Return to Na Pali


I make no apologies for being too specific in this walkthrough, I like detail! This walkthru is based on the game at medium difficulty.


Edge of Na Pali.

You start out with the Dispersion Pistol in slot 1. Collect items around the room, including the ones in some crates. Exit the door. Down the hallway, bust a small crate for a clip. Straight ahead through the door, bust a crate and get a flare. On the platform, get an Automag. Bust the window, approach the wall sign till it beeps, then read it (F2.) Get some bandages on your way outside.

Just outside, some crates automatically explode. Get the Assault Rifle and a 50 bullet clip. Go around to the front of the house and watch out for a ceiling tentacle inside on the right. Get a health from the table crate. Push the small iron crate to the fireplace, climb up and get a clip. Exit the house. Go straight ahead, enter the water and get message from drowned soldier (remember to hit F2 at the beep.)

Get a nearby clip, go straight then left to low part to get out of water. Watch out for a goon on other side past the tunnel entrance. Get a health from the small crate there. Just inside the tunnel, watch out for a goon at top of ramp. Get an assault vest from the open crate. Behind the crate, get some clips. Farther back, get a message from the dead soldier. With the goon out of the way, go up the ramp and read the message beep on the wall (F2.)

Go through the door and get a clip from the medium sized crate. Notice a rail platform at top of tunnel. Push button and ride down. Destroy a goon on the left. On opposite side of ramp, get a clip. Go through the door and destroy a goon below. Read wall message. Use a ranged weapon to destroy the goon outside, who sometimes hides behind the crates on the right. While still inside, get health item from small crate on top of large crate.

Back in corner by ramp, get some items. Outside, get items from several small and medium sized crates. Watch out for flying creature as you start down the hill. Youíll hear a loud flapping. Use a ranged weapon to destroy the goon downhill by the stacked crates on the left. Behind the crates, get a health from a small crate. On down and in the house, donít harm the priest. Get message from dead soldier and a clip from barrel on opposite side of room.

Go on down the hill to the house just past the falls. Watch out for tentacle inside, and get a flare from the barrel. Outside, use a ranged weapon to destroy a goon at entrance of the next tunnel. Watch out for a tentacle in the nearby house, and get message from the dead soldier J. Airoldi. Get the bandages and clip. Outside, get 50 bullets from a medium sized crate. To the right of the tunnel entrance, get some Nali Fruit.

Donít go down the slope, but try to destroy the goon with a ranged weapon. Now enter the tunnel and straight ahead between 2 large crates, get 50 bullets. Now Quick save (F6.) Push the button and WAIT till the lift is all the way up (it pauses before raising all the way.) You donít want to step on top and get killed. If you do, restore any save and hit F7 (Quick load) to try again. After riding down the lift, get an ASMD core just to the right by the large crate. In the opposite corner, get an assault vest. On down the tunnel there might be a goon. Get a clip from the small crate. Push the button and go through the door. Wait for a platform to arrive, and ride it across the green slime.

Go through the door. Ahead to the left is a goon. Donít forget to find the item behind the large crates. Bust the window and get an automag and clip. Go back through the window and to the outside. On the right, get a clip. Turn around and go to other side of tunnel entrance and get a health from the small crate. Cross the bridge and approach the far away tunnel. On the right side, get a health from a small crate.

Watch out for a Goon on the right just inside the tunnel. Get bandages between crates on the left side of the window. Bust the window and watch out for tentacle on the right as you enter. Get an ASMD and a Core from the table. Get items from small crates, then exit the door. Go back across the bridge and through the tunnel. Ride back across the green slime. Enter the room and straight out the other door. Get a health from the small crate.

Outside, get bullets from the medium crate. Behind the large crate on the right, get a super health. Behind the crates on the other side is some Nali fruit. On toward the distant house, use a ranged weapon to destroy a couple of goons. In the distant house, get a flare, fruit, and bullets. Behind the house at the tunnel entrance, Quick save (F6.) Inside and around to the left is a Goon behind the crates on the right.

Get a health from the small crate. On the other side, get a clip behind the large crate. Ride up the lift and watch out for a Goon as you get the fruit. Straight ahead, get items from several crates on your way up the hill. At the tunnel, look behind large crates before entering. Inside, get a health from the crate and read the wall message beep (F2) about it being the Terra-Neo Mining Station. Push the button and wait for the door to open. Another button is destroyed.

Go around to your left and watch out for several lizards (Pack Hunters.) On the right of the ramp, get an item behind the large crate. Up the ramp and around to the other side, push the button. Get the bandages and shards. Walk off the edge to top of crate and get the Stinger. Just ahead and to the left, go through the new tunnel to the next level.

Neveís Crossing.

Listen as you recite your log entry, then left click to continue. Outside, a Goon hides behind the large crates. Get weapons, ammo and fruit around the area. Proceed uphill, watching out for flying creatures and goons. Enter the water and get items from 3 crates. Enter the tower underwater entrance and swim up to a ledge. Get weapons and ammo, then ride up the small elevator. Get weapons and ammo, then walk over the edge into the water.

Enter the underwater tunnel and take the first right. Climb out onto small alcove. Get vest, items and read message from soldierís diary. Reenter the water, go to the intersection and go right, then right again to end and look up to see a grate. Go back down the tunnel and right to end and surface near a tower with a large elevator platform. Ride up and get lots of items and a Stinger weapon from the crates. Jump back down, enter the water and climb up a narrow beam. Cross other beam to a rock, then across a final beam.

Get an item from the medium crate. Watch out for a lizard man near the house. Get fruit from the cart. In the house, get lots of items and a message from B. Bates. Outside, go around left and uphill. Watch out for lizard men and pack hunters on the bridge. Get lots of items and weapons there. On across the bridge are 2 wells. One has no grate. Drop down into water and the next level. Listen to the log entry, then left click to continue.

The Eldora Well.

Go forward, climb out and destroy tentacle on the right. Get items and message from dead soldier J. Walden. On other side, get item from small crate. Watch out for monsters down main tunnel. Get items from barrels and crate. Continue down main tunnel part way and get items on each side. Watch out for monsters farther down at the intersection. Go around both sides, watching out for flying monsters from overhead.

Go down final hallway, push lever and ride up lift. Destroy monster. Collect items all around. Now Quick save (F6.) Push all three buttons to flood lower areas. Watch out for deadly wasps. If youíre stung to death, restore then Quick load (F7) and try again. Go down new hallway and doors close behind you on your way to new outside area. Watch out for flying creatures. Collect fruit, ammo and weapons around the area.

Get message from body of S. Brown. Enter the well and destroy large fish as you go through the original hallways now flooded. Watch out for more fish and monsters as you go up through flooded shafts and hallways. Find the exit through another well to an outside area with several items and a boat. Watch out for flying creatures. Collect everything, then ride the boat or swim to the next game level and another log entry.

Glathriel Village.

Go up the pier, then left across a small bridge and to where the priest is. Get a combat assault rifle. Go back across the bridge and left uphill to the village house on the right. Read diary message about night stalkers. Exit and go to the last house straight ahead. Read diary message about a hideout. Check upstairs for bandages in the chest. Exit and enter next house to the left.

Upstairs, get bandages from a chest and read diary message on the table. Go down stairs and on down to the basement. Get items from crates and barrels. Crouch and go through hole to the next area (Burial Chambers?) Watch out for spiders as you search around the alcoves for a few items. Find the stairs going up to a temple with a red carpet. Donít harm the priests at the altar, but watch out for enemy high up over the altar. Read diary message on the altar. Exit the front doors and get some shards from a couple of barrels. Go out through the wall and watch out for flying creature to the right. Go downhill, get on a large boulder and jump over the wall.

Straight ahead, destroy an enemy by the broken walkway. Go back the other way, making 2 left turns to a courtyard and a priest on a balcony. An enemy will jump down. Destroy him. A nearby door to a library wonít open far enough because of a fallen bookcase. Go back around to the fallen walkway and face it. Hit Tab, type GHOST and hit Enter. Walk through the broken timbers. Hit Tab again, type WALK and hit Enter.

Go out the nearby archway and destroy an enemy to the left. Go on up hill and enter the house straight ahead. Get some bandages and exit the house. Go all the way down hill and turn right to see a priest on a short overhead walkway. Across it to the right is the exit to the next game level. But first, collect some more weapons and ammo. Straight ahead, bust the large crate for a health. On down to the right, push a lever to open the gate.

Go back under the short walkway then around left back to the broken walkway. Climb up through the entrance on the right and destroy an enemy to the right. Climb down the ladder and out through the door. A priest should be motioning to you. Climb back up the fallen walkway and follow him. He leads you to a ladder to an outside area to the next game level.

But first, if you need more weapons, ammo and health, thereís a couple more levers and some items are actually on the rooftops. Thereís a white walkway along the top of a wall and 2 low steps at the end where you can jump to the first roof. Just remember where the exit to the next level is. Once there, listen to another log entry.

Approaching UMS Promethius.

Start through the tunnel and destroy a flying beast. In the next large open area are several Pack Hunters (lizards.) Just past the red flag in the village, enter the house on the right. Read a diary message about thunderbirds. In the opposite corner, get some shards. Exit to the house straight ahead. Get a flare from the barrel. Exit and go left to the house by the well. Inside, get a clip from the barrel and bandages on the table. Exit and turn right to get an assault rifle from a crate.

Behind the house, go past another red flag. Down the trail, watch out for several flying beasts. Get some shards from the crates then go up to where the bridge supports are. Quick save, the get a running jump to the low area on the right of the opposite supports. Through another tunnel, watch out for several spiders. Go on down the tracks through another tunnel and get some shards and seeds from the barrels. Go back along the tracks, to the elevator on the right side, and ride down to the next game level.

UMS Promethius.

Go through a short tunnel and straight to the boarded up tunnel entrance. At the very end against the cliff, look down to see a wide are on the next ledge down. Slowly (hold down Shift) drop over the ledge to another narrow ledge. Get a Nali Fruit seed from the barrel. Drop to the bottom. Go through the narrow canyon toward the ship and left to get a grenade launcher from a crate. At the left side of the screen, go under the ship till you see a couple of lit walkways.

To the right, destroy an enemy by the crates. Get a flare and ammo from the crates, then go up the ramp, watch out for enemies behind and also to the right. From the top of the ramp, go right down the hallway and get some bullets from the opened crate. Keep bearing around right till you find some grenades. Go back and enter the sliding door on the right. Go left, then left through a door thatís been blasted away. Expect to fight a couple of enemies.

Get some rockets and a launcher near door 3A. Go through the door and bear around right to cross a lit walkway on your left. Continue around the hallway and read a wall panel just before the next door. Go through and expect fighting. Jump down to the left and get some ammo. Continue around to the left and get a health behind the glass, and assault rifle, and read the computer terminals. Ride up the lift and watch out for a couple of enemies.

Go around right and through a door. Get another health behind glass, and read the computer terminals. Go through a door to the broken grid walkway, over the lava, and Quick save (F6.) Jump into the crack in the pipe. If you land in lava, hit F7 and try again. Once in the pipe, go on up and make a small jump across lava. Hurry through the pipes because one walkway will break. Continue up to the outside of the ship.

Go up to the top of the hull and along it till you see 2 lit walkways below. Drop onto the highest one, go straight and read a wall terminal. Continue around right and fight. Get items from first 2 crew quarters. In the third one, read the diary message of Andrew G. Jackson. Exit and go through the next door to the right. Check the numbered crew quarters on the right side first, for some health, ammo, and a diary message.

On the other side of the hallway, check the horror in the quarters, then drop through the hole in the floor to the next game level. Wait for the log entry to be read before clicking to continue.

Inside UMS Promethius.

You start in a flooded corridor. Go through the door and right through the yellow striped door. Go to the end of the hallway and right to see a forcefield blocking the hallway. Go back and enter the blown away door on the right. Enter the dark tunnel and stop before entering the water in the large chamber. Thereís some of those silver blobs waiting. Go along the left ledge to the last side tunnel and enter it. Bear around right to a shaft and drop down it.

Bust the glass and enter the room. Get ammo, then go up steps and out the door. Go left and through another door 3A, destroy a couple of enemies. Climb the gridwork, bust the window and enter. Go up across the stairs and get a message from the diary of Michael T. Williams. Get the Weapon Log nearby. Go up the end steps for a recording about you being betrayed. Fight as the door opens, then fight in the first room to the left without leaving the hallway. At the doorway to the right, enter and fight in the room along the right side. Search lockers for items. At the end of the hallway is a blocked entrance.

Go back out the door and straight across through another door. Around the hallway, read the console on the right. Youíre now on the other side of the forcefield. Go around the hallway and ride up the lift. Go around left and get an assault vest. Read the monitors in the room. Go up a lift to Navigation. Go to the front chairs and marines start beaming in and firing at you. Quickly go down the elevator and out through the large hole in the hull.

Fight till you destroy all marines, about 10 or 12. Get their weapons and other items from crates around the hull. Just when you think youíve got them all, more show up. Eventually you win out. A blue shimmering column blasts an exit. Enter it and go through an iron hallway, fighting several spiders. Get some shards from a couple of barrels. Go through the door to the next game level and wait to hear the log entry.

Spire Valley.

Watch out for Pack Hunters. Donít harm the priest through the door. Get items from the barrels. Swim to tower and ride up on the lift. Get items from the barrels. Use a ranged weapon to destroy a couple of enemies by the distant crates. Drop into the water, swim to shore and go to the crates for weapon and ammo. Use a ranged weapon to destroy enemies toward a tower and one at top of tower.

Ride lift up the tower and get items. Drop into the water and go get items from the 2 houses. Go back past the tower and swim to a third tower by the mountain trail. Donít harm the priest there, and get items. Drop into the water with the high mountain trail to your right. Swim to land and destroy an enemy. Go around left through the pass toward a distant building, watching out for several Pack Hunters. Watch out for enemies that may come up behind you.

Enter the house and watch out for overhead enemies. Get items on the floor level. Exit and go around behind, then up a ramp to top of house. Walk around on beams to get items, then drop onto crates for other items. Exit the door on ground level. Go forward and slightly left through the gorge, past the bottom of the mountain trail. Destroy enemies with a ranged weapon as you approach the pink and green spire building. Get items from crates along the way.

Watch out for an enemy behind the large boulder in front of the spire building. Get his weapon. Enter the building to the next game level and listen to the log entry.

Nagomi Passage.

Destroy the distant enemy. Make a running jump into the water, get a couple of shards and a clip. Up the trail is a monster with rocket arms. Get items from crates. Around right, use distant weapon on enemy across the boards. Far below the cliff is an enemy. Go across the boards and destroy several spiders. Back across boards, on down the trail and left is an enemy and crates behind large boulder. Search all around the cliffside trails for enemies and items before going on down trail to bottom. Get flak shells in the water. Enter the triangular topped door to the next game level and listen to the log entry.

Velora Temple.

Go through the door and get the items. Go right or left and fight several spiders. Push a lever and go through the door. Push a button and ride down. Use a ranged weapon on a couple of enemies across the bridge. Drop into the water. To the left, get a Stinger and some shards. Read the message from body of M. Fox. Swim through the tunnel and surface in a large area. Fight several enemies, then go down a side passage, up a winding board incline, and across a swinging bridge.

Push a lever and look into the large square pit. Drop through to the bottom and time your move through the moving teeth. Go through the door and fight. Go down and through the opening ramp, cross a narrow beam, go right or left and fight several spiders. Go through the doorway and read message from M. Verdu. Go right or left, thereís a rocket toting enemy either side, get them both.

Slowly down an incline, notice a trap ahead to each side, and an enemy as decoy just ahead. Also watch out for flying creatures. Around each side is a waterfall. Press a button at each one. Under one fall is a couple of ASMD cores. Go back around, slowly approach the trap to spring it, then go on through. Get a Razorjack and some blades.

In the next room, get some Flak shells. Push a wall lever and ride up the lift. Step through the door, fight an enemy and several spiders. Get an ASMD powerup. Go up either side stairs, through a door and up more stairs to the next game level. Wait and listen to the log entry.

Nagomi Passage again.

Up steps and left, destroy a spider. Go around to the right back to the iron bridge over the gorge. New items have appeared in this level, so if you need anything, look around first. Then cross the iron bridge and enter the tunnel to the next game level and a log entry reading.

Foundry Taridium Plant.

Destroy 2 brutes and get items around the room. Go through the doorway where you see a wall monitor and read it. Notice a button beyond the forcefield. Go back across through the other door and fight. Read the monitor, then throw the switch. Go back to the room where the forcefield was. Push the button and hurry to the center of the large room and ride up the lift. Destroy a couple of enemies and collect items around the room.

In each corner is a glass floor panel. Beneath one are some rockets on top of a crate you can walk onto. Then back upstairs, go around the walkway and destroy an enemy. Read the wall sign. Go through about 6 cutting gates, or go along the wall, timing your moves carefully because the gates keep getting faster. Then fight a couple of enemies, one is a rocket shooter. Continue, and to the left, get an eightball and some healths. Continue to a big room and bust the glass in the center of the floor.

Drop down and watch out for an enemy in the far left corner. Go toward the green door and watch out for the creepers. Go up the lift and fight a couple of enemies. Drop through the floor to the high part, go out to the hallway and destroy an enemy on the stairs. Go on down and destroy some creepers, then get some items. Back upstairs, throw the lever, return to the hallway and downstairs again. Enter the hole in the large pipe, go around left and up some steps.

Go down the conveyor steps and watch out for an enemy underneath. As you approach the left doorway, it closes. Fight the beast through the hole. Jump through and get the items. Go on around right, push a lever and ride up the large lift. Fight an enemy. Go through the hallway and fight a couple of creepers. Push a button, go through the door and destroy several creepers. Jump over the railing to the conveyor stairs.

Go down, and this time, go through the doorway in the right corner. Fight several creepers and an enemy. Near the entrance, go down the small ramp and get items. Go back up small ramp, cross the room to another small ramp over some lava. Hurry through the pipe because it falls into the lava. Fight some creepers and continue. The pipe explodes. Jump across the break and continue to the end. Get some items.

Return to the break, drop out of the pipe and fight. Approach the door under the red sign and a rocket shooter appears and one behind you at the other door. Go through the red sign door. Push one of the canisters to the railing at the control panel. Climb over and get an assault vest. Climb back over and ride up the lift. Fight, then ride up another lift and fight again.

Ride up another lift and get items in the corners. Ride up a final big lift and push a red button. Jump into the water, swim through the tunnel, down and continue. Then back up and continue. Watch out for lizardmen. In a large area, exit the water and fight a rocket launching beast. Collect items lying around, then continue through the tunnel to a red button and push it. The floor lowers quite a ways. Go through a door to the next game level, wait and listen to the log entry.

Bounds of Foundry.

Go around the hallway and cross the bridge. Thereís an enemy behind the barrier. Push a lever and fight. Through the new hallway, watch out for an enemy behind the third glass panel on the right. Get items behind all 6 glass panels. Continue through the room and up a ramp. Thereís a toxin suit behind unbreakable glass. Continue the hallway past the red button to a room thatís a mirror image of the previous one.

Watch out for creepers and get some items. Back at the red button, push it, ride up and fight. For practice, shoot 3 windows on each side. Go through the dark lit door. Go left and fight an enemy and several creepers. Continue along and read the wall panel. At the end, push a button, go around to the other end and push another button. Watch out for a rocket throwing beast on your way back to the elevator. Ride down, go left and get a Toxin suit. Turn around and enter the green hole. Swim through the tunnel, bearing left, to the end and surface at another hole.

Go around the hallway, enter hallway between the red signs. Watch out for an enemy on the left side. Donít fall down the side holes as you search the room. Continue through a door to a room with ramps on each side. Go on through room and enter a green hole. Swim around the corner, enter the side hole and surface. Get another Toxin suit. Go around the hallway, enter the other room ane re-enter the green hole.

Swim to the end and surface at another hole. Go around and enter the hallway between red signs and fight. Thereís iron ramps on each side of this new area. Search each side for items, then continue through 2 doors and more fighting. Get a Toxin suit and other items in the big room. Notice the large crane hook. Approach the switch and read the message. Go down the ramp, swim to the switch and push it.

Go through either door, go around behind and fight. Push the button, then enter the square green hole. Slowly approach the left barred gate, to open it, and go through. Swim out to the crane hook room. Push the lever and watch the crane bust a hole in the door. Go through and fight. Go around the hallway, watching out for enemies on the overhead walkway. Continue around the hallway, fight and get another Toxin suit.

Push the button, fight and ride up the lift. Push the lever to open the lower tank. Go back down and use the small lift in the corner. Get items on the walkway, then enter the tank of toxic waste. Swim down, go left, right, left and surface. Fight, then go up the ramp out of the waste. Push the button and go through the door to a familiar area.

Go back to the tank room and re-enter the tank. Again swim down, left, right, left and surface. Go up the ramp, go right through the hallway, fighting an enemy and creepers. Approach the lift, ride up and get items. Go through the hallway, approach the large round green display and read a message about Toxic Fume Buildup. Push the lever, go back around and drop down. Enter the new hole in the floor and ride the round lift up to a new area.

Investigate the open area, where the shuttle is, and collect items. Exit, go around the hallway and ride down on the incline platform. Fight creepers and an overhead enemy. Go through the doorway and push the lever by the green panel. Watch out for an enemy around the corner, on the lift you just activated. Ride up the lift, then Quick save (F6.) Push the lever, jump onto the crane and ride across to the ledge (personally, I prefer to FLY.) If you miss, hit F7 and try again.

Get an assault vest and health, then push the lever. Turn around and drop down. Go through the door on the left and fight. Go down several lifts, fight then jump down the large hole. Wade through the toxic waste and ride up the left to the next game level. Listen to the log entry.

Watcher of the Skies.

Go through the door and fight. This area is frozen and you slide around a lot. Beyond the large boulder are several enemies and a rock thrower. Find a hole and drop into it to the next game level. Wait and listen to the log entry.

Galaís Peak.

Go down and get items from the crates. Fight and go out to more slippery walking. Read the diary message from R. Wisnewski. Continue through the tunnel, using a ranged weapon when possible. Carefully approach the distant building and notice the trail down each side of the mountain. Youíll be going there a bit later. Once safely at the building, enter and fight. Go through the right door and fight.

Continue left, right and fight. Go left through the door and fight 3 enemies in the main room. Step on the central teleporter and read the message about controls being underground. Search around through doors and hallways, fighting and getting items till youíre tired of it. Go outside and clockwise around the building till you see several enemy and crates. Destroy and collect items. You might want to Quick save here.

Carefully and slowly (hold Shift for walk) go down the nearby narrow trail quite a way, and enter the mountain. Destroy an enemy at the controls, then push the button. Return up the trail, enter the building, and step on the teleporter to the next game level. Wait and listen to the log.

Escape from Na Pali.

Donít harm the priest and heíll open 2 secret alcoves. Get the items, then go through the door. Get ready for at least 3 enemies, on the bridge, and another through the distant door. Through that door, read a message from D. Beck. Behind the gated door is a lever and shield belt you can get to later. Go through the other door and fight. Continue to the first building and enter.

Go down the ramp and fight. Go through the right door to water and fight. Enter the water and watch out for big fish. Get items from the nearby crates, the surface and exit the door. Go through the other door and fight. Enter the water and search the immediate area for weapons in crates. Donít swim to far though, youíre liable to get lost. Exit the water back to the basement of the building, go up the ramps and outside.

Around back at the main building, inside is a rocket launching beast. Get items to the left, then go through the opposite door. Across the long bridge are at least 3 enemies. Through the door, go through the right gate and through a door. Get the shield belt and push the lever. Exit the door, go through the gate and straight through where other gate was. Go across a long bridge, watch out for enemies leaping from the sides.

Go through the door and fight. Go through another door to a large chamber and fight at least 2 enemies. On the other side, go through a door and fight several enemies. Read the diary message about Sky Demons. Get a Razorjack. Go up the ramp and through a door to another large chamber. On the other side, go through the door and fight, then push the lever. Exit and fight a possible enemy. There will be an explosion in the large square opening. Now you have to defeat a rocket launching dragon. After that, Quick save. On the first ledge in the pit are some weapons and ammo in crates. Now drop to the floor under the pit. If you fall into the red pit, Quick restore (F7) and try again.

Once on the floor, exit the door, get the mini gun and other items. Through another door, cross the long bridge. Go through the gate, through the door, turn right and on to the final level and escape. Turn up sound and base for this one! Watch as you lead their missile back at the ship. WAY TO GO, 849!


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