Blazing Dragons
                                              By Steve Mitchell

Alright Your Obviously Stuck And Need My Guide So I'll Just Get To The Point 
Because You Obviously Know How To Play The Game Already

After the opening FMV sequence, your journey begins in Flicker's Room. Take the 
pouch. Take the inventor's book, jar, and tail warmer and put them into the 

Go into the Upstairs Hall and take the candle holder, and the tongs from the 
fireplace. Go downstairs. 

After the next FMV sequence, you will be in the kitchen. Take the mop and place 
it in the hanging cup rack. Use the candle holder on the tea pots. Use the tail 
warmer on the candle holder. Leave the Kitchen and enter the King's Room. 


}From the King's Room, take the pipe cleaner and the "Monarch Quarterly" 

Go to the Princess' Room. Use the jar on the Princess to catch her kiss. Get the 
bottle of hair tonic off the mantle. 

Go to the main hall. Get the enchanted map by talking to the person in the 
information booth. Look at the map, and go to the beanstalk area. 

Take the magic pea. Use the hair tonic on Rapunzell, and take her hair. Talk to 
Rapunzell, and trade her your hair tonic for her Clippers. Enter the house. 

Talk to the naked man, and use the jar that contains the Princess' kiss on him. 
Take the frog. Look at the map. Go to Sir Blaze at the mystical pond. 


Use your frog on the frog at the mystical pond. Sir Blaze will give you a 
mirror. Look at the map. Go to the tomato garden to see Sir Gasflame. 

Plant your magic pea in the tomato garden. After the FMV sequence, get coal from 
Sir Gasflame. Look at the map. Go to the town square, then to the arena. 

Use the pipe cleaner on the termite mound. Take the termite-covered pipe 
cleaner. Go to the practice range and play the game until you win. Take the cat. 
Look at the map and return to the beanstalk area. 


At the beanstalk area, enter the house and use the termite-covered pipe cleaner 
on the flute. Untie Sir Burnevere, and get a ribbon from him. Look at the map 
and go to Sir Loungealot in the woods. 

Get the pitchfork and follow the path uphill. This is the Black Dragon. Use the 
cat on the dog. Now talk to Sir Loungealot. He will make you a squire, and gives 
you soap. 


After the FMV sequence, you will be in the Princess' Room. Use the hair on the 

After the FMV sequence, the Chancellor will steal your Pouch. Go downstairs to 
the Chancellor's room, and take the pouch, dodo bird stamp, eagle Stamp, and the 
crackers by the cage. You cannot leave the Castle until the King sees the 


Go upstairs to the library. Talk to the librarian and ask for the book "Crushing 
the Will of the Weak with No Remorse". This is the overdue library book on 
Chancellor's desk. Take the feather duster and look at the endangered species 
chart. Talk to the Jester. He will turn you into the princess. 

Talk to the King. Go to the library and use the mirror on the Jester to reflect 
the spell back onto him. 

Go to the Princess' room and get the suitcase and ghost costume. Go to the 

Use the suitcase on the Jester. Take the Jester to see the King. Follow the dodo 
bird. Look at map and go to the dodo bird. 

Look at the trap and the hunter. Look at the map, and go to the castle. 


Talk to the person in the information booth, then go to the library. 

Use the dodo bird stamp on the chart. Look at the map, and go to the town 

Use the pitch fork on the mole hills. Get the mole. Use the feather duster on 
the pizza chef. Take the pizza paddle. Use the ghost costume on the corn as a 
scarecrow, take the corn. 

Go to the arena and talk to the sign cleaner. Use the mole on the dirt under the 
sign. Try taking the sign cleaner's stilts. Tell him that Eddie Ember sent you. 
Take the stilts. Look at the map, and go to the dodo bird. 


You are now in Sir George's Village. Use the coal on the effigy, and get the 
paddle. Pick up the mask, put it in the manure, then put it in your pouch. 

Go into the juice pub, and accept the job. 

Go to the street, and offer the crackers to the man. 

Enter the Juice Pub, and get the prunes. You will have to win the dance contest 
to get the funny papers. Look at the map, and go the Black Dragon woods. 


Take the path to the top of the hill, and take the bone. Look at the map, and go 
to Sir George's castle. 

Open the pouch, and use the funny papers on the prunes. Use the ribbon on the 
package. Ring the bell. Deliver the package of prunes for Sir George. Use the 
tongs on the electric eel. 

Enter the back door of the Castle. Go upstairs to Sir George's room. Use the 
mask on the blind man. Get the armor and the Rust-be-gone. Go downstairs. 


At the rear of the castle, talk to the dog. Use the bone on the dog. Pick up the 
bone. Talk to the guards, and close the gate. Go downstairs to the lab. 

Steal the plans, and go back upstairs to the main hall. 

Use the code (plans) on the guard to launch the Black Dragon. It will crash into 
the gate. Return to the lab and throw the bone into the Princess' cell to free 
her. A FMV sequence will begin. 


Look at the map and go to Stonehenge. Talk to the knights. Look at the map and 
go to the mines. 

Get the ammonia nitrate powder and talk to the bird. Use the "Monarch Quarterly" 
on the bird. Take the pick axe and metal container. Look at map, and return to 

Go below, and help to turn the wheel. Jump up onto the shaft of the wheel. Use 
the pick axe on the connector pin. Take the connector pin. Look at map and 
return to Sir George's Village. 


Inside the Juice Pub, give baseball player the connector pin. Take the paddle. 
Return to Stonehenge. 

Use the paddle on Stonehenge. Go to the Lady in the Lake. 

Use the stilts to cross the creek. Remove the sword from the dryer, and set the 
dryer on delicate. Put the corn in the dryer. Put the popcorn into the metal 
container. Get the paddle. Use the stilts to cross back over the creek. Use 
electric eel on the water. Talk to the Lady in the Lake. Go to the pine forest. 


Use the Rust-be-gone on the trap, and get the whistle. Return to Stonehenge. Use 
the paddles on Stonehenge (all four). 

Go to the waterfall after the FMV sequence. Enter the cave and talk to Ancient 
Al. Take the challenges: 

Dexterity: Use the clippers on porcupines. 
Strength: Use the whistle on the rock. 
Eye-hand coordination: Push X (PlayStation version) between the rabbits jumps, 
when they are resting (keep trying). 
Wee-bit scary: Use the soap on the laundry beast. Then use the ammonia nitrate 
on the cloud. 
Get the Knighthood cubic zirconia from Ancient Al. Return to the town square. 


Go to the arena and a FMV sequence will begin in which you become a knight. 

To thumb wrestle, pin the thumb with X and repeatedly press L1, L2, R1, and R2 
(PlayStation version). The Black Dragon arrives after the FMV sequence. 

Go to the practice range. Use the popcorn container on the catapult. Fire at the 
Black Dragon. 

After the movie sequence, you will be inside the Black Dragon. Use the lever to 
speed up the engine as Mervin uses his to slow it. Use the clicker on your 
lever. Mervin will stall the engine. Use the clippers on the pull cord. The 
ending FMV sequence will begin. 

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