Code What it does

TSWCHAN "god mode" Makes Lo Wang invincible

TSWGIMME Gives you all items, including weapons, ammo, keys, inventory, ect.

TSWGHOST "no clipping mode" Enables Lo Wang to walk through walls

TSWMAP Shows the entire map of the level you are playing (press Tab to see)

TSWGREED Supposedly enables all of the codes!

TSWTREK (x, y) Warps Lo Wang to any level (x = 0 for episode 1, 1 for episode 2, ect. y = 1 for level 1, 2 for level 2, ect.)

TSWTRIX Enables bunny rockets (on weapon 5)

TWINPACHINKO Enables Lo Wang to win the pachinko game on the first try (and pick up a prize)

TSWRES Switches resolutions

TSWSTART ReStarts the game

TSWLOC Displays the frame rate in the corner of the screen

TSOUND Displays the text "Help sound" on screen

TQUIT Quits the game

TDUMPSOUNDS Creates the file "" and dumps sounds into it (for debugging)

TSWSAVE Creates a file of the level you are playing and saves it (possibly for editing in BUILD in the full version of the game)

TSWWAVE I don’t know…

TSWNAME Change your name!


Written by: Michael W. Due

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