You start off by dropping into a water pool. Swim and climb onto the ledge, left side of the cave opening to avoid a shark. While standing, kill the shark in the water and a leopard in the cave. Dive into the water again to collect harpoons and harpoon gun, which is useless at the stage. While in the water, look for a small cave to collect Secret #1. Swim your way back to the cave.

Enter cave and pull the crate behind the pillar to reveal a medi pack. Look out for rolling snowballs and leopards while going around the cave collecting items. Find an inner cave with two pillars and a climbable wall. Climb your way to the top. Once reached the opening, watch out for oncoming guards while you head out of the hut. Most of the guards have items to collect from them once they are dead.

Jump over the ice slope and pull out both crates to reveal medi pack and shotgun bullets. Climb the pillar to the top until you reach a sliding rope and use it to slide to the other side. Three eagles and a leopard awaits you. There's a M16 at the end of the rope which you have to go around those ice slopes but a rolling snowball will follow you, so watch your back. Walk and quickly jump back when you are facing the rope that tied to the wall. Head back, follow the path where the leopard comes from. At the end, drop down and go left, kill guard before continuing until the end to pick up a 'Guard Key'. Don't bother shooting the guard you can see running around outside. Head back to where you first came from, where you killed those eagles.

Climb up and take note of the crate on the left. You can ignore it first. Go right and look for a key hole to open the door. Kill the guard, again, collecting item from the dead body before heading back to the crate you first ignored. Push the crate to reveal a passage heading to the right. Run, jump and grab to the opposite side. Jump again to the right to find an automatic pistol and a door will open.

Head back through the door you opened with the 'Guard Key' earlier and this time, take the upper ledge. Be careful not to fall down. Jump over the slope at the end of the walkway. You'll slide down to a platform, kill the guard. On the left, there's a noticeable climbable wall. Better save your game before trying this next step. While facing the climbable wall, run, jump and grab. Continue climbing down. Head for the other wall on the opposite side. Take care of attacking leopard. Climb up the wall, kill guard and another leopard. Flip the switch. There's a snowmobile at one corner but leave it for now. Don't worry, you'll get your chance to ride one later on. Backtrack all the way back to where you first do the daring jump maneuver and climb all the way to the top.

Follow path to an opening, quickly jump to the crate/pillar with a medi pack and wait for a guard riding a snowmobile. Gun him down, collect the remaining items. Now take the dead guards snowmobile. Use it to crash through the icy glass wall outside and watch out for another guard on snowmobile. DO NOT crash into the last glass or you'll end up loading your game.

Go into the cave, flip the switch on the left wall near the entrance. Kill the guard coming out of the hut. Go into the hut to flip another switch. Go back out and jump into the water to swim through a tunnel to a new icy and transparent opening.

Climb onto the invisible falling platform and quickly run to the other end to pick up a medi pack. Rolling snowballs will crush down into the thin ice below. Run jump to the side and slowly make your way down and into a cave opening. Pick up more items at the end and head back to the cave mouth. Before going down, kill 'invisible' guards from the ledge. After all's dead, pick up a golden skull which is Secret #2. More guards will come running towards you. Dispose all of them and pick up items from those dead guards.

Go to the opposite end and shoot icy glass wall. Kill attacking leopard and make your way until the end. There's a climbable wall which will lead you back to the hut where you flipped the switch. Make your way out and kill two more guards before flipping another switch which will open the wooden gate. More killings to do and more items to collect. Ride the snowmobile again, heading up the slope and run down two more guard with the snowmobile. Pick up 'Shift B' key from one of them and continue until you get to a key hole place.

Use key to open the door and kill yet another leopard. Go until the end to find and flip another switch at one corner. Backtrack back to the door and head towards the newly open door. More guards awaits. There's a switch in between four pillars. Switch will open up a door on the floor towards the end. Drop into the water and swim through the tunnel which will end this level. Wish there's more to play but that's all for now.

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