____    _____ _      _      _____         /|
 /    \  |       \   /       /             / |     O 
 |       |_____   \./        |            /__|___                                    
 |  --|  |        / \        |-----|         |          
 \____|  |_____ _/   \_      |     |         |     O 
                             \_____/         |
E   N   T   e   R       T   H   E     G   e   C   K  O  

It is I, FRYDCHICKN, the self-proclaimed leader of Earth. Here's
an out of this world (pun INTENDED) guide that I have devised for the 
benefit of the populus this pitiful and small planet. At the end of 
this are my ratings, a closing thought, and some other relatively 
ingenious sites that I have come upon. E-Mail questions and comments 
to: [email protected]

I. Basic Controls
  A. Nintendo 64 Controls
    A Button: Jump
    B Button: Tail Whip
    Z Button (Underneath): Crouch 
    R Button: Tongue Lash / Eat Bug
    L Button: No function
    START Button: Pause game
    Control Stick or Control Pad: Move Gexie around in all directions
    C-Left and C-Right Buttons: Rotate camera around
    C-Up Button: Hold down and use the Control Stick to look around
    C-Bottom Button: No function
  B. Basic Tips
    Karate Kick: While running, press and hold Z Button and press the A  
     Button to unleash a deadly, long-range flying kick.
    Tail Bounce: Press A to jump. When you're about to land, press A   
     again to get higher than your jump. 
    Look Around: Whenever you're stuck in a tight spot or don't know 
     where to go next, press and hold C-Up to scan the area for the right   
    Whip it Good: Try to destroy everything in each level. Tail-whipping
     objects and enemies is the best way to reveal Collectibles.
    Suction Cup Areas: Almost every level has discolored sections on the 
     walls that you can jump on and stick to. Crawl along these areas to
     discover new paths and hidden power-ups.
II. Finding the Items 
  A. Power-Ups
    Green Health Fly: Add a Hit Paw. By eating these, Gex can gain up to 
     four Hit Paws at one time. You can also let a Green Fly buzz around
     you and it will protect you from a hit.
    Red Fire Fly: Fry your adversaries by holding down the Tail Whip 
     Button and running circles around them. Release the Tail Whip Button
     to deliver the Wall O' Fire, Gexie is invincible when buzzed on this
     power. If you hit the water, you burning flame will go - POOF!
    Blue Ice Fly: Freeze enemies by using the same method as the Red Fire
     Fly's Wall O' Fire. Contact with fire douses this effect quickly.
    Purple Life Fly: Adds one Life to your Life Counter.
  B. Collectibles
    Each world has its own set of Collectibles. This area is divided into 
    three tiers. You must collect a certain number of items in each tier
    before you can eventually receive the Silver Remote. 
    Tier 1 - 30 items     Tier 2 - 40 items     Tier 3 - 50 items
  C. TV Remotes - Red, Silver, and Gold
    Red Remotes: The coveted Red Remotes reveal more level for Gexie to
     explore in the Media Dimension. You can obtain them by finding 
     various exits in each world. After you get 33 Red Remotes, you'll
     gain entry to Channel Z and the final conflict with Rez.
    Silver Remotes: Two Silver TV Remotes are stashed somewhere in each
     world. One is cleverly hidden and could take some work to find, 
     while the other one is obtainable by getting all of the Collectibles
     in that level. Every time you collect 3 Silver Remotes, a Bonus 
     Level can be accessed.
    Gold Remotes: Gold Remotes can only be won in the Bonus Levels. You 
     have a set time limit to get all of the Collectibles, then you must    
     find the Gold Remote in another part of the level. Gold Remotes can
     also be won after you defeat a boss in a Bonus Level as well.
Level 1 - Out of Toon (TOON TV)
 Mission 1 - Jump to the Teetering Rock
  The first mission is a piece of cake. From the start, go up the hill 
  and travel to your left. Climb the floating platform and continue on.
  Keep going until you reach a seemingly harmless hole. Jump in and you're
  zapped into a goofy costume (a la Bugs Bunny). Make your way to the end 
  and jump into the next hole. Now you're back to your normal Gexy self.
  Hit the Checkpoint TV just in case you die. Carefully cross the bridges 
  and go past the stop sign. Climb on the rock and keep going up until you
  find the green exit button and your very first Red Remote. 
 Mission 2 - Hunt the Two Hunters
  From the time you're turned into a Bugs Bunny look-alike, go forward and
  watch for a hunter (a la Elmer Fudd) and he'll start firing at you. Just
  watch out for his shots and Tail Whip him three times to put him to bed.
  Do the same for his pal across the bridge. Then backtrack to before you
  crossed the giant log to find the exit pad and the second Red Remote.
 Mission 3 - Whack Five Purple Mushrooms
  Here are the locations of all five Purple Mushrooms: 1) Right behind you
  from the beginning; 2) Behind the rock to your right from the start; 3)
  On the ledge near the suspended steel girder to your right from the 
  beginnning; 4) At the top of the waterfall; 5) Across from the waterfall
  but above the dock. Head to the exit to the right of the waterfall.
 Hidden Silver Remote 1
  From the location of the fourth Purple Mushroom, go straight and run 
  along the small ledge until you reach the snow-covered area. Jump onto 
  the snowy ledge below, then leap onto the moving wall to your left. Ride 
  the wall until you see the floating platform with the first Hidden
  Silver Remote.

Level 2 - Smellraiser (SCREAM TV)
 Mission 1 - Survive the Haunted Mansion
  The first three rooms are pretty straightforward, but the fourth room 
  isn't too pretty. When the enter the room, a blood-splattered sign reads
  STEP INTO THE LIGHT. Sounds safe, huh? Stay away from the light unless 
  you want a beating - or a Purple Fly. Hit the Checkpoint TV located in 
  one of the corners just in case. Climb the staircase and go to the next
  room. Now all you have to do is get to the end and get the Red Remote.
 Mission 2 - Smash the Five Blood Coolers
  Here are the locations of all five Blood Coolers: 1) In the second room
  next to a Red Fire Fly; 2) Upstairs in the third room next to the 
  bouncing pumpkin; 3) In the fourth room next to a blank exit TV; 4) In
  the fifth room immediately to your right when you enter; 5) Above the
  final room's entrance. Go back to the fourth room where that blank TV
  was and you're off to the Media Dimension again.
 Mission 3 - Ride the Haunted Elevator
  Remember where that seemingly innocent bookcase was in the third room,
  near the bouncing pumpkin and the second blood cooler? Well, go there.
  Nudge the bookcase on one of its side to reveal a hidden room. Tail Whip
  the hidden switch to activate the haunted elevator. Now, proceed until
  you get to the door leading to the last room. Turn to your left and 
  enter the wooden double doors. Go in and turn around. You'll start to 
  drop while you're in the elevator. Simply go toward the exit for the 
  last Red Remote in this creepy world.
 Hidden Silver Remote 2
  In the same room as the exit to Mission 3, instead of exiting, first
  jump off the edge to the right to find the Hidden Silver Remote. NOW
  you can get out of the level for good.

Level 3 - Gecques Cousteau (SEA SPAN)
 Mission 1 - Swim Through Three Arches
  Simply go right from the start and comb the edge of the cave until you 
  eventually go through all three. You will have passed the exit by now,
  so go back and find it and your first Red Remote.
 Mission 2 - Find the End of the Cave
  Swim around until you find a turtle with a taxi sign on its back. Now,
  keep jumping on the backs of the turtles until you reach a fork in the
  road. Find your way to the next room with another turtle. Jump on it
  and continue. Keep going until you comes to another fork. Go left and 
  you'll come to the second exit and the second Red Remote. 
 Mission 3 - Reach the Top of the Titanic
  From the start, swim straight up and go inside the iceberg. Hit the 
  switch in front of you to open the door, then hit the switch behind
  you when you go in to close it. You MUST close the door behind you
  before you can go to the next room. When you reach the ballroom, go up-
  stairs and make your way to a waterfall of sorts. Go in the hole in the
  wall to end up on deck. Now, simply climb to the very top using your
  Tail Bounce often to get the third Red Remote.
 Hidden Silver Remote 3
  In the first fork in the road, go right and swim to the very top to find
  the third Hidden Silver Remote in the game.

Level 4 - Frankensteinfeld (SCREAM TV)
 Mission 1 - Run the Axe Gauntlet
  From the second room, go in the green-tinted door. In this room, just 
  make your way to the discolored wall area by crossing treacherous 
  floating platforms and chandeliers. Use your suction-cup feet and go 
  left on the wall. When you reach the end, kill Hucky by Tail Whipping
  his head. Continue straight, then turn right. Kill the skull-bouncing
  ghost and continue. Keep going until you reach the exit and the Remote.
 Mission 2 - Head Down the Ramp
  From the second room, go in the red-tinted door. In the next room, jump
  across the platforms and chandeliers and use use your suction-cup feet.
  Go to the right, grab the Red Fire Fly, then go back to the left. Drop
  down and take the first exit on your right - once again, use your 
  suction-cup feet. You'll end up next to a white, starred wall and a 
  Green Fly. Go through the door and follow the path to the second Remote.
 Mission 3 - Stick Across the Ceiling Maze
  From the second room, go in the green-tinted door again. Follow the path
  to the first Red Remote until you reach the starred floor, then stop. 
  Turn around and go up the small incline. Jump on the disappearing plat-
  form and avoid all other obstacles. Use your suction-cup feet to get 
  past the ceiling maze, then drop down and walk forward. Jump over the
  banister and make your way to the exit and the last TV Remote.
 Hidden Silver Remote 4
  From the second room, go in the green-tinted door. From here, kill the
  Frankenstein and jump over to the next platform. Turn to your left and
  jump in the red diamond-shaped window to get Silver Remote #4.

Level 5 - www.dotcom.com (CIRCUIT CENTRAL)                              
 Mission 1 - Scale the Bionic Launch Tower
  From the start, immediately cut to the left and go up the platforms. 
  Grab the bionic power before crossing the bridges. Hit the bionic chute
  then veer to the right. Drop down to the bottom, obtain the bionic 
  power, and hit the closest bionic chute. Launch yourself up two levels,
  grab a Green Health Fly, then jump out to the left and grab another 
  Green Fly. Hop back to the platform and walk around the corner through
  the wall. From the electric hallways, jump onto the green platform, but
  don't go to the left. First, jump to the right and grab an extra life.
  Now go back and go to the next room. Now simply ascend the platforms
  (make sure you have the bionic power at all times) and get to the top.
  Kill the robot patrol and exit the level with the Red Remote.
 Mission 2 - Cross the Data Bus Bridges
  From the start, go the same way as before, but instead, hit the bionic
  chute. Cross the next bridge and jump over to the ledge. Walk through
  the wall. In the next room, wait until energy shoots across the 
  electric hallway and then follow it to the end of the room. From here,
  use the bionc power to cross the bridges. In the next room, jump out
  on to the spinning saucer and Tail Whip the connecting piece to launch
  across the room. Finally, in the next room, use the bionic power to
  cross the bridges and activate the platforms. After a while, you'll
  run into the last Red TV Remote and the level's exit pad.
 Hidden Silver Remote 5
  From the exit to the first mission, look around. You'll probably see a
  silver glow. Wonder what it is? The silver remote! Carefully descend 
  the platforms and try to get the fifth silver remote.

Level 6 - Mao Tse Tongue (KUNG-FU THEATRE)
 Mission 1 - Defeat the Deadly Dragon
  From the start, find a window that reads CRAZY QUANG'S CLOTHING. Break
  it to reveal a room. Kill the ninja to open the door. Remember that
  sometimes you MUST kill an enemy or a number of enemies to pass into a
  new section of a level. Jump on the spinning platform in the next room
  and go to the left. Hit the gong to activate a staircase. Go over to 
  the staircase and break the window above it. Keep killing ninjas and
  the lone armored ninja to get to the next window. Break it and you'll
  be on the rooftops. DON'T FALL OFF. If you do, you'll have to start
  from the beginning again. Walk to the building across from you and kill
  Mr. Ninja to get to the next room. Hit the gong and enter the new area.
  Use your suction-cup feet to get to a new area in the room. Move the
  cannon around to hit both of the gongs and activate a platform. Break 
  the glass, run around to the side of the building, and use your suction
  cup feet. Break the glass and enter the door to another street area.
  Kill the enemies, then use the zip line to get to the next area. Keep
  doing this until you reach the next room. In this room, kill eight 
  ninjas to activate a platform. Use your suction-cup feet and get to the
  top floor of the room. Now, use the cannon to kick the dragon's butt.
  A door will open, giving you access to the hardest remote on this level.
 Mission 2 - Traverse the Rocking Pillars
  From the start, find the window that DOES NOT read CRAZY QUANG'S CLOTHING.
  Break it. Kill the ninja to get in. Use your suction-cup feet to get to the 
  next level. Avoid the swinging blades and kill the ninja at the end. Jump
  ONTO the diamond-shaped sticky surface and you'll go to the next room. Hit 
  the gong to make the Yin-Yang platforms appear. Kill the ninjas and use a
  platform to get up to the next level. Hit the two gongs to activate another
  diamond-shaped wall mount. Jump on it and go for a ride. In the next room,
  hit the Yin-Yang platform to use your suction-cup feet on the wall. Go up a
  level and clear the rocking pillars to get to the remote.
 Hidden Silver Remote 6
  From the spinning platform in the second room (first mission), hit the gong
  to activate the stairs. Go over there but don't break the window. Instead,
  tail bounce to get on top of the sign. Make your way over to the orange 
  roof and Tail Whip the first door-like image you see. Aaahh, success!

Level 7 - The Umpire Strikes Out (THE ROCKET CHANNEL)
 Mission 1 - Ride the Rocket
  From the start, turn around and jump across the platforms to the asteroid.
  Stay on the platforms and descend until you reach a little asteroid. Jump
  across a couple more platforms until you arrive at the rocket. Jump on the
  area with the Hit Paw symbol on it. Ride the rocket. You'll drop down into
  a trench with lasers and alien Jedi attacking you. Avoid them and jump down 
  the hole at the end.  When you land, kill the alien and exit the level.
 Mission 2 - Enter the Battle Dome
  This time, go the opposite direction, towards the rotating platforms. Keep
  going until you come to a purple-ish glowing tower. Jump on it and ascend, 
  but what out for eletric charges that zip through every once in a while. At
  the top, jump over the laser beams and make your way to a similar tower. 
  Climb this one too. At the top, follow the walkway until you reach yet 
  another tower. Climb it. At the top, traverse the series of spinning plat-
  forms. At the end, you'll see two enemies and an electric tower that you
  can't climb. Kill the enemies to get the green exit pad and the Remote.
 Hidden Silver Remote 7
  From the start, begin your first mission, but don't jump across the plat-
  forms. Instead, jump down onto the asteroid and walk to the edge. Wait for
  an alien in a TIE Fighter-like spaceship and jump on it. Continue along the
  path for a PLETHORA of Collectibles and the seventh Hidden Silver Remote.

Level 8 - Pangaea 90210 (THE PRE-HISTORY CHANNEL)
 Mission 1 - Assault the Level Island
  From the start, simply head straight, following the lower path all the way
  to a rocky mountain (no pun intended) with a green exit pad and a Red
  Remote, Step on the pad to exit the level. Easy, huh?
 Mission 2 - Climb the Volcano
  From the beginning, head all the way to the platforms jutting out from the
  lava-fall. Climb them and head back to the left. Use your suction-cup feet
  and head to the right. Just keep going until you eventually reach the exit
  surrounded by a dino's ribcage. Tail Whip them to get to it.
 Hidden Silver Remote 8
  At the beginning of your first mission, follow the trail until you come to
  the first purple triceratops and a tiny trail to the left. Follow the trail
  and look around for the Silver Remote. Find it and QUICKLY grab it before
  you're crushed by a boulder.

Level 9 - Fine Tooning (TOON TV)
 Mission 1 - Climb the Tree
  From the start, go past the mallet-weilding flowers and take the path to 
  the right and the end (before the pond). Follow the trail until you reach a
  canyon-like area with platforms below you. Jump on the platforms and follow
  them to the other side. HIT THE CHECKPOINT NOW! You'll be mad at yourself
  if you don't. Anyhoo, jump on the two blocks to go up a level. Avoid the 
  "Hard-Head Area" and ring the bell. The blocks below you will start appear-
  ing and disappearing. Follow the pattern and climb on the steel girder. 
  Keep going up the steel girders and go in the "?" door. You'll become the
  self-proclaimed star, Daffy Duck. Jump on the stump and go up a level. 
  Follow the path to the exit and the Remote.
 Mission 2 - Storm the Castle
  Despite a harder path mentioned in earlier guides, I've found an easier way.
  From the area where the dominos emerge, turn to the right. Perform a blind
  Karate Kick (run, hold Z and press A) toward the dock. If you make it, hit
  the bell to make the drawbridge lower. Go in the castle and get a Red Fire
  Fly. Tail Whip the rocket's fuse and jump on. The rocket will take you to
  the second mission's exit and the Red Remote.
 Hidden Silver Remote 9
  When you lower the drawbridge to get in to the castle, DON'T GO IN. If you
  do, you can't get out. Instead, follow the grassy trail all the around the
  castle to find the ninth Silver Remote.

Level 10 - This Old Cave (THE PRE-HISTORY CHANNEL)
 Mission 1 - Watch for Falling Lava
  Follow the main path until you get to the sticky path. Traverse it and get 
  to a couple of flower trampolines. From the second one, launch straight 
  across to the tunnel. Now, keep using your suction-cup feet until you reach
  the exit and the first Red Remote on this level.
 Mission 2 - Dodge the Steam Vents
  In the third room (the one with the two flower trampolines), avoid them and 
  go through the arch. Continue to the next room and jump all the way to the
  bottom. Continue through the next tunnel. In this room, go all the way up to
  the tunnel and look to your right. You'll see the next Silver Remote. Get
  it now and save some time. Now, go through the tunnel, avoiding the steam 
  vents and just turn right to see the exit and the next Red Remote. 
 Mission 3 - Bounce Up the Flowers
  In the third room, look left and you'll see a tunnel. Go there. Once past 
  the lava pit (use your suction feet) you must make a series of jumps on the  
  flower trampolines. Once you make it, just one more jump on a trampoline and     
  you can head for the exit. 
 Hidden Silver Remote 10
  See Mission 2 - Dodge the Steam Vents to see how to get to this one.

Level 11 - Honey I Shrunk the Gecko (CIRCUIT CENTRAL)
 Mission 1 - Charge to the Top
  From the start, jump up the platforms and use your suction-cup feet to go to 
  the other side for a Green Health Fly. Drop down, grab the bionic power, and
  hit the bionic chute. Next, run through the hall and take the platform up to
  the next level. Once there, kill all of the enemies, grab the bionic power,
  hit the chute and go across the bridge for another Green Fly. In the room on
  the other side, follow the energy balls across the walkway. In the next room
  hit the Checkpoint TV as soon as you walk in. Grab the bionic power and walk
  to the left. Use the jumps to get on the sticky wall. Once you get there,
  use the bionic power to cross the bridge and go to the next room. There is 
  another electronic hallway to cross, then you can use the series of chutes 
  in the next room to get to the exit pad and the Red Remote.
 Mission 2 - Find the I/O Tower
  From the Checkpoint TV, grab the bionic power and go on the platform just 
  above you, then cross the bridge and go through the wall. Jump on top of the
  spinning platform, get over to the next sticky area and climb up to the next
  level. Jump onto another spinning platform, thwack yourself over twice, and 
  jump over to the next door. In the next area, try not to jump down. Jump 
  on to the first platform, shoot to the other side, and enter the door. In 
  the next room, get on yet another spinning platform and glide over to the 
  exit and Red Remote numero dos.
 Mission 3 - Charge the A.T.C. Steps
  From the room with the two robot walkers, go to the right. Go up on the 
  platform and into a hallway. In the next room, use your suction-cup feet to
  go in a hole in the ceiling to get to the next room. Use the bionic power
  to ride the platforms up to the exit and the Red Remote.
 Hidden Silver Remote 10
  From the room with the two robot walkers, go to the left. Use the bionic 
  chute to launch onto the sticky path. Follow the path to a secret room with
  the eleventh Silver Remote tucked neatly away.

Level 12 - Pain in the Asteroids (THE ROCKET CHANNEL)
 Mission 1 - Find the Arched Asteroid
  Hit the switch and run across the metal bridge to the next area. All you 
  have to do is get to the space needle. When you find it, go around to the
  side and go down the elevator. When you land, just go down the platforms to 
  the next asteroid. VITAL INFO: If you see a switch, it's probably a good 
  idea to hit it so that you can get to the next area. Keep hitting switches
  and moving across bridges until you find the arched asteroid. Now, look
  for a sticky path to the right. Go under the asteroid and jump on the 
  platform; it'll take you up to the Red Remote.
 Mission 2 - Ride the Warp Tube
  This time, when you make it to the space needle, jump on it and climb up.
  Avoid the lasers and get to the next asteroid. Climb the next tower, jump
  past the platforms, go past the fire-belching sphere and get on the next
  asteroid. Now carefully jump across the series of moving platforms to get
  to the level's second exit and second Red Remote.
 Mission 3 - Destroy Five Crystal Power Cells
  Here's the locations of the five Crystal Power Cells: 1) Behind the space 
  needle; 2) On the platform next to you when you descend the elevator in
  the space needle; 3) On the steel girder from the left of the top of the
  space needle; 4 & 5) From the top of the space needle, go in the warp gate     
  to get to a platform that holds the last two power cells and the Silver
  Remote. Go back into the gate, take a right, then cross the bridge and
  go over a couple of more platforms - you'll eventually come to the exit.
 Hidden Silver Remote 12
  Check out Mission 3 - Destroy Five Crystal Power Cells to get this one.

Level 13 - Samurai Night Fever (KUNG-FU THEATRE)
 Mission 1 - Navigate the Great Spinner
  From the start, go right and over the bridge. Use the Yin-Yang jump to go
  up a level. Kill all of the ninjas and carefully jump across the platforms
  and hit the gong to raise a platform for an extra life. I suggest that you
  go for the Silver Remote now. Jump on the side of the ledge and look down.
  See the sticky path? OK, stay against the wall the whole time and you'll
  land on it. Make your way to the secret alcove with the Silver Remote in it.
  Now, go to the warp to get back up to the previous area. Use your suction-
  cup feet to get on the sticky path and go up another level. Hit the gong
  and it'll open the door on the other side. Use the Yin-Yang jump to launch
  up to the next area. Now, use the YY jumps to cross a series of platforms.
  This'll lead you to a large spinning platform. Jump across to the next plat-
  form and hit the gong. Run across the bridge and stand on the large square.
  This brings you to another gong; hit it, go back up and take the same 
  bridge. The bridge will take you to the exit and the first Red Remote. Be
  sure to hit the gong first; you'll thank yourself later.
 Mission 2 - Ride the Swinging Platforms
  Walk behind the temple from the start, and go down the sticky path to the
  gong; hit it, then go back up. Cross the bridge and jump across the moving
  platforms. Ascend the spinning platforms, cross the bridge and pass the
  swinging blades. Ride another swing and make a couple more jumps - you'll
  come to a guard. Kill the guard to open the door on your right. Go straight.
  Cross the bridge, then the gap via the spinning platform and cross yet
  another bridge. Kill the guard ahead of you, then hit the gong to lower the
  drawbridge that shows you the exit. Hit the gong here as well so that you
  can get the third mission completed.
 Mission 3 - Climb the Towering Temple
  Go through the door you opened at the last mission's exit. Go up the bridge
  and across a series of swings. Jump into the cage and out to the platform
  below. Kill the guard and use your feet to climb up to the next level. Jump
  across the platforms to get to another sticky path. Follow this to a set of
  moving platforms and a winding road. At the end of the road, jump across
  some platforms to access the cage. This will take you to the top of the
  temple, with the last green exit pad and the Red Remote next to you.
 Hidden Silver Remote 13
  Look at Mission 1 - Navigate the Great Spinner for details on this remote. 

Level 14 - No Weddings and a Funeral (REZOPOLIS)
 Mission 1 - Penetrate Rez's Inner Sanctum
  Go down the ramp, jump across the speakers, and head through the door - 
  you'll emerge as John Travolta (Saturday Night Fever). Step on the disco
  tiles in the correct order to get to the next room. Go to the remote control
  and Tail Bounce the buttons to go up a level. Jump on a platform and ride 
  over to the other side. From here, go up and ride the speakers all the way 
  to the left to get to the next area. (HINT: If you go right instead, you'll
  be lined up with the very last Hidden Silver Remote.) Jump on the sticky
  path to go up one level. Now make your way to the next door, crossing the
  conveyor belts. You'll be John Travolta again, so repeat your routine. 
  Go out and cross the speaker board then Tail Bounce on the remote control
  to go up a level. Tail Whip the gear to raise the platforms and jump on the
  sticky path. Keep going and you'll end up gong up a level. Ride the conveyor
  belts to the next room. Hit the Checkpoint TV and keep moving across the 
  floating and bobbing platforms. In this next room, repeat the gear routine
  and go across the platforms. Keep gong across conveyor belts and Tail Bounce
  the four buttons n the remote control to go up; then jump on a moving plat-
  form. It will take you to a door. Go in and walk down the hall to claim your
Boss 1 - Gilligex Isle (Requires 3 Red Remotes)
 This is the first boss. There are actually three enemies you have to beat in
 order to get the Gold Remote. When they yell, three fireballs come out of 
 the cauldron (two orange, one blue). You must line up with one of the enemies       
 and Tail Whip a blue ball at them to kill them. Every time you hit a fireball
 a pair of fire walls comes in your direction and you have to jump over them.
 Hit all three of the enemies and you'll get your first Gold Remote!

Boss 2 - Mooshoo Pork (Requires 9 Red Remotes)
 Mooshoo Pork is actually a half-cow, half-pig. Creepy. The trick is to shock
 him while he's chasing you. To do this, Tail Whip the switch on the far wall
 before he reaches you and you'll electrocute him. Do this three times and
 he's down for count; AND, you get the second Gold Remote!

Boss 3 - Gexzilla vs. Mecharez (Requires 21 Red Remotes)
 This is actually easier than it seems. All you have to do is hit Rez with
 your Tail Whip about a bazillion times. Wait until he's on top of a building
 and Tail Whip it to death to knock off some of Rez's health. Then, you can
 Tail Whip him again to knock off some more damage. When Rez stops completely, 
 it means that he's about to fire his jet pack. GET OUT OF THE WAY. You'll
 get your tail kicked if you don't. Keep repeating this pattern and you'll
 get Gold Remote #3 in no time flat.

Final Boss - Channel Z (Requires 33 Red Remotes)
 Make your way to Rez's chamber. (Believe me, this is the hardest part of the
 stage, but it's VERY straightforward.) First, dodge his missiles and jump
 over him when he charges at you so that he runs into the electricity. After
 third time you do this, he'll change his form. Now that he's huge, dodge
 the eye lasers that he fires at you. When ready, stand next to a green tower
 and stay there until you see his hand come down. Quickly jump out of the way.
 Do this three times and you're done. The End. Watch the credits.
5) Bonus Level 1 - Aztec 2 Step               - Collect the Gems in Time
6) Bonus Level 2 - Thursday the 12th          - Collect the Skulls in Time
7) Bonus Level 3 - In Drag Net                - Collect the Badges in Time
8) Bonus Level 4 - The Spy Who Loved Himself  - Collect the Briefcases in Time
9) Bonus Level 5 - Lizard in a China Shop     - Collect the Takeout in Time
10)Bonus Level 6 - Bugged Out                 - Whack the Bugs in Time
11)Bonus Level 7 - Chips and Dips             - Collect the Batteries in Time
My Ratings
 Graphics: 92% A - great graphics, camera trouble can't be overlooked
 Sound FX: 90% A - good music, but Gexie's one-liners run dry after Day 1
 Controls: 87% B - not as tight as Mario or Banjo, but a good overall feel
 Overall!: 89% B - a good title with classic suave, but camera prob's galore
Closing Thought
 Bad camera...good graphics...loose control....classic gameplay. `Nuff said.

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Top Secret CHEATS!
 These are the codes I have so far, but E-mail if you find any.
 When prompted to start a new game, load a game or go to the options menu,
 choose Load Game, then choose Password. Now, enter any of these passwords:

 D P X M D G V X C V L C G 5 W F L   -  opens the Red Gate
 C 2 G 5 7 F L R D Q J V 7 F B T C N -  opens the Green Gate
 M 7 5 8 F Q R W 3 J 5 8 F Q R W 4 ! -  gives you 99 lives and 35 Red Remotes

 After opening the Blue Gate, walk down the hall and you'll come to two
 platforms; one leads to Level 13 - Samurai Night Fever and the other goes to
 Level 14 and Rez. A sign says you can't go to Rez until you have 26 Red 
 Remotes. Jump on anyway. It will take you to a stone gargoyle's face.
 Jump toward it but press A again to perform a sort of double jump and you'll
 be in. You can go to Level 14 ahead, but you can't fight Rez until you get
 33 Red Remotes; by then, the dragon's mouth will have already opened.

Special Thanks to:
 GamePro Magazine - Issue #116                www.gamepro.com 
 Sybex's PlayStation Ultimate Strategy Guide  www.sybex.com 
 GameFAQs                                     www.gamefaqs.com

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