Inca 2 Walkthrough

Arcade Notes
F1 - F4 are different types of weapon. Depending on the battle the
amount of weapons may vary except for F1.
F1 are missiles of which you have unlimited use.
F2 are rockets. You have 10.
F3 are bombs. You have 5. These bombs only travel in a straight
line. Try to shoot them when the four arrows on the map to your
left are red.
F4 are bombs also. You have 5. These destroy anything in their
F5 is a grappling hook which is used once to save your friend,
kell cartier.
F6 does nothing.
F7 switches targets.
F8 gives the full screen map, the '+' and '-' keys zoom in and
F9 makes your spaceship stop suddenly, the '+' and '-' keys
increase and decrease the speed. Your speed is indicated on the
F10 lets you take side views of your ship.

There are two paths to choose from: gate of force or gate of
wisdom. Gate of force id an arcade sequence.
Solution to the gate of wisdom.
Take the feather from the guards head.
Take the stone from the ground.
Put the stone in the gutter so the water falls on the left statue.
Use the feather on the left statue and one of the gates will
Repeat the last two steps on the right statue.

Take the cocoa leaves.
Take the rope/post.
Scroll to the right and put the post on the gate.
Scroll to the left, pick up the rock and throw it at the guard.
When the rock is in the air, quickly scroll over to either the
right (vegetation) or to the left (fence).
When the guard appears, click on the end of the rope. The post
will fall down and hit the guard.

Scroll to the left and click on the control screen.
Click on the control keys and enter any combination on the
numerical pad.
Leave the close up of the control screen.
Click on the airlock door.
Scroll to the right and click on the hose/reservoir.
Pick up the crowbar.
Scroll to the right and click on the case; take the vodka.
Go back to the hose/reservoir and put the vodka in.
Leave the room.
Click on the throttle lever. Move the lever to the on position.
Click on either the F1 or F2 button.

Put the first mark by the water on the left of the screen.
Follow the directions from there.

Position the grey ball in the middle of the map by using the '+'
and '-' arrows.

Pick up the crowbar.
Enter the locomotive.
Pick up the can of oil.
Use the crowbar on the peg.
Take the leather strap.
Click on the inlet.
Exit the train; use the oil can on the pulley.
Use the crowbar on the pulley.
Enter the train and push the ignition.
Click on the forward and reverse controls.
Arcade sequence in the train. When the red arrow lights up, click
on it to travel to the origin of the attack.

Scroll to the right and click on the closet.
Take the mallet, the razor, the bottle, the key and the ballast
Exit the close up screen and scroll to the left until you find the
Use the razor on the rope.
Click on the drawer. Use the key on the sand.
Use the key on the drawer.
Take the folder and take a note of the combination at the bottom
of page 1,8,3.
Exit the close up screen and scroll to the right.
Click on the safe; use the bottle on the safe and then use the
correct combination on the safe.
Open the safe.

Leave Yuna
Click on the switch.
Put the crystal in the memory lapse.
Click on either point 'A' or 'B'.

Click on the stems
Click on the plant leaf and use it on the footprints.
Click on the mangrove.
Click on the oyster and put it on the flat rock.
Use the mallet on the oyster and take the magic pearl.
Click on the oyster and throw it at the ape.
Click on the nest, use magic pearl on the jade egg.
Click on the crocodile; put the jade in the crocodile's left orbit
and the pearl in the right orbit.

Move to the right and take the scepters from the wall.
Go into the opening; use the razor on the calabash.
Pick up both pieces of the calabash and move to the left.
Put half of the calabash on the pillar.
Move to the left and put the other half of the calabash in the
Put power on the stele.

Click on the cliff.
Use the peg on the block of stone; use the mallet on the peg.
Scroll up the screen; use ballast rope on the root.
Scroll down and use the rope on the end of the ballast rope.
Pull on the light thread.
Use the end of the rope on the peg.
Click the cursor on the small stone by the block of stone.
Click the cursor on the block of stone.

Counting from the left to the right, click on scrolls 2, 4, 7.
Take the conch.

Click on the opening; take the chain.
Use the chain on the point.
Use the crowbar on the plateau.

Click the concha on the lama.
pick up the sticks and click on the snow.
Use the leather straps on the sticks.
Use the tray on the strap.
Use the mallet on gong.

Use the crowbar or the mallet on the stalactites.
Pick up the stalactites and use them on the ray of sun.
Pick up the goatskin and use it to collect the trickle of water.
Use the goatskin on the pierced bowl.
Click power on stele.

Click on the guard, use the razor on the necklace.
Click the cursor on the necklace.
Exit the screen and use the crowbar on the hatch.
Insert the pearls in the appropriate spaces and use the mallet on
the pearls.
Exit the screen and click on the opening.
Use the mallet or the crowbar on the ledge before exiting the
Click on the hatch and push all of the buttons.
Take the pearls and exit the screen.
Click on the opening and insert the pearls in the appropriate
opening after removing the mallet/crowbar.

Find the room with the statues and click on any one of them,
taking the diamond.
Find the room with the mirrors; use the diamond on the mirrors and
take the piece of glass.
Find the room with the pictures. Use the glass on the picture of
Take the music box and return to the statue room.
Use the music box on one of the two statues in front of the
Take the stone of light.

Click on a flower to open it.
Use the stone of light on a petal to reveal its true colour.
Take some pollen.
Find another flower and use the stone of light on a petal to
reveal its true colour.
If the colour of the petal is different to the first, then use the
pollen on the pistil of the second flower.
After pollination, re-open the flower to see if it has two
different colour petals.
Repeat the above steps until you have a flower with two different
colour petals.
Lay down the last power in the flower.

Congratulations, you have finished INCA 2!!!

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