Last update: 11/25/2002

                              Deus Ex 

                     WALKTHROUGH / PLAYING GUIDE


Version 1.7 by Guiler

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This guide is owned by me, and copyright me (Jeff Novakouski). Deus Ex 
is Copyright 2000 Ion Storm. Do not sell this guide, or reproduce it, 
or do anything like that without my permission. If you want to do 
something with it, like post it on a web site, just ask me; I'll probably 
say yes. I've said yes before, and I'll do it again! I'm warning you!

  Performance Issues
In this game, Glide will kick D3D's butt any day, and both whallop OpenGL.
If you can use Glide (you'll need a 3DFX card for this; if you don't know
what i'm talking about, suffice to say it has to be a VOODOO card) use it,
but if you can't, then get the D3D update file from the Eidos tech support
page, which is, at this time:

It will make the game run faster and better. I beat the game with a TNT2
on a Celeron 466 without the patch, and while it was slow at times, it
was pretty tolerable. I had Textures on medium, detail textures off.
Detail textures and Decals can make a big difference.

If you want to know more about tweaking, try one of these two tweaking


Deus Ex can make it very hard for the twitch gamer. You are terribly
innaccurate with your weapons at first, so if you start charging guys
with your pistol, they're going to mow you down real fast with their
assault rifles. Trying to get a head shot while running or strafing
is dicy at best, even when you have Master on your chosen weapon
(excluding, of course, heavy weapons, which have little necessity for
accuracy). The best way to get off an accurate shot is to stand still
for a minute, and watch your targeting reticule tighten. Of course, if
you're being shot at, that's not a good idea. So it's good to remain
unseen while you aim.

I find that the best way to take out enemies is to take them by surprise
and put a bullet or 3 in their head, or, in extreme cases, avoid them
altogether. The scope is invaluable for this, as are accuracy mods
(which can stabilize that 'scope wobble') and a laser sight, if you
really want one. I find it's best to stick to 4 or 5 chosen weapons
and mod them, rather than trying to carry 6-8 and eschewing all the 
other cool gear that you can get.

When you can't get a head shot off, though, it's good to either sneak
up on them and use a riot prod/crowbar/shock prod, or hit them with
a tranquilizer dart and book it. Sure, they'll chase and shoot you
for a second; then the extra tranq damage starts kicking in, and they
turn and run, and drop in their tracks. Then you can walk up, loot
their bodies and, (if you're feeling especially mean, for no reason),
pick up their body and dump them in the ocean, or something. Actually,
it can be good to have more non-lethal takedowns near the beginning,
so Paul and Gen. Joe Carter, the quartermaster, don't get mad at you.
Try and kill one or two, though, so Manderly and the two mech-augs
(Navarre and Hermann) don't get mad at you. Later on, though, it'll
be best to get in one-shot takedowns so they don't raise the alarm.

Michael writes:

i just discovered that if you shock prod people in the legs it also knocks
them out in one hit.  kind of useful for sneaking up on people as you can
stay crouched without needing to reach their head...

Doctor Arcane writes:

I don't know if other people do this but here is a fun trick.  Put 
attach a LAM next to an alarm panel.  You can even do this while 
you are cloaked.  Back off and uncloak.  The result is both funny 
and useful, it is guarenteed to take out at least one guy and 
alarm panel!

  Bible References
Do not be scared! I am not religious. However, I did look up some stuff.
But, not being much into religion, it is possible I made some small
(or large) errors or misread stuff. So this is not to be taken as
ultimate truth. Still...

JC Denton: JC stands for Jesus Christ, maybe? Hence 'Deus Ex', 'God From'.

Paul Denton: Paul is one of the apostles, who preached the word of the
             Lord and all that. In the game, he tells you about the NSF,
             the conspiracies, and to use non-lethal methods.

Walton Simons: Simon was one of Jesus' brothers; in the game Simons has
               nano-augs, just like you. But he's evil. And voiced by
               Tom Hall.

J Manderly: Joseph, another biblical name...

So let's start this, already!


1.1    DOCKS
1.4    THE LOBBY
1.5    STATUE
2.0    UNATCO HQ
3.3    BACK DOOR
3.4    SUBWAY
4.2    CLINIC
4.3    'TON
4.5    SEWER LAB
4.6    OSGOOD & SONS
4.8    ROOF
4.11   GRATE
4.12   HQ
5.3    HELIPAD
5.4    THE BAY
8.2    ARMORY
8.4    MEDICAL
8.6    UNATCO HQ
9.0    HONG KONG
9.1    WAN CHAI
11.0   WAN CHAI
12.0   NEW YORK
13.0   SUB BASE
13.3   CRANE
13.4   DOOR
13.5   THE SHIP
13.5.1 FLOOR 1
13.5.2 FLOOR 2
13.5.3 FLOOR 3
15.0   PARIS
15.1   THE CLUB
15.2   OUTSIDE
17.0   TEMPLAR
17.3   METRO
19.3   OUTSIDE
19.4   TUNNEL
19.5   COMMAND
21.0   SUB BASE
22.0   SILO
23.0   AREA 51
23.1   HATCH
23.3   SECTOR 2
23.4   SECTOR 3
23.5   SECTOR 4


  DOCKS - 1.1

When you get off the boat, you should go find Paul on the docks. He will
give you the choice of getting 1 of 3 weapons; a GEP gun (rocket launcher),
a sniper rifle, and a crossbow.

Don't take the sniper rifle; you can find on in this mission anyway, carried
by a guy marching around the back. You can take the GEP gun if you want (you
can't get one for a while if you don't take it now), but you won't really be
facing too much armor (outside of the security bot, which can be dealt with
in other ways), so you shouldn't need it yet. My choice is the crossbow, as
it allows 1-shot non-lethal takedowns (with a tranquilizer dart) and one-shot
headshot takedowns (with regular darts). Plus, you find lots of ammo for it
in this mission.

It is worth mentioning, though, that you can get the crossbow from any of
the guys that give you the ammo, so it might be a good idea to take the GEP
gun because you won't get one for a while. Just be aware that it takes up
a lot of room in inventory.

Get the crowbar by the crates on the dock. Smash the two crates here, and take
the stuff (lockpick, binocs). Then go down the little ramp into the water and 
smash the two floating crates there (multitool, bioelectric cell).

Pick up the soda and the beer on the dock, for healing later.

Go around to the docks exit, smash the three boxes there (prod charger, darts,
10mm ammo), and then talk to paul a couple of times for more in depth info.
talk to the corporal for 'game color' info on Gunther.


Go up the ramp. The bot on the docks probably mowed down any NSF'er who got
too close to it, so go up and loot their bodies, and the body of the UNATCO
guy. he has a riot prod (better than a crowbar: more damage, less space, still
breaks boxes), a candy bar (healing...2 points!) and cigarettes (pointless).
If for some reason there are still guys around, you can get in a gun battle
(your accuracy will suck at this point) hit them in the head from behind with
a riot prod, shock them a couple times with the shock prod, hit them with a
tranquilizer dart and take cover while the poison gets 'em, or just show
yourself and have them chase you to the 'bot on the docks where he will 
machine-gun them for you. This game is very open-ended; there's always another

Get the small metal box by the large gray structure to the left of the ramp,
and put it next to the base of the structure. jump on the metal box, then
up on the structure, and break open the supply crate on the red structure. 
Inside is a gas grenade which you may need later. On the side of the gray
structure, facing the path, is a small door that can be picklocked or blown
open. Inside is a medical robot, if you need one.

Far to the right of the entrance is another UNATCO guy, this one with pepper
spray. Pepper spray can immobilize your target (like a gas grenade) but i
never used it. Further right is a guard and another crate on a gray structure
that contains a multitool. Keep going right, and you'll end up at the rear
of the statue, near the back entrance.

As soon as you can, go up the path past the gray structure near the entrance 
ramp and take a left; this will lead you to UNATCO HQ. Sergeant Kaplan there 
will sell you a scope for 700 (which you can get by keeping your starting 500 
and getting the cash from the ATM in the statue), some tranq darts for 60, and
10mm ammo for 200 (a ripoff--you get plenty from the guys around here).

Richard Hickman {[email protected]} writes:

You can get the code for the room behind UNATCO HQ by saying the right
things to Kaplan outside the UNATCO HQ. ("I can't speak for command, but
I'm gonna clear the place out.")

In the back, there is a locked comm van. Open the crate to get the multitool.
Now you can either use the multitool to open the passkey, or use the login and
password (which you won't find until you beat the scenario) which is: 0451

25 skill point exploration bonus. Get the tranq darts on the table and the med
kit which is on the shelf above. Hack the computer or use the login/pw that
is on the floor under the table.

Turn off any cameras you feel like, but make sure to open the hatch listed on
the first camera. This opens the hatch outside. Down in the hole you will find
an EMP grenade, which is great for taking out the sentry bot later, and going
in is worth 50 skill points.

Alternately, you can skip going into the van (but you should to get the stuff)
and go around the back of the van to get the nano-key which will be a little
blue thing jammed between the van and the wall. Regardless, you should go back
there to get the lockpick that is in a crate back there. Then, go up to the
hatch, activate your nano-key ring, and click on the hatch to unlock it.

  GETTING IN - 1.3

Now there are 2 ways you can get into the statue. You can go in the front door,
which involves getting a key from the guy on the north dock, or using the 
computer out front, or you can go in the back way.

  THE FRONT DOOR - 1.3.1
You're a shooting kinda guy, aren't you?

Exit the UNATCO compound, and take a left, dealing with anybody in your way.
You can shoot them or avoid them.

There should be a gray structure in this area with some stuff on it, including
a datacube with the security login for the terminals on this level and a prod

You will soon come to an area patrolled by a droid. There are many ways you
can deal with it. Hit it with the EMP grenade you found by the UNATCO comm
van (has to be a good shot to get it), hit it with a LAM (which you probably
found inside), hit it with some of the GEP gun destruction, or just sneak by
it. It has a wide patrol route. As you approach the door, stay out of the view
of the camera. Hack the security computer on the left side, or use the login:


(you should have found this on a few data cubes by now). Turn off the cameras
and set the turret to attack enemies, and open and unlock the door. If the 
droid is not already dead, the turret will open fire on it when it passes by. 
Usually, the droid wins the contest, but it will weaken and occupy the droid.

By the door you will find some flares and a crate with a lockpick.

Congrats, this is the lobby!

I recommend going to get the key because it will give you skill points. You
certainly don't need it though. First, take care of the situation at the door
(or avoid it altogether). Note that on the circuit of the security droid's
route there is a small alcove containing some flares and a locked chest. If
untrained, it takes 4 lockpicks to open. 2 on trained, 1 on skilled. It
contains 100 credits and some 30.06; not worth the price of admission.

Note the darkened alcove/path north of the gate. A NSF'er with a sniper rifle
(which you should get unless you started with it) patrols this area, but he's
hard to see because it's so dark. Hunt him down and get the rifle. I like to
sneak up on him with the shock prod, personally.

Once you've got the rifle, you can move off to the west to take out a couple
more guys if you want, and loot the body of a UNATCO guy who has...NOTHING!
But the guards have tranq darts, a crowbar, a knife, and 10mm ammo.

Once past these guys, or just the sniper, you should be able to go northeast
right to the north docks. There is a droid patrolling here, but he is your
friend. On the dock are 2 guys who are AI-tied. Hit one, and (usually) the 
other chases you. It's best to get one of them and have the other chase you 
right into your bot friend, where he can mow the guy down.

On the dock is a body with 3 flares and some cig's, and some boxes with 30.06
and GEP rockets. There is also a TNT box, so if you're feeling saucy, shoot at
that when the NSF guy goes by for a messy surprise he won't soon forget.

On the east end of the dock behind a barrel is a med crate with a med kit. On
the west end is your contact, who gives you a key, and a woman who sells you
ammo; darts, 30.06, and 10mm. Darts might be worth it, as they're cheap and
powerful, compared to the bullets. The 30.06 is useful, but expensive. There
are also some flares and a knife in the shack, and a soda out front. Talk to
your contact again for more 'game color' info. Getting the Key will net you
150 skill points.

If you go off the north ramp on the dock, you can find a sunken freighter
underwater. Using 2 picklocks (1 if trained or above) you can get in and get
a weapon mod accuracy, a weapon mod reload, and a sawed off shotgun (good 
stuff). Try to use one lockpick, surface, use another, surface, and get all
the stuff in one shot. When in doubt, surface. Air is important! Getting in
there is worth 50 skill points.

[email protected] suggests:

I was just commenting on the beginning of your guide wherein u explain how do 
get into the sunken ship with the shotgun and mods using lockpicks.  There's 
actually a much easier way.  Take the TNT box and throw it into the water and 
wait a few seconds until it is approximately above the locked entrance to the 
ship.  Then shoot the crate with your pistol, it will explode taking the 
locked entrance with it-free access!!


When you leave the dock, take a left. In the distance, you should see a large
gray structure that looks like a ramp. It is actually a bunker of sorts, and
it has some stuff in it that you can use. Beware the multiple guards out front.
When in doubt, lead them to the attack bot.

The first thing you notice when you get around the other side is a ramp leading
downward and a guard. Take care of him in whatever way you deem appropriate,
and get the hazard suit on your left at the bottom of the ramp. Go up the short
ladder and turn on your flashlight (F12) to get the multitool. Head deeper into
the bunker and you'll see a malfunctioning power box. You can either use the
multitool you just found, or use forklift button and 2 small metal boxes to
jump onto the top of the power box. There are 3 crates behind the electricity
arcs that net you 250 exploration skill points, weapon mod laser, weapon mod
clip, and a bioelectric cell for recharging your bio-points. You can also take
a fire extinguisher and a crowbar (on the floor) if you want.

When you leave up the ramp, go to your right and get the 10mm ammo in the 
crate. Then climb up the ladder. Move the small metal box next to the higher
platform. Jump on it, then the platform. Do it again with the next. Jump over 
the gap. Climb another ladder. Rinse. Repeat. You should soon be on the upper 
tier of the statue, watching patrolling guards go by.


There are three tiers outside of the statue, and two of them have guards.
The first tier, which you can access by the back way or by going up the main
stairs in the lobby, has several guards patrolling, all of them pretty far
away from one another so you can pick them off pretty easily. There is also
the statue of liberty's head and some TNT crates. You can use the TNT crates
to make a mess of your opponents, but beware the blasts; they can be lethal
even at a medium range.

On the south side of this tier, near the wall, is a crate with a med kit.

The entrance into the statue (or exit from it, depending on where you're coming
from) is on the opposite side from the back way. Over said entrance/exit is a
ramp heading up to the next tier. The entrance/exit contains a guard, so be 

This tier is empty. The ramp up is right there.

The third tier offers 4 entrances into the statue. 2 guards dwell within, and
3 of the entrances have gas grenades stuck to the walls. Sneak around to try 
and hear what the guards are talking about, and then disable and take all 3 
gas grenades. Use one on the guards, and then take care of them. Make sure you 
wait for the gas to dissipate before you move in. Optionally, you can not use 
the gas grenade at all, but you've got 4 by now. Why not?

It is possible that you run into these two guys when coming up the stairs from
the lobby. In this case you'll have to fight them or try to sneak by them. I
personally think that you're in a much better tactical situation if you 
approach from the outside, however.

[email protected] adds:

When you clear a path to reach the Statue of Liberty by the back way there 
are two things which make life easier. First the terrorist is a tough nut 
to get rid of (the group  that are talking together on the pathway). 
I went back and carried a TNT crate as close as possible to them. Dropped 
it some way distant and using stealth pushed it as close as I dared. 
Back off and stand up. Fire a shot to attract their attention and then 
fire at the TNT crate as they come towards you. Ba-boooom they are history.

  THE LOBBY - 1.4

Ben writes:

If you 
enter the lobby from behind, and haven't deactivated the turret, you can 
stop it with an EMP, then break the crate, take the pick, and hightail 
it into the grate.

You could be coming in from 2 directions, either the stairs (from above), or
the main door. You could skip it to complete the mission, but i recommend going
in so you can save gunther and get some tasty skill points.

Either way you come, be aware of the turret and camera set on the main stairs;
both face the lobby, and you probably aren't armed to fight the turret. 
Hopefully you disabled both using the security computer outside of the main
door by selecting the second camera (the middle one) and selecting camera:off
and turret:enemies or turret:disabled. But, in case you decided computers are
for wusses (why are you playing a COMPUTER game?), you'll have to sneak up the
stairs when the camera isn't looking, or disable both with grenades/emp's/GEP
gun rockets. It's also possible you avoided the computer because of the 
security droid by the door. In that case, this decision comes back to bite you
in the butt, hardcore. If you want to rescue Gunther and you came in from the
top without disabling the computer, you have to destroy/evade the camera/turret
at point blank range going down the stairs into a room full of NSF. Ho boy. I
think what you COULD do is take a TNT crate from upstairs and chuck it down
the stairs (duck fast!) and it'd blow up the camera and turret, but you'd have
to hide from the guards because they'll set off the alarm and chase you for a 
while until the alarm wore off. On the landing by the turret/camera combo is
a box containing a lockpick.

In any case, there are at least 2 guards directly in the lobby, with more 
behind that laser field near the desk, so watch out. There's also an ATM worth
200 and a water fountain that will heal you
To get past the field, you can run through the field, setting off the alarm,
use a multitool to disable it, or use the ventilation shaft in the shadows
between the stairs and the desk in combination with some lockpicks or a grenade
to get past a locked door in there.

On the walkway above the lobby is where one of the guards hides, as well as a
crate with a medkit and a PS20 right next to it (it's small--look carefully).

On the desk is a lockpick, a LAM (a grenade) and the login info for the 
security system, which you should already know (i told it to you, above).

If you go in through the laser field, left will lead you to the room where
Gunther is held. Beware the camera. You can disable it by sneaking behind the
desk, and backing yourself against it, under the rim, so you don't 
automatically stand up. Then click on the security terminal. Same L/PW as 
before. Open up the room with Gunther in it, and tell him to take cover; don't
give him your gun. Don't forget to get the weapon mod on the desk and the soy
food by the sink.

Now there are 3 guards in this area. I'd be careful if I were you.

Once you've freed Gunther, you can go down to the right and see the control 
room and loot it, and see the locked door that you would have come through had
you come through the ventilation system.

If you go in through the ventilation system, (and you should at least explore
it, for a multitool, soy food, med kit, ps20 and atm code), you will end up at 
the locked door mentioned above. Go past it, into the next shaft, and get the
stuff on the desk. Then, return to the door. Get it open, move up to the 
control room, and then past the laser field to the room with Gunther (see 
above for more details).

  STATUE - 1.5

Now that you're done freeing Gunther, go up, and up, and up, to the top of the
statue. There will be 2 guards on your way, or more if you didn't come in from
the third tier. The top guards are on a landing with a balcony that
has some flares and PS20 on it. Go around behind the stairs up a ladder to meet
the commander. Don't kill him; you were ordered not to. Make sure to talk to 
him multiple times (he has quite a spiel, both in cutscene and out) and GET 
THE AUG CANISTER (the blue thing) by him on the crate. Finally, exit the statue
and go back to UNATCO HQ for briefing on the next mission.

  UNATCO HQ - 2.0

Talk to Paul. Then, go down the stairs. 115 skill points.
Get the stuff off the desk (soda, candy bar), and hack the computer if you 
like. Go past him, down the stairs, and let the level load.

Go further, use the water fountain if you want, and use the retinal scanner to
get into the restricted area.

Stairs lead down to level one. There are offices you can picklock your way into
and they have some stuff in them. The one on the right has a lockpick and
multitool, and the left one has a office door nanokey (under the desk), a 
baton, and a weapon mod accuracy.

Go down the right-hand stairs. On the right-hand side is your office. You can
check your mail, hack other people's mail, and you get 50 skill points for
going in.

Leave your office, and go in the next office on the right, the break room. This
has a case that contains tranq darts, darts, and flare darts. Anna Navarre is
in the adjoining room (to the right of the entrance). Listen to Gunther and 
Anna complain about the soda machine, then talk to them. The ATM is worth 300
if you have the login. I just hack it.

Go into the next office, Manderley's. Take the nano-key and unlock the two
closets in the hall. One of them has a crate with a pepper cartridge. The other
has a locked grate that hides a bio cell and a multitool.

Go down the stairs past Manderly's office to level 3. There are some cigarettes
in the men's bathroom, but i have yet to find a use for them. Go straight, to
Jaime Reyes' office. 50 skill points. Talk to him, then heal up and have the
medbot install your aug. I suggest the lifting bonus because it allows you to
move large objects and explore otherwise unusable paths later in the game by
moving large crates and such.

There are items in the med lab: soda x2, medlab nanokey (behind the plant on
Jaime's shelf), medkit (storage closet).

Behind Jaime's office is level 4, which you don't need to know about yet.

Go across the hall from Jaime's to Alex's office. Talk to him.

Items: Candy bar x2, soda x3 closet: bio cell, lockpick

Richard Hickman {[email protected]} writes:

There is a hidden compartment in the floor in the room with the
communications guy (UNATCO HQ). It's to the right of the desk, crouch
down and move the mouse pointer around to find it. Inside is the nanokey
for the office doors on the first level (saving lockpicks) and other

Now go visit Carter, in the hallway that's just before Jaime and Alex. 50 skill
points for this. He gives you a stealth pistol (i recommend keeping it forever)
and gives you a choice of a multitool, lockpick, or ammo.

{[email protected]} suggests:

First off, when Carter condemns you for being too trigger-happy in the 
first few missions (I easily got that since I killed just about everyone), 
he refuses to give you extra ammo and stuff.  Unless, of course, your 
inventory is full, in which case talk to him again after emptying out for 
the full enchilada.

Across the hall from that is Anna's room with darts on the shelf and a bio cell
on the table and a soda on her desk. Beyond that is the holding cells with soda
and a baton.

Now go up and visit Manderly. His L/PW is on his secretary's desk, and you can
read his account or hack it on the secretary machine. Talk to her, and then go
into Manderly's office. 250 skill points. He'll give you 1000 credits, plus 250
if you rescued Hermann. And he'll know if you've been in the ladies' restroom!

"Steve Ragnone" {[email protected]} adds:

In Chapter 1, Manderley will also know if you've been killing UNATCO guards,
such as the one at the top of the statue who arrives after you apprehend the
NSF commander.  I'm sure he'll know if you do any other naughty stuff, like
breaking windows or cleaning bots in HQ, so try to be as naughty as you can.
This guy is as omnipresent as Santa Claus.

There is soda on his desk and a candy bar in the bathroom behind his office.

You are done here. Head out to the boat dock to go to Battery Park.


First thing, talk to the kid out on the dock. Give him a candy bar, and he 
gives you the code to the back door; 9183. This is one of the 3 ways into
Castle Clinton. The second way in is through the front door, shooting. The last
way is to move some crates over by one of the holes in the wall with your super
strength (if you took it).

First, though, let's explore Battery park and get some stuff. By the entrance
to the castle, where Anna is, is a crate with shotgun ammo. Around back is a
crate with assault rifle ammo.

Go towards the vertical slabs and the eagle statue, which you should see in the
distance from behind the castle. Go around them and you should find barricades
and a gunfight in progress.

Once the NSF are dealt with, you can approach the shanty-town behind the 
barricades. There is a locked case in one, containing a lockpick, candy bar,
and multitool. There is also soda, many beers, and a grate down to the subway
tunnels, which you may need later. There is another case with a medkit, prod
charger, and flare in it. One of the last ones in the row has a lockpick, too.
Next to it is a combat crate with shotgun shells. There is also soy food and 2
crates with assault ammo. Nearby is the subway entrance (for later) and the
hatch to get into the subway tunnels.


This is only available if you have the super lifting aug.

Circle around the Fortress until you find 2 large crates with a third stacked
on top of it. Move a medium crate next to one of the large ones, and pick up a
small one and put that next to the medium one. Jump onto the small one, then
the medium, then the large one, and activate your strength aug. Push the top 
crate out of the way, and you can fit into the hole in the wall. In the hole
should be a crate with a multitool. From here, you can sneak around or shoot
your way through. See the Front entrance for an idea of what to do.

  SHOOTING - 3.2

Front or side door, you'll have to go in shooting if you don't go in the back.
Try activating a couple guards and luring them out the front door to get 
wasted by anna an the UNATCO guy. Don't forget the combat crate with 12 gauge
shells by one of the large crates, or the one with 7.62 assault by another.
There is a crate with 7.62 in one of the holes in the wall. Going into the
central 'room' gets you 40 points, and giving food to the kid in one of the
rooms nets you another 50. On a shelf in the entrance room you will find a
kiosk nano-key and a baton. In the room with the kid is a locked box with a
bio cell and a datacube with a door key combo; 666.

Use your nano-key on the locked door and open the kiosk hatch with the 666 
code. Go down the stairs for 20 skill points. Take a left, and you will see a
door and stairs. Going through the door, you go down a flight of stairs into
a room with a camera/turret and and a few crates containing a medkit and 10mm.
GEP rockets sit on top of the crate med crate.

In the next room (not up the stairs is the ambrosia and a pool of water. 150
skill points. The pool of water leads under the door to a corridor room with
the flamethrower guy and the camera/gun (see back door for more info).

Down the stairs in that original room is a locked door, behind which is the
control center. I recommend using a a LAM, because blowing up the door also
blows up the door to the safe inside, which contains an aug canister. There is
also a nano key to the kiosk doors and a medkit and GEP rockets and napalm. Use
the computer if you want, and disable the security system from here if you 
want. If you don't blow up the door, you can use the safe key off of the guard
down by the ambrosia room.

[email protected] adds:

During the search for Ambrosia in Castle Clinton, you can deactivate the 
security in the room with the safe containing the augmentation canister. 
Login: NSF 
P/W: righteous (yes, just like Hell's Kitchen) 

  BACK DOOR - 3.3

First you have to pick the lock next to the soda machine right where you get 
off the boat. Then, you have to hack the keypad, or use the combo the kid gave
you, 9183.

"James Towers IV" {[email protected]} suggests:

In your first visit to battery park there is a second way to end through the 
back door soda machine entrance. In stead of using a lock pick or two to open 
the security panel you can just blow up the soda machine. When I was playing 
I tried to blow open the panel with the keypad behind it with a LAM and 
instead of the panel opening the soda machine completely blew up.

Getting in here is worth 20 skill points, and there is a multitool and flares
on the table past the stairs and a bio cell under that table.

Now go down the stairs. At the bottom of said stairs is a room containing a
camera, an alarm panel, and a turret. You want to disable that camera if you
can with multitools, or at the very least avoid it. In the corner behind the
camera is a prod charger and a grate that will get you into the air ducts (a
good place to be). Beware that a guard circuits through here.

Going down the passage leads to a twisty stretch of corridor, past guard(s) and
a camera. The air duct leads to a ladder down, which puts you square at the
bottom of the stairwell at the end of said twisty passages.

There is a long corridor here, along the water, protected by a guard with a
flamethrower, a camera, and a turret gun. Note not only this, but also that
the afore-mentioned air duct also allows passage past this entire corridor.
This is why I recommend the air duct. However, if you want a short cut, you
can jump into the water and swim under the door to get to the ambrosia room,
noted below.

However, if you are a gun-type person, do no pass up the flamethrower. It hurls
some massive ouch at the bad guys, for a premium in inventory space. I beat the
game without ever carrying one, so make your own judgement.

Past the walkway by the water is another corridor, ending in a room with a
table containing a baton, cigs, and assault rifle ammo. There is a guard here
or in the next room with a key to the castle clinton safe. In the corner of
this room, by the door you came in, is a multitool.

Next to the table room is another room with a camera and a turret and a few
crates containing a medkit and 10mm. GEP rockets sit on top of the crate med

In the next room (not up the stairs is the ambrosia and a pool of water. 150
skill points. The pool of water leads under the door to the corridor room with
the flamethrower guy and the camera/gun.

  SUBWAY - 3.4
Now that you've found the ambrosia, go see Anna. Tell her you're learning as
you go, and she'll give you 2 EMP grenades. Now you must tangle with the guys
in the subway. If you went in the back door, make sure to go into the castle
proper and loot all the bodies to get their stuff. They'll all be dead once
you've got the ambrosia.

There are 3 ways into the subway. Go down the stairs in the shantytown, 
shooting, use the hatch outside, or use the grate in one of the shacks.

There are 4 or so guys on the landing, and more down by the train. Plus, you
have to disable the blue beams (the bombs) with EMP grenade(s). From there,
it's pretty straightforward. Don't shoot the hostages.

Both ways are essentially similar; they get you into the air shaft around the
subway station. You can approach from the ceiling, or from the ground floor.
Instead of shooting all the bad guys, you can activate the subway doors and 
have the hostages board the train to get away.

Either way you do it, you get 300 skill points for getting the baddies. Make 
sure to at least go near the blue beams; if you do, it assumes you shot your
way through and you get 40 skill points. Don't miss the crates on the landing
(10mm, lockpick) and all the beers on the ground. There is also a lockpick in a
crate at the far end of the subway station.

Arun writes:

If at all you want to get past the blue beams, you can block them (at their 
starting point, preferably) with the metal crates found at the top of the 
stairs. This also comes in handy in later parts of the game. I believe this 
blocking works only for blue beams and not for the red beams.

Now get on the train.

Brooklyn. The station has many sodas and beers. You can talk to some of its
residents for 'game color', so to speak, but no one really has anything useful
to say except that the NSF is hanging out in the 'ton hotel (called that 
because the 'Hil' part has burned out on the sign). The ATM is worth 524.

Meet your brother at the stairs and take his key and a riot prod charger. Then
head up.

This area is all about free exploration. First, hang a right into the alley and
search the bodies by the stairs and on the landing. You should get a candy bar
and a bio cell.

Then, about-face and go past the wood walls into the basketball court and take
out the 2 NSF thugs. The guy you save will give you a password you'll need,
and the knowledge that the NSF is in the sewers.

If you go past the court, around back into the alley, you'll find a locked
trailer with a 50 skill point bonus and a ladder leading to Smuggler's hideout.

Go back out, by the subway station, and talk to the 2 guards out on the street
in front of a wooden wall. They'll give you 3 gas grenades if you want. Also
by them are crates with 30.06 and 10mm.

If you go through the hole in the wall you'll find the back entrance to Paul's
room (up the ladder, not usable yet) and the back entrance to the Underworld

[email protected] suggests:

I did find it possible to use the ladder  to reach Paul's bedroom window. 
Collect the metal crate by the side of the alley and jump from the crate onto 
the ladder. 

Further up the street is the 'ton and a gunfight, if you walk into it. Past
that is a crate with 10mm in it. When you take the right, past the 'ton, note
that there is a bio cell in the darkness of the alley almost immediately to 
your left, past the phone booth.

The guys in the gunfight have good stuff, including an assault rifle (my 
favorite for taking out heavy targets, once you get grenades for it), a nano
key for the warehouse building that you have to get into (osgood & son's) and
some tranq darts, as well as 7.62 and buckshot.

Past Osgood's is a park, where you take a right and note that the clinic is
to your left. There is the potential of another gunfight here; best to let the
troopers handle it and loot everybody's bodies. There are 3 crates here by the
clinic door, with 30.06, 10mm, and 7.62. There is a prod charger in the phone
booth right across from the clinic.

Go straight and you find yourself by the back entrance to the Underworld bar.
Past that is an alley, where you will find Jonny the pimp accosting the Renton
girl. He'll eventually try to shoot her, and her dying is a bad thing, so it's
best to get the job done first. If you try to 'rent' the girl, he'll make up 
some crap about getting another girl, and take your cash anyway. You can find
out more about this situation in the Underworld Bar. Taking him out is a good
idea. Talk to the girl twice; the second time, she gives you the password
'bloodshot' to get into Smugglers. Also, go back to her friend in the bar;
she'll give you the warehouse code: 3316. Then talk to Sandra (the girl you
saved). She'll tell you about her father. Leave. For that you should get 150
more skill points.

Take another right, past the alley, and you find a long street with the 
Underworld main entrance to your right (with all the red light). Continue
straight and you're at the subway entrance. Phew!

I assume you go in the front (poor assumption, but i have to make a few for
this huge game). ATM is worth 411. Hacking both will get you no-where; you can
only get the money from one of them.

As you go into the bar proper, start sacking it for snacks and liquor. Approach
the man and woman talking. Ask the guy about ambrosia (don't threaten him with
arrest). Then, talk to him again, and he'll give you the code to the lift in
Osgood & Sons, 3316, that will get you to the rooftops.

Talk to the bartender, and go behind to get the medkit behind the bar.

Jock, the guy in black, wants you to buy him beer as he tells you stories. Do
so; it's cheap, and good info and story.

In the next room is a girl who gives you the quest to go beat up Jonny and get
the Renton girl back. If you do so and tell her, she'll give you the password
to the Smuggler's hideout, where you can buy all sorts of stuff. There is also
the Midnight Sun Tabloid guy. Talk to him if you want, but don't tell him too
much; don't want to jeapardize the op. Past that is the bathroom (empty) and
the back entrance.

  CLINIC - 4.2
This place is pretty straightforward. Just go down the corridor, and listen to 
the bums if you want. Then head into the main clinic room. Nothing in the
bathrooms. Use the water fountain if you want, but we're about to get some
free healing...

Some of the people sitting in here have some interesting information, but it's
mostly just stuff you already know. The doctor in here will sell you medkits
for 300 or use of the medical bot for 2000. Luckily, he gives you the code to
a door for the 2000, so i can put it here and you can get in for free! 2153
Also, you can get cheaper medkits. See below

You should have another canister that you can use now. I choose aqualung for
the simple reason that you can get lots of places using swimming, and there are
not nearly enough rebreathers in the game. There aren't as many radioactive
areas, and radioactive suits are usually right nearby.

Now go talk to the guy confronting the doctor in the other room (it should
be behind a non-locked glass door, at the other end of the same wall that the
door to the medical bots is on).

Tell the guy to be more appreciative, and he'll storm off. Talk to the doctor
again, and he'll offer the door code for 1200 (but we've already got it) and
medkits for 180.

That's it for the clinic. The computers don't really tell you anything useful,
so leave them be. You should get 150 skill points on your way out if you've
done everything i've told you.

  'TON - 4.3

First things first: the ATM is worth 332. Head down the corridor past the ATM
and do it quiet-like; the main room at the end of the hall has NSF terrorists
within earshot of it. The best way to take them out is to go into the elevator
shaft (opposite the entrance stairs) and climb up it. Don't miss the 2 crates
on the floor and the 3rd level, which has a multitool hiding on it.

Now you have come upon the enemy from behind. Take careful shots, if you shoot,
so you don't hit the hostages. If you sneak up on them and use the riot prod
or some such, be quiet about it. Make sure you get them all; there are 3. You
should get 65 skill points for taking them down.

Now that you've taken care of the terrorists, talk to the guy prisoner. He'll
tell you about a password for the security setup, 'righteous'.

Now go back down to the manager's office and snatch the credits within and
talk to the owner. Also, get the nano-key in the cubbies. He'll also tell you
to go find his daughter, if you've saved her already (the girl in the alley). 
You can't actually do this; it's just game depth, or somesuch.

Now, you should begin to loot the apartments. I started with the one closest
to the elevator; Paul's. The table has the code for the pad behind the painting
(which is to your left): 4321. This opens the secret compartment with LOTS of
good stuff: 2 lockpicks, 3 multitools, 2x 10mm ammo, a bio cell, a medkit, and
ballistic armor. Getting in is worth 40 skill points. There is soda and soy
food on in the kitchen shelves. There are 350 credits under the night stand in
the bedroom. There is a medkit in the bathroom to the left of the sink. If you
like, you can log in to Paul's computer using the login on the floor. There are
some interesting foreshadowings and a reference to a current-day pop band; see
if you can find it! I'm sure the movie references mean something too, but I've
never heard of/seen those two movies.

{[email protected]} adds:

In you strategy guide for Deus Ex you mentioned the two films that are found 
in Paul Denton's e-mail in his apartment.  The second one i've never heard of 
but the first one, Blue Harvest, was actually the 'cover' name for Return of 
the Jedi during the initial filming of it.  Useless info but interesting to 
know, i think.

Smuggler's paranoid, and so you need a password to get in (from the girl in the
underworld bar, after you save sandra in the alley), or you need to use the 
ladder in the trailer in back of the basketball court.

There is a crate in the entrance 'hall' with a lockpick, right near the ladder
up to the trailer (to your right if you came down the elevator). Coming down
the ladder is expensive in terms of lockpicks, but you get the exploration
skill point bonus (50). If you come in through the elevator though, turn around
before you use it and note the beer and prod charger hidden in the corner,
behind the door.

To get past the laser beams blocking your way to Smuggler you can either use an
EMP grenade or disable it in the little checkpoint hut to the left of the
lasers. There is a control panel there, and a multitool too (which you should
get regardless).

Right past the lasers is a crate with ballistic armor. Past that, in the next
room, is a crate with a prod charger. In that room, in one of the niches in the
right wall is a door. Go through and get 20 skill points. Go down the stairs,
into the next room, and snag the candy bar on the table. Then talk to Smuggler.

Get from him the key to get into the sewers, and hear his story. He'll sell you
some over-priced hardware which you can get a much better deal on if you save
his friend.

Upstairs are 2 crates with 7.62 and a prod charger. There is a lockpick and
flares on shelves near the bed, and behind the bed is a keypad that you can
use multitools on to open the mirror. In this iteration (it changes each time
you come here), you will find a medkit, thermoptic camo (100 real-life skill
points if you can name where that comes from) and a weapon mod clip.

Alex Hill {[email protected]} suggests:

I've got a suggestion for Smuggler's Lair: the mirror
hiding the Medkit, Thermoptic Camo and Weapon Mod Clip
can simply be broken with a crowbar or baton or
whatever; you don't need to hack the panel. 

David writes:

The password to the mirror in smugglers second story
is 432.  Also, everytime you visit hells kitchen, you
can go into the back entrance of the MJ12 sewers to
find a crate with armor in it and no gaurds.

"Mimi" {[email protected]} suggests:

About the ATM: there are account infos in the game and if you empty an 
account first and hack the machine afterward you'll get MORE money than 
only hacking the ATM . Heck it's not clear isn't it? Okay: directly hack 
an ATM you'll only get let's say 100 credits OR empty an account first 
-let's say 50 credits- AND hack the ATM for 80 credits.. TOTAL: 130 
instead of 100! 
There are alot of account codes given in the game and generally, it's 
like computers, each ATM deals with only one account. So before hacking 
it, you have to find the account it deals and take all the cash.. I know 
it's a boring stuff but it's worth it (and generally the infos are written 
in your inventory)... For example hack the smuggler's computer and you get 
his account info (that's NOT noted in your inventory though, this one is 
'hidden')... A hundred credits for free... I even found an account worth  
more than 200!
* The smuggler's 'hidden' treasure: i tried a LOT of combinations and didn't 
find it... :-[ 5 decoders (sorry can't remember it's english name :-) are too 
much. So i found a better way: BREAK the mirror with your knife: hit it a 
dozen of times and... Voilà! Loot the smuggler's stuff for 'free'.

"jae jang" {[email protected]} adds:

You know the number pad behind the bed in Smuggler's Lair. The code is 432.

  SEWER LAB - 4.5
Not strictly necessary to complete the game, but it's worth it to get cheaper
prices and to get some more stuff and skill points. Once you've gotten the
sewer key from Smuggler, go down one of the sewer grates. I'm going to give
the explanation as if you came down the one right by the back door to the bar.

Go down the ladder, and then down the passage a little ways. You should see a
suspended walkway here, with a hostile guard on it. I recommend taking him out,
but note that there are other guards in lower passages to your left and right;
a quick takedown (with the sniper rifle or a well-placed crossbow shot) is
recommended. There is also another guy, patrolling the walkway to your left.
Get him too. The funniest thin happened to me here; I hit that guy with a 
couple of 10mm rounds, and he ran for the alarm. Then I hit him once or twice
more and he ran off the edge into the sludge below. Weird.

Please note that the sludge below is considered a biohazard, and will eat your
health relentlessly. There are some boxes and stuff down there, but in general
nothing is worth the damage you will do to yourself getting it.

Getting to the middle of the grate platform is worth 50 skill points. Opposite
where you came in is a door with a guard and 2 crates behind it (medkit,
lockpick). Under the table is a prod charger and the security login MJ12/
coupdetat. This is a hint as to just who is behind all the bad things going on.
You'll find out more later.

Exit the office, and procede to your right. There is a security computer there
under the light that you should use. Rotate the bridge, then go down the 
stairs. Here you will see a crate and a security terminal behind the crate.
Use it to open the door. Avoid the lasers and find the hatch at the end of
the corridor. Hack it open.

Now you should go straight, to the platform with the bodies on it. Pass over
the locked box (this opens the hatch from this side) and the control panel 
(This disables the lasers in the corridor you just went through). You'll set
off an alarm if you hit the laser going onto the platform, so just wait the
alarm out by hiding from the turret gun. By doing this, you get an assault
rifle, 2x 7.62, the code to the warehouse later on (2167), 2 multitools, 2 
lockpicks, and 2 medkits.

If you go down the other hallway (the one protected by laser tripwires), you
end up at the other entrance, the one by the sewers. It's somewhat harder 
coming in this way (and more expensive tool-wise) so personally, I recommend
coming from the other way. But if you insist...

You should come down the ladder and disable the control panel to your left, and
then picklock the box on the wall and hack open the hatch using multitools.
Don't forget to get the items on the platform to your right. That will get you
to the hall with the laser tripwires, and you'll have to use multitools to open
the door here, and in here will be the hallway that will lead you to the large
platform hanging over the sludge!

Now, back to our other guy, who came in the recommended entrance. Once you've
sacked this area, head back the way you came to the main sludge platform. The
door you opened with the security computer is locked again. Use the code 2167
to open it again.

Note that when you come out of that door, and around the corner past the 
security computer, you will see ahead of you and slightly lower on the wall a
similar tunnel on the other side of the large shaft with the sludge. Also note
that there is a guard there. If you see him, duck! He can probably see you too.
Either pick him off here with the sniper rifle or climb up the ladder when he
isn't looking and deal with him later.

Climb up the ladder and cross the bridge (assuming you rotated it with the 
security computer) to the other side. Go down the ladder (CAREFUL-like; there's
nothing to catch your fall except sludge) and move onto the platform to your
left. Here is where you have to deal with the assault-rifle-toting guard if you
didn't before. Have fun! I already killed him with the sniper rifle. But if you
don't know how to deal with a guard by this time in the game, bring it back to
the store, eh?

Down the tunnel is a camera (that you should have disabled already). If the
guard hit the alarm, it turns all the security back on (and hostile) so be
wary if he saw you. Go up to the unlocked door and open it. You should be in a
corridor with niches on the right side. They are there because you will have to
periodically hide from the camera that is here, if you haven't disabled it.
Getting about halfway down this corridor is worth 50 skill points.

There is a door at the end of the corridor. Behind it is a short twisty 
corridor to another door locked by a keypad. The door will be periodically
opened by a guard if you don't open it yourself with tools or the code: 2167.

Take care of the guard and his buddy, and go through the door. You find 
yourself on a walkway guarded by a camera. Evade it and stealthily make your
way over to the security computer. There are several guards on the lower level
who will sound an alarm if they hear you. The login is the same as before,
mj12/coupdetat. Disable all the cameras and open all the doors.

Quietly go down the stairs. Try and pick off the guards quietly, if you can. If
you're a more violent type, a fun way to get their attention is to open up with
the assault rifles into the gas drums on the floor below (note the bio cell
behind them). The drums will blow up and the guards will come running into a
gass-filled room and die. Or, you can shoot them. Either way, it's the Rambo
way to do it, and i've done it more than once. Also, Note that there are
shotgun shells under the stairs.

Make your way into the lab, once you've got all the guards (there are 3 or 4).
Talk to Schick and tell him you'll protect him. Escort him out. Once you get
out out to about the ladder, he'll say he can make it from there and you get 80
skill points.

Now go back to the lab. Note the bio cell behind the desk. Open up all the
drawers, and take the contents, including a lockpick and a multitool. In the
next room is a platform over some water, with 2 crates in the water. These are
a lockpick and 10mm. The guard room (which will be on your left when you exit
the lab/water platform area) is bare except for a computer you can use if you
want. The last room (on your left as you come down the stairs, or on the
opposite side of the guardroom) is locked with a keypad, but it has a different
code and I don't know what it is.

If you get in by hacking the door, you will find a lot of ammo and your first
LAW, a 1-shot rocket launcher that messes stuff up really good.

Once you have done all of this, you are finished with the sewers. Return to
Smuggler for your reward.

"Mimi" {[email protected]} adds:

* The sewers: when you rescue the smuggler's friend: the small locked room 
with ammo just to the left of the lab where that guy was held... Well i 
found the code by chance: this part of the game looked ALOT alike the old 
N64 James Bond game!! Yeah,  the code is 007 !!

  OSGOOD & SONS - 4.6
I know of 3 ways to get in here: pick the lock, use the key from the dead guard
out front, or break the window on the side of the building (the right side).
If you go in the front, you'll be in the same room as if you went in the side
and then went up (not down) the stairs. You can use the 2 little crates to get
on top of the stack and get the bio cell in the crate on top of the box stack.
There is also a locked door here, with a keypad code. I don't know the code, 
but behind the door is a crate with 10mm and an augmentation upgrade cannister.
This will allow you to increase the abilities of upgrades you have already
installed (ie from level 1 to level 2 and so on).

There is also another unlocked door in this room, leading to a hallway with a
crate containing a flamethrower, and a bio cell right next to it. 50 skill
points for 'exploring' here. Continuing down the hallway will lead you to a
back alley that you must get out of to get to the rooftops. Use the metal box
to jump up onto the other crate and then onto the (amazingly strong) 2x4 that
is balanced on the fence.

When you jump into the alley, try and see the telltale red blinking of the LAM
set up against the wall. Run up and disarm it. Now climb the ladder. You should
now be on the rooftop.


If you go in the side window, you'll notice stairs down. Or, you can go down
the stairs through the open doorway in the entrance room, down to the anteroom
with more stairs.

Here we find a room with a crate (lockpick) an a control panel that you can
disable to get past the laser tripwires. Or, you can say 'screw it' and use
the small metal box to jump on the cardboard box and go along the pipes here, 
bypassing the tripwires altogether. Get past both guns either way, and you 
get 50 more skill points.

Duck under the pipes. Note the large orange/brown pipe in front of you. Behind
it are some rockets. Use the elevator code, 3316, to open up the elevator door
and get on the roof.

If you go up the elevator, you are in a different location than if you went up
the ladder, but basically the same area. Look out for troops on the roof.

If you come out the elevator, you're going to be on an L-shaped platform with 
stairs going up to a door. Behind it (30 skill points) is a hallway leading
to a fire escape that you can get to if you take the other ladder down from the 
rooftop you would have reached if you'd come up from the alley. Phew.

Now that we're back together again, break open the boards in front of the only
usable door in that hallway, and take the medkit and prod charger within.

From here, though, we split again. You can either go up the ladder behind the
elevator/down the third ladder from the alley rooftop (both go to the same 
place), or down the fire escape (somewhat risky). Past ladders is a platform
with brick chimneys and a guard. Going over to the ladder to the roof is
worth 30 skill points, if you didn't come down it in the first place. Also on
this roof is a little hut. There are 2 30.06 packages and ballistic armor 
hiding in the shadows here. Also from here you can see lots of guards. Now is
a particularly good time to snipe at them, especially now that you just got a
bunch of 30.06.

From here, you can't really go anywhere, so now is a good time to go down the
fire escape. It has partially collapsed, and jumping to the part still hanging
on is a bit tough without taking damage, so save it before you make the jump
(if you're inta that whole save/restore thing). Then go through the hole in
that platform and onto the rooftop. Don't fall in the crack!

Take a right, grab the crate (10mm) and go around the side, go up the ladder,
and on this platform grab the 2 crates (7.62, 30.06). The guard here has 30.06
and a LAM, a good thing to pack.

Go back down to where you saw the first crate and notice the plank. You're
going to jump through the window. But shoot it out, first! This jump really
sucks, and you might need to duck as you make it. Save first! (stupid jumping
puzzles...) 20 skill points for getting through.

Hallway now. Note the medkit behind the large cardboard box. 30 more skill
points for going around the corner. Go into the other room (to your right)
and down the ruined stairs. To the stairs' right is a little alcove with a
medkit and bio cell. Go back upstairs, grab the bio cell in the corner, and
back to the window. Break the glass and go out.

Down the fire escape, down down, to the platform below. Jump from the fire
escape to the platform to the ruined fire escape again, or just take the 
ladders down. Note the prod charger by the top of the second one. Also note
the 10mm at the base of one of them.

Now you have 2 choices: up the ladder, to the rooftop, or down off the roofs to
the street below.

NOTE: Use login NSF and password righteous for the security computers in
the warehouse.

  ROOF - 4.8

While the street has many guards (and guard dogs), the roof is relatively
poorly guarded at first, but offers many guards on the upper levels.
There is a set of stairs going down to a level with 2 guards on it. Note the
laser tripwire on the first step of the stairs. Careful. If the guards notice
you taking out guys or you hit the tripwire, 5 or more will come running up 
those stairs! If you're gutsy, you can jump out on the crossbeams over the
crates and take your chances there.

On the top floor (under the roof) you'll find 2 crates with 10mm, and shotgun
shells hiding behind a box stack.

The next level down is empty save a couple of guards near the stairway. You're
going to have to be careful. It's probably not possible to shoot both without
the ones below coming up to see what's going on, but you can try, if you like.
This floor is also the first level that you can complete your objective. If you
want, you can fire at one of the incendiary barrels near the generator (which 
you can see from here) and blow up the generator completing your objective.

The next floor has the computer room, which you must use to deactivate the
generator. Alternately, you can fire downward from upstairs, as mentioned 
above. Going into the computer room is worth 70 skill points. Note the buckshot
under the computer desk, and that the mirror is actually a door. This leads
outside to a landing, and then a ramp, behind the building. More is discussed
in the section leading you in from the bottom. Hack into the computer if you 
can, and shut down the cooling mechanism.

Fall off the roof, as best you can, without hurting yourself. You're going to 
want to fall off the edge with the ramp. Try and hit any guards or guard dogs
that you can get from here, rather than dealing with them on the ground. One
of the guards here has a nano-key that will open the warehouse front door. You
can get it, or pass it by in favor of going in one of the other ways.

Note the alley on your left. Step in there a few feet to get 40 skill points,
then leave. Technically, if you decided to descend from the rooftops at any 
point to get into the alleys, that is where you would come out. The way is
rather difficult, however, involving shorted power boxes, laser triplines,
LAMS, and several sentry guns. If you know the way and prefer to go that way,
more power to you!

When you exit this alley, there will be one to your left, another way that you
might have come if you'd gone into the alleys. A few feet in is a LAM you can
use on the wall, so disarm it and take it. Even further in is another one. Note
on the ground a multitool. There is a datacube that notes the warehouse ramp is

Go down the sewer hatch there, and retrieve the lockpick in the box floating
in the water. You can get back up by jumping on the boxes. Jump across to the 
valve, and open it. This will allow you to swim underwater in the tube in
the pool. You can also use a LAM to blow up the ruined section of wall at the 
end of the corridor here. That is worth 20 skill points. Past the wall is a
datacube with login NSF and password righteous for the security computers in
the warehouse. If you want, you can hack the keypad and open up the sealed door
at the top of the ladder, and find yourself in the basement, at the sealed door
mentioned under SWIMMING-}GRATE.

From here, I assume you continue the ground assault...

Get out of the sewer, now. Exit the alley, and go left. On your right will be 
the door into the warehouse. Storm in, and prepare to shoot lots of people. Now,
you can either shoot one of the barrels near the generator to blow it up, or
go up to the second floor and have it overload itself. There is another way up
from the ground, too. Circle the building and you'll find a stairway up to a
balcony with a locked door that opens right up to the control room. From there
you can overload the generator and it will blow. Blowing up the generator is 
worth 500 skill points.

  SWIMMING - 4.10
Swimming will get you into the basement of the warehouse, but you'll need good
swimming or an aqualung to have a prayer of making it. Doing so gets you 20
exploration points, at about the halfway point.

Get out of the water, and use the security computer to deactivate a whole bunch
of cameras and doors, etc.

  GRATE - 4.11

Now you can either go through the grate or down the hallway, both ways taking
care to avoid triplines. Going down the hallway leads you do a sealed door that
you can presumably get through or come through, but going up to it nets you 30
skill points. This door is opened from the other side, behind the ruined wall
mentioned above, near the pool you swam in.

If you go through the grate, there will be a panel that
will deactivate most of the triplines down that path. Go under the remaining one
and take a left. Note the 10mm in the dark alcove to your right. Go straight,
up to the window. If you go left you'll be spotted by the camera aiming down 
that hallway. When you get to the window, note the camera on the ceiling to your
right. You're going to have to make your next move when it isn't looking, 
because there is a turret and a guard nearby. There is a locked door which can
be gotten into with lockpicks, and inside are rockets, another lockpick, and
10mm. Also there is a security panel that disables a couple of laser lines that
are easy to dodge (they are on a slant) so don't bother. The other locked door 
leads to a hallway that you can dash across to by going out the door and taking
2 immediate rights. Ease down the corridor under the triplines and gun, and turn
the corner, noting the guard waiting there at the top of a ramp. Be careful of
the camera behind you if you try to shoot him here. Up that ramp is the ground
floor of the warehouse where you will find the generator. For the most part,
the rest of the basement is a maze full of cameras and traps, so explore at your
own risk. There IS a control room down there (not sure of the keypad combo, but
only 20% to get in) with good stuff in it. This includes 60 skill points, a LAM,
the storeroom key (if you want to wait to get it), a security computer, and a
safe with an aug canister (speed/silent running). You can get here if you head
straight down the hallway that the storeroom is on, and it has two doors, one
of which is keypad-locked and both of which are watched by cameras.

Mikal writes:

The control rom down here has an unlocked door in addition to the locked 
door with a keypad. The unlocked door is around the corner from the locked 
door. No need to waste a lockpick to get in.

Useful login: TFrase, valleyforge--for the computer in the control room.

  HQ - 4.12

Once you've blown the generator, you'll be told to go up to the roof and take
the chopper to HQ. See Hermann, and get on the chopper. Head into the HQ 
building. Note that subtle things have changed, like the new soda on the front
door guard's desk.

On the first 'level', get the tranq darts in the office to the right and the
lockpick in the office to the left. The case in the breakroom has a weapon-mod
recoil. ATM is worth 750. There is 10mm in one of the hall closets. See
Manderly. Go over to the door and eavesdrop on the conversation between Simons
and Manderly. Then, Anna goes in. Follow her, and talk to Manderly. Grab the 2
keys in the room before you leave; one on the bookshelf, the other on the table
behind the desk.

Go down to the med lab. I highly suggest installing the speed enhancement. It
allows you to run faster, and more imporantly, jump higher and farther, which
will allow you to get to many more places in the game safer and faster. Some
areas are just not available without it. Jamie's closet has 2 medkits in it. You
should already have the key from last time. Talk to Jamie for some small talk.

Go into Alex's office, and get the multitool on his desk. In the closet is a bio

Next, go see Carter. He'll give you multitools and a weapon mod accuracy. If you
haven't killed too many people in the last few missions, he'll also give you
some 7.62.

Now go to Anna's office. There is a bio cell on her bookshelf. There is a candy
bar and a soda on her computer desk, and binoculars on a table nearby. There are
darts in a crate by the entryway.

Now you have a choice. You can go up to the chopper, or go see Simons 
'interrogate' the prisoners. If you go see, he'll get pissed at you, but he
ends up being your enemy anyway, so don't take it too hard...

On your way up to the chopper, go over to the comm van, and open up the hatch.
At the bottom of the stairs is a multitool. Around the back of the van is a
lockpick. Go into the comm van with the key 0451 and use the maintenance robot
to recharge your energy. Grab the flares on the table if you want them. You're
done now; get on the chopper.


Head over to the shanty-town. Go into the room with the woman and the man 
talking about how cold it is. Talk to the guy there, and if you have the 
password, 'Underworld' from the bum you should have saved back in New York City,
and he'll tell you to go to the telephone booth in the subway station and use
the code 6653 to get in. This is worth 175 points.

There are many beers and sodas about, and a lock box in one of the shacks that
contains a book with the passkey combo 6653 and a ps20. One of the other shacks
has a medkit sitting on a table.

"Mimi" {[email protected]} adds:

Battery parc: (after the second time you pass in the Unatco HQ): At the 
beginning of the mission, before using the phone booth to get to the 
Brooklyn subways, go to the small parc with the eagle statue: on the 
pedestal , near the right claw of the eagle there's a zyme waiting for 
ya! Take it to save up 250 credits afterward...

Go down to the subway station. You will find Harley Filben, who is willing to
sell you the code to the phone booth for 500. Of course, we already know it's
6653. So don't bother.

Now go up to the phone booth. Use 6653, or multitools if you really need to feel
honest and didn't get the code any other way.


Go down the passage, up the ladder, and open the sewer cover. You find yourself
in a very large subway station. There is a guy here that will ask you for zyme.
If you don't have some (some can be found in Hell's Kitchen, a couple levels
back), you can buy some from the drug dealer at the south end of the station for
250. It's hardly worth it, as the guy only tells you about the keypad in the 
women's bathroom, but he doesn't tell you the code.

At the north end of the tracks is a guy who will give you a quest to fix the 
plumbing at the north end of the station. If you do it, he'll give you the code
to the keypad in the women's bathroom.

You need a LAM to clear the wreckage. If you don't have one, you can get one 
from the lame gangers on the upper level. You can buy one, get one in trade for
killing the drug dealer downstairs for them, or (i presume) you can shoot up 
their leader and get some. The last one I didn't try...yet. You can also go into
the men's bathroom and trade a vial of zyme to the junkie there for a LAM he 
has. This might be cheaper, as a zyme vial only costs 250. Or, you could wack
the dealer, and get 2 vials for free. Giving him the vial is worth 100 skill

Upstairs, in a crate behind some cardboard boxes, is a multitool. Also behind
the boxes is a map that can be 'unlocked' and behind it are some flares and 
datacube with the keypad combo: 5482. There is an ATM up here worth 100.

Talk to El Rey. He'll sell you a LAM for 750 or ask you to kill the dealer
downstairs. There is also a crate with buckshot near the turnstyle.

Once you've got a LAM, head to the north end of the station and find the tunnel
that is filled with rock. Open the door, and you'll see a bunch of beams
blocking the tunnel. Use the LAM to clear it and go through. Go down the passage
and through the door. Go over the steam pipe (or through the pipe to the right,
unlocking the grate over the pipe) and up to the valves around the corner. Turn
them, and you're golden. 100 skill points.

Go back to Charlie, the guy who gave you the quest, and tell him. You get 25
skill points and the key combo, 5482.

Go to the women's bathroom, look under the sink, and use the combo 5482 to open
it. A door slides open in the empty stall, and when you go into the tunnel, you
get 100 skill points.

You'll come out on a small platform of wood with a ladder leading down. If you
look around, you can see guards walking around off to your right. If you feel
gutsy, you can shoot them from here, but beware all of the civilians, and know
that the civilians that you can talk to will book it if they see gunfire. This
is not an easy part to get by, sneaking or fighting.

Before tackling the guys to the right, you might want to sneak over and take 
down the guy on your left, who is walking around near the alarm panel. I used
the shock prod myself.

Now you should head to the right. A good idea is to keep low and get under the
little wooden bridge-thing so you can get a good look at the layout of the land.

Amid the columns in this area is a crate with thermoptic camo. On the west end
of the large wall is a large gaping hole in which a mole person stands. Talk to
him and he'll tell you about the commander's key and a secret passage he's got
set up. You get 25 skill points for your trouble. Get to the south end of the
tunnel, and make sure to get the guards here; at least one of them has an EMP
grenade. The one hiding in the ruined shack has a lockpick.

The commander is in a room on a platform to the west side of the south end of
the tunnel. Whew. Also here are some rooms with a box with a lockpick. The brick
that you have to hit for the secret passage is behind some cardboard boxes in 
the same room with the lockpick crate. Inside is a nanokey you'll need shortly, 
a flamethrower, a pistol, a crowbar, and a pepper cartridge. You'll probably
find the 'commander' here too. He's an accountant, though, he says, but will
turn on you a few seconds after you talk to him. Best to get him when he's still
'green' on your reticule. 100 skill points for getting in, and another 100 for
talking to the commander.

Throughout the area are scattered many sodas and beers, so if you want them,
stock up now.

[email protected] adds:

In the Mole People hideout, there is a small alcove in the rocks near the 
restrooms.  It's right against the wall past the ramp.  Inside is a LAM 
(armed on the wall) as well as other little goodies.  Getting in is worth 38 
skill points.

Time to go to the north end of the chamber. If you haven't wacked the guy near
the alarm, and plan to, do it now. Sneaky-types can get around him, but probably
not the two guys around the corner. Hopefully, though, they should be 'green',
which presumably means they have surrendered.

Head past these two, and the last guy, down to the bathroom section. First go
into the ladies' and get the multitool in the box in the last stall. Then, go
into the mens'. 100 skill points.

  SEWER LINE - 5.2

You have entered another dimension. A dimension where time and space have no
meaning. You have entered...the booby-trap zone. Oh boy. There aren't very many
enemies down here until the end, but there are jumping puzzles and tricks and
traps, so be wary.

You'll come onto a landing of sorts. Note the EMP grenade in the small sewer
pipe to your right. Also note to your left is a control panel for some lasers
up ahead to your left. On the wall to your right (in the water) is a door that
when opened reveals a valve that will turn off the steam ahead to your right.
Either way you go, it is likely you'll have to use the small and/or large boxes
nearby to get over the pipes and walls obstructing the way through. Unless, of
course, you have and are willing to use the speed enhancement upgrade.

The tunnels merge from each side and lead into a larger, open room with a camera
to your right. Try to avoid it, as it controls no less than 2 turrets up on your
right. Up ahead, in the next room, is a guard who is right near an alarm panel,
so you might want to avoid using your light so he doesn't see you. You can 
either go up the stairs under the camera, or straight ahead to where the alarm
is and the guard is patrolling. He has the nanokey to the 'sewer door' up ahead.

Go through said door and you find yourself in another room with laser trip lines
in front of a pool of water, over which are suspended strange grates. Can you
say 'jumping puzzle'? The control panel for the triplines is on the right side 
of the room, all the way at the back, almost behind the door. If you don't wish
to brave the grates (which will fall almost immediately when you get on them,
super-mario style), climb on top of the boxes to the left, right near the door,
and open up the grate there. Go in, then drop into the water, and swim (gee i
hope you have the iron lung) down through the passage, up, and out of the water
onto the little landing here, and then up the ladder into the foyer right before
the sentry droids mentioned below.

If you do want to make the jumping run, probably because you can't swim that far
or fast, disable the triplines (they trip like 2 or 3 guns), and jump across.
Make sure you SAVE before you try, because you will likely get dunked the first
couple times especially if you aren't good at FPS's. It's a good idea to hit the
ramp extender button, right near the laser lines, on the left side, and you can
blow up the tnt box here to disable the lines instead of hitting the control 
panel. Jump across, go down the corridor, and take the left. There will be an
EMP grenade attached to the wall RIGHT FREAKING THERE to your left, so grab it
fast. Might wanna save after you make the jumps in case you don't want to gamble
with losing all your bio energy. Down the hallway, and you're into the foyer
right before the sentry bots, where the swimmers would have come out, at that
manhole right there.

Past the partially-collapsed passage is a foyer with 2 sentry bots. You can
either take them out with EMP grenades, scramble one with a scrambler grenade,
or sneak out when they aren't looking, and use the little holes in the wall on
your right and left to hide and advance past them.

Once past them, move into the corridor on the left. Go into the computer room
with the door and get 50 skill points. Note the multitool and datacube under
the pipes that run between the two computers. The datacube has login info:
etodd : saintmary

If you have super strength, you can move the large crate on the right and get
the medkit stashed behind it. Also note the lockpick on top of the smaller crate
to the left.

When you open the double doors, you'll find a foyer and some glass doors, 
behind which you will see a guard. There are many such guards in the next area;
avoiding them is extremely difficult. It will probably be easier to shoot them
all. You can wait for this guard to move into the other room, past the ambrosia,
but note that there is a security camera directly over the entrance door,
looking down at you. You could try to disable it with multitools, but if you're
going in shooting, why bother?

Ahead of you you will see the barrel of ambrosia and some crates. The crates
both contain 7.62. Through the doors is the area below the helipad.

Through the right doorway is a set of stairs and a hall with two doors. The
first is a bathroom. Either knock out or kill the guy in the bathroom for his 
nano-key to the air-field security room. The second is an empty women's 

Up the stairs is a rec room with pool tables and a security camera pointed right
at you from across the room. If you are sneaking, duck behind the tables for
cover. If you are shooting, you probably don't care. Through the door under the
camera is the helipad with a helicopter on it. Might not want to venture out
there yet, as there are snipers. The ATM in this room is worth 750. There is 
also a bio cell on the bookshelf here. Note that behind one of the bookshelves
is a little store room with 3 crates and 50 skill points, but i haven't figured
out how to open it yet; a guard opened it for me. There is ballistic armor,
a lockpick, and a medkit.

Chris Phillips {[email protected]} writes:

There are two pinball machines in that Rec. Room. 
Simply play the right hand one (closest to the
bookshelves) and the door will open and yield it's
goodies and XP to you.

Ashwath Ganesan {[email protected]} adds:

If you go down the right hallway and to the bathroom there's a guard
there with a nano key (er, the right hallway from the main lobby).

Go back through the left hallway, up the stairs and take the 2nd door
(the one down at the end of the hall).  This room has all the machines
in it that, sadly, you can't affect.  There's a switch behind the
houseplant on the shelf on the far wall.  Press the switch and a
bookshelf opens there.  It'll also open in the break room.  Tada!

Through the left doorway (in the entrance hall) is another set of stairs and a
hall with two doors. The first door is an open office. Grab the multitool, the
candy bar, and the 10mm (if you can't find the multitool, check in the desk
cubby). Then use the computer, etodd : saintmary. You discover that an aug
canister has also been taken, and sealed in a crate with the code 9905. You'll
need that later. The second door is an office with a lockpick and a bio cell in
the desk cubbies. The computer here is useless.

Head up the stairs, and (if you haven't shot him yet), beware the guy patrolling
the balcony. He'll be behind you as you go up the stairs. Use your nanokey that
you got from the guy in the bathroom to open the door here. You can use this to
go up to the roof to get at the snipers there. First you should go around the 
corner into the security room. There you will find another guard and the 
security computer that will shut down all the cameras and open a door that you
probably don't need anyway. Your nanokey will also open the other door in this
room, which leads to the helipad. There are 2 snipers on the roof; one on the
level you come out on, via a hatch, and one with a sniper rifle on a grate 
walkway above you, accessable by a ladder near the hatch. Be careful; two well-
placed sniper rifle shots can end your game rather quickly.

Paul Dargan {[email protected]} writes:

I'm sure you've got it, but didn't see it mentioned. At the end of your
5.2, you don't mention that in the security room there is a switch hidden
behind a plant that opens a 'secret' room with an augmentation canister +
other goodies e.g. LAW in it.

  HELIPAD - 5.3

Whether or not you come out on the top of the pad doesn't matter. You want to 
get below it. You have 2 choices; either use the elevator to the east, or the
sewer hatch to the northwest. Either way, beware the guards. I like to get on 
top of the helipad and use my strength to lift the gasoline barrels over the
lip and then toss them at the hapless guards below; but you can try and sneak
by them, if you want, or knock them out.

To use the elevator, go down the east passage. Hopefully you have disabled the
turret and the camera at the security post back in the helipad complex. If not,
you're going to get shot up a whole bunch here. Go up the elevator and you find
yourself near the helipad at the airport and 100 skill points richer. You also
get a map of the airfield.

If you perchance decide to swim, go to the northwest part of the below-helipad
area and open up the sewer grate. I hope you have iron lung or a good swim 
skill, because this will be a feat. Swim downwards, and then down the long
shaft, and come up to the surface in the room at the end. Go up the ladder, and
jump to the platform with the single crate, and from there to the large open 
pipe across from the ladder. Go down here until it loads the next area. Then go
over to the small pipe on your right and grab the weapon mod reload. Then jump
into the water, swim underwater through the length of the pipe, and pop up in
the bay. Here you get 100 skill points and the map of the airfield.

  THE BAY - 5.4

Good luck hitting the guy(s) on the dock; your aim sucks from the water, and 
they can see and hear you pretty well. There is a box of shotgun shells 
floating in the water. Try and grab them before they fall. Get on the dock,
and break open the crates for a multitool and a bio cell. Be careful about the
windows because the place is crawling with sentry droids and sometimes they can
see through the windows. Their bullets go through the windows just fine, too.

The guard or two (hopefully two) that you should have nailed here both have nano
keys. You'll probably need those for any monkey business you're going to get
into. If you didn't get one of the keys from the guard, you can get it on top of
one of the crates near the alarm (also near the ambrosia cannister).

Hopefully you've got the security tower key. If you do, go out the door and head
to your right, and make a break for the tower you see there. MAKE SURE you have
your key ring equipped BEFORE you do this! You'll probably be spotted by the
camera, but if you run fast enough (F7 super-speed can help with this), you can
open the door and get inside without being shot (although the alarm will
probably go off). Go up the ladder, grab the sniper rifle and the binocs if you
want them, and hack the security computer to turn off the cameras and guns.
Better yet, have the guns shoot up the sentry droids as they go by!

Head back towards where you came in, towards the trucks nearby. You will need
F7 super-speed to assist you in your jumps onto the truck beds, unless you
have a crate handy. The first truck contains tranq darts and 10mm, and the 
second contains SABOT shells for your shotgun. SABOT shells make the shotgun
all worth it because they damage robots, cameras, sentry guns, and any metal
opponent you will face. I save them mostly to take out annoying cameras; your
mileage may vary.

If you have the security tower key, head over to the other tower, which should
be in view now, behind the trucks. Watch out for those cameras, and equip the
key beforehand. Also, beware of the security droid that may be patrolling to 
your right as you make your dash. On the ground floor is a box of 10mm ammo.
The top floor has the requisite security terminal to hack so the guns shoot up
the droids, and there is buckshot and a pair of binocs in the window.

If you leave the tower here and head directly east, you will find yourself at
the elevator that you would have come up, using the other way, right near the 

  ELEVATOR - 5.5

If you've just come up this way, you won't have the security key to get in the
tower behind the elevator building. If, however, you came in from the bay, and 
you have the key, you should rush that tower, too, and avoid the droid 
patrolling the area. On the ground floor is a GEP gun (a rocket launcher by any
other name) and a crowbar. Upstairs is a gas grenade and another pair of binocs.

There is yet another security tower east of here, this one with binocs, weapon
mod recoil, and 10mm.

Across from this tower there is a sealed compound with a generator on the fritz
and 4 boxes inside. This will be to the left of the elevator, if you're just
getting out there. You have to cross the arcs of lightning to get at the boxes
or the control panel. Those who endure get tech goggles, an EMP grenade, 7.62
ammo, and a weapon mod clip. Just being in the area sucks your bio energy.
Actually going into the electricity also does damage.

Now you're going to want to make your way into the compound of boxes, which will
be to the right of the elevator. This whole place is a jumble of random boxes
and crates, but if you can get on top of them, do it; you can jump from crate
to crate, and many of them have items hidden on top or inside. You will probably
need the speed aug (F7) to do it, though. There are various ladders about that
you can use to climb up. Most of the stuff seems to be concentrated on the south
side of the compound.

You're going to want to get to the south end of the compound, and then head east
until you find the east gate. There is a control box here with a button that 
will open the door. Use an East Gate Nano key to open it (it's INF/INF), which
you can get in the shack by the bay (where you came in if you swam) or from one
of the many guards about. Some of them have security keys, and other have gate

Beyond the gate is a large building, and behind that is a security tower. 
However, there are 2 guards in the quad between the building and tower, so if
you're going to rush the tower, you'd best get them first, or run extra fast. In
here are 2 multitools and more binocs.

Make your way to the north side of the building. This is where the doorway is.
There are 2 guards, 1 at the doorway. Once past them, you'll note a break room
on your right with many sodas and the kitchen, further up to the right, with
nothing in it. Get the darts from the dart board, and move into the alcove
behind the stairs. hit the trigger on the floor to your right to open the secret
door. 25 skill points. Inside: 30.06, 7.62, nano key to the barracks dorm,
combat knife, lockpick, mini-xbow, weapon mod scope, and LAW.

Go upstairs. There's nothing in the bathroom. Use your new nano-key to open the
barracks door. If you are not planning on keeping the LAW, it'd be a cool idea
to take it and fire it into the room to blow open all the boxes. If not, you'll
have to picklock the ones you want. The boxes are:

CLOSE LEFT: medkit, datacube with hangar code: 5914
CLOSE RIGHT: flare x4, LAM
FAR LEFT: bio cell, multitool
FAR RIGHT: cigarettes x2, darts

Once done with this, go to the metal door at the end of the balcony. Input the
code, 5914, and go in. 50 skill points. You're in a hallway now. Area change.
Hit the switch to open the door. This area is a neutral zone; enemies won't
attack, on orders from their boss. Before boarding the plane, go to the trailers
under it. In it is a data cube with the diagram of the plane and a crate with
rockets, a crate with accuracy mod, and a crate with 10mm.

There is an aircraft mechanic selling a recoil weapon mod for 400 and shotgun
shells for 300.

Now get onto the plane. The first door you see is an empty bedroom. To your
right is an empty bathroom. Go down the hallway. To the right is a kitchen with 
beer and soy food on the table. Go downstairs to find the ambrosia cannister.
Use the maintenance bot. 100 skill points for the cannister, by the way. Use the
code 9905 on the panel (near the floor) to open the field and get the aug. If you
go behind the stairs and around to the right, and have speed enhancements, you
can jump on a crate in the cargo hold and find a multitool behind it. Go upstairs
and get the 10mm and the nano key hiding on one of the consoles. Use the key to
open up the locked door on the middle deck. Go into the room on the right and
grab the soda and assault rifle. All that's left is Lebedev. You can kill him or
talk to him. I leave it up to you; but I usually talk to him. Note that there is
a datacube under the bed with the code 9905 for opening the cannister in the 
hold. Whatever you do, you get 175 skill points.

Yves-Christopher Pincemin {[email protected]} writes:

I wanted to point out that with Lebedev in the jumbo 747 plane, there is
a 3rd way that gives you 200 points. Basically you kill Anna Navarre
after she appears. I used a GEP GUN, that rocket thingy to kill her. She
dies in one hit. Then you continue to talk to Lebedev. This option
insures that Lebedev isn't murdered by Anna. He mentions some stuff about
the Majestic 12. Just thought this may be of interest. TA

Joiro Hatagaya adds:

Also, a tip for the Lebedev assassination assignment. If you decide to
kill agent Navarre instead, and don't care for talking with her, just
plant a LAM at the entrance, then go and talk with the Lebedev without
hurry - she'll just blow up when she runs into the room and nobody
[heheee...] gets hurt.

Now all you've got left to do is to get back to the helipad that is near the
elevator that you might have come up in the main outside area. It's near the
power boxes that were shorting out in a corner of the field.

Travis Joern {[email protected]} writes:

I thought you should know, when you come back to UNATCO HQ after the choice 
to kill navarra or Lebedev (or neither), go to medical. In the medical 
closet, you'll find a leg aug, very much worth the 1 lockpick it takes to 
open (or use the key if you grabbed it earlier)

Welcome back, again. Head to the comm van, and open it with the code 0451. Inside
are sabot shells for the shotgun and 10mm for the pistol. Now proceed into the
base. On level 1, the office on the right has a bio cell and 7.62. Your office
has a multitool on the desk, a mod recoil UNDER the desk, and a prod charger
on the couch.

The case in the meeting room has a bio cell, darts, 30.06, and 7.62. ATM is worth
750. Also, talk to Jamie and the FEMA guy there for some interesting plot. One
of the supply closets has a lockpick in it. Now go into Manderly's office. He
has a candy bar on his desk. There's a mod reload in the bathroom.

Go down to the supply room. The 2 crates have shotgun shells in them. Talk to
the general and he'll give you a choice of the following: tranq darts, shotgun
shells, 30.06, or GEP ammo. In Anna's office is a prod charger and soda and
another charger on the bookshelf.

Now go to medical. Install the aug. I recommend ballistic protection, as damage
from EMP fields is infrequent and will never kill you; only drain your bio
energy. The closet has a medkit, a bio cell, and the leg aug (speed/run silent)
which you can use if you didn't get it before. Candy bar and soda are on the
desk. Another medkit is on one of the sick beds.

Go to Alex's room. There is a soda and candy bar on a table. Also, a multitool
on one the table with screens coming vertically out of it. Talk to Alex and get
the lockpick on his desk. The closet also has a lockpick in it.

Now you're ready for your next mission. Get to the chopper topside.


Back to New York. Go up the ramp onto the ledge and down the ladder there. When
you get to the fire escape, to into the window there, into the apartment. Talk
to your brother in the living room, and grab the medkit on the floor beside him.
There is soda and soy food in the cabinet of the kitchenette.

Open up the painting on the wall and use the code 4321 to open up your brother's
secret stash. Inside is lockpick, aug upgrade, multitool, 7.62 x2, 10mm.

Leave out the apartment door, using the nano key you've still got. In the locked
apartment near the end of the hall is a soy food by the stove. At the top of
the elevator is a weapon mod accuracy. At the bottom is a multitool in a box.

Go down to speak with the owner, if he wasn't killed in your previous trip. If 
you reconciled the daughter with the father, they'll be arguing about JoJo, the
local street boss. You can talk to them, and offer to give the old man a weapon
to deal with the guy. Afterwards, JoJo will come down for a confrontation. If you
gave the guy a weapon, he'll attempt to take out JoJo. He may need your help, as
JoJo has a stealth pistol. After it's done, you can talk to them again. No 
reward, though.

MrSeagull notes:

If you give the "'Ton" owner a mini-crossbow, he will be able to take out 
Jojo with the tranqulizers. If he does it WITHOUT your assistance, he and is 
daughter will make up and she will not leave New York.

There is a 50 credit chit on the table in the back. The ATM is worth 400.

Now is a good time to see smuggler. In the entry foyer, before the laser 
triplines that have been reinstalled, is a crate in the shadows which has a
lockpick in it. You can use the multitool in the toll booth shack to turn off the
wires. Once you get to him, you'll get 20 skill points. He'll sell you a range
mod, a clip mod, or a flamethrower cannister for over 2000 credits each. Steep.

There's a candy bar on one of the tables downstairs and a soda, flares, and
lockpick upstairs. Behind the hidden panel (accessed by hacking the keypad behind
the bed) is recoil mod, clip mod, and ballistic armor. Leave now.

Both the clinic and the warehouse are closed. Head to the Bar.

In the alley behind the bar where you probably shot Johnny is a datacube with
Renton's ATM info on it. Maybe you will get a reward...:

Go into the bar. Aside from various food and drink, like last time, you can see
Harry Filben and talk to the tabloid guy. There's a shotgun and shells behind the
bar. ATM is worth 155.

Outside, in an alley near the subway (which is closed) is a bio cell. You can 
also get into the sewer from here. Head down the hall and avoid or disable the
tripwires using the panel, and head to the platform on your right. On the pipe,
above, is a bio cell. Back by the door a 10mm cartridge sits on top of the locked
door panel. Also, disable the control panel next to it because the lasers in the
next room have been lowered. Go through the hatch, down to the door, and open it
with code 2167. Grab the 30.06 under the alarm panel. Go up the ladder.

Use the security computer to rotate the bridge and then detour to the metal door
on the left side to find 10mm in a crate there. There is also 7.62 hiding under
the table there. In the middle of the bridge is a crate with thermoptic camo in
it, and getting there is worth 60 skill points. This will be the end of your
journey, sadly, as the rest of the lab has apparently collapsed. So leave, and
head streetwise, back towards the bar. It's wise to leave by the other exit, as
10mm is hiding by the base of the ladder and it's closer to where you want to be,
which is behind the bar. Head to the northwest section of the area and you'll
notice that the tunnel that was previously blockaded is now open. You should head
that way to get to the old NSF HQ. At the end of the tunnel, first head right and
find the 2 hidden combat crates behind the 2 piles of cardboard boxes. There is
7.62 and shotgun shells.

Now head south. Note on your left another pile of cardboard boxes, concealing 
more crates, which hold shotgun shells and a prod charger. Now head to the
blockade and talk to the guy there. Go past it, take a right, and go aaallll the
way to the end of the street and you'll find more cardboard boxes with a medkit
in a crate stashed there. Now head through the second (empty) blockade through
the area transition.

Now, the place is crawling with guards. Luckily, they're friendly, but they won't
be as soon as you send the signal; they will, in fact, try to shoot you in the
face as soon as you do this. Nevertheless, you probably don't want to raise their
ire just yet. Head around the large building you see to the alley you'll see on
your right side, near the end of the street, or use the main door entrance that
is on your right as you head down the street. Just note that on the first floor 
is a crate with a hazmat suit in it. There are also rockets on a table there. You
can find an important nano key in the women's bathroom on the first floor. Also, 
outdoors on the ramp entrance past the alley are 2 boxes with 7.62 and 30.06 in 
them, respectively.

The second floor holds 2 crates with buckshot and a medkit. In the computer room
on that floor you'll find 2 candy bars and a soda, and 2 troops talking about
Simons, who will soon be mad at you. There are also 2 locked doors which lead
into the same room. Inside is a bio cell and a datacube with the security login.

The third floor has a crate in a corner with buckshot and a computer room. Use
the button in the corner of the computer room to activate the venting, and go
into the machine room. Take your first right, then another right and then right
at the window to find the security computer you need. Hack it and open the hatch
on the first floor. 30 skill points for finding it, by the way. The uname is

Roof has a crate with 10mm and the broadcast booth for your signal. The booth
has a LAM and 7.62 hiding under the tables here. If you want, you can hack the
door open now and send the signal, or you can go downstairs, into the hatch, to
get more skill points and stuff. I personally like stuff (and skill points), so
I always go get the code, even though I can usually hack through it.

Go to the first floor, down the hatch. 50 points immediately. Go down the short
hall, open the door. There is a crowbar on the table. You now have 2 choices:
left, through a locked door, or right. In the door to the left is a security
computer that you might want to use, as it will open many doors for you. The 
uname is TJEFFERSON and the pw is NEWREVOLUTION. If you go right, you should 
disable the control panel to your right as you go that way so as to prevent 
setting of the laser triplines immediately to your left. Then, either jump over 
the next set, or use the airshaft on the floor to your left to get past them. 
Either way you go, using the security computer or the laser tripline tunnel, 
you'll end up in the same room.

In this room is a hallway (leading to a dead end) and a door. There is also TNT 
stacked on 2 boxes with stuff in them. Be careful; tnt will go of at the 
slightest tap, really, so pick it up and to drop it without it blowing up, crouch
first. The boxes have a lockpick and a multitool.

Stephen Granade adds:

In the basement of the warehouse from which you send the signal, at the 
point where you talk about the "virtual funhouse of laser lines and 
turrets," you can disable some of the turrets without using any multitools 
or the TNT boxes. There are three spots on the floor with light white 
circles on them. If you stand on one of the circles, a piece of the wall 
slides in front of one of the three turrets. The first circle is right 
where the corridor bends to the left, by the first turret. The other two 
circles are in the two alcoves that are protected by laser lines. And 
imagine: there are three metal boxes in the larger alcove by the control 
panel. You can put one box on each of the circles and close off all three 
turrets. Put the first on the circle not in the alcoves, then put one box 
in each alcove in turn, waiting for the alarms to stop each time.

Through the door is a virtual funhouse of laser lines and turrets. You can 
disable some of them using the control panel on your left as you enter, and grab
the medkit in the crate there. Personally, i like to use the 2 tnt boxes to
wreak mayhem on the guns and lines here. At the end of the tunnel is another
interesting room. That gas spewing out of the can is toxic; avoid it. The crate
contains buckshot. The door on the left is unlocked, and the one on the right is
locked, but that can be easily remedied by setting off one of the tnt boxes in 
the room. Just don't blow yourself up. Inside the locked room is a hazmat suit
and 2 kinds of rockets. Then, use the unlocked door. Go down the hall. Assuming
you've used the security computer, you'll find a case with stuff in it and a
datacube on top of the case that is the object of your quest. The case has a
riot prod, charger, datacube, accuracy mod, and gas grenade. 150 skill points
for getting the cube. There's also a door in this room that you can blow using
some tnt. Inside are 2 bio cells, a lockpick, and a door to another corridor with
many tripwires and poison gas. This can be dealt with by using more tnt, if you
like. In the boxes are 2 multitools, and behind the gas drum is a control panel
that will disable more of the laser lines ahead. Down the hall on the right is a
box with a medkit and ballistic armor. Return to the room with the bio cells and
go up the stairs out onto the street.

Now you need to get to the roof. Do that. Use the door computer with login
MCOLLINS and pw REVOLUTION. Open the door and align the satellite. Then, log in
to the computer in the other room with NAPOLEON, REVOLUTION. Send the signal, and
prepare to fight UNATCO. 300 skill points.

"Max abernethy" {[email protected]} suggests:

I noticed one detail that you were missing in section 7.0.  In the NSF 
warehouse, it is much easier to get through (and certainly saves a lot of 
ammo) if you use the prod to incapacitate most of the guards before sending 
the signal.  You can do this to all of the indoor guards except for the two 
who are in the computer room without detection (the ones on the bottom floor 
are hardest, because there are four and you have to be sure none of them can 
see you).

Yes, that did indeed make it easier!

Richard writes:

Firstly here is a way to save yourself a lot of ammo and health packs. On 
the level where Paul is hurt in the 'Ton and you go off to send a message, 
you can escape the compound by jumping off the roof to lower ones below you, 
and skip all the guards inside.

Now the troops will attack you (i believe i said 'shoot you in the face'). Get
ready to fight your way down. It's a good idea to pick off as many as you can
from a distance, if you have the sniper rifle. You're job is to get back to your
brother's apartment, ASAP. I have found that placing a box at the top of a set
of stairs and then luring the soldiers to charge up at you works quite well
because you can then get them with one grenade once they've all run up to the
area with the box. Or that nice TNT box on the 4th floor...

Once you get there, you'll go through some dialog. Now you have to book it to the
subway station, and open it with code 6282. Be careful, because enemies have
spawned on the streets, including a battle mech, the likes of which you haven't
seen since the first level. Unfortunately, this one is not on your side. Once you
get into the subway station, hack the ATM for $375. 50 points for making the
subway. Get onto the train.

Now prepare for a showdown with Anna Navarre. She has thermoptic camo, so the
only way to know you hit her is when your reticule turns red. You can either run
from her, into Gunther's arms, only to have to fight her later, or kill her here.
Personally, i like to get into the air shafts and snipe her from there; beware
that she explodes when she dies.

Now, like it or now, you're going to get captured by Gunther. You can either
surrender gracefully, or get shot by him lots, lose a bunch of health (that won't
be healed by the next scenario), and get captured anyway. I leave it to you. 50
skill points for topping the stairs, btw.

MrSeagull notes:

In Hell's Kitchen, after sending the warning to the terrorist, when Paul 
tells you to leave and he will cover, if you help him destroy all of the 
MJ12 soldiers, he will be captured ALIVE and will remain in to further 
missions. Once all the MJ12 soldiers are killed (very hard to do) paul will 
seem to dissapear. I advise saving right before the battle, as paul may go 
down in the fight. once you verify that he is alive you can leave.
He will be alive in the medical area of the MJ12 bunker and will later 
appear in Hong Kong (after getting the rom encoding, or after destroying the 
UC, I cant remember which.

Sérgio Bernardino {[email protected]} adds:

We you come back to the apartment from sending the signal to the NSF and
to Paul Denton some MiB's raid the place. The idea it's that you should run.
If you do it, after you are captured you are told that Paul is dead. Still,
if you got guts (and are well armed) you can put a fight with those guys.
Kill them, go through the door and see the whole bunch of UNATCO troops near
the hotel reception, take them out (not an easy task, try using LAM's and
20mm ammo like i did) and that way Paul survives. He is captured too and
later he reappears in Hong Kong just after you've blown the UC that's
there. It's cool because it changes the course of story in the game a bit.
There are small variations in the dialogs if you perform certain actions.
instance, if you kill Greene (the reporter) after you're first talk with him
(oh yeah, quick hint here, after you hit the sucker *RUN*) Manderley gets
pissed at you for shotting civilians and later Harry Filben (when you meet
him in the bar and he tell's you he's with the NSF) congratulates you for
Also if you kill the gatekeeper at the graveyard before talking with Dowd
he'll call you paranoid....:)
There are probably more of this stuff around the game, i've beaten the game
quite a while now but i recently started to play it again with the cheats
enabled so i could completely "dissect" the game and uncover all the
Oh, and here is some conspiracy theory stuff i dug up that actually draw a
line from the game to real life:
The Illuminati and Adam Weishaupt actually existed. Adam W. created the
Illuminati in 1776 for the purpose of ruling the world through
assassinations, bribery, blackmail, and espionage (much like it is 
explained during the game,
only a little more evil..:) but ended up with the plot being exposed.
Majestic 12 is supposedly a secret US organization whose job is to research,
contact and maintain communication with alien intelligence, and it's said to
have an active part in the Roswell incident back in July 1947. And, get
this, in the middle of all the names of the guys said to be involved in 
this there are two that are quite interesting: General Hoyt S. Vandenberg 
(Vandenberg, hmmm...sound familiar?) and Gordon Gray - remember the Grays? 
The alien looking transgenics that appear in the game? Their name probably 
came from their color but there is nothing wrong with taking this kind of 
conclusion either since they actually look like that classical alien figure 
everybody knows.
So you see the guys who wrote the storyline for the game are pretty clever,
they took some pieces of scattered information and use it in the game to 
brighten up things...

Jason Dyer {[email protected]} adds:

The best way to take on the enemies who raid the 'Ton after you talk with 
Paul is to drop booby traps around the hotel BEFORE you talk with Paul -- you 
can have a great many of the troops blown up and choking in tear gas before 
you have to even fight anyone.

At Battery Park, if you duck into the vent before Anne Navarre talks with you 
and make your way past Gunther and the barricades (I'll explain how in a 
moment) Jock's helicopter will still be there but you can't use it. :( 
Apparently the "helicopter taking off" animation is triggered by the 
conversation with Anne.

The most fun way to kill Anne, by the way, is to duck away behind a pillar 
right when the combat starts -- she'll be "blind" for about half a second 
after the cutscene -- and to sneak up behind her and do a single pistol shot 
to the back of the head at point blank range. Just remember to run backwards 
right after you shoot so you don't get hit by her body exploding.

Now: how to get by the barricades. I used thermoptic armor, strength 
augmented to level 2, and stealth legs at level 3. I turned on all three 
before running out. Gunther does a cut scene even though you are invisible 
(although you can get his attention and start the cutscene in the subway, 
then sneak away from him like with Anne -- in that case don't set up the 
armor/strength/stealth until you are ready to run out), but after the scene 
he still won't "see" you. Run over to the barricade that is just a mech and 
three large boxes. Move one of of the boxes away, then run past that.

I've managed to wipe out all the surface troops except for Gunther (which I 
had lured into the subway station before I ran outside so I could take him on 
last) only to find out Gunther was invincible and Jock has no script to 
return even when there is nobody alive left on the surface to shoot at the 
helicopter. :( After running outside the barrier you can take out the enemies 
one at a time, using emp grenades and lams for the mechs.

"Jensen Ruud" {[email protected]} adds:

When fighting the MiB in Paul's hotel roon at the 'ton, it doesn't matter if 
you actually kill all of them, so it seems.  If you die during the fight (i 
killed one of them, and the explosion killed me), Paul survives and is 
captured anyway.  This is probably why Paul disappears after the fight, 
because the game assumes that you got captured.

And a particularly juicy bit, Stephen Granade notes:

In section 7.0, when you talk about how you can save Paul, you need to 
mention that the trigger is you walking out of the front door of the 'Ton. 
If you do as I did and kill everyone upstairs and in the lobby but then 
leave via the window from Paul's apartment to the fire escape Paul will 
still die. You can, in fact, throw on some thermoptic armor and run past 
everyone and to the front door of the 'Ton and Paul will stay alive.

Just a small tactic that you could add to your FAQ: (it may sound dumb, 
but everyone I know never even thought of using it, eheh)
When you enter the hotel, place a LAM on the door frame of Paul's room 
then talk to him. The raiders will stop next to the room, but one MIB 
will try to enter and get blown up. At this point, there is a pause; 
so use it to send a Gas Grenade to the left of the corridor: Fun gas 
action for the whole family, in other words, pot shots at the MIBs =)
It's simple, but everyone seems to forget about the effectiveness of 
Gas Greds.


Move towards the door until you are contacted. Wait for the lights to go.
Then the door will open. Sneak out (crouch) and beware the guard on your right.
Move over to the crate and grabe the baton. You haven't got much time. Hit him
on the back of the head. It may be that he walks off. If so, open the cell next
to yours and hide in there, and ambush him as he goes by.

Go to the desk. Get the codes: 4089 for the detention block door and the cells
are 4679. Open the cell with the guy in it. You can either have him come with
you, tell him to make a break for it, or tell him to wait here. The latter is
probably the best choice; you take care of the guards and cameras first. He'll
give you a medkit either way. Go into the cell next to that with the code 4679,
and you can heal with the medbot and get 2 lockpicks and a PS20.

Kester writes:

I thought i'd mention that in 8.0, the escape from UNATCO/MJ12 HQ, in the 
cell blocks where you start is a health bot, this means that if you ever 
lose any health all you need to do is run back past the camera and fill up. 
It can also be used to install the augmentation canister.

The box that the baton was in contains a riot prod. Make sure to avoid the camera
when you make your move. Don't forget to sack the file cabinet; you'll get a
beer, a multitool, and 10mm for the pistol you should have got from the guard.
There is also a locked drawer, which contains a multitool. You can use these 2
multitools to try to disable the camera here, if you want. You have to get the
small metal crate, and toss it under the camera, and then use the multitools (you
need to have at least a 2 in electronics to do this.

I prefer dashing past it myself; saves tools. You'll get out of the detention
block, to a T intersection with a grate in the floor. You'll be contacted, get
a floorplan, and get 250 skill points. You should probably get your stuff first,
so we'll head to the armory, which will mean you take a right into robot 
maintenance. Go behind that pipe there on your left, and get the lockpick and
crowbar, if you want it. For the curious, you CAN go into the air ducts now if
you want, but they lead to the command center and nanotech lab, two places that
will be very difficult without your equipment.


There are guards here. Many guards. They have machine guns, and the odds are that
you don't. Be careful, and don't be seen. In the first alcove on the right is a
bio cell in a crate, and behind it is a scrambler grenade, which would be good
to use on any mechs here. The second alcove has 7.62 and multitool sitting on top
of a crate. The third alcove has a multitool sitting on top of a crate. There are
a couple of mechanics here, who will tell you stuff, or sell you stuff, including
the security login (if you can't hack it) for 500, an accuracy mod, or 7.62. If
you want to clear out the room and take all the stuff, the best bet is to make 
your way to the second floor, into the side corridor to the control center. There
you can take out a guard or two who would otherwise spot you, and maybe wreak
bloody mayhem with the bots downstairs. Note that on the way up to the control
area, there is another set of pipes inset into the wall that a lockpick is hidden

Up in the control area is a computer with the option 'bot AI alteration' which
will make them go nuts. Uname: MJ12; PW: Invader. There's also a couple guards, 
some EMP grenades, and a lockpick or two, plus the armory code and other stuff. 
One other thing of note is a multitool on the 2nd floor, at the far end of the 
area on top of a crate near two bots.

  ARMORY - 8.2

The armory is guarded by 2 large robots that will kill you real fast. These aren't
your regular, run-of-the-mill sentry bots; these are the kind of mechs that make
battletech fans dance the happy dance. The door is locked with code 2971. Get in 
as quick as you can, and get the guard behind the desk with whatever you've got. 
Hopefully you won't set off any alarms or the camera in the corner. All your 
stuff should be in this room, but don't worry about that now. Get upstairs to the
security computer and hack it to disable the camera, gun, and warbots outside. 
There's too much stuff in here for me to describe it all, but there is a LAW on 
the rack, several assault shotguns, several assault rifles, and a plasma gun in a
locked box upstairs. Open it with code 5239 (you find this by hacking the 
computer and reading the email).

Once you're done with this, it's time to head to another area. Clean up anything
that you might not have done on the way to getting your stuff, and head back to
the area that you started near, with the grate on the floor.

Next, you should head to the nanotech lab.


Getting there won't be too easy, but you have 2 ways of doing it; you can go
into the air duct using the grate in the floor, or go around through the command
post to get there. Using the grate is somewhat convenient; just go down the hole
and take the right (the straight/left leads to the command center). There are
several places that you can pop up in, under the unsuspecting eyes of several
guards and a MIB, but that might not be the best choice. You can pop up and sneak
or snipe some people, but you'll be invariably surrounded.

For those who wish to brave the command post, here is the path. Go down the hall
that you' haven't been yet, past the sign that says 'command center'. You're going
to want to sneak out when the guards aren't looking, staying against the right-
hand wall, and sneaking into the corridor immediately to your right. See the map
for clarification (in your 'image' submenu).

Now, run around the corner as fast as you can. You see, someone is going to talk
to you around that corner, and if you are still visible from the doorway, the 
guards can walk by and notice while you are talking to him, and will attack you
right after the conversation. This person will give you the medical code, 0199.

On top of a stack of boxes is a crate with a gas grenade. You'll note, looking
towards the lab, a grate at about eye level. If you get up there, you can ambush
the guard on the platform there and maybe get some good shots at the enemies 
below. However, it will be difficult to get there without the speed aug. It is
possible without it, if you use one of the small stepping boxes below. What i did
was get up there and knock out the guard with the stun prod without anyone 
noticing. I then shot another guard with a silenced sniper rifle in the head, and
he dropped like a rock, and i dodged into the space between the grates on the
upper platform to avoid being spotted. Note that there is a security camera under
the platform and facing the doorway into the next room. It's protected, so you
can't shoot it or use tools on it from the side or behind. To get into the next
room, it might be a good idea to use one of the grates in the floor to sneak into
the next chamber.

[email protected] notes:

Men and Women in Black can be taken out of action without them exploding if
you use 3 tranquiliser crossbow darts on them. They fall unconscious and do
not explode - I found this handy as the MIB in the Nanotech Lab in the
Prison Escape MJ12 facility has a key which saves you many lockpicks on a
filing cabinet. There may be other instances where MIB and WIB have items on
them later in the game, but mostly I killed and exploded them. Releasing the
greasels can also knock them unconscious with their spitting poison, but
then you'd have to kill the greasels!

The next room has an MIB you'll have to take care of, (remember he explodes when
he dies) and several scientists that will likely run when you kill him. It also
has tranq darts, a computer you should hack to open the containment field around
the aug cannister, and controls to let out the greasels. You can cause a lot of
mayhem that way, but you'll have to kill them if you do; and they spit poison
something fierce. Login is dmoreau, pw raptor, if you can't or won't hack it.
The crate by the wall has a medkit. The Aug has Aggressive Defense System, which
destroys incoming missiles, and Spy Drones, which allow you to power spy drones
to fly around and spy for you. The file cabinet in the corner has a multitool
a datacube with the 0199 door code and login Psherman pw Raven, and another data
cube listing all of the logins for all the UNATCO people.

ajacobson - calvo
anavarre - scryspc
ghermann - zeitgeist
JCD - bionicman
jmanderley - knight_killer
jreed - redshoes
jreyes - amigo
klloyd - target
scarter - antique

You can use these upstairs to figure out Anna Navarre's kill phrase, if you want
it and she isn't already dead from the fight in the subway.

From here you can also get into some air duct tunnels that lead into a basement
area with a greasel that got free. It's worth 100 skill points to go down there.
You will find in the boxes some ballistic armor and a plasma clip. Don't forget
to install your aug before you go.

On to medlab.

  MEDICAL - 8.4

You're going to turn a corner and notice a waiting room of sorts to your left. The
secretary inside is hostile, so see if you can knock her out witha riot prod 
before she sounds the alarm. Now, note the large cage in front of you. 2 large
beasts roam there, with the addition of a machine gun. You have a couple of
choices in how you deal with this.

1. Don't mess with it.
2. Open the doors and let the beasts take care of the guards in front of the 
medlab door. Then, kill the things by hand or with the autogun in the cage.
3. Kill the things with the autogun, just for fun.
4. Kill the things with the autogun, open the door, and let the autogun kill the
guards by the medlab door.

So many choices...

Anyways, go right. You'll note a baton and a datacube with the security login 
info, namely MJ12:INVADER. Theres also a grate here, into the air duct system.
From here, you can release the beasts on the guards, if you want. The grate leads
to a duct in the medlab, so you can get in without any violence. Getting to Paul
is worth 500 skill points. You'll also get the code to the exit door, 1125, which
is in the command center. Going in the medlab door is also worth 500 points; if
you came in the air duct, head to the door and get that 500, coming from the other
direction (bug?).

To actually activate the security features and autogun, you need to head left 
from the office. Then, knock out or kill the guard here and hack the security
computer against the south wall. Set the gun to attack everything; that will 
shoot the beasties and the guards (if you open the door).


Now you want to get out of here. Head for the command center. This part here is
rather non-easy, if you know what i'm saying. It might even be a good idea to go
back to the air vent hatch in the floor outside of detention and use it to get
into the command center.

The command center consists of an office surrounded by a walkway and then an
elevated walkway. Guards circle it constantly. Getting in isn't that easy without
being seen. There are also guards inside the office, and dogs too.

Regardless, inside the central office you can find several items, including an
assault rifle with 7.62, a gas grenade, and a security camera that shows cameras
you've probably already seen. L: MJ12 PW: invader

On the opposite side of the office is the security door to get out. Use the code
1125 to open it. Go around the corner, and beware the guard at the desk there. By
now, I had rifles:3 and maxxed out the accuracy on the sniper rifle, plus fitted
it with a sniper scope, so i get no wobblies through the scope (maxxing out the
accuracy mods on a weapon is worth a whole skill level, it seems), so I took care
of him with a head shot.

Before you leave, don't forget to get the prisoner in detention. I always do.

Continue down the hallway and it will change areas. 200 skill points. Go past the
window and use the button to open the door. Know where you are yet? I thought so.
You're in UNATCO HQ.

  UNATCO HQ - 8.6

You find yourself in medical. Get the Aug cannister next to Jamie, and install
either energy shield or regeneration. Then talk to Jamie. You can either have him
come with you, or stay here. I always choose stay at UNATCO because he'll show up
later in France and give you Gunther's killswitch that way. Otherwise, you have
to fight him, and Gunther + Plasma rifle = bad news. The closet has a medkit in
a crate.

Joiro Hatagaya suggests:

I know you said you don't do it, but get the doc [Jaime] to go to Hong
Kong. [This is around point 11.00 in your FAQ.] When he arrives he has a
present for you - an aug upgrade cannister. But if your inventory is full
you can't take it from him and it falls somewhere around him on the
floor. So you just talk with him and get as many as you want. I upgraded
all my augs to max and playing the game after that was even more fun.
Well, it might be considered cheating, but well - if it involves just
normal in game activities it's ok, right? :)

Go across the hall to Alex's. Grab the multitool on the table. Closet has a bio
cell and a lockpick. Talk to Alex and he'll give you the key to the front door.

Now go see Carter at the armory. He'll unlock the door for you. There's some good
stuff in here including a GEP gun and a rebreather. Load up.

Across the Hall, Anna's Office has 30.06 and 7.62 on the table. If you have not
killed Anna yet, it is very important that you get into her computer to decrypt
part of her killphrase. Use: ghermann : zeitgeist

Now head up to the next level. Closet has a bio cell. The case in the break room
has sabot shells and a plasma clip. There is 10mm to the left of it. Go into the
room with the vending machine and talk to the woman there. She talks about 
stealing stuff from HQ, and offers to sell you 3 scrambler grenades for 1250 each.
ATM is worth 0. Other closet in the hall has a flare. Just one.

Time to see Manderley. He'll be green for a short time after your conversation,
and then he'll try to kill you. If that happens, or maybe before that happens,
shoot him in the face. Repeatedly. It will make you feel better. Then, go get
the candy bar in his bathroom. MMMM delicious. If you haven't killed Anna yet,
get the other half of her killphrase from Manderley's computer. jmanderley : 

One of the upper offices has a picture of an acoustic gunfire sensor and a multi-
tool on the bookshelf. The other has a guard and a lockpick on the bookshelf. Use
the key you got from Alex to open the glass door there. Go past the security door
with the guard. 165 skill points. Now, someplace around here, i presume Anna will
try to kill you, if you haven't already got her. If you meet her now, you can use
here kill phrase and she'll die instantly. Neat trick, eh?

Leave the building, skip the helicopter, and go over to the comm van. Behind it is
a crate with 10mm. Avoid the camera, and open the door with 0451. Get the 
scrambler grenade and 10mm off the table, and recharge with the maintenance bot.
Use the security computer to open the hatch outside to get the EMP grenade within.
The crate outside has a multitool. There is a crowbar nearby.

Now, get on the 'copter.

  HONG KONG - 9.0

Kyle writes:

I found a very easy way to get through section 9 of your guide (where jock's 
helicopter is locked down).  Enter the "base" on the left (if you're facing the 
lockdown doors).  You come up to a staircase.  Take a left, and open the grate 
that is on the wall on the way down to the troop's living quarters.  Take the 
first ladder on your left, and then go straight until you see a grate up above.  
Use the sticky mine trick to get up and open the grate.  That is the room that 
has the buttons that lets jock shoot out the door.  Just exit the level normally 
from there.  Using this method, you don't have to confront a single guard.

Christopher writes:

In the MJ12 Helibase in Hong Kong, there is another way to get rid of the 
securi-bots, that requires a lot of patience.

Allow Jock to blow the doors, and the mechs to be released. Then run over to 
Flight control 2, and (assuming that the lift is retracted and the blast 
doors for the unoccupied pad are opened), you can wait for both mechs to 
walk onto the lift, and then hit the switch that has the helicopter image on 
it. With this, the two mechs will be lifted up out of harms way by the 
heli-lift. However, this method requires a great deal of patience, and luck.

Your first job is to unlock the helicopter's weapon systems. Look on the ground
and find the grate into the air shaft. Follow it down for a while, around some
corners, and you'll note a right turn. This leads to a hatch in the bathroom
ceiling. You can use this if you want. I prefer to keep going.

The next turn, on the left, leads to the missile bay. Go in and get the WP 
rockets lying in the groove in the middle of the floor. On the table are rockets,
a weapon mod recoil, multitools, and a datacube with the code 99871 for the purge
valve, as well as a nano key for the munitions bay door. Hint: this is where you
are. If you go around the corner, you'll find the door that this key unlocks. It
is INF/INF, so the key's the only way you'll get it open. Behind the doors is a
set of stairs up to the helipad, where jock is.

If you go back up to the helipad, you can recharge your bio energy, and also
probably notice a ladder to the roof. There are LAW soldiers waiting up there,
so go up at your own risk. I took out the two guards with my sniper rifle, but
then it becomes necessary to eliminate the camera over the ladder. You can use
multitools, or, in my case, SABOT rounds from my sawed-off. There are some swords
over in a crate by where the guards were, as well as sodas and alcohol. There is
also, off to the left, a hatch that will open up to a ventilation shaft which is
right over the barracks' bed space.

Anyway, it's probably best to go back into the air shaft, back through the grate
in the munitions bay. Continue along your merry way until it meets an 
intersection, where you can go straight or right. The right leads to the fueling
chamber, while heading straight will lead to another ladder on the flight deck,
and behind that, a tunnel leading to a hazmat suit. Also, by the hazmat suit is
a ladder leading upwards to a mech bay and a control room at the top. Here, you
can hack a security computer to disable some cameras and turrets, and here also
you'll find the weapons lock button, as well as the munitions bay button. That
button opens a large door in the flight deck floor that allows access to the 
munitions bay from above. The weapons lock button won't work because Jock is in
the other bay.

Head back down to the fueling area, in the air shafts. It's time for some fun. 
Get ready to run. You're going to release the poisonous fuel into the air shafts.
Go up to the keypad in the room on the right and use the code 99871. You get 50
skill points for doing this. Wait in the intersection above the fuel area until
the gas dissapates. With any luck, you've killed a couple of enemies.

Now head down to the right, into the air shafts. At the first intersection, take
a left. Go through the shafts until you find a grate that leads into the barracks
bed area. Most of your enemies should be dead but perhaps not all, so be careful.
You also should have disable the camera here with the security computer.

The first locker on your left has pepper spray, cartridges, a munitions bay door
nano key, and 100 credits. The next is locked and has 10mm ammo and a trophy
(useless). The next locked one has a datacube with the elevator code: 989, and
the flight control deck nano key. The last one has 50 credits and a multitool.
Note the sniper rifle under the last bed here. YOU NEED THE FLIGHT CONTROL KEY.
Either picklock the door or find some sort of explosive to blow it open.

Go down the stairs, and on the right you'll see the bathroom. In there is a 
medkit and several lockers, which hold another medkit, a candy bar, and a gas
grenade in a locked one.

Once you've sacked the bathroom, head out of the room up the stairs. The next
level is the flight deck. Further up from that are the flight control decks. Use
the key to open the one on the right. 75 skill points. Hit the weapons lock 
button on the console here.

Jock will tell you to come back down. Now, you have to do this, but when he blows
up the doors, 2 mechs are going to come out and shoot you to hell. So you can 
either plan to dodge them (in which case, when you see the chopper move, either 
run for an air shaft hatch or back into the hall) or destroy the mechs beforehand
by getting into their bays. One has already been mentioned. The other is in the
maze of shafts past the fueling station. It's your choice. If you don't destroy
the mechs, get into the air shafts, get under the flight deck, and head for the
southern-most hatch. Whatever you do, you need to get through the ruined door.
Get into the elevator, and go down.

{[email protected]} suggests:

A useful tipin dealing with the bots in 9.0 Hong Kong. Take the two metal 
crates from outsidethe crew quarters and place one each directly in front of 
the bots doors. AfterJock has fired the rocket the doors on either side open 
but the bots cannot getout. They are sitting targets if you want to take them 
out or easy to run past. 

  WAN CHAI - 9.1
WARNING: Hong Kong offers some of the WORST voice acting in the game, and in fact
some of the worst affected chinese accents i have EVER heard in my life. You have
been warned.

First thing to note is the building in front of you. On the darkened wall, in the
corner nearest you is a locked door. Inside are 3 crates with: lockpick, baton,
sword. Also, on the right is a hidden door that opens up and reveals a security
keypad. Behind that is another room worth 40 points and containing: gas 
grenade x2, multitool, lockpick, bio cell, prod charger, pepper cartridge x2, a
datacube with the door code for the police station: 911.

If you go into the police station, they will shoot you. Lots. And their un-
suppressed gunfire will summon more military police, too. If you go left, there's
a guy sitting at a table (who'll try to shoot you). Further in is a control room
with a security computer, tech goggles, and a hatch with an INF code that you get
from Maggie Chow later, 87342, as well as another guard. Going down the hatch is
worth 40 skill points, and you can find a whole bunch of equipment, as well as a
datacube linking Chow to the death of the Red Arrow leader, which you may need
later. The stuff includes 30.06, a flamethrower + ammo, a law, and plasma ammo,
so if you're into weapons, consider killing off the guards.

To the right, from the entrance, is a ladder that leads up to a roof with 
a guard who won't attack. The best use of the station, in my opinion, is to 
go through the door opposite the entrance as a shortcut to other areas of 
Wan Chai.

You'll find a newspaper girl who will tell you about the Triads, a meat seller
who will tell you where the lucky money is, and a flower girl who is talking to
a Versalife employee. Next to the flower girl is a locked snack shop. Presumably
you can unlock it and take the snacks within, though i never bothered. I don't
know if the guards'll get upset.

At the south end of the area is a stairway with a sign that says 'Old China 
Hand'. This leads to another area that we'll deal with later. There's also a
Buddhist shrine, complete with doves, that HAD to have been ripped right out
of a Jon Woo flick. Next to the shrine is the Luminous Path Triad compound, 
which is where Tracer Tong hangs out. You have to do a quest for them to get
them to trust you.

They ask you to get a sword that someone named Maggie Chow has stolen. She lives
on Tonnochi road, which we will see later. On the east side of the compound is a
path that leads to canal road, which we will also see later. You can go back to
the newspaper woman to ask her about Maggie Chow, and right near her is the
entrance to the Lucky Money Club, as well as the Versalife building (which we
will deal with later--much later). ATM around the corner upstairs is worth 200.

You can also visit Canal Road Tunnel from here, if you want. The only reason to
go there now would be to get 100 credits from the ATM and a lockpick by the soda
machines. You'll visit here later.


Now let's go see the Lucky Money club, for kicks. Go down into the underground
mall, and it will transition areas. Go down the hall and take a left. You'll
notice a convenience store, which can be broken into later. You have to pay to
get into the club. You can either pay 25 to the woman at the counter, or 40 to
the women waiting near the door (and then follow them in). Either way, you get
100 points for getting in.

Richard writes:

in the Lucky Money Club in HK, the door girl has 1000 or so credits 
on her, you just need to knock her out to get it.

Talk to a guy in black walking the dance floor. He'll tell you the login for
the quick stop next door: MANAGEMENT : CODE324

You can go behind the bar on the 2nd floor if you want, and go talk to the Red
Arrow leader. He'll tell you nothing, pretty much. There's also a locked door
to the freezer, which has a bunch of stuff in it, but it's expensive in terms
of lockpicks. There's a LAW, 30.06, a sniper rifle, rockets, tech goggles, a
bio cell, and lots of alcohol. Also, I forgot, behind the bar is a 25 credit

Time to break into the quick stop. Make sure you do it when the guard isn't 
around. He'll try and shoot you if he sees you, and his friends are right down
the hall. Now, you're only going to be able to do it this way if you aren't too
bad with picklocks and don't mind sacrificing a few. If you don't have any, the
only way in is to shoot up the windows, and the guards will come for you then.

Open up the door, and note the security computer built into the other side of
the door. You should be able to 'use' it without actually going into the store.
Dodge behind the counter, and duck to avoid the guards. Use the computer with
MANAGEMENT : CODE324 to open the vault. It's 200 credits. ATM is worth another
200. Note that besides all the food, there is actually a multitool on one of
the shelves. You might mistake it for a candy bar, so check carefully.

Now go back to Wan Chai, and go to the OLD CHINA HAND sign, at the south end of
the compound. 


Go left, left, and left again, until you see another Old China Hand sign and a
door. Open it and go down the stairs. You'll be confronted by a guy thinking
you're Paul. Talk to him again. He'll sell you stuff: the VersaLife Blueprints
for 2000, a scrambler grenade for 1250, and thermoptic camo for 4000. In the 
kitchen, opposite where you came in, are is soy food, soda, and a candy bar.

Now you can go exploring. The canal has a bunch of stuff in it, winding criss-
crossing paths. There's a tanker out by a gate that is heavily locked. Inside
of it you'll find a plasma clip and flamethrower ammo, but the whole area inside
is filled with poison gas. There's also a small shaft that goes underwater in
one of the covered water tunnels that leads down to a crate with 2 rebreathers.
You might need to use one to get them though, as it's a long swim. Near the 
tanker is a platform with a lockbox with a bio cell and multitool, and a set of
stairs that leads up to the dwelling of a boat person. He has some soda, a 
medkit, and you gt 20 skill points for visiting him.

You can also visit a sampan docked on the water. You have to go down a ramp
to get there, far to the right of where the guards are posted. On the way there
are 2 crates with lockpicks in them. The woman on the boat sells weapon mods for
750, 600, and 400, and mentions diving into the water to get treasure. Below
decks is a medkit in a crate and a whole mess of soy food and candy bars.

On the deck, on the right side, is a cardboard box. Move or destroy it, then
'use' the lantern above it. A panel will open up, allowing you to get 30 skill
points and use the repair bot within. There's also a bio cell, a crowbar, and
a locked box. Inside the box is 150 credits.

Frank {[email protected]} adds:

Where the repair bot is, inside the trunk where you got the 150 credits.
there are 2 cardboard boxes, one of the boxes have 3 more credit chits in
them worth 100 a piece.

We're done here. Let's go to Tonnochi Road.


Now, Maggie Chow has the sword. But if you talk to her, she'll lie about it. You
have to get the sword from her apartment (protected by MJ12 goons), but there
are several ways in.

The Straightforward Way:
Go into the lobby of the building. Go into the break room past the desk on the
right, grab the 50 credits, and hack the security computer to kill the cameras:
(and open the service entrance, for later; this is the door mentioned below, to
get to the roof). Use the elevator on the left to visit Maggie. Talk to her, and
she'll lie about all this stuff, about Paul was her friend and all that (That is,
if you haven't yet been in the hatch below the police station in Wan Chai). Then,
start wandering about the place until you find her MJ12 friends. You'll know
you're on the right track when the maid starts getting mad. (BTW, if you go to
the police station, then return, the maid will tell you she's not home. JC then
threatens Maggie, and the maid calls the guards).

The Roof:
Go past Chow's apartment building, and turn left. Go past the heavy mech, and 
pick open the door there (or go into the hotel and use the security computer in
the lobby to open it). Go up the ladder, and over to the elevator. Note the
keypad on the floor. Use 1709, and you'll go up the elevator to the roof. Here,
you can either go through the skylight or open the door nearby with more multi-
tools and probably trigger the laser alarms right there, alerting the guards at
the bottom of the stairs. You get 50 skill points for going up here, however, 
even if you choose to just go back down.

The Back way:
Go in the Lobby, just like the straightforward method, but use the elevator on
the left instead, using code 3444 (this can be figured out by using the info
terminal next to it). On this floor is a junkie who will tell you about Maggie's
guards if you give her 20 credits. Note the locked gate here. If you go in, the
MJ12 guards (at least one has a plasma gun) will come down and tear you to 
shreds. I tried many tactics, and the one i finally settled on was to block the 
door with one of the crates on this level and then get them to come to me, and
throw a gas grenade or LAM in there, and shoot whatever's left. Then go up the
stairs, and you'll be in Maggie's apartment.

"Hitchens, Matthew" {[email protected]} adds:

There is another way into the place where the guards are holding the sword.
Right after you talk to Maggie, you can pretty much assume she's full of it,
since nobody has anything nice to say about her reputation. At that point I
started poking around the apartment when, all of a sudden, the maid starts
getting really nervous. She asks you to leave and, if you try to hack the
security terminal upstairs she trips the alarm and troops start coming out
of the woodwork.

I found it best to wait until the housekeeper had followed me upstairs, then
knock her out with the prod charger. After that, you can disable the
security in the bunker and go in.

The best part of all this (and you cant do it if the housekeeper is around)
is you can use the secret door into the MJ12 compound from inside the
apartment. If you're facing the front door of the apartment go left into the
dining room and head to the back left corner. There's a lamp there that you
can pull and the wall in front of you slides away. You can then take the
sword without alerting one single guard :)

In the soldiers' break room, use the security computer to turn off everything, 
then go into the next room. Hack the computer to open up the case with the sword,
and then take it. You have to take it to the Lucky Money Club. On your way out,
loot Chow's apartment, and don't miss the case in the break room with HE rockets,
clip mod, and a lockpick sitting on top.

The only other thing around here is the sniper's post, which you'll only want to
find if you want a sniper rifle, 30.06, and/or binocs. Either use the elevator on
the building across from the Queen's tower, and then use the window between the
2nd and 3rd floors to get out to a platform where you can jump to to a ledge with
the stuff on it, OR, go to Maggie's roof, jump onto the walkway leading along the
side of the building, and when you get to the end, look down; note the platform
below you. Turn on Speed enhancement to absorb the falling damage, and run/fall
(DON'T jump) onto that platform, then go across the girder to the sniper's post.

[email protected] adds:

In section 9.4 Tonnichi road, after you have done what you need/want to do
in Maggie's apartment, you can break the glass in the area where you first
meet Maggie and make a running jump across to the balcony of Jock's flat,
smash the window (or lockpick the door) and get in that way to search the
place, though it is optional. Obviously save before you try the jump as it
is a long drop if you fail!

When you're done with Tonnochi Road, you should go back to the Lucky Money Club,
in the back behind the bar, and talk to Max Chen about the sword. MJ12 Mechs
(soldier-mech hybrids, that you haven't seen before) will break in and start
fighting. Be careful; these guys have machine guns AND rockets and strafe meaner
than any quake player i know. 150 skill points for this, BTW.

{[email protected]} suggests:

When you've taken the dragons tooth sword to Max Chen in the Lucky Money club 
then the Mj12 troops attack. On your way out if you go upstairs to get behind 
the cashdesk by the bouncer, kill him, then the other bouncer and the 
receptionist. She is carrying about a thousand credits and there's a couple 
of hundred in the safe too.
You're never going back to the Lucky Money so why not rob the place. After 
all, it's not called Lucky Money for nothing!

Now head back to the Luminous Path compound, which is by the Buddhist Temple in
Wan Chai. Talk to Gordon Quick and he'll tell you to go in. Use the code 1997 on
the door. 200 skill points.

Inside the compound, make an immediate left and go into the little room on your
left. This is a little shrine, and you can take the 25 credits by the buddha. Go
into the main building, and go downstairs. Grab food in the kitchen, and then go
through the only door there. Go into the barracks, downstairs. There is a riot
prod and 2 chargers on the table at the far end of the room. On the left, where
the beds are, you can find Gordon Quick's journal under one of the pillows and
a medkit stashed under one of the beds. Go to the far wall, and note the keypad 
on the wall. The code for this is 1997, and it opens up the wall. Go through here
and down the stairs.

In the storeroom, find the button on the left and press it. This opens up the 
wall. 200 skill points. Talk to Tong there. Grab the 100 credits and the key to
Jock's apartment on the table here. Then, go through the door that Tong did not
and take a right. There is a plasma rifle and ballistic armor on the glowing 
platforms here, HE rockets in a crate by the firing range, and 12 gauge SABOT
shells at the firing post. There is also a clip mod in the crate by the door and
more rockets in a crate hiding in the shadows by the ballistic armor.

Press the button and go into the sealed area. On the landing on your left will
be a LAM in a crate. In the next room down is a crate full of flares. Go up the
ladder onto the raised platform and note the rebreather, crowbar, and multitool
on the floor here. The crate next to the maintenance robot has tranq darts. Go 
back the way you came, and take the left instead. Down the hallway on your left
will be a medical bay. There is a bio cell on a desk here. Go to the other exit
in this room and down the stairs and you can find Alex in the computer room.
You'll also find a candy bar, multitool, and plasma clip in a case at the end of
the suspended walkway.

Leave the med bay and head left, and stand on the platform here. After the 
procedure is done, go back up to the control room to meet Tong. He'll give you
the code to the Versalife building: 06288

Before you go there, head back to Tonnochi Road to Jock's apartment; you should
have just gotten the key. The building is across from Maggie's place. Go up the
elevator. Go up the stairs to the second level. Inside you can find a shotgun, 
another key to the apartment (presuming you got in by jumping to the balcony from
outside), a lockpick (in a shadowed set of shelves to the left), a medkit in the
bathroom, SABOT shells in the closet, and some binocs.

  VERSALIFE - 10.0

Timothy E. Morgan" {[email protected]} notes:

If you look on the receptionist's desk as you enter the building, you'll
see a datacube on which people sign into the building.  This list of
names will prove useful in the labs if you combine it with the password
from the conference-room cabinet.

Since everyone has the same password, all you have to do is guess a
scientist's first initial to gain access to the computer by the
augmentation room doors.  These accounts have the same special options
as Chow's, but contain some interesting titbits in their email boxes.

The door code puts you in an elevator. Press 'up'. Go into the lobby and talk to
the receptionist. Note the layout later; you're going to have to fight your way
out (even the receptionist). By the receptionist is security, and a keypad to
open their door. Hack the receptionist's computer to get a security pass. It's
code 6512.

Go up the stairs, and start looking for Hundley. He'll give you a tour of the labs
for 2000 credits. Or, on the top floor, you can find a guy who will give you a
security pass if you kill Hundley. It's the code 6512, which you could also get
by hacking a computer (if your computer is high enough). Go into the elevator by
the level 3 cubicles, cod 6512. 120 skill points. Go 'down'.

OK, now the entry hall here is just freaking cool, OK? take a minute or two to
appreciate it. Now you have a couple of options. You can either start shooting
now, or wait until you get the data you came for and have to shoot your way out.
Whichever you choose, be careful about it.

Go all the way to the end of the entrance hall and take a right. Go up the stairs
and into the guard room. Hack the security computer (they won't mind) and disable
everything and open all the doors. Note that if you try to open the case here
with picklocks, they will become angry and shoot you. It has a mini crossbow,
flare darts, a plasma clip, and the security login MJ12 : SECURITY. Use that if
you can't or won't hack the security computer here.

Leave this room and go to the next room, a break room. Here you can find a 
datacube on a table with a UC shutdown code, 525. For those that don't know what
a UC is, i won't ruin the surprise just yet.

In the next room is a meeting and another case that will get you in trouble if
you try to open it. It contains tech goggles, a bio cell, and 2 datacubes.

Go into the bathroom next door and into the air vent in the
last stall. 50 skill points. Note that one of the spitting lizards is up here.
If you go all the way to the end and down a ladder, you will find yourself in the
lab area. This is one way to get down there, and might be a safe idea, if you 
decide to go in shooting. From the various air vents you can start picking off
people. There's another vent near the ladder that lets you down into a sitting
room with an Augmentation Chamber nanokey and a security computer. Get them, then
leave the room and head down the hallway to the elevator. Go down.

You'll turn a corner or two and end up in a hallway with a glass floor. Look down
to see just what they're working on. {shudder} Continue down the hallway and 
you'll end up in the main entrance hall. If you've hacked a security computer by
now, you should have opened up the ramp in the floor. Go down it. 50 skill 
points. BTW, if you haven't used the security computer, you can use the keypad
on the right side of the large hand statue to open up the ramp. Using a multitool
will sic the guards on you, though. Use the code '12'. I actually just guessed
it; I never found that info anywhere in the game, but 12 makes sense, for 
Majestic 12 and all that.

The way into the lab is actually behind the ramp, so go back around it, and 
you'll see this giant spider-type structure. That is where the ROM-encoder is,
but we have other things to do first. That is, if you want some augs and goodies.

There will be a door to your right labelled Level 2 Access. You can't get through
there until later in the game, so don't try. Instead, go down the ramps here, and
when you reach the floor near the elevator to the ROM-encoder, skip it and head
through the open hallway. Down past the corner, you'll find lab security on your
left. This is where you'd come out if you came down through the air vent way up

In the Security barracks, the 2 crates both have 10mm. Up by the bunks, the 
lockers have: a pepper gun & 2 cartridges, 50 credits & 10mm, a pistol, and the
last one has 50 credits, a lockpick, and a multitool.

Continue down the hall, and in the open area past the door, make an immediate
left and note Maggie Chow talking to someone. Eavesdrop. Then, go down the stairs
in the corner to your left, down to the main lab floor. Go into the room straight
ahead. Note the datacube on your left and also the lockpick on the table ahead.
There is also a hazmat suit on top of the shelf where the two scientists are
standing. On your way out, note the cabinet near the doorway. You can open the
lower half, and it has a datacube with a password, DAMOCLES.

Go to your left, and then left again to get to the dissection table. Take the
experimental nanokey on the bench here by the body {shudder} in case you need it
later (like when you have to fight your way out). Note the air vent grate to 
your left when you head back towards the stairs--you might need it later. Go
into that open doorway into the darkened room. Find the computer on your left
and login: Mchow, PW: damocles. Open up all the doors and magnetic fields and
whatnot. Now go into the containment area and grab the 3 aug cannisters and the
bio cell. Use the medical bot nearby to install them, if you haven't already got
them. You should know how you play, so install accordingly. You should get the
spy drone/aggressive defense module, the cloak one (pick invisibility to bots or
people) and the targeting/vision one.

You're done here. Go back to the spider thing and SAVE YOUR GAME if you haven't
started shooting yet. As soon as you go up there and access the ROM encoding,
you will be designated as hostile and everyone will be quite thrilled to shoot
you in the face. Go up the elevator and access the computer. mchow : damocles

Go down the elevator, and escape. Doesn't much matter how you do it; just do it.

Try to get into the security office on your way out; it's worth 50 skill points
and there's a bio cell, a weapon mod clip, 10mm ammo, and 3 security computers.

Richard writes:

You can escape the Versa Life Facility after nabbing the files from MJ12 by 
alerting the security guards, then dodging them by jumping down the 
ventilator shaft. You still have time to enter the security office for the 
50pts too.

There's a flamethrower on top of the pipes in the entrance to the 
Maintainance section of the Mj12 Level 2 part.

In the Level 2 part there's 50 exploration points if you use the security 
pad by the security console at the top of the stairs, and climbing along the 
ventilation shaft that becomes accessible. This shaft also alows you to 
bypass the robots by the lasers.

You don't have to fight the maintainance robots after setting off the UC, 
just jump over the railing.

If you enter the main lift from here you get 100pts even if you came in the 
back way.

The Dragon's Tooth sword works very well against all organinc opponents and 
operates underwater too.

  WAN CHAI - 11.0

Once out of Versalife, go to the Buddhist Temple by the Luminous Path compound.
150 skill points. Now go see Tong again. He'll give you the code to the subway
entrance, 55655. If you want, go see the Triad members at the Lucky Money and
they'll each give you a bottle of wine. Talking to Red Arrow members downstairs
reveals that Gunther is on your trail.

Now, to find those nanotech assets. The way to get them is nearly completely
inscrutable; Jumping into the canals to find the tunnel will get you nowhere.
Return to the Old China Hand and go into the freezer off of the kitchen. Jump up
on top of the boxes and enter the ventilation shaft using the grates near the
ceiling. 50 points. Wander down the tube until you find a ladder down. Go down 
that, and you'll find another one that descends into the water. This will be a
long swim, so i hope you have aqualung and swimming. Go all the way down the 
shaft, then through the hole in the wall near the pipes and into the tunnel.
There will be a Karkian there. Ignore him for now and head left, up, where you 
will see surface. Unfortunately, there are also 2 karkians there. Behind them, on
the rubble to the right, is the scientist with an augmentation upgrade cannister.
If you're feeling especially gutsy, you can head all the way to the right from 
the entrance and past the karkian, past the car, in the rubble to the left you
can get some 30.06 and a laser sight. You'll probably need a rebreather, though.
You're done here. Let's go to Canal Road.

Proceed to Canal Road, and head left. 50 skill points.

Go up to the purple keypad. Input 55655. Go in, and immediately look up. You
should see a flamethrower up there, which you can get if you use the box in here
and the box out by the van and jump on the pipes. Then, use a picklock to open
the grate over the pipe. Fall in.

You find yourself in a pool of water. Jump up onto the pipes here. If you're 
having trouble, move slowly toward the pipes while holding the 'jump' key, and
when you jump out of the water near the pipe, just tap forward. You should be
able to get just on the edge of the pipe, and that's good enough for this engine.
Then, move around on the pipes until you get into the open tunnel. If you keep
falling off the pipes, crouch while moving around. Go down the red tunnel, and
into the blue tunnel. There is a blast door here, and near it is a keypad that
will open that series of blast doors for you. Down in the that tunnel is a
scrambler grenade in a little lit alcove. At the end of the tunnel is another
keypad that will open/close the series of doors, and a ramp that can be lowered,
but which unfortunately blocks the set of stairs beneath you, which is where you
need to go later. The only other way out of here is to use the ladder in the blue 
tunnel, up to a set of grates in the floor of an upper passageway.

Up the ladder is a passage over where you just were; if you raised the doors
below here, you raised them INTO the other passage, hopefully blocking the guard
and 'bot there. The other thing you can get to from here is the elevator up to
level 2, the original labs you infiltrated.

In either case, get to the end of the passage, either by going through the 
soldier and 'bot, or by lowering the ramp and going up the stairs. There you will
find a panel with a security computer and a keypad to open those doors. Login
with MJ12 : security, and from here you can raise/lower the ramp below you and
turn off some security. By all means, do so. Then, go down the stairs.

Going through those laser beams is the fast & easy way to get yourself killed.
They will activate the mechs in the room, who will tear you to shreds. Either use
the crate in the left corner and F7-jump over them, or disable the control panel
on your right with multitools. Then, sneak all the way down to the computer 
(there are guards that can hear you). 50 skill points.

Hack the computer and upload the schematics and open the UC chamber. Then, go
into the room on the right. There is a security computer which you can hack to 
open up some more UC locations. In a locked case here is a hazmat suit (which 
you can also get off the scientist), a bio cell, and a datacube with plot info.
There is a button by the door labelled 'robot maintenance'. This will let out
some spider droids out down below in the UC chamber. You can do this if you like,
but i don't recommend it. Then, leave this little room, and go across the hall,
all the way around, until you find a ladder that you can climb down. Go around
the walkway into the center, and get all the aug cannisters in here that you
don't have. There's speed/run silent, aqualung/enviro resistance, power/synthetic
heart, and an aug upgrade cannister.

Leave via the north exit, across the walkway, and climb down the ladder here. At
the bottom of the ladder, use the medbot here. Then, go out into the main 
chamber. If Maggie is not dead, you will have to fight her here. She has a nano-
sword, so back up and plug her with a medium weapon like a shotgun or the assault
rifle. Punch 525 into the keypad podium, and watch the fireworks.

Fall down through the holes in the floor in the middle of the chamber, or climb 
down the ladder, and then get up onto one of the pipes using a ladder and fall
into it. Now you swim. I hope you aren't a terrible swimmer. I also hope you 
have a crossbow because there are karkians in the water here. Note on the floor
of the first chamber you come to, you can find darts and flare darts.

Eric Lasota {[email protected]} suggest:

Second, my tactic for destroying the first Universal Constructor and 
dealing with the spiderbots was a bit different.  I just EMP'ed the lasers 
after sniping the secretary and MJ12 Commando dead, then went on to the 
constructor platform.  Remember how two spiderbots come out?  I realized my 
LAW would only be able to kill one, so I dumped the Aqualung/Environmental 
Resistance canister (I already had Aqualung installed) in front of the 
right doorway, trapping the spiderbot inside.

Swim down the other tunnel. There are gaps in the tunnel, allowing you to breathe
if you are a terrible swimmer/breather. At the end of the tunnel is a vent that
shoots you up into a larger room. Get up onto the walkway, and grab the nanokey
and multitool under the crawlspace at the end of the walkway. Go through the
crawlspace, and you'll find yourself in a blocked-up tunnel. You should recognize
the canal music. Go down to the end of the tunnel, and out the pipe. You're now
in the canal. Get back to Tong's. He'll tell you that you have to go back to New
York. You're never coming back to NY, so make sure you sack the whole place for
anything you might have missed or saved till later. Later is now.

  NEW YORK - 12.0

You're on the roof of the 'Ton. You have to go to the Underworld Bar. It's wise
to visit Smuggler first, though. Be careful: there are police all over the place
and they will shoot you if given the chance.

At Smugglers, in the dark corner, there is a box with a lockpick. In the toll
booth is a multitool and ballistic armor. 20 skill points for getting in to see
him. Smuggler will sell an assault shotgun for 7500, SABOT rounds for 750 and
5 LAMs for 3500-but he'll throw another one in for free. Inside the mirror
upstairs is thermoptic camo, 20mm grenade rounds, a medit, SABOT rounds, and a
pepper cartridge. If you remember the back way in, it's unlocked this time.

If you go down into the sewer complex, there's a new guard there with a sniper
rifle in the main bridge rotation room. Visiting the middle of the bridge is 
worth 60 points. There's also a medkit up by where you found the NSF soldier
back when you came here for the first time.

In the Underworld, make sure you talk to the soldier, and say 'maybe i'll check
it out...' and he'll get you through the guards at the sub base and 100 skill
points. I think he's only here if Sandra's still around. There's a medkit behind
the bar. ATM is worth 0. Filben tells you to find Dowd at the old Osgood & Sons
place. He also asks you to kill Joe Greene, who works for the Midnight Sun, and,
he says, UNATCO.

Head over to where Osgood & Sons used to be, and meet Stanton Dowd inside behind 
the wall. He'll tell you that you need to scuttle the ship. Make sure you have a
GEP gun or 5 or 6 LAMS to do the job. 900 skill points for meeting Dowd. Now get
back to the roof of the 'Ton.

  SUB BASE - 13.0

Go through the grate on the wall. Go past the barracks and approach the guard if
you talked to Vinny in the bar. This guard will give you a key to the main gate.
Now there are 2 ways to get in: through the main gate, or using the sewer grate 
by the barracks to get under the base. Going through the gate will get you shot
at by giant mechs, but going under the base requires some jumping, a lot of 
lockpicks, and a lot of multitools. It also may require the Speed enhancement
for jumping.

Go down the ladder under the sewer grate by the guardhouse. You'll notice a pool
of water in front of you. At the far end from you is a gas grenade, hidden just
under the surface of the water. If you fall in while jumping across, you'll most
likely set it off. Either jump in before you try to cross and get the grenade,
or grab it real quick should you fall in. The jumping is not easy. You have to
jump across 3 pipes to get to the other side. Note that in the tube of the first
pipe is an EMP grenade. For jumping across, you get 40 skill points.

There are several blue beams in front of you. If you trip them, you'll activate 
several maintenance spiders nearby. If you want to disable the blue beams, you
can access the control panel on the right side of the passage, off the edge of
the ledge here. Unfortunately, this only disables a few of the beams; you'll 
still have to jump through/past the remaining ones. For this reason, it may be a
good idea to set that EMP grenade you just got against the wall and then trip the 
line and jump into the water, hoping that the spiders will get zapped. Any that
don't you can take out from the other side of the water, where they can't get 
you. You get 20 skill points for getting past the second set of beams.

Beyond the 2nd set of beams is a ladder up. Before you do anything, turn on your
light and examine the right wall, just past the ladder. You'll see a gas grenade
there. It would be a good idea to disable it and take it if you can. You can go
up the ladder if you want, but it doesn't lead anyplace interesting.

Further down, on the right again, you'll find another gas grenade hidden in the
dark. Use your flashlight to find it. A little past here is another ladder in a 
recess to the right. This leads directly into the warehouse, near a guard. You 
can go up here if you like; this spot is a little more useful than the last 

Further up is an open room protected by red alarm lines. There is a turret gun
in the room that is just itching to fill you full of holes. On the left wall is
a grate you can pick to go in a bit further. Behind the grate is a little room
that has 2 control panels for turning off the trap lines, a hatch for going into
the water below, and another grate that leads to another ladder (behind the trap
lines) that puts you in another part of the warehouse. The guns and camera here
are controlled by a security camera in the east warehouse, in an office right
at the entrance (see path aboveground for details).

If you get past the lines, either by setting off an EMP, avoiding them by using
the grates, or just by running through them, you'll find a platform on the left
side of this room with several boxes and a LAW. You must use the boxes to get
onto the far platform. There is a ladder there that will lead you to a dock
area that is being patrolled by 2 of those huge mechwarrior mechs.

Alternately, you can take the tunnel here (watch the LAM to the left). Note
that if you have not been to the East Warehouse and used the security computer,
there will be a large gate here that you cannot open, and the LAM is on the
other side, so it will explode and kill you and you won't be able to disarm it.
There is also another way to open this gate; go up the ladder here and right
there will be a locked (60/50) door that has a control valve for the sewer 
gate. If you have turned off the robots in the east office, it shouldn't be too
hard. If you have had them kill everything in sight and THEN turned them off,
it'll be even easier, as the guards will also be dead. If you've done neither,
you're in for a bit of trouble. Once you've taken care of the gate, go past the
gate into the tunnel behind it. 50 points, then 60 points.

You may hit the bug that I did; you don't get an area transition and you head
back after a dead end, only to get an area transition. Weird. At any rate,
you're near the docks now.

The first ladder will lead you up onto the docks. The second (30 skill points)
is actually over the water. You can jump into the water and then look for a 
ladder to get onboard (in the back), or get on the docks if you like. Getting
on board by climbing the ladder is worth 20.

Go over to the main gate and use the nanokey you got from the guard to unlock the
door. If you haven't got that key, you can't take this path until you at least do
the first part of the sewer area. Head straight ahead. Sneak into the warehouse,
and dodge the camera spying at you through the window. Go behind the soda 
machine and disable the camera and open the doors. (USFEMA : SECURITY) Go into
the office with the camera and into the bathroom through the door on the far 
wall. In the stall is a datacube with the base keypad code, 0909. Also, in the 
cabinet under the sink you can find a medkit. 

Go over to the desk. in the drawer on the left is a datacube with the login
USFEMA and password SECURITY. Who do they pay to come up with these brilliant
passwords, anyway? In the locked cabinet on the right is the nanokey to the 
truck trailers outside. You can use this to get some good stuff in a minute.

Get into the office protected by the keypad. It is worth 20 skill points, and 
there is a security computer within. Note that the combo is 2249. Using the
security computer (USFEMA : SECURITY) will let you tinker with the perimeter 
bots outside, allowing you to cause some real havoc if you want, or just turn
them off. You can also turn off the security cameras and turrets for the sewer
passage, something that you might find useful if you're having trouble down
there. All the drawers in the desk are locked. The one on the left has the 
supply closet key and the commander's office key. The center one has a 10mm 
handgun, and the right one has 10mm ammo. Under the right cabinet, on the floor
(it's hard to see--move around until you see it) is a nanokey to the ammo 
storage warehouse. In the other locked room are 2 crates with 10mm and a crate 
with WP rockets. Hardly worth the 80% you have to get past to get in.

At any rate, there are only 2 guys in here. If you avoid them or take them out,
you can go up on top of the office and loot all the crates up there. You can
get an assault shotgun, SABOT shells x2, and rockets.

Go outside and unlock the trailer there, if you have the key. There's a bio cell,
a lockpick, and a range mod. You can also unlock the other 2 trailers in the 
corner (to the far left as you're leaving the warehouse). They have 7.62, a 
medkit, buckshot x2, and 30.06.

Let's go into the base commander's office, shall we? If you have F7 jump, you can
break the window and jump right into the office; otherwise, you'll have to go in
through the locked door. The office is right to the left of the base entrance.
Once you get into the commander's office, you'll get 20 skill points. On the
commander's desk is a datacube with the code to the warehouse security office,
2249. As usual, the desk is locked. The left drawer has a reload mod in it. The
center one has 100 credits. The right one has a weapons storage closet key. The
safe has an aug cannister with aqualung/enviro resistance and a datacube pic. If
you got the key from the warehouse security office, you can use it to open the
door here and go out into the main office. Beware of the camera here. Now, here
is the tricky part. As you leave through the doorway, you'll note a security 
terminal on the wall to your right. You can use this to disable the camera BUT
unless you are really snappy, it's going to catch you in the act and sound the
alarm. SO, click on the terminal, and before it finishes opening, run into the
commander's office. After about a second or so, the terminal screen will appear,
and turn off the camera in the other room. You can also open several doors from
here, including the ammo storage warehouse and the locked gate nearby.

The office is rife with fun things. The file cabinet has a datacube (in the 
locked drawer) with Walton Simon's login, WALTON : SIMONS. The desk nearby has
a lockpick in the right drawer and the center drawer has 2 bio cells. The desk
without the datacube has a candy bar in the right drawer, 100 credits in the
center, and binocs in the left. The one with the datacube (a useless image) has
a candy bar in the center one and a medkit in the right one. Before you leave,
don't forget the closet here. You can unlock it with the security computer, and
inside is a ballistic armor, 10mm, 7.62, and a multitool.

Now, if you want, you can break into the storage warehouse near the fence gate
you just opened. Either pick or blow open the door, or break the window and go
in that way. Inside is a maintenance bot, a multitool, a lockpick, a multitool
in a crate, 3 sodas, and a keypad to open the gate if you didn't already open
it using the security computer the number is 7 digits long and i don't know it.
Good luck.

Use your key from the warehouse to open the ammo storage door, or it might 
actually already be open due to you using a security code. Go immediately to the
left and into the small building there. Get the multitool under the console 
there and the soy food on top of it. Open the first and second doors using the
buttons here. Go up the ladder and get the 3 boxes here, with SABOT shells, a
lockpick, and a LAW (you'll need this). Then, go down the ladder and use the 
security terminal (USFEMA : SECURITY) and set them to standby mode. Open up the
third door and start looting the storage areas. All in all, you should come up
with: LAM x2, hazmat suit, LAW, ballistic armor, SABOT, buckshot, EMP gren, 
rockets, 10mm, 20mm HE (MY FAVORITE!), and 7.62. If you have the assault rifle,
make SURE to get the 20mm HE and SAVE it for later. You'll likely need it to
kill walton simons if you don't have a GEP gun or better.

Now you should go through the gate here, to your right as you leave (right near
the maintenance bot building). 40 skill points. Now this area is patrolled by
big mean robots that will kill you fast. If you have been to the East Warehouse
security room, you can set them to fight each other, or to standby (or even
just to kill humans). That should help you with them.

If you head right after going through the gate, you'll come to a locked door.
behind it is a bunch of barrels and a ballistic armor, and that's it. Take it
if you want some armor, but you'll have to blow the door or pick the 50%.

Go behind this building here. If you go all the way to the right and have speed
enhanced legs, you can jump on top of a large shipping crate here and get a
napalm cannister in a box on top. If not, just head for either the door in the
next building, or the crane elevator right near it. From here there are 3 
paths: use the sewer control valve in the shed nearby and open up the gate and
go into the sewer, use the crane elevator to get into the air vents on the 
roof, or go in through the door with code 0909.

  CRANE - 13.3

Go into the small building beneath the crane and use the elevator (the yellow
button is on the wall). You will end up at the top of the crane. Go into the
office on your left, and grab the sniper rifle and 2 boxes of 30.06 up here.
Then, hit that big red button in the middle of the console. This lowers a set
of bars across the roof of the nearby building. Carefully walk across the 
girders and jump down to the roof of the ventilation shack below. You're going
to need to use an explosive device to open up the vent on the side of this
shack-thing if you don't have a crowbar or rod. There is a crowbar hiding
in the 'alley' between the 2 shacks here, if you want to use it temporarily,
and another one once you get inside the vent.

Crawl in, and down the shaft to your left. 60 points. Area transition. Can you
hear those damn spiders? I sure can...

Open up the grate here. You are now in a room with a large fan. Unlike in 
Half-Life, this fan does not support your weight with its wind power. But like
Half-Life, it will instantly kill you should you touch it. Try not to touch it
then. Look down and find the maintenance bots. It's easiest if you try to pick
them off from here with a shotgun and SABOT rounds. Otherwise, you have to 
fight them when you climb down, try to hit them with LAMS, or waste GEP rounds
on them. It's really not an option to 'sneak' past them; they'll find you quick
enough. Before you climb down, get the lockpick to the left of the stairs, in
the shadows, and also the multitool up here (easier to see as it's yellow).

It IS possible to destroy the fan with an explosive device, so you might want 
to do that, if you can, and you're having trouble hitting the bots below or 
climbing down the ladder.

Under the pipe on the fan floor near the fan base is a multitool. Use the grate
behind the ladder to get into the next section. 40 points. Go further, and 
there is an area transition. You find yourself near a service elevator shaft.
Go into the crawlspace nearby (40 points). Here is a ladder(A) that you can use
to get down, and a door. The door leads you back to the last area and a small
room with a security computer and another door to a tube of some kind. The
computer must be hacked, and opens a door for you. A bio cell is on the floor
here. The aforementioned tube is a spinning contraption that has a gap in the
middle that you must jump and 2 maintenance bots to dispose of. At the far end
is a door (opened with the computer) (24 skill points) that leads back into
the fan room.

Climbing down the ladder(A) will allow you access to the docks, and there is an 
elevator here that will give you access to crane control. Crane control (40
points) has a button that lets you move a crane with a girder on it so you can
go back down the elevator, up the ladder, and then open the grate and go across
to the boat. The grate also makes an excellent sniping post to hit the guards
below (as long as you are in stealth mode). Consider coming up here even if you
aren't planning on going across the girder (which is worth no extra SP).

  DOOR - 13.4
If you decide to come in through the building, use code 0909 on the door near
the crane. Go inside: area transition. This is a relatively short path, with
some more enemies. The path splits left and right. Go left, and under the table
to avoid the camera. Then go into the next room. Don't worry about the guard;
he's friendly. You can talk to him. Note the datacube on his console; it gives
the ramp lowering code, which is 6655.

The bathroom down the hall has a friendly mechanic and another datacube with
the 6655 code at the bottom of a locker. Down this hall, down the stairs and
in the break room, you'll find a mechanic who will tell you the code: 6655.
Not enough places to get this info, i tell you. Go past the breakroom to the
dock, and use the code 6655 to raise the ramp.

  THE SHIP - 13.5

Geoffrey writes:

Section 13.5  The dragon's tooth is a fun toy here for smashing flimsy
wooden doors, such as those on the desks in here.  No need to waste
lockpicks.  Another cool trick with the dragon's tooth sword is to hide
behind an intersecting hallway or just inside of a doorway and slash
people as they run by.

Make your way to the front end of the boat (if you came up the right ladder
from the water, you're already here; if not, you'll have to fight your way past
some guards, in all likelihood). Right near the ladder you will find a LAM
sitting on the ground. Take it if you need it. Head to the left side of the
ship, at the back, and you'll see an open walk-in container. Inside is a LAM
on the ground, a ballistic armor, and 2 crates with 30.06 and a medkit. Now
go to the left end, and jump up onto the railing and go around the stacked
containers. Behind all of it is a large open area with a GEP gun and a crate
with rockets. 50 skill points.

Now that you are done here, there are several ways to get belowdecks. You can
go in the door near the ramp, to face an angry guard right there, you can go
around the other side and go in that door, or you can climb up the crane 
ladder, jump around looting a few crates that are up there, and jump in through
the bridge's window (my favorite). (btw, there is some good stuff in the crates
on top of the containers, but jumping around is dicey at best; do it at your
own risk, and note that there's a LAW up there). Instead of making the decision
for you, i will merely describe each level.

  FLOOR 1 - 13.5.1
75 points for making it to the stairwell. Down here are 2 sets of crew quarters.
In one unlocked locker is a bio cell. One locked one has a multitool. In the 
other one you can find soda and 100 credits in the locked one. Nearby is
a lab with a locked safe. Inside is an augmentation upgrade. Make sure to grab
the ambrosia vial on your way out for your buddy Dowd. Not much else here.

  FLOOR 2 - 13.5.2
Under the stairwell up to level 3 is an air duct that will allow you access to
any of the rooms on level 3, from above.

On level 2 there is a maintenance room with a bio-charge bot and a desk with
some weapon mods and a multitool on it.	There is another desk with 2 multitools
and the ops room code, 83353, on a datacube. There is also a shelf with 2 bio
cells and another multitool. Below them is a datacube with the root login for
the computer system and the default password, 'reindeerflotilla' (for those
who don't know UNIX, ROOT is the master account that can do anything).

If you go into the ventilation shaft in the storage room, you can make it to
the med bay on the ship. This has a med bot and a crate with a medkit, as well
as a medkit, a pepper gun, and 2 soy foods in the cabinet. Check the desk
drawer for the belowdecks nanokey. The datacube has an important code on it,
9753, which is used in engineering, on the next map.

There is also the armory, which can be opened with code 71324, or opened via
the security terminal on floor 3. Inside is a storehouse of death. You will
find: lockpick, 10mm x3, thermoptic camo, assault shotgun, buckshot, pistol,
LAM, gas grenade, EMP grenade, assault rifle, rockets, and 7.62 x2

  FLOOR 3 - 13.5.3
This is the floor with the bridge and security room in it. When you first come
up the stairs, you'll see a security terminal. Hack it to disable the camera
in the bridge room. Go into the bridge room, and to the right, to find a crate
with an EMP grenade and a door to an outer deck. Go out for 50 points. Then,
go back in and sneak over to the left side, if you haven't already alerted the
guards. If you got into the computer, you should have been able to open the
door to the security room here.

Take out the 2 guards in there and loot the place. It includes a nanokey for
the Security area access panel, a datacube with the code 65678 for the 
captain's code, and a weapon mod laser under the desk. Use that code on the
door to the captain's quarters. 30 points. Grab the nanokey in the nightstand
and note the datacube under the bed, with the info Kzhao : captain. Note the
datacube on the desk with the armory code: 71324. There is 2250 credits in
the middle desk drawer and a datacube in the right drawer. You can log into
the computer using the login info under the bed if you want. Hit the button
near the hologram machine to see some more game info.

  BELOW DECKS - 13.6

Go down the stairs on level 1 and use the nanokey you found in the medbay to
open the door. 30 points. Go down the stairs at the end of the hall, and you
will find yourself on a large walled platform, with a window through which
you can see parts of the engine room beyond. Go down the stairs to the left, 
and do it quietly. There are 2 guards in an office located behind the stairs.
In the office are 2 crates, which have darts and tranq darts.

If you go to your 'Images' tab in inventory, you'll see a map labelled 'PCRS
Wall Cloud: Lower Decks'. Right now, if you are near these stairs, you can
find yourself on the map. You're at the stairs right to the left of the
control tower, on the upper right corner of the map. You have to blow up the
walls on the map that are marked 'X'. There are 2 right near you. Before you
do that, though, it'd be best to get into the control tower and disable as
much security as you can.

Go past the office, and sneak under the camera here. Behind the 2 large metal
crates is a wooden one with a LAM. Go up the nearby ramp and over to the other
crate. It has a bio cell. Go down and around to the base of the bridge column
and you'll find a keypad with code 9753. This raises the bridge so you can 
make your way across to the control tower. Get up onto the raised platform
using the nearby ramp and climb the ladder up to the end of the bridge, and 
then cross it. 40 points. There is a ballistic armor in the bedroom here.
You will find buckshot in the crate at the base of the ladder to the control 
room. There are 3 sailors up there, so be careful. The security terminal is
actually right near the ladder, so you may not have to fight them at all. Just
hack it to disable some cameras and doors. Now make your way down the ladder.

Go back into the little bedroom and break the glass in the window. Jump out
onto the red pipe (I'd save it beforehand, big-time). Move along the pipe 
until it turns to the right. Lock down and you'll see this sort of square
control-panel-type thing sticking out of the wall. It is yellow and orange.
That is what you want to blow up. Use rockets or LAMs or something to blow
it up. 120 points. Either go back into the window or fall down and get the
stuff below. Stuff includes 7.62, a LAM, and a bio cell. You can climb up
the crates to get out.

Now head over to the other one, near all the exploding barrels. Fun. Get the
multitool in the crate nearby, and blow up this one. Watch out for the barrels
that might explode nearby. 120 points.

Now make your way east (it's actually 'west' on the map) and go past the 
office, either through the guards or through the door you might have opened in
the control tower (you can also use multitools on the 90%/INF if you want).
Head for the bilge pumps. There is an alcove on the left hiding 10mm behind
some crates. Then, around the next corner, is an alcove with a crate holding
a lockpick, and a set of darts on the floor near the barrels. Use the security
terminal nearby if you can hack it. It will open some doors and turn off some

Run over to the computer terminal on the left. Turn on the pumps using the
switch on the wall, and then use the computer to reverse the flow.

There is a weld point in this room. Blow it up. 120 points. Go up onto the
walkway, and find the tranq darts behind the yellow barrels. Now you should
make your way to electrical, using the map. Whoa! What the heck is this? You
just stumbled into a malfunctioning electrical area. Not good. Hack the 
terminal just outside the doorway to disable some stuff and make your way
back to bilge.

Go downstairs and around to electrical. Stop at the alcoves on the way to get
7.62, and 30.06. Talk to the electrician when you get to the door. He tells
you that you must shut down the power in the electrical room. Get the nano
key to the helicopter ops room on the small crate near him. Go past him
down the hall and get the bio cell in the crate and the multitool on the 
floor. If you're feeling gutsy, climb the ladder and let the fan push you up 
to the top. Up here is a multitool and a bio cell. Have the fan blow you up
to one of the other ledges (30 points), and climb back down through the air
shafts. Hopefully, you can climb out into the electrical room, where you can
disable the panel behind some of the machinery. Otherwise, just go in through
the door. Disable the panel, then go in through the floor grate right nearby.

Go the only way you can, and you'll see a blu tripline. You can disable this
by getting to the panel on your left. Just past it is the panel to disable the
other half of the generator. Go back to electrical, and blow up the weld point
on your way. Climb up the ladder, and go across the now-tame walkway to the
security computer. Hack it to disable some stuff. Then go into helicopter ops
if you want. In here is a grate down to a room with a medkit in a box and a
door to the helicopter bay.

Go back past the electrician, down the hallway, take a left, and get out onto
the helicopter deck. Here you can find a few crates, one with a lockpick and
another with a medkit. On the other side are crates with 10mm and 7.62.

In the center building is a set of crew quarters. On one of the beds is a 
keypad code, 4453, a set of ballistic armor, and some lockers that can be 
unlocked using a nanokey gotten from one of the soldiers around here. There is
also buckshot under one of the beds.

Behind the building is a floor grate that leads to an area under the hangar.
40 points and 10mm ammo. The other end of the tunnel pops up in electrical, so
it is possible to get from electrical to the back of the helicopter bay, and
may be a good idea because the weld point is back there too.

Before blowing up the weld point...back to bilge...{optional}

Now comes the fun part. You must make your way to that platform with the box
on it. Here is where Enhanced Speed really helps. You'll probably have to end
up jumping across the moving pumps to get there if you don't have the jump.
80 points for getting across, and the crate has a medkit. Alternately, if you
can't or won't jump, use the air shaft grate near the stairs and climb through
the ventilation shafts to get to the room with 3 crates (below) and then 
backtrack to get the crate.

Go through the door, and find the darts behind the flammable barrel. Go to the
room at the end of the hall. Open up the grate to find a prod charger and get
the 3 crates: 7.62, gas grenade, bio cell. In the locked room nearby is an
aug cannister (cloak), a scrambler grenade, a GEP gun, a plasma clip, and a

Now blow up the last weld point, and get out of there. Go to the west end of
the dock, into the door, and up the ladder. Then go into the small opening,
past the elevator shaft, and into an area transition. Go up the ladder, past
the fan, and out onto the roof to meet jock.

  CEMETARY - 14.0

Hit the button to get the gatekeeper. Then go into his little room and get the
multitool on the desk and the medkit under the bed. Now head out into the
cemetary proper.

There are several ways to get in and out of the mausoleum. The most obvious is
through the main doors. The other ways are a gravestone that can be moved by
'use'ing it and an open grave with a pair of ladders. Familiarize yourself 
with the area, because it will become dangerous soon. There is also an open 
grave with a bio cell, and some 20mm rifle grenade ammo for your assault rifle 
(my favorite!) hiding behind another grave.

The mausoleum tunnels have a lot of 'stuff' in them: i found: 10mm, 40 skill
points, multitool, pistol, buckshot, LAM, 7.62, EMP grenade (in a casket),
food (in a casket), gas grenade, lockpick x2, medkit, and an aug upgrade (in
a safe).

When you're done ambling around the tombs (it's not complicated or difficult
if you open all the caskets and explore all 3 entrances), talk to Dowd. 200

Unfortunately, he was right about that gate keeper. The place is swarming with
troops aboveground, so you might want to leave via another exit. You have to
battle your way to the gatekeeper's house and take out the field generator.

Before you go in, it might be a good idea to set a LAM or gas grenade trap in
front of the door. Once you defeat the generator, more troops will come, and
right for the gatehouse too.

Go into the gatehouse, move the painting in the entry room, use a multitool
to hack the keypad, and go behind the moved bookcase. Set an explosive (or 
use GEP ammo) to blow up the generator. 140 points.

[email protected] adds:

In the cemetery (section 14), you can also use a Sabot round to destroy the

Eric Lasota {[email protected]} suggests:

Sabot rounds, GEP rockets, LAMs.... bah.  The EMP generator in the 
graveyard can be destroyed with one Dragon Tooth swipe.  Why waste ammo?  :)

Fight your way past any new guards, and make a break for Jock's helicopter
(he's parked in the middle of the cemetary swarming with guards, the genius).

  PARIS - 15.0

You start on an abandoned rooftop. There are a couple ways down, one of them
the hard way. Incidentally, this is where i learned that if you threw a trash
bag at a burning barrel, it catches on fire. Try it some time.

Anyway, there's an abandoned crane shaft, an elevator (i believe it's called
a 'lift' in Europe, actually), and a shack. Opening the shack with explosives
or lockpicks reveals a napalm cannister and some flares, along with a crowbar
and a book with the 'lift' code 4003.

If you go down the crane shaft, you can find a hazard suit in a box. You'll
probably hurt yourself falling from level to level, though, so this isn't
recommended. Instead, i suggest you use the 'lift'.

Before you go down, i suppose it is interesting to note that you can snipe at
the MJ12 troops below if you want. You might save yourself some grief later,
but the shots are real hard to make from here, even with master level rifles.

Once you go down the 'lift' (code 4003), you can send it back up again and go
down the maintenance shaft under the lift shaft. This will get you to the
hazard suit crate with no fear of damage. Going further down will get you to
a tunnel with a lockpick in an alcove and an openable door into the 
radioactive room, not a happy place to be. At the end is a locked door that
leads into another part of the radioactive room. WARNING! Do not go down all
the way unless you intend to make your way out of the building via the radio-
active room, or you have at least 2 dots in super jump! You can't get back up
the ladder because it is set too high off the ground.

Make sure you go all the way to the top of the stairs. You'll find a woman
living in a room up here, and get 50 points for it. She gives you the code to
the radioactive room: 0001. Then use the boxes to climb on top of the shelf
here and find a bio cell. Once you've done that, cross the beam and head left
into another secret area filled with crates. There's a scrambler grenade,
lockpick, and medkit.

"Matthias Kaiser" {[email protected]} writes:

Just wanted to add something, in case you don't know. When you arrive in 
Paris (chapter 15), the lady in that room where you get 50 points, she 
has got 4 multitools on her. So, it's worth killing her.

Geoffrey writes:

Killing Aimee of the Cats for her multitools is not a good
idea.  After you waste the greasels (sneaking up from behind them with
the dragon's tooth sword is good for this) go back up and talk to her
(use regeneration and get recharged by the bot if the radioactive room
is painful).  She says something else useful.  }200 skill points{.
Better than multitools, IMHO.

Go back down the stairs. Near the door is a room with a hazard suit. You might
want it. So far as I can tell, the only way out of here is through the 
contaminated area. This is where it pays to put points in hazard suit. You're
going to have to dash through with a suit on. Your destination is the the 
corner farthest from the door and to your left. Super speed helps. It might
also help if you came out one of the doors in the tunnel under the lift shaft,
but i'm not sure.

You'll get into a small room with a maintenance bot and a ladder. Recharge,
heal, and descend the ladder. 50 points, BTW.

You're going to find yourself in a sewer. You're going to want to be aware of
the greasels off to your right. They are hiding in an alcove but will come out
if you make a lot of noise. The starting tunnel splits into 3 possible paths
and then merges again into one, so take the one you think is the safest.

This tunnel turns a few corners and reveals a box with a lockpick. At the end
is a ladder up to the street. 50 points.

This area on the street here has 3 missile-launching commandos, if you didn't
snipe them from the rooftop way back at the beginning. You can even find a 
box with tech goggles on the crate pallets here. On one of the guards is a
catacombs entry nanokey.

In the courtyard there is a bevy of choices to make. You can go into the 
subway, the eastern building, or the western building.

The western building is an interesting deal. On the top floor is an office
with a locked case. Get the bio cell behind the housplant on the shelf and
the binocs on the desk if you want. Log into the security terminal by the desk
(rzelazny : shadowjack) and then get the case open. Warehouse nano key, 
multitool, 300 credits, and the login datacube are your rewards. 

Then, go downstairs into the warehouse. The office key is on a cart here.
There is also a maintenance bot to recharge you. Crates include a bio cell, a
LAW, and an EMP grenade.

Then, get
into the office on the ground floor using the key you just found. Be aware 
that breaking the glass window will set off the alarm. Under the desk you 
will find an ATM code, 2221969 : dullbill. 

Go back outside and into the subway. There is a guy by the desk who will sell
you rockets, LAMS, or a recoil suppressor. His prices will get cheaper if you
remove the 3 soldiers by the train station.

Your best bet is this; go to the booth across from the guy selling stuff. Go
into the vent shaft there and open up the 75/50 grate there. Dispose of the
'bot patrolling the area, or avoid it, and sneak around to where the soldiers
are. Then you can disable the security cameras looking at the ATMs and get
some money from that and buy the guys stuff for a reduced price. Be warned
that combat will send the brain-dead AI shopkeeper out into combat, so try
and avoid explosions and such. If you really want, you can avoid the droid 
entirely and just use the air shaft to get into the office; in fact, that 
might be a lot easier. Just go into the air shaft and take a right.

Inside the office by the security terminal is a box with a multitool. There
is also a medbot in here. Among the boxes in the terminal locale are some
30.06, 7.62, 10mm, darts, and a bio cell.

Your work here is done. Make your way behind the east building and use a baton
or crowbar (baton is better; more damage, less space) to break open the boards
and go in. You'll find a set of stairs; 250 points. Of course, if you have
the key from the MJ12 trooper, you can go in the front(ish) door instead, or
blow it open or use lockpicks. But going in the back doesn't cost ammo or
lockpicks at all.

Down the stairs are the catacombs of Paris, which i think is a pretty cool
level; your mileage may vary. Luckily, you have a map of this place to refer
to in your inventory. This would have been given to you by Dowd, so make sure
to keep him alive, eh?

Go into that circular tunnel and go right. Grab the gas grenade off the wall
of the tunnel leading off into the eastern room. Then, go to the north end of
the 'circle' and crouch into the low wide opening here. There is a box in
here with napalm, and a lockpick on the floor. Then, take the opening in the
wall here and you'll end up i a room with 2 guards. There is a box in here
with buckshot, and I'd recommend taking them out just because you don't want
to deal with them later (and from behind you!).

Proceed into the next room, and down the hallway east. There will be a guard
coming through here, so wait for him and ambush him quietly. There's also a
commando nearby, so watch out for him. Proceed to the southern-most room with
the large pillar in it, and go into the crawlspace. The other end is the room
with the commando, so you should be able to get the drop on him or avoid him

Go into the next room and grab the lockpick. Hit the block that the lockpick
was sitting on and open the secret door (how MJ12 didn't figure this out,
I'll never know). Go on in. 150 points. Go into the central room. 250 points.
Talk to Chad and get the key. The cabinet just holds another blast door key,
presumably in case you kill Chad or something.

Now that you have the Blast Door key, leave the hideout and use it on the 
door across from the hideout. 150 points. Be careful, as there is a commando 
patrolling on your right. In the middle room past the commando is a locked
case containing throwing knives, a prod charger, and a datacube with the
security login HELA : RAGNAROK.

From here, proceed to Bunker 2 (on your map, the one on the East side). There
is a guy in here who will sell you 3 medkits for 600 each or tranq darts for
200. There are several zyme vials around, which you can sell later for some

Head out and further down the passage north. Head up towards the collapsed
passages, and disarm the LAM on the wall across from the boxes. Then get the
10mm and 30.06 in the crates.

Now head back to the T junction and head east, towards Bunker 3. Because you
don't have the key to the sewer entrance, you'll have to head south into the
room complex. There are several guards here so be on

In the eastern room is a set of boxes near with some flare darts nearby. You
will find 2 lockpicks in the boxes. Head to the south room and you will find
a locked case with 2x darts and 1x flare darts. Then, Use the stair rail to
get up onto the ledge on your right when exiting the room. Move into the 
eastern room, note the datacube (with the security login information) and 
10mm ammo.

Head west, and then into the south room. Climb up the ladder into the 
malfunctioning generator room. Use super-jump to get over the generator to
the boxes, and find napalm, tech goggles, and a multitool. Find 20mm HE in 
the shadowed corner on the ledge above this room. Once on the ledge, you can
crawl along it all the way over to the alcove with the gate, and fall in to
use the maintenance bot, and then hit the button to open the gate.

Now, to proceed towards the hideout. Your best bet is to jump into the space
behind the cross in the corridor; there is a tunnel there that takes you past
the door, the turret, and the laser triplines. From here you can snipe the
guards and then slip out and get into the room with the columns. The key
here is that you should disable or destroy all the security between the
hostages and the other bunker so that your hostages don't get shot. So you
can either manually take out all the security with explosives, SABOT rounds,
and multitools, or kill everyone in the columns room and disable the security
via the terminal in there. 50 skill points for making the bunker, BTW. At
the exit to the crawlspace is 40/50 box with a reload mod, a multitool, and

You could try sneaking in through the cistern if you want. Directly across
from the exit of the crawlspace behind the cross is a tunnel filled with
water. Swimming down through there will get you into the columns room. You
end up behind some boxes near the security terminal and the wo'man in black'.

Up in the columns room you can find some crates with stuff, including some
on the second level. You can find darts, a bio cell, sniper rifle, 2 prod
chargers, a nano key to the catacombs sewer entrance, multitool, a datacube,
tech goggles, and SABOT shells. Use HELA : RAGNAROK on the terminal to get
in and disable all the security.

Then, go to the cells, open them up (hopefully with the key) and let the
prisoners out. 250 points. Now go back to Chad, and follow the prisoners to
make sure they don't get into any trouble. Incidentally, they don't trip
the laser triplines, for some reason...

Chad will tell you where to find Nicolette, and give you 500 points. Then
proceed to the sewer tunnels (using the map) and use the key to open the
door. 50 points. Follow the tunnels. 50 more points. Gee, they're getting
generous now. This will continue for the rest of the game, so start spending
on what you want to raise.

Continue on until you find a square room with a round pool, and grab the
lockpick in the water. Then, continue on. You'll find a hole with a ladder
you should descend, and this takes you to the area under the main Paris 

At this point, the passage splits. Going left takes you to a ladder, and
going right leads you do a hall with a crowbar and lockpick in crates and 
another ladder.

Going up a ladder is risky business. There are MJ12 troops and bots up there,
the big mean mechwarrior bots that take several rockets to take down. Be
careful when you go up. The one on the right is locked, but is in a more 
secure position when you go up.

Try to get around behind the main thoroughfare. Most of the guards are on
the main streets and this is where the bots patrol.

Over by the side of #17 is a pallet with 2 crates, which have 10mm and tech
goggles. The ATM's behind #18 are worth 750. Login 001506 : naga066

Go into the rear of the #19 cafe. If you told Jamie to stay at UNATCO, he'll
be here, and he'll tell you Gunther's self-destruct code. Useful, if you
want to avoid a fight with a mech toting a plasma rifle.

Talk to the guy at the other table to get the login for the security terminal
in a shack up the street. STREETSTATION17 : WEREWOLF

There is a guard who patrols around behind #21 (the building next to the
cafe) and he's carrying a weapon mod scope.

#15, a bakery, actually has some interesting stuff in it. Out front is a
ballistic armor in a box (by the 2 guards), and inside there is a lockpick
in a box. 50 points. If you open up the oven area, you find it is a drug
front. There are 6 vials of zyme and 100 credits. You can sell these to the
zyme dealer in the hostel, which i will describe in a moment. The other
hatch hides 10mm x2, a PS20, and a plasma clip.

#14, next door, is a digital media store. Inside you can get 50 points and
a multitool on top of a shelf. There is also an ATM in here. Not really worth
getting through the 75/50 door.

Behind the bakery is a hostel, #10. In the lounge past the desk you can find
a drug dealer who will pay 50 credits per vial of zyme you get him.

Go upstairs and go around behind the stairs. You'll find the nanokey that
opens the hotel room by the stairs on a utility pushcart on a balcony that
overlooks the lounge. In that hotel room you can find a bio cell, 100 
credits, and an ATM login, 004418 : morbus13.

Next to the hostel, behind the street, is a 'flat'. It is watched over by 
police who will be upset if you break in. Zap them with the stun prod, if 
you want, so they don't attack you.

Inside the left-most (#11) building is the dwelling of a weapons dealer. He 
has a lot of stuff, so i will give you the rundown. Range mod, SABOT rounds,
accuracy mod, assault shotgun, throwing knives, and another ATM login, 
005133 : salem008, rockets, and a plasma rifle. Inside the locked case is a
laser mod, 30.06 x2, a weapon mod clip, and 2 plasma clips.

In the flat next door (#12) you will find little on the ground floor, but
upstairs is a case with a medkit, 200 credits, and a datacube with another
ATM login, 002639 : aramis01. Under the bed is a bio cell. On a nightstand
near the balcony you'll find 100 credits and a pepper gun.

  THE CLUB - 15.1

Next door is #13. This is the club. There are 2 entrances; the front, and 
the side one, in the alley. The side one leads to a locked door (85/75).
The front door leads to a counter where you can pay to get in. Along the
twisty hallways is a grate; if you go in there, you can end up in the pay
office and snatch a key of your own. Further past that, you can crawl into
the bathroom, if you like. Net result, no cover charge. But you pay in
lockpicks or an explosive instead. If you do choose to pay, it is 300 

Getting onto the dance floor is worth 100 points. Camille, the dancing
nurse there, will sell you info on anyone who comes there. Antoine, a guy
sitting by himself at a shadowed table, will sell you bio cells for 250
credits. Find Jean (at a bar) and go through the door behind him. You'll
get into the office, where you'd come in if you'd come in the side door.
There are several interconnected rooms. One has a guy in it who will tell
you the address of the arms smuggler; but you already know that. On the
bookshelf in his room is a PS20. In the locked closet (use your key) is a
bio cell in a crate. The locked grate in here leads to the bathroom, like
the other one. Nearby is a locked door protected by a keypad. Code 1966.
Behind it is 50 points and a pile of stuff. Medkit, darts, 30.06, crowbar,
prod charger, thermoptic camo, buckshot, 10mm, 100 credits, 7.62, tranq 
darts, flare darts, and plenty of wine, alcohol, and cigarettes.

Go upstairs and talk to the Young Woman alone at the table. She says that
Nicolette will meet you outside.

  OUTSIDE - 15.2

Next door to the club is a large building that you can't get in. Past that
is where you come up from the unlocked hatch, and it's a street full of
guards near a shack-type building with a box with a LAM and a computer that
controls the robots. 50 points for getting in. Log in with STREETSTATION17 :
WEREWOLF to get in. From here you can deactivate the military bots. On top
of the desk is a bio cell.

When you are done with Paris, go behind the club, and talk to Nicolette.
300 points. Then, get on the chopper.


You must find a way inside. Be aware that Nicolette will follow you, and
freak out if you blow stuff up, especially if you hit her.

You could get in the front doors, if you wanted (65/50), but it makes more
sense to go in the back door by bashing the boards with a crowbar or rod
and then just walking in. Plus, you'll have to escape out the back soon.
There is a multitool on the shelf in that first room, by the plant on your

Make your way left, to the kitchen. On a shelf you'll find a multitool, and
you can use the dumb waiter to go up to Beth's room. 100 points for getting
in. Look behind the bed to get a vault code, 1784. On a table you can find
a mini-crossbow, darts, and flare darts. At a bookshelf you will find a
nanokey to Nicolette's room. Move the painting and get a reload mod, 
basement key, a datacube with the computer login bduclare : nico_angel, and
100 credits.

Upstairs, behind a vase on a table, you can find the key to Beth's room.
In the bathroom is a nano key to nicolette's room and a medkit. Go to
Nicolette's room and get the lockpick on her nightstand. Go back down to
the basement and use the basement key. 150 points. Go left and get the
lockpick in a box here. Then go right and use the candelabra to open the
secret passage. 150 points. Get the SABOT shells in the box, and continue
down the passage until you find a set of stairs blocked by wood beams.

Break them, and go up the stairs. Go into the alcove with th 2 boxes. 
Inside are a lockpick and a LAW. Hack the security terminal if you can,
and then go further down the passage and break those beams too. 250 points
for getting into the lab. Sack it for 2 bio cells, a multitool, an accuracy
mod, flare darts, darts, 2 flares, an aug cannister, and an aug upgrade
(the cannister is spy drone/aggressive defense system).

Use the computer login BDUCLARE : NICO_ANGEL. Send the signal.

Everett will tell you to go outside out the back way to the crypt. Only
problem is that it is now stocked with MJ12 commandoes. So have fun getting
there; it's a maze, but not too long.

On the way out, if you want, you can use a beam touching the floor in the
first bunker room to go up to a grate. From there, go left, grab a 
lockpick, and head across the ledge. Break the glass to the lab room, and
then continue down the other ledge until you find the second lockpick. Be
careful not to fall...

Make your way to the back of the 'maze' (really, it's not that bad); just
keep heading west), and go down into the crypt (the door should now be
open). 150 points. Make your way through the sewer (it's a one-way path)
until you get an area transition. Make your way through this area to the
ladder up. You're now in a cul-de-sac of some kind. Use the crates to get
up into the window above you.

  TEMPLAR - 17.0
There is a woman's body on the floor here with 100 credits. There are 150
more credits on the floor in the corner. Go up to the next floor via the
beam and get a nanokey (the gatekeeper's key), and a box with a lockpick.

Now get back down into the alley, and be quiet. You might activate the
guards nearby if you aren't careful. If you do, stay still a moment and 
they won't come. Use the gatekeeper's key to open the gate at the end of
the alley.

There will be a guard coming soon, if he isn't around already, so be aware
of this. You're going to go around a corner up a hill, and there will be a
bridge that crosses above you. On it will be more guards, so prepare for 

If you can, make it to the door under the left side of the bridge. It may
be locked with 50/50, but I was lucky enough to find it open after I 
alerted the guards by shooting one of them in the head (there are 3 in
total). Cross the bridge quietly to the other room (make sure the mech
below doesn't hear/see you) and grab the 100 credits, multitool, and 
lockpick. Then, if you can, hack the security terminal and shut down the

Make your way back downstairs. If you want the stuff behind the glass (this
includes a sniper rifle, tranq darts, flare darts, and a mini-xbow), then
the best thing to do is start by disabling/destroying the turret gun right
there. In fact, if you use a LAM or GEP gun, you can probably destroy the
turret, glass, and camera all at once.

Now, make your way slowly down the road, past the disabled bot. There will
be an opening to the left. This area has a set of stairs that descends to
the metro. Look at your map. Find the large set of stairs marked (M). This
is where you are. If you like, you may go there now, but there is no need
to. You will leave the area through the metro.

Follow the road towards the bridge. There is a commando on the bridge. From
here you can either go further into the complex, or dive into the water
and swim to the old well marked on the map.

You can get in the main doors if you like, and spend lockpicks/explosives,
but i prefer to come in through the roof. To do this, you must make your
way to the east side of the monk's quarters (actually looks south on the 
map) and climb up the trellis there. The 2 boxes by the trellis have 30.06
and napalm.

When on top of the roof, get on one of the girders that leads up to the 
next level. You should be on a sloped piece of roof with 2 skylights. Pick
one, and break the glass. Fall in. You are now in the library. If you like,
you can read about the knights templar.


From here you can either go into the next room, or go down the stairs. 'The
next room' is actually a sort of circular stairwell. Up on the next level 
is a sniper. It's best to sneak up on him and shock him or use a baton.

Further up is a walkway that connects the 2 buildings and another guard you
can surprise and knock out. You can cross to the other building from here
if you want.

On the original level, you can go out the doorway opposite the library on
to a balcony with 2 crates at the end. Inside are 10mm and darts. This
balcony overlooks the main entrance, and you can snipe at the guard from
here if you want.

Proceeding down to the base of the stairwell, you can find 2 boxes with a
flare each, and 2 doorways. One is open, and leads to the main entrance, 
and the other is locked, and leads to a side door. There is nothing in the
main entrance room except a commando. It's best to go back to the library,
and down the stair there. Be careful, because the area is guarded by 2
commandos. It's hard to get them both without raising an alarm.

In the room at the base of the stairs is a table. On it is 100 credits, 2
soy foods, and the cathedral main door key. In the little bedroom where the
guard was you can find a datacube with a bunch of codes on it and a weapon
mod recoil behind the bed. Go into the hallway, and the first room on the
left has 100 credits in the alcove above the bed. The next room has 250
credits and binocs. The door at the end of the hall goes outside. By the
way, the nanokey you got will unlock all the outside doors, including this
one, not just the main door.

Now it's time to cross to the west building. Be aware that there is at 
least one guard in the other tower, besides the one that crosses the 


This is the other main monastery building, accessible through locked doors
at the base or through the walkway in the tower. It is the top one on the

From the top, make your way downstairs, past the next sniper at the window.
From here, there are 2 ways you can go; either the stair down on the middle
level of the building, or the stair down on the ground floor. Your best bet
is the ground floor stair, where you can go into the kitchen and get some
food, and talk to the cook if you want. There is a bunch of stuff here,
including a prod charger behind the fireplace, a minicrossbow, darts, and
flare darts near on the table by the 2 guards, a multitool on a shelf, and
a ton of food.

Now go back up the stairs to the stairwell on the middle level, and head on
down. You'll end up in a low hallway with a keypad-door on your left and a
short set of stairs that leads up to a T-intersection. Use the code 1942 to
open the keypad door. 250 points. Proceed down to the gold. The laser lines
can be disabled by the panel against the stairs behind the box. The whole 
room is tricked up with cameras, so be careful when you go in. Go behind the
gold boxes, to the far end of the room, and you will find a terminal you can
hack to turn off the cameras and guns. There are 3 boxes down here which
contain: reload mod, LAW, rockets (not in box), scope mod. On top of one of
the gold crates you can find a range mod and a bio cell.

Now go back to the T and up the stairs to the left. Open the door on your
right and be prepared for the woman in black there; remember they explode
when killed. 250 points. There is a Cathedral main door key on the table on
your right and a datacube with the same information as the guard's room in
the other building. Go into the next room and hack the terminal to disable
a security camera. There are buckshot, throwing knives, and 400 credits in
a locked case by the bed; if you killed the woman in black nearby, her
detonation should have blown it open. There is a stealth pistol on the

The door opposite this room has darts and flare darts in crates, and there
is a door at the top of some stairs that leads up to an outside balcony.

Return to that 'T' intersection by the gold room. Go right this time, take
out the guard, and get under the camera if you can so you can destroy it
or disable it. It's very hard to punch in the code and dodge it. The code
to the door is 0022.

Go up the ladder, and around to the doorway. Go up the stairs, to the secret
door and hit the switch. 150 points. You are in the room with the 2 boxes,
opposite the WIB's room. 

Go back down to the room with the ladder. The box has a fire extinguisher.
Proceed down the stairs. If you do not have Gunther's killswitch from Jaime,
equip your favorite fast-killing weapon and get ready. Approach the main
computer (with the cross over it). Use his killswitch and then go to the
computer. 500 points. Login with 34501 : 08711.

Now you're done. Leave and proceed to the metro.

  METRO - 17.3

There are several doors out of the central metro area. The center one leads
to a mechanic selling range mod, accuracy mod, and thermoptic camo. Behind
this guy is a ledge worth 50 points of exploration, and a couple boxes with
a multitool and a book with an ATM account; 576001 : wyrdred0-

The door to the right actually leads to the metro. 150 points. The door
on the left isn't working, and you'll not set off the guards if you break 
it down. Inside is a recharge bot and an ATM worth 900.

Proceed down to the metro tube and find Everett's goon. 150 points.


Lots of stuff in here. Proceed left to the kitchen, and heal up. Then go
into the bedroom and grab the 100 credits and PS20 on the nightstand. Go
into the bathroom and grab the medit and aquarium hatch nanokey. You can
open the mirror if you want; this leads to a locked door on the other side.
Now head down the stairs by the kitchen. Recharge with the bot and get the
2 prod chargers in boxes in the shadows to the left. Continue on. When the
path splits, go left to the computer room. Talk to the guy there and heal
up. Grab the bio cell and EMP grenade on the desk.

In the next room there is another bio cell as well as a datacube with the
security code 'pynchon'. There is an INF/INF keypad-locked door here, the
combination of which is 8001. Inside is 100 points and a strange AI, as 
well as 2 plasma clips, a bio cell, and a mirror lock nanokey. Talking to 
the AI is pretty cool; as long as you're into Post-Modern thought. If 
you're very religious and in your ways, you will most 
likely not enjoy the converstion. If you have an open mind, however, i 
advise saving it and going in to talk to him, just to hear what he has to 
say. He's voiced by Tom Hall, if you can tell past the synths.

Go back to the intersection and go right. 500 points. Talk to Everett.
Disable his security on the post there if you can hack it, or use the
'pynchon' thing. This will open up the aug cannisters for you. Alternately
you can use the codes 2384 and 6426 to unlock them manually. The augs are
shield and visual enhancement. In the locked case are a multitool, a laser
mod, and an accuracy mod. You can also unlock the ventilation panel in this
room, which lets you dive into the aquarium and get all sorts of fun things
in there, like 50 points, darts, and a rebreather.

With the mirror nanokey in hand (if you visited the AI room), you can go
back to the bathroom and unlock the gate behind it; (alternately, you can
just pick the 80% of it). Proceed into the next room (100 points) and talk
to the guy there. There is also a datacube with the code 8001 for Morpheus
and 100 credits. If you want, you can get a conversation going between the
guy here and Everett, with you as the messenger. Eventually he will ask you
to shut his power source down (if you keep talking to him, 3 or 4 times).
If you do so, Everett will yell at you.

Get to the foyer. 50 points. Note the body of the mechanic to your right.
Bad news. Talk to the fake mechanic and then knock him out. Get the LAM in
the box. Then go back and talk to Everett. Leave and go back to the 
helipad. Talk to Jock, and you're off to Vandenberg.

[email protected] adds:

And in Everett's place, if you do NOT kill the suspicious mechanic like me
the first time I played, Jock's helicopter (and Jock) get blown up as he
attempts to leave area 51, which is amusing to see, but obviously sad if it
were real...!


The woman there will tell you your mission; to get the bots back on line.
Doing this isn't easy; be on the look out for enemy snipers. It helps a lot
if you're a good sniper yourself. You start on top of a large building; it
might be a good idea to find guards from here and start picking them off,
if you can. Then, loot the bodies for the sawed-off and the assault rifle
and open up the door on top of the building. Go down the stairs, and 
beware of the camera and gun turret there. Now you have 2 choices; through
the door here, or up the ladder. Alternately, you can also use the boxes
to fall down the red pipe shaft, but i don't recommend it unless you've
got speed enhancement to cushion your fall. Up above is a crate with 
buckshot rounds.

Unless you dive down the shaft, you're going to go into the same room,
regardless of whether you go topside or not. If you go up, however, you
can avoid the 2 guards in the next room. You will miss the 2 boxes in the
corner with 10mm x2. There's also a medkit crate above.

If you go on the top, slip through the grate and onto the top of the 
elevator, and hit the reset switch, which will send you down to the first
floor. If you go on the regular level, you can choose which floor you'd
like to visit. Getting on the top of the elevator is worth 100 points.


There are a couple boxes up here. You can find ballistic armor and 7.62. The
door to the control center on this level is INF/INF locked.

  FIRST FLOOR - 19.2

There is a main room to which most other rooms on this floor are connected,
and it is large and rectangular, with a walkway going around the top of it
(this is actually Level 2). In the middle of this room is a TNT box on a
rolling cart. There are many guards on this level. I'll tell you what i did,
for reference. First, i went down on top of the elevator, and opened the
grate. I fired at the TNT box, blowing it up, causing all the guards to
come running into the alcove in front of the elevator. I then backed up and
tossed out a LAM. Poof, no more guards.

The main lobby is accessible from here. You can see a commando outside. At
the doorway to the lobby is a security terminal, which can be hacked to 
disable the cameras in the lobby. Use COMMAND : ZEBRA42. There is an INF/INF
door that i'll get to in a moment, and a door at the end of the room that 
leads to a stair area. A guard will often come out of that door on his 
route, so be careful. The pathetically locked case contains a medkit, 
7.62 x2, a bio cell, a rebreather, and 10mm x2. Before proceeding up the 
stairs, go into the room with the power box and into the grate underneath. 
You are at the bottom of the red-lit pipes. There is a dead guy here with a
rebreather and a storage room nanokey. Then activate the power box with 
code 5868. 100 points, plus 50 for discovering the dead guy.

From the lobby, you can get into the lab area, using the door near the
computer. Use the nanokey you found to open up the storage room, around
the corner past the triplines. 50 points. Talk to the scientist there and
he'll tell you the security login for the tunnel security: TUNNEL01 : 
OMEGA2A. Grab the 20mm HE ammo, medkit, bio cell, hazmat suit, flares, and
food on your way out; if any of that stuff interests you.

If you feel like tackling another challenge, go into the door in this
observation room, around to the darkened room. It's filled with electrified
water, a trick that you might have seen before in half-life.

Inside the locked case on the raised platform is a hazmat suit, 100 credits,
a medkit, a multitool, and 3 bio cells. You can use multitools on the panel
next to the case to disable the electric arcs in the water. Then go get
the thermoptic camo, the weapon mod range (on a soldier) the hazmat suit,
the medkit, and the aug cannister (cloak). Then go to the security terminal
by where the hazmat suit was and log into it with COMMAND : OMEGA42 if you
didn't do so already by the lobby doorway. The truly foolhardy who are good
at jumping can save some multitools by disabling the sparking panel instead
of the one on the wall. But you have to get onto the metal crate near it.
Try not to touch the water while doing so. 150 points for going near the
security terminal.

Go back to the lobby and up the metal staircase if you like. There's a room
with a holographic globe up there and little else. Go under the staircase
and find the metal grate there. Open it and go through to the next room. 75
points. From here you have several options. First go through the grate near
the little steps. You'll end up outside, near the dead body of a scientist
with a bio cell. 50 points. Then, go up the ladder. You end up on a ledge
overlooking the back of the compound. From here, you can fall off onto one
of the sloped support beams and then down to the ground, taking minimal
damage. Otherwise, if you want to spend the ammo/picks, you can pick the
remaining door in that hidden room and just end up outside. Either way, it's
better than fighting your way out of the lobby vs. 2 commandos at once.

  OUTSIDE - 19.3

If you followed my advice, you're behind the command center, very near the
power box you need to activate. Right nearby is a set of scaffolding that
surrounds a large tank of some sort. There should be 2 or 3 guards on it,
and another patrolling near the power box, so be careful if you didn't snipe
them from the roof. When you're done, activate the power box (the big yellow
things in the corner) with code 5868.

Now you have to get to the bot hangar. This is the security bay shown on the
map. Head north and then east, and come around the back of the thing. Avoid
the heavy mechs and medium bots on the way. on your way, against the left
wall, should be a crate with a medkit in it. The door that you can open is
on the south wall (on the map you can see a little stairwell.

In the hangar you can find a box with WP rockets, and a box with 7.62 ammo.
At the end of the hangar is a dead guy with a bio cell and a lockpick, a
prod charger on the machine, and a LAM nearby. There is napalm in a crate
behind the other yellow machine. Hit the buttons in each of the bays, and
watch the fun begin. It is entirely possible, even likely, that your bots
will lose, because the enemy has smaller bots and soldiers, as well as giant
mechs. Wait until the fight is over, and finish anyone else off with rockets
or 20mm grenades.

When that's done, head for the gate. 100 points. In the gatehouse is a gas
grenade and a datacube. Then head for the Comm building. 400 points. A
scientist will tell you how to get the command key. Go into the bedroom 
there and get the shotgun on the bed. Open the lockers. The locked ones have
a multitool, an aug upgrade, flare darts, and darts. Go into the adjoining
room and find 2 bio cells, 3 flares buckshot, a medkit, and 7.62 (on the 
top shelf). Go up the ladder and hit the button to open the hatch. On the
roof is a dead sniper with a rifle and ammo. 50 points. Then, open the
hatch and go down into the tunnel.

  TUNNEL - 19.4

There be spiders here. You're warned. Proceed past the first spider to the
yellow electrical machinery. Open the panel and hit all 3 buttons. Sneak
along the wall, and get to the security terminal; TUNNEL01 : OMEGA2A. Past
here is a keypad-locked door (we'll get in in a moment) and then a hall
trapped with laser lines. Get to the door, either by disabling the lines
or dashing right through. From here you'll find a grate, a door with a room
full of radiation, and a locked maintenance access. Going into the grate
leads you to another grate in a flooded room. Under the water, on a walkway,
is the maintenance key. Swim through the open doorway on the side to a 
staircase, and go up. Here you'll find the keypad door we just passed. At
the bottom of the staircase is a 60% locked keypad door, behind which is a
guard with a pistol and a crate with ballistic armor.

The radioactive room is essentially a deathtrap. There is a guy in there
with a multitool, and little else. Best to go out through the maintenance
entrance. It's 90% to pick if you haven't got the key. Up in the maintenance
room are 2 crates with 10mm and 7.62. Go out and climb along the pipes.
Head out over the radioactive room and get 150 points. Continue past, and
shoot any spiders you see. Drop down over the walkway. From here, you have
2 options: cross to the other side of the store room, or head right down the
stairs. Note that there are 2 medkits at the bottom of the stairs. The
stairs lead to the floor of the room below you, past a laser trip line set
and a turret gun.

There are many crates in this store room. The one near the radioactive
barrels has rockets in it. There are also 2 lockpicks, a medkit, and a 
flamethrower. The set of stairs nearby leads to a bridge control which lets
you raise the bridge so you can cross it at the top. Do so, then run down
the other corridor, through the triplines and then left. You should be able
to do so fast enough to avoid the turret bullets. Across the bridge is the
dead scientist with the nanokey and a multitool on the body. Go up the
nearby ladder. 400 points.

You find yourself behind that INF/INF door on the first floor of the command
building. Get the lockpick and the 10mm in crates there and proceed up to
command on the 2nd level.

  COMMAND - 19.5

Go down the stairs to the bottom level. Talk to Carter and Savage. Savage
gives you the login for the terminal upstairs, GSAVAGE : TIFFANY. Now you
have to get past those giant arcs of electricity to the computer terminal.
Go in on the ground floor and get the nanokey and bio cell on the push cart.
Now, either lower the elevator on the ground floor and go up, or go up to
the 3rd floor and blow out the fan with an explosive and jump down. Log in
to the computer and hit the 'uplink to Milnet' button. Then go find Savage.

Seems your new mission is to rescue his daughter. Oh well. Head to the base
entrance in the northeast.

  GAS STATION - 20.0

Head forward, past the locked door, and talk to the 2 homeless people there.
The guy will give you the key to the door, and sell you weapon mods and a
rebreather. Accuracy:750, Recoil:400, rebreather:1500. There's also a key
by a dead guy behind a pillar, behind them. Go in through the sewer and up
the ladder.

You end up in a small box courtyard filled with trash. Sneak quietly into
the gas station, sniping anybody you find. Inside you can find 2 zymes, a
sawed-off shotgun, a medkit, and a lockpick. If you can, get into the air
ducts. You should be able to, given the boxes you have, especially with
super-speed F7. 50 points. At the end of the ducts there's a hole where you
can get out into the attic. From here you can get onto the roof. From here
you can either jump onto the roof of the other building, or go down the 
ladder into the courtyard behind it.

In the garage is a man in black and a soldier, as well as a garage door nano
key, a medkit, and 10mm ammo. This is where Tiffany is being held. Be 
careful as the man in black has a plasma rifle.

Before you leave, check out the shack near the helicopter. It has 250 
credits on a shelf and binoculars. Also check out the other wooden
enclosure near the ramp up to the plateau; there's a prod charger and 7.62
in there. Get into the Gas tanker and you can find a sniper rifle, zyme,
rockets, and buckshot. There's also a nearby tractor trailer truck with a
bunch of boxes in it, only locked with 20%. You get: plasma clip, medkit,
weapon mod silencer.

Y. Tanaya writes:

I found something interesting in mission where you have
to infiltrate an ocean base lab (mission SUB BASE - 21.0).
When I met Gary Savage, and he should give you a gift (AUG
UPGRAGE) for saving his daughter, I happened to have no room
in my inventory. So JC will say something like "Wait, I have no room"
and I got 500 EXP.
The interesting thing is that everytime I repeated this by
talking to Gary, I got 500 EXP. In this way, I managed to max out all
my skills. Maybe this is a bug in the game.

  SUB BASE - 21.0

You're going to have to blow up or sneak past a large mech on your way in.
I sneak past him, hide behind pillars and in the ramp near the water. Note
that while you can go in the water if you want, there are divers there that
will discourage you. You can swim out to one of the modules from here, if
you want, therefore skipping some of the following description.

Try and get over to the shed with the ramp. Getting past the 40%/INF lock
is worth 149 points, 10mm, a command module nanokey, a supply shed nanokey,
tranq darts, a mini-crossbow (on the drum) and 7.62 ammo. The nano-keys are
in the gray cabinet against the wall. Note that it is possible (if you have
F7 super-jump) to jump onto a set of pipes and thence onto the roof, and use
the roof hatch to get in so you save yourself a lockpick or 2.

Once you have the key, go over to the central tower in the middle of the
field with all the pillars and open the INF/INF door with it. Get the gas
grenade and buckshot under the stairs, then head up. Keep heading up until
you reach a T intersection. Head right and talk to the scientist. She'll
give you a hatch code 1223, to swim past the guards. Grab the medkit on
the shelf before you go. Going into the water is worth 50 points. You'll
come out near a box of 7.62 ammo, past the guards. Alternately, you can
sneak or force your way past them, if you want. Whichever way you go, you're
going to end up at a central shaft with a ladder going through it. Make sure
to visit the scientists on the middle level. They'll give you info on the
base and the sub login; APINKERTON : ANTENNAPEDIA. Who comes up with this?

If you go out the other door you will end up outside on the surrounding
observation deck. There is a man in black here and a guard with a LAW and
another one with a GEP gun and rockets. 

There's a hatch in the floor of the room with the 2 scientists that you can
use to get to a hidden supply room. There's napalm and a LAM. This actually
goes back to the guardroom on the top floor with the camera. That room also
has a silencer mod, an assault shotgun, and a boring scientist. There's also
a keypad-locked supply closet with 10mm, a medkit, buckshot, and 7.62. 50
points. Proceed to the bottom floor of the central ladder shaft. You'll
go down a corridor, then down another ladder, to a room guarded by a soldier
and 2 turrets. This is where you'd come in if you swam in. Open up the door
here and proceed along the walkway, watching for snipers. I like to get them
all from the observation deck in the command module, myself. Open the door
to the module at the end of the walkway. Kill the guard here and take the
bio cell and lockpick. Go into the central elevator thing and hit the 

Now you're in a hall with a camera, a turret gun, a box, and a security
terminal. Sneak behind the box and get under the terminal. Make sure that
if you let go of 'crouch' that you won't stand up. Then hack the terminal,
if you can. Turn all the guns on the guards, and with luck, you'll get a
few. Terminal login is TECH : SHARKMAN.

Continue on around the corridors to the room with the ambrosia. Find the
scientist, and she'll tell you a security login, TECH : SHARKMAN...but I
already told you that, didn't I? If you find any guards, lure them to the
turret guns you just took over. Go past the stairs and use the terminal
with the same login and open the sub bay doors. Then get the 2 boxes: 10mm,

Go up the stairs. There is a bio cell on the desk that the scientist is
sitting at. From the stairs, head right to the trapezoidal doorway and
through it. 300 points. Go around the walkway and down the ladder, and
'use' the sub that isn't being worked on.

When you get out of the sub, you can use a security terminal to the right
(if you can hack it) to see that everything is not well. Head over towards
the stairs and get the 2 crates in the shipping container. There should be
a LAM and a bio cell. Go up the flight of stairs, and then up the second
one 2. The 2 doors in the middle area only lead to observation windows.

If you feel like going for a swim with some karkians, you can go in the 
door on this level and you'll see a pool of water in the center of the room.
Wait for the karkians to come into view and shoot them; tranq darts work
best, in my opinion, as they're cheap and effective. Under the water you can
find a couple scrambler grenades on the dead guy and a plasma rifle at the
bottom of the pool.

Go to the top of the 3rd set of stairs and open the door to the command
module. You'll find that the turrets will attack you no matter what, so
try to blow it up with a rocket or something. Then go in and through the
unsealed door on the left. You go into a T-shaped corridor and there is a
misfiring turret in the corridor to your left. Because the door across from
you is INF/INF locked, you have to get past the turret, either by disposing
of it or crouching behind the large box and pushing it forward. Note that
if you push it forward, there is both a nano key (which you need) and a
dead body in the way. The nano key of course is the key that you need to
get into the INF/INF door, and has the ominous name 'greasel laboratory

If you go in the store room to the right of the misfiring gun, you can find
2 bio cells, some soy food, a lockpick and a multitool. The door across the
hall is locked 80%/INF and has 7.62 x2, buckshot, a plasma clip, 20mm HE, 
2 lockpicks, 2 multitools, a bio cell, and a rebreather. It's a bargain if 
you've got lockpicking at level 3, because you only spend 2 picks, and you 
get 2 back inside.

Proceed back to the INF/INF door and unlock it with your new key. This room
is called the greasel lab because there are greasels in there. And they spit
poison. So be careful. Because they are hard to kill with one shot of
anything save explosives, i recommend hitting them with tranq darts and then
running out the door and sealing it. Then wait for them to calm down and
do it again.

Go down the ladder at the rear of the greasel lab. Go through the unlocked
door down a hall into another flooded lab area with greasels and bodies.
A dead scientist floating there has a bio cell. Behind a 60%/INF locked door
in here is a box with a medkit. Under the collapsed beam/light fixture that
hangs slanted from the ceiling you can find a datacube with the keypad combo
for a door in the other room : 5690.

Go back to the room at the bottom of the ladder (the one with the submerged
plant bays, just down the hall) and unlock the door with key-code 5690. Then
go in. 400 points.

You go into a room where electric arcs are shooting from the table. There is
a datacube on the corner of the table near the arcs that gives you the
security login, OCEANGUARD : KRAKEN. Go through the other door here, across
from the table/desk, and down the stairs to the next door.

The next room beyond the door here is a large, hollowed-out cave. Watch for
karkians. On the right side there is a passage that leads into a sort of
office area. In there is a big karkian, so if you can spare the time, it's
best to either rocket him, or make a wall of barrels so he can't get at you
and then shoot him with something puny until he dies. If you decide to do
so, you get a crew access module nanokey and a weapon mod recoil. In any
case, there are 2 lockpicks in boxes out in the main cave, behind the 
passage wall to the office.

There is a door near the large yellow machine that leads into the next
section, and you either have to pick the 100% of it, or use the key you
might have gotten near the large karkian in the office to open it. This
door opens up to reveal a ramp leading down to the next module.

Go through the door, down the hall, to the room on the left. In here is some
food and a bio cell in a locker. In the other (locked) locker are tranq
darts and regular darts. The room across the hall has a greasel and 2 locked
lockers. One has a weapon mod reload and a pepper gun, and the other has a
medkit and a flare.

Go back to the red-lit alcove you passed on the way in and down the ladder
there. You find yourself on a hallway. To the left is an 80% locked door
where you can find ballistic armor and thermoptic camo, and to the right, 
down the hall, is a pair of rooms across from one another.

In the open room there's a locker with an extinguisher and a beer, and in
the other (locked) locker is a pair of tech goggles and a multitool. Across
the hall you can find soy food, a stealth pistol, a laser mod, and 10mm. At
the end of the hall is an elevator. Use it. 400 points. Get off the elevator
and go around the corner. Watch for a gas grenade on the left wall. Area 

Find a datacube on the floor to your right, and then go through the doorway.
From here you have 3 choices; go through the beams, calling nasties on you,
disable the beams (100%), or pick the 50% grate and climb in through the
air vents. Note that there are greasels up in the air vents and spiders on
the ground; you're kind of screwed either way. What you do when you go into
the air vents, though, is find a hatch you can open in the floor, shoot out
the fan, and then fall to the ground, avoiding the beams, but having to 
fight greasels and possibly hurting yourself, too.

Once past the beams, you can get to the other end of this square area and
out into a larger area featuring mechs; specifically, a very large spider.
There are 2 elevators, one on the left side and one on the right. The one on
the left side just goes up to a radioactive area with 2 multitools in 
crates, as well as a lockpick and rockets.

The one on the right, however, has possibilities. Note that the dead 
scientist near this elevator has a scrambler grenade. Although there are a
couple spiders up there, you can find an EMP grenade, 2 bio cells, and a gas
grenade. Head toward the central elevator, near the pool of water. Note that
the water is electrified. The man in black floating in the water has an 
upgrade canister, though. At the bottom of the pool is an assault shotgun
and a datacube with the security login, MJ12 : SKYWALKER.

When you are done in the pool, use the button on the large concrete column
to lower the elevator. Then go up.

You will find yourself in a room with turrets on both ends. You need to get
into the security terminal so you can lower the bridge (with MJ12 : 
SKYWALKER) but it is in full view of one of the guns. Either use cover from
the boxes or destroy it. A woman in front of the gun has a bio cell. On the
other side of the room, a dead scientist has a medkit.

Go across the bridge into the other room. Then use MJ12 : SKYWALKER to get
into the computer and access the UC schematics. You can now leave the base.
When you get down the elevator, go over to the communicator and talk to the
guy there.

Once you get to the cave-tunnel with the mining machinery and the karkians,
Walton Simons will be waiting for you. I prefer to hit him with several 
shots of my 20mm grenade from the assault rifle. Make sure to dodge his
plasma blasts as they'll do a great deal of damage.

Darren writes:

just wanted to add that I defeated Walton Simons with a very different 
method that's described. I had the cloaking aug implemented, plus my sniper 
rifle was maxed out with accuracy mods, and i had my rifle skills at the 
master level. I simply cloaked just after he talks to me, then hide in the 
shadows of the machines. Granted he can see thru my cloak, but it helps in 
avoiding detection. I then pick him off with 5 or 6 headshot from my sniper 
rifle... clean and easy. Of course, be warned that after each shot you have 
to run around to prevent him from seeing you (silent run aug helps alot here).

Now proceed back to the exit. You may encounter divers and guards that came
with Simons on the way. You must get to the top of the command module on
the shore. 500 points. The roof access is through a hatch at the top of a
ladder that you should run into at the long of the long hallway overlooking
the ocean.

  SILO - 22.0
Go around the back of the enclosed area, to the 2-story metal building. You
will hear guards inside. Go in and kill the guards. You can find a lot of
stuff inside: 7.62, soy food, weapon mod range, 200 credits, plenty of soda,
10mm, binoculars, nano key to the front gate, and upstairs a multitool. You
can find a keypad on the post upstairs. If you multitool it, a stairway
lowers so you can go up into the attic. Up here you'll find a lockpick, a
crowbar, bio cell, LAW, LAM, and medkit.

Leave this building from the second floor walkway and proceed to the 
building in the middle of the enclosed area. Watch for bots and guards.

There are a couple of important locations in the compound. Note the water
tower. A sniper patrols up there, but if you kill him, you can take his
30.06 ammo, if you're into sniping (and who isn't?). There's a squat 
building with a satellite dish on top, from now on known as the comm 
building. Inside are several guards, an assault shotgun, and 10mm. Get the
nanokey for the truck doors on the shelf in the corner. You can also find 2 
boxes of SABOTs and a medkit in crates here. Right next to the comm building
and connected by an air vent, you can find a building with a set of stairs 
that leads to an office with 10mm on the desk.

Also interesting to note is a 2-story building whose door won't open. Going
around to a window, you can see that the door is blocked, so you'll have to
go in through a window or by using the walkway from the comm building. 
Inside is a lockpick under a shelf and a maintenance bot.

Next to this building is a 20% locked trailer. Inside are crates with a gas
grenade and a plasma clip, and there is also a silencer hidden behind all
the large metal crates.

Near here is a small sloping metal shack. To gain entrance to this building,
it is best to go into the building with the maintenance bot and down the
grate in the corner of the first floor. You end up on the stairwell that
the door here opens up to. Go to the bottom of the stairs. 300 points for
going up to the door. Open up the silo door here with 8456. Continue through
the next 2 doors using the same code. You have to go in the door marked

There will be a panel on your right as you go through the LAUNCH COMMAND
door. Disabling it turns off the red laser triplines at the end of the hall.
There are guards beyond here, including men in black, so you might want to 
do that.

Go up the stairs and up to launch control. Use the 'abort missile' switch
and then the security terminal on the left to reprogram it. Use ELDER :
ARMAGEDDON. 350 + 350 points. Get the 10mm behind the computers and go back 
downstairs. Go through the doorway on your right. Continue around and you 
will find 30.06 in a crate by some metal crates. Then climb up the ladder in
this room (note the spider up there) and get the 2 crates with rockets and a
lockpick. Go around the platform to the locked bathroom and you can see a 
scientist in there. Talk to him and get the datacube, which has the security

No proceed back to the MISSILE SILO door. Go up to the entrance of the long
hallway and shoot the guy from here. Alternately, you can use the false
floor grate, which dumps you in the water below the missile. You're probably
better off fighting the guys from here though, especially since the 
explosions that the men in black cause when they die will damage each other
and the commandos nearby.

Go into the missile shaft and hit the button by the elevator. In the 
elevator, you will see a large rack of buttons that correspond to the
floors. Floor 1 is the water, where you'd be deposited if you took the floor
grate above. Floor 2 is your destination; you must shoot Howard Strong,
who is standing on a large yellow lift near the rocket. Only 2 shots to the
head will take him out. He has a bunch of stuff, including a plasma rifle,
if you want it. Floor 3 has several mechanical spiders on it. Floor 4 has a
maintenance bot on it. Floor 5 is where the long corridor with the guards
connects, and floor 6 has an MIB on it.

Once you've killed Strong on 2, head up to 6 and use the ladder up to the
hatch at the top. Use the button to the right of the hatch to open it, and
then go to the helicopter.

  AREA 51 - 23.0
Either shoot the sniper in the tower you're facing, or take cover from him.
He'll likely kill you in 1 or 2 shots. Turn around and note the restricted
access building behind you. Behind it are some crates that you can use to
get up on the roof to get in the roof hatch. If you can't do that, go in
the front door, but note the camera and turret there. After dealing with
them, you still have to pick open the second door inside.

Inside you can find 7.62, a medkit, a law, and a terminal for disabling the
camera and gun. When you're done here, head down the ramp to the building
at the bottom. Get the buckshot by the overturned van and go into the
building. Tong will contact you and you'll get a map. This is the 'Comm'
building you're in now. Go in and get the Tower key, the medkit, the 2 bio
cells, and flares if you want 'em. Then, blow open the lockers to find 2
multitools, 7.62, and darts.

Down the hatch in this room is a 'treasure room' of sorts. Bio cell, rockets,
login datacube for the tower, ballistic armor, LAW, rebreather, and a dead
guy with flares and a candy bar. Also, against the wall in a 70% locked case
is an aug upgrade.

Now head for the tower up on the hill. You've got the key, so you can get in
easily enough. There are 2 ladders, one up and one down. Both are protected
LAMS. You'll have to disarm them quickly if you don't want to be killed, or
arm them and run away real fast. Downstairs is a small room with an EMP
grenade and 30.06, so if you want either of those, go there first. Once 
you're done, head up the tower to the top. Up here is a sniper with 30.06
and a security terminal behind the main pillar. 100 points. If you hack in,
you can turn off the security camera overlooking the main entrance door and
open the blast doors into the main part of Area 51. Log in with A51 : XX15YZ

If you're still up for some action, you can head to the hangar which is 
protected by a couple baddies. Inside you can find some buckshot in a crate
to the left of the entrance. There's also a locked room in the back with
napalm x2, a mini-xbow, darts, and a flamethrower. Upstairs is a maintenance
bot and a guy who tells you the security login. 50 points if you go in the
corner by the beam.

Now you have 2 choices; go down the hatch in the hangar, or go in through the
front doors.

  HATCH - 23.1

If you want more adventure, pick open the lock on the hatch by the large
cylinder and fall into the pool of water below. At the bottom of the long
shaft of water is a guy with a weapon mod laser and scrambler grenades, if
you can swim that far. Otherwise, just go up the stairs. 50 points. You find
a room with a turret (which you can disable with the terminal in the hallway)
and a box with a lockpick. There is another box of 10mm on the elevator.

The bottom of the elevator leads to a tunnel protected by blue lasers. 
Disable it with the panel nearby or droids come out. Go down the series of
ladders to the bunker doors. 50 points. Get the bio cells from the body of
the guy beside the large elevator.

  FRONT DOOR - 23.2

Use the security terminal right by the entrance (on the left side) to disable
the camera and hack the terminal (i don't know the login). Watch for the 
mechs and then go right. You're in a store-room. There's an area on the left
with a lockpick and 10mm ammo surrounded by radiation cans. To the right is
a lower alcove mirroring it, with thermoptic camo and a medkit protected by
a spider.

Use the TNT boxes to blow up the door under the central platform (crouch,
pick one up, and drop it near the door while still crouched; then shoot it
from a distance). Go in, go right, open up the panel against the wall and 
hit the button. Then go up the ladder, grabbing the bio cell on the way. 50
points. Go across the platform and get the lockpick in the box in the room
below. Go out the door, back to the main passage, and take the tunnel you
haven't taken yet. Head down the elevator, and open the blast doors at the
bottom. Don't forget to get the 2 bio cells of the body of the guy under the
elevator (you have to send the elevator back up and then jump off real fast).

Of course, you can have your cake and eat it too; you can go up the ladder
here and get all the stuff on the other path. You just have to follow the
other path in reverse. Note that it may be harder or easier, depending on 
what you wish to do.

  SECTOR 2 - 23.3

Get the multitool in the crate on the stack of boxes, and destroy, disable,
or avoid the camera. Now for the tricky part; getting past the lasers. It
may be easier just to trip them and let out the spiders...

Watch out for the exploding power box on your right, and then go to the holo-
station on your right. You'll get one of the goals (for one of the 3 possible
endings) and the security code for Sector 2, 8946. Behind the power box and
right near the holo station is a 50/INF locked hatch.

Down the hatch is a tunnel (and 50 points) with karkians in it. There are a
couple valves near the karkians that you should disable so you can get 
through the entirety of the tunnel unharmed. The tunnel leads to other areas
which are explained below. It is interesting to note that there are rockets
and a multitool (on a body) down at one end, though.

Assuming you didn't take the tunnel down, you now have 2 choices; either
straight, or left. I prefer left, myself, so we'll start there (it eventually
loops back around anyway). By some metal crates here you'll find a box with
10mm. Not long after this you'll probably run into a patrolling mech. You can
either avoid with him or destroy him. I prefer to use a rocket, myself.

You'll soon run into a locked door on the left, locked by a keypad. Inside 
are little bed alcoves, some with some pretty cool stuff in them. The INF
locked one has a code of 0169. Go in to get 50 points, a sector 3 nano key, 
a medkit, and an aug upgrade.

Further down the hall is another locked room a Rec Room. There are guards in 
there, including an MIB. The dead scientist has a multitool on her, and 
there's another one on a nearby table. 

Watch out for the turret gun and camera. The box under them holds a medkit.
The corridor beyond holds a box with buckshot, and then it empties into a
larger room filled with guards that you can get to by the tunnels. In the
left-hand corner are boxes with 7.62 and tranq darts. There's a maintenance
bot to the right and a lockpick in a box by the Sector 3 door. There is a 
large alcove on the left that you can get to if you have upgraded speed jump.
Jump on the boxes near the crane, and then run and jump across to get SABOT
shells and a multitool.

The Sector 3 door is 90%/INF locked, so either pick it or get the nano key
from the bunk room and go through it.

  SECTOR 3 - 23.4
100 points. Get the boxes in the 'alley' on the right; medkit and lockpick.
Hit the elevator button and back up; baddies are coming up the elevator to 
meet you. Once done with them, go down the elevator. Area transition. Then,
go up to the communicator. Once done, proceed through the door.

Move forward cautiously, and look for the guards on the walkway above, both
straight ahead and to the right. On your right, against the wall, is a set
of crates and a grate above them. If you have F7 jump aug, you can get up
there (with enough upgrades) and go into the tower through the grate. If
not, you can always pick the door at the bottom, or go at it from a 
different angle, by doing some of the other tasks on this level.

At the base of this tower, inside, you'll find 10mm and SABOT shells in
boxes. Up on the 2nd level, you can go out on a walkway that circles the 
area and gives access to other parts of Sector 3. There is a guard with a
GEP gun and rockets up here, so be wary, or kill him if you need the weapon
or ammo. The next level up features an INF locked keypad that gets you into
the Aquinas Hub, so you can get the Sector 4 door open. The code is 1038,
which you will find out later. The top level has a bunch of guards, 
including an MIB. You can get buckshot and an aug upgrade if you hack the
security terminal nearby or use multitools on the keypad lock. The security
login is AREA51 : BRAVO13, and i suggest you use it to unlock a door. Go 
down the ladder to kill a sniper and get his ammo and more 30.06 nearby, 
plus tech goggles if you want them. Then go through the door to get a
datacube, a bio cell (under the shelves), 7.62, and a lockpick. Go up the
ladder here to get a datacube with code 4225, and a bio cell on the dead
body. If you can, try to get into the tank of water up here (outside the
door on the walkway) because there's a dead guy floating in it with a hazmat
suit and a multitool at the bottom of the pool.

From the walkway, you can go around to the ladder by the green pool, which
is where you could come up if you didn't get in at the base of the tower.
From here, go around the fenced area until you find an open portal, and go
into it and down the stairs. You end up in the green pool, which is filled
with greasels, so be careful. In here you find a nanokey for the tower (if
you want/need it), tranq darts, and a datacube with the reactor room code,

Go back up to the main floor and head down the stairs near the tower. You
should see a sign that says 'reactor lab'. That is your destination. Make
sure to go around to the crates on the right side and get the medkit in the
box on top of the crates. You can also find a lockpick on top of some crates

The reactor room door is openable in 2 ways; either using the code 2001, or
opening it with the security terminal in the stairwell/tower. I suppose you
can always multitool its 70% off, too, if you want. 100 points.

You're now in the reactor room. Note the escaped enemies below. They can
be particularly nasty because they shoot psychic bolts. Be careful if you
have to fight them, and note that the radiation is pretty fierce, too.

Go up to the reactor control room and talk to the guard to get the Aquinas
code, 1038. Then return to the stairwell and go into the hub. 100 points.
Get the multitool on the table and the tech goggles from the green body.
Shoot out the window, and look down. Wait for the large spider to pass by
and then (if you have F6 strength) drop an explosive barrel on it.

Out on the passageway there you can see a red body. He has a rebreather on
him. Using the hatch here is a shortcut, if you want. Just beware the
commando below.

Go back into the computer room and use the ladder to go below. You're now
in a room with a radiated section at the bottom and 2 exits, one to the
aquinas hub, and one out to the stairwell above the giant spider-bot below.
In the boxes in the radiated area are a lockpick and 10mm. There is also
a datacube near the body with a map of Sector 4. That will prove most
useful later, and i will refer to it, so try to get it. You CAN get it 
without being radiated, if you're careful.

Follow the sign to the Aquinas Hub, into a corridor with a commando (where
your shortcut would have taken you). You'll end up on a walkway overlooking
a lab.

Go down the stairs. Get the darts and the buckshot from the crates. Inside
the keypad-locked door are 50 points, napalm, and 7.62.

Continue down the stairs in the next room and get the medkit on the dead
scientist. Use the elevator to go to level 3, a walkway. 100 points. Here
is where you get the goal for the 3rd possible ending, at the chamber at the
end of the walkway.

Once you're done talking, go back down the elevator and prepare for 
fighting. Commandos will come down the stairs and the sentry bots will fight
for you for once. Go over to the open archway and a tram will begin making
its way over towards you. Back up and let the security bots take care of the
guards on it.

Now go back up the stairs, back around to the room with the radiation 
barrels, and then out the door onto the walkway. Go down the stairs, into
the next room on the next level, and then down those stairs. Note that on
your way is a store room with rockets and TNT (kill that spider!) Watch for 
a greasel at the bottom of the stairs. Get the 10mm and prod charger under 
the stairs, and then go out to where the large spider bot is/was. There is 
another storage room here with a plasma clip and buckshot. Assuming you have
talked with Helios, you can go up to the door and he will open it for you.

Proceed into sector 4.

  SECTOR 4 - 23.5
Get the LAW and the datacube on the ground here. Go up the stairs, and open
the door using the button. Then go up to the communicator and chat. Go
around and through the door at the end of the hall. Open up the map you
found by the radiated barrels in Sector 3. You are now in A7, Cloning Bay.
Fall down into the little 'moat' there and get the multitool off the dead
red guy. Go under the glass tube and up the stairs to your right. Watch out,
the door will explode. Use the flashlight to see an alcove behind the stairs
there and you'll find a dead woman and a datacube with the security login
for the terminal ahead. Heal up with the medbot and get the aug upgrade from
the dead scientist here, then move north through the doorway that is not on 
the map.

There is a room full of enemies here, so get ready. Before doing anything,
hack the security terminal here. Note that the enemies WILL see you and come
right through the door. Log in with LAB 12 : GRAYTEST. Disable the environ-
mental generators and mess with the normal security stuff. Kill the 2 grays
(buckshot works great) and then go through the room to the door on the other
side. You should now be in a part of the map, as you're on the other side
of the door that blew up, between the Cloning Bay and the Nanotech Infusion 

Now for the fun part; You can see that nearby, past the Infusion Chamber,
is a room marked 'UC-03'. This means that it is a universal .
There are 3 on this level, and they continuously produce enemies. Save your
ammo because you'll just use it all up trying to stop these guys; 
concentrate on shutting the UC's down, and you'll do OK.

Back to the hallway; go through the double doors here towards the infusion
chamber. You will see Page suspended in the chamber. He's protected by a
force field, so don't bother trying to kill him. He'll talk to you, and then
the 2 turrets in this room will attack you. Run forward and left, into a 
short hall to avoid the gunfire. Destroy or disable the guns if you want
and then go to the end of this short hall and run across the walkway to the
button door. In here are the controls for UC-03.

Open the door with multitools and get in; then use the large yellow control
inside to close the door to the UC. Radar Transparency is a great thing to
have here; alternately, use EMP grenades on the spiders so they are disabled
and hopefully block the rest of the walkway for the respawing ones. The best
tactic can be to go up to the corner (where they can't see you) and stick an
EMP grenade against the wall. Then run up to the door and turn around. One
spider will come over and start zapping you, at which point the grenade will
go off, disabling it. Any other spiders that try to get by it won't be able
to, so you'll be free to get in the door and disable the UC.

After you've done this, you can proceed around the walkway and you come to
the objective of one of the three endings; The Aquinas Router, for Helios.
If you want to do that ending, skip to it, but i'm assuming you want to see
all three endings (as i did), so i'll continue with the path for disabling
all the UC's. Note that the code to the Router door is 6765. It's worth it
to go in now because there is a medbot right inside.

Go around the corner to the left passage, by the Aquinas Router door, and 
open up the door to the elevator on your left. Start out and immediately
back up, as the room is going to explode. Owie. Run over as fast as you can
to the panel on the left and disable it so the electricity arcs get turned
off. Get a multitool from one of the consoles and then access the security
terminal (PAGE : UBERALLES). Getting into this will unlock the Aquinas
Router room upstairs so you can complete the Helios ending. Get the stuff on
the shelf, including a hazmat suit, 2 bio cells, and a medkit, then open
the door to the next chamber.

Shoot the greasel REAL fast and the karkian will run over to eat it. Then
hack the terminal against the wall on your left to activate the security
bot to come fight it. Run towards the large door marked 'coolant B13' and
then get into the UC control on your right. Disable this one (a greasel
generator, UC-02) and that's 2 down.

The coolant b-13 door is necessary for the Dark Age ending, so we'll revisit
it later. For now, go into the alcove where the security bot was. Inside is
a bio cell and a lockpick. Find 10mm and 7.62 behind the cental column room
and note one of the blue fusion reactors set into the pace of the central

There is a door in the central column that you can enter, and another one
at the south end of this large chamber. By the second door is an open grate,
and i suggest you go in there. You'll follow a long tunnel and find yourself
in a room with 2 boxes containing rockets and SABOT rounds. You are actually
in the central column room, and that locked door leads back out into the
large chamber.

Hit the button against the wall to open up a panel in the floor. From here,
you can get into a long shaft filled with water. Adept swimmers will find a
body with tech goggles on it, and a LAW at the bottom of a long downward
water shaft. Another shaft conceals a dead guy with a multitool. You can 
climb out over the fences at the top of the vertical shafts using ladders
concealed against the wall. Watch for guards; human ones, this time. So
where are you now? Coolant control, actually.

Go down the little stairs here and get the LAW and medkit in the boxes. Go
into the red-lit portal down here and into the hidden grate, down the shaft,
and to a small room with a box behind some pipes. In the box is a multitool.
Then return whence you came and go up the ladder to find a guard and a 
locked box with a PS20, rockets, and an EMP grenade.

Go into the red-lit portal here, and through an S-shaped corridor to a 
walkway above the next room. Kill the guard, then find the spiders on the
floor below and kill them, too. Go down the ladder at the far end of the
walkway and get the lockpick off the dead maintenance guy.

Go down the little stairway on the south side of the room, and follow the
path until you find a small alcove with a box and a medkit. Find the cabinet
there and blow it open to find a bio cell, 2 prod chargers, binoculars, 
SABOT shells, 20mm grenades, 30.06, buckshot, a multitool, and a pepper
cartridge. Go back up, and if you can super-jump, so so up onto the yellow
power machine in the northeast corner to get a guy with a bio cell and a

Open the door at the east end of the chamber, and then the next one, and you
find yourself out by UC-02. Go back to the grate, and in the door this time.
There is a datacube with the router door code and 2 boxes: 10mm and 30.06.

Go into the grate here and up the ladder. Head west from the top of the 
ladder and across a walkway. Go into the room and destroy the box top, 
gaining a LAM, darts, and flare darts. Note the sentry bot doors; they will
open and attack you shortly, so be prepared. Go to the bottom of the stairs
and behind the stairs to find boxes with a LAM and buckshot. There is a blue
fusion reactor (for the Illuminati ending) in the next room. We'll cover 
that in the Illuminati ending, so be content to go back the way you came.

If you have F7 run/fall/jump, return to the grate and head east. Activate it
and then fall off the high platform to the platform below. You find a dead
scientist next to a datacube with the security login, PAGE : UBERALLES, for
the Aquinas Router. Head down the ramp towards 2 boxes with 10mm and 7.62.
Then, hack the next security terminal around the corner to activate the
security bot on this level and have it kill off the monsters. Go inside its
alcove to find 10mm and 7.62.

The last UC control is right here. Get in and disable UC-01. Leave this room
and head north along the walkway and east. Here is another blue fusion
reactor, against the south wall. Continue across and then south to find 2
boxes with buckshot and tranq darts. Open the door, and you can just barely
see the last blue fusion reactor behind the leaking radiation pipe.

Run left through this room and down the ramp. Head right, to the radiation 
barrel, and past it. Open the box top to get napalm, plasma, and a recoil
mod, and then turn around to find a bio cell and a datacube with the coolant
control code, 2242. Then go back around the corner to the right and find a
cabinet there with a medkit, 10mm, a rebreather, 7.62, and a map of sector
4, if you don't already have one.

Now you're ready for an ending. Pick one.

  HELIOS ENDING - 23.5.1
Perhaps the easiest, in that you can do it fairly early on in the level.

Proceed to the Aquinas Router room and either open it with the security
computer downstairs (PAGE : UBERALLES) or just use the door code 6765 on it.
Go in and down the stairs to the lower floor. Hit the 'engage' button on the
machines on either side of the chamber, and then go to the central computer.
Login (ICARUS : PANOPTICON) and engage the primary router. Then proceed back
to sector 3's Aquinas Hub and talk to Helios. End game.

You have to disable all 4 blue fusion reactors and then kill Page.

The first reactor is on the floor of the central chamber of Sector 4, down
by UC-02. Deactivate it with code 7243.

The second reactor is up in the south tower. Get to it by proceeding from
reactor 1 south to the unlocked door and up the ladder, or use the elevator
on the east side of the chamber. Go through the tower to the walkway west,
and then down the stairs into the next room to disable the reactor. Note
that 2 sentry droids will come out to get you, so you might want to set up
the boxes to block them first.

From here, proceed back to the tower and off the west end again, to get down
to the level with the ramp. Consider jumping after you've hit the 'down
elevator' button so you don't take any damage. Proceed past UC-01 to the
walkway east and disable the reactor there.

The last one is the trickiest. Heal up, make sure you have the radiation
suit, and spend any last skill points on enviro training. Then go east, past
the 3rd reactor, and south into the radiated room. Go behind the pipe and
disable the last reactor.

Once done, return to the Aquinas Hub area and go out the little portal there
onto the balcony with the controls. Hit the button, and Page dies. End game.

  DARK AGE ENDING - 23.5.3
Go back to coolant control, either using the door code 2242, or swimming 
from the central room in the main chamber (see above). Hit the button on
the yellow console at the end of the coolant control room and then return
to Sector 3's Reactor lab.

Now is the real fun part; you must hit the button at the base of each
reactor. Note that the area is filled with radiation, so if you don't have
a hazmat suit and lots of enviro training, you might just be screwed.

Go up into the control room and hit the button behind the first yellow
panel, then the second, and then the third. The maintenance guy will go
ballistic on you (who wouldn't?) and so you should shoot him. Consider
knocking him out beforehand. Then, hit the engage button on the central
console. End game.

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