Unofficial Strategy Guide and FAQ
                         by Kasey Chang
                   released December 31, 2002

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Previously, I've written Unofficial Strategy Guides (USGs) for
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05-JAN-2002         Initial release

31-DEC-2002         Slight fixes and updates


Q: Can you send me Starlancer (or portions thereof)?
A: No. You can buy the "Triple Action" pack yourself.

Q: Can you send me the manual (or portions thereof)?
A: No.

Q: Can you tell me how to play the game?
A: Read the manual.

Q: Can you help me get the game working?
A: That's Microsoft's job.

Q: What do you know about the Dreamcast version of Starlancer?
A: Absolutely nothing.

Q: Why is your FAQ shorter than other similar FAQs?
A: I don't repeat the stuff that's already in the manual or in
the game itself. You can read that yourself or look in the game's
reference section.

Q: What's the latest version?
A: There is no patch for this game.

Q: Is there a demo?
A: Yes, download it from The two missions in
the demo serve as a PREQUEL to the game

Q: How do I take a screenshot?
A: [Thanks to for this tip] When you're in
cockpit, hit ZERO (0), and the screen will be saved as a .TGA
file. If you're onboard the ship in "walkthru" mode, you have to
use the standard PrintScreen key, which sends output to
clipboard. Then paste it into any app and save it in the proper

Q: Can I modify the fighters or creat my own craft?
A: Check for SLEDIT.

Q: How do I avoid the ion cannon?
A: Some say flying to the opposite end of the cannon (i.e. the
"top") and you can avoid it. I can't seem to make that work
though. The only SURE way seem to be either destroy the cannon or

Q: Why does the game seem to freeze in mission 15 after the pre-
rendered movie?
A: Do NOT restart the computer! Just wait, have patience... It'll
resume in a while, really. It may act frozen for several MINUTES.

Q: After a mission, I got a short movie of a shuttle leaving this
base and I got dumped back to main menu!
A: You failed the required objective (usually, it's to protect
your carrier). Load a saved game and try again.

Q: What is the highest rank you can get in the game?
A: Squadron Commander, same rank as Enriquez.

Q: How do I survive the final mission? I get blasted by the ion
cannon no matter what!
A: There is no way to hide in space... Or is there?  (Hint!)

Q: I still don't understand!
A: Cloak!

Q: My backseater don't give me enough warning about the ion
A: His warning has to be queued with the scripted speeches. Just
cloak periodically. Shoot some  turrets, cloak. Move on to next
set, decloak. Kill that set, cloak. Repeat.

Q: Where are the cheat codes?
A: See final section

1    Starlancer: Game Information


It is the year 2160. The Coalition forces, lead by Admiral Kulov,
had just mounted a surprise attack on the French and Italian
fleet at Mars at base Kennedy. The base had stood down for the
peace treaty. As a result, the French and Italian forces, along
with the base, were annihilated. Many of the outer colonies were
lost. The German and American fleets have retreated in disarray
to Titan, and volunteers are called to duty...

You are joining the 45th Volunteers, a new outfit on an old
carrier that hadn't seen service in 20 years. You are the rookies
in this war, the scratch outfit that nobody would expect to last
ten seconds against the enemy forces.

It's time to go to war...


Starlancer is essentially the next generation of space flight
combat, in the genre of Wing Commander and Freespace. You pilot a
fighter or bomber in space, shoot other fighters with guns and
missiles, fly/escort bombers, defend your capital ships by
shooting down enemy bombers and torpedoes, take out engines,
shield generators, and turrets on enemy capships and bases, and
take out any other specific targets as needed.

Starlancer features improved graphics engine, bigger and better
(badder?) explosions, better gun graphics, more missile trails,
bigger capships (capital ships), more conversations, deeper
story, and more. It features a LOT of dialogue among the
different characters while you're in the cockpit, though the
accents do seem a bit exaggerated.

Starlancer also features a lot of computer rendered scenes,
including "walkthru" mode as you move through the corridors of
the ship going from room to room, as well as move inside your own
room to the various stations.


Starlancer requires P200 or faster (P2-300 with 3D accelerator

Win95 or later with DirectX 7 or higher

32 megs of RAM or higher

300 megs of HD space or more

8X or faster CD

mouse or joystick

640x480 or better video card (800x600 recommended), 2 meg or more
video memory (3D accelerator recommended)

DirectX 7 compliant sound card


Starlancer was also released for Sega Dreamcast console.


If you want games in the same genre, try Wing Commander series
(from Electronic Arts / Origin) or Freespace series (Interplay /

A similar genre is the "Elite" games, which features space combat
mixed with trading. Games in that genre includes Elite, X: Beyond
the Frontier, Tachyon: The Fringe, Hardwar, Wing Commander:
Privateer, and so on.

Freelancer is still in production at Digital Anvil and may appear
sometime in 2003.

No expansion pack is planned, nor a sequel.


Please check for the forum that
helped me through many questions.


Microsoft brought the entire team "in-house". The team is now a
part of Microsoft, not an independent studio working for

2    Alliance Crafts
The ships are listed in alphabetical order.

If you want favorite, I'd say Coyote/Patriot at the beginning. By
mid-game you can get to Phoenix/Reaper. Late game requires
Phoenix except the final mission, where you MUST pick a Shroud to
survive. (Yes, this is a spoiler)

Blind fire is the most useful special you can get. The only other
special really worth getting is cloak, and you only get that in
Shroud. Spectral shields can be of use in certain situations.
Reverse thrust is a gimmick that has occasional uses.

Not all fighters are available at all times. As you advance in
rank, your access level will improve and you will get access to
better fighters.

2.1   COYOTE

Special equipment: blind fire

Coyote is probably the best early fighter you get, with "blind
fire" that makes kills much easier. It has plenty of missile
hardpoints (7) so load up on the stuff you want, though its
strafing power is a bit weak. If you need to kill Kurgens, load
up on Screamer pods.


Special equipment: spectral shield

The spectral shield can protect you for a short while during
attack, but otherwise this ship is pretty average. Missile
firepower is average with 5 hardpoints.


Special equipment: none

As a medium fighter, this fighter is not as fast or agile, but
has better protection.  With two sets of cannons strafing power
is excellent, and five missile hardpoints is decent. However,
lack of blind fire means you need to be a better shooter.


Special equipment: spectral shield

Very light, very fast, and very agile... It's lightly armed (only
one set of cannons) and only has 3 missile hardpoints. Spectral
shields may help it out of some jams, but don't rely on it.


Special equipment: none

Agile medium fighter that sacrificed missile load (just 4
hardpoints) for gun power (2 sets).


Special equipment: blind fire

Patriot is a medium that improved upon Mirage IV, with 2 sets of
cannons, blind fire (which only works with one set of cannon) and
5 missile hardpoints.


Special equipment: blind fire

Essentially, this is a slightly better Coyote with 6 missile
hardpoints. Use it when you can. On the other hand, Patriot has
slightly better armor.


Special equipment: blind fire, reverse thruster, nova cannon

Phoenix is probably the best fighter except Tempest (which
doesn't appear until the end). It has lots of firepower, extra
power with nova cannon, and very agile. However, it's a bit thin
on protection, and only has 4 missile hardpoints.

The nova cannon is hard to use and should be reserved for
attacking fixed structures. It's useless in dogfights. Basically,
you lock a target, then charge it up by holding the trigger. When
you release the trigger, you release the "pulse" of plasma.

2.9   REAPER

Special equipment: blind fire

Fast, but NOT agile, excellent firepower and EIGHT missile
hardpoints... You may need to load up on some fuel pods as
afterburner fuel gets used up in a hurry.

2.10  SHROUD

Special equipment: cloak, blind fire, reverse thrust, AND
spectral shields

This is a LIGHT fighter, though a nicely equipped one. Guns are a
bit weak but blind fire helps a lot. Only 4 missile hardpoints
though. Load up on good missiles. You need high clearance to use
this one.


Special equipment: spectral shield

Tempest has very good shields, very good firepower (2 sets of
guns), 8 missile hardpoints. It is also quite heavy and neither
fast nor agile.


Special equipment: reverse thrust

Heavy, slow, good shields, good armor, good firepower, plenty of
missile hardpoints (8). Use reverse thrust to do the Maverick
maneuver (get the guy behind you to fly by).

3    Coalition Craft
Know your enemy and how to defeat them.

3.1   AZAN

Azan is a Coalition light fighter that is quite maneuverable, but
die easy. Use afterburner to get away, then turn back and let
them have it head-on. Repeat as necesary.


Basilisk is a decent medium fighter with good front-arc
firepower. It is flown by the Black Guard and comes with a
cloaking device. It has a thin frontal profile so is a bit hard
to hit.

You can't remain locked on to them when they cloak, so you can't
be sure to kill the same one. To fight them, damage one while
it's in front so you can make sure it's 'smoking'. Even if it
cloaks it will still trail smoke. Then use full guns to manually
lead the smoke and kill it. Yes, it CAN be hit while it's

3.3   HAIDAR

Haidar is a really fat-looking medium fighter with bad
maneuverability, above average protection. It'll take quite a few
shots to kill them.

3.4   KARAK

Smoother contours, heavier shields, but lower armor. Appears only

3.5   KOSSAC

Heavy fighter, lots of armor, average shields, decent firepower.

3.6   LAGG

Medium fighter, LOTS of frontal firepower, decent shields.
Appears quite often.

3.7   SABER

Not agile, not fast, better than average shields, easily killed.
Just fly on its tail and kill it. Appears very often.

3.8   SALIN

Light fighter, decent maneuverability but otherwise easily


Medium fighter, average or below average everything except
acceleration, not that hard to kill. Appears often in late-game.


They are the primary threat to your ships because they carry four
torpedoes. It doesn't matter if you kill them or not, since as
soon as they drop the torpedoes, they jump out. You don't have to
kill them, just kill their torpedoes. If you can catch one, it
can be easily killed with any weapon you have. If you catch one
before it launches, kill it ASAP. Killing one bomber is much
easier than killing 4 torpedoes.

3.11  KURGEN

Kurgen is not a fighter/bomber, but more of a corvette/gunboat
that escorts capships or bases. They are not fully shielded like
the capships, so killing them just involve a lot of firepower.
Screamer pods and full gun salvoes work fine.

4    Guns
The projectile guns have an ammo reserve. Usually it's quite high
and you should not be able to exhaust it during a mission unless
you can't hit the broad side of a barn.

Some guns can shoot out to 90K, but effective range for most guns
is like 35K. Don't waste your ammo on something too far away!

[Chart courtesy of]

Name               Type         Damage Range    Fire    Energy
                                                Rate    Drain
Collapsar_Gun      Projectile   High   Medium   High    None
Gatling_Plasma     Projectile   High   Medium   Fast    None

Gatling_Laser      Laser        Medium Medium   Fast    High
Laser_Cannon       Laser        Low    Short    High    Low
Messon_Blaster     Laser        Medium Medium   Medium  Medium
Neutron_Particle   Particle     High   Medium   Slow    High

Nova_Cannon        Beam         High   Short    Slow    High
Proton_Cannon      Laser        Medium Medium   Low     Medium
Pulse_Cannon       Laser        Medium Short    Medium  Low
Tachyon_Cannon     Particle     High   Long     Slow    High
Vulcan_Battery     Projectile   High   Long     Slow    None

NOTE: I've always thought meson is spelled with one "s"?

5    Missiles
Missiles are listed in alphabetical order.

Banshee (4 sec lock-on) average early missile, but only one per

Fuel Pod adds extra afterburner fuel (about 50 second's worth?)

Havok (2 sec lock-on) temporary disabler of enemy ships, not that
useful. Possible use against torpedo bombers or Kurgens?

Hawk (3 sec lock-on) comes in pods of 4, late-era missile, very

Imp (1 sec lock-on) shield buster, may be useful when combined
with Screamers

Jackhammer (5 sec lock-on) very slow to lock, but heavy hitting,
required on some missions. Can kill a Kurgen in one hit.

Raptor (2 sec lock-on) comes in pods of 3, mid-era, quite useful,
superceded by Hawk

Screamer (n/a) dumbfire rocket pods containing 20 shots, these
are excellent for strafing and killing Kurgens/bombers

Solomon (n/a) Solomon is a fire-and-forget missile that simply
seeks out the closest enemy craft, comes in pods of 4.

Vagabond (3 sec lock-on) high powered, even chases cloaked
targets, but single

In general, you want fast lock-on more than other attributes. You
have a hard time pointing your nose at the enemy, must less hold
it there for 5 seconds for a missile to lock. This is especially
important against torpedoes.

Sometimes, you may just want to shoot a couple Solomons and see
what they hit, esp. when you're in a big furball with enemies

6    Tactics


In Starlancer, missile hardpoints can load any type of missiles
or pods. Availability is unlimited, so you can ALWAYS pick the
best weapons available (though the really good missiles may
appear only later). Therefore, your loadout is dependent on two
things: what enemies will you be fighting, and how much
afterburner fuel will you need.

Slower fighters like medium or heavy fighters need more
afterburner fuel to keep up with certain enemies. I recommend at
least 150, perhaps as much as 200 seconds of fuel. As most
fighters come with about 110 seconds of fuel (check your fighter
info!), that means you need to add at least one pod, maybe two
pods of fuel. Unless you only have 4 hardpoints (like Shroud), go
with at least one pod. In case of Shroud, you'll just have to use
afterburner sparingly.

If you need to do strafing and you need fast kills of lightly
shielded targets (like killing Kurgens), you definitely need
Screamer pods. They are available early and they remain useful.

I personally have not found the need for Vagabond missiles to
chase after cloak fighters like the Basilisks. I just wait for
them to decloak and nail it. Or I keep the target in view (you
can still see the blue ghost outline) and shoot it manually.

Some missions require Jackhammers. Jackhammers are also good
Kurgen killers. They aren't too much use in a dogfight though.
They take too much time to lock-on and their maneuverability is
not good either.

When you get Raptors, use them. They are much better than Bandits
or even Banshees, esp. because they lock in only 2 seconds.

When better missiles become available, like Hawk or Solomon, take
those and leave the older types at home. Solomon's problem is you
can't designate a target for it. I'd take half Solomon and half
Hawk when you get them.

I haven't found any use for Havok (EMP pulse) or Imp (shield
buster) missiles. I prefer missiles that do real damage, so I
never load these "exotic" missiles.


Concentrate on one target at a time, kill it before moving to
something else. If someone is on your tail, hit afterburners and
turn, and continue pounding your target until it goes down.

Match speed! If you go too fast you'll end up having enemy
fighters flying all around you instead of settling into a tail

If fighting an ace (who call you over radio and boast), go after
the ace first. If the plot doesn't call for the ace to die yet,
he will warp out with his squadron, so you don't have to fight
the rest of them. Two advanced missiles on him should be enough,
follow up with guns.

Always fire guided missiles in salvoes or two. Even if the enemy
decoys away one of them the other one will get him. Two missiles
hit consecutively usually guarantee a kill.

Blind fire usually only works with one set of guns in your craft,
not both sets (if you have two sets, that is). You will have to
switch between full guns for strafing attack and blind fire gun
for anti-fighter work.


When fighting cloaked fighters like Basilisks, when you get a
lock-on, use blind fire guns. When the lock-on is lost, switch to
full guns and lead the target manually. Even when they cloak, you
can see a blue shimmer. If they're damaged and trail smoke, you
can still see the smoke.

Don't head directly at the torpedoes, during interception. You'll
likely ram one accidentally and destroy yourself. Slow down,
match speed, use afterburner to get in range.

When you need to tail-chase a torpedo, use guided missiles. If
you shoot guns at the torpedoes and miss, and hit allied ships
instead, you'll be branded a traitor.

When flying around a large ship or structure doing turret
busting, slow down. One trick I use is set zero speed and only
move with short bursts of afterburner.

If you need to fly in formation with something, match speed with
it and use afterburner to move around.

Lay yourself flat against the surface of the base or ship and you
can sneak up on a lot of targets.


Look at the "two guys look at viewscreen" scene at the end of
each mission. That tells you how well you did in the mission. If
the two did a high-five, you did great. If you just got clap on
shoulder, you did okay, and so on.

7    Mission Walkthrough
Note: most missions have multiple victory levels, which is shown
in the "endscene" when the two guys walk up to the viewscreen.
The two guys' reaction will show you how well you did, range from
a high-five (great) to throw helmet on the floor (bad).

7.1   MISSION 1

Suggested craft: Coyote

Suggested loadout: one fuel pod, take Bandits on all the rest of
the hardpoints

Objective: escort convoy

Just fly out there, hit jump when ready, and when you see the
convoy, you see the "escort position" (the red octagons lined up
in a row). Fly into it and you'll be in formation. Try to match
speed with the ships you're flying with.

You'll see a cutscene where a cloaked Coalition fighter blasts a
wingman. Turn around and destroy it. You can see a blue
transparent outline of the ship when it cloaks. Keep shooting at
it (lead it manually), and keep blasting it until it goes down.

Initial wave of enemies will jump in. Take them out, keep your
missiles. You need them against the second wave.

When the second wave comes in, it's time for you to learn anti-
torpedo tactics. Stay near the ship you're protecting, slow to
ship speed, and use the target torpedo key to target the nearest
torpedo and blast it. If the torpedo is too far, use
afterburners. Shoot torpedoes with all you got.

Required outcome: 1 freighter must survive

Best outcome: all freighters survive

7.2   MISSION 2

Suggested craft: Coyote

Suggested loadout: one fuel pod, at least two Screamers

Objective: fighter sweep, destroy Coalition hunter-killer groups

Upon first jump, you'll rendevous with the Pumas, then get a
distress call from General Briggs. Jump to rescue.

Upon arrival, enemy fighters will jump out, then a Coalition
Nanny will jump in hoping to grab Briggs' escape pod. Punch your
afterburner and go for the Nanny. When you're close enough, blast
that Nanny to kingdom come. Ignore all other fighters. With
Screamer pods and full guns it shouldn't take long. Now you can
kill the rest of the fighters. Alliance Nanny will jump in to
attempt pickup. Protect it and continue fighter sweep.

Once all enemies are gone, you get another call to protect a
convoy. Jump there.

Upon arrival, go into escort position with the convoy, and enemy
fighters will jump in with torpedo bombers. Just stay near the
ships and blast torpedoes. You'll need to kill all the torpedoes
first, THEN go after the bombers (if any), THEN the fighters. Try
not to use any more afterburner unless you need to.

When you take care of those, the Pumas will call for help. Jump
there, and you'll see them fighting a cruiser (Kirov) and its
fighters. When you take out the first wave of fighters, another
cruiser (Kamov) will drop in with more fighters. Take them out.

Help Yamato by taking out the shield gens and engines on both
cruisers, then watch Yamato blast the two cruisers.

Required outcome: Briggs rescued AND/OR convoy lost only 1

Best outcome: both freighters survived, AND Briggs rescued

7.3   MISSION 3

Suggested craft: Predator/Patriot/Coyote

Suggested loadout: one fuel pod, at least one Screamer

Objective: rescue, recovery, raid

Launch and jump as requested. You'll meet up with Steiner and the

Jump to next point, and take out as many enemies as you can.
However, how did those fighters get so far behind our lines?

Jump again. You found debris. You've arrived too late to save the
ship, but you can locate a recorder in the debris field. The
beeping sounds tell you how close you are to the data recorder.
Watch for mines. Stop if you see a mine and shoot it! Fly slowly
or zero speed, use brief burst of afterburner to move. Turn to
direction with the fastest beeping, and you'll eventually locate
the recorder. You will need to gently "nudge" it with your
fighter's nose. When you bump it, the data will be downloaded,
and when that's done, a warp gate will open near you. A Coalition
science vessel flies out, and you'll all be drawn in... And you
end up right next to a Coalition base around Venus. You must
destroy the warp gate...

If you want, you can try to take out some of the other enemy
ships around the place. However, you should probably start on the
gate itself. Turn around and face the gate, and you'll see a
rotating section attached to the gate, looks like a "castor" on
the bottom of carts. Blast it (full guns and Screamers) to remove
the armor plates, then shoot the core hidden inside. When you
confirm the gate's blowing up, afterburner your way into the gate
to return.

The Coalition science vessel is still there. Blast its engines to
disable it (sub-target engines), then destroy all enemy fighters,
and you're done.

Required outcome: destroy science vessel, destroy warp gate

Best outcome: destroy warp gate, disable science vessel, all
escorts destroyed?

7.4  MISSION 4

Suggested craft: Patriot/Predator/Coyote

Suggested loadout: one fuel pod, load regular missiles (not
Screamers), fast locking type

Objective: escort

Launch and jump out, nothing at first, but Condors claim they
detect something. Jump on ahead and kill six fighters.

When the Condors jump in and start deployment, eight more
Coalition fighters jump in and go after the Condors. Take them
out quickly as you have a bit of space between them and the
Condors. You can use half of your missiles here.  The Condors
will jump out after deployment is complete.

You then get a distress call to answer to. When you jump there,
you find the Black Guard (and Nikolai Petrov) attacking. Go after
Petrov and force him to withdraw (use your missiles). When he's
damaged he'll run away with his squadron. Do this quickly to save
the convoy.

When they run, torpedo bombers jump in. Take out the torpedoes
(with the rest of your missiles), and you win.

Required outcome: save at least one Condor

Best outcome: all Condors survive, convoy ships survive

[You'll get some yack about Petrov getting away. He's supposed to
get away though, so don't worry about it.]

7.5   MISSION 5

Suggested craft: Patriot/Predator/Coyote

Suggested loadout: one or more fuel pods, some decent missiles

Objective: escort, attack

Launch and jump as requested, then you and Cobras will jump
together to clear out a nav point. Just keep killing fighters.
You can help the capship along by taking out its engines. Keep
killing fighters while others take out the capship.

You then jump into the middle of enemy convoy. Take out each
freighter's shields and engines and then take out the fighters
and Kurgen. Rippers will jump in and take out some of the cargo,
and you'll leave those for McGann to watch over.

Jump back to defend convoy (4 Mammoths) and assume escort
position. Enemy torpedo bombers will jump in. Do the standard
torpedo defense, take out torpedoes with all you got (guns and
missiles). One Mammoth will die, that's scripted. Then wipe out
the fighters and you win.

Required outcome: don't lose more than 2 Mammoths (besides Sierra

Best outcome: lose no Mammoth besides Sierra Madre (Sierra Madre
will die, that's scripted)

7.6   MISSION 6

Suggested craft: Patriot/Predator/Coyote

Suggested loadout: at least two fuel pods, missiles

Objective: save the Ulysses

You are launched to attempt to save the captured liner Ulysses
and the convoy

Jump in, then afterburner to the convoy ASAP. Enemy torpedo
bombers will soon jump in and start shooting. Kill 16 torpedoes
as per standard torpedo defense. Use missiles if you need to.

If you defended the Ulysses successfully, you'll jump out to Ft.
Baxter, then you'll need to jump elsewhere to defend a convoy.
When you get there, you found that only cargo pods are left,
freighters are dead. Rippers are launched to reclaim the pods,
but enemy wings come to visit... Sweep the fighters and you're

If you failed to defend the Ulysses, enemy launches a Nanny with
fighter escorts to go after the escape pods. Kill it and sweep
the fighters until your own Nanny get there.

Required outcome: prevent capture of Ulysses personnel, enemy
Nanny destroyed

Best outcome: save Ulysses and the entire convoy

7.7   MISSION 7

Suggested craft: Predator or Coyote

Suggested loadout: one fuel pod, at least two Screamers

Objective: anti-carrier sweep, escort

You launch expecting to destroy enemy carrier Ramses, except you
learn that it is attacking Ft. Baxter. When you jump there,
escape pods are launched as the base blows up. Destroy the
fighters and protect the Nanny as it picks up the escape pods.
Continue destroying fighters as the Ramses runs away... to attack
the Reliant.

You then get called back as Reliant battles the Coalition
carrier. There are lots of Coalition fighters around, including
the ace Al-Rahan. Go after Al-Rahan yourself and force his
squadron to retreat, then take out the rest of the fighters.

After that, quickly destroy the shield generator and the engines
of the Ramses to prevent it from leaving. When Gamma wing
launches, kill any one attacking them and let them take out the

Required outcome: Reliant must survive

Best outcome: enemy carrier destroyed, Reliant survived

Note: If the enemy carrier gets away, expect to see more enemies
in some later missions.

7.8   MISSION 8

Suggested craft: Patriot/Predator/Coyote

Suggested loadout: one fuel pod, half Screamers and half fast-
locking missiles

Objective: escort

Reliant needs some repairs at Ft. Carter.

When you launch, the Coalition carrier Krasnaya jumps in. The
first salvo of torpedoes is handled by the Reliant though you can
help out.

Then Krasnaya launches three torpedo bombers. Take out the 12
torpedoes they launch.

After that, take out the shield gen and engines of Krasnaya, then
start turret plinking. When you got all the turrets, Gamma wing
will launch. Escort them against any enemy fighters, and the
carrier will go down.

Then just clean up and go home.

Required outcome: Reliant survived

Best outcome: destroy Krasnaya, Reliant not hit by any torpedoes

Note: If you did not destroy Krasnaya, later missions may be

7.9   MISSION 9

Suggested craft: Patriot/Predator/Coyote

Suggested loadout: a fuel pod, two Screamers, rest good missiles

Objective: raid, capture

You're going after the command ship while the enemy forces are

Jump in, engage fighters, then take out the Kurgen escort. When
you see the command ship, take out the shield gen, then engines,
then turrets. After that, escort the boarding ship in, take out
any other hostile fighters in the area.

After that, jump out and take on another Coalition carrier, the
Kozah. Same deal. Take out the shield gen, then engines, then
turrets. You will need to move fast as this carrier will run

You then get SOS. Turns out the McGann had turned renegade and is
after the captured data from the command ship. Go after McGann
and force him to withdraw or kill some of his men. He'll leave,
Reliant will arrive, and you win.

Required outcome: marines must capture command ship, boarding
ship survived

Best outcome: command ship captured, Kozah destroyed, boarding
ship survived

7.10  MISSION 10

Suggested craft: Patriot/Predator/Coyote

Suggested loadout: one fuel pod, at least two Jackhammers, one
Screamer pod

Objective: take out asteroid base

Your first jump takes you right into the middle of enemy convoy.
Take out the two fighters quickly or they'll call in
reinforcements. You'll get reloads later. Go after the Kurgens,
then the rest of the transports and freighters.

Jump to next point, and take out some more enemy fighters. When
the Nanny shows up, afterburn your way to the Nanny and get to
the docking position. If you don't dock fast enough, the Nanny
will leave and you are f***ed.

You need to save your Jackhammers from now on.

Upon arrival, afterburn your way to the asteroid, locate the comm
tower, and BLAST IT. You have a strict 60-second time limit here.
Then kill lots of Kurgens and turrets. Keep killing Kurgens,
fighters, and turrets until Gamma wing come in and blast the

Finally, locate the vent hatch, shoot it to open it, and wait for
Jackhammers to lock on, then shoot it into the vent, and watch
the fireworks.

Required outcome: destroy asteroid

Best outcome: entire convoy destroyed, asteroid base destroyed

7.11  MISSION 11

Suggested craft: Patriot (maybe Wolverine?)

Suggested loadout: one fuel pod, at least two Jackhammers

Objective: anti-ship raid

Launch and jump. Upon arrival, take out the satellites. There are
a lot of them, but they are fragile and only one or two hits are
needed to kill one. Don't use missiles on them (that would be a

After that, kill the rear turrets so the boarding party and get
in. Shoot plenty of turrets until you get the message about the
marines are heading in.

You should see a "docking sign" in the rear middle underside of
the ship. Move to that position and come to a full stop. The
marines will dock and wipe out the shields for 60 seconds. You
have that long to kill the ship.

Blast the cover in front of you to blow it off. When the cover
floats away, launch a Jackhammer into the cover underneath it.
When that cover is gone, shoot the remaining Jackhammer into the
core, then run! (If you fly the Wolverine, use the reverse

Then escort the boarding ship out of there.

Required outcome: destroy Coalition supercarrier

Best outcome: the boarding ship survives, supercarrier destroyed

7.12  MISSION 12

Suggested craft: Patriot/Predator/Coyote

Suggested loadout: one fuel pod, at least two Screamers

Objective: destroy Stalag defenses, steal fuel, destroy base

Jump out and rendevous with Ronins.

Jump to asteroid, and take out the defending fighters.

Then take out the exterior turrets.

When you took out all the turrets, shoot to destroy the main
hatch, then head inside and take out the interior turrets. Stick
to the walls and shoot each turret. If you fly into the middle
every turret will target you.

The two Rippers will fly in and grab the fuel cells when you
clean out the interior. Just wait for them. In the meanwhile,
place yourself right at the exit, facing down toward the fuel
cells, speed 0. When the Rippers are clear (you'll get the radio
message), aim, fire two Screamers into the fuel cells from
distance, turn around, and get out of the asteroid, bounce off
walls, full afterburner!

Jump back to Ft. Carter. Take out two more waves of fighters to
protect the Rippers. One of the Coalition fighters has an ace
called Red Dragon. Take him out for the bonus.

Required outcome: get some fuel cells (at least one Ripper made

Best outcome: fuel cells taken (both rippers), asteroid base
destroyed, Red Dragon disposed of

7.13  MISSION 13

Suggested craft: Patriot/Predator/Coyote

Suggested loadout: one fuel pod, at least two Screamers

Objective: trail convoy to renegade base, but with a twist...

Jump out, rendevous. Kill the incoming Coalition recon wing. They
go after Gamma wing's bombers, so protect them.

When ready, the other wing will be jumping back. They brought 4
hitchhikers. Kill all four in 60 seconds or the cover's blown.

When ready, jump out and watch the remains of the freighter, then
locate the enemy base.

Jump to enemy base, and you see this base with a cannon at the
bottom. Fly to the cannon and stop, aim your ship right at it,
arm Screamers.

Watch the cutscene as the ion cannon take out a fighter in ONE
shot. Immediately destroy the ion cannon with full guns and

Once that happens, more Renegades will jump in, along with McGann
in the second wave. Take out McGann immediately, then wipe out
the rest of his wing.

Another wing will jump in with Viper. Take him out too. Then work
on some of the turrets to protect Gamma's torpedo run.

Watch Gamma wing taking out the base, and you can go home.

Required outcome: destroy Renegade base, destroy McGann

Best outcome: base destroyed, McGann dead, Viper dead.

7.14  MISSION 14

Suggested craft: Patriot/Predator/Coyote

Suggested loadout: one fuel pod, at least two Screamers

Objective: destroy Coalition base

Launch and escort Gamma wing to nav point, where they'll wait.

Jump to the base. When you get there, shoot the two Kurgens
first, then some of the fighters.

If you have time, shoot at the four pieces of the warp gate. You
can't destroy them yet, but you can speed things along a little
for later. Unload a full salvo into each of the "flat" pieces
around the edges. Then go back and take out the research base's
shield gen.

When Gamma jumps in, afterburn IMMEDIATELY toward them. They have
a Kurgen on their tail and they won't survive if you don't take
out the Kurgen immediately. And if they die, you lose the

Once Gamma cooks the base, you have 60 seconds to destroy the
four power generators on the warp gate itself. A carrier is
coming through. Quickly take out all four generators using all
weapons you have. If you're fast enough, the gate will collapse
on the carrier. Then just leave.

Required outcome: destroy research base

Best outcome: destroy research base, destroy gate, destroy

[If you don't blow up the gate, later missions may have more

7.15  MISSION 15

Suggested craft: Phoenix/Patriot/Predator/Coyote

Suggested loadout: one fuel pod, fast locking missiles and

Objective: escort, torpedo defense

Launch and jump. Nine Basilisks will jump you, followed by 8
Vipers. Take them all out without using any missiles (yes, it can
be done). Try to save as many of your wingmen as possible.

After you get them, Reliant will tell you to jump to Victorious.

When you get there, move into escort position, and enemies will
attack from lower right, slightly behind. Take out the torpedoes
(at least two waves of 2 bombers each). After that's done, take
out the rest of the fighters, and watch the movie as Reliant rams
the enemy carrier.

[Note: it takes a LONG time after the movie for the cockpit to
reinitialize. You can wait for SEVERAL minutes before the control
will return, depending on individual setup.]

Jump to Yamato's nav where it's fighting the Kiev and another
ship. Defend the Yamato against 3 more torpedo bomber attacks
(yep, more torpedo killing). Yamato must not get hit more than 3

Take out the shield generators on the two enemy ships (and their
engines) and watch Yamato kill both.

Land on Yamato to end mission.

Required outcome: save at lest 6 ships from convoy, Yamato must

Best outcome: lost 2 or less ships from convoy, last two enemy
ships destroyed, Yamato must survive

7.16  MISSION 16

Suggested craft: Phoenix/Patriot/Predator/Coyote

Suggested loadout: one fuel pod, then split between Screamers and
fast locking missiles

Objective: anti-ship sweep, you're going after the Morzov

Upon launch, Vampires leave with the Bremen. Then Coalition
bombers jump in, but Yamato can handle them. Jump ahead to the

Upon arrival, Shiraz and Morzov are there... Then Shiraz jumped
out... It's a trap! Black Guard squadron jumps in with two
Kurgens. Take out the Kurgens first, then take out the Black
Guard ace Nikolai Petrov.

After that, kill the fighters, then standard treatment for the
carrier: shield gen and two engines, then watch Yamato jump in
and toasts it.

You get a distress call from Bremen... The Vampires are gone...
Ambushed by the Black Guard... You were just about to call for a
Nanny for the remaining life pod when the Black Guard squadron
warped in and blew it into pieces... And the fight is on.

Locate Ivan Petrov and force him to withdraw with a good
dogfight. After that, you can land on the Yamato.

7.17  MISSION 17

Suggested craft: Phoenix/Patriot/Predator/Coyote

Suggested loadout: one fuel pod, good missiles, at least one
Screamer pod

Objective: capture Coalition admiral

When you jump out, you run into Coalition patrol. You have
exactly 60 seconds to kill all of them. Use your missiles here.

[If you don't, more enemy fighters show up at the command ship]

When you get to the command ship, kill the two Kurgens first (try
not to use all the Screamers here), then do the command ship with
the standard treatment (shield gen, engines). Clean out the
turrets, then help clean up the rest of the fighters.

The marines will board, then Kulov takes off in escape pod, and
the command ship self-destructs. A Coalition Nanny jumps in with
escorts to retrieve Kulov, so take out the Nanny immediately,
then the fighters.

Wait for Alliance Nanny to pull in the pod, jump back with it to
the Yamato.

Upon arrival, more Coalition fighters jump in to take out the
Nanny. Take them all out and you win!

Required outcome: Kulov MUST be captured. Anything else is an
automatic FAIL.

7.18  MISSION 18

Suggested craft: Phoenix/Patriot/Predator/Coyote

Suggested loadout: one fuel pod, at least two Screamers

Objective: attack Coalition ion cannon

Coalition is building a huge ion cannon in order near Titan,
capable of taking out a capship in one shot.

Jump in, and kill fighters as you go.

The cannon will take out the Victorious. That's scripted. Yamato
then jumps out.

If you hear that the ion cannon is targeting you, you must
afterburn out of range. The ion beam has 360 coverage (it can
shoot THROUGH itself, really). Some say that the "top" of ion
cannon is a safe zone. This is not confirmed.

Keep shooting fighters until Alpha 5 locate the shield generator
(one of the 4 "fins").

When the shield gen has been located, kill it, then blast the
armor cover around the core. After that, shoot the core and run
really fast.

[Note: It is possible to fail the mission if you take too long to
kill the cannon's core.]

When the ion cannon's toast, Yamato will jump in, and some more
Coalition fighters will show. Take them all out and you win.

Required outcome: Ion cannon destroyed

7.19  MISSION 19

Suggested craft: Shroud (no choice)

Suggested loadout: 1 Screamer, 3 Hawks or 4 Hawks.

Objective: rescue, recovery, raid

Klaus Steiner is alive! You are to protect the mission to stop
Saladin prison ship and rescue. You MUST choose Shroud for this

Upon launch, jump.

Upon arrival, kill eight enemy fighters quickly, and jump again.

Upon arrival, follow your orders. Cloak and get to the gravity
drive section. Use side thrusters to maintain position as the
"wheel" rotates.

[If you were detected by the Saladin, you fail the mission]

Upon order to decloak, destroy the gravity plate, then the other
three around the wheel (use reverse thrust to help you move out,
and side thrust to line up).

After that, take out all the turrets.

Once all the turrets are gone, fly toward the boarding ship and
take out all fighters that attack. Protect the boarding ship, use
half of your missiles here.

[If the boarding ship was lost at any time, you fail the

Two Kurgens with Allied POWs will come in and try to use their
POWs as human shields. Diceman will tell you NOT to kill the
Kurgens, so do NOT engage the Kurgens.

[If you shoot the Kurgens before Diceman gives the order, you
fail the mission.]

Go after fighters. When the Kurgens go after the boarding ship,
fly next to the Kurgens. When Diceman order you to destroy them,
shoot them out of the sky.

Then kill the rest of the Coalition fighters, saving your

When Churchill arrive, you can escort the boarding ship back to
the Yamato

Upon arrival... More enemy fighters jump in and go after the
boarding ship, including a Coalition ace Kariq Madiz. Use your
missiles freely here and take out all the enemy fighters quickly.

When they're all gone you can land.

Best outcome: killed Madiz, Steiner rescued

Required outcome: saved Steiner

7.20   MISSION 20

Suggested craft: Phoenix or Reaper

Suggested loadout: one fuel pod, Screamers and Hawks

Objective: attack

You will take out the convoy and all cap ships.

[Note: if you did not destroy the Ramses in Mission 7, it'll be

Take out the Kurgens first (Screamer strafing runs), then some
fighters. Keep killing fighters until a Coalition ace, Katrina
Illyana jump in with her squad. Damage her to force her to jump

When those are gone, start doing the capships with regular
treatment: shield gen, then two engines. Repeat for each ship.
Then go after the turrets. When you've cleaned out the area,
Gamma will come in and torpedo the ships.

You will jump ahead to Ronin group. It'll take two jumps. Upon
arrival, you found the Ronin group was destroyed. Use the beeper
to locate the beacon.

When you locate the beacon and got the data, Black Guard jumps in
and tries to do you too. Shoot Petrov enough until he withdraws,
and you can go back and land.

Best outcome: destroy entire convoy

Required outcome: must destroy some ships in the convoy

7.21  MISSION 21

Suggested craft: Phoenix or Patriot (Reaper is a bit slow)

Suggested loadout: one fuel pod, at least two Screamers

Objective: raid on enemy fleet, then fleet defense

You will launch in enemy Kamov bombers. Follow orders and stick
close to the leader. If you don't know where, a red marker is
provided. Match his speed and follow him closely. Point at the
carrier, a little further down the hull. Just wait until he says

When he does, hit [shoot missile] four times at one-second
intervals to get all four torpedoes out.

[You have to launch all four or the mission fails]

Pull up and hit afterburners, and start weaving back and forth.
Varyag is toast. Yamato will jump in and you need to land on it.
Just fly toward it at your fastest speed  (afterburners on, use
the fuel) and do a little weaving. When you get close enough
you'll land automatically though for insurance, always request
landing clearance.

You will immediately launch in the craft you've chosen initially.
You will immediately see separate incoming torp bombers and
torpedoes. Kill torpedoes until they stop coming, as they come
from two different angles. If more than 4 (5?) torpedoes hit the
Yamato, you lose.

Upon killing all the torpedoes, kill the shield gen and engines
on each of the two capships (Kozlov and Shinnik), and watch
Yamato toast them.

[If you don't take out the engines and shield gen on the two
capships they'll jump out.]

Required outcome: Yamato must survive, Varyag must be destroyed,
must stay in formation in the Kamov, Shinnik and Kozlov must be

Best outcome: no (one?) formation warning (Bandit warn you to get
back into formation during the Kamov phase), Varyag destroyed,
Yamato get no hits, Kozlov and Shinnik destroyed

7.22  MISSION 22

Suggested craft: Phoenix or Reaper

Suggested loadout: one fuel pod, Solomons and Screamers

Objective: supply raid

Upon launch, jump.

Upon arrival, you see early warning satellites. You need to kill
them all in 60 seconds to prevent enemy reinforcements and
maintain surprise. Consider using Solomon missiles here.

If you don't take them in 60 seconds, you get an incoming wave of
enemy fighters, and you have 60 seconds to destroy THEM. Jump out
when done.

When you reach the depot, kill the comm tower (again). Then the
turrets and cargo doors.

Rippers will jump in. As they exit, enemy fighters will
interfere. Take them out, and follow the Rippers home.

Required outcome: 6 pods must survive

Best outcome: all pods survived

7.23  MISSION 23

Suggested craft: Phoenix or Reaper

Suggested loadout: one fuel pod, lots of missiles (Solomons and

Objective: destroy the Black Guard

Upon launch, jump.

Upon arrival, you're at the Pukov, the Black Guard mothership.
You can kill the fighters if you like, but I just move straight
up to the Pukov and go after the shield generator. If you are
right against the deck the guns can't hit you. Take out the
shield gen.

Now kill the turrets. There are five on the top side and another
four at the bottom side.

When you finish off the turrets, start killing fighters. If you
get reports of torpedo bombers launch, kill them fast. They
launch two at a time and you have about 5-8 seconds before they
launch torpedoes. If you're fast, you can catch them before they
launch. Else kill torpedoes in standard anti-torpedo defense
role. You have to minimize the torpedoes hitting the Yamato. If
you let past too many, Yamato is toast and you lose.

Gamma wing makes its run. Keep looking for bombers and torpedoes
and kill them. You will have to keep killing torpedoes and
torpedo bombers until Yamato goes in for its own salvo. When
Yamato sends in its own salvo, the Pukov is toast.

Ivan Petrov comes by and realized his carrier is gone (and his
daddy). Shoot a couple Solomons at him and he'll leave with his
squadron. You can then land.

Required outcome: destroy Pukov, Yamato must survive

Best outcome: destroy Pukov, Yamato did not get hit

7.24  MISSION 24

Suggested craft: Shroud (yes, you need the cloak)

Suggested loadout: 2 Solomons, 2 Hawks

Objective: raid

Ivan Petrov and Admiral Kulov are on the Borodin outpost. This is
the grand finale... Take them all out...

Upon launch, jump.

At rendevous point, wait for next jump, jump when ready.

Upon arrival, start shooting fighters. After a moment, you'll see
Gamma try to make a torpedo run behind the freighter, but the ion
cannon took them out. Some torpedoes made it through, but not
enough to stop the cannon. Take out turrets. When you got enough,
Rippers will be called in to plant demolition charges.

This is where cloak comes to play. Cloak and start turret
hunting. Cloak, find turret, shoot it, cloak again. Repeat for
all turrets. If you get the message that the ion cannon is after
you, cloak!

[If you don't take Shroud, you won't survive the ion cannon as
you can't get out of range.]

When you got enough turrets, a whole slew of Rippers will charge
in. You need AT LEAST SIX Rippers to survive and plant their fuel
pod charges. In their way are two enemy wings. Use your missiles
and fry them before they get to the Rippers, Full afterburners!

Watch the Rippers plant their charges (fuel pods) and leave.
Unfortunately the detonator didn't work. You need to get them off
manually. Target one of them and shoot it to blow up the cannon.

A section of the station separates. It's a warp core and it just
opened a warp gate, but you can't make a dent in it. Steiner then
kamikazes into the pod, breaking the armor around the warp core.
Kill warp core by firing into the core.

Steiner ejected and is in escape pod, then Ivan Petrov jumps in
with the remaining Black Guard. Petrov goes after Steiner's pod.
If you want Steiner to survive, kill Petrov ASAP! Launch multiple
Solomons and Hawks after him. Kill the rest later.

Required outcome: Borodin must be destroyed

Best outcome: Borodin destroyed, Kulov dead (you killed the core
before it warped out through the gate), Steiner saved, Petrov

8    Misc. Info


[Thanks to for this tip]

On the StarLancer main menu, press and hold down the CTRL key as
you type "potato" without quotes.

When the red mission indicator appears in the upper left corner
of the screen ("M1" indicates that Mission 1 is selected), type
the number for the mission that you want to play. The mission
indicator is updated automatically when you type a new mission

NOTE: There are 24 missions in StarLancer. To select Missions 1
through 9, type the mission number with a leading zero. For
example, to select Mission 7, type 07.

After you select the mission that you want to play, select the
ship that you want to fly during the mission. To do this, use one
of the following methods:

*    To select only ships that are normally available for the
     mission that you selected, press CRTL+ENTER to move directly to
     the Briefing Room, and then select your ship.
*    To select any ship in the game, press and hold down the
     SHIFT key as you press the appropriate function key for the ship
     that you want to fly during the mission (see below).
Function Key  Ship
F1            Predator
F2            Naginata
F3            Grendel
F4            Crusader
F5            Coyote
F6            Mirage IV
F7            Tempest
F8            Patriot
F9            Wolverine
F10           Reaper
F11           Shroud
F12           Phoenix
-- THE END --

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