Tomb Raider 3 Gold : The Lost Artifact
(C)Copyright - Denny NoRaX ([email protected])

Feel free to distribute, BUT you confirm me first if you want to
publish it.

ver 1.5
- Find the Secret #2 on Level 5, thanks to
  "Andreas Schäfers" {[email protected]} for the info!.

ver. 1.1
- Find the Desert Eagle Weapon, thanks to
  RickZ([email protected])
- still can't find the last secret on Level 5 (It's A Madhouse!)


Highland Flind
Secrets = 3 of 3

After  the scene with the Helicopter, Climb the Red Vines on the wall,
Climb down. go forward on the edge of the pool, pull the crate on your
right,  climb  the  crate.  Monkey  swing to the other side to get the
small medipack.

Swim  down  and  follow the current, climb the dock, go forward to the
opening  on  your left. Go up the ramp, kill the dog and the henchmen,
take the item they leave. Before you proceed forward, go back down the
ramp,  head  Right and crouch on the small cave. Take the item on your
right,  then  go back out from the cave.
(Actually  there  is nothing to do inside the cave if you ask me, only
the lever to open the hatch).

Go  back  on  the  ramp,  go left to small cage room to take the large
medipack,  go out, go forward to another opening, look on the windows,
Jump  and  Kill the henchmen. Go out on the opening near you, find the
way to the henchmen you've killed. Take the shotgun ammo on the ground
and take the other ammo on the small alcove with smoke.

There  is  Two Cage door on each side of the smoke Alcove, First go to
the  right  side,  jump to reach other side, kill the henchmen, you'll
enter  the small pool area. Dive on the water, take the crowbar, climb
up,  forward  on the lever, SAVE FIRST (this lever will open the right
cage door that i mention before), PULL the Lever, then QUICKLY run and
go in on the right cage door. DON'T KILL the two Henchmen, JUST run on
the  last  henchmen and wait on the back of the Dog Statue, WAIT until
the henchmen open the Cage Door. GO Forward to the Cage door, Kill the
Henchmen,  Open  the door with the Crowbar, take the SECRET #1. Go out
from  the  room  and  then crouch on the right crawlspace to exit this
secret area.

Kill  the  henchmen,  then  go forward to the cemetery. Go to the left
opening first to kill the henchmen, and kill the other henchmen on the
right  opening,  take the item there then go back on the left opening,
go  forward.  You'll  see  small ledge on your right and sliding ramp.
Turn  around  and  jump  backward  on the small ledge, jump to another
ledge  and  another  green  ledge below. You'll see the Obelisk in the
center  of  the  mud  swamp, run & jump on the side of the obelisk, go
through the hard-to-see hole in the wall.

Go  forward,  crouch  and  go  left  first  at the intersection to the
opening,  you'll  see another the Cemetery area, go forward on the dog
statue,  take  the  item  on the Crate, kill the Guard. Go back on the
intersection, and go forward. Don't jump on the mud swamp yet, instead
climb  up  the ledge, take the small medipack and Thistle Stone on the
smoke alcove. Monkey swing to the other side and you'll go back on the
side  of  bridge.  Before  you jump back on the two cage door with the
smoke alcove in the center wall, look the red vines on the side of the
pillar,  find  a  way  to climb it to the roof of the bridge. Kill the
henchmen,  then climb the opening on the left side of bridge, take the
SECRET #2. Go back down on the bridge.

To  Open the left Cage door you must pull the lever in the building on
the  left side of the bridge. Before you do that, jump and grab on the
red vines in that building, climb down, take the small medipack on the
dam.  Go  back where you from, WALK slowly on edge of the rock, you'll
see  some  ammo  and harpoon on the left side of building. This is the
tricky part, SAVE FIRST, then find the good place to jump. Try to jump
&  jump  to  that  place,  if  you  fail, restore the game, repeat the
process until you succeed.

After  you grab the Harpoon and the ammo, don't jump on the water yet.
Look  forward,  you'll see some item in the darkness. SAVE AGAIN, jump
on the water, QUICKLY try to swim on the surface near the brown ledge,
Hopefully  the bug of this game will make you out from the water, Take
the  UZI'S!.  Swim  back, look the bridge, there is two pillar on each
side, each side have the harpoon ammo, so check it out. go back on the
dock,  before  you  proceed forward, look behind you (on other side of
the  dock)  you'll  see some yellow item (1 Rocket ammo), we'll get it
later (if you want that badly).

Make  your way back to the bridge, if you want to grab the rocket ammo
(near the dock), move to the right ledge of the bridge, look down, try
to  jump on the green ledge, make your way to the rocket ammo, then go
back to the bridge again.

Jump  &  grab  again  to the red vines on the left building, this time
make  your  way on the opening on your left. SAVE FIRST, then pull the
lever,  QUICKLY  run  and  jump  back to the bridge and go to the left
cage,  kill  the  henchmen. Go forward, you'll see the large cage door
with  the  Snake statue on each side, you'll need two Thistle Stone to
open  this  door.  So go left from that door, go forward to the set of
stairs,  kill  the  dog  statue,  forward. Before you head left on the
opening,  LOOK the Windows on the wall above you, there is two windows
and  the  broken  ones  on  the  wall, that is the way to get the next

If  you look up on the left opening, you'll see opening (Let's Call it
CheckPoint #A), go through the opening, take the flare near the monkey
swing. (NOTE : If you look outside, you'll see Nessie, swimming on the
lake :))

Now, do monkey swing to other side, kill the bird, crouch on the small
cave,  SAVE,  QUICKLY  crouch on the right side opening as the boulder
coming  at  you.  After you feel save, go forward, find the exit. Kill
the  henchmen, take the small medipack on the small alcove, go through
the opening. Jump on the Red vines ledge, go through the opening, look
the  red  vines  on the opening wall. Climb up, then do jump backward,
draw  your  guns,  jump on the middle green ledge, kill the bird, take
the ammo on the alcove and small medipack on other side. Find a way to
climb  the  roof,  climb the roof, take the other Thistle Stone, climb
down  and  try  to go down to the middle stone bridge (that you monkey
swing earlier).

Jump  to  the  small Opening above the  CheckPoint #A, Look the broken
windows  (there  are  3  windows: 2 windows and the broken one). run &
jump to the broken window, suprisingly you'll be go through the window
and  slide  down to the ledge. Get the large medipack below, then jump
on to the cave, this will trigger SECRET #3.

Go  forward until you see the small pool, swim down and take the flare
on  the  right  corner.  Proceed forward and CAUTION, the monster will
attack  you  with  fire, try to dodge his attack and QUICKLY jump into
the water in front of him. Swim forward until you on the cave, swim to
another  hole to reach the SubMarine? Climb up, kill the henchmen take
the  large  Medipack.  Go  to  the Control Room, pull the lever on the
right  to open the door. Go through the door, kill the dog, go forward
& climb up until you back on the previous road.

Use  the  two Thistle Stone on the Snake mouth to open the Door, Slide
down to end this level.

Willard's Lair
Secrets = 3 of 3

After  the  scene  with  the  guardian, slide down, quickly run on the
right  side,  turn  around,  drop down and grab the ledge to avoid the
boulder.  After the boulder is gone, climb back up & take the crowbar,
proceed  forward,  crouch  on  the  small  hole.  swim down & take the
harpoon  ammo,  go back out. Kill the wolf below, then run and jump to
the  green  ledge,  drop  down  below. Walk slowly, avoid the trap, go
forward  to boulder room. Avoid the boulder, take the ammo, then go to
the other room and avoid the boulder.

Go  Forward,  SAVE  before slide down. Slide down, QUICKLY turn right,
climb  the  ledge  and if you timed is right you can take the MP5 ammo
also,  Climb  the  ledge, Strafe to the left, QUICKLY crouch and climb
down AFTER the second spiked wall is move to the right. Take the ammo,
Crouch & Climb down again to Reach the SECRET #1.

Go back climb up, go to the small opening with the sign : ABANDON HOPE
ALL  YE WHO ENTER HERE. SAVE FIRST, go in the small opening, after you
stand  up  QUICKLY  turn  around 180 degrees, Jump and Grab the ledge,
Climb up & do backflip grab the ledge. Take the ammo on the left side,
jump  back, forward (You can take the ammo below if you want). Jump on
the  right  ledge,  keep  forward  avoid the spiked, jump on the right
ledge again to reach new area.

Don't  climb  the  vines  yet, walk past the spike, take the flare, go
back,  climb  the  vines. There is two path here, if you take the down
path you can take the small medipack, flare (which is pretty useless).
Instead  climb  up  the  ledge  above  you, jump forward, climb up the
ledge,  turn  around  180 degrees, do running jump and grab, climb up,
take the uzi ammo, go back. Go in the new area, kill the guards.

Jump  down,  take the Chairn Key on the Wood table. Take the left path
from  the  map,  look  for  the  W sign crate, pull the crate, use the
Crowbar  to  open  the door. Pull the first Crate on the floor to take
the ammo.
There is some stacked of crate on the corner :


Pull  twice  the [1] box, go to the other side and push the [1] box to
the corner.
Pull twice the [2] box, then push the [3] box to reveal the SECRET #2.
Go back out.

Save  first  then  go through the bookshelves, go right onto the small
alcove, this will trigger the bookshelves on the left, go through into
the small room and this will trigger the bookshelves on the north.

Go  through  to  the north bookshelves, First take the shotgun ammo on
the  right,  SAVE,  take  the  ammo on the left, this will trigger the
bookshelves  on  the small room, QUICKLY run to that room ('cause it's
timed) and go into the secret area. If you failed, just go back to the
north bookshelves and step on the left floor to open it again.

Draw  your  gun,  walk  up, kill the wolf, head left to the dark room,
take  the ammo and small medipack, go back to the previous room. DON'T
step  on  the glowing floor, run up, look for the opening on the right
wall, jump on that ledge, and you will go back to cemetery area (Level
1).  Search  for  strange black stone floor near the obelisk, SAVE and
then use the Chairn key on the hole in the wall.

Kill the three guardian, then go back where you from, go forward, kill
the  other  guardian.  First  climb up the ledge to the north opening,
look  for  the  hole on the right, crouch, kill the guardian, grab the
item,  go  back  out. Don't go to the chopper yet, go left, climb back
down, take the right path (where the guardian was), and you'll be back
on the first level, and also this will trigger SECRET #3, climb down.

Go  through  the  open door, kill the guardians, go forward, go to the
left  to the big statue. Take the ammo, kill the Guardians, go through
to  the  hidden  hole (north from the big statue). Jump down, kill the
Guardian, go forward to end this level.

Shakespeare Cliff
Secrets = 3 of 3

Kill  the  Guard, go forward, pull the blue crate, take the ammo, pull
the switch to open the door. Kill the Repair Man, go forward, kill the
other  man,  pull the blue crate, take the ammo. Push the crate to the
fence  next  to  little crate, pull it again, go in the fence take the
shotgun ammo and the SECRET #1, go back out.

Go  Forward,  kill  the  man on the control room, go through the door,
take  the  right  path. Jump on the right ledge, shoot the shutter, go
forward,  shoot  the  shutter,  take  the item, go back to the control

Head  to  the left shutter, shoot it, head forward and avoid the fire.
This  is  the Drill room, Find the ladder on the center, jump backward
and  grab the ladder, climb down. Head to the first ledge on the left,
QUICKLY  do  backflip to avoid the fire, take the ammo. Wait until the
drill come down.

Run  and  jump  to the other side, pull the switch on the ledge, climb
the ledge, crouch on the hole, kill the rats, pull the switch, go back
out,  head  past  the fan blade. Slide down, find the way to the other
room,  kill  the sniper & mechanic man. Climb up the ramp, go forward,
avoid  the  flame,  look  the  flame came from, look up, there item up
there, jump on the ledge where the flame came from. Shoot the shutter,
go through it, Climb up, take item, go back, and forward.

SAVE  first,  jump  down,  QUICKLY  run  and jump forward to the ledge
before  the  train is coming. Slide down, go to the right tunnel (with
the  large  medipack in the middle track), this is the tricky part, if
you  not fast enough, the train will smack you... RUN and QUICKLY jump
on the hole in the left wall. This will trigger SECRET #2 : The Rocket

Go back to the Yellow door, pull the switch, kill the mercenaries, use
the  quadbike  on the ramp, SAVE, hold brake and push the gas together
to  make jump more further. Release the brake, and you will brought to
the  next ramp, go forward avoid the hole. Turn left, try to jump with
the quadbike to the other side.

You'll  come  into  the  broken  tunnel and the broken train, kill the
mechanic man, pull the switch near the burning drum and this will open
the  toilet door. Go forward to the toilet area, step on each front of
the door will open it, kill the mechanic, take the ammo, Go back.

Ride  the  Quadbike, head to the right into the ramp, try to ride into
the  upper  train. Use the bike to jump to other side, follow the road
until  you  came  on  the  wood  floor. Leave the bike, take the small
medipack, drop down, kill the mercenaries, and the rats. Go back, Ride
the  bike, Jump to another wood ramp. Head the bike to the stone ramp,
and try to do a suicide jump with the bike to another broken train. If
you do it right, you'll be safe to drop down to area below.
Shoot the sniper on the other side and the mechanic too.

Ride  the bike and jump to the yellow/orange building, leave the bike,
pull the switch on the pillar, take the Drill Activator Card. Ride the
bike  again, and jump to the cage door. Kill the mechanics, then go to
the  control,  find  &  flip  the  switch. Go to the back of the drill
machine,  drop down, use the Drill Activator Card on the slot to start
the drill.

Go  back out, go to the new area that close before, drop down into the
hole.  Kill  the  rats,  flip the switch to open the fence, do running
jump  on the black ledge on the left. Take the Pump Access Card, don't
go forward yet. Go back and jump to the ladder. Climb up. Find the way
back  to  the  Toilets  Room.  Use  the Pump Access Card on the ATM(?)
inside the Toilet room. this will fill the pit with water.

Dive  down into the water, take the harpoon ammo on the floor, swim to
the hole on the wall, swim and climb the surface to trigger SECRET #3.
Jump  to  the  left  path, forward, slide down and quickly jump to the
left in the little ledge, jump to another ledge. Kill the pterodactyl,
again  jump  to  another ledge. Jump to the ledge on the right corner.
Try  to look for the hole on the wall. Grab the ledge, start shimmy on
the  left until you came into the middle of the cliff. Do the backlip,
take  the  Medipack, go forward, take the other medipack, then go back
to  the water, swim to the door where you got the Pump Access Card, Go
forward to end this level.

Sleeping with the Fishes
Secrets = 3 of 3

Take  the  ammo  near  the  yellow  door on the right, go out from the
locker  room, drop down to the right ledge, take the flare, go forward
to  the  pool  area.  Run  around  to the other side of pool, pull the
handle,  kill  the  mercenary, go back into the beginning of level, go
through to the open door. Go forward, Slide down to the water, swim to
the lever and pull it to open the cage door. Kill the frogman, swim up
in  the  front  of  the  cage,  take the uzi ammo, look for hole, swim
forward,  take the harpoon ammo along the way, follow the path outside
then take the another hole, take the left path to reach the SECRET #1.
Swim  back  take  the other hole, kill the mercenary. Drop down & swim
into the yellow building. Climb the surface, find the switch, push it,
then go back into the water, head to the new path.

Swim  into  the  control room in the middle. Climb up, Take the items,
swim  back,  kill  the  frogman.  Go back to control room, take a deep
breath  again.  Swim  in  the front mirror of the control room, try to
find  a  glowing  object  in  the wall near the opening wall. Grab the
Circuit Bulb, take a deep breath again in the control room, SAVE.

Now  we  will  try  to find the last circuit bulb, take a deep breath,
dive  down,  try  to  locate  the hole in the roof. Climb up, take the
circuit bulb, go back to the control room, use all the circuit bulb on
the  slot  to open the door. Head to the new door, BUT before you swim
through  to  the new door, swim to the hole in the right path (it's on
the right side from the new door, almost invisible) to take the SECRET
#2, SAVE first, before you take the shotgun ammo. Avoid the ship, then
go through the newly broken wall, there is sunken sub here, search the
Desert  Eagle  Weapon  in  then front of the sub, go back out from the
secret area then swim through to the new area.

In  the  new  area  don't climb up yet, just swim into the small hole,
search  for  the  hidden  hole  in  the  northwest  corner (behind the
pillar),  kill  the  fish, take the SECRET #3, go back to the previous

Climb  up  from  the water, shoot anywhere to distract the guard, kill
the guard, go into the control room, push the button to open the gate,
go  through the gate. There is two valve here, pull it all, go back to
the  water, kill the fish, go to the right door first, take the Mutant
Sample,  then  swim through to the left door to take the other sample,
go  forward  to  reach new area. Climb up, head down to the experiment
room,  put  the mutant sample on the each side (left & right) machine.
Go back to main room, go up the stairs, kill the mercenary, swim down,
take  the Hand of Rathmore (finally!). Swim to the next area, pull the
switch  to  open the exit, kill the fish, take the ammo on the corner,
swim to small hole to end this level.

It's A Madhouse!
Secrets = 2 of 3

Swim  to  the  left  corner,  take  the  other Hand of Rathmore on the
seabed,  this  will  open the hatch. Get out from the water, climb the
ladder, Welcome to the Zoo.

Take  the  left path first, take the shotgun ammo, then take the north
path,  follow  the path, kill the tiger, go forward. There is two door
here,  first  climb  the  roof,  jump  on the other roof (one with the
lamp),  drop down into the hole in the middle vines. Take the Zoo key,
use  it  in the door. Go through the door, pull the switch in the wall
to  open  the  door  nearby, go through to the new open door, take the
left path, climb the brick ledge, climb up to the Hedge Maze.

There  is  two  area here that you can enter, one is the cage room and
the  other  one is the bridge room, first find a way to the cage room,
head  down, look for invisible wall (covered with greend vines) in the
This  will  trigger  SECRET  #1,  climb  up,  head  forward, kill the
monkeys,  pull  the  switch  behind the statue (Access to SECRET #3),
head  forward  to take the ammo, go back to hedge maze. This time head
to the bridge room.

Kill  the  monkey,  take  the Aviary key on the bridge, go through the
green  hole.  Monkey  swing  to  the other side, drop down and jump to
ledge below to avoid the spike, kill the tiger. Head up to the stairs,
pull the switch, head to the room, kill the monkey. Find the cage near
the  path  on the right, remember this place, let's call it CheckPoint
#A.  Go  to  the  right path, climb grey ledge, Ride the rope onto the
small  island. Kill the monkeys, take the ammo. Look for small pool in
the  side  of  the small island, there is key laying on the floor bed.
SAVE,  dive  down and QUICKLY grab the Aviary key then quickly get out
from  the  water.  There  is  three path here, one with the lever, the
other  is  open  already,  so  go  to  the  open  cage, go back to the
CheckPoint #A to find the SECRET #2. Go back to the small island, Pull
the  switch  near  the small pool, Quickly climb up the ledge & RUN to
the  new  open door before its close. Go Back to where you use the Zoo
key before.

Use the Aviary Key on the other side door, go through the door, follow
the  path,  kill  the  bird,  look for ladder on the east wall (hidden
behind  the  tree),  jump below, climb the ladder, take the ammo, then
find a way back to the path.
Find  the  ladder  on the west wall, run-jump & grab the ladder, climb
up,  head  right,  jump  on the green ledge, jump forward, head to the
white  ledge  in  the  middle. Use the rope to slide down to reach new
area.  Use  the Aviary key on the lock beside the statue to access the
secret  path.  Go  forward  until  you see the hole, don't jump in the
hole,  instead run to the right path until you came at the statue with
hole in the front. Jump down to the hole to access the SECRET #3.

Jump  & Run forward to the ledge at corner, look for hole in the right
below,  drop  down,  kill  the creatures, then climb the large stairs,
climb  down  carefully, find the body in the middle ledge. Jump on the
middle ledge, use the Hand of Rathmore on the body to end this level.

Secrets = None

One of the boss in Tomb Raider 3 is back...
Jump  to  the  left or right QUICKLY before the boulder coming at you,
head  through the left path (from where you start), kill the guard, go
forward  into the dark pit. Light the flare to reveal the ledge below,
jump to ledge below to access the next area.

SAVE,  avoid  the  swinging flame, jump on the dark ledge on the left.
DON'T  SHOOT  the  boss  yet (it's waste), just run, don't jump in the
front  of  the boss ledge (it's pointless). Just find a way to the top
from where the side you standing (not the boss side).

Climb  some ledge you'll see some meteor rock come down, just find the
two  door  with the Head Skull carving mark on it, pull the switch, go
through  the  door,  kill  the  guards,  go to the left path, find the
ladder, pull the switch below the ladder, climb the ladder to the roof

Climb to the highest ledge, take the Large Medipack, this will trigger
the  Last  Meteor to come down. Look the Hand of Rathmore on the other
side which guarded by the boss, find a way to reach the boss. Kill the
boss  with  Rocket Launcer (it's easy to beat the boss if you close to
the boss).

After you beat the boss, take the Hand of Rathmore, go through the new
open door, slide down, go out from water, then go forward to the beach
to end this level.

============================THE END===================================

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