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     *****     *****     *****         **     ******      *****     *******
     ** **     ** **     ** **         **     * ****     * ****     *** ***
     *****     *****     ** **         **     * **       * *          * *
     **        ****      ** **    **   **     * **       * *          * *
     **        ** **     ** **    *******     * ****     * ****       * *
     **        **  **    *****    *******     ******      *****       ***

     ###############     #########@@@@@@#############     ###############
      #############     ###########@@@@@####@@@@@####      #############
      #############     #######@@@@@@@@@####@########      #############
      #############     ######@@@@@%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%##      #############
      #############     #####@@@@@@%%@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@     #############
      #############     #####@@@@@@%%@@@@@@@@@@@#####      #############
      #############     #####@@@@@@%%@@%%%##@@@######      #############
      #############     #######@@@@%%%%%%%###########      #############
      #############     ########@@@%%%%%%%###########      #############
     ###############     ########@@@@@@@##### ########    ###############

      _ | | __  __     _____   _____   _   _   _   _____     _   _   _
     | | \||  \/  |   |  ___| |  _  | | | | \ | | |  ___|   | | | \ | |
     | |   | |\/| |   | | __  | | | | | | |  \| | | | __    | | |  \| |
     | |   | |  | |   | ||_ | | |_| | | | | |\  | | ||_ |   | | | |\  |
     |_|   |_|  |_|   |_____| |_____| |_| |_| \_| |_____|   |_| |_| \_|



Title  :                    Project IGI : I'm Going In
For    :                         Personal Computer
By     :                           Kenny Gunawan
E-mail :                       [email protected]


This is my eight walkthrough, and has been created by me. It is copyright,
so don't try to COPY IT and SUBMIT this walkthrough to another GAME LINK and
attach YOUR NAME to it. My walkthrough is for personal use only.
This walkthrough doesn't contain any spoiler (event, movie, etc)

Oh yeah, don't forget I'm Indonesian, so please let me know if there
are any spelling mistakes, also ask me if you don't know the meaning of any
sections in the walkthrough. I will endeavour to reply to all E-mails.
Please identify your mail with the subject line 'IGI', 'Project IGI', or
'I'm Going In'. Please excuse my poor English.

I have compiled this walkthrough using the paths and strategies explored by
me. If you stray from the tactics described herein I cannot guarantee that
you will complete each mission. You may decide to try different routes etc,
If you are successful please let me know.

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T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S

I    Version
II   Complete Missions
     II.1  Trainyard
     II.2  SAM Base
     II.3  Military Airbase
     II.4  GOD
     II.5  Radar Base
     II.6  Get Priboi
     II.7  Border Crossing
     II.8  Re-Supply
     II.9  Missile Trainyard
     II.10 Defend Priboi
     II.11 Eagle's Nest I
     II.12 Eagle's Nest II
     II.13 Nuclear Infiltration
     II.14 Finding the bomb
III  Tips and Tricks
IV   Important thing
V    Special Thanks


This Project IGI: I'm Going In Guide is Copyright (c) KGunawan 2001


Version 1.0: First release and contains four missions
I made this walkthrough at : 9:05 PM 01/26/01

Version 1.1: 3 complete missions added and 1 incomplete mission
I made this update at : 22:25 PM 01/29/01

Version 1.2: 1 complete mission added, finished the last mission and 1
             incomplete mission
I made this update at : 22:55 PM 01/30/01

Version 1.3: 2 full missions added, finished mission 10 : Defend Priboi and
             Tips and Tricks section + Important thing section (New section)
I made this update at : 19:13 PM 02/20/01

Version 1.4: Finish all missions + rewrite the grammar from Peter
I made this update at : 15:45 PM 03/24/01

Version 1.5: Add items at the final mission
I made this update at : 20:50 PM 04/06/01

Version 1.6: Add a tips
I made this update at : 14:40 PM 04/25/01

Version 1.7: Add a tips
I made this update at : 23:00 PM 06/25/01

Last version (1.8): Change the "Important Thing" Section. YOU MUST READ IT!!!
I made this last version at : 19:30 PM 09/14/01


II.1 Trainyard
     Small coastline trainyard

     Objective : 1. Steal the truck near the main entrance
     Weapons you have : Knife, Glock 17, Mp5 SD3

     First of all, turn 90 degrees to the right. Walk on until you see
a ladder. Climb it. Then, go on until you see a hole with a ladder. Climb
down that ladder. Take the Uzi and ammo. You can see a door. Equip your
Glock 17. Open the door and you'll see a guy standing in front of the
drinks machine. Use your Binoculars and target his head. Shoot him. He will
die in 1 shoot if you point it accurately. Otherwise, you can shoot his
torso (It will take a few bullets). You can kill him with the Uzi too. After
you kill him, quickly equip your knife, step back a little and wait until
another enemy comes through the door. Stab him in the neck and he will die
in one stab. Then, take the AK47's from their bodies. Exit this room through
another door. You'll see a door on the left. Enter it and use either
computer to turn off the security cameras for 2 minutes.

     Quickly run outside and go left to the water tower. Climb the ladder.
Be careful, there's an enemy here. When you reach the top of the water
tower, equip your knife and stab his neck then take the Dragunov. I love
this gun! It's a sniper rifle. Use your Binoculars to see the enemies. Push
your alt fire to get snipe mode. Kill all the enemies here. There are
5 enemies, (1 on a watch tower, 1 in a post, and 3 in the area to the left).
Look up until you get another sign at the bottom of your monitor, then push
your use button to slide down the wire to the watch tower. Take the AK47

     Slide down the ladder by pushing the use button once again. NOTE : If
the time limit left for the camera is still over 1 minute, you can go around
to the left. If not, go back to turn off the security camera. Go to the
left, and follow the path to the left. You don't have to enter the
warehouse. Follow the path until you see a fence. Climb it. Then, if the
security cameras are on again, shoot the camera at the top right. Equip the
Dragunov again, wait until you see a guy cross, kill him and take his AK47.
Go right a little and you'll see a camera to the right. Ignore it by walking
through the left hand side of this place. Push the button beside the gate to
open it. Finally go to the truck (It's in the garage on the left). Once you
get to the truck your first mission is complete.

II.2 SAM Base
     Small missile defence base

     Objectives : 1. Locate and retrieve the C4 charges from the warehouse
                  2. Place 1 charge on each of the SAM launchers
                  3. Proceed to the extraction point
     Weapons you have : Knife, Glock 17, Mp5 SD3

     Equip your knife or Mp5 SD3 and go to the right. You'll see a man
walking alone beside the warehouse. Go there in the crouch position and
shoot him. Go back to the corner of the warehouse. Carry on a little further
and there's a guy to your left, kill him and take his AK47. Go straight on
past the house on the left, then around to the left. If you don't see the
enemy look at your map as there must be one around here. Kill him and take
the AK47. Equip the Mp5 SD3 and press alt fire to zoom in a little. There
are 2 enemies near the SAM, kill them (If you can see only one, wait until
both are in view). Now enter the house that I told you to ignore just now.
Take the M16 A2 and some bullets and exit the house. Enter the warehouse in
front of the house (It has "Explosiva" written on it). Take the C4,
grenades, flashbang and proximitymine. Ok, you've completed objective 1.

     Exit the warehouse and go back to the place where you killed the first
enemy. You can see an enemy patrolling there, kill him with your new weapon
(M16 A2). Then, go to the right and you'll see an enemy standing by the
post. He has a Minimi. So, use the alternate fire on him. You can see a SAM
from here and there are 2 enemies patrolling by it (you can only see 1
because the other one is standing behind it). Kill them. Ok, now you need to
place the C4 on each SAM (You've found 2 SAM's). There are 2 ways to get to
the third SAM:
1. Go through the guardian
2. Turn to the right and going far right (If you get lost look at your map).
I suggest you to choose the second option (It's a lot safer).
Place the charge on the third SAM. Objective 2 is now complete.

     Make your way to the helipad to the right and it's over!

II.3 Military Airbase
     Rescue Josef from the airbase

     Objectives : 1. Locate and rescue Josef Priboi from inside the security
                  2. Escort Josef Priboi to the extraction point
                  1. Find Josef Priboi's new location by checking the flight
                     logs in the control tower
                  2. Escape by stealing one of the fighter jets
     Weapons you have : Knife, Glock 17, Mp5 SD3
     Introduction : This mission is quite difficult if it's the first time
                    you've played 1st person shooters and you don't know the
                    enemy positions or the strategy to win the mission.
                    You may have to play a couple times to get through it.

     Equip your Mp5 SD3. Go on straight to a building. Kill the first guy
with your gun (Press Alternate Fire to zoom in a little) and take the AK47
from him. If you want to get more bullets for the AK47, you can enter the
building and kill the guy on the 2nd floor. Next, look for the boxes behind
the fence and go there, you can see the enemy base from here. Go down a
little and you'll see three trees in this position :

    ____________       o
   |                       o       = tree
   |       o               | and _ = wall   NB: Be careful for a large hole
___|*                      *       = your position

Go to * and peek around the corner to see another enemy. Shoot him with your
Mp5 SD3 to kill him without being detected by the other guards. Sneak up or
crouch to the left and you'll see a guy standing alone. Take him out.
Continue on your way to the gate but don't go through it. You'll see a guy
in a sentry post and another guy beside the truck. Shoot the guy in the post
first (point at his head). If you kill him like this the other guy won't
hear it. Then, walk into the base and shoot the next guy in the head. You
could shoot his body but it takes more shoots. After collecting the AK47,
you'll see a big garage. It's close by. Go to the left wall and open the
garage. Enter it in the crouched position. Proceed to the front wheel of the
first truck, equip your AK47 (the magazine must be fully loaded). Stand up
to locate where the enemies are, then crouch back down so they can't shoot
you. When they reload their guns, it's your turn to shoot. Kill them. Open
the door and climb the ladder. Open your Map Computer and zoom in once to
see where the enemies are. There will be another enemy standing behind the
next door if you use AK47. Open the door and kill him (use your Mp5 SD3),
then look at your map again. Another enemy patrols on top of the water
tower. Kill him with the MP5 SD3. Next, go left a little, and use your
Binoculars. You'll see another 2 enemies, 1 on the ground, the another one
on the balcony (this one's a sniper). Walk on until the distance is about
70-80 meters, then kill him. If the enemy on the ground disappears, you can
wait for him or climb up the ladder (I suggest you wait then kill him).
Climb up the ladder and take the Dragunov. First, destroy the camera (on
the 1st objective building). Then, kill the rest of the enemies. There are
6 enemies (Don't shoot the guy between the watch tower and the warehouse).
Slide down the ladder. Continue on your way, then look at your map. There
will be another guy patrolling near the guy that you killed on the ground
just now. You can snipe him or kill him with the Mp5 SD3 to take him out
without any sound. Then, walk a little to the left and you'll see another
sniper on the balcony (It's to the right). Use the Dragunov to kill him in
one shoot, this guy is a sniper too. Next, run to the building and take the
weapons (Dragunov). The entrance is at the rear. Continue on your way to
the first objective building. Enter it but beware! There are 3 generals
(they look like normal soldiers, but have a red hat) in the house. When you
enter equip the AK47 and kill them (they have a Shotgun, and an Uzi).
2 enemies will come out of the objective house. Kill them. Now enter the
objective house. Ignore the first door. Enter the other room, then enter
the room on the left. Descend the stairs and prepare yourself for a fight.
Equip your AK47. Open the door. If you're unlucky the guard will be in
front of you. Kill him anyway. Ignore the cells and enter the medical room.
Take the Medipack. Once you pass the last jail you'll have contact with
Anya. Now exit the base through the same way as you came in.

     When you reach the front gate equip your Dragunov (it must be have at
least 20 bullets). Use your binoculars to see the enemies cross the border.
Shoot them. The alarm will sound if you kill them all, but that's no problem
provided you have plenty of ammo and decent skills to play the game. After
you kill all the enemies and the alarm is on, go to the sentry post and open
the gate. Equip your AK47 or Spas12 (Shotgun). Open the door. There's a guy
guarding the house. Go on until you reach a room with 1 window. Crouch and
approach the window. The enemy outside will see you and shoot at you. When
he reloads kill him with your gun. Exit this house and go to the tower. Use
the elevator but beware! Enemies await you! When the elevator opens a guard
will start to shoot. Kill him. Exit the elevator but don't go upstairs as
someone will come down. Kill him. Ascend the stairs and use the computer.

     Exit this base and go over to the hangar (there will be 2 jets, use the
one on the right). Your 3rd mission is now complete.

     Defend the friendly troops

     Objective : 1. Secure the village and climb the water tower ready to
                    cover the friendly troops
                 2. Provide cover for the friendly troops until Josef has
                    been freed
     Weapons you have : Knife, Mp5 SD3, Dragunov, Hand Grenade
     Introduction : This mission needs to be played quickly at the
                    beginning. Without speed at the start, the mission will
                    not succeed.

     Objective 1 must be completed as quickly as possible to maximise the
time available to carry out the next objective. Firstly, equip your Mp5 SD3.
Run to the truck in the crouched position. You'll see 2 pairs of feet
(enemies) behind the truck. Shoot their feet to make them come out. Take 'em
out. Then, go to the front of the truck in the crouched position. Stand up
and you'll see a window covered by a tree at the far side of the truck.
There is an enemy in there. Kill him (this guy is rather tough to kill if
you don't know where the window is). There are 2 enemies left and sometimes
they hear you. They are situated further into the ruins but always outside.
Kill them as quickly as possible. Objective 1 is now complete.

     Quickly continue down the bank to the water tower. Climb the ladder and
equip your Dragunov. Look towards the base. There are 2 enemies to the
bottom left, 1 enemy on the bottom right, 1 enemy to the upper left, and 2
enemies to the upper right. Kill them all. After the troops have landed, 2
enemies will appear from the warehouse on the bottom left (they appear one
by one). After you've killed them, look to the bottom right. 2 enemies will
appear from the warehouse, kill them. 3 enemies will next come out from the
office to the upper right. Kill them. Now move your scope to the upper left.
There's 1 enemy on the balcony. After you've killed him, 3 or 4 enemies will
come out from the house. Kill them. Then, when Anya warns you that enemies
are sneaking up and shooting at you, back up until they can't see you and
wait until the level ends. You can kill them quite easily (there are 2
enemies). Either use the sniper rifle or a Hand Grenade. Pull out the ring
(hold your fire button) and wait about 4-5 seconds, then throw it at them.
Provided you're on target it'll kill them instantly. The mission is then

II.5 Radar Base
     Disrupt Jach's communications network

     Objectives : 1. Locate the radar dome key-card
                  2. Insert the virus into the radar dome terminal
                  3. Secure the extraction zone
     Weapons you have : Knife, Glock 17, M16 A2
     Introduction : This mission is rather hard for the first time. You may
                    die a couple times before completing it.

    Equip your Glock 17. Continue down, and you'll see a guard standing
there. Shoot him in the head and quickly strafe right to go behind the post.
Equip the AK47 and wait to the left side of the post to kill the next guard
or stand up and shoot him. Pass to the right and shoot the camera above.
Equip your M16 A2 and when you see an enemy open the gate, kill him (he will
stand still for a few seconds). Run along the wall of the building to the
right (if you do this, the enemies don't see you). Enter the building and
push the button for the elevator. Ready your AK47 and ride the elevator
down. Beware! there are 2 enemies waiting after the elevator arrives. When
the elevator stops and the door opens, a guy will be standing to the right.
There's another guard around to the left. Enter the rooms to get a Dessert
Eagle and a Medipack. Go back to the elevator and push the button. This time
it will go up past the last stop and there will be a further enemy patrol.
Wait until he comes into view or go search for him. After you've killed him
go around to the left (outside) and another enemy will be there. Equip your
M16 A2 and use your Binoculars to see the enemies. There will be a guy on
the watch tower. Kill him first using your M16 A2. Equip the AK47 again, go
back down through the elevator (if you know this area well you could jump
from here, by landing on the hedge, then walking down. This does however
damage your health a little). Next turn off the camera in the sentry post
and enter the other area. Be careful, a guard is sometimes standing in front
of the door to the generator room. If he is there, don't shoot him as
there's a camera behind him (provided you turned off the cameras this won't
be a problem). Destroy the camera and kill the guard (if the guard isn't
there you will need to search him out. He will be patrolling the generator
room). Carry on to the next gate (in front of the previous one) and there
will be 2 enemies here. There is alsoanother enemy patrolling the warehouse
to the right. Kill him too. Enter the warehouse and take the Proximitymine,
Minimi, Hand Grenades and Flash Bang (the flash bang blinds the enemy for a
while). Exit the warehouse. There's a camera out here but it's difficult to
see, so it's hard to aim. You can either destroy it from here with your AK47
or wait until later. Enter the house and go on into another room, kill the
enemy. You can see another guard outside patrolling. Continue on to the next
room. When you enter it there will be another guy so take him down. Open the
door. If you didn't destroy the camera earlier, no problem as it's on the
right hand wall. Destroy it now before it locates you. Enter the house and
enter another room. Prepare yourself for another fight. Equip a Hand
Grenade. When you open the door, throw the grenade in and run back until
you're outside. Equip the AK47, then go back in again and kill any guards
who didn't die. Take the radar dome key-card on the left hand computer
table. Your first objective is now complete.

    Exit the house and make your way back to the first gate. You can see the
third gate to the left. Open it and carry on until you are outside the base.
Kill the 2 enemies and enter the dome. Use the radar dome key-card at the
computer on the second floor (after you climb up the ladder, go left).
Objective 2 is complete.

    Exit the dome and look at your map. The third objective is visible. Go
to the place indicated on the map. There are 2 enemies you need to kill
initially. One guy is standing still and is easily killed. The second is
patrolling the houses. Wait until he comes into view and then kill him.
There are 3 enemies next, 1 on the roof, 1 on the second floor, and 1 on the
ground. Kill the ones on the ground and second floor by using the M16 A2's
explosives. Kill the last one with your M16 A2 or the AK47. Then go to the
helipad and wait for the helicopter to land. The mission is now complete.

II.6 Get Priboi
     Kidnap Jach from his base

     Objectives : 1. Obtain explosives from main warehouse
                  2. Shutdown generator to disarm electric fence
                  3. Set charges on fuel dump to make Priboi flee the safety
                     of his warehouse
                  4. Search all filing cabinets for incriminating evidence
     Weapons you have : Knife, Glock 17, Mp5 SD3

     First, equip your Mp5 SD3. Strafe left a little and go straight on.
After you reach the grey land, turn right until you see the camera. Go under
it then shoot it. Quickly go to the window and kill the two men inside.
Enter the building. When you open the door, you'll see another guy standing
in front of the next door. Kill him. Enter the next room and take the guns
from the corpses and also the LAW 80.

NOTE : There is another trick I get from Iain Selby if this trick is too
       hard for you. This is it :
     Wait for the camera to change directions. You can get through the door
     before the camera turns around again. You can then shoot the guy
     through the second door and then the two in the alarm room. Once you
     have done that, you can shoot the camera through the window.
  Ok Iain, I don't change a word from you.

NOTE : There's a trick I get from Simon Benjaminsen :
     There's a wire outside the house, which you can climb (the west of the
     house). You must kill a guy before going up. Jump on the blue barrels,
     then to the roof. You'll see a wire. Push "use" button to it. Start
     moving if the man in the house is looking another way. Don't go to the
     roof or the guard will turn on the alarm.

Open the next door and quickly strafe to the left. When you see the guy
standing in front of the wall shoot him in the head with the Mp5 SD3.
Another guard will enter the room, shoot him. Exit the house and destroy the
camera on the wall to the left. Turn around 180 degrees to see a lot of
green containers. Wait here until you see another enemy that comes out from
the left hand box and kill him. Continue straight on.
NOTE : If you've sounded the alarm, a TANK will come out of it's hangar.
       You need to destroy it with the LAW 80.
Carry on forward until you see a camera. Ignore it for now and go to the
left. There will be a guy patrolling here, kill him. Beware, he will turn on
the alarm if you don't kill him quickly. Take the LAW 80 that is situated by
the furthest box. When you hear the sound of gun fire destroy the camera. If
you don't the enemy will notice you. Enter the building through the door
(pick the lock) and there will be a guard inside. If you kill him with a gun
the other enemies inside will hear you. Use either your knife or the
Mp5 SD3. Take the Medipack inside. Open the door and quickly go straight on
to take cover from their shots. Then, equip your Mp5 SD3. Press alternate
fire to zoom in and kill them one by one. Here are their positions :

           4                    1,2,3,4,5 = Enemies position
         3                      G         = Machine Gun
     G 2           BBBBBBB      BBBBBB    = Box
     G 1/\       5 BBBBBBB      *         = Your position to take cover
       /##\BBBBBBB BBBBBBB      E		= Entrance
        ###          *
        #########   E

When they are all dead take all of the items here : C4, Shotgun ammo, some
guns from the dead bodies, proximity-mine and various other stuff from the
truck. Your first objective is now complete.

NOTE : I get another trick from Simon Benjaminsen :
       Sneak yourself to the warehouse while the guys in the warehouse are
       testing their machine gun (through the # way) to take the explosive
       only (In this case, you won't get JackHammer)

     Exit this area. Don't forget to turn off the cameras at the computer.
Behind the wall and to your left there is a guard house. Place a
proximitymine there. View the map to see where objective 2 is and go there.
Wait until the guard is facing the wrong direction and kill him with your
Dragunov. Open the gate and destroy the camera with the AK47. Enter the
generator room and climb down the ladder. Push the computer button to shut
down the electric fence. Objective 2 is complete.

     Exit the generator room and go around to the right. You will see an
electric tower and a wire. Climb the ladder, equip your Jackhammer then
slide down the wire.

NOTE : Normally 3 men come out of the guard room and take shots at you. You
       will take a little damage, but this can't be avoided. They may be
       blown up by the proximitymine earlier so this won't be a problem.
NOTE : I have another trick from Iain Selby :
     After completing objective 2, go to the bottom of the elevtrical tower.
     You can snipe the guy stood on the tower farther down. This means he
     will not be a problem later on. Then go back the way you came
     (entrance) and go around the outside of the fence so that you can run
     down to the next area. If you do this, there are several advantages :
     1) The helicopter doesn't come, so you don't get shoot by the guy in it
     2) Those three men do not come out of the building, so you don't have
        to use your proximity mines on them

After you arrive at the next electric tower, quickly turn right and kill
the guard before he shoots you. Take the Uzi and slide down the ladder.
Don't slide down the cable again. Equip your Dragunov and kill the 2 enemies
in the next area. Turn right and equip your Uzi, then enter the house. Kill
the 2 enemies behind the wall. Exit the house and go to the fence. You'll
see 2 cameras there. Go to the right hand side of the cameras and climb up
the fence. There are 2 large tubes. Approach the tubes and set the bombs,
then quickly climb up the fence again and run as far as you can. When the
bombs explode, your 3rd objective is complete.

     A limousine will come out. Enter the area that car comes from (It's on
the left hand side). There are 2 doors, go to the back door and equip your
Jackhammer. When you open the door kill the first enemy. Go behind the box.
There's an enemy on the second floor, strafe left a little and shoot him.
There's a further enemy on the ground, so strafe left and shoot him too. Go
to the second floor to check the 3 lockers. Go back down and open the door.
There will be an enemy on the left, kill him. There are 2 doors on the
right, open the left hand one. There will be a guard standing in front of
you. Kill him and check these 2 lockers. Your final objective is complete
and the mission ends.

 /                                                                        \
||~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I've rechecked the space above this sign~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~||

II.7 Border Crossing
     Get Jones across the border

     Objective : 1. Infiltrate the border crossing
                 2. Alarm mustn't be raised when you get into the truck
     Weapon you have : Knife
     Introduction : This is a heavily mined area. Don't walk on the snow
               	  where there are signs indicating mines.

     Run forward, kill the guy and take the Dragunov. Go to the left and jump over the
wall. Use the binoculars and look to the right (the base). There will be about 6 enemies.
The 2 enemies on the ground in the leftmost base are
patrolling. Watch out for the tank behind you, jump over the wall and the tank won't see
you. Let it pass. Now collect the 3 guns from the enemies to the left
and go to the building in front of them. When you open the door an enemy will run out.
Kill him with your AK47 and take the Spas12. If you want to take the Hand Grenades you
must go to the warehouse behind the building. There's another enemy there, take the Spas12
from him. Go back into the building and take the Dessert Eagle and Dragunov on the second
floor. Exit and go to the Medical House. Take the Medipack there. If you want more bullets
for the Dragunov, enter the farthest house and get them on the second floor. Go down to
the street and carry on up. Equip the Dragunov. You will see 2 guards (look for them with
the binoculars), kill them with the Dragunov. Take their guns and run forward until you
see a hole-like hill. Hide there until the helicopter passes over then turn right and run
forward until you come to another area. Kill all the enemies here (7guards in total. You
can see only 6 with the binoculars but another is in the house. He can be killed now by
shooting his hand or later from the street).
There's a further guy standing behind the house, kill him with the Uzi.
After you take their guns, follow the streets until you see another Medical House. Equip
the Spas12 and kill the man inside. Take the Medipack and LAW 80. Exit and follow the
street again. There are mines here so watch out. When Anya warns you about the Hind, kill
those enemies. Next go to the left (a collapsed house) in the crouched position. Kill the
man on the second floor, and destroy the camera. Kill another guy that patrols on the
ground. Go to the right a little and you'll see a camera and 2 further enemies. Destroy the
camera first then kill the men. Just one thing, I need to make certain that
this guide was compiled by Kenny Gunawan. If my name isn't credited at the start, please
let me know. Right, back to the guide. Approach the gate and open it, then go to the truck
and the mission is complete. However, if the alarm is on it must be turned off prior to
going to the truck.

II.8 Re-Supply
     Get Jones' equipment back

     Objectives : 1. Escape from infantry base
                  2. Infiltrate tank maintenance yard and gain access to
                     ammo storage building
                  3. Obtain map computer and homing beacon
                  4. Fix and set homing beacon on SAM launcher for air-strike
                  5. Infiltrate listening post and radar
                  6. Proceed to the extraction point
     Weapons you have : Knife, Dessert Eagle, Dragunov, Hand Grenade

     Equip the Dragunov, exit the truck and quickly take cover to the left.
You can see a camera and a guard patrolling. Destroy the camera first, then
kill the guard. Run to the right by taking cover behind the garage so the
sniper can't shoot you, then kill him. There are 2 cameras to the left, the
one farthest left is moving and the other is standing still. When the one that moves is
going to the left destroy the stationary one and then quickly destroy the moving one.
Push the button to open the gate, take AK47 from the dead body and open the door to the
second house. Throw in a Hand Grenade and run back. Take the guns from the dead bodies
and enter the second warehouse to get loads of Hand Grenades. Exit through the gate and
destroy the only camera. Use the binoculars and you will see another enemy on the watch
tower. Kill him with your Dragunov. Go right a little and there's another guy standing
in the house, kill him with the Dragunov.

NOTE : The 1st objective can be completed by jumping on the boxes to the left,
       but by doing this you will miss out on collecting a Spas12 inside the
 building. You can use the short route if you already know where the
 enemies are and are confident you won't run out of ammo, if not
 then follow the section marked * below.

**** Unlock the gate. Go through and run along the wall to the right. Destroy
     the camera above you then wait until an enemy comes from the house. Jump
     over the small wall and enter the house, take the Spas12. Push the elevator
     button. If you need more Spas12 ammo you can get it from the room on the
     right by killing another enemy. Go up to the second floor and kill the
     guard outside with the Spas12. When you exit the elevator there will be
     another enemy to the left. Go outside, there's a guard there too. Take
     the Spas12, push the button for the gate and open the door to the left
     then kill the guard. Go back to the elevator, push the button again and go
     down to the basement. Kill the enemy in the room on the left and exit the
     house. Make your way out of the infantry base ****

Your first objective is now complete.

     When you are out of the base turn right and go straight on (in the direction of the
watch tower). Climb up the ladder to take another Dragunov at
The top of the watch tower. Slide down the ladder and when you reach the ground, you'll
face the base. Go forward and you'll see another ladder. Climb it and jump onto the barrel
then ontt the roof. Go to the right and drop down onto the top of the box. Ignore the enemy
on the tower just carry on 'round to the right. There will be an enemy there. Equip your
AK47 and kill him before he turns on the alarm. Open the door by picking the lock. Beware!
There's a camera and an enemy at the left, so first destroy the camera and then the guy.
If the alarm goes off 2 tanks will come out from the hangar. No problem as you'll get 2
LAW80's later (heavy artillery!!). Slide down the ladder and there will be 2 enemies behind
the door. Open it and kill them both. The 2nd objective is now complete.

     If you look to the right you'll see 2 chambers. Take 2 LAW80's and a homing beacon
from the right hand chamber, and get the Map Computer from the left chamber. Your 3rd
objective has been completed.

     Exit this building and you'll see an empty tank to the left. An enemy will be
patrolling there. Kill him and open your map computer zooming it once. You'll see "Bunker"
text located in front of you. Go there and a man will be standing there. Equip a Hand
Grenade, push and hold the fire button for a few seconds
(about 2) and throw it into the bunker. Run as fast as you can. Go in the direction of
the watch tower and on up a little, then turn to the right. You should see another watch
tower. It was visible from the first watch tower when you killed a sniper earlier. Kill
the next sniper with your Dragunov and look at
the Map Computer, you'll see "4" indicated. Go there and set the homing beacon.
Run to the right and after a few seconds look back at the SAM. Watch the air-strike as it
destroys the SAM (cool). Your 4th objective is complete.

     Proceed to the highest place on the right and you will see a dome with a
house beside it. There are 2 enemies here. You can either kill them with the Dragunov or
enter the area to kill them. Go into the dome and push the button
to finish the 5th objective.

     Leave the dome and jump over the boxes and the wall. When you get to the
helicopter you've completed the mission.

II.9 Missile Trainyard
     Get on the train

     Objectives : 1. Enter the base and disarm security system
                  2. Enter high security compound and board train
                  3. Eliminate all resistance
     Weapons you have : Knife, M16 A2, Hand Grenade, FlashBang, Medipack
     Introduction : This mission is rather tough. A good shot is required
                    and you need to know where the alarm button is. If the
  alarm is raised for 30 seconds or more the mission is

     Equip your M16 A2. Slide down the ladder and go to the right. You'll
see a guy standing on the watch tower. When you're close enough use your
explosive on the M16 A2 (Alternate Fire). Go to the bridge and when you see
another guard by the watch tower kill him with the M16 A2 gun. Don't let
him shoot at you or his friend will hear it and raise the alarm. Go on
a little and there's a man patrolling. If you can't see him wait until he appears in
front of you. Kill him with the M16 A2 explosive. Use the
binoculars to locate a man standing on a tower. Point them at his head to get an accurate
fix and kill him with the M16 A2. Carry on down and go to the left past the sentry post.
Go up to the place that looks like a bridge beside the sentry point and destroy the
barrels beside the enemy. Kill the 2 enemies. Carry on up straight ahead until you reach
a machine gun and a truck. There's an enemy behind the truck. Kill him. Use the Machine
Gun to kill all the enemies on the ground (about 3 guards). Look through the binoculars
again and there will be
another enemy patrol by the train. Use the machine gun to kill him too. Don't worry too
much if you can't kill him as you can kill him later with the Dragunov
when you get it. Exit the post and climb up the ladder next to the place that looks like
a bridge. Take the Dragunov from the guard you killed from the bridge and slide down the
ladder. Open the Map and look for a number "1". Go there and enter the house. Quick
reactions are needed before they raise the alarm so don't hang about. Open the next door
and quickly kill the enemy standing in front of another door. He will raise the alarm if
you're too slow. Go through the door and kill the 2 guards there. Return to the previous
room and one of the guards will have re-generated! Kill him quickly then go back to the
previous area where you killed 2 enemies again. Sometimes a guard will enter this room to
raise the alarm, but sometimes he just stands in the next room. Kill him either way. Use
the computer and your 1st objective is complete.

     Exit from the house and head west (Left on the map). Equip your
Dragunov and kill all the enemies you find on the way but don't destroy the
camera. Wait here until the train has passed then quickly follow it until
it stops. Get onto the train and kill the enemy with your Spas12. Meet up with Priboi and
the mission is complete. Objective 3 was just an ongoing part of the mission.

II.10 Defend Priboi
      Take Jach to the FRN

      Objectives : 1. Obtain Proximity Mines from storage depot
                   2. To proceed to highest building in abandoned village
                      and await evacuation
      Weapons you have : Knife, Glock 17, M16 A2
      Introduction : You will need to practice the strategy.

      Equip the Glock 17. Turn left and head to the base. You'll see a man
Running, is possible kill him with the Glock 17 while he's running, if not
wait until he's out of the base and let Priboi kill him. Go to the front of the
warehouse and kill another guard. Take the Uzi, equip it and turn left to kill
the 2 enemies. Look through the binoculars to see where the barrels are. It's
near the enemy on a place like a bridge. Shoot the barrels to kill the guard then
quickly shoot the other guy near him. You can see a garage with an enemy
inside. You need to kill him quickly before he kills Priboi. Now follow Priboi until
he tells you to check out the warehouses. Equip the Glock 17 and enter the right hand
warehouse then kill the enemy inside. Take all the Proximity Mines. Objective 1 is

      Exit the warehouse and look to your right, there's a house there. Equip the knife
and go to the house. Open the first door, nothing there. But when you
open the next door there will be a man standing there and he will immediately see you.
You need to kill him quickly 'cos if you don't another guy in the next room will come
in and start blasting. Go into the next room and kill this other
guy. Continue on to the next room and kill the guard. Leave this house and you'll see
a sentry post in front of you. Go to it and push the button. The gate will be open. Exit
this area through the gate and go straight on until you see houses to the left. Approach
the houses and go to the highest building on the left but don't enter it yet. Plant two
proximity mines beside the tall building (on the previous house's wall). Then go to where
Priboi is and equip the M16 A2.
By now there will be a truck coming towards you. Wait until the enemies come from behind
the truck and kill them with the explosives. Quickly turn back and go straight in the
direction of the highest building. There will be another truck so use the explosives once
more (If you are late the enemies will enter the house beside the truck, so you must enter
the house and kill them).
From here there are 2 options to win the mission. Personally I prefer the second option.
1) Go to where Priboi is (the second objective building). Go up to the 3rd floor
   and take the LAW 80. After you've killed about 3 enemies, Anya will contact
   you. Use a proximity mine on the stairs to cover your back and exit the
   building. Equip the M16 A2 and kill all the enemies you can see (about 10-15
   guys). Next use the LAW 80 to shoot the tank behind the second objective
   building. Wait until the helicopter lands on the roof and go up to the roof.
   Board the chopper to complete the mission.
2) Go to the second objective building but don't ENTER it. You'll see a broken
   house beside it go there instead and place 2 proximity mines on the wall. Go
   to the entrance to the second objective building and then back out on the
   street. Equip the AK47 and kill the 3 enemies. Wait there until Anya contacts
   you and the enemies appear. Kill them. Look your right and locate the
   enemies again (at the same place). Kill them to. Swiftly enter the second
   objective building and go to the third floor to take 2 LAW80's (You should
   hear the proximity mines explode). Equip the LAW 80 and go back outside then
   turn left to see a tank. Shoot it with the LAW 80. Wait until the helicopter
   lands on the roof, then go to the roof and board the chopper to complete the

|                                              ========                    |
|                                              ========                    |
|                                              ========                    |
|       _________       __________   __________   __________   __________  |
|      |         |     |          | |          | |          | |          | |
|      |         |     |          | |          | |          | |          | |
|      |_______ _|     |          | |          | |          | |          | |
|      |         |                | |          | |        P | |          | |
|      |_ _ _ _ _|     |*____*_  *| |_  _______| |_  _______| |_  _______| |
|              Y3                                         Y1               |
|                                                                          |
|                                                         ++++++           |
|                                                         ++++++           |
|                                                                          |
|                                                                          |
|  ++                                                                      |
|  ++   _________       _______  _   _______  _   _______  _   _______  _  |
|  ++  |         |     |          | |          | |          | |          | |
|    Y2|         |    *|          | |          | |          | |          | |
|      |         |     |          | |          | |          | |          | |
|      |         |     |          | |          | |          | |          | |
|      |_________|    *|__________| |__________| |__________| |__________| |
|                                                                          |

Strategy : * = Proximity mine location      Y1 = Your location after you set
          ++++++     ++                          2 proximity mines
          ++++++  or ++  = Truck            Y2 = Your location after you
                     ++                          kill the enemies who came
          ========                               from the truck
          ========  = Tank                  Y3 = Your location after you set
          ========                               the 3 proximity mines and
                                                 kill the enemies from there
                                                 (Option 2)

II.11 Eagle's Nest I
      The Approach to Ekk's fortress

      Objectives : 1. Locate and retrieve the sniper rifle
                   2. Power up the cable car by switching the generator
                      back on
                   3. Activate the cable car controls
      Weapons you have : Knife, Glock 17, Mp5 SD3, Hand Grenade
      Introduction : The objectives are situated at different places or bases,
                     so you will need practice strategy on this mission.

      Equip your Mp5 SD3. Go forward until you see a man patrolling the
top of the water tower (You will see 2 or 3 bases if you look through).
Kill him. There is another guard walking near the water tower on the
ground. This time use your knife and kill him with 1 stab. Equip your
Mp5 SD3 again and go straight on. When you see a man standing behind a wall
kill him. Go on around the building until you see a ladder. A guard patrols near this
so take him out. Go left a little and there's a hole in the wall. A man is hiding
inside so kill him. Take the Spas12, Hand Grenades, and some ammo
for the Spas12. Go outside (use the same entrance). Equip a Hand Grenade,
push the fire button and hold. Aim it up to the second floor then release after
a few seconds. Once it has exploded go up the ladder. If anyone's left alive go back
down and use another grenade. Once you're on the second floor kill the 2 enemies that
are left (sometimes only 1). Go up to the roof by jumping on the boxes and take the
sniper rifle. Objective 1 complete.

      Go down to the ground and approach the second base (You can see it on the
map or from the roof by using the sniper rifle. When you can see the whole of the base
follow this sequence to 'delete' the scum :
1. Kill the man on the upper left corner watch tower
2. Kill the patrol man (Not when he's at the centre of the base but when he is
   standing in front of a building).
3. Destroy the camera
4. Kill the man standing in a sentry post near the camera
5. Kill the man on the watch tower beside number 1
6. Kill the man on the watch tower beside number 5
7. Kill the man on the watch tower near number 6 (There are 2 watch towers.
   Kill the guy on the left one)
8. Equip your Mp5 SD3 and kill the man on the nearest watch tower.
Right, after you done all that, you can enter the base without worry. Go to the post
and take the ammo. Before you enter the base and if the enemy is patrolling near you
kill him with the sniper rifle. Enter the bunker in front of the sentry post. Use the
computer to shut down the cameras for 2 minutes. Enter the garage to get some Hand
Grenades, the M16 A2 and some ammo. Carry on until you are outside again. Use the
binoculars to see if the enemy is anywhere near. There should be a guard patrolling
the generator house. Kill him. Then, before the cameras go back on line destroy them
(2 cameras). 1 is on the wall of the house, the other is on the wall of the bunker
near the fence. Go towards the fence but DON'T TOUCH IT, if you do the generals in
the house will see you. Instead walk around and go to the camera near the fence.
Push the button and equip a Hand Grenade. Open the door, throw in the Hand Grenade
and run back a little. After it explodes take the 2 Uzi's and the Spas12. Go to the
generator room and slide down the ladder then push the button. Objective 2 is complete.

      Exit the generator room and leave the base then go on to the third base. This
final objective is rather difficult. You may have to try it a couple times before
you're successful. Use your Dragunov if there's ammo or the Mp5 SD3. You can see a
man patrolling to the left. Kill him. If you can't see enemy near the man in the
sentry box then kill the guy in the box. Equip the M16 A2 and use alternate fire to
blast the back of the house. There are a few generals there. Take their guns and
equip the Spas12 or M16 A2. Go to the sentry post and open the gate but BE CAREFUL,
don't push the wrong button. Enter the base and destroy the camera first. Next kill
the 3 guards that are left. Go to the cable car generator, activate it, and enter the
cable car. That's this mission completed.

II.12 Eagle's Nest II
      Ekk's hilltop fortress

      Objective : 1. Locate the bomb and disable it. Find Ekk and kill her.
      Weapons you have : Knife, Glock 17, Mp5 SD3, Dragunov
      Introduction : From this mission on, the missions are very
                     HARD at the HARD difficulty level, but at NORMAL or EASY
                     they're not so bad. The best clue I can give those playing
                     a HARD mission is to ensure you know the strategy first.
      NB : From this mission you will need two bullets for Dragunov to kill Spetnaz soldier.
           So, aim for the head to kill in 1 shot.

      Equip the Mp5 SD3. Leave the cable car and climb the stairs. You'll see
two pillars to the right. Get in front of the first pillar (don't go too far
or the enemies will see you) and use alternate fire to kill the 2 enemies.
Reload your gun and take both AK47's. If you're playing HARD mode then when you pass
the right hand entrance another enemy will shoot at you (Don't worry, you won't be hit).
Again if you're playing HARD mode you will need to go back a little (leave some
distance between yourself and the entrance). Equip the AK47 and press strafe (If you
are on the left side of the entrance press right strafe and visa versa) also jump and
shoot. Keep doing this until the enemy there dies. If you're in NORMAL mode it's no
problem, just look at the enemy and shoot him. Open the left hand door after taking
another AK47. Run on a bit further then just shoot anywhere to stop the enemy walking
forward. In NORMAL mode just kill him. After the enemy stops go around to the left
hand side.

NOTE : There's Mp5 SD3 ammo around to the left. But if you take it another enemy
       will be waiting there for you.
After you find another door get prepared for a fight. Open the door and kill an
enemy to the right. Go right a little and you'll spot another man, kill him.
Press the button and take the AK47's, not forgetting to reload it. Press the button in
the elevator and go to the right side of the elevator then duck. Don't get too close to
the door. When the door opens a man will be standing to the left of the room, shoot him.
Look at your map and zoom in once. You can see that
the nearest enemy is standing still and looking at this room. Wait until he goes
back to patrolling again before taking him out or take him one on one (If you reckon
you're a bit of a professional). Equip the Dragunov and go to the North wall from the
elevator building. You can see two enemies on the big wall, kill them. Wait here until
another enemy appears on the ground behind the wall (Use the binoculars to see him).
Kill him with the Dragunov too and take the Minimi from him. Go to the West and there
will be an entrance on the right. Approach it and walk a little further, you'll see
another enemy on the roof. Kill him with
the Dragunov. Carry on and you'll see another two enemies on the big wall, kill them
both. When you can see a hangar go behind it and look for lots of boxes. Jump onto them
and jump into the next area (Where you shot the enemy on the roof). Look at the map.
Zoom once and look over to the West. There should be an
enemy patrolling on the big wall and one on the ground. Now, here's the trick : Wait
until the man on the big wall is heading North and the enemy on the ground is also
going North. Then, kill them both with the Dragunov. If your ammo is depleted use the
AK47. You'll get additional ammo later. Next use the binoculars to see someone standing
in front of the house. Approach him and shoot him in the head. Go up to the building
near you (not the building behind the man but the previous one) and take the Medipack
in it. Now go to the building behind the dead man and take the Dragunov ammo. Use the
binoculars again and look for 2 more enemies, one is patrolling and the other standing.
Kill both enemies on the big wall and go to the fence. Yet again use the binoculars to
see an enemy patrolling on the second floor of the building. Kill him with Dragunov.
Go to the left and you'll see a button. Push the button to open the gate. Go right and
you'll see another enemy around to the right. Kill him. Go left a little and there's
another guard. Kill him too. Go a little further left and an enemy will be patrolling.
Kill him. Carry on up a little to see two enemies on the big wall to the left. Kill
them both. I know it seems to be going on forever, but you're getting through it!.
There's a building to your left. Follow this building until you see a fence and 2 rocks?.
Jump on them twice and then jump into the next area. Go on up a little and you'll find
a door to your left. It's hard to see  but there is one there. Equip the AK47 and open
the door. Kill the guy in front of you and go down the ladder. There's a door in front
of you. Go to the right side of the door and when you open it kill the man in the corner
of the room. There will be another guard waiting for you, so strafe left into the corner
and you'll see where the next enemy is. Go and kill him (you've got a licence to murder!)
Next, carry on your way until you are outside again, equip the Dragunov and go to the
wall on the left. There are 2 watchtowers on the right, you can see them by using the
Map. Go left a little until you can see the enemy. Usually he can see you too, so kill
him quickly. Go left a little until you can see the next watchtower and quickly kill the
enemy. Next go to the right hand side of the wall and there will be an enemy standing
there. Kill him. Go West a little until you can see another soldier to your right. Kill
him. You can now enter the elevator area freely. Push the button to open the elevator's
door and activate the elevator. Hide in the left rear corner of the elevator as there
will be an enemy in front of the elevator when the door opens. Kill him and then the
other guy on the left. Next open the door. Occasionally there's an enemy there, if so,
kill him. You will see a door in front of you so open it and climb the ladder to your
right. Open the door and wait until the mission ends. Well, that was a tough one,
congratulations!! There are 2 further missions to go before the end  of the game.

II.13 Nuclear Infiltration
      Infiltrate the nuclear base

      Objective : 1. Secure deployment zone for Anya and friendly forces.
      Weapons you have : Knife, Glock 17, M16 A2, Dragunov
      Introduction : This mission is hard at the HARD difficulty level.
                     This mission is very dependant on keeping ammo levels
                     as high as possible, don't waste it! Plenty of practice
                     is required.

      Equip your Dragunov and go left to the hill. Use the binoculars to
see the guard on the watch tower. Kill him. Look a little to the right,
there's an enemy patrolling, kill him too (In 1 shot if you can). Next, look
in the centre and there will be a camera, destroy it with the Dragunov.
Equip the M16 A2 to kill both men (1 man patrolling, the other under the
camera). Take both AK47's and equip one to kill another guy patrolling in
front of you. Go to the warehouse in front and collect 3 Hand Grenades and 3
explosives for the M16 A2. Exit the warehouse and carry on. Look at the map,
there's a man patrolling near you (the nearest one on the map). Kill him.
Equip a Hand Grenade, open the door and throw it in. Go to the right and throw
another. Equip the M16 A2 and kill the man on the bridge-type structure.
Enter the houses to take ammo for the M16 A2 and the AK47. Follow the 'bridge'
and kill the man patrolling in front of you. Equip the Dragunov and kill the
guard on the 2nd floor of the building. Look at your Map and if there's another
man outside the building near you kill him with the AK47 or Dragunov.
Alternatively you can wait until he patrols behind the building and kill him
then. Enter the building to get the Medipack. You can now replenish your
health if required. Exit the building and walk around it to take the elevator
underground. Push the button to move it.

      Keep to the right side of the elevator and when the door opens you'll
see a man standing on the left, kill him. There will be another man running
at you so kill him too. Open the next door and back up a little, some guards
will open the door again, kill them when they come through. Open the next door
and there's a man patrolling, kill him. There are 2 more men you must kill,
they hear you and start to shoot at you. Kill them immediately. Open the next
door and take the JackHammer there. Equip the AK47, open the next door and kill
the 2 enemies in front of you. Next equip your JackHammer and go to the
intersection. The door in front of you is a fake one so go to the right. Open that
door and kill the guard. A man in another room will hear you and he comes in so
kill him. Open the next door and follow the path until you'll see another door.
Open it and immediately look to the left. There will be a man shooting you so
kill him. Another man will come out from the next room, kill him too. Open the
door and kill 2 further men inside. Another man in the next room can sometimes
hear you. If he does kill him too. Go to the next room and follow the path.
There will be another enemy on the right hand side of the room. Kill him.
Push the elevator button and go up to the surface.

      Look at your map. There are 4 men you can see so equip whatever weapon
you want, I prefer the Dragunov, and kill them. There aren't any special tactics
to killing them. I suggest that you first kill the man in front, then another man
will hear you so kill him next. There are 2 men left to the right hand side of
the elevator, take them out last. There aren't any enemies in the house. Go to
the East Warehouse (there are 2 Warehouses in front of the elevator building),
and get 3 Flashbangs and 3 Hand Grenades. Now look at your map to see a man beside
the Shelter, kill him. Equip your Dragunov and go to the next area.

      If you look at the Map you can see the next area, this is the location of the
objective. Ok, here's the location of the enemy :
1. 1 enemy inside the Heavy Machine Gun Post (He has Minimi)
2. 1 on the Watch Tower
3. 2 enemies on the Communication Center's roof
4. 1 enemy on the 2nd floor of the Communication Center building
5. 1 enemy on the fuel dump
Once you have killed them go in front of the Heavy Machine Gun Post
and kill the man beside the small garage (He is patrolling, so wait until he comes
into full view). Kill the man in front of the shelter and go on up to the watch tower
(provided you have still got some Dragunov bullets) and kill as many as you can see,
otherwise go to the fuel dump to get another Dragunov from the man you killed earlier.
After you've killed everyone proceed to the the Communication Center and enter it,
(there's a door next to the entrance door). Open it and kill the last man.
PHEW!........ Finally, you've completed the mission.

II.14 Finding the bomb
      Kill Ekk and find the bomb

      Objective : 1. Find Ekk and kill her
                  2. Locate the bomb and disable it
	Weapons you have : Knife, Glock 17, Mp5 SD3, Dragunov, Medipack 100
      Introduction : This is the last mission, so Eidos make this is the HARDEST.

      Firstly, peek (strafe) to the left a little. Equip Dragunov and look up. There's
a guy patrolling. Snipe him. Go straight to the weapon storage (there's a picture next
to the door). Go left to take all the weapon. You'll see a tunnel to the right. Go there
and kill a man with Mp5 SD3. Take the AK47 and equip it. Follow the tunnel until you
reach the next room. There are 2 enemies there. The first enemy is on the upper right
corner of the room and the other one is on the bottom left corner of the room. Kill the
first enemy first, then the second one. Use the elevator to go down. After you reach
the second floor, exit the elevator to the next tunnel. Open the next door. If you
are on time, you'll see a guy walking on the left hand side. Then, you'll see the next
enemy on the right hand side. Then, go to the left. Be careful! There's a guy with
shotgun behind the computer. Kill them. Then, there are boxes in this area. Jump
on it until you reach the top of the wall beside the boxes. Start walk in crouch position
until you walk a little far. Stand up and after he find you, go back to crouch. Then,
stand up and kill him. Do it the same thing to kill the enemy near the man you just killed.
Then, jump down to the ground and use the computer. Go to the only way out but be careful
with the last man in this room. He has a shotgun. Then, go back to the first floor.
You'll be warned by Anya when you use the elevator.

      Then, you need to do this as fast as possible. Equip AK47 and run to the exit door
(it's the same door with the entrance). Don't open this door yet. Here's the trick :
1. Make sure you are right up next to the door.
2. Strafe left until you can't go any farther.
3. Crouch
4. Open the door.
5. You can see boxes here. Point your gun to the right side of the boxes.
Then, a guy will walk to your target point, so you can kill him easily. Next, look to the left
but don't stand up yet. Strafe right a little to see a guy waiting for you. When he
look at you, he will run. Kill him when he stops. There's another man standing behind the
last man you killed. Kill him too, then equip LAW80. Go to the right and peek. There's a
tank. Shoot this LAW80 to it. Then, equip M16 A2. Another enemy will comes. Kill him. Proceed
to the right side door. There's a man guarding this door. Kill him too. Open the door.
There's a guy with Spas12. Be careful if you want to kill him. Then, equip Glock 17 or Mp5 SD3.
Go straight until you see a Sentry Gun. There's a camera in front of the sentry gun.
Destroy it. Then, follow the path a little, you'll see another camera. Enter the left room
(don't open the left door yet) to get JackHammer and some ammo. Go to the farthest room
to the right to take 3 Flashbangs. Now, open the door. There's a guy runs to you. Kill him
in 1 shot with JackHammer. Equip the Hand Grenade. Follow the tunnel until you reach
the next door. Open it and pull out the ring and throw it immediately and run back or
you'll be hit by the expolotion of the Grenade. Take all weapons in the room (there's
Medipack there too). Use the computer to turn off the Sentry gun. Open the next door.
There is a guy here sometimes. Go to the intersection, take the right tunnel. There's
another guy here. Kill him and follow the path until you reach the next door. Open it
and quickly turn left. There's a ladder there. Slide down the ladder and quickly runs
up to enter the right room. There are 2 enemies in this room. You can kill them easily
with JackHammer. Use the computer and exit this room, then go to the right. There's
a ladder there. Slide down and go straight to find another ladder. Slide down and
go straight then left. You'll see a Sentry Gun above the door. Enter the door.

      Replenish your health if needed. Go to the intersection, choose the left tunnel.
There's a guy shooting you when he find you. Kill him. Go follow the tunnel, go right.
Then, you'll find another intersection. Shoot the camera, then a guy comes out. Kill
him easily. Go to where he comes, enter the room by pushing the button beside the door.
Equip AK47. Wait until you've killed 4 enemies (the enemy will comes out from the
entrance door). Use the elevator. Open the next door. Kill the guy if the distance
about 7-8 meters. Destroy the camera, then follow the path until you reach the next
door. Open it and destroy the camera with Mp5 SD3. Equip Dragunov and look the left
path. You'll see a camera and a guy. Snipe them. Equip JackHammer. Follow the path
until you reach the intersection and there are 2 enemies to the left. Kill them.
Follow the tunnel to the left until you SEE intersection. Throw a grenade to it.
There are 2 enemies run away to avoid the explotion. Kill those enemies.

      Open the door. Equip Hand Grenade. Go left between the boxes, then throw it.
NB: You'll see many boxes on the 1st floor. Go behind it and you'll find goodies, including
    a medipack.
    Thanks to Lui Yeung {[email protected]} for this one.
Continue until you reach a door. Open the door and throw the grenade quickly. After it
explodes, enter it and go behind the computers. There's a guy there. Kill him. Wait a few
seconds, then the guy behind the door will open it for you and you can kill him easily.
Crouch and go straight to see the center circle. Kill a guy there. Equip Dragunov and find
2 enemies left, then kill them (use Binochular to see them). Then, go down until the bottom
floor. Enter the tunnel. You'll have to get the coolant system back online.

      Equip Proximitymine. Use the proximitymine at these place :
1. 1 mine beside the dark room (in front of you),
2. 2 mines on those green machines (1 mine for each machine)
Then, climb up the ladder, equip the JackHammer. Walk back until you see a guy through the
glass. Kill him. Another guy will come and kill him too. Use the computer to put the coolant
system online. Then kill those 2 men on the left and right side of this second floor. Then,
slide down the ladder and enter the next short tunnel (beside the dark room). There's a guy
there. Enter the next room. Take the Medipack and replenish your health if needed. Enter
the next room and this is the last room for the entire game.

      Always equip JackHammer here. Slide down the ladder. Kill the guy from the room. Follow
the path to the center. Find Ekk here and kill her in a few shots. Then, protect Anya. Follow
Anya until she descend the stairs, but you don't have to descend the stairs. Keep upstairs and
protect her from this place. Ok, you've finished this game. Sit back and watch the ending!!!!

          _______   __   __   _____      _____   __   __   _____
  ~~~~~~ |__   __| |  | |  | |   __|    |   __| |  \ |  | |  _  \   ~~~~~~
  ~~~~~~    | |    |  |_|  | |  |_      |  |_   |   \|  | | | \  \  ~~~~~~
  ~~~~~~    | |    |   _   | |   _|     |   _|  |       | | |  )  ) ~~~~~~
  ~~~~~~    | |    |  | |  | |  |__     |  |__  |  |\   | | |_/  /  ~~~~~~
  ~~~~~~    |_|    |__| |__| |_____|    |_____| |__| \__| |_____/   ~~~~~~


Here are some tips and tricks for those who want to finish the game without
the walkthrough :

1. Reload your weapon often. But, remember one thing, always reload in a
   place of safety. Avoid reloading when there are enemies around.
2. Try to learn to shoot while you strafe(left or right)+jump. It's great
   for saving health, but very hard to do.
3. If there's an enemy behind a wall, try to crouch and press strafe (left
   or right) very slowly. When you can just see his hand, kill him.
4. If you are out of ammo and must reload when there's enemies ahead, try to
   find a safe place. They will shoot you when you run, so press jump and
   strafe (left or right) when you run to safety.
5. Don't bother trying to keep your ammo reserves too high, the ammo and
   guns will be different in the next mission.
6. Each weapon has its own special uses in a mission. Use the right gun for
   the right circumstances and learn the good and bad points for each
7. Try to shoot the enemies in the head or stab them in the head to kill
   them instantly.
8. Beware the Spetnaz soldiers on HARD mode. I think they may wear
   bullet-proof vests so are harder to kill (twice as hard).
9. When you are on levels with weak walls (such as wood door), you are able to
   shoot people through the walls
   Thanks to Christian Young {[email protected]}
10. Try to sniping with AK47 before you own Dragunov. How? Here are the trick :
    Equip the AK47, use the binoculars to locate the enemy. O yeah, this trick
    only work with static enemies (make sure the toggle binoculars button is
    not assigned to a mouse button as this will spoil the aim). Next, zoom in fully
    with the crosshairs of the binoculars on the centre of the enemy's head. Toggle
    the binoculars off, you will find the gun crosshairs are now pointing directly at
    the enemy's head. Tap the mouse [FIRE] button quickly to fire ONE SHOT ONLY. I have
    found this method to be accurate every time it ranges up to 70 METRES. AT ranges
    over 70 and up to about 120 metres, accuracy is less, but keep trying. This is very
    useful for enemies in towers of machine gun posts as they are always static.
    Thanks to Mike Johnson {[email protected]}

Well these are my tips and tricks for now. I will update it if further if
there is anything to add. Please feel free to E-mail me with any other tips.


Right, this is the important thing :

Uh.... I would like you to know that I was mentioned to answer all your
questions within two or three days here. Unfortunately, I have many works to do
from this moment, so I can't always check my E-mail, reply yours or update this
walkthrough with your tips and tricks you give me. So, I want to
apologize to you, that I didn't read your E-mails.

Once again, I'm sorry to all readers, who had sent me your tips and tricks or
questions. Anyway, I think you can ask some questions to those who has been
finished the game (Anyone who I have thanked to below at "Special Thanks" section).
Thanks for your cooperation.


1. Thanks God for everything
2. Thanks to Eidos for making such an excellent game
3. Thanks to my brother, Fleming, who helped me by playing
   Project IGI: I'm Going In while I made the walkthrough
4. Thanks to CJayC for posting my walkthrough at
5. Thanks to Al Amaloo for posting my walkthrough at
6. Thanks to Iain Selby {[email protected]} for the trick
   for mission 6 : Get Priboi
7. Thanks to Sjel {[email protected]} for the correction of "excellent" at the
   Special Thanks section. You can visit his website at, ok?
8. Thanks to Simon Benjamisen {[email protected]} for the trick
   for mission 6 : Get Priboi
9. Thanks to Peter James {[email protected]} for these grammar
   and correction.
10. Thanks to Lui Yeung {[email protected]} for the items at the final mission.
11. Thanks to Christian Young {[email protected]} for the tips.
12. Thanks to Mike Johnson {[email protected]} for the tips.

Please let me know if there are any errors, grammatical or otherwise in this
walkthrough. I have made this walkthrough to improve my English language
skills  and would welcome any comments you may have. If there are any other
similar games to this that you would like a walkthrough for please let me
know. I will attempt to compile something providing I'm in a good mood! ^_^

Thanks for reading my walkthrough.
Your opinions and suggestions are very welcome.

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