Walkthrough by DBal - BGeorge


1. During the dialogues, the correct choices in multiple-choice phrases are included in parentheses (one choice phrases are omitted).

2. Always take the princess with you, except where it is not possible. Sometimes you have to prepare the way for her, since she can't jump or fight like you and afterwards you must return and take her back.

3. In some points of the game you may recharge energy, if you need. However, if you play cautiously, you may never need any energy at all.


Screen 1: Select knife in your inventory and cut the straps of the parachute. Kill the priest. L, U, L. Cut the rope that ties the princess. R, D, R.

Screen 2: Talk to the princess (1,1,1). R, take the gun from the box. L, talk again to the princess and persuade her to follow you (1,2,3,2,1). R, out of the screen.

Screen 3: Shoot the dino (5 shots) and immediately jump U to the platform, in order to avoid the snake. Jump R, R.

Screen 4: R, U to the platform. Shoot the bird. The sleeping crocodile eats it and dives into the water. R.

Screen 5: R, U to the platform. R, U, take the diamond. D, D, use the teleport, by throwing the diamond into the dragon's hand.


Screen 6: L, U, L.

Screen 7: L, D, L. Step onto the small platform, in order to rise up the bigger one. U, shoot the green worm, run R and jump into screen 6. If you fall into the water:

Screen 8: Swim D.

Screen 9: Swim L.

Screen 10: Swim L, U.

Screen 11: Swim U, L. Use the teleport again to return to screen 6. Take care of your gun. If it's wet, you must wait until it gets dry.

Screen 7 (cont.): Shoot again the green worm, jump R (Shift - R - U. Hold U-button, in order to get up from the edge) and move quickly R, to avoid the green worm. Again to screen 6.

Screen 6: R, D, R, D. Jump D to screen 12, holding Shift. Tip: if you want to preview the next picture safely, hold Shift and D button, take a look, U, release Shift.

Screen 12: Shift - U, to climb U. If you fall down, no way out.

Screen 6: R, to screen 13.

Screen 13: R, to the edge. Jump D, holding Shift.

Screen 14: Holding Shift, press U and get on the platform. If you fall down, no way out. Shoot the green worm and jump R.

Screen 15: Move a little right and shoot the giant insect with 1 shot (find the right angle of the gun). R, U, R, U, U.

Screen 16: U, shoot the green worm, R, U, L. Jump L (start the jump quite before the edge). U, L to screen 13.

Screen 13: L, use the teleport again.


Screen 17: R, talk to the princess. Talk again, picking up the princess icon from the inventory (1). Catch the rope after the princess and get over the bridge, after the kiss.

Screen 18: U to the platform. Cut the rope with the knife, after getting to the edge and get to the next platform. Quickly jump D and shoot the stegosaurus. If you delay, jump L, run away, turn back and kill him with 3 shots. Then R to screen 19.

Screen 19: Climb up to the platform, in order to be seen by the T-Rex. When he begins moving, get D again and hide behind the dragon. When dino disappears to the next screen, ignore teleport and move U, R, D, R to screen 27. If you need energy, use the teleport, to screen 20.


Screen 20: R, jump D, swim D.

Screen 21: Swim D, R.

Screen 22: Swim R, U. Move R, U, R.

Screen 23: Move R, jump D, swim D.

Screen 24: Swim D, R.

Screen 25: Swim R, U.

Screen 26: Swim U, move R, U, R. Get onto the green carpet to recharge energy, but don't touch the green ball. Back L, D, L, swim D.

Screen 25: Swim D, L.

Screen 24: Swim L, U.

Screen 23: Swim U, move U, jump L.

Screen 22: L, U, jump L.

Screen 20: L, jump L and use teleport to get out to screen 19.


Screen 27: Wait until the two beasts begin to fight. Then shoot the T-Rex (2 or 3 shots), reload the gun and kill the winner triceratops (5 shots). R, to next screen.

Screen 28: R, R. Talk to the princess, using the princess icon. Back to screen 27.

Screen 27: Kill the lizard and take it with you to screen 28.

Screen 28: Get to the edge of the river and put the lizard on the rope. Press the princess icon, in order to make her raise up. Then, cut the rope, kill the crocodile (1 shot) and catch the rope to pass over the river, following the princess.

Screen 29: Shoot all of the passing dinos (they change direction to R, when shot). Jump U to the platform and let the velociraptor to move R, out of the screen. Move D, R, to the next screen.

Screen 30: Let the dinos disappear and move R, to the next screen.

Screen 31: R, use teleport.


Screen 32: L, D, L, D, R.

Screen 33: R, D and quickly U again. Wait until the giant spider gets down and follow it quickly. When it completes a full circle, standing again at the same spot, you move R, U, R, U, U, R, out of the screen. Alternatively: Turn the gun upwards, jump down and shoot at the same time the spider, as it gets down (2 shots). Continue as before.

Screen 34: R, jump R. If you need more energy, jump from the middle platform L. The lose plate is falling down and you can recharge energy at the green ball (hand icon). Then, when the floating panel approaches, jump R onto it. At the appropriate spot move U, U, jump R (Shift, R, quickly let R and press U).

Screen 35: R, U, R, U.

Screen 36: L.

Screen 37: L, U, L, U, shoot the giant spider. R, back to screen 36.

Screen 36: R, U, R, D, R and jump R.

Screen 37: Shoot the scorpion, R, shoot the green worm, R.

Screen 38: Shoot the green worm, R, U, L, U, L, U.

Screen 39: R, U, jump L.

Screen 40: Jump L (begin jumping from the previous screen, in order to be able to complete the jump to the next platform). If you fall down, try again. L, U, L.

Screen 41: L, D, L, U, L, D. Use the teleport to get back to the jungle.


Screen 42: Ignore the T-Rex at the left of the screen and move R, to the next screen.

Screen 43: Leave the triceratops move at the left of the screen and jump D, R.

Screen 44: Be ready to fight the Pteranodons, that are flying in small groups. Shoot only the last one of each group, after the previous birds have dasappeared, otherwise, all of them will attack you. Quickly return to the previous screen, reload weapon and back to screen 44, for a new fight. When no more birds are visible, choose the hand icon, hold Enter and R, and pass over the hanging bridge.

Screen 45: Run R, onto the 2nd platform, in order to avoid the two small dinos.

Screen 46: Move quickly R to the next platform. Jump R and run to the next screen (Tip: choose the appropriate moment, so that the two dinos are found away from the right side of the screen).

Screen 47: Get ready to fight and get back.

Screen 46: Kill the two creatures (5 shots each). Take the princess with you and get back to screen 47.

Screen 47: R, use the teleport.


Screen 48: L, jump L, L.

Screen 49: Jump L, L, D, D.

Screen 50: D, R, D, D. Kill the scorpion. U, U, L, shoot the green worm and take quickly the hook, falling down afterwards. Move R, but not to the next screen, but climb U, U, shoot the green worm again and jump quickly L. U, U.

Screen 49: Shoot the green worm. U, jump R, U, jump L, U, R, U.

Screen 51: R, U, U, L and jump R.

Screen 52: R, D, R, jump R, R.

Screen 53: R, shoot the green worm and jump R, passing over the loose plate. The plate falls down, floating into the lava. Move D.

Screen 54: R.

Screen 55: D, D, L.

Screen 54: D, L.

Screen 55: R, D.

Screen 56: D, D, L.

Screen 57: Jump L, jump L, D. Jump R, on the floating plate. Alternative: A sooner but more dangerous way: At screen 56 you may hang down from the lower platform and jump on the floating plate, at the right moment.

Screen 56: When the floating plate approaches the platform, jump out (Shift - U). R, U, R, U, L, use the teleport and back to the jungle again.


Screen 56: Shoot the two dinos and move R. Ignore the blue monster.

Screen 58: Shoot and kill two more dinos. R.

Screen 59. Kill 3-4 birds (tip: from the previous screen prepare the gun at the right angle, enter screen 59 cautiously and kill the first one. Then, finish them all). D.

Screen 60: D, jump R and climb D quickly to avoid the snake. D.

Screen 61: D to the next platform at the side of the canyon. L, D. The rhamphorhyncus on the left is flying and grabs the princess. Shoot him quickly, otherwise the princess will get lost. L, D, L, D, D.

Screen 62: D, cut the rope and jump down at the bank. The princess has arrived and you must use the hook to get the boat. Onboard you get and sail through the river, relaxing while the princess is doing an excellent job in rowing.

Screen 63: You reach Tauron by the fire. Speak with the princess, asking her to take a torch. Then speak with Tauron (1). He informs you, that you are at the island of Ljagmar, governed at the moment by the traitor Telquad, whom you must win. He'll give you a ball, necessary to go on. U, R.


Screen 64: R.

Screen 65: Run R quickly to the next screen, to avoid the two gorillas.

Screen 66: Run R until the lighting bulb, turn back and kill the gorillas (4 shots each). Get back and bring the princess. Jump onto the head of the statue and ask from the princess to throw the torch into the statue's mouth, so that the cave gets illuminated. Jump L, U, U, R.

If you need more energy, after the jump move L, to the previous screen.

Screen 65: L, shoot some bats, U on the platform, shoot some more, L, U, L.

Screen 64: L, U.

Screen 67: L, U, R.

Screen 68: Shoot some bats. Return to previous screen to reload the gun and shoot the rest of them. R, throw the ball into the statue's mouth, R, U, R.

Screen 69: R, step onto the green carpet and recharge energy. Don't touch the shining ball. Back to previous screen.

Screen 68: Take again the ball and move back to screen 66.

Screen 66: U, U, R to screen 70.

Screen 70: R, throw the ball into the statue's mouth and pass with the princess over the moving plates, which have been now immobilized.U to the next screen.

Screen 71: L, U, L.

Screen 69: L, U, R.

Screen 71: R, U, R, U.

Screen 72: L, U, L.

Screen 73: L, wait for the two gorillas to come down and kill them. Get back and bring the girl. L, U, L.

Screen 74: L, U, jump L, L.

Screen 75: L, wait another two gorillas to get down. Run quickly R to previous screen.

Screen 74: Run R, jump over the gap on the statue, turn back and kill the two gorillas with no hurry (3 shots each). Back to screen 75 again.

Screen 76: L, U, R, U, R.

Screen 77: R, take the ball from the statue's mouth and return to screen 74, to take the princess back. To achieve this, you must put the ball in place, move L for 2-3 screens and then get back quickly and get the ball back. The thing is that the princess can't jump like you, but she hates to stay alone, as well.

If you need more energy, in screen 74, after throwing the ball into the statue's mouth, run L, over the trap plate. Then bend down and roll downwards, L, to screen 75.

Screen 75: L, D, L, D.

Screen 78: R, charge energy from the green ball and get back to screen 74. Don't forget to get the ball back. Move, anyway, back to screen 77 with the princess.

Screen 77: Throw the ball into the statue's mouth again, U, R, U to screen 79.


Screen 79: R, U, R.

Screen 80: Shoot the bird. R, D, R. Ignore the dino.

Screen 81: Shoot the bird and kill the stegosaurus (7 shots). After a chat with the princess move R.

Screen 82: Shoot the first rider, get to previous screen, reload weapon, return and kill the second one (aim at him well, otherwise you'll find difficulties). R.

Screen 83: R

Screen 84: R

Screen 85: Kill the two stone-throwing gorillas. First, get under the door and shoot the second one, and then move R, turn and kill the first one.

Screen 86: R, kill one more gorilla (better run at the right end of the screen)

Screen 87: R, U, kill the dino, D, R, into the hole, to get into the energy cave. If you follow the upper road, you will get into the energy trap and get killed. You have to follow the lower road, in order to inactivate the trap. Don't forget to return and take the princess with you.


Screen 88: L, D, L. Pull lever, R, D, L, D. If you need to recharge energy, L, into screen 89, otherwise R, D to screen 90.

Screen 89: L, leave the girl standing on the green plate, to inactivate the forcefield. Move L, U, R, U, R. Step on the green carpet and charge energy. Return back, take the girl and move to previous screen.

Screen 90: L.

Screen 91: D, L. Let the princess stand on the plate, walk ahead and stop on the next plate, waiting for the princess to come. L, D, R, D, R, U, R.

Screen 90: R, use the same trick to move over the next two plates. R, D, L, D.

Screen 91: R, D, R, D. Let the princess stand again on the plate. L, onto the small platform. As it starts to move down, the gorilla appears and steals the princess. Don't worry, you'll find her later. R, D.

Screen 92: D, R. Pull the first lever and open the grate. L, D, R, pull the second lever (the mechanisms stop working, except the last crankwheel). L, U, R. Pull again the first lever and then move L, D, R and pull again the second lever, to open the lower grate. L, D, L, pull the third lever (the lowest mechanism should stop moving now). R, U, L.

Screen 93: Jump L, run L. Turn back and kill the gorilla guard. (Tip: Gorillas are easily killed if you shoot them when they are standing up - usually 5 successful shots are enough - don't allow them to approach). R, pull the lever to open the grate. L, D.

Screen 94: R, D, L. Pull the lever to let the rodents go for a walk, R, jump D, prepare your gun quickly, bend on your knees and shoot the leader of the group that now appears (1 shot). R.

Screen 95: R, passing over a series of inactivated forcefields.

Screen 96: R, you'll see two dead rodents, killed by the gorilla archer, whose corpse you'll meet next (evidently he has been killed afterwards by the leader of the group). U, R.

Screen 97: R, D, R, U, R. Quickly U and D again, to draw the attention of the gorilla guard. When he approaches kill him from the lower platform. U, L, pull lever. R, D, L, D, R, pull lever, L, U, R, U.

Screen 98: R, U, L.

Screen 99: L, D, L, D.

Screen 100: R, pull the right lever, L, pull the left lever, R, U.

Screen 99: R, U, R.

Screen 98: R, D, L, jump L, L, pull the lever. R, jump R, R, U, L.

Screen 99: L, D, L, D.

Screen 100: L, pull again the left lever, R, U.

Screen 99: R, U, R.

Screen 98: R.

Screen 101: R, jump D, turn and kill the gorilla with 5 shots. U, L, U, L, U, L to the edge of the screen. Turn, run and jump R, R, U.

Screen 102: R.

Screen 103: Kill the gorilla. R, U, R, U, jump L (twice), L.

Screen 102: L, jump L (twice), L. Bend and roll L.

Screen 104: Continue to roll L. Pull the lever. R, back to screen 102 in the same way.

Screen 102: Stand up and jump R. R, R, U, L, U.

Screen 105: If you proceed L, you'll get to screen 106, which is a dead end. The right way is L. U, R, U, jump R, U, R. Pull lever, U.

Screen 107: Stay at the right side and kill the gorilla. Caution: You must return to screen 100, in order to inactivate the forcefield of the upper level of screen 107, otherwise you can't proceed further. D. Back to screen 105, following the same way and then to screen 102.

Screen 102: Jump R - D twice. L, D.

Screen 101: Jump L, L.

Screen 98: L, jump D, L.

Screen 99: L, D, L.

Screen 100: Pull the left lever up. Get back through the screens 99, 98, 101, 102, 103, 102, 105, 107.

Screen 107: L.

Screen 108: L, U, U, jump R.

Screen 107: R, U, R, U.

Screen 109: L.

Screen 110: Out in the lost city. L.


Screen 111: L, U, R.

Screen 110: R, kill the axeman (7 shots), R.

Screen 112: R, D, R.

Screen 113: R. The energy trap is now inactivated and you may pass safely.

Screen 114: Kill the gorilla. R.

Screen 115: R, in the middle of the screen. If you don't need any energy, get up to the first platform to fool the archers. When they arrive, D and run R quickly. If you need energy, U, draw the attention of the two archers and get D quickly. Shoot them safely from the ground. Again, U, D, shoot (totally 5 shots each). U, U, U, L to screen 116.

Screen 114: L, charge energy from the green ball, R, back to screen 115.

Screen 116: R.

Screen 117: R, U, U, U, R.

Screen 118: R, jump R, R.

Screen 119: R.

Screen 120: R, over the wooden platform.

Screen 121: Kill the two axemen (7 shots each). R.

Screen 122: R, D, R.

Screen 123: R, D, R, D. Kill the gorilla archer (5 shots). L.

Screen 122: L, D through the hatch.

Screen 124: L, jump D, turn and kill the gorilla guard. Take the keys, U, R, U again.

Screen 122: R.

Screen 123: R, U, L, U, L.

Screen 122: L, U, L.

Screen 121: L.

Screen 120: Jump on the wooden platform. It will break and you will land on the lower floor. L, U. U.

Screen 125: L, D, kill the gorilla and use the key to get the princess out of the jail. L, U, U.

Screen 120: R, U, R.

Screen 121: R.

Screen 122: R, D, pull lever, R.

Screen 123: R, U, U, R.


Screen 126: R, D, R.

Screen 127: R, D, R.

Screen 128: R.

Screen 129: R. Choose the lower way.

Screen 130: R, U, R.

Screen 131: R, D. Pull lever, in order to open the door of the cage with the rodent. The rodent will protect the princess from the gorillas, that want to kidnap her again. It can't harm you anyway, since it can't climb upwards. If, however, at this stage of the game, the princess gets kidnapped, return to the second jail and set her free, with the key that you possess. D.

Screen 132: Swim D, R.

Screen 133 Swim R, U, U.

Screen 134: L, U, L.

Screen 131: L, U, pull lever, D, L.

Screen 130: L, D. Jump D quickly and run away to avoid the rodent.

Screen 129: L, U, R.

Screen 135: R, jump R, R.

Screen 136: R.

Screen 137: R, D, R, D.

Screen 138: Kill the gorilla and pull the lever.

Screen 137: L, U, L.

Screen 136: L.

Screen 135: L, jump L, L.

Screen 129: L, D, R.

Screen 130: Kill the rodent. R, U, R.

Screen 131: R.

Screen 138: R, D, R.

Screen 139: Kill the two axemen (7 shots each).

Screen 140: R, U, R, U. Kill the gorilla. R, U, R, U.

Screen 141: L.

Screen 142: You can see th gorilla from behind. Run ahead to surpass him. Then turn back and shoot him 5 times. Reload, U, R, U, kill the axemen. R.

Screen 141: R, D, R. Out to the lost city.


Screen 143: R, D, R into the tunnel.

Screen 144: R.

Screen 145: Kill the two axemen. R.

Screen 146: R, U, pull lever, D, R.

Screen 147: R, U, U and quickly D, so that the gorilla will notice you. When he approaches, kill him from the lower platform. U, U, L, U.

Screen 148: U, L.

Screen 149: Kill the axemen. L.

Screen 143: L, D, R, into the tunnel again.

Screen 144: R.

Screen 145: R.

Screen 146: R, D, through the hatch.


Screen 150: R. Tauron appears and you have a chat with him (1,1,1). He sends you alone for a mission.

Screen 151: U, R.

Screen 152: Kill the two axemen. R.

Screen 153: R. Jump before the jail and open the door with the key, letting free Tauron's friends. Back to screen 150.

Screen 150: Tauron promises to show to you how to get the sword. L, U, L, D, L.

Screen 154: L, D. Let the princess stand on the carpet, to inactivate the forcefield. Move L, U, take the sword. D, R, U, R.

Screen 150: R, U, U.

Screen 145: L.

Screen 144: L.

Screen 143: L, U, R.

Screen 149: R, into the tunnel again.

Screen 148 - 147 - 146: Pull lever.

Screen 145 - 144: Pull lever and back to screen 145.

Screen 145 - 146 - 147 -148 - 149 - 143: Into the tunnel again.

Screen 144: R, jump D.

Screen 155: Kill the gorilla. R, pull lever, D, D. Stand with the princess on both green carpets, in order to open the grate. D.


Screen 156: D. Cut the web with your sword (use the space button). L, D, D, L.

Screen 157: Kill two spiders. L.

Screen 158: Kill two more spiders. L, D.

Screen 159: Kill one spider. L.

Screen 160: Kill one spider. L, D, D, R, D, D.

Screen 161: D. Shoot the 5 eggs. The first one reveals the green energy ball, but the other contain spiders (Tip: Shoot one by one the eggs, leaving the spider of each to approach. Then kill it, reloading afterwards). If you need energy recharge here.

Screen 162: Roll L, with the gun ready to fire. Shoot quickly the first spider, otherwise you'll be in trouble.Then finish the eggs. The last one contains an energy ball. Take care to recharge, because it's the last energy store of the game. L.

Screen 163: Proceed with the gun ready to fire, aiming at the ceiling. Shoot the stalactite from there - it will fall and nail down the giant insect. L. U, L.

Screen 164: Kill four scorpions and proceed L.

Screen 165: L, dive and cut the rope of the raft. Let it fly with the girl and swim D, L.

Screen 166: Swim L, U. Move L.

Screen 167: L, D, L.

Screen 168: L, shoot the eggs with the spiders. Take care, no energy ball here. L.

Screen 169: L, U, L, U, L.

Screen 170: Shoot five more eggs with spiders. L.

Screen 171: L, D, L, D, R.

Screen 172: L.

Screen 173: L. Throw a stone into the bowl (Enter - R). Dive and cut the rope. Get up with the girl, throw the stone away and fly up.

Screen 174: L, out in the air again.


Screen 175: L, U, L.

Screen 176: L. Speak with the princess and send her by the teleport. R.

Screen 175: R, D, L.

Screen 176: L, D, dive into the water, swim D.

Screen 177: Swim D.

Screen 178: Swim D, L.

Screen 179: Swim L, U.

Screen 180: Swim U. Out of the water. L.

Screen 181: L, dive and swim D, L.

Screen 182: Swim L. Near the raft, change a little your direction upwards. L. cut two of the four ropes. Beware of the electric squid. Swim U.

Screen 183: Swim U.

Screen 184: Out at the surface. Take a deep breathe and dive again.

Screen 183: Swim D.

Screen 182: Swim D, turn R, cut the third rope and swim up to the surface again.

Screen 184: R.

Screen 185: R. Get on the wall and attract the attention of the dinosaur. Get down quickly and wait. He will hit the wall with his tail. Take one stone and carry it to the boat (screen 184) (Hold Enter - L). Carry one more stone.

Screen 184: Dive again.

Screen 183: Cut the last rope and get out again.

Screen 184: Get on the raft, throw one stone away, and up to the air.

Screen 186: A dangerous trip begins. The birds are trying to throw you D. You must always keep in the middle of the raft, otherwise you'll fall down and be killed. If a bird hits you, return immediately in the middle. Don't keep any weapon, because it makes the birds nervous and you'll accept numerous attacks. Move the raft with the U and D cursor keys. If you get stuck between screens, move a little R or L in the raft, but always return in the middle afterwards. In this screen move U (about at the middle of the screen). You must then catch the wind that will move you L, to screen 187, otherwise you'll move upwards to a dead end.

Screen 187: Fly L, always following the current of the wind (you'll move in the middle of thescreen, next at a lower level and finally higher, to avoid the rock).

Screen 188: Again L (at the upper third of the screen).

Screen 189: Fly now L, at a lower level (at the middle of the screen).

Screen 190: Fly L, at the lower third of the screen. At the middle, fly U, following the wind, to screen 191.

Screen 191: You will meet two flying bizarre creatures with swords, defore a huge rock. Kill them with your sword, at the cross point of 4 screens. Some times you'll fight blindly, not seeing them since they will be in the other screen, but you finally will be the winner. Fly now L, at the upper third of the screen.

Screen 192: Fly L, at a lower level.

Screen 193: At the base of the giant statue you stop. Jump L, U, L.

Screen 194: You'll find before the castle the wounded guard Torkin, who will give you, after a dialogue a key. R.

Screen 193: R, D, R. Jump into the raft again and fly D.

Screen 195: Fly D.

Screen 196: Fly D.

Screen 197: Fly D, jump D. L, through the gate.


Screen 198: L, Open the door with the key. L, U, R, U, U, L.

Screen 199: L, U.

Screen 200: L, U, l, jump L.

Screen 201: L, D, L, D.

Screen 202: D, R, D, R. Pull lever, jump L, U, L, U, R, U.

Screen 201: R, U, jump R.

Screen 200: R, D, R, D.

Screen 199: R.

Screen 198: D, D, L, D, L.

Screen 199: L, U, L, U, L.

Screen 202: L, push the egg into the lava (so you open the way for the princess). Jump L, D, jump R. Pull lever. L, U, L, D, L.

Screen 203: L. Shoot the right egg. The broken egg will form a crust on the lava. Jump L, over the gap. Break the left egg to complete the crust and get back to take the princess to the next screen. L.

Screen 204: L, U, L.

Screen 205: L, U, L, U.

Screen 206: L, U, L.

Screen 207: L. Kill the fencer. Don't lose any energy, since you have many more to kill and there isn't any energy store later to recharge. L, U, L.

Screen 208: Dive into the water and swim. D, L, U. Pull lever to shut down the fountain and get back. U, to previous screen.

Screen 207: Run and jump L, before the edge of the screen (hold Shift).

Screen 2081: L, U, L, U.

Screen 209: L.

Screen 210: L, pull lever, U, L.

Screen 211: L, D, L, D, through the hatch.

Screen 212: L, D. Pull lever, U, R.

Screen 213: R, D, D, D.

Screen 214: R.

Screen 215: R, D. Kill the fencer with your sword. L, pull lever, R.

Screen 216: R.

Screen 205: R, U, R, U.

Screen 206: L, U, L.

Screen 207: L, U, L.

Screen 208: Take the princess and return in the same way.

Screen 207 - 206 -205 - 216 - 215 - 214 - 213: U, U, U, L.

Screen 212: L, U, through the hatch.

Screen 211: R, U, R.

Screen 210: R, D. Pull lever, U, L.

Screen 211: L, D, L.

Screen 217: L, U, L, U, L.

Screen 218: L, U. Let the princess stand on the green carpet to inactivate the forcefield. D, L, jump D, L, U. Pull lever, D, R.

Screen 219: R, U, L, U, L.

Screen 218: L, U, R. Pull lever, U.

Screen 220: R.

Screen 221: R. Kill the guard. The guards from now on have double life and must be killed twice. R.

Screen 222: R. Kill another guard. R.

Screen 223: R. Kill the last guard. R.

Screen 224: R. You finally meet Telquad the traitor, with whom you have a dialogue. R.

Screen 225: R. After a new dialogue, proceed R and fight with Telquad. When he finds himself in a difficult position disappears and appears again in another place. When he diasappears finally, you move L, U, R, R. Jump R, R and out to the next screen.

Screen 226: You find yourself on the roof of the palace, fighting again with the villain. You have a difficult job to do, since he has three lives. Finally, you've got to win him.

Screen 227: The video of the victory: The hero, the defeated enemy, the princess and the real king.

Screen 228: Talk with the king, having the princess aside, and decide if you wish to get back to your unit, or stay with the princess and govern the kingdom. This is the end.


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