Useful Tips for the needed...

		By John Rhee

Resident evil 2

1) Useful weapons being ignored.....

   1: Claire's spark gun.
	Most people don't consider spark gun as a useful weapon. But spark guns are good against
	big bosses, such as William G series, or Mr.X. Note the satasfying "crack" and the big
	bad boss trembling. Not so useful for lesser enemies like zombies, so be aware.

2) Unleaseing Specials easily.


     1) At windows, go the start menu, 
     2) Go to run. Run regedit. 
     3) go the hkey_local-machine.
     4) go to software.
     5) go to Capcom
     6) go the resident evil 2
     7) see special. it should look like 0x0000000* or something similar. only * is important!
	(* is various numbers, depending if you unleased any specials.) 
     8) Change * into 8
     9) Run the game. You'll find out that all specials have unleased, including extreme battle!
    10)	Enjoy!

3) Unlimited Ammo
    This is easier than above; enter the inventory, and enter up, up, down, down, left, right 
    left, right, aim. All weapons will have unlimited ammo! (You can see the difference)

	NOTE: Claire's grenade launcher will need acid, flame rounds to switch to that type

4) Dealing with enemies

	Zombies: these nasty walking dead will try to bite you, which hurts a lot.
		 a 4 pistol combo will knock them down. Try to run past before it
		 has a chance to bite your leg, or shot 2 more shots to kill it.
		 In hard mode, this doesn't work, so use the shotgun to aim for the head, 
		 which is a instant kill. In gangs, always use the shotgun! 
		 Zombies are more dangerous when they look like lad scientists or naked,
		 since they give heavy damage to you! Don't let them get close!

	Crows: These pesky birds won't hurt you much, but are dangerous in groups.
	       1 pistol shot will kill it, but in hard mode, 2 shots! You're better off
	       running from them.

	Dogs: Dogs can hurt you, especially in groups. A careful pistol shots will kill it.
	      In groups, try to get them stand in a line, then shot repeatly with your pistol.

	Spiders: You'll meet them mainly in the sewers, but not much of a threat, except for
		 their poison. A pistol will be enough, but don't hesitate to use magnum, grenade
		 launcher if you are low in health. Treat poison with blue herbs.
		 * Nasty kill: Try hitting spiders with acid, and look how they die, yuck!

	Lickers: These are a major threat to you. Use a shotgun, crossbow, grenade 2 times to 
		 rid them. remember to aim down! Becoming rambo with SMG works good too. You can 
		 also dodge their flying slash, runing sideways, but don't take the risk!
	         Magnum will instantly kill these guys.
                 green colored lickers are stronger than the others, but releasing bio gas
		 will weaken them.

	Green Plant: You'll meet them mainly at the lab. Just burn them with flame weapons.
		     Watch out for their acid spit, and never get close enough for them to 
		     grab you!

	Mutant plant: These plants are more dangerous than the normal ones. (They look like
		      flowers) You'll see them after you release the bio gas. (2nd Character)
		      they have a similar attack, but they can poison you! 
		      Choosing weaker lickers and stronger plants are all up to you.
		      Magnum doesn't work very well with plants, so don't waste ammo!
	William's baby monster: This boss is ugly, but slow. He attacks with worms he spawns
				but not that dangerous. Rip him with SMG, acid rounds, Magnum,
				crossbow, or shotgun. If you take time, he will form claws,
				so finish him quick!

	Pipe william: First form of William, but not so tough, rip him with similar weapons 
		      above, but avoid his 3 hit combo. His finishing combo can instantly kill
 		      you, but are easy to dodge. just keep cool, don't get scared by the music
		      of his roar.

	Huge Alligater: Don't bother shooting at him, his bite will instantly kill you.
			instead, keep running until you find a gas clinder. Release it,
			allow the brute to bite it, and blow it up with your pistol.
			Easy, huh?

	2 Arm William: This time william got uglier and stronger. This time, shock it with
		       spark gun, or magnum. He delivers a 2 hit combo slash, but doesn't 
		       much damage, but watch out for his jump attack; avoid it by running
		       through the track.

	4 Arm William: This guy is much more dangerous! Watch out for his cool 4 combo hit!
		        Nasty damage! Otherwise, he is almost same as 2 Armed. Use Magnum or
			Spark gun. keep running around!

	Lion William: Much more dangerous, and with a time limit! Never get too close, or he
		      will grab and munch you down, doing tremous damage! Also watch for his 
		      jump attack, and shelf attack, all moderate damage. Use custom Magnum,
		      Spark gun to kick his ass.

	Mr.X: This annoying man in a trench coat will stalk you in various places. But not much
	      of a threat. Watch for his charged slam or straight punch, which will hurt you 
	      pretty good. Otherwise, he's not too strong, and search his body for ammo!
	      Use pistols for general, if in pinch, use heavy weapons,

	Super Mr.X: This guy is cool, fast, and tough, but easy to kill, if you are careful
		    at aiming. Hurt him for some time, and someone will give you a rocket 
		    launcher. Use it for a instant kill. But be careful with aim!
		    His claw attacks will not hurt you that bad, but always check your health!

	Final William: This monster is huge, and very ugly. Just rip it with every weapon you
		       got, but first retreat to the wall. Don't get close or it will instantly
		       kill you.		       

5) Ending
	Leon's 1st: Claire is on the train, screaming to Leon to get in. Leon does, and sees
		    Sherry and Claire doing fine. Claire still says that she has to find her
		    brother, and Leon says it's just the beginning. At the Train, he says 
		    goodbye to Ada.
	Leon's 2nd: Leon is on the train, screaming to Claire to get in, Sherry is in a bad shape
		    but Claire administers the antidote, and Sherry recovers. Claire still says
		    that she has to find her brother. Leon heads to the controls and says 
		    something, but the trains shakes.

	Claire's 1st: Leon is on the train, screaming to Claire to get in, Sherry is in a bad shape
		      but Claire administers the antidote, and Sherry recovers. Claire says that
		      she has to find her brother. To Sherry, she says that the God has protected
		      her, and lets her have her jacket.

	Claire's 2nd: Claire is on the train, screaming to Leon to get in. Leon does, and sees
		      Sherry and Claire doing fine. Claire still says that she has to find her
		      brother, and Leon says it's just the beginning. She has a brief chat with 
		      Sherry, but the trains shakes.

	After killing Final William: Leon/Claire manages to escape, while Claire/Leon distracts
				     William. Sherry stops the train, and everyone runs like hell.
				     William focuses his eyes at a bomb, and explodes. Afterward
				     Leon/Claire will say something about the future.	

6) Misc

	Leon seems to be left out by all others when playing as second character. Hear him say
	"Damm, why doesn't anyone listen to me?" When he hears Claire going to the sewers.

	Claire 1st, Leon 2nd seems to have a more interesting story. Everyone is connected to
	others well. Ada meets Sherry (for a short time). Sherry's mom meets Mr.X. 


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