Written and created by Frakkla
This FAQ is copyright Frakkla August 2000 

Table of Contents
I.Copyright Information
II.How to Contact the Author
III.About Deus Ex
IV.Survivalist Guide
VIII.Cheats (coming soon)

I.Copyright Info
This document is copyright Frakkla, August 2000
You MAY NOT use this FAQ in any magazine, CD, website, or anything else 
without MY WRITTEN PERMISSION! It can not be used for profitable 
purposes without letting me know and letting me have a share of the 
DEUS EX is copyright Eidos Interactive and ION Storm. Both of these are 
very good companies and most of the games I buy are from Eidos.:-)
II.How to Contact the Author
III.About Deus Ex
This game isn't what I think of a typical game. It is part Roleplaying 
and part 1 st person shooter. Most 1 st person shooters have a direct 
path for you to follow to complete goals for that level and to kill 
things without you getting lost. Most RPGs have a direct path to follow 
to complete the story. For example, go into town, find out about boss 
in dungeon, go to dungeon, and kill boss. Almost all RPGs do that. But 
this game lets you go anywhere and do anything. Your objective may be 
to kill someone, but you listen to the person you're supposed to kill 
and you instead kill a good guy that comes to kill the person. Or you 
could kill the person you were supposed to kill. I've never seen a game 
that let you do this and still go on with the story, so I was 
fascinated. So to be short and sweet, the game lets YOU create your OWN 
story. I've never seen anything like it! Also, the game is based on the 
based on conspiracies that everyone's heard about (Roswell, Area 51, 
secret government agencies, you name it, it's there). The game is based 
sometime in the 2050's where there's a plague going around (called the 
"Gray Death") and martial law has taken over the streets of most every 
city. You play as JC Denton, a nano-augmented agent for UNATCO; a small 
agency designed to stop terrorists. You are the second nano-agent 
created (the first was your weak brother, Paul), so you are THE BEST 
agent at UNATCO, by far. The other two GOOD agents are Anna Navarre and 
Gunther Hermann, who like to kill people for the fun of it. They are 
mechanically augmented and are walking junk compared to you. So, 
naturally, they don't like you since you will put them out of a job (I 
killed Agent Navarre the first time she insulted me). One more thing, 
this is how I played the game, that doesn't mean you can't do something 
different. And I think that's about it, so let's get on to the 
IV.Survivalist Guide
If you've played Deus Ex even a little, you know there's not a whole 
lot of ammo or healing areas in the game. So I'm going to tell you how 
to survive through the missions and still have lots of health and ammo 
to survive into the next mission. 

First of all, always let your buddies fight the bad guys if they can. 
They will always take out one or two enemies before they get taken out. 
Bots work really well in that scenario if you can ever get your hands 
on some. 

Next, always go for head shots. If you have the assault rifle, just try 
to keep it aimed at their chests since the recoil will kick it up to 
their heads. Also, keep pushing the aiming cursor down slowly so the 
rifle will keep at that same spot. 

When you find the augmentation that lets you heal; you just found the 
best weapon/item in the entire game! You can use it to heal up during 
battle and you can heal completely when you find a bioelectric energy 
restoring bot. I used this a lot during the game since it's very 

Now remember to talk to everyone! Most of the people you find will 
either help you or tell you something about the local area. Most of the 
time, the people will tell you about another way into the building that 
your objectives tell you to break into. 

Next, always sneak up on your enemy. Never bust into a room and expect 
to live. You will most likely get shot in the head a few times and die 
in about 4 seconds. Try to hide behind something and get the enemy to 
come to you allowing you to pop them in the head. 

Now, when you're trying to be sneaky, you'll probably find some secret 
areas that have ammo hoards and healing points. You'll want to find a 
lot of these since they give you skill points too. 

Also, always try to keep as much of your inventory as you possibly can. 
This includes multi-tools and lockpicks. Upgrade lockpicks and 
electronics to Advanced as soon as possible. 

And drop the crowbar and knife as soon as you get a baton, they don't 
do as much damage as the baton does and they only take up space. Also, 
don't get flares or binoculars. 

Modify your weapons as soon as you get a mod. My weapon of choice was 
the pistol since it did moderate damage and could take out NSF with one 
headshot. A laser and a scope for the pistol really help. My next 
favorite was the sniper rifle with a silencer. It does a lot of damage 
and with a silencer it can be used for stealth. My third favorite was 
the crossbow since you can shoot someone with a tranq and then run away 
and they will collapse before they get to you. The assault rifle should 
be used for back up or for use against the MIB agents. 

Remember to use the "lean" keys to peek around corners. I don't know if 
you can be spotted when you lean, but it hasn't happened to me yet. I 
use the keys a lot when I'm trying to sneak around areas. The default 
keys are Q and E.

Now, the walkthrough.
1.Creating Your Character
3.Liberty Island
5.Castle Clinton
7.Hell's Kitchen and Osgood's Place
8.UNATCO HQ (again)
9.New York City Subway and the Mole People
10.UNATCO HQ (again)
12.MJ12 and UNATCO
13.Hong Kong
15.VersaLife Labs
16.New York City (Illuminati)
17.Ship Yard
1.Creating Your Character
First of all, Choose your agent's real name (put your real name if you 
want). This name will appear in some datacubes and books from time to 
time. You can also pick a different face if you want. Then you have to 
decide what skills you want. I chose computer, lockpicking and non-
lethal since you will use non-lethal a lot during the first mission. 
Pistols will have already been upgraded to Trained.
The cutscene starts off with the two big bad guys talking about the 
gray death. The one on the left is Walton and the one on the right is 
the billionaire himself, Bob Page. The intro is pretty cool, setting 
the story for the player. It shows scenes from the gray death, the 
martial law, the illuminati, and secret government projects.
3.Liberty Island
You'll arrive for your first mission on the docks outside the UNATCO 
HQ. Go to the right and grab the crowbar on the ground and smash up the 
boxes. A lockpick and binoculars will come out. Don't get the binocs, 
they're useless. 

Now your brother should arrive. You'll talk to him about the mission 
and then your brother will give you a choice of weapons. I suggest 
getting the crossbow since it gives you some extra tranq darts. Now 
talk to the UNATCO guy (the green uniform) and he'll talk about that 
idiot, Agent Hermann. 

Now jump down the stairs on your left into the water. When you're in 
the water, swim over to the left inside the cage. There'll be two boxes 
with a bio cell and a multi-tool. Don't use up the bio cell's you find 
yet since you will only have the strength augmentation and the 
flashlight and they don't take much BE energy. 

Now go back up the stairs and take a left. You'll see a security bot 
roaming around and some more boxes in the corner. Smash them up, and 
take the ammo. Now go up the ramp and look for some NSF guards. Get one 
to see you and then run back to the bot you saw earlier. The bot and 
your brother will kill the guy. Now take his ammo and the do the same 
thing to the next guard. You can kill about 3 or 4 guards in the 
immediate area with this trick. You also get a lot of extra ammo. 
Remember to search ALL bodies. 

If you look to your left in the shadows right outside the ramp, you 
should see some metal boxes and a brown box on top. Grab the small 
metal box and put it next to the big metal one. Then jump on the small 
one and onto the large one. Then crouch and grab the small box and put 
it next to the other metal box that you're crouched next to. Then just 
jump up there and use the baton to bust open the box and grab the gas 
grenade. Then just throw the small metal box off in case you need it. 
Look for a locked hatch on the right side of the bottom crate. You can 
either pick it if you'd like, or you can find a TNT crate and blast it 
open. But be careful not to blow up the medbot inside. 

Now, head to the left to the guys in green. Talk to the first one you 
see to buy ammo from him. Buy the darts and the pistol ammo but not the 
scope. Now, depending on what you said to him, he gave you a password 
to a door. If he didn't, don't worry. The code is 0451. Go to the 
satellite dish near the helipad and look for the door. Next to the door 
should be a keypad. Just punch in 0451 and the door will open. Practice 
with it until you can do it fast, you will need to punch it in really 
fast sometimes to get away from enemies. Hint: you can use the numbers 
on your keyboard to enter the code. Now go inside and search the room. 
If you searched enough, you should have found a medkit, a datacube, and 
some darts. If you didn't find the datacube, you should go back to 
training and find that secret room.:-) Ok, the datacube says the login 
for the terminal on the wall is SATCOM and the password is UNATCO_001. 
Just login and open the satellite hatch. Inside you'll find en EMP 
grenade and you'll also get skill points. 

After that side thing, go back to the main path outside the UNATCO 
area. There should be a box with some ammo and a datacube. The datacube 
gives you a login and password for the small security systems. Now head 
inside the little passageway that you see down the path. There is a 
guard to the left and a bot that travels around the center. Wait for 
the bot to go by, then sneak to the left and take out the guard. Don't 
worry about the little alcove in the center, there's not really 
anything useful. Just go straight out of the little center area. 

Now you should be looking down a path that turns to the right at the 
end. Crouch down and head to the left behind the metal boxes. Sneak all 
the way down the path to avoid the guards. When you're at the end and 
the coast is clear, make a beak for the bot you see off in the 
distance. It's one of yours so use it to take out any guards that might 
have seen you. 

Now on the left should be another ramp going down to another dock. This 
is the north dock that the computer hacker guy and your brother were 
talking about. There should be 2 guards that are guarding the area. Get 
them to notice and then run back to the bot for it to kill them. Take 
their stuff and watch out for the sniper that hears the gunshots. He 
can kill you in 2 hits so watch it. Break up all the ammo boxes you see 
while heading down the dock. On the right end is a box with a medkit 
and on the left is Harley Filben, one of your objectives. Talk to 
Harley and he'll give you a key. Then talk to the lady in the corner 
for some ammo and info on a back entrance to the statue. Take anything 
but the flares and then head outside. If you jump off the dock to the 
left, you'll see a sunken ship. Swim down to the ship, (I hope you have 
a trained skill in swimming) and pick the lock on the hatch. (Note: You 
can also grab a TNT crate and leave it on top of the hatch, then climb 
out of the water and shoot it. (Sent to me by Will Seitz)) Now swim 
back up for air and then go inside to get the skill points, ammo, and 
mods for your weapons. Now head back to the security bot outside the 

Ok, so you've got the key to get in, and you think you're prepared for 
a major battle. Well guess what! You couldn't take out 2 spider bots 
with your lousy inventory! You may see a lot of FAQ that say to go in 
the front door, but that's a suicide mission! The best way in the 
statue is to go in the back way. Heck, it's always better to go in the 
back way. Remember the survivalist guide?!

Now take a left when you leave the docks. You should travel straight 
for that concrete structure in the distance. When you get to it, look 
down the ramp and you should see a guard. Tranquilize him and then go 
inside. Try to get all of the ammo crates. When you see the electric 
thing, look on the back of the lifting machine for a button. Press it 
and then run to the front of it to get on and ride it up so you can 
jump over the electricity. When you want to get back, just from the box 
with the ammo crates to the boxes next to the electricity and then jump 
over. There's also a multitool on top of the boxes near the entrance.

At the entrance of the underground thing, you should see a big stack of 
large metal things going up to the top of the statue. Use the ladders 
and boxes to get to the top. At the top there is a guard roaming 
around. Tranq him and then jump back over the side and crouch so he 
can't see you. Now tranq the other guards up there until it's 
completely empty.

When it is, go in the doorway at the front of the statue. Take out the 
guard inside and then head for the stairs going down. You should see a 
TNT crate on your right before you get to the stairs. (Note: You can 
also save this crate and use it on the lasers on the ground floor, but 
you will have to bypass the gun turret somehow.(Sent to me by Will 
Seitz)) Grab it and then go down the stairs. On the next floor should 
be a gun turret and a camera. Just crouch at the top of the stairs just 
before the turret and throw the crate down. It should explode taking 
out the turret and camera and if you were high enough it shouldn't hurt 

Now just go inside and take out the guard to your right on the overhead 
walkway and the guard on the ground floor. Warning: Do NOT let them 
sound the alarm. If they do, head upstairs until they stop looking for 
you and then head back down and snipe them with your pistol. When 
that's done, explore the central area for guns and ammo. Hack the ATM 
machine for 100 credits. Then look for the grate to the air 
conditioning duct on the wall on the ground floor. Go inside and grab 
all of the items but don't pick the lock on the door. When that's 
cleared, go back to the laserbeams. If you stopped everyone from 
sounding the alarm, there should be 2 guards on the right, right after 
you go through the lasers. Take them out. DON'T use a multi-tool to 
turn off the lasers. That's just a waste.

Once inside, go straight into the room with the jail cell. Go to the 
right towards the desk so that the turret can't shoot at you. Hack the 
computer terminal (or use the password and login from those datacubes 
from your brother) and turn off the camera and open the door. Once 
inside the door, talk to Gunther. He will talk to you about how UNATCO 
is just showing off their new augmentation project, but what des he 
know? Don't give him the pistol, you need it. Just tell him to go home. 
When that's over with, head upstairs back to where the TNT crate was.

Now go upstairs instead of downstairs. There should be 2 guards talking 
about the ambrosia shipment. Just crouch and sneak past them. You'll 
meet up with JoJo later. Go up another flight of stairs. Keep crouching 
because at the top is another set of guards. Tranq one and then run 
downstairs until the other one follows and then take him out with the 
prod and baton. Now go all the way upstairs to the commander.

You'll talk with him awhile and then the computer guy will tell you 
mission complete. Grab the augmentation canister and then keep talking 
to the commander. He'll tell you about some conspiracies and how the 
government made the gray death. You can kill him if you want, I decided 
not to since I promised Harley Filben that I wouldn't. Head downstairs 
to where those 2 guards were talking. They'll be dead and you can 
search this area for gas grenades. They are proximity triggered so 
watch out. Just remember training and click on them to turn them off. 
Now search all over the entire island for anything you might have 
missed. There aren't any guards now since UNATCO killed them all. Also, 
you have enough skill points now to upgrade something, although I would 
recommend saving them until you have enough for electronics. 

When you're done, head back to the UNATCO base area. Your brother will 
be waiting for you. Talk to him and then head inside. Congratulations, 
you just completed your 1 st stealth mission. MISSION COMPLETE. 

You start off just inside your home base. Search the area and then head 
straight beyond the guy at the desk. You'll eventually come to a room 
with a guard and a retinal scanner. Just click the scanner and head 
through the door. Go through the next doorway and then down the stairs. 
For this are it's not that hard to figure out what you're supposed to 
do and there's not anyone shooting at you, so I'm not gonna tell you 
exactly what to do. First of all, your office is to the right on the 
floor of manderley's office. Lounge is in the doors next to it, 
manderley is next to those doors, and everyone else is downstairs. 
DON'T use a lockpick on the closets or the locked offices. You'll find 
keys for those in different rooms. The closet key is on manderley's 
secretary's desk. The locked office key is in the secret room 
underneath the floorboards of the hacker's room. Just crouch and roam 
around the floor until you can click on the door. Hint: it's by the 
pinball machine. Just explore to find out where everything is and then 
go to the med station where you can use the augmentation canister 
(choose the microfibral muscle thing) and heal up. Remember to go 
everywhere and then head for Manderley's office. He'll give you a new 
mission and tell you to get back to the boat you saw at the very 
beginning of the game. Before you leave, don't forget to grab the candy 
bars that are lying around. You'll need them for the hungry kids in the 
next mission.

5. Castle Clinton
You should arrive with Anna running up to you. She talks to you about 
your objective and then runs to the castle. Follow her and talk to 
people along the way (They don't really matter, I'll tell you what to 
do anyway). Also, give a candy bar to the hungry kid. When you get to 
the castle, walk around the outside of it and get all the ammo. When 
you're ready, head inside until one of the NSF sees you and then run 
back outside so that your teammates kill them. Easy!

Now just go inside and finish off anyone with your baton. Now look 
around for ammo crates. When you're done, go inside the kiosk in the 
middle and grab the key to the doors. Now find the keypad, (don't worry 
about the locked safe) the code is 666. But before you go down the 
stairs, give a candy bar to the hungry kid. You'll get 50 extra skill 
points. Go down the stairs and take a left. Go through the first door 
on the left. You should see a guard patrolling. If not, wait there 
until you do. Tranq him and then run away. If the alarm goes off, don't 
worry. Now go down the hallway to the furthest door. It should be 
locked. Just plant one of those LAMs that you should have picked up. It 
should destroy the door and the safe in the new room. Grab the canister 
and ammo, then hack the computers and turn off the cameras and open the 
doors. Now go back to the room where you tranquilized the guard. Go 
inside this room and smash up all of the ammo crates. When you're done 
with that, go into the room with a desk off in the distance. Save your 
game now, because there's a guard with a flamethrower right around the 
corner. Be careful taking him out, once you get hit with the fire, you 
burn until you die. Just keep your distance and shoot him with the 

After he's taken out, continue forward to the next room. Take all the 
items in here except the cigs and the baton. Try to get rid of enough 
of your inventory to get the flame-thrower. Don't drop any useful 
items. Drop things like food, drinks, goggles, ps20, maybe the pepper 
cartridge, just anything that doesn't seem useful. In the next small 
room, turn on your flashlight eyes and look for a grate for the air-
conditioning duct. Get inside it and go all the way to the end. Climb 
up the ladder. 

In this room, take out the guard and then go to the right. Just keep 
going forward and take out all the guards along the way. Once you've 
done this, there aren't any guards left in Castle Clinton. Now just 
head back to the room with the alarm and go in the other door instead. 
In that room is the ambrosia. Now go back to air condition duct and 
climb up the ladder. This time go left and head up the stairs. Go 
through the doorway on the right and get all the items on the table 
(avoiding the flares). Now jump in the water and swim down to the 
bottom and get the 10mm ammo. 

Go back to the stairs and go to the left instead of the right. The door 
should slide open and you'll appear back at the beginning of the 
mission. Now just head back to Agent Navarre. She'll brief you on your 
next mission and how Paul has screwed up again. 

6. Subway
Once you get to the subway area, the UNATCO troops will have taken out 
the NSF. If the didn't, just take out the stragglers. Now search all 
the bodies for items, and then search the houses for items. Now pick 
the lock on the safe that's in the house closest to the entrance of 
this area. When you're done, head over to the subway entrance, but 
don't go in yet. Save your game because this area is tricky. 

Enter just far enough so that you can see the enemies' heads. Use your 
pistol to kill them. Now go down far enough so that you can see anyone 
who comes up the stairs to the left. Shoot anyone coming and if the guy 
with the flame-thrower comes up, just back off so that the flames don't 
reach you and just kill him from there. When no one else is coming up, 
jump over the boxes and get the ammo. Now get back up to the entrance 
of the subway area. 

To the left of the entrance should be a maintenance hatch that you can 
open. Go inside it. Open the next door. Go down the ladder to the last 
opening and hop inside it. Don't worry about the steam coming up. Take 
the first right inside the shaft and you should come out inside the 
subway station. Going through the vents saves you from using your EMP 
grenade that you got from Agent Navarre so that you can use it on bots 
later on in the game. Get out your baton and bop any terrorists left. 
Be careful not to hit the TNT crates. Now get all the ammo in the area. 
Talk to all the hostages and then hop on the subway. You're headed for 
the Hell's Kitchen.

7. Hell's Kitchen and Osgood's Place
You emerge in the Hell's Kitchen subway station. Talk to all of the 
bums and then head up the stairs. Your brother comes down and talks to 
you about your mission objectives and how to get some extra ammo at his 
apartment. Just head outside and take a right. 

Search the bodies and then head for the brown fence. Go through and 
head over to the bum that's being mugged by some NSF guys. Listen to 
them talk for a bit and then pull out your sniper rifle (if you have 
one) and shoot both of the muggers in the head. The bum gives you some 
information about the underground if he doesn't get killed. In this 
little area you can play some b-ball. Just grab the ball and try to 
make it. You get a cool little message if you make a basket. 

If you keep going through this little alleyway, you'll come up on some 
crates that are actually a side path into smuggler's place. I don't 
recommend picking the lock since you can get in without doing that 
later. Just head back to the subway entrance. 

If you go to the left to what looks like a little hole in the sidewalk, 
you'll reach smuggler's front door. Remember where this is because 
you'll need to come back later. Right now he'll just give you some 
cheesy excuse not to let you in until you know the password. 

If you look to the south, you'll see some UNATCO troopers. Talk to them 
and they'll tell you about how your brother is a sissy when it comes to 
killing people. They'll hand over the gas grenades that your brother 
gave them. Now go around the corner to the 'Ton hotel. One of your 
troopers is there at the front door. When you reach him, you should 
hear some gunfire. Run around the corner and watch the UNATCO take out 
the NSF. Don't worry if you get shot up, you'll find a med bot later. 
Search all the bodies when they're all dead. Drop the flame-thrower for 
the assault rifle. You should also find a key to Osgood and Sons' and a 
key to the back door. 

Now go back to the 'Ton Hotel. The UNATCO trooper will tell you about 
there being hostages on the second floor. Go into the Hotel and hack 
the ATM machine. Now sneak past the desk clerk into the opening to the 
west. Crack open the ammo crates and then climb the ladder to the 
second floor. Now save your game just in case. Go out through the 
elevator door and take out the 2 terrorists without getting the 
hostages killed. You get 65 skill points for the girl and a password 
from the guy. Now head downstairs and take out the guy behind the Hotel 
owner. Talk to the guy and then grab the credit chit and the nanokey. 
Head upstairs and open Paul's room. Check the entire area for a 
datacube, food, a medkit in the bathroom, and some money under the 
nightstand. Now click on the painting to reveal a keypad. The password 
is 4321. The secret room will open and you can get a lot of goodies. 
Login to the computer to find some info about Paul and his girlfriend. 
Now go to another room and unlock it but there's nothing inside but 
dead bodies and a locked closet. Don't even pick the lock for the 
closet, there's nothing useful inside. Just exit the Hotel.

The UNATCO trooper outside will say something about not needing the 
specialist and then let you go. Take a right around the corner and head 
past the park and up the stairs to the free clinic. It will have a sign 
above the door. Go inside and talk to some bums to get info about the 
warehouse, then find the doctor that's being yelled at by a bum. Tell 
the bum to leave him alone but don't buy the treatment from the doctor. 
I'll give you the code for free. It's 2153. Just input that and you 
have a free medbot. (I still can't figure out why they call it a "free" 
clinic when you have to pay money to get healed) When you're done 
healing and installing augmentations, leave the free clinic. 

When you get out, head northeast to a door that goes inside the dance 
club. There's also a sewer outside that you'll need to go inside later. 
Remember where it is. Now go inside the door. Talk to the girl who 
tells you about Sandra. You need to rescue her and then come back to 
this girl. You can talk to the guy in the chair, but he's just 
annoying. Go talk to the guy that's talking to the woman about 
ambrosia. Don't threaten him, he gives a lot of information. He also 
gives a code-3316. Now talk to the pilot named Jock. Get him some beers 
and he tells you about your brother, Area 51, and the black 
helicopters. Now go out the way you came in the bar, go right, and then 
left into an alleyway with Sandra and Johnny. Wait until Johnny and 
Sandra are done talking, then talk to them. Johnny gets mad so just put 
a bullet in his head. Now talk to Sandra to get the password to 
smuggler's place. Go back into the club and tell the girl that Sandra's 
all right. She just gives the same code, but it's good to help some 
girls out. Now head out the front door and hack the ATM machines on the 

Now head to the right back to the area where smuggler's front door is. 
This time you know the password so you'll get in. When you step off the 
elevator, search the area for ammo crates and other items. Before you 
touch the laser beams, go inside the little building to the left and 
use a multi-tool on the box to get rid of the laser. Now just go 
through the door at the end. You'll meet smuggler in the next room. 
Don't buy anything from him, but agree to go after his buddy. Now 
search the rooms for items. In his bedroom you'll find a keypad behind 
his bed. NEW: The code is 432! Grab the goodies inside. Now exit 
smuggler's place. 

Go back to the back of the club where the sewer grate was. Unlock it, 
the drop down inside. You'll see a walkway with a guard with a funny 
uniform standing in the middle. Shoot him in the head without him 
seeing you. There should be another guard patrolling a small walkway to 
your left so shoot him in the chest. Step back a little and let him 
sound the alarm. If he doesn't see you, The other guards won't know 
where to get you. They'll just stand next to the alarm. Just shoot them 
all in the head and then go across the walkway and get the ammo. If you 
read the datacube, you'll find out the login and password to the 
computers and find out that this is a group called "MJ12". 

Go out the door and to the right towards the computer on the wall. 
Rotate the bridge and turn off the cameras. Go across the walkway to 
the new area. Go down the ladder and take out the guard patrolling this 
area. Now go through the next door. Run as fast as you can down the 
hallway so that the turret can't shoot you. Go through the next door. 
You'll come to a door with a keypad. The code for all the doors in this 
place is 2167. You'll need it for every keypad. A guard might hear you 
so take him out if he does. If not, then just shoot him when you open 
the door. If you disobeyed me and kept the flame-thrower, it really 
helps in this section the camera will sound the alarm since there's a 
guard that you'll have to fight on this walkway. Just shoot the other 
guards that come up if you don't have the flame-thrower. 

When there's no one else, hack the terminal and turn off the cameras. 
Now go search through the rooms for items and then find Schick. Tell 
him to make a break for it since there aren't any more guards. Now use 
a multi-tool to open the ammo room. Grab everything and make room for 
the LAW. NOW you should really drop the flame-thrower. Now go back out 
and talk to Schick. Now you can go to the first terminal you used to 
flip the bridge around. 

When you're back to the terminal, use it to open the closed door. Now 
go down the ladder to the left of the terminal as quickly as possible 
to get to the door before it closes. Now crouch and go through all of 
the laser beams without touching them. It IS possible. At the end of 
the path, enter the code into the keypad and then go through the hole. 
Go straight to the other end of the sewer and up the ladder. Don't 
worry about the alarm, Nothing happens to you. Search the bodies for 
all of the items, wait for the alarm to stop, jump over the pipe, and 
then go back through the hole that you came in through. Now go all the 
way back, up the ladder, rotate the bridge, and then out of the sewers. 
Now head back to Smuggler and tell him about his friend. He drops his 
prices drastically so I bought the scope from him. You never know when 
you're gonna need to snipe. Now head for Osgood and Sons'. This will be 
your last stop in NYC. 

When you get to the front door of the Osgood place, go inside and smash 
all the ammo crates.

Now you have a choice. You can either go through the basement and get 
50 skill points and some ammo to get to the roof, or you can climb some 
ladders and get a LAM and then get to the roof. Either way works or you 
can also go both ways to get everything. I'll start with the basement 

-----The basement way-----

 The medium sized crates that are stacked against the wall can be moved 
to reveal a doorway. Go down the stairs and grab the BE cell on top of 
the pipe. Now go down the next set of stairs. Grab a small metal box 
and throw it next to the cardboard box. Now climb up and crouch so that 
you can crawl along the top of the pipe so that you can bypass the 
lasers. Now crouch under this set of pipes and then grab the rockets on 
the other side of the large pipe. Now use the elevator to get to the 
roof. On the roof, climb the ladder behind the elevator and tranq the 
guard patrolling up there. Now go straight ahead from the ladder until 
you get to a ledge. Now use your LAW on one of the guards down there. 
Now go grab the sniper rifle that the guard you tranqed had. Now you 
can snipe most of the guards that are on the rooftops. Skip down to "On 
the Roof". 

-----The back door-----

Go through the doorway that's already cleared and head out the door. 
You'll see a ramp going over the top of a fence. Just grab the small 
crate, put it in place, and then go up and over. You'll get a warning 
about a LAM. You can see it's blinking lights so just go disable it and 
grab it. Now climb up the ladders to the roof. Take out the guard and 
then do exactly as I said for the basement way. 

-----On The Roof-----

After going both ways, you should have cleaned out the Osgood place, 
and should be on a roof with a lot of pillars. Find the wall that has 
the ladder going up. Climb it, then turn right and look down. You 
should see a ladder going down to a ledge. Climb down the ladder and 
then bust open the window. Go inside and use your baton on the wood 
that's barricading the door. Go inside and get the goodies. Don't worry 
about the locked door, it just goes back out to where you came from. Go 
back out the window and continue down the stairs. At one point there 
aren't any connected stairs. Just jump down to the next ledge. On this 
ledge you should see a ledge on the next building that you can jump to. 
Jump to it. Watch out for any enemies on this roof. Get all of the ammo 
crates. From here, there are two ways of getting to the building with 
the radio antennas. You can go over bulletin boards or go through 


Look for the ramp that goes to the window. There's no need to jump 
across, just run across. Go through this hallway until you get to a 
window. Turn right, and get the BE cell in this room. Now go back to 
the window. Break the glass and then jump out onto the ledge. From 
here, just work your way down to the roof, killing guards along the 
way. When you get to an area that slopes down to the left, you've made 
it. Skip down to the "Antenna Roof" section. 

-----Bulletin Board-----
Climb the ladder that angles slightly. At the top, drop off and get the 
ammo. Now look back to where you climbed up. That ladder was on the 
back of the billboard. Now jump onto the ledge of the board and go 
across. On the next building, kill the guard and then go down the 
ladder. The datacube has a code for the basement office. At the bottom 
of the ladder is the area where the other path joins. Just get down to 
the roof that slopes to the left. 

-----Antenna Roof-----

Look to the left. There should be some guards down there. Use your 
sniper rifle to pick them off. Now there's no reason to jump off this 
ledge. I went down there and into the basement of the building that 
whole area is just a waste of ammo. It's much safer and easier to go by 
the roof. Believe me, you're only missing out on 50 skill points and a 
lockpick. Nothing else down there but lasers, guards, and turrets. Just 
follow my roof top guide. If you do go down there, the code for the 
office is 9923. 

Just climb that ladder in front of you and you'll be on the roof. Now 
look down inside the building and snipe the guys inside. Be ready to 
tranq all of the guards that come running up the stairs to your right. 
Some of them have tranquilizer darts so watch out. Now go down the 
stairs. You'll have to jump over the laser at the top of the stairs. 
Don't worry if you take damage from the fall. Now take out any guards 
that might come. Get all the ammo and then go down the next set of 
stairs. Snipe the guy that you see on the lower floor then be ready for 
an onslaught of guards. Just shoot them all in the head with your 
pistol. When there's no more, continue down the stairs and collect all 
the ammo. 

Now take an immediate right into the small office area with a computer 
inside. Hack the terminal and turn off the generator. You should get 
about 500 skill points which is probably enough to upgrade something. I 
upgraded medicine which gave me a trained in pistols, low-tech, 
electronics, lockpicking, swimming, medicine, computers, and 
demolition. Now look for the mirror in this room and break it with your 
baton. Now go out the window. Turn left and then climb all of the 
ladders until you're on the roof. Talk to Gunther when you get up 
there. He'll talk about your brother and then whine a little. Go around 
the corner and get on the chopper. MISSION COMPLETE. 

8. UNATCO HQ (again)
Turn to your left and head towards the satellite. Open the door with 
the keypad and use the bot to restore your BE energy that you're 
probably out of. Never use BE cells unless it's an emergency. Now open 
the hatch and grab the multi-tool. Go back to base. When you get to the 
entrance, some strange looking guys in suits (named the Men In Black 
hehe) tell you about how someone is downstairs in level 3 interrogating 
prisoners. You are ordered not to go down there. All of the guards are 
talking about how the mission went. Talk to some of them if you want. 
Just go inside the base when you're done. 

Get the lockpick in the office to the left and the tranq darts in the 
office to the right. Now go downstairs to your office. Check your e-
mail, it has some cool stuff. Now go through the lounge, hack the ATM, 
get the recoil mod in the small cabinet thing if you want. (I did it 
with a LAM) Then check the closets for ammo. Now go down to level 3. 
Talk to the woman on the couch (Shannon) and she tells you about the 
false floor in Alex's office. Now head over to Sam Carter. You tell him 
about how you cleaned out the place at Castle Clinton, even if you 
didn't. He gives you a weapon mod and some multi-tools. I put both mods 
on my new assault rifle. Go into Agent Navarre's office and take the 
items and ammo. DON'T go into the interrogation yet. The government guy 
isn't there yet. 

Now go get healed at the med lab and get some items at Alex's office. 
Now head up to Manderley's office for briefing and debriefing. When you 
get there, stand close to Manderley's door. You can hear the government 
guy talking to your boss. They talk about firing your brother and that 
he found out something at Hong Kong. Just talk to the government guy 
when he comes out then go see Manderley. At the debriefing, Manderley 
tells you that the mission failed and Paul has disappeared. He wants 
you to go after the supply of Ambrosia. This time you're going through 
the tunnels. He also tells you that your brother is being fired. YOU 
are now the top agent. Now you have a choice you can go and watch the 
interrogation against orders, or do as you're told and stay away. It's 
up to you. I would recommend watching it since it sweetens the story. 
If you didn't go to the interrogation, then the MIB will thank you for 
doing so. If you did, then they get mad. When you're done, head back to 
the chopper and go to New York City. 

9.New York City Subway and the Mole People
If you head over to the park area with all of the bums, you'll be on 
the right track. Talk to the older bum and you can buy some 30.06 ammo. 
In one of the houses is Curly, who gives you a code if you tell him a 
password. Head down into the subway. When you're down there you'll 
see... Harley Filben! He talks to you for a bit and then charges you 
500 credits for a password. Now you have a choice. You can either use a 
lockpick and get the code for the telephone booth, pay the 500 credits 
and get the password to tell Curly in which case Curly would give you 
the code to the phone booth, or I can just give you the code. The code 
for the phone booth is 6653. I used the lockpick on the safe in the 
house, but you can pay, use the lockpick, or use the code I gave you to 
cheat. Once you have the code for the booth, use it and go inside the 
new tunnel. 

You'll emerge in the Brooklyn Subway Station. Climb the ladder and open 
the sewer manhole. Turn left and talk to the hooker. She'll tell you to 
talk Charlie about the money and talk to Rock if you want zyme. Now 
turn left and follow the tracks until you see a guy in a yellowish 
white shirt to your left. Talk to him, and you'll find out that he 
wants zyme. Go all the way to your right and get on the pathway. Follow 
it all the way to the men's restroom. Talk to the guy in there. It 
sounds like you're gonna need to find some zyme doesn't it? Now get out 
of the restroom and go all the way across the room. You'll talk to 
Charlie. He tells you that you need a LAM He also says that the Rooks 
have one. They have a base on the upper level. Seems like you're gonna 
have to talk to a lot of people. 

Now you can go back and talk to the guy who was begging for zyme. He 
says that his buddy Lenny got one. You already talked to Lenny so talk 
to Rock in the corner now. Don't buy any zyme from him, just question 
him about the Rooks and the Mole people. Don't tell him from you're 
UNATCO yet. Go upstairs and talk to all of the Rooks. There's a multi-
tool on one of the phones. Remember to hack the ATM too. Eventually 
you'll find El Ray. He tells you that you can either buy a LAM or work 
for it. 750 was kinda high for me, so I decided to work for it. That 
way, I got some extra LAMs from the junkies downstairs. You might as 
well work for it, so here's what to do. Go back down to Rock. Tell him 
you're from UNATCO. He starts cussing you out and then he pulls his 
gun. Take out your pistol and peg him in the head. Now take his stuff 
and zyme vials. Give the zyme vials to the junkies so that you can have 
another LAM. You also get some info on a keypad under the women's sink 
and 100 skill points. Now head upstairs and talk to El Ray. He hands 
over another LAM. Now go to Charlie. 

On the way over there you should see a flashing light. Head over there 
and open the door. There should be boards blocking the way. Throw one 
of your LAMs in to clear it out. Now go to the next door. On the other 
side you should see some pipes with steam coming out. Now, you could 
jump over the pipes, but you take a lot of damage that way. Instead, 
turn to your right and climb up the pipe. Now jump over to the slanted 
ventilation grate over to your right. You have to crouch before you 
jump though. Now jump back down to the ground on the other side. Turn 
the valves and then head back to Charlie. He tells you the combination 
for the keypad is 5482. Just unlock it, save your game, and go through 
the secret passageway. 

Once you're in this new area, be wary for guards. Shoot them on sight 
since there are a lot of them and it seems like they just keep coming. 
When it seems like you've taken all of them out, talk to all of the 
mole people. I don't know where each of them are at since they flee in 
different directions when they hear the gunshots. If any of the mole 
people are shot, you better load the save game from before the mole 
people area. They give you the information about the hidden room behind 
the cardboard boxes. Go to the sound end, smash up some boxes, and look 
for the brick that sticks out of the wall. Inside is the NSF commander. 
Talk to him and he surrenders. He gives you the key to bathroom, which 
you might have heard about from the Mole people. If you didn't kill all 
of the NSF troops, then now they appear as allies. I guess when the 
commander gave up, he sent some kind of telepathic message to the rest 
of his troops. Oh well, the game can't be perfect. If you find any NSF 
troops, you might as well kill them since you can get a lot of ammo 
that way. Just put a single bullet their heads. When you come to the 
area with a lot of strange looking rock, save your game. In one corner 
you can crouch and see a LAM that's flashing. There's some goodies in 
there that you might want. You can either shoot the LAM, or you can try 
to disarm it. I was able to disarm it with my trained skill in 
demolition. Now continue down the tunnel to the bathroom. There's a 
multi-tool in the women's bathroom that you should grab before you go 
inside the men's bathroom. 

Once inside the bathroom, save your game. In the next tunnel, check the 
pipes in the walls for an EMP grenade. When you get to the water, Grab 
the large metal crate with your microfibral muscles and place it next 
to the laser beams around the left corner. Now grab a small box and put 
it next to the large one. Now grab the other small scrate and throw it 
over the beams. Now climb over the crates and throw the other small box 
on top of the pipes. Use it to climb over the pipes. When you come 
around the corner, snipe the guard that's patrolling the platform. 
Don't get noticed by the camera since the turrets can really put holes 
in you. Use the key on the guard's body to unlock the next door. 

On the other side of the door should be another laser fence. Crouch, 
grab the TNT crate, place it next to the area where the lasers come out 
of the wall, back up past the door, and then shoot the TNT. Now press 
the button on the wall, Jump to the next platform, jump again before, 
you fall, jump again, and one more time until you're on safe ground. 
Now open the door. When you turn the corner, there should be an EMP 
grenade on your left. Go through the next door. Don't go through the 
sewer, it leads right back to where you came from. Just crouch and 
throw an EMP grenade at the robot that comes closest to you. Then wait 
for the other one to go to the other end of the hall. Now make a break 
for the small area on the right wall. Wait for the robot to come back, 
then make a break for the door on the left of the hallway. 

Once you're inside this area, grab the lockpick on the crate, and the 
multi-tool and datacube in between the two computer machines. The 
datacube has a login and password for the computer terminals. Once you 
go through the double metal doors, save your game. Snipe the guy that 
you see standing next to the ambrosia. Now back up and hide because 
other guards will come to investigate. Kill them all and make sure they 
don't sound the alarm. Use a multi-tool to bypass the camera that's 
right above the door. Now head to the right. Go through the doorway and 
take a left. Go into the men's bathroom and take out the guard. Now 
hide in one of the stalls and wait for any guards that might come. Wait 
for the upbeat music to die down, and you'll hear the guards that came, 
go running back to their posts. Head back across the lobby into the 
other hallway. Go right and then left into the first office. Get the 
multi-tool on the desk and the ammo on the bookcase. Hack the computer 
with the login and password from the datacube that you found. You'll 
find out a combo for another keypad. The code is 9905. Go into the next 
office and get the items in the desk. Now go upstairs. Go all the way 
down the hallway and pick the lock on the door. Inside should be a 
guard. Now read the datacube and then move the plant next to it. Push 
the button you find and hen take the stuff inside the secret room. 
Don't take the LAW. You should upgrade your muscle augmentation. Hack 
the computer terminal on the wall. Open the door and turn off all the 
cameras. Now go back downstairs and go across the lobby and upstairs. 
Take out the guard walking around up here. Take the items in the secret 
room and the BE cell on the bookcase. Now hack the ATM machine and head 
back downstairs. Go through the double doors that lead to the helipad. 
Now you have a choice. There are snipers and guards all over the place 
out here. Your best bet is to sneak around to the corner that's in the 
north west. If you want to go through a lot of shooting, then go to the 
door on the right with a lot of guards. This will take you to an 
elevator that drops you off right next to a lot of security bots. In 
the corner in the North West is a sewer that you should use. When you 
get there, drop down inside it. (Did that remind anyone of Metal gear 

Swim down the tunnel and then up into a large room. Climb the ladder 
and then jump over to the other ledge. Shove the crate into the water 
and then jump into the large pipe. Make your way down the tunnel and 
check the pipes in the wall for a weapon mod. Now keep going down the 
tunnel. You'll come out at the boat dock of the airbase. Use a tranq 
dart on the guard with a flame-thrower. He can't shoot fire into water 
where you're at. Check the water for items and then get up on the dock 
and get next to the ambrosia canister. One canister left. 

Get the items around this area and the guard's key. Also grab the key 
on the metal crate. Now stand next to the window and wait for a guard 
that's patrolling the area to come by and see you. Take him out when he 
comes into the room with you. He should have a key to security tower, 
among other items. Now wait for the security bot to go in between the 
crates outside the boat dock. Go right and then left and look for a 
ladder. When you find it, climb up. At the top, jump over to the next 
crate, pick up the items, and then jump to the next crate. Turn to your 
right and look for a guard over by the fence. Snipe him and then jump 
to the next crate on the right. Then jump to the next one. If you miss 
the jump, that's allright. Just kill the guard that comes to your right 
and go around the crates to the left. Shoot the guard that's patrolling 
the next fence. If you did make the jump, get the items and continue 
jumping and shooting the guards until you get to the fence before the 
barracks. When you get to the fence, go back and take out the guard by 
the other fence. Now search all of the bodies. Go back to the fence 
with the barracks and unlock the box with the red light. Press the 
button inside. Grab the boxes and stack them so you can climb up on the 
big crate. Grab the smaller box again and lay it aside up there. Now 
grab the larger box and place it next to the window. Do the same thing 
you did to get on this crate to climb up into the window. Take out the 
guard inside. Now go through the barracks taking out the guards. When 
you're done, get the darts off the dart board and search for a brick 
that sticks out in that area. Inside is a key to the barracks living 
quarters if you didn't go in through the window. Only pick the lock on 
the chest that's on the left side of the room. There's a lockpick to 
replace it in the secret room downstairs. The code to the hangar is in 
the unlocked chest. Now go out the room and take a left. Follow these 
doors to the hangar. 

Once inside the hangar, guess who contacts you! That's right, it's been 
him all along. He told the troops to cease fire so go ahead and talk to 
everyone. Buy the weapon mod from the mechanic. Go around behind the 
truck trailers to get into them. Now head back to where Paul was 
standing. Talk to him and then get on board the 747. Once inside, turn 
left and go straight to the seats. Now turn right and go all the way to 
the wall. Go downstairs to find a BE repair bot, the last ambrosia 
canister, and an augmentation canister. The code to the canister is 
upstairs in Lebedev's room. The code is 9905. Now head all the way 
upstairs to the second floor. Take the ammo and key. Now go back to the 
first floor and look in the back of the plane. Unlock the door with the 
key and head to the back to talk to Lebedev. 

Before you talk to him, you need to make a decision. You can either 
kill him, leave him with Agent Navarre, or kill Agent Navarre. I 
decided to kill him since being an assassin sounded fun. If you kill 
Agent Navarre, the hacker guy deletes the logs of it ever happening. 
You also make up lies about how she died. Agent Hermann eventually 
finds out though. Do whatever you like with Lebedev, then head back to 
the barracks when you're done. When you're outside the barracks, turn 
left and head for the security tower. There are towers like this one in 
every corner of the base. All of them have items so go to each one. 
When you're done, go to the black helicopter near Agent Hermann. Talk 
to Gunther and then get on the chopper. MISSION COMPLETE. 

10. UNATCO HQ (again)
When you arrive at the HQ, go to the satellite area and get the sabot 
shells. Now go into the base. You can hear a conversation about your 
brother in the left office. Take the items from your office and the 
storage closets. Go to the lounge and listen to Simons and Jaime. Talk 
to Simons and Jaime afterwards. Hack the ATM and then go to level 3. 
You'll hear a private making up a story to impress Shannon. Head over 
to Carter and ask him for some ammo. Now turn around into Navarre's 
room and talk to Simons. He says he's holding back the announcement. 
Now go to the med room and heal up. You should try hacking all of the 
computers in the base since they all pretty much have something about a 
conspiracy. Grab the augmentation canister and other items inside the 
medical closet. On the augmentations, get the bullet protection and 
either the run silent or speed enhancement. For me, I found the running 
silent to be more useful. Now go to Alex's place and talk to him. I 
went ahead and used a multi-tool on his closet since I found one in my 
office. Now go to Manderley for debriefing. He'll tell you that you 
need to go to Hong Kong. Now go back to Jock. Seems like there's a 
change of plans. You're goin back to New York City. 

11. Hell's Kitchen and the NSF HQ
When you arrive, turn to your left and go down the ladder. Go inside 
the window to the right. Inside you'll find Paul. Talk to him and then 
open the secret room. The code is 4321. I decided to upgrade my run 
silent aug. Now go back out the window. You can check out all the area 
that you went to earlier, the club, smuggler's, etc. If you go to the 
hotel, talk to the Rentons and then wait for JoJo to come down. Shoot 
him to make the Rentons live easier. When you're ready, go back to the 
area that had riot cops and road blocks when you were here for the 
generator. The area is now open and you should go through it to the 

When you're inside the HQ, look in the women's restroom for a key. Now 
head upstairs. Once you're in the level 3 computer room, hit the vent 
on/off switch and then go to the next room. Find the terminal that lets 
you open the hatch and then open it. Now you have a choice. You can go 
down through the basement (there is a way to get through without taking 
damage) or you can just go hack the computer. The choice is yours, but 
I would go ahead and go through the basement. If you go to the 
basement, you find out a lot about UNATCO operations and NSF 

-----The Basement-----
Drop down into the basement hatch. Go through the next door and through 
the door on the right. If you look down the hall, there are lasers and 
boxes. On the left wall just before the boxes should be a passageway. 
What you do is run and then crouch into the passage before the guns can 
see you. Now crawl to the end and wait for the alarm to stop. Crawl out 
and then go left through the door. There should be some TNT crates in 
this room. Take one and then go through the door on the right. Toss it 
next to the lasers blocking the hall. Back up and then shoot it, 
avoiding the flames. The explosion should also take out a brown colored 
door in the room with the two crates. Those doors act as shortcuts if 
you use them right. Take the next crate and place it next to the 
turrets in the hallway with all of the lasers. Now blow those up and go 
into the next room. There should be a small stack of TNT crates. Grab a 
TNT crate and go through the door on the left. Place it next to the 
lasers. Blow it up and take the items. Now grab another crate and throw 
it over the metal boxes in the same hall. It should blow everything up 
and give you a little damage. You can heal up with the medkits when the 
radiation goes away. Now take a crate and blow it up next to the 
cabinet with the weapon mods and datacubes inside. If the cabinet is 
already open, that's good. Read the datacubes for the passwords and 
info. Grab the last crate and place it next to the locked door in that 
room. Wait for the radiation to dissipate and then grab the ammo 
inside. If you have a crate left, use it on the locked door back in the 
beginning. Now you can use the medkits to heal yourself. Head up the 
staircase in the last room. You'll come out next to the headquarters. 

-----The Roof-----
Go back upstairs without picking the lock the on the locked door. You 
can do that later. Get up to the roof and open the door. Either hack 
the computer inside or use the login MCOLLINS and the password 
REVOLUTION. Rotate the three dishes then open the communications door. 
Hack the next computer or use the login NAPOLEON and the password 
REVOLUTION. Send the message. Now strap on your assault rifle and 
sniper rifle because this next shooting area is gonna be insane. 

Step outside the communications rooms and kill everyone on the rooftop. 
Don't bother jumping off the side of the building where the crates are 
unless you have the jumping augmentation, or else you'll die from the 
falls. Just work your way down the inside of the building killing the 
guards and using the TNT crates to open the locked door on Level 2. 
Remember to use the medbot on level 3 if you need health. When you 
blast the door that's locked, go left inside the room and pick the lock 
on the next door. If it's already opened, kill the guard standing there 
and go down the stairs to the right. Take out the guards that are 
wandering around outside. Snipe the final guy that's standing guard. 
Now you can make a break for the hotel. 

When you get to the hotel, go upstairs to Paul. You'll talk for a bit 
and then you'll have an option. You can either go out the window and 
save yourself, or kill the guards coming in the hotel to save Paul's 

-----Killing the Attack Force-----
Stand on the coffee table and throw a gas grenade down the hallway. 
Kill the MIB that runs in the hall as he rubs his eyes. Now take out 
the others who come. Throw another grenade when the gas dissipates. 
When they're all gone, go out of the room and throw another grenade 
over the stairs. Take out the sniper that's on the second floor to the 
left. Now try to kill all of the guards that are downstairs. When it's 
cleared, kill the guard's waiting just at the exit of the hotel. Head 
outside. You'll have to somehow make it around the bots and guards to 
the subway. Don't bother going to Smuggler, Paul isn't there. The code 
is 6282.Hack the ATM inside then get on the train. Skip down to the 

-----Out the Window-----
Go out the window and drop down. Work your way to the subway without 
being noticed. Take out the bot with an EMP grenade then make a run for 
the subway without getting shot at. Enter the code 6282 as fast as you 
can. Get inside, hack the ATM, then jump inside the train. 

When you are in Battery Park, head towards the stairs. Agent Navarre 
will talk to you and then shoot you. Run away from her up the stairs. 
I'd rather not waste my ammo on her down there. Just run up the stairs 
to Gunther. He'll either take you as a prisoner or he'll kill you, 
depending on what you say to him. I would just go as a prisoner. 

12. MJ12 and UNATCO
You appear in the MJ12 prisoner cell underneath the UNATCO base. Agent 
Navarre will come to "watch you die" even though you have like 20 hours 
left to live. When she leaves, walk over to the door. Daedalus will 
contact you and open the door. Crouch and then stay crouched as you run 
to the ammo crate. Hide behind it and wait for the guard to leave. 
Break open the box and get the riot prod. Hide behind a wall and wait 
for the guard to come back. Watch out for the camera that's behind the 
wall next to the drawers. Stun the guard and then take him out. Make 
sure he doesn't sound the alarm. 

Now read the datacube on the desk without being seen by the camera. The 
codes for the cell blocks is 4679. The code to the door to get out of 
the detention area is 4089. Open the prison cells. In one of the cells 
is a prisoner. Tell him to do whatever you want him to do. I wouldn't 
let him follow you, he'll just get in the way. In another room is a 
dead guy. He's carrying two lockpicks and a PS20. Use the medbot in 
there too. In the last room is some soy food and a metal crate. Go to 
the main room and check the drawers for ammo. Use a lock pick on the 
locked one to get a multi-tool. Now sneak under the camera without it 
seeing you. When it's turned, run towards the door and use the code 

When you're out, run to the pipe to the right. Daedalus will contact 
you and tell you where your objectives are. If you saved Paul in the 
hotel by killing all the guards, he will tell you that Paul is alive. 
Get the lockpick behind the pipe and then go left and down the hall. 

This will be the Robotics Maintenance Area. Sneak behind the stack of 
boxes in front of you. When the guard that patrols this area leaves, 
run to the left up the stairs. Watch out for the sniper patrolling at 
the top floor. When you get to the top of the stairs, crouch there and 
wait for the guard to come by. Use your riot prod to stun him and take 
him out. Now sneak to your right along the wall with robots until you 
get to the first hall on your right. Wait for the guard at the end of 
it to move away, then sneak inside and wait, next to the wall, for him 
to come back. Take him out with the riot prod. Go around the corner and 
check behind the pipes to the right for a lockpick. Crouch and run up 
the stairs. There should be a guard patrolling a window up there. Take 
him out and get his stuff. Now head to the left. There should be a 
guard sitting at a chair in the room all the way to the back. Check his 
datacube for the password to the Armory. It's 2971. Once you take him 
out, there are no more enemies upstairs. 

Take the EMP grenades on the table and then hack the security terminal 
to change the bot AI. Now go watch the bot on the elevator come to 
life. Wait for it to get back on the elevator and then push the button 
next to the window. It'll shoot the guard downstairs. Now go downstairs 
and check this whole area for items. Don't buy stuff from the mechanics 
unless you need it. When you're ready, exit in the through the door 
opposite the one you came in. 

When you get in the armory area, watch out for the military bots that 
patrol the area. Just run up to the armory doors and use the code 2971 
to get in. Once inside, take out the guard and then run upstairs, 
avoiding the camera. Don't take any weapons in this area unless it's 
the original weapon you had earlier. You put a lot of mods into those 
weapons and you need those exact weapons, not these extras lying 
around. One more thing, the code for the plasma rifle is 5239, but 
don't get the it. It takes up WAY too much space. While you're 
upstairs, hack the security terminal and turn off the camera and the 
military bots. Go downstairs and get your weapons. Put the silencer mod 
you found on your sniper rifle and the range mod on your crossbow. I 
don't why I couldn't get the rest of my gas grenades and LAMs, it's 
either a glitch in the game or they took them away for some other 
reason. When you're ready, leave the armory and head back to the 
detention area. Use the medbot if you need to. 

There's a grate outside the detention area. If you go inside, take a 
left at every turn you come to. You'll eventually reach the command 
center. Take out the guard inside and any others that come in. You 
won't be able to stay hidden in this area for long so just remember to 
head back to the detention area if you need healed. Hack the security 
terminal in the center room when everything's clear. Turn off all the 
cameras. Save your game. When you're done with the command center, go 
into the hallway that says "Laboratories" above it. 

When you get into the hall, you'll meet Dr. Moreau. He'll tell you the 
code to the medical labs. The code is 0199. Sneak by the nanotech area 
without being seen. You'll eventually come to a hallway with some 
windows to the left. You'll hear a secretary and a guard talking about 
you. Wait for them to finish, then go to the left wall and wait at the 
corner. Take out your prod and stun him when he stops and turns his 
back to you. Go inside the room and take out the secretary. Go to the 
left of the secretary room and up the stairs. Sneak up behind the guard 
and use the prod on him. Now hack (the login is MJ12 and the password 
is INVADER) the terminal and turn off the camera. Go back to the 
secretary's room and this time go right and up this staircase. Pick the 
lock on the grate on the right wall. Follow it to the medical room. You 
can pick up another lockpick in the armory that you had to drop from 
when you broke out of jail. Don't open the doors to animal cage yet. 
Once inside the medical area, heal up and talk to Paul if he's alive. 
If not, then search his body. If Paul is a live, he gives you the login 
demiurge, and password archon, to find Agent Navarre's killswitch. When 
you're done with Paul, Daedalus tells you the code to the exit door. 
The code is 1125. Now head back to the nanotech area. 

Wait for the guard to turn away, then take him out with a silenced 
sniper rifle or some other silenced gun. When you get the info that an 
alarm has been sounded, wait for the guard and MIB to come running out, 
then run to the room with the grate that you took to the med lab. Push 
the button on the left wall to the let the animals out. Now run inside 
the grate. Shoot any guards that come to the grate with the crossbow. 
Jump back inside the grate and let the animals finish them off. Head 
into the nanotech area again. (NOTE: There's also a sneaky way into the 
large room. Go into the grate near the detention area and then find 
your way to the hall where Daedalus tells you you're under the nanotech 
room. Go to the end of this hall and you'll end up at the large room. 
You can release the greasels and kill the guards, but you won't be able 
to use the medbot in this room. Although, you can use the medbot inside 
the med lab.) 

Go into the large room at the back. Hack the computer and look at the 
PSHERMAN account for the augmentation canister code. The code is 9905. 
Use the medbot outside to install the augmentation. I never used the 
spy drone in my last game since it was so slow, so this time I got the 
missile and grenade detonator. Maybe it'll be of some use against those 
pesky commandos. Go ahead and open the grate on the wall, once inside 
you can touch the water, get the skill points, and then go back up the 
ladder without having to deal with the greasel. Don't bother picking 
the locks on the drawers, I'll tell you the logins and passwords that 
you find now. They are: ajacobson, calvo  anavarre, scryspc  
ghermann, zeitgeist  jmanderley, knight_killer  jreed, redshoes  
jreyes, amigo  klloyd, target  scarter, antique  psherman, raven  
dmoreau, raptor. Use these when you get to their rooms. 

Now pick any ammo you need in the armory, heal up, then find the exit 
door in the command room and open the door. Sneak into the hallway and 
around to where the guard is sitting. Use the prod on him. Now run 
around the corner and head for the door. Sneak up to the door so the 
UNATCO trooper doesn't see you. Open the door and run up onto the ledge 
on the far wall. Wait for the guard to come back, then use the prod on 
him. Go inside the medical area and find Jaime. Tell him to stay at 
UNATCO as a spy. Now take the augmentation canister and install the 
healing aug. Don't worry abou the camera, it doesn't sound an alarm. 
Use Jaime's login and password on his computer. Then use your key on 
his closet. 

Slip out of the medical area and into Alex's office. Hack his computer 
and you'll find out that he's been researching MJ12. You can use a 
multi-tool on his closet since you find one on the desk. (You can also 
use a lockpick, since there's another inside the closet) Talk to Alex 
and he'll tell you to kill Anna. Sneak into Anna's room and take out 
the guard with your prod. Hack her computer and decrypt her killphrase. 
It'll give you the word Woman. You can't get Gunther's since his isn't 
installed yet. Take the ammo on the desk. Don't worry about taking out 
the guys in the prison room, there isn't any items in there. Head over 
to carter. He'll let you into the armory. Take the augmentation upgrade 
canister and upgrade your healing aug. Now you can heal with that 
Repair bot. Go inside the men's restroom and sneak up to the guard at 
the sink and take him out with the prod. Now save your game and head 

Don't bother going in the closets, there's nothing there. If you log 
into your computer, you'll get a message from Daedalus. Go into the 
lounge and take out the guys with your prod. Talk to Shannon and she'll 
sell you some scrambler grenades. 1250 sounded a little steep to me. 

Go into Manderley's office. He'll be talking to Simons. Kill Manderley 
and hack his computer to get the other part of Agent Navarre's 
killphrase, Flatlander. Now head upstairs. You'll see Agent Navarre. If 
you decrypted both parts, you'll say the killphrase automatically. 
Agent Navarre will die. Go into the office to the right and take out 
the guard. In the left office is an image of a gunfire sensor. Go back 
down to Alex and get the key. Head back to level 1 and open the door. 
Open the next door and take out the guard that comes running out from 
the locked room. Now head upstairs. Gunther will promise you that he'll 
kill you. Snipe the guard in the chair and then move outside. Go to the 
satellite area and get the ammo inside the building. Open the hatch 
with the terminal and grab the EMP grenade inside. Now go to the 

13. Hong Kong
You'll appear inside the Hong Kong MJ12 hangar. You'll need to find the 
weapons-lock switch on the flight control deck. Go into the room to the 
left and go upstairs. Go into Flight Control Deck 2 and hack the 
terminal. Turn off all the cameras. Go into one of the ventilation 
shafts that are pretty much everywhere. Find your way into the gas 
room. Put the code 99871 in and get out of the shafts. Go into the 
barracks area and wait for the gas to disappear. Go inside, up the 
stairs, and open the first locker on the left for the munitions bay 
key. Open the middle locker of the three locked lockers for the flight 
control deck key. Explore some and then go to the flight control deck 
and release the weapons-lock. Jock will fire a missile at the blast 
door and take off. You have to go out the blast door. There are two 
security bots that are released in the hangar when he fires the 
missile. Go to the flight control deck 1 and wait by the button that 
has a picture of a helicopter next to it. Wait for the security bots to 
walk on to the helipad and then push the button. If you can only get 
one, go into the hatch under the desk to the left of the button. Drop 
down to the second ledge and follow the shaft into the small room. Run 
for the exit. When you get to the elevator, push the button and jump 
in. Push the down button and away you go. 

You'll arrive in the Hong Kong Market. Go straight ahead until you're 
at the military guard. Turn left and hack the ATM. Turn around and go 
to the newsstand. Talk to the later there for some info on the Triads. 
Keep going straight to the red building. Find the entrance and talk to 
the guy in white. He'll tell you to find Maggie Chow at 1313 Tonnochi 
road. Turn left and go back into the market. Look for a big greens sign 
overhead that says Tonnochi. Follow the arrows. You'll come to a broken 
bridge. It's easy to make this jump once you have some practice. If you 
can't make the jump, keep going down the path until you get to a 
covered bridge. Once there, cross it and head back to the guards. Go 
down into the tunnel. A Luminous Path member will run up and talk to 
you. 1313 is the glass double doors on the left. You can explore the 
area before you go in if you'd like. 

There are several ways to get the sword. You can go in the back way and 
fry a lot of soldiers, go in the front and fry a lot of soldiers, or go 
in the front, sneak around, and only take out the maid. The best and 
easiest way is to just sneak around. Go in the front of the building, 
go to the right and then left into the room. Take the credits and then 
hack the terminal inside the room. Turn off the cameras and open the 
door. You can read the public terminal and get the code 3444 for the 
elevator. Use the code on the elevator to the right. Push the up button 
and get the datacube on the table in the next room. Go back to the 
lobby and use the second elevator. When you get to Maggie Chow's room, 
follow the maid until you see a staircase to the left. If you opened 
the secret door with the terminals, don't go anywhere near the lasers. 
Go up the stairs and to the switch on the right. If the maid is 
following you, that's ok. Push the switch and step in. Kill the maid as 
silently as possible once inside. Read all the datacubes and then hack 
the termianl on the desk. Open the doors and turn off the cameras. You 
can sneak into the room opposite this, but don't be seen by the people 
downstars. There is a credit chit on the desk. Go downstairs and talk 
to Maggie Chow. She'll give you a code to the police vault in the 
market. The code is 87342. Now take out Maggie. If you didn't kill the 
maid, kill her now. Try to leave the living room. When you go into the 
first hallway, keep going straight. Turn right and then go straight to 
the lantern on the ceiling. If you opened the door already, you should 
see a secret area. If not, then pull the lantern. In this area, sneak 
past the lasers without being seen. Then sneak up to the doorway on 
your right. Wait there until there's no guards looking your way, then 
sneak past. You can push the button next to the message machine to find 
out some info on Simons. So Maggie WAS working for MJ12! Look at the 
datacube and then head over to the computer. Hack it. Open the weapons 
case and then read the e-mails about you. Grab the sword (dropping the 
baton) and then sneak outta there. 

Once outside the Queens Hotel, go back to the river. (You can also go 
straight across from the hotel to the apartment elevator, but I found 
nothing of interest except jumping around on the rooftops and billboard 
signs. NOTE: I still haven't found a way to get back down from the 
billboard without killing myself.) Explore the river area for skill 
points and items. There is a repair bot and a woman selling weapon mods 
on the biggest boat. It is in the back of the canal. Pull the lantern 
in the corner of the boat to open the secret room behind the cardboard 
box. Now make your way back to the market. 

Straight across from the newsstand are signs that point to the Lucky 
Money. Once you're at the Lucky Money, talk to the girls. You can 
either let them in now or later. Buy your own ticket from the counter. 
The girls are actually thieves and have lockpicks in their inventory. 
Before you leave Hong Kong later, come back and kill them for their 
lockpicks. Go upstairs to the bar and talk to the bartender. Also, talk 
to the thug on the bottom floor. He'll give you the login and password 
to the Quick Stop computer. Go through the door behind the bartender. 
You'll eventually come to a room with the Red Arrow. Go to the terminal 
on the table and turn off the cameras and locks. Go through the door 
behind you. You'll tell Max Chen about Maggie and then sme MJ12 
soldiers will show up. Just hang back and let the red Arrow and police 
take care of them. The police may turn on you, so watch out. During the 
firefight the Quick Stop windows should have been broken. Get in and 
hack the computers without being seen by the camera. You'll get 200 
credits in the vault and another 100 in the ATM. Make your way back to 
Gordon Quick. 

He'll give you the code 1997 to enter the compound. Just explore this 
entire area. It's a pretty nifty little hideout and better than the Red 
Arrow one. You'll eventually come to a large room with a painting on 
the far wall. There should be a keypad next to it. Just use the same 
code (1997) and jump inside. In the next room, turn left and push the 
button. Tracer Tong will be on the other side. He'll tell you to go 
downstairs and get in the chamber. Go straight and then take a left and 
go down into the big room. Step in the middle of the big machine and 
wait until it's all over. When you're going back, take a right into the 
medical room. You can heal up. Also, go into the room below the medical 
room and talk to Alex. Now go back to Tong. He'll give you a new 
mission and a code. Try out your new account on his computer, pick up 
the key on the other desk, and pick up the items in the room to the 
right of the computer area. Now just leave the compound and go to the 
VersaLife elevator just above the Lucky Money club. 

14. VersaLife
Enter the code and then go upstairs in the elevator. You'll come out at 
versalife. Get to the secretary and talk to her. You can hack the 
computer and get the elevator code, (the code is the number that comes 
after the coded message at the bottom of the screen when you create a 
temporary pass.) kill Mr. Hundley for it, or pay him 2000 credits. If 
you want to kill Mr. Hundley and get 150 skill points, then go all the 
way upstairs and find the nervous worker at his computer. He'll tell 
you to kill Mr. Hundley. Find Hundley and wait for him to go into one 
of the large work areas. Kill him with a silenced weapon. Now go to the 
nervous worker and he'll let you in. The elevator is behind the nervous 

When you're out of the elevator, go straight and talk to the 
supervisor. Now keep going. You'll see some MJ12 guards. Hey wait! 
They're allies! And this is the hand that you saw in the intro of the 
game! After sightseeing, go through the doorway on the right. The 
armory will be to the right where you should hack the terminal and open 
the doors and turn off the cameras. You'll also find some ammo. In the 
next doorway to the left is the lunch-room where you can find a code to 
the UC shutdown. The code is 525. In the big room, a meeting is going 
on. There's nothing of importance in the meeting room, so go to the 
left doorway of the giant hand. DO NOT pick the locks on the cabinets, 
the guards will come kill you. Use the elevator that you find at the 
end of the corridor on the other side of the hand. At the top floor you 
will find a key, a datacube, and a terminal. Use the login MJ12 and the 
password security to turn off the cameras and open the doors. Now go 
down in front of the hand and go into the new tunnel. 

Go down the stairs and then around them. Go down the left stairs in 
this room. Now go into the left doorway. The barracks will be on the 
right. Just keep going down the hall into the new room. Go down the 
stairs to the left. If you killed Maggie Chow, Bob Page will just walk 
by. If you didn't, you'll see him talking to her. At the bottom of 
these stairs are some labs. Just explore them but don't go in the alien 
room. You'll find a key to the subject cells next to the alien carcass. 
Don't use it yet. In the room with the augmentation canisters, there 
should be a computer in the left wall. Use it to open up the aug cells. 
Use the medbot by the inside this room to install the augs. I chose the 
cloaking from organisms, and the vision enhancement. You need to 
install cloaking for this next area. It doesn't matter what you choose 
for your eyes. Before you leave, unlock all of the subject cells so 
that the guards have to kill off the animals and accidentally shoot 
their comrades. Just unlock the cells one by one and run when you open 
the alien and greasel cells. Most of the guards were killed this way. 
Now leave the lab area and get back to the beginning of the hallway 
with the barracks. Now save your game. 

When leaving the corridor, you'll see a big blue button inside a small 
room. Push the button and up you go. Hack the computer and download the 
ROM encoding. Now push the down button. The guards are attacking now! 
You'll have to run all the way back to the hand room. Once at the hand, 
turn on your cloaking and run for the elevator. Open the elevator door, 
get inside, turn off cloaking, and push the door button again. Now go 
up. In the work area, sneak down to the second floor and then sneak 
over to the work area. Go to the dark far wall and find the ventilation 
grate. Go inside and then drop down to the first floor. Now turn on 
cloaking (don't use any BE cells) and run for the elevator. Push the 
door button and then get inside and push the down button. Don't worry 
if you run out of BE before you get to the elevator. When you're in the 
market, go to Tong and heal up. 

Tong will tell you to go to the temple. Leave the compound, take a 
right, then a left to the entrance of the temple. Go inside and listen 
to the two speak. Now go back to Tong and he'll give you a new mission. 

15. VersaLife Labs
Leave the compound and head for the broken bridge with the guards. Jump 
down into the water. You'll need at least two lockpicks for the next 
area. To get some, swim to the large boat and find the doorway to it's 
right. In the crates in this room are some lockpicks. You can also 
recharge again in the boat. Now go back to the compound and search 
around it for a path going down. This should be the canal road. Once at 
the bottom of the stairs, look to your left for the ATM and hack it. 
Now go down the tunnel to the wreck. (NOTE: If you came down here 
before having the triads make peace, you would have seen a battle 
between the Luminous Path and the Red Arrow.) Find the door next to the 
wreck and enter the code that Tong gave you. Inside there is a flame-
thrower on the top pipe, and a multi-tool on the lower one. Unlock the 
pipe to the left and hop inside. 

You'll fall into a sewer. Climb up the pipes into the opened pipe. 
Daedalus will tell you the code 525 to destroy the UC. Look for a 
datacube next to the pipe you came in through. Crawl into the hole in 
the room and then Tong will tell you where the computer is. Look for 
the keypad in this room and enter the code you found next to the pipe. 
The code is 768. Grab the scrambler grenade on the right wall and go to 
the end of the hall. Push the button on the left wall to lower the 
walkway and then walk across and up the stairs. Hack the terminal and 
turn off the cameras and open the doors. Go back down to the button 
that lowered the walkway and save your game. This is a little tricky. 
Stand in front of the walkway and aim at the button. Push it and then 
quickly run across the walkway and then duck at the end. If you did it 
right, you should fall down to the stairs. Now quickly go down and to 
the left when the commando isn't watching. (If there's another way to 
get past the walkway, e-mail me.)

There are three ways to do this next area. You can grab the crate 
upstairs next to the terminal and then the one in the alcove to the 
left downstairs to make a staircase over the beams, use multi-tools on 
the security panel, or use and EMP grenade on the lasers. Either way 
you do it, watch out for the commando. Once you're through, sneak into 
the farthest door on the right. Take out the scientist silently and 
then kill the commando. I found the easiest way to do it was to put two 
sniper rifle bullets in his head. Push the robot maintenance button in 
this room and then hack the terminal. Turn off the cameras and open the 
special doors. Now hack the computer outside this room to upload the 
virus and open the UC hatch. Find the hallway just to the right of the 
door with the terminal in it, follow it until you see an opening in the 
left wall, and then drop down. 

This area is the UC. Make your way across the walkway and into the 
augmentation area. You should have unlocked the canister cells in the 
upstairs terminal. Now grab some canisters and then find the other door 
going downstairs. At the bottom of the stairs is a medbot. Use it to 
install the last canister. I chose the power drain aug since I know 
I'll need it in Paris. Now you can upgrade an aug (I chose to upgrade 
ballistic protection) and heal yourself with the medbot. Now follow the 
path in the next to the medbot. If you killed Maggie Chow, she won't be 
here. If you didn't, then she will confront you and then try to kill 
you with her sword. Just put a bullet in her head and find he keypad. 
Once you find it, enter the code 525. Now run all the way around to the 
path that goes to the center while trying to avoid the spider bots. 
Jump down onto the platform with the holes. Find the hole that you can 
see water and a brown land area in the distance. Jump down but don't 
fall into the green pool. Right next to the land is a pool with clear 
water. Climb the ladder and get in. 

Swim into the large room. Get darts under the body and then kill the 
animal in the next pipe. Swim through this pipe into the next pipe 
where you'll be shot up into the next room. Swim to the side and get 
out of the water. Get the key and multi-tool and crawl through the 
hole. Climb into the pipe in the next room. You'll fall into the water 
near the large boat. Heal up and recharge in there. 

(If anyone can tell me how to find the place where the canal road 
tunnel collapsed, e-mail me.) You're now free to explore the Hong Kong 
area. If you go to the police station near the starting location, you 
can get some story info and ammo for weapons. Just remember the code 
from Maggie Chow. It's 87342. Also, remember to meet the triad leaders 
for drinks at the lucky money. If you back to the apartments across 
from Maggie Chow's place, you can get inside Jock's apartment with your 
new key. Head back to Tracer Tong when you're done with Hong Kong 

If you saved your brother, he'll be sitting in a chair next to a table. 
He'll tell you that he's gonna stay there for awhile. You'll find Jaime 
in the medical lab if you told him to escape from UNATCO. If you 
didn't, you'll get your payment soon. Talk to Tong. He will tell you to 
get to Jock in the courtyard and find Dowd in New York. Off you go. 

16. New York City (Illuminati)
You start off on top of the Hilton hotel. Go down the ladder and sneak 
into the bar to the left of the ladder. Watch out for the cop that 
patrols the area. Once inside, find Filben. He'll tell you where to 
meet Dowd. Before you leave, talk to the soldier next to the bar. Tell 
him you'll check out the submarine base for him. This will let you past 
the soldiers at the base. Sneak out the back and go forward and right 
to the free clinic. Watch out for cops. 

When you find Joe Greene, kill him. Now get out of the free clinic. 
Sneak to the right, through the park, and into the basement window of 
the burned building. I here you'll find Dowd. Once you're through 
talking to him, Get into the hotel as fast as possible because there 
are several MJ12 troops coming your way. When you're in the hotel, 
sneak past the guards in the lobby. Go into Paul's room and get the 
items behind the secret bookcase. 

You've got a choice. You can either go to Smuggler's and buy the LAMs, 
or just get in the chopper and get some LAMs at the ammo facility at 
the ship yard. I chose to just get in the chopper because there were 
too many MJ12 troops around. If you do go to Smuggler's watch out for 
the security bot and don't get spotted by the guards. If you are, 
there's way too many to just hide. When you're ready, get in the 
helicopter. MISSION COMPLETE. 

17. Ship Yard
Go straight ahead and into the grate. Find the guard that walks around. 
He'll give you a key to the front gate. Open the gate and watch for any 
guards. If they see you, you're in trouble. Run for the building 
straight ahead and get in. Go past the coke machines on the left and 
you should see a terminal on the left wall. Use it to open the doors 
and turn off the cameras. Go into the door to the left of the entrance 
of the building. Watch out for the guards. Open the left drawer on the 
desk for a login and password and use the dragon sword on the right one 
for a key to the truck trailers. You'll find the code 0909 in the 
bathroom. There's a medkit under the sink too. In the room with another 
office, hack the terminal to turn off the robots or tell them to kill 
everything. There's a key underneath the right drawer and two more in 
the left drawer. You can use your dragon sword on all of these drawers. 

Go outside and open the trailers with your key. Take the stuff inside 
and then wait for the guard the patrols the outside area to come along. 
He has LAM that you need. Kill him and then go in the dark corner near 
the fence that goes back to the beginning of the level. There are two 
truck trailers here that you need a metal crate to get into. You'll 
find some crates inside the building you just left. You'll have to take 
out the guards patrolling the area though. Use the crate for the trucks 
and for the ammo boxes up the stairs above the offices you were in. Use 
the terminal to put the robots in standby mode if you haven't already. 
Now get the metal crate, go out of the large building, and go to the 
right. There'll be another building to your left. Use the crate to jump 
into the first window. 

Remember to pick up the crate before you go through the window so that 
you can get back out without picking the lock on the door. Stay 
crouched and get behind the desk so the camera doesn't see you. Break 
the drawers using the dragon sword and then hack the terminal. Don't 
worry about the camera seeing you. Turn off the cameras and open the 
doors. Now jump back out the window and use the crate to jump into the 
second window. Smash the drawers in here for a key and some ammo. You 
can also get the code 2249 for the offices if you ever need it. Don't 
bother opening the safe. The only thing in there is an aug canister and 
you should already have all of your augs. Jump back out the window. 

Go straight ahead to the building in front of you. There should be a 
window on it's right side. Use a crate to get in and pull the crate in 
with you. There's some multi-tools and lockpicks in here along with a 
repair bot. Jump out of the window. Go straight into the ammunitions 
building. Beware the bots and get into the small building to the left. 
Jock tells you that smuggler was killed if you didn't go to smuggler's 
before you left New York. I don't know what happens if you save 
smuggler, so don't ask just yet. Hack the terminal and put the bots on 
standby. There's some ammo on the roof. On the control panel, push the 
1 2 and 3 buttons. Take the ammo inside the rooms that were opened. Now 
go to the left of the first bay. Climb up and jump fom roof to roof 
until you get to the walkway on the far wall. Use your key on the door 
to the right and take out the guard beyond it. Also, take out the guard 
below you. They are both carrying LAMs. 

Go across the walkway, down the stairs, and to the left out the big 
door in the back of the warehouse. Take out the guard in this area. 
He's carrying a LAM. Now go left to the crane. There are two guards in 
this area. You now have a choice. You can get into the boat the 
stealthy way, or go in through the front. I recommend the stealth. Both 
ways end up at the same area. 

Find the entrance of the crane and get inside. Push the button to go 
up. Go to the left into the building and get the ammo. Push the button 
to lower the crane. Now go out and straight ahead across the crane. 
Jump down onto the shafts and then onto the building. 

-----The Bridge-----
The guy behind the window will let you in and tell you about the area. 
You'll find the code in one of the lockers. Once you find the code, 
enter it into the keypad on the ramp that leads to the boat. Watch out 
for the guards around this area. The ramp will extend, letting you into 
the boat. 
I would like to thank the gamer's press for helping me during the early 
areas of the game with their walkthrough.

I would like to thank gamefaqs.com for posting my FAQ.

Will Seitz was the first to e-mail me with some new tricks. Thanks man!


July 26, 2000 Beat Deus Ex and started work on FAQ. Maybe I can submit 
my first work in tomorrow.

July 27, 2000 Finished Liberty Island walkthrough area and other 
sections. I might submit the first draft tonight. The FAQ will be 
version 0.1 since it's nowhere near being finished.

July 28, 2000 Started Version 0.2 with UNATCO HQ and the beginning of 
Castle Clinton.

July 29, 2000 Finishing areas Castle Clinton to Hell's Kitchen, I'll 
try submitting tonight.

July 30, 2000 Starting Mole People, version 0.3 was completed last 
night. Figured out code to smuggler's keypad. The code is 432. 

July 31, 2000 Finished the Airbase level and version 0.4. 

August 2, 2000 Finishing Version 0.5 and added Will Seitz's TNT tricks. 

August 4, 2000 Trying to finish the MJ12 and UNATCO area while juggling 
band and other things.

August 6, 2000 Figured out the Anna Navarre killphrase section.

August 16, 2000 Been awhile since I updated, although I've received a 
few e-mails. Finishing version 0.7. 

August 18, 2000 Submitting version 0.7 today.

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