Resident Evil 2 WALKTHROUGH

The BlackCat
[email protected]

OK there's tonnes of grammar errors and spelling 

This is the first FAQ I've ever written so no complaints just 

A reminder...This part of the FAQ is done for Claire game mode
NORMAL, then Leon Game B, but you can do it on  EASY. The 
differences is that you get more ammo, more aid spray and less
enemies on easy mode.

Small but not to much of an error.
In the FAQ I refer to a Ground floor, but in the game there is
no ground floor. The ground floor which I'm referring to is the
first floor within the game, and the second floor within the 
game is my first floor, and so forth. But the basement is still
the basement. Sorry about this (to lazy to change it).

Also I've got some of the names of the items maybe wrong.. 
("what do you expect, this FAQ was done in two days").

Version 1:
Claire Normal Game completed 
Item list started

Version 1.1
Claire Normal Game corrections in grammar and spelling error
Leon Game B Completed,
Tips added.
Version 1.2


T = Triangle (cancel
S = Square 
C = Circle (status/equipment)
X = X (look/talk/pick up)
R1 = Top right Button
S + Direction = run
R1 + X = fire/attack


The beginning / "Get to Raccoon Police Department"

At the start Claire and Leon are split up by a truck on fire,
(Watch intro. to see how and why..). You start off with 13 
bullets, there are two zombies behind you and two more in 
front, and a few more just a few screens a head. Dodge past 
these zombies until you get to Kendo GUNSHOP, there's a door
to the right of a black land rover) go through this door and
a nice and friendly shopkeeper will greet you. :)

There's two packets of ammo laying in this room. Get the 
packet behind the counter where the shopkeeper was standing 
first, then the other one behind the second counter.

Once you've picked up the ammo head for the gray door. At 
this point four zombies smash in the window display screen 
and start to have lunch with the shopkeeper, don't join in 
just get out of here by using the gray door. Which will bring 
you outside into a small alleyway. Follow the path until 
you get to two zombies trapped behind a fenced door. Forget 
them for now and head forwards until you get to Kendo van. 
Pick up the ammo inside the van and head back down the ally.
By now the two zombies should have broken down the fenced 
door and are heading towards you. Accompanied by another zombie.

Just fill these lot up with lead and then head towards, the 
fence door and go into the basketball playing area. Dodging 
past the zombie and go through the gate into another alleyway. 
Run down here until you get to the staircase, go up the 
staircase and run around the building until you find a second 
staircase which leads downwards. Just go down these steps and 
you'll see two zombies to Claire's left which are block off by 
big metal object, pick up the ammo inside the bins on Claire's 
right. Climb up onto the metal object (looks like a salt 
container) which blocks off the zombies. At this point you can
pick off the zombies here quite easily without injuring Claire.
(try using the Knife here, it's probably the only time you'll 
have some really fun stabbing something during the game, it 
takes a zombie on the average of 20 - 25 stabs before it dies)

After having your fun, get off the metal box and run down the 
alleyway and open the metal gate. At this scene you'll see a 
small purple silver truck parked next to a shop called liquors 
and a smashed in black/yellow mini parked next to a cafe with 
a person who's just die of food poisoning. There are four 
zombies in front of you having lunch, run past them (stay on 
the side of the truck) and go into the bus. 

In the bus there's a packet of ammo behind Claire pick these up.
Shoot the two zombies in the bus and get out of the bus on the 
side where you see the dead. Once outside the bus there are a 
few zombies, just dodge past these and go towards the metal gate.

At this point there are two paths which you can take to get to 
R.P.D HQ. The one a head is the easy path (no zombies), the one 
on Claire's right shorter but there are two zombies in the way. 
There are two plants growing to the right of the police HQ the 
one on the left has some green herb (if you haven't played RE 1,
well you can us these green herbs for healing).

Enter the R.P.D HQ


Stage 2 / R.P.D

As soon as get in to the main hall of the R.P.D, go straight to
the second room to the left where you'll meet a cop, he'll give 
you a blue access card. Us this card on the computer in the 
main hall to unlock the left and right door in the main hallway.
You can pick up some ammo for the hand gun and some ink ribbons 
here also.

------ LICKER CONTACT----------
Go the double doors on the right. You'll find a chest to you 
left where you can store items,(place you knife here, you don't 
really need it and also your ink ribbons). Go behind the wood 
wall next to the small desk (you can a small key here to get 
a aid spray). At this point a creature called the Licker will 
run across the window. Go through the door and follow the passage 
until you get to a dead cop, (pick up some ammo here), now go 
forwards until you get to a pool of blood, some cg animation of 
the Licker will come up, kill the Licker, (takes about 5-8 
shoots to the head to kill it). There's some green herb just 
down the hall

There's a door to the right which requires a spade key, leave it 
for now. Just follow the passage until you get to some brown 
double doors. (this is the R.P.D meeting room) you can get an 
operation report to the left of this room. There is another room 
here which contains some chairs and useless stuff. There's a fire 
place with a picture of a hanging man. You can use a lighter on 
the fire to melt the picture to get access to a RED GEM, but you 
don't have a lighter yet unless your Leon. 

Go outside of this room and follow the passage until you get to 
another door. On the other side of this door there are four 
zombies, you can kill them now or just leave them until you get 
more powerful weapons to blow there brains apart. (There's two 
other doors here one which requires a diamond key and another 
which leads into a film development lab. You can pick up some 
ammo in the cabinet to the left and some ink ribbon on the table 
in the middle. There's a cupboard which requires a special key, 
"To get this key just start the game and get to the poilce HQ 
without picking up anything, there'll be a zombie in a yellow 
jacket just before the steps under the bridge, you can't kill him 
with the amount of bullets you have, you have to make him fall 
and then smash his head in by kicking it, very hard to do, 
because he gets up too quick or you could go inside the Police 
HQ and pick up the 30 ammo on the desk and return and waste him 
it takes about in total about 22 shots to kill him. Then pick up 
the speical key from him"), also pick up the report file on the 

------First RED GEM----------
Go up the staircase and follow the path until you get to three 
statues one holding a red gem. Just move the two movable states 
onto the red tiles so that they face the middle statue. Pick 
up red gem, and go to the door. 

------UNICORN COIN-----------
Walk down the passage until you get to a door on your left hand 
side (this is the STAR's office). Go inside this room and 
towards the middle-ish table and pick up Chris's dairy and also 
a unicorn coin. Behind the desk with the picture of the STAR 
team, you can pick up some ammo. Also in the cabinet to the 
right of the door is a grenade gun.

-------SPADE KEY-------------
Now go back to the main hall and up to Aquarius statue and 
place the unicorn coin here to obtain the SPADE KEY (the first
of the card keys).

Now go back to the first door with the spade key (where you 
encountered the first Licker). Get a report file, some ink 
ribbons and also the CRANK in here, by moving the filing table 
towards the cabinet. 

Go back to where the stars office is, you'll see a little girl 
called Sherry being harassed by a zombie kill the zombie and 
follow the path towards a door which needs the SPADE KEY. Go 
through this door and you'll meet Leon who give you a radio in 
which you can make contact with him.

--------RED TABLET-----------
Go down the passage where Leon came out from and pick up some 
ammo on the left hand side. Now go to the small table with the 
vase on it and open it with the pick locks and get some fire 
rounds for the grenade gun.  Go through this door to get into 
the library. Go up he stairs and run all the way around until 
you drop into a small room. Press the red switch and get back 
into the library. Now press the switch (on the two book 
shelves nearest to door) so that both move to the right once.

A panel should open in the room which you fell into. Pick up 
the red tablet. There is also a red herb next to the door under 
the staircase. Go out side and you kill the four zombies 
outside (I've find it very difficult to dodge these lot) Go to 
the room opposite the library  and pick up the lighter and read
the files on the table and bench. You can also pick up some 
ribbons here. 

-------SECOND RED GEM---------
With the lighter, go back to the meeting room and light up the
fire place and the picture will melt to reveal a second RED GEM.

Now go to the room where you got your lighter (room opposite 
library) and go outside there should be a two zombies out here 
both on the left hand side, one of the zombies is a blaze.Kill 
these and then go to the door to the right hand side and 
straight down the passage. There's a door a head of you just 
unlock it but don't go outside (it's just a shortcut route, 
there's some green herbs here. Turn left and kill the crows 
then, follow the corridors until you get to a door which 
leads outside to a burning helicopter. Go right and down the 
staircase. Dodge pass the five zombies and go inside the small 
building. Pick up the VALVE HANDLE and some ammo and ink 
ribbons. Return back to the Burning Helicopter and there should 
be an entrance to some water pipes just next to the door on the 
right. Use the VALVE HANDLE on the water pipes and some water 
should defuse the fire. Pick up some ammo in the helicopter 

Now return back to corridor where the front of the helicopter 
is and go through the door on the right. Place the RED GEMS 
into the necklace of the two ladies and the pick up the 
DIAMOND KEY just to the left of the statues. You can also pick 
up some ink ribbons in the vase. Pick up the first half of the 
BLUE TABLET and leave the room.

-------YELLOW TABLET---------
Go through the door on the right of the main hall, once you 
enter here there'll be about five zombies here just kill them 
and the run past the blue double doors and right (you can pick 
up a herb here) run pass the drinks machine and enter the door 
on the left. Kill some more zombies and then follow the 
corridor until you get to a door which is facing you. Use the 
DIAMOND KEY to open the door. Pick up the CORD (some wire) and 
then walk around the table to pick up the YELLOW TABLET. Once 
you have picked up the tablet a Licker will jump out of the 
mirror. Just Kill it, the room adjacent to this contains some 
ammo and ink ribbons.

-------MAKING A BOMB---------
Now to back to the staircase (just before the moon and sun god 
statue, where you got the first red gem)Go to the door which 
requires the DIAMOND KEY and open the door. There will be four 
zombie in front of you and four on the right hand side, (just 
use the grenade gun and two shots should kill the four in front
and pick off the other zombies with the hand gun. There's some
file cabinets next to the door use you picklock to open the 
cabinet and get the plastic explosive. There's also some 
arrows and a roll of undeveloped film in this room. 

Open the door next to where you got the explosives, and go 
through and kill the zombies. There's a room on the right with 
the cop who gave you the blue access card, kill him and pick 
up the detonator. Combine it with the plastic explosive to 
make you BOMB. There's a memo to Leon outside, a green herb 
and some ammo inside the lockers.

------HEART KEY-----------
Get back to front of the crashed helicopter and place the 
bomb between the broken down door and the crashed helicopter. 
The bomb will go off opening up a passage towards the chief 
of police's office. Go down the passage and into the chief's 
office, watch some more of the story. Go to the door on the 
right and down the passage leading to a small collections 
room, go into the room with the red curtains, and you see 
Sherry, after a short talk with her, pick up the aid spray 
in the pink box and head back to the chief's office. Pick 
up the HEART KEY on the desk and read the chief's dairy. 
The picture above the chair can be moved to display a panel 
where you should put you colored tablets.

-------CLUB KEY----------
Go back to the room on the left right hand side of the main 
hall and go through the double blue doors kill the zombies,
(there's SAFE in this room which holds a map of the R.P.D 
and also a also some acid rounds (safe combination is 2236).
Go through the door way where you see a dead cop on the 
right. The cop holds some ammo. (Door here lets you go 
outside to and is basically a short cut to the helicopter. 
There's three green herbs out here as well), OK back to 
were, we where. The door opposite the dead cop needs the 
heart key. Open the door and go into the room. Kill the 
zombies here and the go down the staircase (there's two 
green herbs to the left. (you can use your CORD here if you 
wish) once you get down stairs you'll hear some foot steps, 
go around the corner and kill of the dog, and walk slow 
forwards, two other dogs will come forwards to attack you, 
just step back and kill the dogs, (it's faster to kill the 
off with acid rounds, just one shot for each).
Go to the left of here passing a double door to you right. 
Turn left and go through the doors. To your left is a red 
herb and some bins. Go forward and turn left. Now run 
until you get to a man hole and go down. (Just leave the 
dogs alone, waste of time and ammo). Follow the passage 
until you get to a storage room to the left, go in here, 
then go out. Sherry should be outside, watch the story. 

Now you get to control Sherry. Go to the small lift and 
go up, run past the first dog and run left straight 
towards the door.(Two the left is a room with some acid 
rounds and another dog). There's map of this section on 
the left wall. Go down the steps and move all the wood 
boxes so that they line up with each other. Now go back 
up the steps and press the control panel, to fill up the 
tank with water. Walk across the floating wood boxes to 
get to a shelf which holds the CLUB KEY. Now return back 
to the lift and Sherry will throw over the items she's 
collected to Claire. 

Pick up the CLUB KEY and return back to the man hole. Go up 
it and dodge pass the dogs and go through the double doors. 
Go forwards and then right there should be a door on the 
left now. Use the club key to gain access (this is the 
autopsy room). Walk pass all the dead people until you get 
to a cupboard. Take the RED CARD KEY. The dead people 
should wake up now. (You can't dodge these,  just kill kill, 
KILL no mercy for the dead). Once you've blow away the 
zombies, go out side and go straight a head until you get to 
a double door with yellow lines going across it. 

Go inside these doors and, there's a green herb on the left 
hand side. In front of the green herb is a power cabinet, go 
up to it and select up, up, down, down and then up to active 
the power to the doors on the weapons room. There also a map 
of the basement on the right hand side of the power cabinet.
Under the small table opposite the green herb is some ammo.

Go out side and go towards the weapons room and use the RED 
CARD KEY to open the doors, there's some h-gun ammo and some 
arrows here. Also in the lockers in the back of the room 
there's a machine gun and also a SIDE PACK(lets you hold two 
more items), you can take all both items if you wish, or leave 
them for the Leon game which starts once you've completed 
Claire's game.

The car parking area is part of Leon's story, but you can pick 
up a green herb on the far right.

Get out of the basement by going up the stairs you came from. 
}From here you can open the door on the left hand side of the 
steps leading to the basement 
Go back to the area where the interrogation room is, there's 
a green door to the far left. Using the CLUB KEY open the 
door and go in. Kill off the Licker (one acid round kills it 
of straight). Pick up the film on the table to the right. 
Then head for the boiler in the far left of the round.
Light up the fire with the lighter. Now turn on the switch's 
on the wall next to  the boiler. (Middle, Far right, then far 
left). This will release the G. COG WHEEL, from the picture 
next to where you picked up the film.

-------FIRST BOSS-------
Now go to the chief's room, Sherry is there. Place all the 
tablets into the picture above the chief's chair. A passage 
will open to the left of the desk. Pick up the letters and 
head for the lift on the right. Some animation will pop up. 
Now head straight for the doors with the two flames on each 
side. Go through the door. More animation occurs. Get the 
acid rounds in this room and go down the man hole. Kill off 
the boss, (takes six acid rounds to kill him off and a 
bullet for each of his friends). Go to the control panel to 
active the ladder. Climb up the ladder and follow the path 
until you get to an iron door. 

Go back and pick up sherry and return to the iron gate.



Once through the doors Sherry will fall down a drain. You can 
control her now. First go straight ahead and left up the big 
step. Go through the door on the right which brings you into 
a sewage storage room. Dodge pass the zombie and go down the 
vent. You should be in some drain infested with cockroaches 
(if you run as soon as you land the roaches don't seem to be 
able to grab you). Go down another vent and you'll land in 
garbage dump. Pick up the wolf coin, and Sherry will fall 
into another bigger dump.

--------WOLF COIN and SECOND BOSS--------------
Once sherry's scenes are over you get to control Claire once 
again. Go forwards and then left up the step. There's some 
blue herbs here, Go though the door on the right and you'll 
enter the sewage control room. Pick up the ammo and aid spray 
in this room. There's a door to the right of the lift. Pick 
lock it and you'll go into the room Storage room (where 
sherry was before) pick up the arrows and also the grenade 
rounds in this room. Kill of the zombie if you wish.

Return back to the sewage control center and go down the lift. 
Go straight  ahead and take the first left. There map of the 
sewers on the left wall just before the door. Get of the steps 
and go into the water, on your left is a corridor with two 
dead soliders take the fire rounds in one of them (there's 
also a ladder on the left but you can't go up here unless you 
slow down the fans.

Right back to the game. Go right from here and you'll see two 
spiders, just dodge them (not worth wasting ammo). Go through 
the metal gates and you see two more spiders. There are two 
doors here on block off by water and the second is to the 
left up the steps. Just dodge these two spiders and go 
through the door on the left. Here you'll met Sherry's mum 
(Annette), and you'll see  more cg animation explaining about 

Now use the VALVE HANDLE to lower the platform. Run across the 
platform and use the VALVE HANDLE again, pick up the fire 
rounds and some green herbs and if you've got room the ink 

Go through the metal doors and follow the passage until you 
get to sherry. An Alligator should jump out of the water. 
Kill him off (fire rounds work  best only takes about 8-10 
shots. Go back to the place where the gator jumped out and 
reset the safe lock. (next to the iron doors) Go and talk to 
Sherry and pick up the WOLF COIN

----------EGALE COIN-----------
There's a ladder to the left up some steps, go up head and 
then across the platform. Keep run to the left until you get 
to a dead sewer keeper, read the letter, and pick up the 
EGALE COIN. Now go back to the door that is blocked of by 
the water and insert the WOLF and EGALE coins in the slots 
just to left of the door.


STAGE 3 the FACTORY ??can't think of another name??

-------WEAPON KEY-----------  
Go through the door and run through the passage way until 
you get to a T junction to kill the zombies. To you left 
there is a SHOCK GUN, go right and you'll see another door 
go through this door and head towards the traffic cones. 
Pick up the stuff and then go to the right of the air train 
and turn on the switch. Go inside the Air Train and you'll 
be transport to the other side of the cliff.  There's a 
flare cannon which you can us the lighter on. This will 

reflect the light onto the W.KEY which you can pick up on 
the right hand side  (Note:  you can pick up the key 
without firing the flare cannon).

-------WILLIAM FIRST-------
There is a door to the right of the air train, go through 
here follow  the route until you get to another T section. 
Kill off the zombies here. To the right there are some 
green herbs, to the left is a ladder which leads into a 
office. Pick up the rounds next to the type-writer there's 
also an aid  spray in the cabinet next to the door. Exit 
this room (via the metal door)which brings you to large 
ware house, there's some oil drums at the back, pick up 
some ammo here. Go towards the large train, and enter it. 
Pick up the keys in here (front of vehicle on the left) 
and go back outside and active the control panel with 
the keys.

Some animation scenes appear. Now go outside towards the 
Train. Once out side you can't get back in. William 
will appear, just run about and shot him. (6 fire/acid 
rounds should kill him). Once you've kill him the lift 
will stop. 



You'll now find yourself inside a small office, with sherry 
laying on a small bed wearing your pink jacket. Get the stuff 
in the room and then leave. Take the right passage which leads 
you into a small generator room.

------MAIN FUSE -----
Take the blue passage, you'll see and electronic door which 
can only opened up with a  LAB ACCESS CARD.

Turn left and go through the double doors just to the left. 
There's a small table next to a robot arm, pick up the first 
part of the FUSE SHELL here and the turn to computer next to 
the are robot arm. The game will automatically insert the 
second part needed for the MAIN FUSE PLUG. There's some ammo 
in the cupboard next to the small table.

The black shutters can be open once you insert the MAIN FUSE 
into the generator. 

Return back to the generator room and insert the MAIN FUSE 
into the generator. 

-------LAB ACCESS CARD-----------
Head for the red passage and go towards the doors at the very 
end of the passage. There's, a letter on the seat with a code 
to a program (GUEST). Go to the computer and active the gas. 
There's some stuff in the lockers (Can't remember). Now go to 
the black Shutters which you passed. Open the 
shutters and go through the door. Kill off the plants (best 
weapon on the plants is the SHOCK GUN just two shots) and climb 
down the ladder. Follow the passage and pass the monitoring 
station, kill off the three lickers just before monitoring 
station. There's three green herbs here. There's a door to the 
left which can only opened up using the computer next to it 
once a disk called MO disk (I think that's the name).

Go down the passage next to the computer. There's some red herb 
just opposite the research lab doors. Enter the lab. You can get 
some rounds using the W.KEY on the locker with the blue light. 
Kill off the two zombies in first, then enter the lab and pick 
off the zombies, and Then pick up the LAB ACCESS CARD on the 
table next to the chemical mixing computer.

Exit here and Annette will have a quick word with you.

If you use the LAB ACCESS CARD on the door with the crap 
surrounding it, kill off the wasp,and then enter the password 
GUEST on the computer, return back to the black shutter in 
the blue passage and open the black shutter, log on and scan 
you finger. This is the first part of gaining access to this 
room. The second part is that you have to finish the game and 
play with Leon next and then make him go through the same 
routine to gain access to room. ("this info came from a 
friend of mine, but he wouldn't tell what was in the room, 
on my game I forgot to logon to the computer, well it's 
pretty hard to write a FAQ and remember everything") 

------MAKING MEDICINE----------
Go to Annette and talk to her and you receive a letter on 
how to make an antidote for sherry. Head Towards the 
monitoring station and have a chat with Leon, Now go towards 
the electronic Locked door in the blue passage and open it up 
with the LAB ACCESS CARD. 

Kill off the zombies in this room, place the VACCINE container 
in the machine just before the turn on the right. Then go the 
panel on the right hand wall to turn on the machine, this will 
fill up the VACCINE container with chemicals. Also Pick up the 
MO disk next to the panel laying on the operating bed.

Return back to the research lab where you found the LAB ACCESS 
KEY, killing of the cloth-less zombies. Insert the Vaccine 
container in the computer in the far right of the room. 
Now take test tube with antidote and go to the computer where 
you just kill off the cloth-less zombies. Insert MO disk into 
computer, which will open the doors. There's is a door down 
this passage. My advice is to fully equip yourself here (mainly
with fire/acid rounds and loads of herbs and aid spray.

-------WILLIAM TWO------------
Once you enter this room you have a five minute time limit go 
straight towards the lift and press the red switch on the 
right. William will smash his way into the room through the 
ceiling. From here just blast William to pieces. (shouldn't 
take more than 13-16 shots to kill him off, also its faster to 
kill him off by staying in the corner, just heal a soon as 
you see you life force go Yellow). Once William is dead just 
head towards the lift and watch the ending 


It took me 3 hours and 38 mins to complete this with one save. 
This only gave me level B :( 

I think you can do it under 3 hours (I just messed around too 
much, tooo much ..kill.. needed to see more blood..)

After this you have to do Leon's game which is completely 
different from the Leon's game if you play Leon first  


LEON GAME B the beginning

-------GET TO R.P.D HQ------------------
First dodge past the zombies and run pass all the shops 
until you get to a blue metal barrier. Go through the 
metal gates on the right. Run to the right building and pick 
up a small CABIN KEY, dodge past the zombies and go to the 
cabin on the left and use the CABIN KEY to open the door.

Enter and pick up the ink ribbons and ammo on the table. 
Exit the room (using the door in front) run and dodge pass 
the zombies until you get to some metal staircase. Go up 
them and watch the cg animation. 

-------EXTINGUISH FIRE-------------
Go through the door opposite the burning copter, and follow 
the path, killing off the crows and pick up ammo on the dead 
cop. There should be a door to your left, and a door to the 
right. Go through the door to the right and you'll see two 
Lickers, don't try to fight them now, just go through the 
door to your left. Pick up the ammo and ink ribbon and a 
small key on the bench to the left of the room.

Exit this room (using the door next to the chest) run down 
the path until you get to the escape ladder. Release the 
ladder and go down. pick up the shotgun and return back to 
the room where you pick up the small key, and the two Lickers 
are still outside of this room.

Exit this room (using the door next to the type writer) and 
go right, once again just leave the two lickers alone. Run 
towards the door in front of you and unlock it. Go down the 
steps and into the room. The dead cop on the ground has some 
ammo. Head to the right and go through the door way on the 
left. Pick up the VALVE HANDLE on the book shelf on the left 
and exit. (if you wish kill off the zombies or just dodge 
them to gain access to the safe (combination 2236). 

Return back to the tail end of the burning helicopter and 
extinguish the flames, by using the valve on the water pipes 
in the far left corner. 

--------BLUE CARD KEY---------------
Once the flames have gone, go to the copter and pick up some 
shotgun ammo. Go to the door opposite the copter and open it, 
you'll see some, cg animation of the new enemy (I call him MAC)
Enter the door and some rumble will fall on you. Go down the 
hall and you'll see MAC for the first time. You can shot him 
or dodge him, you can pick up some h.gun ammo once MAC is 
down (takes about 8 shotgun shots to kill him, about 4-5 if 
you shot him in his face, which is very hard).

Now go back to the two lickers and kill them. Go into the door 
to the right of the front of the copter. Pick up the BLUE CARD 
KEY on the box. There's some ink ribbons in the vase and some,
shotgun ammo opposite the vase. Kill of the licker which falls 
through the glass roof.

Use the BLUE CARD KEY and go into the main hall (where you got 
your shotgun, Claire's entrance into R.P.D HQ). Use the key on 
the computer to unlock the doors. Now head for the library. 
Kill the two zombies in your way.

--------BISHOP PLUG-----------------  
Run up the staircase and follow the path until you drop. There 
is a red power switch in front of you, turn this on. Go to the 
book shelves a switch the two far left shelves to the right. 
Pick up BISHOP PLUG in the panel (in the room which you fell 

---------RED GEMS and DIAMOND KEY----
Exit the library using the door next to the staircase. There's 
a small table here with a vase on it use your small key and 
open the table to get an upgrade for the hand gun. (combine 
the h.gun part with the hand gun). Now go forwards and you'll 
meet Sherry. Pick up the DIAMOND key in the hole which Sherry 
went into, and also the shotgun ammo in the locker to the left.

Run back to the drinks machine and talk to Claire. Exit 
through the door which Claire came from. Kill the five zombies 
in this room (you can dodge them, but it's very tight) Go into 
the STAR's office (first door on the right),and read Chris's 
dairy, pick up ammo near the STAR's team photo, and pick up 
you magnum from the locker. Exit this room and enter the second 
door on the right.

Move the statues onto the red titles and get the RED GEM. 
Follow the hallway and go down the staircase. There is a small 
office behind you with a film development room (you can pick up 
the ink ribbon and report on the table, there some ammo in the 
glass cabinet). Go to the first door on the left and follow the 
hall way until you reach a brown double door. Enter the room, 
there's a report to the right of the presentation stand. Go 
through the doorway behind the stand and you'll see a stock 
room for chairs. Light up the fire with you light and pick up 
second RED GEM.

---------HEART KEY---------------
Return back to the hall where the door to the film development 
room is and open up the door on the far right (using the 
DIAMOND KEY). You are now in the evidence room, look in the 
draws for some film and some shotgun ammo. Leave the room 
through the door with the red light. Kill off the five zombies 
here an pick up the HEART KEY on the table inside the small 
office. You can get a small key on the bench and some h.gun 
ammo in the lockers, there's also a memo on the table with the 
wizard's hats. 

Leave the room using the door between the two broken tables. 
You can use you small key on the table within the room behind 
the double doors. 

----------CLUB KEY---------------
Go up the steps and take the door to the left of the big double 
blue door. Kill of the zombie behind you first by blowing away 
his head with the shotgun and the same with the next zombies, 
by now the zombies should group up which allows you to waste 
more than one zombies with a single shot. Go through the blue 
doors and dodge pass the zombies, and take enter the room to 
the right using the heart key to open the door. Kill off five 
zombies here and go down the steps into the basement.

Run down the passage and waste the three zombies to the left. 
Carry on until you get to the car park. Run into the middle of 
the car park and someone will shot at you (her name is Ada 
Wong), she tells you her story. Start to push the blue truck 
and Ada will help. This will clear up the entrance to the jail. 
To you right is a green herb.

Enter the jail and (("you don't have to do this"), enter the 
first silver door you see, Shoot the dogs in the cells, (easy 
pickings).Exit from here), follow the path until you come up to 
a table with a roll of film. Go through the fenced gate, and go 
and talk to Ben. Pick up the MANHOLE OPENER on the shelf, and 
go back to the dog kennel (where you just pop off the nice 
doggies, if you didn't just dodge the dogs). Us the MANHOLE 
OPENER on the man hole and go down. Dodge pass the spider and
waste the second spider which is blocking you.

Go up the steps, there is a storage room to you left with some 
blue herb and some ink ribbons. Go straight a head and into the 
door with the white and blue plaque on it. Turn around and 
leave the way you came in. Ada will appear and talk to you.

At this point you can control Ada (she's got a gun much better 
the Sherry), Kill or dodge the four zombies outside, go left 
into the water tank room (if you go right and down the lift 
you can pick up some shot gun ammo for Leon). In the water 
tank room move the wood boxes so that they all line up against 
the wall. Now turn on the water, run across the wood boxes and 
pick up the CLUB KEY on the shelf. There is a map of this place 
on the left wall. Exit and return back to the room where you 
first started. 

Ada will throw the stuff she's picked up to Leon. Pick up the 

------WEAPONS ROOM-------
Now return back to the dog kennel, dodging pass the spider. Then 
run through the car park dodging the dogs as well. Enter the 
first double door to you left, there's a green herb to your 
left, go to the power cabinet (opposite the green herb) and 
flick the switch's in this order (up, up, down, down and up), 
pick up the map on the right and leave the room.

Kill of the rest of the zombies if you did kill them off before, 
or just dodge them to get to the auttopsy room on the right 
(using the club key to gain access), there are two Lickers in 
here, dispose of them and get the RED KEY CARD in the cabinet 
to the far left.

Exit this room and go to the arms room, which is the second door 
to the right. Use the RED CARD KEY to enter, you can pick up some 
h.gun and magnum ammo here, plus what every Claire did not take 
in her game. (MACHINE GUN and SIDE PACK).

-------ROOK PLUG and G.COG WHEEL-------- 
Get out of the basement using the stairs, the are some five 
zombies up stairs, just waste them. There is a door to the left 
which requires the club key, you can get some magnum and shotgun 
ammo there, also there's a watchman's dairy here. Go door the 
hallway until you get to door to the left (the heart door). Go 
into the room on the right (room with the safe in it) and exit this 
room using by the double blue doors. 

Outside take the right path (with the phones) and enter the door 
on the right. Follow the corridor until you get to a door which 
needs the DIAMOND KEY to open it up. go inside and pick up 
the aid spray on the table. A Licker will jump out of the mirror. 
Kill it and take the ROOK PLUG on the shelf. 

Exit the room and go to the green door on the left. (there's a 
red herb next to the door). Enter this door using the CLUB KEY. 
Go to the boiler in the far left of the room and light it up 
with your lighter. Then light up the middle, then far right and 
far left lanterns. The G.COG WHEEL will fall of the picture. 
MAC will then come in smashing through the wall. You shot him, 
and receive some h.gun ammo, but just run and pick up the G.COG 
WHEEL and leave the room.

Run down the hall until you get to the wall with hole inside of 
it, MAC will then smash his way through the wall just around the 
corner, once again just dodge him, but if you shot him down you 
get some shotgun ammo. 

------- KING and KNIGHT PLUGS--------
Get both your RED GEMs and return to the hallway where the front 
of the helicopter was and also where you encountered the first 
two Lickers. There will be a new door way just to the left of the 
copter, go here once you have inserted the RED GEM on to the two 
female statues on the room to the right of the copter and picked 
up the KING PLUG. Go down the passage until you get to a door 
which is on your left hand side this is the Chief of Police's 
room. Enter here, there is a dairy on the leather chair on the 
far end on the room. Go into the door on the right hand side, 
and follow the hallway to another door, go through here and pick 
up a CRANK in a pink box, with a small room just after the red 
curtains. Return back to the Chief's office, on your way MAC 
will block you passage you can once again dodge him, (this time 
it only takes about 5 shotgun shots to make him fall and you get 
some magnum ammo, so it's worth dropping him). 

Now return back top the library and go up the stairs. Go through 
the door on the left, and run down to the right until you get to 
another door, which leads into a clock work room. Use the CRANK
on the blue-ish square thing at the back of the room 
(to your right). Go up the stairs and insert the G.COG WHEEL
into the clock and press the button. The iron door will open,
take the KINGHT PLUG and the go down the shoot.
You see some animation, go and check up on Ben and Ada will
appear and talk to you. 

---------WILLIAM FIRST-------------
Go to the dog kennels and down the man hole. Run to the stairs 
and go up. Equip yourself before you go through the door a head. 
William is waiting for you here, takes about eight shots with 
the magnum. Insert the chess plugs into the sockets near the 
door to the left. 



Go through the chess plug door and you'll meet Ada who teams 
up with you. (Very useful, Ada can kill a zombie in four shots 
with her hand gun). Step into the water and go through the Iron 
doors on the right. Go down until you see an entrance to you 
right. Get up here and go through the door on the right. 
There's some ammo on the red table and aid spray in the 
locker next to the red lift. You can move the locker near the 
red table to reveal another room (if you go down into this room 
just your lighter to light up the lanterns and then pick up 
the magnum ammo and also shotgun ammo).

Go down the red lift, Annette will run away from you, some more 
sences will take place. Now you have control of Ada again. 
Just follow Annette, and then have a little cat fight with 
her. Annette will then fall into the water below. Run across 
the platform and go down the ladder on you right. 

-------WOLF COIN-----------
Leon gets up, (you are now in control of Leon) you can pick up 
a map on the left wall. Run down the passage and into the water. 
Go left and up the steps where you can see two dead bodies. 
Pick up WOLF COIN and small key (if you go back and up the 
opposite lift from where Ada started to chase Annette, you can get 
into the other sewer control center and get some more ammo, and 
green herbs. The small key can be used on the locker door next 
to the lift, in this room you can get some shotgun and magnum 

-------EGALE COIN-----------
Return back to the two dead bodies and head straight and take 
the left turn dodging the spiders. Go through the metal door and 
dodge the spiders here until you reach a door which is block off 
by falling water. Turn left and go through the double doors. 
Lower the platform using the VALVE HANDLE, walk across the 
platform and us the VALVE HANDLE again, there are some green 
herbs, ink ribbons and some shotgun ammo to your left. Enter 
the door  in front of you can go down the tunnel until you
see Ada. Kill off the alligator and talk to Ada and reset the 
safe lock. There's some ink ribbon to the right in the garbage. 
Go up the ladder, across the platform and follow the gang way 
left until you see a dead sewer keeper. Pick up the EGALE COIN, 
read the file on the desk.

------WILLIAM 2 and WEAPON KEY--------
Return back to the door blocked off by the water and insert the 
WOLF and EGALE coins in the slots opposite the double doors. Go 
through the door and down the tunnel the out the door  once 
outside turn right and switch on the controls to call back the 
air train. Get inside the air train. William will now try to 
stick is arm into the train. You can shot his arm, but it's 
better to let Ada do all the work and just run around dodging.



To the far right of the train is the weapon key, light up the 
flare gun to see it. Now go towards the door at the back, 
follow the route until you get to a T crossing kill the zombies 
(you can let Ada kill them to save bullets). There's a shotgun 
part to the left. Go right and through the door, follow the 
passage until you get to some zombies at a T crossing kill 
zombies. To the right are some herbs, to the left is a small 
office go here. 

------CONTROL PANEL KEY--------
Ada will talk to you and then will go to a control panel. Go 
outside (use door next to the cabinet where you found the aid 
spray), your inside a large warehouse, behind you in the 
barrels is some ammo. Go to the gray lift and go down. Enter 
the door to the left, go to the control panel and pick up the 
CONTROL PANEL KEY to the right. If you press on the monitors 
MAC will come behind you, make him fall will give you some 
shotgun ammo. Return back to Ada and insert the CONTROL KEY 
into the control panel. 

-------William 3---------
GO back out into the warehouse and head towards the train. 
Turn the key on the control panel and you'll enter the train. 
William will the stick his hand into the train and slaps Ada.
Go out side and dispose him, then return back to Ada. The 
Elevator, will stop, get out and slide down the air vent at 
the front of the train. You drop into a corridor straight 
ahead is a elevator which needs power to work. Go to your 
left and through the red metal doors. There's a green herb 
straight a head. Push The metal block onto the lift and, then 
push it next to the boxes behind you. Then go down the red 
lift on the right, kill off the two Lickers then go around 
them and turn on the switch on the control box to activate 
the power to the Elevator. Now back to the head elevator and 
go down.

--------POWER KEY-------
Kill The four cloth-less zombies and the check in the train 
for Ada then get out, and go left into the generator room. 
}From here go down the blue passage and into the Iced Room 
(just after the black shutter) take the FUSE SHELL and place 
into the machine near the robot arm, pick up the aid spray 
and leave. 

Return back to the generator room and place the MAIN FUSE 
into the generator. Go down the red passage head for the 
unlocked door (opposite the black shutter), kill of the 
plants and go towards the door. Go outside and kill off 
another plant (there's two green herbs here), climb down 
the ladder and go through the door. Follow the route and 
kill off the three lickers in the way. Go pass the 
monitoring station room and into the research lab. You can 
use the W.KEY on the blue locker to get a magnum part. Enter 
the lab and kill off the first three zombies, (you can dodge 
around the rest). Go to the workbench at the end of the room 
and pick up the POWER KEY.

Read the data about this on Claire's part, if you did this 
part with Claire then do the same with Leon. ("Sorry, my so 
called idiot spam head of a goodie too shoe friend still 
won't tell me, he doesn't want to spoil the game for me, so 
if you've done this part just give as an e-mail")

--------LOST LOVER-------------------
Return back to the elevator at the and go up. Go outside and 
walk a bit, Annette will fire at you and talk to you. Once 
MAC appears Annette runs of, kill MAC and head to the place 
where you moved the gray box. Use the gray box and climb up 
to the upper platform. There's a door in front of you which 
requires the POWER KEY unlock the door and go through. Run 
around until MAC appears, ADA will come to you rescue. Pick 
up the MASTER KEY and leave ADA. Once you go outside Claire 
will contact you to go and tell you to get Sherry.

--------DEATH TO ALL MONSTERS-------
Go to the security office and pick up Sherry. Use the MASTER 
KEY on the lift and go down. So CG animation occurs, leave 
sherry and head to the back of the train and pick up the 
PLATFORM KEY. Head back to Sherry and go outside, there is 
a locked gate just to your left, use the PLATFORM KEY to 
open it. Equip yourself leaving two spaces.  Go to the panel 
to the far left and press the switch, take the two big fuse 
and Go up the stairs and fight MAC, shot him about 8 times, 
then a strange person (Ada) will throw you a rocket launcher, 
just get your hands on it and shoot him once. Return back to 
train platform and kill off the last zombies, run to the 
control panel at the end and switch it on. Now return back 
to the train and go to the front and start the train. 


Only joking, just watch the animation. 
Now go to the back of the train and kill MAC for the last time, 
shoot the last rocket at him and it should take about 7-10 
shots (using the magnum gun). Now just sit back and watch the 

I did this apart in 4 hours 12 minutes, but once again I went 
into most of the rooms, and messed around too much, you can do 
this part of the game in just about 3 hours if you just went 
into the required rooms.

I got only LEVEL B :( and did it with no saves. :)

To get a higher LEVEL you've got to dodge more and kill less, 
and also use less of the special weapons (i.e. grenade gun and 
magnum)and use more of the standard weapons (the knife and the 
hand gun)



At the end of the game tells you how to get the speical key 
refer to Claire's section just before the FIRST RED GEM to 
find out how to get it, also it shows you a real machine gun 
on with 6 barrels, a bit like the one in Doom II.

Also if you kill the yellow bomber jacket zombie he'll gives 
you a speical key which opens the locker in the film 
development room. You recieve a new outfit for Claire. The 
biker out fit  with the which flames on the back of the 
leather jacket, you see in the picture of her and Sherry 
once you've completed Claire's game, also you get a Colt 
S.A.A. an old artillery gun used in the wild west (pretty 
crap!!), but the outfit is way too cool.

But the best outfit is Leon's one, he gets a part of arm 
pants, cap and a muscle top. The way he holds his gun (well 
you've just got to see it), also he gets a second outfit 
(a bikers out fit, blue jeans and a leather jacket with a 
skull on the back and a U.S Flag on the left shoulder). 



You can mix green herbs with red herbs which makes them act 
like the aid spray. Red herb can't mix with blue herbs, 
green mixes with both. You can also mix all three together
to get some brown cream stuff.

It's better to pick up the herbs and store them in the chest, 
this makes it easier to get access to. Also some parts of the 
game you can't return to. 

Always carry at least a green herb or better, if you haven't 
got one go back and get one.

If you want to save a lot of ammo us your knife mostly on 
zombies. Remember stab twice then walk away(back), it takes 
a lot of time to kill them. I only do this if there's only 
one or two zombies in the room, or you've just waste part of 
the group.

With the shotgun/crossbow/magnum/grenade and also the 
upgraded hand gun try to move the zombies around so that 
them get closer to each other, this way you can kill them 
faster with less ammo. (I've kill three zombies with one 
shot on the shotgun, four with the grenade gun and three with 
the magnum (best used in narrow hallways and you've got 
zombies line up, very hard to do, but it can be done)). :)

You can kill a zombie with 4 shots with the hand gun if you 
let it come more closer to you.

Another way to save ammo is not to go and kill of the whole 
group of zombies but to take of two or three from the group 
and for the rest of the game just dodge around these 

Dogs can be dodge very easily, just figure out your route 
first and that's all, because it takes the dogs some time 
before they sense you and chase after you. (Friend of mine 
"bit of an idiot" has gone through one of his game without 
killing one dog "I think he's a liar" but it can be done 
if you let the dogs bit you once or twice.)

ITEMS list 

Used For: To open up doors in main hall
Used On:  Computer on desk in main hall
Combine:  None
Found:    Second door on the left of the main hall you'll 
	    see an injured cop (looks a bit like Will Smith 
	    in M.I.B) who'll give you the blue card 

Used For: To obtain Spade key.
Used On:  Aquarius statue in main hallway on the plaque 
	    just below it.
Combine:  None
Found:    First Floor in the Stars Office, on Chris's 
	    table under his Dairy.

Used For: To open any doors with the Spade symbol on it.
Used On:  Door to a manual filing office (threes loads 
	    of filing cabinets in here) on the ground floor 
	    where you meet the first creature called the 
	    Licker, and on the door To the library on the 
	    first floor just after the Stars office.
Combine:  None
Found:    In Star's office (located on first floor) under 
	    Chris's diary laying on Chris desk.

Used For: To obtain Red tablet, one of three tablets 
	    which can open the  to the sewers, and met first 
	    boss type creature. (looks a bit like a giant 
Used On:  There is a room next to the front of the broken 
	    down helicopter within this room there are two 
	    statues one of a roman solider and the other two 
	    situated one both sides of the solider. You 
	    require two red gems, which you have to put onto 
	    the necks of both ladies. The result of this is 
	    that the armor plat on the solider opens up 
	    giving you the Red tablet.
Combine:  None
Found:    First gem found on the first floor, within a 
	    corridor door a statue is holding the gem with 
	    his right hand. A statue of the sun and moon god 
	    are standing next to this state. To obtain the 
	    gem you have to make the moon and sun god face the 
	    main statue, by moving them onto the red squares. 
	    Second gem is found in found in the room just behind 
	    the R.P.D  meeting room on the ground floor, (just 
	    after the encounter with the first licker). Within 
	    this room there is a fire place with a picture of a 
	    hanging man, just light up the fire place with the 
	    lighter and the painting will metal to reveal the 
	    second gem.

Used For: To gain access to the filing room, and also the 
	    interrogation room.
Used On:  Door on the ground floor, the one farthest left of 
	    the staircase going up towards the first floor. The 
	    other door is also on the first floor, if you go 
	    through to the door on the right of the entrance to 
    	    the R.P.D then go left  (into a room with two pay 
	    phones) a from here the is a door straight a head 
	    and left of here which requires the diamond key.
Combine:  None
Found:    Room left of the front of the crash helicopter, on 
	    the first floor. Two  the left of the three Statues 
	    on top of the boxes.

Used For: To obtain Second Red Gem, to obtain cog for broken 
	    down Big Clock on the Second floor, (room up the 
	    stairs in the library), and also to see better and 
	    get weapons cupboard key. 
Used On:  Fire place with picture of hanging man, (see Red 
	    Gems for more info), Boiler in the ground floor, the 
	    room is found within the same corridors, as the 
	    interrogation room (but requires a Club Key to gain 
	    access) see cog for more info, Flare gun just behind 
	    the air train once you get off (this is just at the 
	    end of the sewer stage). This will allow you to see 
	    the Weapons cupboard key, but you don't have to light 
	    up the flare to obtain the W.Key.
Combine:  None
Found:    On the bench next in the first floor, of the room to 
	    the left of the main hall (opposite the library).

Used For: What do you think you would use a map for.
Used On:  No Use at all apart from know where to go and where 
	    all the Card Doors are located (Spade, Diamond, 
	    Heart and Club).
Combine:  None
Found:    In safe on the ground floor on the room with the 
	    double blue doors (Next to door on the left hand-side 
	    of the of the main hall). The Combination of the  
	    safe is 2236, also within the safe is some acid 

Used For: Gaining access to club doors. (getting lazy now)
Used On:  There are three doors which you can use this key. The 
	    first is the postmortem room, which is in the R.P.D 
	    basement. (also see Heart Key). The Second room is 
	    just to the left of the staircase leading towards the 
	    basement. And the third room is opposite the mirror 
	    room of the interrogation rooms. 
Combine:  None
Found:    Once you get into the back yard (via the basement) go 
	    down the drain, then go down the passage until you 
	    get to a room on the left hand side of Claire, go in 
	    this room an then out again and you talk to sherry. 
	    Once you have control of her, go up the lift, then run 
	    straight ahead, dodging pass the dogs and go left into 
	    a room which contains three wooden boxes, just move 
	    these boxes and fill up the tank with water and then 
	    run across to the other side of the room and the pick 
	    up the Club key from the shelf. Return back to the 
	    lift and go down it to give Claire the key. The other 
	    room outside holds some grenade rounds.

Used For: To gain access to Heart doors.
Used On:  There is a door at the end of the room which contains 
	    the safe, just use the key on this door, (Also see 
	    R.P.D MAP).
Combine:  None
Found:    One the table where the chief of Police is, just talk 
	    to the chief then go to the door on the one the right 
	    of the room and follow the corridors until you meet 
	    sherry, then return back to the chief's office to 
	    obtain the key on his desk.

CRANK (thing you use to take off the nuts on a cars tire)
Used For: Lowering staircase to gain access to floor above the 
	    clock work room.
Used On:  Square hole at the back of the clock room (on third 
	    floor, up the stairs in the library.
Combine:  None
Found:    On the top of a cabinet, in room next to where you 
	    encounter first licker. (See spade key). Just push 
	    the filing cart towards the cabinet and climb up it 
	    to reach the wheel brace.

Used For: To open iron door in the clock room.
Used On:  Broken clock mechanism within clock room.(Just up 
	    the stairs and right), also see Wheel brace.
Combine:  None
Found:    In room which requires the club key (see club key 
	    and lighter

Used For: To extinguish fire on helicopter, raise and lower 
	    platform, and slow fan down
Used On:  See above.
Combine:  None


Laurence Foster: For reading through most of the FAQ and helping 
		     with most of the errors.

Resident Evil 2 is copyright by CAPCOM. CO 1998.

This FAQ is purely for non-profit purpose and may not be 
reproduced in any way without my permission.. 

The BlackCat 
[email protected] 

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