Fighting Tips

Navigate through the asteroids to reach the  planet. Don't fly too
close to the asteroids. The gravitation of an asteroid will alter
your course. You can shoot the asteroids, but it's not necessary.
Keep your accelerator at full speed and dodge the asteroids as
best you can.

Starship Canyon Battles.
Keep a close  watch on your control panel and  your navigation
instruments. You must destroy  the starfighters that  are in front
and behind you.  You have to kill them before they reach the end
of the trench or you will die. Stay at full speed and keep firing
at the ships in front of you.  If you pass starfighters, slow down
and  let them get just in  front of you. Otherwise, they  will
you from behind.

Ship to ship dogfights.
Listen to your  ship computer voice (with a  DAC sound card) for
tips  on where the enemy is, target locking, and when  to fire.
Watch for blips on your radar. Be sure  to save your  torpedoes
for combat  against the large  ships that will appear later  in
the game.  Once you use  up your torpedoes,  they are gone for
good  and are  not replenished.  The large  ships found  later in
the game are nearly  impossible to defeat without them.

Spanish Warrior Mazes.
The mazes can be complex or simple.  Click on the right mouse
button after each move and note your position and direction. Watch
out for Spanish warriors. Maps of the mazes  are available. Please
write or FAX  the Sierra hint department to receive maps on  the
mazes. Please check your Inca  game manual for the address and FAX

Tips on fighting Spanish warriors.
Aim your icon  on the warrior's blasts first,  then fire at the
warrior.  It is best to hit the warriors when they turn the side
of their body toward you. When they face you, their armour
protects them.

The First Power - Time

What is the solution to the first puzzle - The Geoglypth?
Click  on the  left angular  stone, then  the right  stone. Click
once on  the control cover on your  ship and twice on the right
control  knob. Click once on the left  control knob. Put the
coloured balls in your  inventory. Click on the hole in the ground
in front of the door. This will change the golden sun on the left.
When  the lines on  the golden sun  align with the  symbol on the
ground, pick up the golden  sun and put it in the geoglypth's
large hole in the floor. With the golden sun in place, put the red
ball in the left hole, the green ball in the middle hole and the
blue ball in the right hole. Pick up the sacred tumi and click on
the door to leave. You will enter the Jewel of Time maze.

What is the solution to the Entrance to the Anti-Chamber puzzle?
Use the  tumi to cut both  knots, then use it  on the bamboo. Pick
up the gold coin and the  bamboo. Click on the passage  way in
front of you  to go forward. Click the  cursor on the  wall and
put  the bamboo in  the notches that appear. Click on  the golden
star.  Use the tumi  on the basin  and pick up  the golden corn.
Click  the gold coin  on the stamp.  This will move  you up,
forward, and place you in front of a door.

What is the solution to the Anti-Chamber puzzle?
Rotate to the  left until you have the  golden panel in front of
you. Click on the golden panel and  put a third of a star in
inventory.  Click on the mark of the  star inside  the golden
panel to  close it.  Move the  cursor to the left twice. Click the
golden star on the column.  Pick up the Quipu. If  you didn't see
the Quipu  when you opened the column, you  have selected the
wrong column. Click on the hook  and pick up the stone star. Go
back  to the golden panel and open it. Put the stone star in the
mark of a star. Click the golden corn on the golden  ball.  Click
on  the  arrows  until  you  have  this many dots in this
configuration: One on the top, Five on the left, Three on the
right, Two on the bottom.

The Second Power - Matter

What is the solution to the Male/Female Statue puzzle?
Click on the center floor panel. The object  here is to create one
blue egg and one red egg. Click on the left statue. Either a blue
or a red ball will appear. Immediately after  the ball appears,
click  on the right statue  and a red ball will appear. The balls
will unite and form an egg. Next,  continue to click on the left
statue, producing coloured balls until one appears that is NOT the
same colour as  the first egg (if  you have a blue  egg, you must
get  a red ball and vice versa).  If the coloured ball  is the
same colour  as the egg, just  let the ball pop and click on the
left statue again to produce another. Once you have a
suitable  ball, immediately  click on  the  right  statue. A  red
ball  will be generated  and another  egg will  form. After  you
have  a blue  and red egg in place, click on the  vase. You will
return to your ship  and battle your way to an asteroid base.

What do I do onboard Aguire's Spanish Galleon?
Click the  mouse to move  from place to  place. Shoot at  the
energy bolts that Aguire's troops fire at you. Kill the soldiers.

I've been locked in the hold and am in chains. How do I escape?
Click on the label and the cork. Click  the powder on the label.
Put the petard  (bomb) under the hole in the barrel.  Pull on the
chain until the light shines. Click the cork  on the rat. Then put
the cork back in the  hole. Place the cup under the light to
ignite the petard. The blast will open  the barrel and free you
from your chains.

I'm free of the chains, but I don't know what to do next.
You need keys to open 2 cabinets. The keys are hidden in barrels.

How do I obtain the cabinet keys?
From the hold where you started, rotate  to the right once. Click
on the barrel cover to open it. Pick up the gold nuggets and the
key. Close the cover. Rotate back to the  left until you face the
door. Go  through the door.  Rotate to the right and open the
barrel by clicking on the cover. Pick up the precious stones and
the key. Close the cover.

I have the keys. How do I proceed?
After you have both  keys, rotate back to the left. Click  the
large key on the cupboard. Pick up the hatchet and the toiletry
bag. Close the cupboard when you have the items. Rotate until you
are  facing the door and go through. Click the hatchet on the
small barrel cover, and  take the cover. Put the toiletry bag on
the ground. Click  the cup on the barrel  to get some powder and
put it in the bag. Fill  the cup and empty  it into the bag
twice. Pick up the  full bag. Go back to the door and go through.
Open the second cupboard.

How do I open the second cupboard? What must I get from it?
Rotate  until you  face the  right hand  cupboard. Click  the
small  key on the cupboard. Put  the toiletry bag  on the  plank
and pick up  the cannon sponge. Close the cupboard  door. Rotate
until you face the  door and go through. Click the cannon sponge
on the small barrel. Click on the trap door in the floor.

How do I get through the door with the gold rings?
Click on the  gold rings on the door  3 times. Arms will come  out
of the walls holding a crucifix and a candelabra. Take the
crucifix and the candelabra. Take the gems from your inventory and
put them  in the right hand. Place the gold in the left hand.

How do I get through the cloud scene?
Click the crucifix on the shell. Take the censer from the shell
and place it on the  pedestal. Next,  place the  candelabra on
the pedestal.  Take the  middle candle from the candelabra and put
it in the censer. Click your cup on the holy water. Click the cup
filled with Holy  Water on St. Peter. Immediately take the large
key from St. Peter. You will get  another chance if you don't get
the key quickly enough. Click on the door to exit.

I'm stuck at a Golden Cross. How do I get past it?
Click on cross in this order: First on top, Second on bottom,
Third on the left and Fourth on the right.

How do I get the Princess to help me?
You need to defeat the enemy in spaceship trench combat.

The Third Power - Energy

How do I proceed once I have the second power?
Once you have  met with the old Inca,  you must proceed to another
planet. You need to defeat a  green squadron of space fighters and
take  on 3 Spanish space galleons. Make sure to use your torpedo
weapons on the galleons.

How do I open the Temple Door?
Click  on the  3 suns  that are  on the  left of  the door  from
top to bottom. Collect the  coloured eggs in this  order: Blue,
Red, Green.  Click on the lower right and  upper left symbols.
Immediately put the  green egg in  the blinking statue eye.  Click
on the lower  left and the upper  right symbols.  Immediately put
the  red  egg  in  the  blinking  eye.  Click  on  the two middle
symbols. Immediately put  the blue egg  in the blinking  eye of
the  statue. Pick up the golden disc and click it on the 3 suns on
the left from top to bottom.

How do I get out of the Lava Room?
You need to obtain a crystal and use it to decipher a colour/tone

How do I obtain the crystal?
Pick up the  tumi blades and put them  in inventory. Move the
quarry  stones on the wall until  a bright light shines in  from
the top and onto  the stone. Use the golden sun on the stone. Pick
up the crystal.

I have the crystal. What do I do with it?
Click on the stone with the golden sun  to pick up the sun again.
Click each of the tumi blades  on the stone. Then click  the
crystal on the stone.  The large crystal in  the upper right-hand
corner will be  changing colours. Every  colour represents a
different  colour and tone. You will need  to match each colour
with the corresponding colour  on the floor. The colours are
encoded by the following equation: o  BLUE=YELLOW o RED=PURPLE o
GREEN=GREEN. For instance, if  you see the large crystal blink
BLUE then GREEN you would click on YELLOW then GREEN on the floor.
Every time you  click on the  correct pattern, rocks  fall from
the ceiling. After you correctly match 3  consecutive patterns, a
door will open up in the far end of the room and you can exit.

What is the solution to the Dials of the Moon puzzle?
Before you enter the  Dials of the Moon puzzle room, look  for a
small piece of bamboo on  the left hand side  of the door and
take it. You'll see  what looks like a phone dial.  The object is
to have only one stone  left and it has to be in the bottom  hole.
Each time you place a  stone correctly, it will disappear. Place
the number 5  stone in the 7th hole. Place the number  8 stone in
the 6th hole. Place the number 3 stone in the 5th hole. Place the
number 1 stone in the 3rd hole. Place the number 6 stone in the
4th hole. Place the number 3 stone in the 5th hole. By clicking on
the earth,  you need to move the stone to the top. Place the
golden sun on the sun and take the red gem and the disk.

Final Confrontation

What is the solution to the Room of Gems puzzle?
Use the green gem on the supreme star until the room is green. Use
the blue gem on the  supreme star. Put  the bamboo in   the mud
and  use the red  gem on the supreme star. Use the green gem on
the supreme star until the room turns blue. Use the bamboo  on the
water. Use the  golden sun on the bamboo.  Use the green gem on
the supreme star until the room is green. Use the red gem on the
supreme star. Use the green gem on the supreme star until the room
turns yellow.

How do I defeat Aguire?
Explore the ship  and find Aguire. When you  find him, engage him
in  an energy bolt battle.  Be careful of  his multiple shots.
His final volley  is the most dangerous. Continue  to shoot at
him until he  dies. Once Aguire  is dead, you will become the new
Inca and win the game!

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