get a running start and jump across to the roof of the shack. Line up with the cutout portion of the sloped edge of the roof.

The game will take over and you will move to the skylight where you can eavesdrop on the radioman and Dr. Volodnikov. You will get a lot of the story background in this movie so listen carefully. When the movie is over you can head to the opposite side of the roof and survey the situation.

You first need to jump across to the top of the first stone wall. Turn left and jump to grab the crevice in the wall and shimmy to the next stone wall. Carefully drop down and save your game. If you fall off the wall at this point you will be forced to fight several guards from a poor strategic location.

Move to the edge of the wall and a movie will show you the Russian excavation site. Make a note of the number of guards and their approximate location. Also note the cave entrance along the upper ledge. That is where you want to enter this area. If any of the guards spot you, quickly turn right and get out of here.

Turn right and head through the arched opening in the rocks. You are safe for the moment. Enter the dark cave and follow the passage until you reach the room with the pool below.

Look left and spot the ledge. Walk over until the column blocks your path then back off the ledge and shimmy right and pull up into the small niche. Turn and face the opposite wall across the pool and do a running jump to the ledge there. Drop down and quickly grab the edge of the window and pull up. If you fall in the water at any time you can climb the ladder and return to the top entry ledge and start over.

Watch out for spiders lurking in the darkness. Pull out your pistol and Indy should auto-aim at the spider on the floor. If not, carefully move close to the edge of the windowsill without dropping to the floor. Kill the first spider and another should descend from the ceiling on a web. Kill him too, then drop to the floor and go through the door and face the opposite wall across the pool. Do a running jump to reach the far entrance and turn right to follow the passage to the next area. A spider lurks in the area to the right of the cave entrance. Kill it.

Do not enter the cave yet. Stand in the door and shoot the barrel next to the guard. It will explode and kill the guard, but the other guards will also be alerted. Head quickly through the dark cave and stand to either side of the entrance and wait for the guards to arrive. Kill them and search the bodies for guns and ammo. Don't overlook the med kit and anti-venom.

Your next goal is to search that tent. Exit the cave and head down the sloped ledge to the right and enter the tent. Get the med kit then exit the cave and head over to the stone wall with the slope path leading down. Follow this path to an underground area with many columns. Go through the window and head to the back (opposite the ladder) and get the anti-venom from behind one of the columns. Now go to the ladder and climb up to the opening above. Follow the passage up and down some stairs and around a corner until you are overlooking a new campsite.

When you exit onto the ledge you will probably hear a guard yelling and maybe even shooting at you. Quickly draw and fire on the guard. When he is dead wait for a moment and a scorpion should scuttle out of the tent. If he doesn't then you will have to drop down and kill him at close range. Search the tent and you will find another med kit.

The closed gates are where you need to go next. Head to the dark opening under the red awning and collect the two med kits from the ledge and pull the lever in the nook to open the gates. Head back outside and go through the gates. Turn left and go to the end of the hall where you can push the crate under the hole in the ceiling. Use the crate to climb up through the hole.

A short movie will play showing a truck coming down the hill and going through a checkpoint. Drop (or climb down the ladder) to the lower ledge on the left of your current position and wait for the next truck to come by. Now is a very good time to make sure you are at full health and save your game. Make sure you are a few steps back from the edge so you can get a running start before jumping to the truck. Ride the truck into the garage area and get ready to rumble.

The first thing you need to do is jump off the top of the truck. Facing the other two trucks and several enemy soldiers, jump to the left and get behind the wall (see picture) and fire at the guards through the window. Sometimes they will come around the wall so get ready to turn and fire on them. When the two guards on the ground are dead you still have a sniper up on the ledge to worry about. You cannot hit him from here with your current weapons. Climb down the ladder behind you to the lower area and follow the perimeter wall of this area in a clockwise direction. You will be vulnerable to the sniper for just a second as you run past the trucks. Stay away from the barrels - if he shoots them and they explode while you are nearby you are dead.

In the middle of the opposite wall (between the two trucks) is an entrance leading to a storage room. Get the pair of anti-venom kits from the shelf on the left then climb the box and pull up through the hole in the ceiling. Get the Green Gem from the niche in the wall then move out onto the lit ledge outside.

Carefully approach the next corner. Remember that sniper from earlier. He's around this corner at the bottom of the stairs and he is a real pain. For you to get a clean shot at him you must expose yourself to his deadly and accurate aim. His rifle does more damage than your pistol so peeking around the corner and taking pot-shots at him will only get you killed. Summon your courage and save your game then charge around the corner yelling like a madman and fire your pistol all the way down the stairs. You will only get hit once (maybe twice) but the guard will be dead by the time you reach the bottom and you can take that nice rifle off his hands.

Follow the passage past the guard until you reach a long deep pit in the hall. Above in the center is a ring which you can use to swing across with your whip. On the other side you can just back off and climb down the ladder to the bottom of the pit then jump up and climb over the short wall. Get ready for a guard who will attack from outside the door. Use your new rifle if you want or wait for him to get within pistol-range. Go to the area where the guard appeared and turn right to enter the dark area and get the Silver Coins.

Now return to the main hall and go to the junction. To the left is a closed gate so go right and you should see a barrel to your right and a raised section across from you (see picture). Go through the door to the left of the box with the lamp and book. Inside turn right and go through the arch and find the generator. Pull the lever and watch sparks fly as the lights come on and gates start to open.

The gate (left at the previous intersection) opens and a pair of guards comes down the hall. Carefully leave the generator alcove and peek through the door. Wait until the guards are both close to the barrel on the opposite raised area then run through the door and shoot the barrel. The explosion should kill both guards. If any survive you can finish them off with your pistol. Head down the hall and out through the open gate and get the medical items from the top of the nearby crates. Return through the gate and back down the hall near the two dead guards.

Turn right and locate another open gate and go through. Inside is a box you can pull back away from the wall to reveal a low crawlspace in the side wall. Crawl through and turn left to find a pool of water. Jump in and get ready to explore a small underwater maze. Hint: Use your MAP ("m" key") to get your bearings if you get lost.

There are two treasure items in this maze. To get the first swim forward from the stairs then turn left at the T-intersection. Swim to the first junction then go down through the hole and double back the way you came but in the lower passage. Follow this to the end and turn left to get the Silver Bar. Turn and swim back to the first turn and instead of going right swim up then turn right and swim to the light. You are now back at the first T-intersection.

To get the second treasure start from the T-intersection and swim back down to the left past the first intersection and turn right at the second. Swim until you reach the next hole leading down and take it to the bottom and turn right. Swim to the end of this passage and turn right to find the Gold Coins. Retrace your way back to the hole and swim up and surface in the lit area under a floor grate. Catch your breath before the final swim out of this maze.

When you are ready, leave the lit area and turn left. Swim to the end of this passage then go down through the hole at the end and turn right. You are now in a long darker tunnel that leads south. Follow it all the way and turn left at the end and start swimming up to surface in the next area. Stairs lead up through one arched door and more stairs lead down to a locked metal door. Go down the stairs and examine the lock then return to the top of the stairs.

A movie starts and you are held a gunpoint by a Russian guard. The tables are soon turned when Sophia's boss shows up. After a brief conversation Simon will give you the key to the metal door and leave. Unfortunately he leaves the exit door open and a pair of guards come in to investigate. Hide around the corner near the stairs and kill each guard as they come around the corner. When they are dead you can get their ammo and some rifle ammo from the first guard.

Go down the stairs and unlock the door using the key Simon just gave you. Inside is a stack of explosives. Return to the top of the stairs and get out the rifle and aim for a barrel or crate. The resulting explosion will blast a large hole in the floor. Note: If the two guards from the previous paragraph didn't arrive then - they will now. One side of this hole has a sloped rock so use it to slide down and then drop to the water far below.

When you splash into the pool you can swim to the bottom and retrieve another treasure; the Gold Bar. Then you can surface and swim over to the lowest rock ledge and pull out of the water. Look at the circle of ledges and gaps leading around the perimeter of this lake. Climb the rocks and jump the gaps until you reach the entrance. Watch out for that tricky second diagonal jump. If you fall you just have to swim back and try again.

Go through the door and into the next area where you will see a light stone patch on the floor and a dark stone in the wall. This is an elevator and Indy isn't heavy enough to trigger it himself. Pull the stone out of the wall and with the additional weight the floor will sink to the bottom level where you can continue the adventure.

Climb the short wall and enter the next room. A large circular symbol is on one wall and some gears are on the left. A mysterious pattern is on the right, which we will deal with later. Go to the gears and use the part Sophia gave you in the movie at the end of the previous level. A perfect fit! The gears will turn and the elevator rises even with this floor. Return to the lift and climb the stone and jump over and pull up to the next level. Don't let the spider web or the creepy noises scare you - those creatures are still ahead of you in the next room.

Follow the hall until you arrive in the doorway to Nebuchadnezzar's Library. The camera will swing back giving you a view of this massive room. There is plenty to do here so follow the directions carefully and refer to the pictures if you get lost. From the doorway, drop down to the lower ledge and use your pistol to kill the scorpions and spiders on the floor. When you think they are all dead you can carefully drop to the floor and run around checking all the corners and alcoves for any that may have been stuck or hiding.

Now head over and climb onto the block to the right of the ladder and then climb onto the first level inside the far wall. Cross over to the other side of this narrow ledge and get the Red Gem from the niche on the right. Return to the other side and drop down to the block and then the floor and make your way to the ladder.

Climb the ladder until it widens and you can shimmy to the right. Climb up and over the short wall and turn left. Go through the narrow hall to the opposite side and get the Silver Idol from the niche on the right. It is hidden behind the spider webs on the right of the niche. Turn and head back to the narrow hall and locate the dark gray block in the middle on the right (see picture). Push this block out toward the main open area of the library. You can only push it once. Now return to the ladder and shimmy back to the left and climb to the top.

From this ledge you can move over to the left far enough to drop onto the dark box. If you look up you can spot another ring you can use your whip on. Whip the ring then climb up and swing forward to the next level. Straight ahead is Tablet Piece #1 of the stone tablet you need to solve the final puzzle of this level. Get it, then turn right and head around to the broken bridge.

Run across the bridge and jump across the broken section to get to the next piece of the tablet. When you take Tablet Piece #2 from the niche the bridge will collapse behind you. Move back out onto the ledge and turn left and look down.

Do a standing jump to land on the block-ledge below you along the left wall. Just inside the wall is a Red Gem you can add to your treasure total. The block you just jumped from collapses and falls to the ground. Now walk to the edge of this block and face the middle of the room. If you look down you should see a central pillar with a raised star in the center. Take one or two steps back from the edge and do a standing jump forward and you will land on the central pillar. When you land you should also trigger the pressure plate, which lowers and opens a low crawlspace below to the right of the ladder. Do a diagonal jump to the block over by the crawlspace then drop to the floor.

Crawl into the tiny opening and enter the next room where you will find the Winged Statue of Marduk. Crawl back out of this area and into the main library. Directly across from you is the block, which used to be the ledge from above before it fell. Run across and climb this block to access the final area of the library.

Just past the spider webs is a pressure plate in the floor and crushing metal plates just waiting for you. The easiest way past this trap is to duck and crawl over the plate and let the "smashers" crunch into themselves above you. At the end of the passage is the final piece of the stone tablet. When you have Tablet Piece #3 you can return to the library (don't forget to crawl through the trap again) and exit the library the way you came in.

Return to the elevator and drop back down to the room where you repaired the gears. This time go to the right wall with the square patterns and put all three pieces of the tablet into the wall. A movie will start and Indy will gain some valuable information that will let you advance to the next level. Now it's time to leave. A wall will have opened on the opposite side of the lift. Enter this new area and claim the final two treasures of the level; a Blue Gem and the Gold Idol.

Return to the elevator and pull the stone away from the wall (or push it into the treasure room) and locate the button. Press the button to start the elevator and ride it to the top. Climb the short wall to the left of the button and head outside where you will meet up with Simon Turner, give him the statue and take his jeep. It's off to Kazakhstan.

Recommended Purchases:
(1) Rifle Clip
(1) First Aid Kit
(1) Trauma Kit