OUT OF THIS WORLD by Interplay - Walkthru and Hints 
By Damien Neil


You appear underwater in a flash of energy. Quickly swim upwards to avoid
the tentacles that rise from below to pull you down. When you reach the
surface, stand up and hurry off to the right. Watch out for the tentacle
that rises behind you...if you stand in one spot for too long, it will pull
you back into the pool.

Walking away from the pool, you see a number of small, black, sluglike
creatures. Some are on the ground, and others are crawling on the rock
overhang above you. Beware of their sting, for their poison is deadly and
will kill in seconds. Fortunately, they are weak. Kick them, and they
splatter quite nicely. Continue to the left. Yuck -- more slugs. Kill them,
and continue on your way.

With a growl and the flash of teeth, a menacing black creature appears
before you! Discretion is sometimes the better part of valor -- turn and run
for your life. Past the pool, you suddenly run out of ground and options.
Keep going and take a running leap from the edge, grabbing onto the vine
fortunately hanging there. Whups... not a very strong vine! It parts, and
you swing back the way you came. Run off to the left, and pray that
something comes up to save you.

It does, in the form of a tall, cloaked figure. A blast from a weapon, and
the black creature will bother you no more. The next shot is for you...


You come to in a cage with a humanoid alien, gently swaying over a pit. Hmm.
..wonder how much stress that chain can take? Let's find out... Start
swinging the cage back and forth by swaying from side to side. The guard
seems rather annoyed...maybe that's a good sign. The chain snaps, and the
cage plummets onto him, silencing his shouts forever. Your fellow prisoner
seems to know what to do -- duck down and grab that gun the guard dropped,
then run after him.

The alien prisoner runs past you in the opposite direction -- what's going
on? Oh, a guard. Follow the ancient rule of war, and toast him before he can
toast you.

Just past the guard, the corridor ends abruptly in a door. Now what? Your
friend comes running after you, followed by a weapons fire. Time to think
defensively -- use your gun to put up a shield as your friend starts hacking
his way through the lock. Whenever a shield seems about to fail, toss up
another one. When the door finally opens, follow your friend off to the

Take the elevator up. Hmm...not much up here. Take a look out the window
(grim place, eh?), and head back down. Check out the first landing below the
one you came in on. A door in your way -- leave it alone for now. Maybe your
weapon could put a hole in it, but let's try to save the charge on it for
now. Head down to the bottom.

At the bottom, there's a guard waiting for you off to the left. Be ready for
him, and nail him as soon as you see him. It's not easy, but you can do it.
After making charcoal of him, direct a blast against that flashing dot on
the wall. It stops blinking. Good -- the more mayhem we can direct against
these alien slavers, the better! Take the elevator back up a level. We've
run out of options -- it's time to try this weapon against that door.

After removing the door, zip down through the transporter in the floor and
head off to the left. Go up again, and pass through the door. Your alien
companion crouches and picks up the manhole cover from the floor. Trust him,
and jump into the hole. Roll over to the left, and drop further into the


Tunnels, tunnels, and more tunnels. Roll over to the left, stopping just
short of the vent which lets out puffs of noxious vapors. Wait for a pause
in the fumes, and roll past it. Continue left, drop down a sort ways, and
head right. Pass a second vent in the same way as the first. Another short
drop, and there is a vent on either side. Flip a coin, and head right.
Another short drop, a roll left, a drop, a roll right, a drop, and you exit
the tunnels.


The door to the right is locked, and your weapon is out of juice, so you
have no choice -- go through the door to the left. The door slides closed
behind you, another one opens ahead, and energy crackles around you,
centering on your gun. Hmm...the light on it has stopped blinking. Maybe
this recharged it. Go back and try it out on that door to the right. And the
one behind it. And the next one. Yep -- definately recharged it. Go back and
charge it up again, then travel down the corridor to the right.

Outside, you see a big, nasty looking alien. Maybe he's a soldier of some
kind. Who cares? He's got a gun -- fry him. As you continue walking right,
you see your friend pursued by a pack of guards. Let's hope he makes it, but
there's nothing we can do about it now. Especially since we have problems of
our own -- we just ran out of path. We can't go back, so it's onwards, ever

Cross your fingers and take a running leap off the edge. Well, you didn't
make the other side, but at least you're alive. Stuck, though. Or are you?
Turn your weapon on the wall next to you, and walk through the hole.


Walk down the cave tunnels to the left. Nice wall in your way. Put a hole in
the wall, and continue on. Walk past the stairs. Nice waterfall. Guess we
can't go that way -- head up the stairs, and walk right. Still the
waterfall. Go back down and to the left. This time, take the lower passage.
Drop through the hole in the floor, walk a few steps right, and jump into
the hole there.

Walk right, and hop off the rock formation. High up on the ceiling is a
nasty looking bunch of tentacles. You can't get at them, and hopefully they
can't get at you, so ignore them for now. Take a running jump off the
dropoff to avoid the spikes below, and walk on to the right.

The next section of tunnel appears to be unstable -- rocks are falling all
over the place. Run halfway down the tunnel, turn and head back. You're safe
for now, so take the time to watch the pattern of the rocks that are
falling. Run past the first one, and pause between it and the next two. Wait
until the two fall in unison. When they do, dash past them immediately after
they hit.

The next section of tunnel is also a falling rock zone. Pause the second you
enter it, and get the pattern. As in the previous section, wait until the
first two rocks fall in unison and run past them. The third, and final, rock
should pose no problem.

At the end of the tunnel segment is a group of tentacles. Take a deep breath
and run under them. Don't dawdle! If you hesitate, you will meet an abrupt
and painful death. Continue to the left.

In the next section of tunnel, there are two sets of tentacles and three
pits with teeth in them. Death from above and below. Walk up to just before
the first set of tentacles, and jump. With luck, you will survive. Jump over
the three aliens in the floor, and continue to the left.

Three more floor trappers, and three tentacle creatures. This time, it
dosn't look like you'll be able to avoid the tentacles, so shoot them
instead. Low power blasts just cause them to retract for a few seconds, so
use high power shots. Then jump over the floor creatures and continue

You vault a crack in the floor and another alien lying in the floor, only to
be brought up short by a wall. Blow a hole in it and continue, only to find
yourself permanently blocked by a very solid wall. Dead end.


Sigh, turn back, and retrace your steps until you see the falling rocks
again. This time, ignore the rocks and climb the upwards sloping passage.
When you see the birdlike creature clinging to the ceiling, fire a shot at
it to disturb it and make it fly off to the right. Follow it, and watch it
be caught by the tentacles on the ceiling. Better it than you -- jump onto
the stalagtites, and climb across them to the left. Jump off and onto the
anvil-shaped rock formation.

Walk across the formation and jump off the left side. Turn around, and blast
the underpinnings out from under the rock. Run up the ramp you just built.


There's no way back to the left, so head right. Jump over the pits that
occasionally block your path, until you reach a dead end. Just for the hell
of it, try to blow a hole in the wall at the end of the tunnel. Uh oh, maybe
that wasn't such a good idea after all... Turn and run back the tunnel at
top speed. If you go fast and lose no time in vaulting the pits, you will
make it to the end just as the water blows the rock beneath you up to the
level of the passage above.

Run back to the stairway off to the right. Climb it, and head right across
the wall where the waterfall used to be. Enter the building past the
waterfall, and take a minute to catch your breath.


Walk down the corridor and down a short flight of stairs. Just after frying
a careless soldier, you see another running down the passage to the right.
Follow him. Hmm...a door blocks your way. Keep a shield between you and it
as you walk closer. The door slides open, revealing the alien who fled you.
He's on the attack now, though. Realizing that his gun will be ineffective
through your shield, he begins tossing some nasty glowing things towards
you. Step back and allow the door to close. Wait for a few seconds and go
through the door. Looks like his strategy backfired -- blast through the
door to to the right and continue on.

In the next room, take the transporter up and walk left to recharge your
weapon. Go back down, and continue on your way to the right.

Another dead end. You look through a crack, and see an alien guard below
reflected in several large green globes hanging from the ceiling. Crouch and
watch him for a while. When he pauses beneath a globe, shoot its chain,
sending it crashing onto his head. Then turn and return to the last down
stairway you saw.

Head down the stairs and turn left. After walking a short distance, you
encounter a soldier walking on patrol. Drop to one knee, set up a shield,
and send fire at him until his shield folds. Once he's out of the way,
continue onwards.

Climb the stairs that appear to your left, and leave the building. You find
yourself back at the now dry waterfall. Turn and reenter the building. In a
fit of pique, shoot a chandelier and send it crashing to the floor. Then jog
on and explore the corridor to the east.

As you run past the stairs which you came down, a guard appears as if from
nowhere and punches you in the face. He stalks over to you, picks you up by
the neck, and begins to lecture you in an incomprehensible language. Don't
stand for police brutality -- brutalize the police! Give him a good, hard
kick where it will do the most good, scoop up your weapon, and put him out
of his misery. Having dealt with him, continue to the right.

As you walk down the corridor, guards attack from both sides! Quickly put up
a shield to the right, turn around and shield to the left, then turn back
and send a full-strength blast at the right alien's shield. When his shield
collapses, toast him and run past his charred bones. Jump into the pool that
appears before you, take a deep breath, and dive to escape the guard behind


Dive down to the bottom of the pool. You find youself in a place that looks
rather familiar... Swim down the tunnel to the left. Head up the second
shaft you see and take a much-needed breath of air. Then turn and swim back
down, all the way to the bottom. Climb out of the water onto the rock shelf
to the right and jump over the two sets of teeth in the floor. Walk over to
the right, where you encounter yet another dead end. Engage in some
senseless violence by shooting the power line, and make your way back to the
surface. Climb out of the pool and walk over to the right.


Jump through the hole in the floor. You land in a room with locked doors on
either side. Pull out your weapon and blast your way through the door on the
right. As you run through it, the left door explodes inwards and weapons
fire sears towards you.

Run down the corridor, allowing doors to close behind you and slow down the
aliens behind you. You reach the end of the corridor only to find the
passage blocked by heavy bars, resistant to your weapon. Spin around, throw
up several shields, and prepare to die an honorable death.

Just before the enemy can work their war through your shields, your friend
pulls open a hatch in the ceiling and reaches down for you. Run over to him,
and allow yourself to be pulled up and out of danger.


You stand for a minute and catch your breath. Weapons fire explodes upwards
from the hole you just climbed out of. It smashes into the rock above,
dropping several boulders into the hole to seal it. You are safe for the

You run after your friend as he heads to the right, but are brought up short
as gunshots fly out of the building he just entered. Fearing the worst, you
run back to the left, hop up on a rock ledge, and run around to the back of
the building.

As you run past the side windows of the building, you can see your friend
held captive by two guards. He's still alive! Burst in through the back, set
up a shield, and fry one of the guards while your companion takes care of
the other one. Follow him out and off to the left.

You are again stopped by a chasm. On the other side, you can see a crude
trampoline. Allow your companion to pick you up and throw you across, then
wait for him to follow. He is not as lucky as you, however; the trampoline
collapses under his weight and he is left hanging above certain death. There
is nothing you can do for him up here -- cross your fingers and jump into
the chasm.

You catch onto another trampoline and swing into a corridor. As soon as you
land, turn and run to the edge to check on your friend. Two guards attack
you from behind, so turn around, toss up a shield, and kill them.

After disposing of the guards, you look around for somthing to aid your
trapped companion with. Finding nothing here, you run down the corridor to
the left, hoping he can hold on until you return for him.


You emerge from the corridor and startle three aliens deep in conversation.
They turn and run for their lives. You follow, and watch as one is trapped
behind a closing grate. Pull out your weapon and level it at him. He turns
to face you and raises his hands -- then hits a trigger, closing a door in
your face. Blast through the door and fry him.

Head back to the right. This time, go up the stairway that climbs up to the
left. At the top, turn and jump across the mouth of the stairs. Blast your
way through the locked door to the left, tossing up a shield first. An alien
behind the door begins rolling small balls of energy at you, but they
harmlessly travel down the stairs. Let him send four of them out, and char

Run back past the stairway mouth to the left, face right, and drop through
the transporter in the floor. Send up a shield as the door expodes inwards
towards you. Throw up another one for good measure, and fry the guard who is
firing at you. Walk right and take the transporter down.

In the small room at the bottom of the transporter shaft you find a control
panel. Fry it, and head back up the transporters to the stairs and run down

The weapon the guard at the top of the stairs was using seems to have caused
some damage to the floor; jump in the hole that has appeared and run down
the corridor to the right.

As you run down the corridor, the lights flicker and fade. You keep going,
and weapons fire tears through a grate in the floor, just missing you. After
you pass the grate, the lights come on again. You jump over a hole, and walk
up to a lever at the end of the passage. You pull the lever on an impulse.
Growls and screams come from below -- you seem to have caused quite a bit of
chaos. Walk back to the hole in the floor and jump in.

Chaos rules in the corridor you have fallen into. Huge black beasts wander
about, ripping aliens to shreds at will. Everyone is too busy to worry about
you -- run off to the right before they get their act together. At the end
of the corridor is a transporter shaft leading upwards. Take it and go left.

A bridge extends to allow you to cross the pit before you. Your companion
drops onto the bridge, and runs back to the right. Thankful that he managed
to hold on, you follow him. He stops on a transporter platform, lifts his
arms in a bodybuilder's pose, and zips upwards. You tentatively imitate him,
and follow. He runs down a stairway and over to a vehicle of some kind. You
follow, praying that he knows how to drive the thing...


Your seat raises you into a domed cockpit. Doors slide open before you, and
your friend drives the tank out into the center of an arena. Thousands of
screaming aliens surround you. Before you is a bank of controls...perhaps
for the weapons systems?

Press the top button to turn on the power, and the one immediately below it
to activate the rest of the controls. Press the button in lower left corner
for still more controls. Now press the four top buttons in the leftmost bank
of six. A button begins flashing white. Press it, and you and your friend
are ejected out of the tank and away from the arena.


Your escape pod smashes through a roof and lands in what appears to be an
alien harem. Alien females scatter and guards leap out with weapons at the
ready. You run to the right, persued by their fire.

You exit the harem, only to be challenged by a quartet of guards. Your gun
makes sort work of them, and you continue running onwards, joined by your
friend as he crashes through a wall to join you.

You follow your friend until a blast of energy takes out the walkway you are
standing on, dropping you downwards to your doom... A hand reaches out and
grabs you! Your rescuer pulls you up, only to slam you viciously against a
wall. He walks over to you, and kicks you in the face. Just as he is about
to finish you off, your friend jumps him from behind. You crawl away from
the fight, towards a bank of levers. Just as you reach the levers, your
friend is thrown off the walkway! The victor stalks towards you. You pull a
lever at random, and a column of energy bursts from the ceiling to fry him
where he stands. Another lever opens a hatch in the ceiling, allowing
daylight to spill inside. You labourously crawl back to the center of the
room, where a transporter whisks you to the roof of the building.

Congratulations! You have won! Just sit back, and enjoy the ending...

This walkthru is Copyright (C) 1993 by Damien Neil for Game Bytes Magazine.
All rights reserved.

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