Resident Evil 2 Walkthrough

The City Streets 

At the beginning of this adventure, the Raccoon City Streets are a 
one-way path to the Raccoon City Police Department (RPD). Make your way 
as quickly as possible to the RPD. Along the way Leon can acquire the 
Shotgun and additional Hand Gun Bullets (5). If you are a true 
adventurer, however, you will not pick up a single item in the City 
Streets which will allow access to a secret of Resident Evil 2

The Raccoon City Police Department(RPD) 

The Main Hall of the RPD contains Hand Gun Bullets, Ink Ribbon, and 
Typewriter. Head to single door located to back left. It is the only 
door currently open. Get the Blue Key Card from injured cop and use it 
on Computer Terminal in Main Hall. Two doors will unlock. 

Go through double doors to the west. A file containing information on a 
safe combination is found here. Ditch Knife in Item Box and make note of 
locked desk in the corner. 

Continue through to the next door and into "L"-shaped Hall. Dead cop on 
the floor holds Hand Gun Bullets. Proceed a few more steps and you'll be 
greeted by a Killer. If you already have the Shotgun, blast away. A 
Pistol will work, but outrunning the beast to the next door is best 
strategy without the Shotgun. 

Move down the "U"-shaped hall to double doors in middle. Use Lighter on 
Fireplace in back room to get Red Jewel (1 of 2). Also get File and Hand 
Gun Bullets. 

Moving on, have Pistol fully loaded when entering the next hall. Zombies 
await. If slightly injured, use Greenery under stairs. Move into Store 
Room/Dark Room and deposit Red Gem. Note the locked locker (see Strategy 

Ascend stairs. At end of hall, move the two statues onto pressure 
plates. Make sure the statues face toward each other and Red Jewel (2 of 
2) is reward. Head through door at end of hall. Three Zombies will greet 
you. After a few shots, move into STARS office. Get Diary File, Unicorn 
Medallion, Hand Gun Bullets, Shotgun, and Spray. Meet up with Claire and 
backtrack to Main Hall. Store Red Jewel and extra health along the way. 

Use Unicorn Medallion on central statue in Main Hall to get Spade 
Precinct Key (blue). Head back toward Second Floor. 

Along the way, Records Room on southwest side (consult Map) can be 
opened with the key. Inside, push stepstool into corner to get Crank. 
Box of Bullets and Ribbon are also found. Continue to Second Floor and 
use Spade Key on door just past STARS office. Key can be dropped. 

Inside the door four Zombies feast. Drop 'em and replenish ammo at end 
of narrow corridor. Continue through only door that will open and into 
Library (note locked desk prior to entering). 

Inside Library, go up stairs, across catwalk, and through door. Continue 
down Third Floor corridor and into Attic. Use Crank on appropriate hole 
to drop stairs. Rid yourself of Crank. Head back to Library. 

On Library catwalk, move to side opposite stairs. Floor will give way 
dropping Leon to level below. Inspect diagram on wall then hit Red 
Switch. Starting from left, move first two bookcases one space to right. 
A panel slides, revealing Bishop Plug. Get it and move through double 

Second Floor Concourse is guarded by Zombies. An escape ladder can be 
dropped. Activate it, but don't go down yet. Instead, proceed to 
opposite side of Concourse and into door. 

Inside is Second Floor Storeroom. Store Bishop Plug and look for Small 
Key. Backtrack through Library and use Small Key to get Custom Hand Gun 
Kit. Combine it with Hand Gun. Head back to Second Floor Storeroom. 

Continuing through Storeroom, enter hall, and move through door directly 

across. Proceed toward end and acquire Hand Gun Bullets from deceased. 
Crows are no match for Custom Pistol. Exit through door that leads to 

Journey down stairs and around four Zombies that are easily avoided. 

Enter Power Cabin and grab Valve Handle, Hand Gun Bullets, and Ribbon. 

Return to Roof and use Valve Handle on valve to douse flames. Return to 
Second Floor Storeroom. 

Ditch Valve Handle and grab Red Jewels. Return to previous hall and move 
to left, where lack of fire reveals a door. Go in. 

Place Red Gems in figurines to get King Plug. Grab Diamond Precinct Key 
(purple) and Shotgun Shells. 

Return to Storeroom and drop King Plug. Move back to Crow Hall, through 
gray door, and down stairs, observing fine Greenery for the taking. 

Entering East Office, Hand Gun Bullets can be found on corpse. Main 
Office Area is infested with Zombies, but there is an Ink Ribbon to be 
found. Small inner office holds Safe to be opened with combination of 
2-2-3-6. Get ammo and Map. Note Greenery behind desk. Now, move though 
blue double doors. 

Waiting Room is filled with Zombies; but before proceeding, make sure 
four Inventory Slots are available. 

Proceed through Waiting Room and through door at end of hall. More 
Zombies await. 

Move into first door to the right: the Interrogation Room. Rook Plug is 
on the shelf. Grab electric Cord and Spray and prepare for a surprise. 

Exit and enter next door to the right. Grab Small Key. 

Head back to Main Hall (where Unicorn Medallion was used) and through 
double doors. Small Key can be used on locked desk to get Hand Gun 
Bullets. Continue through to "U"-shaped Hall. Use electric Cord on 
switch to shut iron window gates. Move to West Side Stairwell and to 
locked door on right. Drop Precinct Key. Have Shotgun armed and ready. 

After Zombies have been cut down, search drawers to find Film and 
Shotgun Shells. Move out opposite door and return to West Office. (Use 
Film in Darkroom under stairwell.) 

Inside inner office an old acquaintance greets you. Grab Heart Precinct 
Key (red) from desk. Outer office holds Hand Gun Bullets and Note for 
file. Move into Main Hall. 

Proceed to locked door located at rear of East Office. Drop Precinct 
Key, enter Back Hall, and move to the end. On shelf are Shotgun Shells. 
Move down stairs to RPD Basement. 

Beware: the Basement Hall is patrolled by Dogs. Move through brown 
double doors to west and enter Heating Room. On back wall is Map of 
Basement. Control Panel with five switches will activate Key Card panel 
on another door. The switch order is Up, Up, Down, Down, Up. Leave. 

Continue west and enter Garage at end of Basement Hall. Meet up with Ada 
and assist with truck. Enter the door. 

Ada will bolt. Follow her to end of hall and through gate, while 
snatching Hand Gun Bullets from desk. Inside Cell Block, Ben will 
explain how to access Sewers. Grab Manhole Opener from shelf next to 
cell and backtrack to door just prior to Cell Block. Inside Kennels is a 
manhole. Use Manhole Opener and proceed down. 

In Raccoon City Sewage Disposal Plant, two giant Spiders lurk in 
corridor. Quickly take them out (or run past) and head up stairs at 
other end. 

At top of stairs, to left is Storeroom. Straight ahead is an "I"-shaped 
room. Grab all available Chess Pieces and enter "I"-shaped room. Use 
each Chess Piece on Control Panel and exit the same way you entered. Ada 
is here and formal introductions are made. A sequence will take place 
allowing control of Ada. 

With Ada, proceed through only door that will open and into area with 
two Dogs. A few shots later, head to door on opposite side of area and 

Don't throw switch. Instead, descend down ledges into Pool Area and 
climb over box on left. Push center box to right. Climb back over box 
and push left box into space. Line up other boxes in place from left to 
right. Move back up ledges and hit switch. Walk across newly formed 
bridge and grab Club Precinct Key (green). Leave. 

Move straight and through open door, down elevator, and grab Shells. 
Return to area where control of Ada began. Throw Leon Club Key and 
Shells. Controlling Leon once again, pick up Shells and Club Key and 
return through Garage to Basement Hall. 

Look out for Killers and proceed through double doors at east end of 
Basement Hall. Once in Autopsy Room, inspect cabinet in far corner. Grab 
Red Key Card and prepare to meet the undead. Exit and move to opposite 
end of hall. 

Swipe Red Key Card on panel and enter Armory. Find Bullets and Shells on 
shelves. In one of the lockers is Submachine Gun (take it) and Side Pack 
(equip it). Return to RPD Floor One. 

Enter door next to stairs. In back is Magnum and File. Grab Shells from 
locker. Inspect Map to discover where to use Club Key (green). Move back 
through East side of RPD to Media Room. Use Club Key and drop it. Enter. 

Use Lighter on stove in corner and hit the three lamp switches in this 
order: Middle, Right, Left. Golden Cog Wheel will fall from picture. 
(Note: You can grab the film but it's optional.) Grab Cog and move to 
RPD Third Floor (3F). Beware, Killer on Second Floor Concourse. 

Once in Attic, head up stairs and place Cog in mechanism. Panel opens 
and Knight Plug is found. Answer 'Yes' and slide down Dust Chute to RPD 
Basement (B1). Go to Cell Block to check on Ben. Get File from Ben. Move 
to Kennel and down manhole. 

Once through sewer corridor and up the stairs, enter door straight ahead 
with Submachine Gun ready. Make sure you have Knight Plug and prepare 
for a Boss. 

Boss Guide - This guy is cake with the Submachine Gun. Keep your 
distance and shoot downward when the vermin it spits from its mouth get 

After taking down the Boss, insert Knight Plug and enter newly opened 
door. Ada is waiting. Go down stairs and exit. 

Raccoon City Sewers 

Move through sewers and into Storeroom. Inside is Fax File on table and 
Hand Gun Bullets in corner drawer. Push large locker to reveal a door. 
Open door and go down. 

Locate Alcohol Lamps (2) and use Lighter to shed light on the subject. A 
Magnum Clip and Shells become visible. Go back up ladder. 

Make sure to grab Valve Handle from Item Box and use Elevator to head 
down. After a little firefight, control returns to Ada. 

With Ada, follow the woman out the door and up the ladder. Once inside 
corridor, quickly run to other side to avoid bugs. Go down ladder. 

A meeting takes place between Ada and Annette. After they're done, move 
across catwalk and down ladder (the only way to go). Control returns to 

Head through door back out into canal. Near ladder is small alcove with 
Wolf Medal and Shells on dead soldiers. Move to opposite end of canal 
and to the left. Spiders are easily avoided. Move through door and two 
more Spiders await. Straight ahead is waterfall and Clearance 
Identification Panel. Place Wolf Medal into Panel and move to alcove 
directly behind you. Enter double doors. 

Move to Red Light and use Valve Handle to lower Catwalk. Proceed across 
and use Valve Handle again to raise Catwalk. If you have an Ink Ribbon, 
it's probably a good idea to save. Grab Shells and Greenery if possible. 
Head out door immediately ahead. 

Move to the end of corridor and a Giant Alligator will greet you. 

Boss Guide - Prior to encountering the Alligator, you will notice a 
green switch on the wall. After the Gator appears, run back to the 
Switch. It is now red. Use it to dislodge the Gas Cylinder. When the 
Gator puts the Cylinder in its mouth, start firing. Boss over. 

Move back down corridor to where Alligator was first seen. Use Switch to 
open door. You are now reunited with Ada. Get patched up and move up 

Head across Catwalk and up ramp. Grab Eagle Medal from deceased and File 
from console. Backtrack through Alligator corridor to room with 
Typewriter. Lower Catwalk using Valve Handle. Go across and exit. 

Use Eagle Medal on Electric Panel to stop waterfall. Exit through door. 

Keep moving and hit Power Switch to right of Tram. Enter Tram and take a 
trip to the other side. Exit Tram and turn left. Use Lighter to ignite 
Flare Gun. Pick up Weapon Box Key. Proceed through door. 

In this corridor, Zombies are waiting. To the left (at the dead end) is 
Custom Shotgun Kit. Combine it with Shotgun. To the opposite side is the 
exit. Take it to enter a similar corridor. 

More zombies. To the right is some Greenery and to the left is a ladder 
up. Take the ladder to the Storeroom/Control Room. 

Grab Shells, Magnum Clip, and Spray. Make sure to have one Inventory 
Slot open before exiting through door. 

Enter the Train Cabin and at opposite end grab Control Panel Key (with a 
"D" on it) and Magnum Clip. Exit. 

There is a Control Panel next to the Train. Use Key to power-up the 

The Train descends and strange rumblings happen outside. Exit Train to 
investigate. A Boss awaits. 

Boss Guide - Armed with the Magnum this mutant is a pushover. Create 
some space between Leon and the foe, and then pump him full of lead. Be 
sure to take careful aim. Return inside Train to check on Ada. Leon will 
pick her up and carry her to Lab Storeroom. 

The Umbrella Lab 

In Lab Storeroom grab Magnum Clip from desk and Shells from locker. 

Move down corridor marked "Main Shaft" and enter door. Proceed to the 
center and down East Shaft (Blue). Enter. 

Proceed down corridor and enter "frosty" door. Inside Cold Room is Fuse 
Case. Use Fuse Case on Machine directly behind to obtain Main Fuse. Also 
take can of Spray if needed. Exit back to Main Shaft. 

Use Main Fuse on mechanism in middle of floor. Now head down to West 
Corridor (Red). Enter. 

Move to the right and enter door at end. Inside is Flamethrower in 
locker. Hand Gun Bullets and File are also found. Grab Security File and 
turn on Gas Sprinkler. Use Flamethrower or Lighter to torch the 
Tentacles. Now, enter the shaft where Tentacles were. 

Two Killers will be a surprise in this room. Torch 'em and then grab 
Shells (2) out of steel cabinet. Ribbon is on desk. Exit. 

Proceed down hall to large steel door. Hit Switch to open it. Dispose of 
Poisonous Plants and continue down hall to the door. Go through door, 
onto ledge, and down ladder. Enter door at bottom. 

Move through the corridor and look out for Killers. There is basically 
only one way to go and you'll pass a Typewriter and Item Box. Just prior 
to Item Box is a Map. Continue to large metal door and enter Research 
Center. The small outer room contains Weapon Box and Custom Magnum Kit. 

Equip it. Small room leads to larger lab filled with Zombies. Toward the 
back of the room is red Lab Key Card. Grab it and exit the lab. 

Move straight ahead while avoiding the Slugs that drop from the ceiling. 
Use the Lab Key Card to enter. Inside is a Giant Moth that is easily 
taken care of. Head to corner with computer terminal. Slugs must be 
disposed of before computer can be used. Use computer and enter User ID 
as 'GUEST'. Exit and return up to Lab B4. 

Return to East Shaft (blue) and switch door on right. Go to Control 
Panel and initiate security switches. Note: the door will not open, but 
you must do this for Claire to enter later. Return to door just prior to 
this and use the red Lab Key Card to enter. 

Move straight and look out for Zombies. Locate Light Switch and turn it 
on. More Zombies will appear. Get MO Disk, Spray, and Magnum Clip. Exit. 

Annette Birkin confronts Leon, and after a mishap drops the G-Virus. 
Grab it and after the self-destruct signal, go to West Shaft (red). 

After a crazy confrontation in West Shaft, continue into West Shaft 
(red) and down ladder to Lab (B5). 

Move down corridor and beware of Zombies. Go to Computer Terminal next 
to a huge door. Use MO Disk to open it. Enter the opened passage and 
proceed through door. 

Head straight ahead and hit switch next to elevator. Prepare for the 
final conflict. See below for Boss strategy. 

Boss Guide - This creature takes two forms. First, create some space by 
running around the perimeter, shooting it a few times before running 
again. Eventually the creature will morph and leap above. Try to keep 
moving as it leaps down. It will continue with this pattern until it 
dies or time runs out. Just hope there is enough time to escape. 

Exit the lab via the elevator. 

A save slot will be created for Claire's quest which is the second part 
of the adventure. Only after completing this will the game be finished. 

Think You Are Finished? 

The adventure is not done! To get the complete ending you must play 
through Claire's Second Scenario. If you beat Leon's first scenario, you 
can then view the Resident Evil story from Claire's perspective. Many of 
Leon's previous actions will directly affect Claire's. Did Leon take the 
Submachine Gun...dispose of the alligator...partially open the Lab's 
Security Door? This, plus new puzzles, bosses, and surprises await. Here 
are some tips to make it easier. 

Claire will begin in an unfamiliar area on the City Streets, but once 
the first two areas are explored, the scenery becomes familiar. The 
Second Scenario of this epic has identical puzzles as the first, but 
some of the item locations are different. 

The first order of business for Claire is to get to the Main Hall of the 
RPD via the Crow Hall and Second Floor Storeroom/Waiting Room. The 
bazooka is located on the desk (next to the Typewriter and Computer). 
Note: On the Second Floor (2F) Main Hall Concourse the Unicorn Medal can 
be found at one end. 

The second order of business is to find the Valve Crank, which is found 
in the East Office on the First Floor (1F). Access this area by 
returning to the Second Floor via the ladder and down the outside 
stairwell located on the far East side. From there, use the Valve Crank 
and get ready for a huge surprise when returning. When you confront this 
new foe, RUN! 

Proceed by getting the Blue Key Card in the room that can be accessed by 
putting out the fire. 

From here, most of it is very familiar, but there are some notable areas 
and events. 

Claire does not collect Chess Plugs, but rather Colored Stones that are 
found in nearly every location where Leon found the Plugs. Claire has 
access to an additional area of the RPD. The broken door located next to 
the crashed helicopter can be opened using the Plastique Explosives and 
Detonator found after locating the Diamond Precinct Key (purple). The 
Detonator is found in the West Office on the RPD First Floor (1F). The 
Plastique is found in the small room adjoining it. Combine the two and 
use it on the door. In this area is the office of Brian Irons. A panel 
will open behind his desk to reveal the spot to place the Colored 

In the RPD Basement (B1), Claire does not gain access to the Sewage 
Plant via the Garage. She must go down a Manhole that is found to the 
far East of the Basement (beyond the Autopsy Room). 

In the Umbrella Lab, Claire will start in a different place. First, find 
the power switch for the Elevator. 

After Claire has escaped the Umbrella Lab, the scene will change to the 
Transport Area. Find the Platform Key in the back of the Train. Proceed 
through gate, over catwalk, and look for the Electric Panel. Get two 
Fuses and head through white door. Place the Fuses and fight the Last 
Boss (see Strategy below). 

The final conflict is almost identical to the first version of Resident 
Evil. Evade the charging beast as long as possible. A mysterious figure 
will throw you the Rocket Launcher. Equip it. One shot will do the 
trick. Escape to the Train. 

Strategy Extra 

The Special Key 

Finding the Special Key is fairly easy. Just get to the RPD without 
picking up any items. Brad from the STARS Team is now a Zombie and will 
appear in the tunnel under the RPD entrance. First go inside the RPD and 
grab the Hand Gun Bullets from the central desk. Return outside and take 
'im down. Search his corpse to find it. 

The Special Key is used on the locker in the Storeroom/Darkroom. For 
Leon, it will give him access to two changes of clothes. For Claire, the 
Special Key will give her a new Western costume complete with authentic 

Ranking System 

After beating Leon and Claire's scenarios, the ranking screen will 
display a letter grade (A-F), the number of saves, and the time it took 
to complete the scenario. The main focus is clearly on the time clock, 
but the number of saves will also factor heavily into a point system 
that Resident Evil 2 tracks internally. Try not to save more than 10 
times per scenario. The point system is also affected by the use of any 
weapons with infinite ammo - in other words Special Weapons. You will 
not get an "A" grade with the use of Special Weapons. 


Like a car racing around a track, consider each time through the entire 
Resident Evil 2 adventure as a lap. As you will see, Resident Evil 2 can 
track how many laps you have made through the game by the file you start 
your game with. The more laps, the more secrets you may discover. 

Special Weapons 
•Infinite Ammo Rocket Launcher - Complete the 1st Scenario in under 2 
1/2 hours. Achieve a grade of A or B
•Infinite Ammo Gatling Gun - Complete the 2nd Scenario in under 2 1/2 
hours. Achieve a grade of A or B.
•Infinite Ammo Submachine Gunn - Complete the 2nd Scenario in under 3 
hours. Achieve a grade of A or B.
•All 3 Infinite Weapons - Complete the 2nd Scenario in under 2 1/2 
hours. Achieve a grade of A or B.

The 4th Survivor - Hunk 

Hunk is one of the Umbrella Corporation's goons sent to steal the 
G-Virus from William Birkin. To plays as Hunk you must beat the 2nd 
Scenario in under 3 Hours with a grade of A. If you have accomplished 
this task correctly, a screen with Hunk will be followed by the option 
to create a Hunk save file. Save and you will be able to load Hunk's 
game from either Resident Evil 2 disc.

The Tofu Survivor 

This trick is completely whacked out and requires incredible dedication 
to playing the game through and through and through again. Here's how to 
find Tofu.

The entire game (1st + 2nd Scenario) must be played through three times, 
plus you must find Hunk along the way. You must start from the newly 
created Leon or Claire save file each time through. In addition, the 
Hunk File must exist on your memory card BEFORE playing the game through 
for the third time. 

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