(... and they ain't kidding)



A Solution by Lu Richardson



This is a quick solution for first-time players and in Easy mode, to help them finish the game so that they can play it again later at tougher levels (and with all the side quests) once they know what it is all about.



General Tips:


If you are going to get anywhere at all you will have to be extremely patient. Look before you move. Not everyone is out to kill you. Listen to conversations before you take any action.


Combat: When you decide to take someone out, use the blackjack (save EVERY TIME before you try, and when you strike look slightly downwards). Apart from the blackjack, all other equipment is expensive so spare it if you can. The dagger is pretty useless, you'll only need it when all else fails.


Items: Look out for freebies. For elemental arrows, look into anything likely to contain water (e.g., fountains) for water arrows; into fires or torches for fire arrows and into greenery in general for moss arrows. Free gas arrows are very hard to find (in clouds of steam).

Don't waste water arrows, they are precious. Use them only when you absolutely must.


Keep fire arrows for the undead, apart from holy water. Flashbombs also work against them, better used against a group.


Flashbombs will indeed stall just about anybody - remember that and be always well supplied.


Keep gasbombs for groups of live enemies.


You can only carry so many of each item (i.e., the shopkeeper won't sell you any more) so if you are carrying the limit you cannot add to your stock; it's no use picking up any more. Therefore, get hold of the freebies before you go shopping and save your cash. Always take every opportunity to replenish your items because some missions are very long and you don't want to run out of anything at the wrong moment.


Be sure to buy the climbing gloves at the Docks as soon as you can. They cost 2000 bucks and are totally essential.


Moving: Well, you don't need me to tell you to hug the dark spots and become invisible. Crouching allows you to move about unheard, so the combination of dark and silence is a winner. Run only when it is safe to do so.



Stealing: when picking locks, swirl around the central pick and, when you find the spot where the barrel moves, move it slightly along the short arc until you see the right hand on the screen go upwards, then quickly press L-Mouse. This usually works. Remember to shut emptied chests (and also doors), you don't want to leave evidence of your passage.


When mugging people who carry goods on their belts, pinch the stuff first or it could be lost to you.


Finding your way about: The maps are totally useless. Either make your own or travel left or right from where you start and get a mental picture of the area, as you would in real life. Use the maps only to get a rough idea of where things are. If you have the leisure, look about you and get familiar with your surroundings, entering doors and so on.


It is essential that you read every paper, book and plaque you come across. Some papers lead to side quests you might like to do or not, and some don't necessarily produce the "A New Note" message. Other writings indicate where, more or less, are the Special Loot items. Yet others have to be read to complete an objective.


When you come to the end of a mission, don't just leave. You will have sorted out all the baddies as a matter of course, so now is the time to search freely for treasure. Remember, only items that twinkle are loot; if you pick anything else you will have to drop it and, if you are in the middle of a mission, someone might hear you. By the same token, be careful when you jump up to get a better view of shelves, for instance.


Important: don't douse every torch you see or you will run out of water arrows before the mission is over.


Right, you won't need any help with the training mission, so here is...





When the mission starts, don't move an inch. Shoot a water arrow at the fire right in front of you and crouch. The guard with the torch will come to investigate, let him pass and, on the way back, when he can't see you, get behind him and hit him with the blackjack. Pick up his unconscious body and hide it in the shadows. You can explore around here, if you like.


Go up the stairs and open both leaves of the door then crouch and creep in beside the guard, where he can't see you. Shoot a noisemaker arrow outside, as far as you can, and wait till he goes out to move on. If he stops at the door, mug him and hide him outside.


Inside, keep left. You'll come to a door, pick the lock and go in - mug the fellow at the window on your right (I won't repeat the instruction to hide the unconscious man, just do it every time). Read the note on the table and help yourself to the valuables including, of course, those in the chest. Remember, only the items that twinkle are loot. Search the other room.


Out, continue left. Through the little room (ignore the goblet on the window sill); before you enter the next room, crouch and then go in to the right, hugging the wall to keep in the dark. Go right around this hall and into the guard's post. Still crouching, get behind him, stand up and biff him.


As you come out don't go left and down the stairs yet - they lead to the Vault. Turn right instead and cross the hall to enter the next room. You will see doorways either side of the bookcase. Don't go left yet (there is a servant in there, so move carefully), go right. Now, on your left you will see the stairs up. Save your game and take out the guard the best way you can. Watch him and pick your time. I crouched by the bannisters at the bottom, waited till he started going up the stairs and got him.


You will have noticed that near the bottom of the stairs, to the right, there is another arch. Leave it for now and go up the stairs, looking out for loot.


At the top you will see a wooden door and a torch - douse the torch but don't go in the door yet.


Keep to your left and be careful because in the next room there is a servant. Crouch into the niche in front of the door and stay in the dark. The servant will come to the door and then turn his back on you. Knock him out.


Go across the room (read the note first, on, don't miss the candlestick on your left), pick the lock on the door, empty the chest and push the crate out of the way. Crouch and go through the gap and continue crouching to your right till you get to the painting. Nick it.


Back to the wooden door you didn't enter before, go through and along to the end and the portal to enter the Inner Quarters.


Go straight on and through a wooden door then duck to your left and crouch. Listen to the conversation and watch the guard. Go to your left and, ignoring the lady on your left, get to the foot of the stairs and douse the torch on your right.


Wait till the servant gets to the foot of the stairs and starts to go up and take him out. You can now go on up ignoring the lit torches till you get to the top. Go in, pick the door lock, go either side and you are in a bedroom. Search it thoroughly.


When you have finished, go all the way down the stairs and crouch in the dark (ignoring the lady now on your right) before you enter the next room. Remember the guard. Remember also he carries a torch. Douse the torch on the right in the room, wait, watch and pick your time. Make sure the guard goes out quietly and that you hide him.


Go on through to a wooden door - douse the torch and listen outside. Wait. The guy inside should come out. If he doesn't, pick the lock on the door, sneak in and, when you are in a good position, pick the guy's pocket for the key then clobber him. Search these rooms. By the desk, use the unlit torch.


If you have everything, go back the way you came through the portal to Castle Front. Now you should visit the places you missed out getting here.


For instance, as you come down the stairs, look at the opening on the left. There is a guard there and you have to watch him till he gets himself in the right position for you to clobber him. Not being very obliging, this could take some time.


However, when you get rid of him look up at the statue by which he was standing to get some loot. Go to your left ignoring the door on your right for the moment (Sleeping Quarters) and into the armoury. Only don't go in yet. Wait in the darkness outside the arch and watch the guard. Get him when you can.


When you are in you will notice you cannot pick up any swords here, but you'll find some arrows. If you are ready, go up the stairs. To your left, a room with a servant and to your right, another portal. You can attend to the servant quite easily by dousing the torch in the room and letting him have it when he comes to investigate. One less person to worry about.


You could also go right, through the portal to the Inner Quarter; actually to the gardens - you will hear a guard. Hide in a corner and take him out. If you explore around here you will find a lift and also two doors. Go for the one with the lock, pick it, listen to the conversation then go right to the kitchen. Knock the cook out and explore around. Mugging another person you'll come to the dinning room. There is a servant here moving about. Put out the candle (that helps) and bide your time. Once she is K.O.'d, loot to your heart's content.


To the left of the dining room there is an arch leading to a drunken guard. You can safely ignore him and go back to the gardens.


Find the lift, use it and go through the portal to Castle Front. Make for the stairs to the Vault. Once there, simply help yourself to everything.


On your way out, stroll about making sure you have all the loot there is. You will remember that we missed out on the Sleeping Quarters. If you go there and crouch, you can go in and rob them blind. Indeed, with everyone snoring their heads off, you can explore all over the place till your loot reads 100%.


I'll leave you to do your own thing. When you get to the exit (the place you started from) and are offered to End the Mission say no. Save and next time say yes. If you don't like the Stats (i.e., you didn't get 100% loot), restore and go searching some more. This applies to every mission in the game. If you can be bothered.





Day One



Take a look around your pad and pick up anything useful. Outside, you'll meet a friendly guard. Wait till he has gone and enter the door on your right by picking the lock (read the plaque beside the door). Make sure the guard doesn't catch you and shut the door behind you when you enter. Inside, investigate. A journal will tell you of a cache you can pick up every day. When you have everything, listen at the door in case the guard is back. Leave when safe and shut the door.


Go along to the right and you'll see two locked doors. If you want, you can mug the friendly guard and enter them: in the first one, crouch all the way to the fireplace and nick the two candlesticks. In the next one there is just a goblet and a lady hard to mug but you can sneak in and grab it when she is not looking.


When you come out of these rooms go to your right and through the portal to the South Quarter. Duck immediately into the shadows. Listen to the conversation. Whereas you have nothing to fear from the ordinary citizens at the moment, you have everything to fear from the Guards. Walk in the dark whenever you can and look about you before you move.


Right, look at the map. You need to go S through a narrow passage and then W. But first get the water arrows from the fountain (they regenerate every day; don't forget this). Keep left around this square, enter the passage and you will see a stall. Crouch to the counter, wait till the vendor moves away, douse the candle and pick up the cash (again, this regenerates every day).


Now you have to walk in the darkness around the Guard on his right hand side. You will see the red handprints which indicate where the fences/shops are. Just follow along here hugging the right wall and you will come to the grate. Open it and get what's inside (you can come here everyday if you like).


Move on and you will see a shop to your left, but since you have no money yet, go on to the second shop. Before you go in, get the moss arrow from the greenery in front of it and you can also pickpocket the guy walking around here. You will have to get close enough so that his purse turns blue and you can pick it up.


Enter the shop and listen to the guy. At the end, sell him all you can. Leave and enter the other shop. Take good notice of the merchandise on offer, above all the water arrows - they are pretty essential. Buy anything you need, but remember to save up for the climbing gloves which become vital later on.


OK, when you've done, you've got to get to Stonemarket. Retrace your steps with the same care to get to the portal next to Garrett's Home. You will find some people waiting for you. Creep right up close but hidden to listen to them; they will separate (watch them go) so you can knock them out one by one.


For the first one, move crouching around and behind him, stand up and let him have it. Then creep to the door through which the others went, hide outside and the other man will leave; pickpocket him and knock him out. Now for the lady. Go to the door and open it. Crouching, go in and right to the end of the house. You will see the lady standing there - douse the torch, crouch to get behind her, stand up and let her have it. Pick up the purse and read the letter. Out.


Now you can head for the Stonemarket portal. By the way, note the big beetles and remember their location for later.


Once through, have a look while staying in the dark. You will see a guard doing his bit up and down and a door to your right lit by a torch. This door leads into the Tavern (which is supposed to be locked up for the night). You can douse the torch, pick the lock and go in, if you like, for a little loot; it is, however, heavily guarded and you needn't bother at all if you don't want.


Look at the map. Go to your right and follow the passage (if there is a citizen there, don't worry about him). You'll see another door on your left as you pass - it's another entrance to the Tavern. When you come out, on the other side of the guard as it were, you will see a portal. Go through. Crouch and get near the two characters to listen. When they part, nick the map the bloke is carrying.


Go back to the point through which you entered and go through the opening to the right, following it right around. Someone asks you to set them free. Lockpick the door and let him out. Then, crouching, go into the cell and get the map.


Out, go to the crates to your right and hide - the gaoler will come to investigate. Knock him on the head and you can enter his room for some coins and a couple of arrows. These regenerate each day.


Leave this alley and go into the next one to your right, ignore the first door with the handprint and go to the next one along. In: meet Bertha, listen to her, sell her all you can, you get a letter. You will notice Bertha doesn't buy works of art. Out. As you move forward, you will read the letter. You might like to visit the other shop here (the door you ignored at first), if only to see what kind of elemental arrow they have (moss). Note the beetle out here.


Go back to the portal through which you came in. This time you need to knock out the guard, so wait here till you get your chance. Incidently, any guards knocked out or torches doused go back to normal the next day. Which is a pain.


Pick up the moss arrow on your left and move to the doorway to your right. Go through the passage but don't rush out.


Pickpocket the guy, and move forward, go up the stairs to your left and mug the guard, go on to your left, hide in a corner under the window and listen. When "Garrett" leaves, open the window wide, climb up, douse the candle, drop in and pick up the bag inside the chest, then go out of the window again. Down the stairs and go left, into the doorway to your left and into the doorway on your right. You'll come out of the alley. Be careful, there is a guard to take care of here, time yourself. Or you might wait till he goes, follow him and enter Terces Courtyard (you'll see a gargoyle statue ahead).


As you enter the Courtyard you get a cut scene - watch and listen. At the end, you read a note.


Might as well go back to the St. Edgar's, you know the way.





March boldly to the door and when you use the glyph you will get the next mission (remember to change to Easy mode) and a cut scene. Once inside, go first to the left and pick up what you can. Next, go to the other door and enter. By the way: do NOT kill any Hammerites.


Go through the door on your right and through another door and you will be in the East Courtyard. Watch out for the guard, best to take him out in your own time. Note the water arrow on the well.


Explore the courtyard. There is a door to the W (read the note pinned next to it) which leads into the Cathedral and a door to the E which leads into the Barracks. Note the stairs up.


Get out of this courtyard and go back to the main door through which you came in. With your back to it, take the first door to your left and go up the stairs looking for items. When the stairs branch, go right. When you go through a door here you will see a rope, pull it to send the Priest to the chapel. Ignore the other door for now and go back to the East Courtyard. If you hurry you should see the Priest and his guard going into the Cathedral.


Up the stairs, grab the goblet from the barrel, enter the room and do your stuff. The Holy Symbol on the table is particularly important.


There is another door here: open it but don't rush in, there is a Hammerite to knock out. From this door, keep left and explore away. Go through the archway and pick up the painting on the right wall. Get the chest open, read what you can and pick up loot. You will notice that a grate at the bottom of one wall lets you get out in a hurry - if you've finished do just that.


Having shut the grate behind you, take a door on your right and listen to the conversation. You can now explore around here and pick up the odd thing. But, before you enter the next door, deal with the guard inside. While looking around here you will spot a lift - don't use it, much too noisy.


Go instead down the stairs by the grate. At the bottom, grab the health potion and creep silently into the next room. You will see two doors, one on the left and one straight ahead. Go through this last one and crouch in the darkness just inside. Wait and a Hammerite guard will pause in front of you - nick his key and clobber him.


Two doors to the right will leave you outside in the East Courtyard. Time you went to the Factory. Go back to the main door and this time, (with your back to it) instead of going through the door to the left and up the stairs as you did before, follow the corridor to the left. Save.


You will be in the Cathedral, so be very careful indeed - hug the wall to your left till you come to a door - open it and listen to the conversation. But don't linger: the door you need to get to is across the way, behind the two guys. Crouch in a little bit and douse the torch on your left. Crouch around the two guys who are still talking and then run to the Factory door - once through they can't touch you.


As soon as you are through, douse the torch in front of you. Moving quietly, grab the gasbomb on your right and empty the chest in front of you. With your back to the door, creep to the first opening to the left, crouch to the engineer, stand up and biff him. Take him away to the dark room. Now approach the other opening. There is a Hammerite guarding and you have to be careful because he is on metal.


When he is standing on the extreme left, go right, bypassing the metal floor grating and going through the opening. Hide to the right and hit him when he comes through. Now you can explore around a bit.


First go to the room where you did the "engineer" and read the note on the wall. Then go to the place where you knocked out the Hammerite - there are two doors, and both lead to the same place (the Reliquary), where you will notice a machine to your left for which you need a stamped gear as well as the holy symbol. The other room in this little complex does not contain anything of importance.


Go up the stairs in the Reliquary and look for loot at the top, to the left. Open the door and stay crouching in the dark. A priest will come to pray to a Statue on the left - get him out of the way.


Go down the stairs to the right of the statue and into the room right in front of you. Apart from quite a few other things, here is where you get your unstamped gear. Two hand switches (one in the room and one outside, on the left) turn all the lights off. Move to the foot of the stairs you came down and turn left. Moving very quietly and staying in the dark, enter the room (you'll hear snoring, don't worry about it). Quickly use the hand switch to turn the light off, douse the torch in the room to your right (you'll catch a peep of a priest behind the contraption there), examine the room you are in and pick the lock of the door to your left. Go in, use the hand switch and look about you. Above all, read the plaque over the table. Leave this room and enter the one in front, remembering to avoid the floor grating and see if you cannot knock out the priest.


In fact he goes to the doors of the cells to look at the undead within, so wait till he does. Around the back in this room there is an open cell with a bit of loot inside, grab it and get out.


Now for the next room along (read the note by the door). Use the stamping machine and get the gear. Back to the Reliquary (ground floor) and use the two blue symbols of the machine to your left. If you look up you will see a cage coming down. Go up the stairs, enter it and take everything but the book.


Officially you have finished here but there is no reason you shouldn't look for more loot if you want. Go to the "engineer" room, up the stairs and through the portal. Pull the lever to open the gate and you are through into a room you ought to recognize.


Go up the stairs again but this time keep left - before you go out on the corridor watch for the guard. When he is not in sight, go straight to the other door, hide in the dark and when he goes to pray at the statue, rob him and knock him out. There is a book here (Special Loot) worth having.


You can explore all around the corridors up here to see what else you can pick up. There is also the altar at the Cathedral, if you can get away with it. Get in as if you were going to the Factory, douse the torches and crouch right up to the altar to nick stuff. Look around for some more. Anyway, have fun. I'll meet you at the Front Yard.


When the mission is over you'll be back home.


Day 2



(By the way: don't bother going to the box by St. Edgar's door, the dagger does not appear here. May be you are supposed to steal it yourself, if only you knew where the Armoury is.)


Leave (remember the two water arrows from the fountain). You can go to Black Alley to get the loot under the grate, every bit helps. You might also like to do some shopping - I'm still OK for equipment, and if you followed my instructions you should be, too. Get the loot from the stall as you go by (crouching), but be careful you don't get caught.


Past the stall keep right, you will see a broken fence in front of you. Douse the torch by the wooden door next to it, pick it, crouch in. When I went there was a guard sitting by the fire who could not be knocked out for some reason, so don't bother to try it. Pick the loot off the table, go to the room on the right, open the chest, and so on. Out, still crouching go up the stairs but only far enough to douse the torch by the doorway. Inside that room there is a citizen to knock out, also more items.


In this room push the chair out of the way and crawl on to the beams. The Guard below should move away. Drop on the table, get the jewel from the chandelier up above, drop to the ground and get the fire arrow from the fire and get out of there quickly.


Having done all that, go through the broken fence to your right and use the glyph on the well.





Crouch and listen. The men will separate. Turn around and pick up the loot behind you. Manoeuvre yourself so that you can knock out the fellow at the camp site with a minimum of fuss. Pick up the fire arrow from the fire plus everything else around here (jump up looking up by the stack of crates to get the health potion) then go after the other fellow.


He's just past a crate on which there is some loot. Before you attend to that, see to him. Then back to the crate, pick up the loot; facing this crate, turn left and creep along here carefully till you see a torch (there is another piece of loot on your left along the way). Lean right and you will see your fist Pagan facing towards you. (By the way, do NOT kill any Pagans.) Douse the torch and he will move to where you can clobber him.


Go along here to the left to a chamber with a chest and a note: watch the woman till you figure out how to get behind her and knock her out. Get all the loot and read all the notes in this room before continuing left - note the elemental arrow on your right as you leave this chamber.


You'll come to some water channels - douse the torch you will see above, go to the left. Still keeping left, follow the channel till you get to a ladder. Douse the torch above and to the right. Making sure the woman is far to the right, climb up the ladder and douse all the torches in this corridor. Hide and watch the woman's movements so that you can do her.


There is a health potion on the platform by the ladder. There is also another Pagan on the other side of this channel, you can easily creep around to him and knock him out. Get the loot from the chest. If you carry on along this side of the channel you will find a ladder to your left that leads up to the next stage.


However, if you want some more loot, go back to the original ladder and walk past it into the next chamber. Watch the woman and get rid of her, grab the goblet and the explosive mine and walk to the end of this corridor to open a chest.


Go back to the ladder which takes you to the next stage. Once in, crouch in the dark and look around. Read the note on your right. Start searching around here, keeping left and around so that you don't get lost. You will see a woman by the fire - watch her and knock her out. Don't hit her near the fire because she would die, making a great deal of noise.


Before you go through the doorway ahead of you, get any loot around this chamber. Douse the torch before you go through the doorway. There is a woman around here you have to dispose of and you don't want her to see you. It's best to follow her and knock her out along the way. Keep left until you cross a bridge at a slant. Advance cautiously, there is someone about. You'll come across a camp site, there is a doorway on your left and a hole in the rock ahead. If there is nobody there yet, wait: a woman will come out of the doorway, so get her.


Grab the arrow from the fire but keep left for the moment, so go through the doorway and up the ramp. Move silently and douse the torch over the ramp. At the doorway, watch the woman moving around. Don't douse the torch in there, but creep near her and clobber her when she is at the foot of the bed and looking away from you. You know what to do: above all, read the book on the bed.


Clamber up the fallen piece of ceiling and look for loot. Up there, walk along the plank to a bed on the right - read the book on the floor, look up over the bed and get the comb from the crossbeam.


Now this could be a bit of fun. Step out here and watch the water below. There is a beast down there. Wait till it goes away to the left and climb down the ladder, collect the water arrow, hide to the side in the dark by the ladder and wait for the beast to come again and turn its back on you. So far we haven't killed anyone but now the gloves are off. Just shoot the beast with an ordinary arrow. It might take two shots so wait till it moves away a bit before you shoot.


Go along this channel to pick up another water arrow and come back to the stairs, retracing your steps to the ramp over which you doused the torch. Still keeping left you will come to the top of some stairs, you'll see a water arrow below. Don't go down yet but rather enter the doorway to your right. Hide: a fellow will walk about, knock him out. Go to the right and knock out the other fellow. Search around here. If you go to the right you will find a piece of loot and also a bridge - don't go over it yet. Find the door with the lock, read the note near it, open the door, open the chest and get what's inside.


You can go up the ramp in front of this door to search for a piece of loot. Next, go to the top of the stairs which I asked you not to go down yet, where you saw the water arrow. After getting it, go all the way down the stairs, past a dead body on the way and you will finally arrive at a large chamber. Stay in the dark and look. If you zoom you will see a tree ahead, either side an elemental arrow and, in between, an altar with three symbols on it. Also there is one of those huge beasts going around and around. Save, this is tricky.


Position yourself as near to the altar as you dare, perhaps a little to the right of the entrance where it is dark, and wait till the beast approaches from the right. Fire a noisemaker arrow at the altar and when the beast goes to investigate, shoot it with ordinary arrows until you see a puff of white smoke on the tree - then finish off the creature. The idea is that the beast bleeds on the symbol to the right on the altar (white puff). With the beast dead, go forward and grab the two elemental arrows. Shoot a water arrow at the middle symbol (white puff) and a moss arrow at the left symbol (white puff). You should now be able to get the Paw off the tree - if this hasn't worked it's because the beast didn't bleed on the right symbol and you'll have to do it again.


Of course, there is an alternative: which is to kill the beast any-old-how, bring an unconscious Pagan down here, dump him on the altar, on the symbol to the right and shoot him so that he bleeds on it as he dies. But this isn't at all nice, so please persevere with the beast.


If you have the Paw you can leave. To get more loot, go to the bridge; but before you go, see what you can find on the shelves around here. At the bridge, watch the guy on it from the dark and then step in and knock him out, hide the body. You will see a couple of fellows sparring in the distance.


Creep over the bridge quietly, seeking darkness; spot the ladder in front of you, to your left. Look around the ground floor without disturbing the Pagans who are happily fighting each other. There is a vase in the room to the right next to the locked door. You can pick the lock and go on up the ramp to the rafters, but don't be tempted to drop the gear on the people below - you might kill somebody. Apart from the fact that you shouldn't kill any Pagans, it's not nice.


Explore the rafters - at one point you can jump across to another building. There is a piece of loot there but you have to get onto a fallen piece of ceiling and up it - you further have to remove three barrels out of the way, which is a noisy business. Up to you.


When you've done here go to back to the ladder I mentioned before and climb it. Search around for a statuette and we can go home. You have to get all the way to the entrance point and when you go down the ladder to the lower stage the mission will be over and you will be back home.


Day 3



Do the usual (collect the water arrows and get the loot from the grate in Black Alley, etc.). When you are ready, go to the Terces Courtyard. Once inside the Library, go everywhere (except the Forbidden Library - not that it matters, you already have the map you need), listen to all conversations, read all the notes and books. When you see Artemus, read the note on the table - you'll have to kill the bugs (apparently there are 15 of them) and also any undead you come across; go and learn how to use glyphs, etc. When you've done all that, use a glyph on a wall to leave.


Since it is important to get on the right side of the Hammerites, you are going to have to find and kill all the bugs you can in this area before you go on to the Docks. From here on, you cannot attack nor steal from the Hammerites. If they attack you, use a flashbomb.


Also, you might as well buy extra equipment because you are in for a long haul - but leave yourself 2000 bucks for the climbing gloves because they are essential.


As to the bugs, they go out with a bang (and the whole neighbourhood is in an uproar) so when you spot one, crouch somewhere in the dark, shoot it and don't move till all the fuss dies down.


To add to your troubles, the streets are full of Hammerites, all trying to do you in. Walk softly, therefore... and keep your flashbombs handy from here on.


The Docks



Work your way to the Docks from the South Quarter killing bugs and avoiding trouble. Once past the gate, use the glyph on the wall to get through (if the guard gives you grief, toss him a flashbomb). Inside the Docks, slide forward to an opening and down the stairs; to your right, a door with a red handprint. In front of it, the torch contains a fire arrow. This is where you unload the works of art you are carrying. When you leave the shop, look to your right, note the floor grating and two figures beyond. Also a bug. Douse the torch in front of the door. Save.


Creep around the floor grating to the left (get the water arrow) and come close to the pair to listen to what they say. Fire a noisemaker arrow down the passage to your left and when they have gone move to the shadows opposite to read the message. Again, from here on you must not attack nor steal from the Pagans. Shoot a moss arrow at the green symbol on the wall. When you can, go through the passage quietly and go to the Elemental Cocoon ahead of you. From the darkness, shoot an moss arrow and a water arrow at the ground in the centre of the stones. If you look at your Faction rating you will see that, although still hostile, matters with the Pagans are improving. Best not to explore around here yet, get back to where the letter was and slip past the Pagans. From a good vantage point shoot the bug and be ready to toss a flashbomb at the Pagans if they come after you. With a bit of luck they might go elsewhere.


Leave and come out of the opening which lead to the shop, in front of the glyph on the wall. Have a look around. There is a guard to your left clanking around on a metal floor; that is, unfortunately, the direction you have to follow. However, if you wait he will walk towards your right and you can knock him out. Look at your map: before you do anything else you must go to the red handprint shop to get the climbing gloves.


Go to your right and you will notice on your right, past a large crate, stairs down to the Sewers. For now, go straight ahead and into the shop - buy the gloves and as many fire arrows as you can afford, apart from anything else you need.


Go back to the stairs and go down. Get the water arrow and get to the glyph, use it to get in. This is the start of another mission, be sure to change the difficulty to Easy.





Keep your eyes peeled for red marks on the ground. Keeping left, pick up the loot, douse the torch, advance in the dark and watch the creature. K.O. it as soon as you can. Keep left and you'll come to a book and a piece of loot. Keep going silently and you will see a ratman, take him out. In this chamber there is another book and more loot. Behind the pillar the path goes on but keep left still, picking up loot as you go. At the top of the stairs douse the torch and listen to the ratmen. Let them go - there is a very nasty character down below and with a bit of luck they'll kill each other. To aid matters along, shoot a noisemaker arrow at the entrance - both the ratmen and the guard will come to explore. Let them fight it out.


Pluck up your courage and go in. One of the ratmen will be dead - wait till the other one is on your far right and shoot another noisemaker arrow in his vicinity, then run around to your left and you will see the guard on your right going off to investigate; enter the cave quickly and douse the torch, making yourself small by the chest here. The guard will come back, but you'll be behind him and able to clobber him.


When that's done, open the chest and go down the stairs opposite, where there is Special Loot. Indeed, look for loot all around here, go up the stairs (a goblet to your left on the banisters) and keep following the red marks on the ground. Walk carefully because there is a ratman ahead. At the top of some stairs on your left crouch and wait for him so you can knock him out.


Go down the stairs for some loot. Still keeping left go through to the City Core. Stick to the left and remember to jump up to see inside open sarcophagi, they contain items. At the end of the corridor douse the torch and creep to the entrance to hear a conversation - wait till the creatures separate, watch their movements and take them out in your own good time. If you find the second creature too difficult, shoot it when it isn't looking.


Continuing left and picking up loot, you'll come to a chamber with two other creatures. The first is facing you, so shoot it or you'll be here all day. The second one is easier to deal with. When you are ready jump on the throne and take the crown above it by looking up. Do the chest. Keep left on your way out looking for loot (there is a tapestry, Special Loot, in one of the rooms - you have to remove three large urns to get at it) until you get down the stairs again and you see a brightly lit room to your left. Careful here, there are Pagans and you mustn't kill them, so creep in carefully.


You could start by putting out the fire with a water arrow. Grab the loot ahead. If you can, slide past the Pagans - if you must cosh them, pick them up immediately or they'll drown. Take them back upstairs where is dry. Go forth again and find the stairs at the back of this room. There is somebody around here, so careful. Watch and wait and knock out the creature.


Search all around here and you will find poor old Rafe, a book, loot and the Glyph Key. Time to make your way back, keeping left so that you don't miss out on anything. Once through the portal you will come to a room with two chests and some Pagans, try to empty them unseen: if you keep left and in the dark you can do it. There is nothing of interest on their side of the room. Soon, the mission is over.


Day 4



Annoyingly, you end up in the Keeper's Library, which means you have to brave the guards all the way to the Docks. Ah, well... At least you needn't watch out for the Hammerites, who should be Allies by now (check the Faction button).


Off you go, you know the way. It wouldn't be a bad idea to visit the two shops in this area, to unload the loot and buy whatever you need. While in the South Quarters you might like to do the usual in Black Alley.


When you get to the Docks, remember to shoot the two elemental arrows in the Elemental Cocoon, which is a pain; however, it will help get the Pagans off your back later on. Take time to dispose of your artwork at the shop in this area, too.


When you've done all that and are facing the glyph at the point of entry, deal with the guard. Turn left as if you were going to other the shop but stop behind the two large crates and save your game. When you next turn left into the alley you'll be brightly lit and you'll face tons of guards, so ready your flashbombs and hope for the best. Ready?


Use the flashbombs and go forward keeping right, then dive into a passageway to your right. You will end up near the ship you have to board. Keep still in the dark and listen. Two guards will be talking and they will presently separate; while you are waiting, note a platform away to your right with a ladder leading to it. Note the pipe to your immediate right, there is a water arrow on it but you'll have to get it from the other side. Note also the Marker on your left. Deal with the guards the best you can - knock out the one who comes near you and toss a flashbomb at the other when he comes to the rescue. Run around the hole to your right and get the water arrow, then run to the platform and up the ladder (I don't think they can follow you here) shoot the bug and settle down to wait for the hullabaloo to stop.


Watch the guard's movements below and come down the ladder while he is away, hide under the platform by the crate, shoot a moss arrow at the metal floor and wait till the guard moves away from the door of the Inn to hit him, getting the potion first. Go into the Inn, get the fire arrow from the fire, read the papers on the table. Do a little pickpocketing and see what else you can find in the Inn.


It's no good trying to put it off: go out of the Inn and into the ship, which very obviously is to your right. Just run to it.





Get your fire arrows ready. A customer will come almost at once so shoot an fire arrow at it, then grab the holy water on your right. As ever, keep left (i.e. examine the rooms on your left and leave the ones on your right for when you come back) looking for loot and whatever else there is. If you see a body on the floor, shoot it. Miss nothing, particularly the Captain's Log in a very untidy room.


When you cannot go any further down, look for a hole in one of the rooms which has a wooden beam running under it. Drop onto this and then onto the floor. Two nasties appear, get rid of them (i.e., flashbomb and fire arrows). Look about this room. Carry on searching and when you find a piece of paper which says what happened to the Compendium you can leave via the nearest ladder. Out you go.


Right, look at the map. You will see a little boat depicted on it, so walk out of the passage, go E and use the glyph over the boat. Just run to it and ignore the guards. You get a new mission (remember to change difficulty to Easy).





Just go in and take the lift up, hide behind the wall in front of you, a guard is about to get clobbered. Move on a little bit more and hide in the dark while the two guards inside argue. One will move away, going up the stairs. Wait till he has gone and save. I tried to cosh the fellow sitting down but couldn't, so in the end I had to use the dagger. Collect the loot here and go up the stairs and out, go to your left and you will see the other guard. Watch him and use the big crates as cover between him and you, when he is behind them, go around the rock on your left and into the darkness.


There is another guard here under a lamp. Crouch and get behind him then clobber him. It would be a good idea to try and take out the other guard, so creep as close as you dare and when he turns towards the gate, hit him.


Now go to the front door and pick the lock. Enter and read the paper in front of you, then go left and a little way up the stairs and you will see a guard marching back and forth - when he goes off to the right, climb the stairs and dive to your left. Find a decent bit of darkness and wait for him to come back, then follow him and hit him.


In this side of the hall there is a painting you can loot. There is also a door, but be careful because the lady inside is hard to hit. Stay outside in the dark, open the door and when you see her going to your left, follow her in and hit her. Get the loot and come out. You'll see a portal to the left.


Do the other side now, before you go through the portal. You can ignore the chap sitting down, get through the other doorway and behind him, open the glass doors and dive to your right into the shadows. Wait for the guard to go in front of you, jump down and hit him. Get the coin off the table; now you can go through the portal.


Once you are through, listen to the conversation. Watch. As soon as one of the women leaves, creep to the right making use of the shadows and while the guard is going left, then hide at the bottom of the stairs in the next room but to one side of the stairs. There will be a conversation between the woman and the guard in the Rotunda and then they will both come towards you - knock out the guard, come out of this room the way you came keeping to the right, get the telescope off the table and move on to the doorway ahead.


Before you go through wait in the darkness for the guard to pass to your right and knock him out. Step forward and go through the glass doors to your left, do the chest and examine this room (remember where it is). Out, to your left, open the door and find some darkness: a servant should come from somewhere to the right and go back there, follow him and clobber him. There is a fire arrow in the oven. Open the other door (to the dinning room) and dive to your left for cover. Watch the woman and hit her when you can. Loot.


Take the first door on the left and pick the lock, go inside and search everywhere. This is the Captain's Study, remember where it is. There is no need to pick the double doors. Instead, find the grate and crawl through to get some loot, you should come out at the foot of the stairs through another grate.


You need to deal with the woman who keeps wandering around here. When you have done so, go up the stairs - to the left, a portal. Before you go through it go to the right. In the first room wait somewhere handy and clobber the lady who will come out, then you can loot this room safely. Go into the other room hugging the shade and dispose of the bloke. Do a spot of looting and then go up the stairs and meet the widow.


OK, when you've done here, go through the portal. The door to the left and the next one to the left lead to the same bathroom, get the loot and then go down the stairs. Open the door move a little inside to start the conversation and then hide outside the door flat against the wall. Eventually the woman will come out, let her go. Watch the man's movements, go in and get him. You could open the glass windows to get a breath of sea air. Grab the bag on the table and come out of the room.


Go along to the left, open the door and dive right. Dispose of the lady. Nose around. Ignore the stairs up to a door and go to the other one. In front of it there is a trapdoor, open it and go down for some loot. Up again and through the door. Do this room and open the other door. Wait for the guard to appear and get rid of him. Go down some stairs, loot the room, go through the portal. Pick the double doors on your left (main bedroom), in, read the book, listen to the Viktrola. Have a look around. Open the door to the bathroom and get the mirror.


Go out of the main bedroom, go through the portal to the right, go into the room to your right and out to your left, down a short flight of stairs and get the painting and the rest before you go further down (or have we done this already?).

Make sure you have been everywhere, it is difficult to explain the layout of the mansion. If you feel sure, go to the Captain's Study: look down the desk and you'll see the switch. Save here and, before you use the switch, learn how to get quickly to the room with glass doors I asked you to remember. When you've got the route right, reload, use the switch and go to that room. An empty bookcase will have moved, go in, take the lift and in the secret room get the Compendium. Having met the widow, I just couldn't bring myself to rob the chest. Up to you.


Another door in this room leads to a portal, which in turn takes you to the lift - take it and go to the boat and this mission will be over.


You'll find yourself in the Keepers Library, go to the Forbidden Library and watch. You've got yourself another job.


Day 5



Yes, I'm afraid so. You are going to have to do all the usual rounds and, above all, the Pagan thing at the Docks, before anything else.


When you've done all that, get yourself back to Stonemarket and make for Terces Courtyard. Go to the gargoyle and, facing it, turn to you right and go along here till you see the barrel and the two stacked crates. Stand up against the wall, between them, and next to the barrel. If you look up you will see two leaky pipes and further to the right, a glyph. Save before you try this, it can be a bit tricky.


Climb up the wall beside the pipes, all the way to the top of the tower, move sidewards to the right so that you can stand on them (climb down on them, as it were). Turn around and use the glyph.





Go forward to the end, turn right and go down the ladder, keep going along here until you see a huge pendulum. There is a Hammerite, as well. Slip past him on the left (don't let him see you). Note the huge round window on your left. To the right of it, a diamond gear. Below, holy water which you must have.


Drop down the gap and get it. Wait till the guard is no longer suspicious and clamber up. Climb the wall to get the gear, climb down again, turn right to find a ladder, go down it and down the next one. You are going to have to take the guard out.


There is a door to the left and one to the right. First go along to the end of the room and do some looting.


Take the door on the left go down, get the arrow, in the other door and watch out for company. Don't forget to rob the fellow before you hit him. Look and loot.


Go back up to the other room and this time take the door on the right. Crouch to go down the first lot of stairs and hide in the corner. One of the guards will soon climb up past you so you can deal with him. Now you've got another to sort out. Go down the rest of the stairs (quietly) and park yourself by the table with the piece of paper (read it). When the guard goes away from you, follow him and hit him. You will see a lift on the other side of the room, a grate (go through for some loot), a ladder and a door to pick. Don't bother: it leads to another door to pick which leads you back to this room. Rather, go back to the foot of the stairs and turn left to go and get a moss arrow. You will see in front of you the second door I mentioned.


Seek the lift and go down. You will see a grate in front of you, which is where you would have come out if you had used the ladder. Look down and drop on the ledge, look left and drop onto the other ledge. Save and walk towards the wall, jump at it and climb down. You should hit the floor safely. If you loose health you've done something wrong, try again.


Find a door which leads to a portal, go through. Go the only way you can go (mind the gears) and be on the look out for a guard in the next room. Walk softly and get rid of him. Go along and, when you come to a set of stairs, you will see a ledge on your left. Crouch and go on this ledge to get to a chest; then, still crouching, go down the stairs.


Ignore the door on your left and go down the ladder, hide immediately by it because a guard is about to appear. When you've dealt with him go left and pick the door, go up to a chest. No point in picking the other door because it is the one I asked you to ignore, so go back to where you were and go left... softly.


Knock the priest out, get the statuette and if you click on the fire bowl the statue is holding on your right you will get a fire arrow. Continue along and pick the door on your right. Go in. It's a lift so go down.


You'll stop in front of a door and unfortunately there is a guard right in front. Open the door but stay inside until you get your chance to knock him out. Then move on, not too quickly because there is another guard. This one won't move, so crouch and go all around the room in the dark till you can get behind him. That done, still crouching, go to the next room. Here there are two guards. They show no inclination to move and furthermore you can hear someone marching around.


There is nothing for it. Save. Wait till the steps go away and toss a gasbomb then hide the bodies quickly in the room you've just left. If you did this OK,

save again because the steps came from your left. Wait till you hear them again going away and, crouching, go into the next room and knock this guard when you can. Loot what there is and pick up a gas arrow from the cloud of steam (always look in such clouds).


Go along the corridor and take the lift down, go quietly down the stairs and hide. Knock the priest out. Go to the right, turn the wheel of the machine on your right and lockpick the door, but don't rush in. Find a bit of darkness and hide your time until the guard goes opposite the door then clobber him. Get the loot and the map. As you come out go right, first operate the lever of the machine on your left, on, douse the torch and open the door, shoot a couple of moss arrows to cover the grating on the floor and wait for the guard. When he turns, rob him and hit him.


Go out of the other door and start for some stairs (crouch). You will spy a holy water below the stairs. Crouch to go down, them dousing the torches as you go. It's so dark you will find it very easy to knock everyone out. Go get the holy water then pull the lever of the halting machine. That's it.


You'll be outside the Clocktower. You have to get back to the Library somehow and get past the guard and all these people. Douse the torch on your left, advance, get the arrow, open the shutters, douse the torch just inside, leap in, turn right and watch till the guard goes past you to the right. Go down the stairs and turn left, get the other guard and use the glyph to get into the Library. Watch.


Day 6



Oh, boy, are you in trouble! You'll find yourself in the Old Quarter and you have to go E to find your fence. Save and give it a go. If cornered by the Keepers Enforcers, use the flashbombs - get them ready. No use trying to mug these chaps. Don't hesitate to shoot them, either, if they get in your way. You will probably be hurt, but nothing a health potion cannot cure.


Start going E hugging the darkness and dousing all torches, this is no time to save the water arrows. The Enforcers will start attacking everyone in sight, take no notice. You will see the red handprints on a wall, go up the stairs, douse the torch and pick the lock. Inside, you are in for a surprise. Ah, well. Pick up everything. There is a fire arrow in the fire. Read the note.


You have to get back home and the quickest way is going to be through the Docks. Leave this house, go down the stairs and turn to your right. Under the arch (ignore the stairs to your left) and find your way to the gate. Go through.


Turn left (note the fire arrow on the wall) and try to sneak around the corner. Wait till the Enforcer moves away and go to the gate. You will notice that the glyphs are now red and that you cannot use them. No matter.


Since you are here, you might as well do the shop/Pagan thing. They should be neutral by now, so it's not such a hassle to get the elemental arrows laying about and shoot them into the Cocoon.


When you've done, go to the portal and get through to South Quarter - you might like to take this opportunity to replenish your water arrows (and anything else) at the shop before actually going home. When you do you'll find an Enforcer hanging around. Shoot him (it takes 3 goes).


Go home when you are ready. Of course, another Enforcer will be hanging around. Shoot him. Get the arrows from the fountain and enter your home, only don't rush in because there is another Enforcer here. Do what you must. Find the note on a table. Back to Black Alley. Replenish your equipment if you need to, then move on and go through the new portal.


Move around here till you get the cut scene. Look at your new objective. Before you go back through the portal, search around for a water arrow, if you like. Find also the monument with the plaque. Don't enter the Fort or you'll get into trouble. If you are already carrying 5 vials of holy water (and you should) you cannot carry any more, anyway, so there is no point in going in. However, if you are curious, you might like to save your game, go in to have a look and reload.


Go back through the portal and work your way to the Keepers Library through the Docks. When you get there and to the glyph, which you cannot use right now, climb up the wall over it till you get to a portal, get through and drop into the Library.


Since you are now an enemy here, everyone will try to kill you. No time for niceties, run to Orland's office right at the top (you can climb up a ladder in the lift's well) and toss a flashbomb at anyone who tries to stop you.


Once inside the office, search around and read the note on the table then use the glyph on the grate to get in.





Go through the grate and listen to the conversation. When the pair go, go to the basin in the middle of the room and get the two fire arrows, but don't get too close or you'll get hurt. Follow them up the stairs, find them in their niches and knock them out. How is that for persuasion? When you get to the top, collect the loot then go all the way down again.


Both doors lead to the Council Room: facing them, take the one on the right, go down and clobber the fellow to get the potion. Take the only exit.


Well, by now you know the score. Keep left, keep to the shadows, listen to conversations, read every note, knock people out, pick up loot. The important thing is to get to Artemus' room. That's one of your objectives and you should have no trouble. You get the Keeper Ring and if you leave this room and go up the next set of stairs you'll find a keyhole on a wall and this lets you through to Orland's quarters.


Search the room very carefully and shoot a fire arrow at the seal on the wall. This will free all the glyphs. When you have done here leave and carry on exploring as before.


Your travels should take you to the Elder's Library. A blank glyph on a wall will lead to the Lower Libraries. One of the doors opens onto Caduca's quarters, search well in here (you'll even find her body, still seated at the table). A statue holds a note for you in its mouth. Leave and go through the other door. You will see another door ahead (that's the exit) and one to the right. Go through that one and watch. Uh-oh! Save a new game.


Hitch up your trousers and run like the wind to the open door and go right to open the door to the exit, get to the glyph and climb out. The statues cannot follow you here. If you need to, you can use a flashbomb to make your escape easier.


Day 7



You are in a room in the Old Quarter. Go out and get to the edge then turn around to climb down the wall. You'll recognise where you are. Me, first of all I'm going to the Docks to curry favour with the Pagans. It's a good idea to replenish your equipment, too.





As soon as you are through the portal in the Old Quarter (not far from the Docks portal), pause and listen to the conversation. Look at the map and see where the Pub is. Go through the passage behind the pair and keep right. You'll get to the Pub and also, up some stairs, to a fence if you have goods to sell. Coming down these stairs you will see a window with a hammer depicted on it, go through this and watch. You will have a new objective.


However, one might as well have a good look at this place first. For instance, under the arch with the Pagan markings there is another Elemental Cocoon to treat. If you go to the Museum you'll overhear a couple talking about a tunnel into it.


You can also overhear a conversation in the Plaza, a silversmith is in trouble. When the pair separate you can go up the stairs and kill the guy (if you want), but in any case note the thingie on the wall. This means that when you come later on you can go to the shop opposite and rob it.


By the way, should you get caught at any time...


Pavelock Prison



I let myself be caught just for fun. There ain't a computer jail could ever hold old Lu, so don't worry, I'll get you out.


You are locked up with no equipment whatsoever; the Warden comes to smirk at you, also a guard... carrying keys. Pickpocket him, wait till he is away to your left and let yourself out (don't forget to shut the door). You need to go right. At the other end, you'll see a huge barred door on the left, also a shelf near it. On this shelf there is a key which opens the barred door. Go in and get all your equipment plus anything else you fancy. Now you are in business. Head the other way passing your cell on your left and letting the prisoners out to add to the confusion. You'll come to some stairs to your left and now it's just a matter of picking the locks of the doors and going up, knocking out the guards and letting out the inmates. You'll come to a big room with a gate, it can be opened with a lever to the left of it.

Once you open the gate go up the stairs, to the left and up the stairs, at the top sharp left and the exit is through a door ahead and to the right. If you have a gas arrow get rid of the guard and leave. Of course you can stick around longer, investigate and get loot and items, but I just wanted to show you how to escape quickly. Actually, it's best if you don't get caught at all because it's quite an expensive exercise in terms of equipment.


But enough of this, you should be going to the Cradle, which is in the Old Quarter, quite near the portal to the Docks. It's a big wooden door and now it will have a glyph on it, so just use it to get in.





As soon as you are through, go to the left to the fountain and get the three water arrows then to the right and find the entrance to the Storm Cellar. Get ready your holy water vials. Go down the stairs and turn almost immediately right and go up the stairs, turn right into a little room to pick up some items out and immediately right up the stairs. Open the door go right across the room and pick up the fuse, turn left and go look at the portrait. Watch and listen.


Right, you ought to go to the Storm Cellar and you know how because you just came from there but, before you do that, familiarise yourself with this little complex. Since you started by going right, continue doing so, look around, read notes, pick up the loot.


When you are ready go down to the Storm Cellar and again explore around till you get to a ladder and go down it, again explore around till you find the generator. Pick up and throw away the dud fuse and "use" the generator to fix it. Now you will be able to see more and can find the shelves: the only vial you can pick up is the one. Go back up and get to the Lobby. Use the vial on a drain under one of the set of stairs. You get another request.


Go N and pull the handswitch to get access to the entrance to the Inner Cradle. Go up to your right to the Staff Tower for more loot. Now you should go through the portal.


Move forward and read the book on the table. You will have observed a funny figure crossing ahead of you. This is the ghost of one of the inmates and the only thing that will stop it is a well-aimed holy water. Even then it only disables it. Since there are several of these characters about and you have only 5 vials, try to avoid them if you can. You can also use a flashbomb but it doesn't affect them for long.


At this point save your game and try to get a rough idea of the whole area. Look at the plaques beside and above the doors to see what you are getting into. Try and spot a cell door with No. 5 on it, you'll be coming back here.


When you know where everything is and what to expect, reload your saved game. Go to cell No. 5 and get the loot behind the painting, move the loose blocks of the wall opposite the door and get the nightie. Go down the ladder opposite the door to the Morgue, go down the stairs destroy the monster and use the incinerator. You get a new job. Go to No. 5 and get the telescope, then go all the way up to the Observatory from the Records room. Knock the monster with holy water and pick up the loot, then use the telescope stand. Right, did you get a load of that?


This is going to be very difficult because you have nothing to aid you save hiding. Just save often and don't get caught because getting back to this world is a pain. Walk crouching in the shadows at all times.


Right, you have to go to the Nursery Tower from the Records room and creep till you get the diary, which is at the other end of the room, on the right hand side; be sure to read the paper on the stand near by. Then go burn the diary at the Morgue. Go down the ladder as before, save before you go down and try the right hand side. Good luck.


Next, go to the Treatment room. Crouch and walk all the way to the end and get the liquid from the trolley on your right. Go back up the stairs, turn to your left and walk around the back to avoid the long, exposed walk out of here.


Now you've got the liquid you have to get through the portal and up the NE stairs in the Lobby. Get to the attic and use the liquid on the blood stains. The ghost will ask you to go to the Lobby. Go back the way you came and when you see the white blob, follow it. Easy? You should be so lucky...


Go to the Storm Cellar, find the cage and get inside it. You heard her. Get to the Staff Tower. You need to get all the way up and right to the end, where there is a lift. Step on in, press the button up in front of you. At the top, follow the corridor, find the window and jump out.


The story continues. Save as soon as you start the new mission: be aware that a bug here sometimes makes the ghost disappear into thin air for no apparent reason; sometimes the blob is still there but you are told you've lost her. If that happens reload. Get the flashbombs/fire arrows ready. So long as you hear footsteps you are OK. Follow the ghost and if anybody interferes, press "I" and let them have a flashbomb. You should wind up at the Catacombs in the Fort, and you will be attacked by undead (just press "I" to get rid of them) and you should follow the ghost behind a panel on a wall. If everything is OK, watch the cut scene.


Great, now you are stuck in the Catacombs surrounded by undead. Step up to the slab to open it. Try to get out alive - use the fire arrows to kill the zombies and use a flashbomb, then a fire arrow on the undead Hammerites. Get a map from one of the sarcophagi. You could find a lift to get out or you might like to explore around for fun. Once you leave it will be...


Day 8



First you have to go to the Keepers Library, once inside you'll get a cut scene and a new objective.


Do what you must (make sure you have the full amount of explosive mines and fire arrows) and then get to Auldale. If you've been doing your bit for the Pagans (i.e. firing a moss and a water arrow at the middle of an Elemental Cocoon every day) they should be allies by now.


Look at your map. You need to get to the Pump House which is to the W of the Museum. There is a note by the entrance, read it and go to the Park, which is to the E of the Museum. Go around here reading bits of paper (do not steal) and up some stairs where someone is snoring, and read the bit of paper here.


You will find the priestess down below where you can see a puff of white cloud over a little altar. When you approach her she'll tell you to get the amulet, which is under the white puff. Take it with her permission only. You will notice there is a water fountain here which will restore your health once. You should only use it, of course, when the Pagans are your allies.


Get back to the Pump House and open the door, in (there is a bug you might like to shoot), turn the wheel, open the trapdoor on the floor and go down. Find the portal and go through to...





Nothing much in the first room apart from a bit of loot, go out the door and up the stairs. I'm going to call this room the "original" room to explain things better. Read the book on the table. Crouch and go around to your right to the end of the room and crouch beside the book. Read it. Save. Making sure you are in the dark, throw an explosive mine diagonally away from you and fire a noisemaker arrow near it so lots of statues will come to investigate and get blown up. If not all are destroyed, throw another. Well, that's taken care of that. Leave through this door, keep right, go down and get the Paw. Get back to the original room.


Take the first door on the right and go left, pick the first door on your right and shoot the statue ahead of you - 2 fire arrows should do it. Get the chalice and go back to the original room. Go through the other door on the right, around the corner, and read the book.


Enter quietly the next room and when the statue is furthest away, take it out with a couple of fire arrows, search around and get the Chalice off the floor. Go into the next room and investigate. Right, now you can go all around here and see what else you can find.


Go to the yard where you shot the first statue and picked up the chalice. Facing the niche where it was, turn to your left and go to the wall near the balcony and climb up. Once up move sidewards to drop into the balcony, open the door and go in. Watch.


At the end of that, look about you and you will see a glyph in the NE of the room: go and use it. Now duck out into the dark and watch the statues, you'll have to knock them out. If you move W you will come to a ladder, go up, pinch the painting and have a look at what there is below. Too much light, if you ask me. Go down, put any lights out you need to, watch the first statue and hit it from the back with the blackjack (you might need to hit more than once) and take out the other one the same way.


On the side of the room where the statues were, climb the wall and move sidewards to get onto the balcony, drop down and go out the door. The same thing in this balcony, climb up the wall, move sidewards and down. Get out of the Lair.


See to your equipment. You are going to need lots of water arrows and also gas arrows and gasbombs. Go to the Museum, douse the torch on the right, go up and get behind the guard, knock him out, look to the little passage to the right, open the grate on the floor and drop in. Search around down here, use the glyph and you'll find yourself in...





Climb a little way up the stairs on your left. Save. Use a noisemaker arrow and when all three guards come to investigate, toss a gasbomb. You should get all three; if not, reload and try again. When they are out, go to them and get the keys they have dropped. Go to the front door and open it, in.


Now concentrate in taking the guards out. You can crouch and walk on the noisy floor quite quietly, but if you have to stand up and walk on it to get at a guard, first fire a moss arrow on the floor. Conserve your water arrows as much as you can. OK, start taking guards out. If you find any impossible to approach, use a gas arrow. Pick up any loot you see twinkling at you. You will soon come to the first artefact guarded by electricity fields. You learn later on that they have a weakness, but to save on shoe leather I will tell you the secret right now.


Save. Stand close to the field and shoot a water arrow at one of the four generators either side of you, grab the artifact and move away sharply. It can be done, so if you get fried try again.


Carry on around here, you'll probably see a portal but don't use it yet. The glass cases containing loot can be broken with the blackjack. Behind one of the there is Special Loot. Again, you will come to a corridor and, in the distance another artefact. Two men will explain the weakness of the security system. Toss them a gasbomb and be ready with a gas arrow when the third guy comes at you. Get the artefact as before.


Now you can use the portal and go through the tedious business of putting guards to sleep - and there are lots!. In Tesero Hall the aim is to go all the way up to the Curator's Office and find a lever which raises the statue with the Eye; watch it ascend through the floor below. Make your way to the balcony on the right (looking down from where you pulled the lever) and once there wait until the Eye swings towards so that you can grab it.


Now you can go back to the Entrance and make your getaway: or, if you are the patient type, get rid of all the guards so that you can rob the place in peace.


Once you reach the Entrance you will end up in the tunnel. Climb out through the entry grate and watch the cut scene.


Day 9



Read your objectives. You can do this in any order that is convenient to you. Before you start climbing down the balcony watch for a statue walking up and down below. You might like to try again the trick of tossing a mine and firing a noisemaker arrow near by. Or if you catch a good sight of the statue, try a fire arrow.


Don't go through the Park, there are tons of statues there, go instead by the Pump House to the Plaza. However, Gamall is there and she cannot be killed. You have to reach the spot where I said earlier you could kill the guy threatening the silversmith. Take your time and run past her, up the stairs on the left to the spot and use it. You'll have to run past her again, go to your left and get to the Old Quarter portal.


Here it seems obviously best to go to the Docks before tackling the Fort.


The marker is near the Abysmal Gale, close to the left of the door through which you came the first time. Unfortunately so is Gamall. Save before you actually enter the passage and wait for your opportunity to use the Marker.


When you've done it, get back to Old Quarter the way you came.


Go to the Fort and, once in, you will see in front of you two doors. Take the one on the right, go in quietly (sometimes you get unlucky and you get a statue in your face) and pick the lock of the door on your right. I hope you are saving games like mad. Before you go through, I trust you have your flashbombs ready. Go down the stairs and Gemall will set a statue on you, toss a flashbomb at them and while they are blind use the Monument, right there to the left of the stairs. Get out of here quickly.


At Stonemarket you need to go right from the Old Quarter portal. The presence of Gamall will give away the game. The spot you want is by a door, with lots of crates and barrels near it. While Gamall is enjoying herself killing people, sneak to that door and do your bit. Again, get out quickly and get to South Quarter portal, not far from here.


As soon as you are through, a statue will make for you, blind it with a flashbomb and take him out with a fire arrow. Approach the fountain with care, Gamall being there you'll have to pick your moment, of course; and use the spot in front of the plaque on the floor.


Watch the finale.


So, what are you doing sitting there looking dazed? Start again, Normal mode or harder difficulty, and with all the side quests I ignored the first time around.


Right now, all I know is what I've written, but since I intend to play this game again more leisurely, feel free to e-mail with your queries and your discoveries:


[email protected]

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