Hero X
                Unofficial Strategy Guide and FAQ
                         by Kasey Chang
                     released March 30, 2004

0    Introduction
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This FAQ is about Hero X, the budget superhero game from Amazing
Games, published by Infogrames (i.e. Atari).


There doesn't seem to be any FAQ for this budget superhero game,
so here it comes.

This is a FAQ, NOT a manual. Not that you really need a manual to
play this little gem.

This USG only covers the PC Version, which is the only one that

Some of you may recognize my name as the editor for the XCOM and
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I am just a game player who decided to write my own FAQs when the
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Previously, I've written Unofficial Strategy Guides (USGs) for
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Amazing Games created Hero X, which was then published by
Infogrames (now Atari)

This USG is not endorsed or authorized by Amazing Games or

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This document is based on the patch 1 release, and thus
information listed here may NOT apply fully to earlier versions.


30-MAR-2004         Initial release

1    Hero X General Info


Q: Can you send me the game (or portions thereof)?
A: No. It's like $5 in local stores.

Q: Can you send me the manual? (or portions thereof)
A: It's on the CD. Duh! (Hero X Help)

Q: Can you tell me how to play the game?
A: Read the README file and the mini manual.

Q: How big is the install?
A: 760 megs of space is used on the HD.

Q: Is there a patch?
A: The patch, known as "patch 1", should already be on the CD.

Q: What is "cheese mode"?
A: When cheese mode in on, you get the "POW!" and "BAM!" balloons
when people got hit, as well as more cheesy dialogs.

Q: How many superpowers are there?
A: See section [3] for a full list. Beware that you actually do
NOT get to pick from all of them. The list of available powers is
randomly generated each time.

Q: How many attacks are there?
A: There is one ranged attack (different varieties), and three
melee attacks (2 punches, and 1 kick).

Q: Can you fly in this game?
A: No. This game is 2D only and all combat is on the ground.

Q: Can you pick up items and throw them as weapons?
A: Sort-of. Use the "vision" (infra, X-ray, Aware) powers to see
what can be thrown. You may need to use "super-strength" to pick
up items. Also, you cannot move once you've picked up an item
until you've thrown the item.

Q: Can you pick up a lightpole (or such) and use it to bash
villains and minions?
A: No.

Q: Can you play as the villains?
A: No. The story mode (the only mode) has you playing as the good

Q: How about a sequel? Expansion packs?
A: This is a BUDGET title. No sequel or expansion packs at all.

Q: What's the difference among the difficulty levels?
A: Difficulty level affects amount of damage you do, amount of
resistance the enemy gets, etc.

Q: Where is the pause button?
A: Space bar. See your options button.

Q: What about some cheat codes?
A:  See final section if there is any.


Hero X is basically an isometric 3D clone of Freedom Force (which
I also have a FAQ for).

With launch of X-men and Spiderman movies in 2002, and Freedom
Force as well, Infogrames decided they should publish a budget
game to tap the market of comic superheroes.  And this new
startup, Amazing Games, has a game that fits their needs. It's
called Hero X.

Strangely, Amazing Games does not seem to have a website, and
their only other game listed is a Playstation baseball game.


Operating System: Windowsr 98/ME/2000/XP
Processor: Pentiumr II 400 (Pentiumr III 600 recommended)
Memory: 64 MB of Memory (128 RAM of Memory recommended)
Hard Disk Space: 850 MB Hard drive space
Video: SVGA capable of 800x600 resolution, Video DirectXr 8.1
Sound: Sound DirectXr 8.1 compatible sound card
Direct Xr: DirectXr 8.1 (included) or higher


Basically, you create a hero and choose 3 power from your initial
list. You can also choose skin, hair, and costume colors, along
with accessories (mask, cape, etc.)

Then you go into town, which is in isometric 3D and move around,
sort of like Crusader series (from Origin). When you encounter
enemies, you can fight them with your superpowers (some of which
must be activated, which drains power) or you can go melee (armed
with 2 punches and 1 kick).

You have two measures: life, and energy. Life (red meter), is
just that. When you run out, you fail your mission and the
campaign. Energy (blue meter) is basically a pool from which you
can do your superpowers. If you activate multiple superpowers you
can drain your energy, and if you run out of energy you can't use
those superpowers. Fortunately, both regenerate on their own
rather quickly. There are no "power-ups" in the game any way.

Melee attack takes no energy, by the way. You can "pump up" melee
by using superpower such as "frenzy". That would drain energy,
but melee attack itself takes no energy.

Objectives is basically solving crime around Smalltown, USA. Go
where the professor tells you to go, attack minions, attack
supervillain(s) when they show up, solve a few puzzles here and
there, ad infinitum. You get a new power every couple of


Patch1 is usually found on the CD itself. Please install it
before enjoying the game.


Hero X is a budget title and as thus has no expansion packs or

If you want a better superhero game, try Freedom Force.

2    General Tactics


Only fight one goon at a time. Fighting multiple enemies means
getting hit on all sides, and that is bad.


Some goons that shoot from long-range, like tommy gun gangsters,
don't chase you. Thus, you can shoot them from long range with
fireballs and they won't do a thing.


Some powerful shooters like fire-bringers are too dangerous to go
directly toe-to-toe, as those flamethrowers will barbeque you in
no time. Instead, run past them to make them miss, then charge in
to KO them.


When you can make 3 clones of yourselves as allies, you have the
game all but won. The only difficulty is getting the clones to
where you need them. They will punch your target out for you and
keep them down until they're out.


The kick is very useful as it often generates a KO, which takes
the enemy down for random amount of time. The enemy is
invulnerable until s/he gets back up, but you can immediately
kick s/he back down again. In the meanwhile, your energy/life
would be recharging.


Some powers are great when used together.

For example, entangle (or similar) with energy drain will stop
supervillains cold.

Look for your own special combo powers.


There are more minions than the head villain, so take out minions
first, THEN worry about the head honcho.

3    Superheroes and superpowers
In general, a hero should have one vision power, one ranged
attack power, one shield power, and one melee power. Every else
would be icing on the cake.


Please note that the list of superpower available is randomly
chosen every time you play.

Here is the full list of superpowers in alphabetical order

    Awareness: Quickly identifies objects you can interact with;
  pick up, open, etc. (same as infravision), virtually useless
    Bullet Shield: This shield protects the user against small
  high-velocity projectiles, not that useful except against
  gangsters and security guards
    Confusion: Confused opponents wander aimlessly, forgetting
  the fight temporarily, almost same as entanglement
    Copy Superpower: Allows you to use another's randomly
  selected superpower temporarily, not that useful
    Danger Sense: With this skill, you will know what direction
  threats lie in, not that useful
    Earthquake: Knocks everyone off their feet, stunning them
  temporarily, group stun is okay if you need to get away from a
    Electric Bolt: Connects you rather shockingly to a target
  for heavy damage, good attack but drains energy
    Electric Shock: An electric arc emits from you, striking an
  enemy for light damage, light version of electric bolt, not as
    Energy Drain: Lessens the power of a target who possesses
  super abilities, great with powers that stops/stuns enemies, like
  entangle, freeze, whirlwind, etc.
    Entanglement: Employs flora, dead or alive, to hinder your
  enemy's movement, useful to keep them still for alternate attacks
    ESP: Allows you to read the thoughts of enemies and
  innocents alike, useless except for amusement value.
    Fireball: Fires a flaming ball that concentrates on its
  target for heavy damage. (almost same as electric bolt)
    Flame Shield: A flaming aura will surround you, lessening
  damage inflicted to you., it's really counters melee attack only
    Flamethrower: Flames shoot forth in a stream, inflicting
  moderate damage, not that useful as range is limited (like fire
  bringer's attack)
    Flaming Body: Flames will surround your body, burning all
  who strike you., slightly improved flame shield.
    Force Field: Forms a barrier of force around you, absorbing
  all damage inflicted, heavy drain on energy
    Force Hand: Use this mentally generated hand to dispense
  justice at a distance, think of it as tele-punch, amusing but not
  that useful.
    Freeze Ray: Shoots a ball of extreme cold at a target,
  freezing him in his tracks, similar to entangle.
    Frenzy: With this skill, your fighting strength and speed
  will increase, very useful, definitely get this one.
    Ice Shield: An aura of cold surrounding you that lessens
  damage inflicted to you, it's just a shield.
    Ice Slide: A pathway of ice beneath you allows you to slide
  around VERY quickly. (same as super speed)
    Illusion Decoy: Creates an identical copy of yourself and
  renders you invisible, useful getting around those fireball
    Immobilize (Ice): Instantly immobilizes opponents in an
  encasement of ice, similar to freeze ray
    Infravision: See heat, and your foes can no longer hide in
  darkness, similar to awareness as you can spot enemies and
  movable objects.
    Invisibility: True to its name, this power makes you
  undetectable to the human eye, useful to ambush enemies.
    Knock Back: Produces a field that forces away anyone you
  strike, useful when combined with range attacks.
    Knockout Gas: Produce noxious fumes to overwhelm stubborn
  villains without struggle. Not that useful except on minions.
    Mimic: With a simple touch, absorb the appearance and
  abilities of another. Not that useful unless the target has a
  power you need.
    Mind Control: With this ability, most anyone can be made
  into an ally (albeit temporarily).
    Multiply: Create three independent duplicates of yourself
  for instant allies. VERY USEFUL as four of you is always better
  than just one. .
    Psychic Blast: Harnesses the power of the mind to damage a
  single target.. It's just another ranged attack.
    Psychic Hold: Using advanced psychic skills, a target can be
  rendered immobile. (same as entangle / immobilze)
    Repulse: Force away anyone who tries to crowd you with a
  telekinetic shove, same as knockback
    Shapeshift: Assume a metallic or rock form, temporarily
  avoid damage to regenerate?
    Shock Field: A field surrounds you, which shocks anyone
attempting to strike you, just another shield
    Smoke Screen: Generate a cloud to confuse and slow
evildoers, not that useful
    Sonic Boom: Render criminals helpless with a devastating
blast of sound, KO time is a bit longer
    Sonic Stun: Render criminals helpless with a devastating
blast of sound, KO time is short
    Stasis Field: A field of energy that can be sent at a target
to render it immobile. (same as entangle)
    Super Healing: Recover from any injuries at a greatly
accelerated rate, probably not needed as your existing regenerate
is sufficient if you rest between fights.
    Super Speed: Run circles around evildoers with the speed of
a cheetah, can be of some use in some situations.
    Super Strength 1: With your enhanced muscles, lift up to one
ton, lift boxes and throw them as weapons.
    Super Strength 2: With further muscle enhancements, lift up
to 3 tons, pretty much useless
    Telekinesis: Move objects from a distance with this mental
discipline. (useful flipping switches through walls)
    Teleport: Transform yourself from matter to energy, and back
again elsewhere, may be useful as escape maneuver or to bypass
some doors/walls
    Time Slow: Slows the flow of time in your immediate area,
can be useful to escape/attack
    Time Stop: Bring the march of time to a grinding halt for
all those around you, can be useful to escape/attack
    Whirl Wind: Unleash the fury of a miniature tornado upon
your foes. (target is spun around for several seconds and cannot
fight back, while you can beat up on it)
    Wind Blast: Use this solid air attack to knock down even the
most unyielding foes, it's just another version of knockback
    Wind Slide: Harness the forces of air to glide at the speed
of a gale. (same as superspeed)
    X-ray Vision: Walls of wood and stone cannot conceal foes
from the eyes of justice, same as infravision or awareness,
almost useless.


My first Hero was named "Marshall" (both as law enforcement, and
as a fire-user).

His initial powers are: super-strength, infra-vision, and
fireball. Later I added flame shield and frenzy. Still later I
added whirlwind, multiply, and pushback, but pushback was never

This hero has it all. It can attack from long range with
fireball, or go nose-to-nose with frenzy and flame shield. Infra-
vision helps pinpoint special locations or objects, while
multiply gives enhances your attacks, and whirlwind disables
enemy for more hits.

Got your special superhero? Submit it for listing here.

4    Supervillains
You will be fighting quite a few supervillains, each of which has
some special abilities you need to be aware of.

4.1   SLICER

Slicer has a huge blade on his arm and he can do a LOT of damage
if he connects with you. Otherwise, he really has no other
special abilities.

Fight him away from his gangster minions, and keep knocking him
down. It'll take a while, but it works.

If you got "multiply", let the clones work on him.


Wyldfire has speed and flame attack, but that's about it. If you
can avoid his fireballs he's pretty weak in melee. Get in close
and KO him.

4.3   GALE

Usually appearing with Thunderhead, Gale has the nasty whirlwind
attack that can spin you around, essentially disabling you for a
few seconds. Other than that, she's not that strong in attack.

Try to do her away from Thunderhead.


Thunderhead has a nasty electrical ranged attack that can do you
in if you're not careful. Usually appears with Gale. Try to fight
him away from Gale.

Use speed to avoid his shots and let him drain his power, or you
can help drain his power with entangle and such.

4.5   KUDZU

Kudzu has the nasty "entangle" power that can hold you still
while his "drain power" work on you. However, he's not that
strong on melee. Take out his minions using regular attack, and
Kudzu will go down after lots of KO's.

4.6   PRESTO

Presto's main power is multiply, which adds 3 clones that can
overwhelm you. She also has a pushback power that prevents you
from getting close unless she wants you to. Still, she's not that
strong and with enough attacks she'll go down just like everybody

4.7   MIMIC

Mimic's ability is to turn into someone exactly, and to fight
Mimic means fighting yourself, albeit a version that doesn't use
the special powers much.

4.8   MR. C

Mr. C has no special ability, but his fighting power and
endurance is top-notch (you'll see why!)


The Suit must be beaten FOUR times. It's decent on melee, but no
ranged attack at all.

5    Enemy Minions
These are mission enemies. The random encounter enemies would be


The bikers are bruisers, but not trained in fighting.

Found in: Part 1


The frat guys are typical college kids who can't really fight
that well, but they have numbers on their side, and they can get

Found in: Part 2


Lead by Slicer, gangsters are armed with tommy guns. They can do
quite a bit of damage up close, but their guns have VERY limited
range. So stay away a little, and blast them with range attack.

Found in: Part 3


Lead by Wyldfire, fire bringers has a flamethrower that can do
quite a bit of damage if you don't avoid their shots. Fortunately
once you get really close they go to melee mode instead.

Found in: Part 6?


Dressed in funky raincoats and sports an umbrella, these unlikely
minions are lead by Gale and Thunderhead. They actually melee
quite decently.


These creatures, controlled by Kudzu, are creatures taken over by
the alien plant that merged with Kudzu. They aren't that hardy so
a couple hard hits should take them down.


Lead by Presto, killer clowns are pretty weak overall and don't
really do that much damage. Don't let their jovial expressions
fool you though. They can be nasty in groups, and are
surprisingly fast.


These guards are around C-Tech. Armed with a pistol, they aren't
too hard to take down, but can do damage in groups.

5.9   C MONKEY

These oversized simians have a good melee attack, but aren't too


These are lead by Offside. They are armed with either baton
knifes or killer pom-poms. They don't melee THAT well, but don't
let your guard down either.


These primitive bashers are brutish and dumb, but they are tough.
Lead by Ice Age, they cause havoc in the city and it's up to you
to remove them.


The seeker drone patrols the next-to-last level of Ms.C's lair.
They basically kamikaze you and explode, unless you hit them
first with ranged attack. They can do notable damage and often
will KO you as well. However, only one of them pose no danger at
all as you can simply recover by resting.


These towers hide in the ground when not in use. When you get
close enough to one, it will pop out of the ground and shoot a
fireball at you for significant damage. Be very careful around

6    Walkthru
This walkthru contains spoilers and should only be read when
you're REALLY stuck.

I usually don't bother listing directions, but should you require
directions, up = north, right = east, left = west, down = south.
Simple enough, right?

In between many missions, you can go do patrols in town. That is
optional unless professor has nothing else for you to do. The
patrols just mean you may run into some thugs mugging the
citizens or such. Take them down. After three or so encounters,
professor should send you to message to your next mission.


So you're the new hero in town... ASHA has told you to visit the
professor. When you arrive there... You see a biker gang seems to
be threatening the professor!

6.1.1     Professor's lab
You arrive at the lab. Beat down any bikers until they're all
knocked out. Clear out the house AND the backyard.

The only trick really is to figure out where the doors are.

When you see the professor, talk to him and get a bit of
background briefing. It appears you need to take out those super-
bikes the professor was forced to build for them...

Oh, and go meet the mayor when you have a chance. It's labeled on
the map too.

You also get the wrist-com with the map. Open the map and go to
"Biker's Hangout".

6.1.2     Biker's hangout
Nothing to it, really. Despite the mission briefing, there is no
need for stealth.

The bikes are in two groups, a group of 5, and a group of 3. Just
walk up to them and you'll see the sabotage being done. Then feel
free to punch more gang members. At the end, you'll meet the gang
boss, who is a real bruiser (carries a shotgun?). Use KO moves to
take him down.

When that's done, you end up in professor's lab.


There is a disturbance at the college, according to the
professor. You'll have to go take a look...

Open up the map and go to "Theft Site".

6.2.1     College Lab
You arrive at the college. Talk to the security guard, and he'll
tell you that a bunch of frat guys have wrecked the place.

Just head on in and clean the place out.

You'll find one pledge at the end who'll talk instead of fight.
He gives you the frat house location.

Open up the map and go to "Frat House".

6.2.2      Frat House
Get inside and beat up everybody. When you got them all, it's

Professor's happy as he got the part to finish his super crime

You also get a new superpower.


Police radio shows a bank robbery in progress! Get there ASAP!

6.3.1     Bank Robbery
Slicer, the guy with the funky mask and that big slicing blade on
his arm, is robbing the bank with his minions.

Get in there and beat up his minions, mostly mobsters with tommy
guns. Those guys can be tough but just stay back and you can
blast them from a distance.

When you almost clean out the bank, Slicer escapes out the back
door with a hostage, one of the bank tellers.

6.3.2     Showdown in the warehouse
Professor was able to trace Slicer's whereabouts, and you chase
him down in the warehouse district...

Take out one gangsters at a time. Remember to save the game when
you get close to seeing the hostage... Next to her is a bomb.
Before that you should see 3 switches on the wall. Those control
the hostage door and the bomb door. When Slicer triggers the
bomb, you have 60 seconds to figure out those switch combinations
to open one of those doors, preferably the bomb room. Disable the
bomb and you get more time to free the hostage.

After that, go find Slicer out the back trying to fix a dead car.
Take him down and it's over (for now).


Shopkeeper claims he was robbed by someone extremely fast. Could
it be another supervillain? See both the mayor and chief of
police after you visit the store.

6.4.1     The store
Go to the store and interview the owner. Then talk to the police
on the scene.

Now head over to city hall and talk to mayor and police chief.

6.4.2     City Hall
The mayor and chief are doubtful of your findings... Until
Wyldfire showed up again...

The professor has an idea that should allow you two to have a
battle without hurting any one else...

Open up the map and go there.

6.4.3     Dousing the fire
You go find Wyldfire and his fire-thrower minions at a place
where no one else will get hurt. With a bit of work you put them
all down.

You end up back at the lab.


Slicer is escaping from jail... Go to the jail now!

6.5.1     At the jail
Nothing to see here, Slicer's gone. However, a security guard
spotted him... Go there...

6.5.2     Follow the guard
The guard will lead you but there are LOTS of Slicer's minions
around, and you have to take them out, preferably from a

When you get to the end, you'll see Slicer, and a couple of his
minions. Try to fight the minions first, leave Slicer for last.

When you beat him, you complete this part.


You need to join the convoy to make sure everything goes
smoothly. Open up the map and head for "Convoy Rendezvous".

6.6.1     Ambushed!
Looks like you're just too late, as someone just ambushed the
military convoy!

Fight a couple minions and rescue the soldiers. You need to shove
the barrels out of the way to get the soldiers out. Then shove
the vehicle out of the way to east as well and they'll be safe.

You'll meet Gale and Thunderhead. As you beat on them a little,
they'll escape. Just beat their minions.

The sergeant told you that tracer has been installed. Follow

6.6.2     Follow the lead...
You got there, beat up a couple bad guys... And found all the
tracers have been separated from the goods.

Go visit the professor.

6.6.3     Professor says...
Professors used the satellites to pinpoint the location of the
classified substances.

Open the map and head for "goo location".

6.6.4     Now you fix them...
You meet Gale and Thunderhead again, along with their minions.
Take them both down and it's over.

You're back in the lab and relaxing...


The mayor has requested your presence at his formal, which is
being held at his mansion.

Open map and go to "Mayor's Mansion".

6.7.1     Mayor's Mansion
Talk to everybody important, like Mayor, wife, Maria (the
daughter), the Chief, and even Presto the magician.

After a bit of talking, Professor calls you on the wrist-com. It
appears some kind of swampy creature is attacking a farm!

Open up your map and head for the farm.

6.7.2     Farm encounter
You got to the farm and the professor told you he suspect Kudzu,
who is fused with a plant.

Go in there, beat up some plant-bugs / plant-apes, then Kudzu
himself when you have a chance.

When you defeat Kudzu, you're called back to Mayor's Mansion. It
appears there's a big problem back at that place.

Open your map and head back to Mayor's Mansion.

6.7.3     Presto's Show
It appears that Presto, the magician, is a supervillain as well,
and she has kidnapped mayor's daughter, Maria. The ransom
demand... You and the Chief of Police must stay outside town
limits for a couple days, that's it.

The professor has a different idea... He got your "spare suit"
and had one of the policeman wore it to accompany the chief. In
the meanwhile, he sent you with his special teleporter to where
the daughter is expected to be held...

6.7.4     No biz like show biz
You'd be fighting a bunch of killer clowns. The only REALLY tough
one is Presto, who can suddenly make 3 clones of herself and you
had to fight ALL of them. And you have to take her down a couple
times, as you keep finding these "fake" Marias around.

Once you find the real daughter, Presto is nowhere to be seen.
Still, you're hailed as hero.

6.8   PART 8: FRAMED!

The evil Mr.C promised something to turn the tide against your

6.8.1     Summoned
You've been summoned by the professor to report to a jewelry
store robbery.

Open map and go to "jewelry store".

6.8.2     Taken in
You encountered the police there, who stated that you are the
prime suspect. In interest of co-operation, you let them take you
to jail.

6.8.3     Escape from jail
The professor has unlocked your cell by hacking, but you need to
make your own way out the jail.

It's actually quite simple... And involves a bit of back-

Look around the jail and you'll notice 4 switches: northwest,
northeast, southwest, and east (just south of the policemen).
Basically, open each switch that you can find, which will in turn
opens one of the doors that was previously locked.

If you need specific instructions...

Head north through door, turn west then south, go through door.
Head all the way south to courtyard, use switch on wall to open
the two doors. Do NOT touch the "buzz for admittance" button yet.
Instead. head through the other door and pull the east switch.

Now backtrack to the northwest switch, whose door should now be
open. Pull that switch.

Back track to east switch, and you should see the room next to it
with locked door is now open. Go inside, pull the switch, and use
BOTH CONSOLES to disable the cameras.

Head to southwest switch, whose door should be open. Pull the
switch, and it'll open up the doors to the cop's room. They'll
say it's weird.

Now head south and use the "buzz for admittance" buzzer on the
outside, and run back inside. One of the cops will head for the
security room (but the camera is already disabled). The other
will head south to check the courtyard.

Follow the western passage up the north, then follow the northern
passage east, through the cop's duty room, and you're free!

Head to the professor's lab once you're outside.

6.8.4     Professor says...
Professor found that the imposter is committing more crime in
your name. He has a location...

Open your map and head for "imposter's locale".

6.8.5     Look in the mirror
Once there, you need to fight the imposter, who's known as Mimic.
He has your exact abilities, but you can outfight him.

Professor has the Powermaker charged again for more superpower...


The call to the special prison did not go through... There may be
a prison break in progress... The prison is actually NOT in the
city, so the professor simply sends you there...

6.9.1     Cleanup crew of one
Basically, you get to fight EVERYBODY all over again, plus a
couple of their minions. Defeat all of them.

Professor called... The Mayor's been kidnapped! Return to the lab

6.10  PART 10: FINDING MR. C

Now you're back at the lab, the professor told you to find the
newspaper kid, News, who may have more information.

6.10.1    Finding News
Explore the streets and you'll locate News... Who told you about
the green paint he planted on the van.

Open map, go to mayor's mansion and you'll see the trail.

6.10.2    Follow the kidnappers
Follow the paint trail and beat up more bad guys. You'll get to
the mayor soon. Now you get to see the C creations... C Monkey
and more, plus guards.

When you get to the end, beat up Mr. C.

Mr. C is a robot? And Ms. C got away...

You get to choose another superpower.


Looks like two more supervillains are out gunning for you,

6.11.1    First Encounter
Offside is a brutish "football" player, while Ice Age can freeze
people. Still, the old-fashioned kick works quite well against
them, esp. if you have cloning. Their minions on the other hand
are worse... Killer Cheerleaders and Cavemen are kinda "cute".

They will escape, and you need to chase them down again.

6.11.2    Last Encounter
You need to take them out, this is for the last time. Beat their
minions too.

You get one more superpower before the big mission.


Ms. C has used her mind ray to freeze the citizens. You are their
only hope! You must destroy the mind ray!

6.12.1    Visiting C HQ
Beat your way through the guards, C Monkeys, and a couple
gangsters, and a fire bringer or two to reach the mind ray.

When you get to it, you can't disarm it! Professor said you must
shut down the power, which is outside.

Head outside to change map.

6.12.2    Office Section
Fight your way through the offices until you see a stair heading
down. Click the stairs to change map.

6.12.3    Underground level
You're on a set of catwalks, with a bunch of seeker drones, C
Monkeys, and switches to pull.

There are total of seven switches you need to pull, but there are
total of 10 or more switches. Some of them will 'reset' the other
switches. The objective is to pull all seven switches without
touching any of those reset switches so you open both doors.

Once you opened both doors, walk down, take out some drones, take
care of a couple more C Monkeys, walk past some of those pin
traps, run past that flame thrower, and you're almost ready for
the FINAL mission...

6.12.4    Lair of Ms. C
Ms. C is in a special combat suit, and the arena is not a nice
place. It's full of fireball launchers on the sides (near the
ramps to the generators), plus a circle of flames near the
center. There are SIX generators you need to disable. Two are on
top, two are to lower left, and two are to lower right. You can't
get to them until you take down Ms. C (three times). Defeat her
once and you can access two of the generators. Go up through the
ramp, run past the fireball launchers, defeat the C monkeys and
drones, then access the computer to turn off each generator one
by one. Ms. C will recharge when you got 2, then 4 generators. So
you need to defeat her once to take out generator 1 and 2, again
for 3 and 4, again for 5 and 6, and one more time...

Once you've defeated her the final time, she's down for good, and
you win the campaign!

7    Miscellaneous
Nothing at this time.


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