Jeep Trek

This is a fast and short level where your best weapon is the jeep you will be driving. You can simply run down most enemies and the few that are clever enough to hide can be easily picked off with your rifle. Make sure to collect all the ammo from the flattened soldiers and you will leave this level with more ammo than you started.

When the level starts you have about ten seconds to get inside that tent before a trio of guards appear on the cliff and start shooting at you. Inside the tent is your first treasure. Grab the Gold Coins from the table and the Trauma Kit from the crate next to it.

Exit the tent and take cover behind the crates stacked outside. Up on the cliff are two soldiers and their commanding officer. Get out your rifle and sidestep to the left and shoot them then take cover when they return fire. When they are all dead or have run away you can then turn around and get inside that jeep.

The jeep controls are pretty simple. Pressing [CTRL] enters and exits the jeep and the arrow keys control the direction. Pressing [SHIFT] will give you an extra burst of speed useful when jumping ramps, etc. Drive away from the camp and head straight toward the moss-covered rock slope ahead. If you have a good running start you should be able to make it to the top.

Turn left and cross the wooden bridge and enter the cave. Park the jeep inside the cave and exit. Explore the darkness to the right of the jeep and you should be able to easily locate the pile of Gold Coins. Expect to find lots more of these, as seven of the ten treasures on this level are gold coins.

Exit through the opposite opening in the cave and start driving down the hillside. As you near the ravine the bridge will explode. Use the speed burst [SHIFT] and jump the ravine. It's not necessary to land on the opposite ramp but it looks cool if you do. Continue following the tire tracks through the narrow canyon ahead.

You will soon come to the area shown in the picture. Stop the jeep here. There are several guards up ahead to the right. Exit the jeep and walk up the mossy slope to the left and follow it to the end. Head to the edge on the right and look over to spot the pair of guards below. Shoot them then drop down to get their ammo. Return to the jeep and drive up the mossy slope. Hit the turbo again and drive right off the far ledge to sail to the other side of the ravine. Don't attempt to use the ramp - you cannot make the jump.

Continue into the next cave and stop to get more Gold Coins. Drive out of the other side and run over the guards in this area. When they are dead and you have collected the ammo you can turn to face the ramp in the distance. There are three guards hiding behind those crates to the right of the ramp. There is also a Money Chest behind those crates. Try to lure the guards out one at a time and run them over. You can also exit the jeep and use your rifle.

The ramp ahead seems to be broken. Off to the right on a narrow ledge behind the overturned truck is a board leaning against the rock wall. Take this Board and use it on the missing section of the right part of the ramp. Now that the ramp is repaired you can jump this ravine and continue into the next canyon. Directly ahead is a tunnel that has caved-in. Turn left and follow the canyon.

You will soon enter an area with three soldiers by some trees to the left. Chase them around this dead-end canyon and run over these easy targets with your mighty jeep. When they are dead you can exit the jeep. Ignore the rock ladder at the end of the canyon and head toward the large coconut tree. Standing with your back to the tree and facing the opposite canyon wall you should be able to spot a low cave.

Crawl into this cave and collect the Silver Idol. Crawl back out and get into your jeep and start driving back the way you came. When you reach the area shown in the picture head up the mossy stone slope to the right. Follow the narrow canyon around and be careful as you go over the black, sloped rock so you don't fall off the cliff to the right. Enter the cave ahead.

This next part is tricky and deadly if you miss so you may want to save. Drive to the left side of this large round cavern and quickly race down the spiral dirt ramp along the cave wall. Gravity will pull at your jeep so make sure to steer into the wall and use the turbo if necessary so you don't fall to the floor far below. When you reach the cavern floor you can exit your jeep for a moment and get a treasure.

To the left of the exit you should be able to spot the crumbling wall section. Use the Urgon part to smash the wall and reveal the treasure nook behind it. Get the Gold Idol and return to the jeep. Drive out into the sunlight and follow the path to the far end then turn right and head up the ramp leading to the top of this area. A guard will be lobbing grenades at you from above. If you are good you can actually ramp the jeep off the final slope and land on top of him. Continue along the path and enter the Canyon Maze.

The Canyon Maze isn't too difficult once you have a map and know where to go. The place is crawling with Russians and there is also a truck patrolling the maze with a big machine gun. If you encounter this truck you need to drive very fast in some other direction or they will destroy your jeep (and you) in seconds. There are several short vertical drops throughout the maze that prevent you from backtracking. Stick to the map and follow my route for getting the remaining four treasures and finding the exit in the shortest and safest way possible.

When you enter the maze the truck will be in the first area. Drive quickly down the path across the way to the right and make a left at the first intersection. Make a right at the following intersection and you should soon arrive at a junction with a waterfall. Turn left again.

Follow the trail and you will soon arrive at a tall hut. The guard out front needs your immediate attention. Run him over or exit the jeep and kill him with guns. When he is dead you can search the skeleton in the front of the hut and get the Gold Coins. Hop back in the jeep and take the road leading off to the left.

Continue along the narrow passage. You may hear or even see the machine gun truck nearby. It will stalk you throughout the maze. When you arrive at the next intersection you should see a Totem Pole tucked behind some bushes and a tree. Exit the jeep and grab the treasure from behind the carved statue. When you have the Gold Coins you can get in your jeep and take the fork leading to the right of the totem. When you reach the clearing with the guards you can spot the steep sloped exit to your right. This is your way out after you get the remaining two treasures. Run over the guards then take the path leading away on the opposite side of this clearing.

Make a right at the first intersection and follow the path until you spot the plane wreck ahead. A solider hides behind the rock next to the plane making it almost impossible to run him over. Exit the jeep when you reach the high part of the narrow passage and shoot him with your rifle. When he is dead you can then drive up to the wreck and exit the jeep to get the Gold Coins from behind the plane. You can proceed on foot to the next treasure or drive if you want - the path is the same.

Ahead lies a bunker and another guard. This guy is tricky and sticks to the wall making it impossible to hit him with the jeep. Use your guns to kill him then get the Gold Coins from the trench behind the sandbags. Now take the first branch on the left from where you entered and then take another left to return to the plane wreck. If you are on foot you can get back in the jeep and head back to the exit.

Enter the clearing and run over any soldiers that are left. You will probably hear the machine gun truck quickly approaching to block your escape. Head for the steep rock slope and use your turbo to get up and over to the other side. The movie will take over as you make a daring leap from your moving jeep to the helicopter hovering overhead. When you are safely onboard Sophia will fill you in on more of the story and then you fly off toward Mexico where your adventure continues in Teotihuacan.

Recommended Purchases:
(1) Rifle Clip
(1) First Aid