Out of this World Walkthrough
by Mr [email protected]

Part 1
After the intro, the game starts out in a pool of water and you see an 
explosion.  This is where you come from.  Hold up until you get to the surface 
and get out of the water.  Go to your left one screen and you will see a ledge 
with a vine hanging above it.  Don't jump on the vine just yet.  You will need 
it in a few minutes.  Go back to your right one screen past the water.  There 
are a bunch of leeches.  Kill them all and go to your right.  There are some 
more leeches.  Kill them all and go to your right again.  Now, head to the right 
and a little cinema will start with some kind of gorilla-panther hybrid thing 
growling.  As soon as the cinema starts just hold the run button and the left 
direction.  Just run until you get to the ledge with the vine.  When you get to 
the edge jump and you will grab the vine.  As soon as you are on the vine hold 
the run button and the right direction.  Just run all the way to the right and 
watch what happens from here. 

Part 2 - Continue code: HTDC
You are now in a cage with some marshmallow lookin' dude.  This guy is your 
friend and will help you through the rest of the game.  Press left and right to 
swing the cage back and forth.  When the cage falls on the guard pick up the gun 
which is a little black spot on the ground just to the right of where you land.  
Run to the right after marshmallow man.  As soon as you get to the next screen 
you will need to start shooting to kill a bad marshmallow dude.  Keep going to 
the right.  Go to about halfway across the screen and face left.  Now hold the 
fire button until you see a small blue ball on the tip of the gun then let go.  
This will make a shield.  Around this time another bad guy will come on screen 
and make himself a shield and begin firing at you.  Just make 2 or 3 shields 
then just fire away until the other guys shield is gone and he is fried.  Once 
your buddy goes through the doors follow him.  However, if another guy comes on 
screen and shoots at you before you get a chance to leave, you must kill him.  
If you don't he will follow you and kill you.  Now you will see a little 
platform.  Stand on it and make sure your friend is on it too.  You can go up if 
you like.  There will be a window.  Go over to it and watch the little cinema.  
This is optional.  If you went up, go down 2 levels.  If not, go down 1 level.  
Go to your left and there will be a door and below you will be a guy behind 3 
doors.  If you go down where the guy is he will open his doors and shoot you.  
So you must disable his doors first.  Go down 1 level to the bottom.  Your 
friend will begin walking to the left.  Stay right with him and as soon as you 
both get to the other screen start firing.  Now shoot the little electric 
circuit thing.  This will disable the doors for the guy above you.  Go back up 1 
level and go in front of the door.  In order to get through it you will have to 
shoot a super blast from your gun.  To do this hold the fire button until there 
is a big blue ball at the tip of your gun then let go.  This will destroy the 
door.  This also drains your gun so don't try to stop and have a shoot out with 
the guy below.  As soon as you destroy the door the guy below will hear you and 
attempt to come out.  His doors don't work so he begins blasting them away.  So 
as soon as you blast the door you will need to run over, go down the little 
transporter thing, run to your left, and go up another transporter thing.  Don't 
worry about your friend, if you make it he will too.  Now as you go left a bad 
guy will come from the right and your friend will open a hatch to the sewers.  
Go down this hatch and you are now at part 3.

Part 3 - Continue code: CLLD
Roll left and you will see some steam shooting from above.  Get right next to it 
and as soon as it stops roll left and drop down.  Roll right and there is some 
more steam.  Get past it and drop down.  There is steam immediately to either 
side of you.  Go right.  You have to be quick for this one.  Now just roll right 
and you will fall.  Then roll left and you will fall to part 4.

Part 4 - Continue code: LBKG
You drop down and to your left there is an energy chamber.  Step inside to 
refill your gun.  Blast the 3 doors to your right.  The next screen is empty.  
Just go to the next screen and immediately start shooting to kill a bad guy.  
The next screen has a cliff that you will need to run and jump off of.  If you 
jump too late you will fall and be impaled on a spike.  If you do it right you 
will land below on a small ledge.  Blast the wall and walk in.

Part 5 - Continue code: XDDJ
This part is long and very tricky.  It may seem pointless but you will see why 
you did all of this later on.  If you jump over the first hole and go right 
there is a door.  Blast it and go right and there is a water fall type thing.  
In order to continue you have to drain the water.  Go back to the hole and fall 
down it.  Then fall down the next hole.  Run to your right and you will have to 
jump from a small cliff over some spikes.  As soon as you get to the next screen 
stop.  Some rocks will fall to the right of you.  As soon as they fall run to 
your right because a rock will fall right where you are standing.  Be careful 
not to run too far though because more rocks are falling to the right.  Get past 
these rocks and on the next screen there are some more rocks.  You can stay at 
the very left of this screen though until you figure out when you are ready to 
start past these rocks.  You will notice some tentacles on the right of the 
screen.  You will have to run past these to the next screen so that they don't 
grab you.  If you walk they will suck you up.  Now right in front of you is some 
more tentacles.  To the right a little is a mouth on the ground with some more 
tentacles above it.  You will have to run and jump over the mouth.  If you are 
too slow the tentacles will grab you.  Now there are 2 more mouths.  Go right to 
the edge of the first one and do a standing jump.  You will land right between 
them.  Now do another standing jump to get over the other one and go to the next 
screen.  There are 3 mouths with tentacles above each.  Blast each tentacle and 
destroy them.  Now go about the length of one of the mouths to the left of the 
first mouth.  Do a standing jump over it.  Then get right on the edge of the 
next mouth and do another standing jump.  On the next screen there is a hole and 
a mouth.  Get on the edge of the hole and do a standing jump.  Then do a 
standing jump over the mouth.  Then go past the next screen which is empty and 
you will come to a wall and a room that has no roof.  Blast the wall and run 
into the room.

Part 6 - Continue code: FXLC
Leave the room and go back the way you came and when you get to the screen with 
the falling rocks you will start going up the ramp.  Go until you see a little 
bat type animal and shoot at it to make it start flying away.  Follow it over 
and wait for it to get swallowed up by the tentacles.  Now jump to the big spike 
and climb up all the way and jump to the next spike. Continue this until you get 
to the last spike on the very left of the screen.  Don't worry about getting 
under the tentacles.  They are too busy eating the bat.  Now when you jump from 
the last spike you will land on the little platform thing that you started out 

Part 7 - Continue code: KRFK
Run to the left and fall down beside the platform.  Blast its base and it will 
fall and you can run up it to the level above.  Run right and jump over the 
holes until you get to a place where there is some water.  Blast the little 
barrier and the water will rush down and you must run back to the left, jumping 
over the holes and stand on a little stone that is covering up a hole.  This 
will shoot you back up to the upper level.  There are 3 reasons why you had to 
drain the water.  The first obviously was to drain the waterfall so you could 
continue on.  The second was to fill that empty room with no roof, which is 
actually a large pit, so that when you came to it later on up top you can swim 
across it.  And the third is so that you can swim down all the way to the bottom 
and shoot out an electric circuit thingy.  Now go right past the water fall and 
go up the stairs and go right and you will see your buddy crawling in a little 
duct below you. 

Part 8 - Continue code: KLFB
Notice your buddy cannot continue because there is a stone blocking his way.  
You have to go down and shoot a chandelier that is connected to the stone.  Go 
to the next screen to your right and there is some stairs.  Go to the bottom of 
them and immediately make a shield or 2.  Then when the guy comes on screen 
either shoot at him until his shield is gone or use a super blast to destroy his 
shield and shoot him.  On the next screen there is stairs leading down and a guy 
will run to the right.  Ignore the guy, we'll kill him later.  Go down the 
stairs and you will get to a little transporter thing.  Go down it and go to the 
left.  As soon as you get to the next screen start shooting to kill the bad guy.  
Now keep going left and you will see 3 chandeliers and some stairs.  Run up the 
stairs and shoot the big chandelier in the middle and it should drop.  This will 
allow your buddy to keep going.  Now run to the right and as you are about to 
pass under the transporter and go to the next screen a guy will knock you back, 
throwing your gun across the screen, then he'll come over and pick you up.  When 
he picks you up start pressing the action button and you will kick him in the 
nuts.  Now run left and when you get to your gun press down and you will roll, 
pick up your gun and turn around and face him.  Start shooting and kill him.  
Now go right and when you are hidden behind the first black pillar make a bunch 
of shields, at least 5.  Then walk just a little past it and make 2 shields.  As 
you are doing this 2 guys will come up on either side of you and start shooting 
at you.  Once you have the 2nd shield made, charge a super blast to blow away 
the guy on the right's shield and shoot him.  Then turn around and super blast 
the other guy's shield and shoot him.  Go to the right and you will get to a 
pool of water which I mentioned earlier.  If you swim across and go to the next 
screen you will get shot by a guy who is impossible to kill in a shoot off.  
Well, not impossible.  When I first played this game I actually managed to do it 
after about 2 hours because I didn't realize what you were actually supposed to 
do.  Which leads us to part 9.

Part 9 - Continue code: DDRX
Go back left, go up the transporter, go up the stairs, as soon as you get up the 
stairs you will have to kill a guy so you will want to walk up the stairs 
slowly.  Jump over the stairs and go to the right.  You will get to 3 doors and 
you'll see a guy on the right.  Make a shield just left of the doors.  Then run 
over just enough to open the doors and run back to close them.  The guy will 
release a little bomb that will bounce off the doors and roll back over to him 
and kill him.  Now go over and blast the door and go to the next screen.  You 
will see another energy chamber like before.  Go up and recharge your gun.  Now 
go right and you will see three round, green balls hanging from the roof.  
Notice the little space in the black trim.  You have to duck down and fire a 
shot between the space to break the chain and cause the ball to drop on the guy 
below.  You can see the reflection of the guy in the ball.  The guy will walk 
left, right, left then back right and stop for a few seconds in the middle.  
When he has stopped in the middle fire a shot and the ball will drop on him and 
kill him.  If you did it right you will hear the ball crash and him yelling.  If 
you did it wrong he will run over to the right and begin shooting up at you.  If 
this happens you have to kill yourself and try again until you get it right.  
Now when you go back down and swim across the pool you will find that guy laying 
on the ground with a broken green ball on top of him.

Part 10 - Continue code: BFLX
OK, now you have to go under water.  Jump in and go all the way down.  You will 
recognize the room where you had to blow out the wall.  Go left, past the big 
empty screen and over to where there is a mouth in the ground with a hole to the 
left of it and 2 holes up top.  Go over to the left hole on the top and swim up 
it.  This is where you get some air.  Now just swim straight down and go into 
the hole under you.  Then swim to the right and get out of the water on the land 
with the 2 mouths.  Do a standing jump to get over them.  Walk to the next 
screen and shoot the electric circuit thingy.  This will jam some doors at a 
part coming up and buy you some time.  Now run and jump over the 2 mouths and 
swim back up exactly the way you came, and don't forget to get the breath of air 
on the way back.  Run past the dead guy under the broken ball.

Part 11 - Continue code: BRTD
Now you are at a hole.  Make sure you are on the left side of the hole when you 
drop.  There is nothing on the right side of it so don't even go over there.  
This is why you shot out the circuit under water.  It jams the doors below and 
buys you enough time to run away.  As soon as you drop you will need to blast a 
door and just keep running to the right.  You will see your buddy crawling 
around above you.  Once you get to the dead end you need to stand right under 
the little vent which is about 2/3 across the screen.  Face left and just keep 
building some shields.  Don't try to kill anybody or you will die.  Then your 
buddy will come and grab your hand and pull you up.

Part 12 - Continue code: TFBB
Your buddy will pull you up and then run to the right into a little building.  
Don't follow him.  Instead run left then run back right and you will go up a 
ramp and run around the side of the building.  As you are going across you will 
see that your buddy was captured by two guys.  You have to run around to the 
back of the building, come in the back door, make a shield as soon as you get in 
the door, then super blast the guys shield and zap him.  Don't worry about the 
other bad guy, your buddy will take care of him.  Now you both run to the right 
and come to a gap in the ground with a little tarp hanging from the right side.  
Your buddy will go to the edge then motion at you to run towards him.  When you 
do he will grab you and throw you.  You will bounce off the tarp and land safely 
on the other side.  Now he will try to jump but he doesn't make it and he grabs 
on to the tarp and hangs there.  And if you go to the right you will see that 
there is no point going that way anyway.  So your only choice now is down.  Do a 
standing jump from the edge and you will grab a tarp and swing down into another 
level.  As soon as you land charge some shields.  Then blast the other guys' 
shields until you kill them.  These guys are tough to beat so you will just have 
to keep trying.  Run left and you will come to some stairs and stained glass 

Part 13 - Continue code: TXHF
This part kinda sucks.  First you'll want to go left.  You will see 3 guys 
running outside.  One guy gets left behind.  Walk over to the door until it 
opens.  Make sure you are on the right side of it.  Now point your gun at the 
guy but don't shoot him.  He will press a button that will close this door and 
the one above you so that the guy can't shoot you as soon as you drop down.  Now 
go back and go up the stairs.  There is a guy behind a door on the left.  Jump 
over the stairs and get on the right side.  Make 2 or 3 shields.  Blast the door 
away and let the guy release 5 bombs then kill him.  The bombs blew a hole in 
the ground below.  Now go left and zip down the transporter thing.  Make a bunch 
of shields then quickly super blast the guys shield and kill him.  Now zip down 
this transporter and shoot the little circuit panel thing.  Zip back up and go 
to the hole in the ground and drop in.  Run to the right and you will run over a 
big vent and you will get shot at.  As soon as you get past the vent stop.  
Everything will go black.  You need to creep really slowly to the next screen 
because there is only about one step worth of space and then you fall in a hole.  
If you need to see just fire your gun.  Now when you get to the next screen and 
you are right on the edge of the hole you need to jump across, run over and pull 
the lever in the wall.  This will open the cages to the gorilla-panther hybrid 
things below and all hell will break loose.  Now jump across the hole again.  It 
is very important that you be on the left side of the hole when you drop down.  
When you drop just run like a mad man until you get to a big transporter in the 
ceiling, then zip up it.  You have to stop right under the transporter and shoot 
up as quick as possible or you will get fried.  Now run to the left and you will 
open a platform and your friend will drop down.  Run back right and watch your 
friend and do what he does.  Then run right and get into the tank thing.

Part 14 - Continue code: CKJL
This part is cool.  Just press all the buttons until a big, flashing white one 
appears then press that one and you will be launched from the tank.

Part 15 - Continue code: LFCK
OK, don't waste time trying to look at all the naked marshmallow ladies.  As 
soon as you land run right to the next screen.  Run a few steps away from the 
door and make some shields.  Two guys come on screen and you will have a shoot 
out.  When you kill them 2 more guys come and you have to kill them too.  Now 
run to your right and your buddy will come crashing out of a window.  Keep going 
right and the ground will get shot out and you will fall.  Then some dude will 
catch your harm and slam you against the wall.  Then he'll walk over and kick 
you to the next screen.  Then when he comes after you your buddy will drop down 
and they will start fighting.  Just hold the right directional button until you 
crawl over to where all the levers are.  The bad guy will knock your buddy off 
the side, and walk over towards you.  When he gets under the skylight thing pull 
the lever and he'll get zapped.  Pull another lever and it will open up the 
skylight.  Crawl back left and when you get under the skylight you'll be zipped 
up to the roof.  And that is the end.

Congratulations, you have successfully completed one of the coolest games ever 
made.  Hope you had fun.  Please e-mail me at [email protected] and tell me how 
you liked my walkthrough.

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