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This FAQ was created by Galang Pham, from 12-10-2001-12-28-2001

This is my first attempt of writing a FAQ. Don't expect much though. I decided to write about UT because it's my Fav. Game, and I know lots about it.

Some info about author

Name-Galang Pham

[email protected]

Aim SN-Bretxhart

Name for UT-G

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4)Other than that, feel free to EMAIL me about anything.

Feel free to email me about anything UT. From Mods, Mutators, tips, or challenge me to a good ol game of Unreal TOurnament.

Unreal Tournament, has been the most played game I have. If you check my NG stats, you will see 1000+ hours of fraggin goodness. On the player list, check my player, and see about 20,000 frags. I don't mean to brag, but I think that is a lot of frags. Ok, lets get down to the FAQ.

This FAQ is inteneded for Begginers and Intermediate users. You should be able to beat UT with the Novice or Average skill by now. If you can't, tough luck. The purpose of this FAQ, is to train you to become a great UT player online. This FAQ will cover extensive tactics and strategies for online play. It will cover weapon info, items, manuevers, etc.

VERSION History-
v1.1-added incomplete weapons VS weapons, newbie section. fixed some stuff
v1.00-first version

(Sorry for crappy Table of Contents)Will update in next version

Table of Contents-
1.System Requirements
3.Team Deathmatch
4.Capture the Flag
7.Last Man Standing
10.Online tips
12.Total Conversions
13.Greatest moments of UT for me
14.Links to other UT sites
15.Stuff about me (don't ask Why)

1)System Requirements-
You should know that by now, but Ill throw it in anyway.


CPU- Pentium 200mhz or better
Memory-32 MB RAM
Physical Space-120 MB
Audio-Windows 9x Compatible Sound card
Video Sytem-PCI Local Bus Video card
OS- Windows 95\98\2000\ NT 4.0

Recommended by Epic Megagames

CPU- Pentium 2 233 or 266 mhz or better
Memory-64 MB RAM
Physical Space-605 MB
Audio-Windows 9x Compatible Sound card
Video Sytem-3d Accelerator
OS- Windows 95\98\2000\ NT 4.0

Recommended by Me( Gotta be rich ;)

CPU- Pentium 4 2.0 ghz or AMD Thunderbird 1.4 ghz
Memory- 256 DDR SDRAM or 256 RD RAM
Physical Space-2 gigabytes (For MODS)
Audio- Creative Labs SB Live! Audigy Platinum 5.1
Video Sytem-Nividia GEForce3 Ti 500
OS- Windows 95\98\2000\ NT 4.0

GOOD ISP. WIthout it, youre screwed online. For Best results, you should have a Cable, or DSL. With a 56K modem, High Ping and Lag will stick with you like Bill Gates and his bank vault of 10 billion dollars.


I start out here, because I expect that you have already completed UT at least once on the Novice or Average skill.

Deathmatch- It's the most common type of match for online FPS. Kill as many people as you can, and try not to get killed. Its every man for himself in this match.


-Take all Items you see. 
If you don't, your enemies will, and screw you in the @$$ with it.

-Mercy is for the weak.
This is Virtual. If you kill someone online, you will not go to hell. You will not commit a sin. You will not..(you get the idea). If you see someone running from a firefight, stick some rockets up his @$$ for a quick frag. Who said UT was fair?

-Don't be afraid to use ammo.
When you see someone, start pumpin. Dont be afraid of wasting ammo. UT levels have plentiful ammo, so don't be afraid. This works especially well for peeps with High Ping. When you have High ping, what you see on your moniter isn't always true. When you point your crosshair at him, he could be on your right, so be careful.

In a fight, jump from left to right. You are expecially hard to kill. Especially when most gamers use the Rocket Launcher, the rockets are slow, and you are able to dodge and jump over them with ease.

Yes, it may be hard, but utilizing strafing and jumping, with turn you into an unstoppable killing machine. Also, use the "dodge" technique. By tapping strafe right twice very fast, you will "jink" to the right dodging rockets, shock rifle shots, and other projectiles.

3) Team Deathmatch-
Team Deathmatch is a variated version of deathmatch. In Team DM, you are divided into 2-4 teams, and will fight to a certain amount of frags, or Time. Team deathmatch is one of my favorite modes.

Team DM Strategies and Tactics-

The word TEAM says everything-
TEAM means you work as a team. Get your players to back each other up, and gang bang the enemy. You shouldn't be Duke Nukem, and run into the enemy by yourself. Gather up, and communicate with team mates.

Dont be a Hog-
Save some of the items for your team mates. If you have 47 rockets, and see a rocket pack, dont pick it up. Let some of your mates pick it up.

Other than that, most death match strategies apply to team Deathmatch.

4)Capture the Flag

One of my favorite Online type of games. Capture the Flag utilizes all your skills, from Kill ability, to Stealth, to Team Work, to Aim, CTF uses everything.

CTF Strategies-

Dont be Duke Nukem-
You cannot, and will not, capture the flag if you run into the enemy by yourself. You will get banged like a biotch. Use your team to help you. Have someone be a merciless killer, destroying the enemy. Have someone to take the flag. Have someone to stand by, in case something happens. Have snipers, have people to get weapons, and toss em to you for more ammo. Let your team have roles. I did that one time, and the score was 15 Captures to 1. 

Play Solid Snake-
Be like Solid Snake. Use stealth to your advantage. Although it may sound stupid, this was a very good tactic. I stealthily entered the enemy's base, stole his flag, and hid in a crate. When backup arrived, we went out guns blazing and scored a quick point.

Fake your death-
Take advantage of the "Feign Death" technique. When you press F, you lie down, and pretend you are dead. Unless you were seen, this technique can fool many human players. Just run into an enemeie's base, feign death, and when no one is around, grab the flag and make a break for it.


I think this mode is really unique, and not many games have this. I think this mode is O.K, I don't really like to play it that much. I don't really play Domination that much, So I don't know that many tips or strategies.

Domination Strategies-

Use common sense-
For Domination, Just use common sense. Take control of a point, and defend it. 


Assault is my absolute favorite mode. There is a special aura around it, that attracts to me, more than CTF, DM, TDM, All the other modes. I like assault, because it is part stratey too. You really have to work as a team, in order to win at assualt. 

Assualt Strategies-

Don't go attack the target by yourself. Wait for backup and then go. 

Use the secrets-
O.K, this is somewhat a spoiler, and you can win an Assualt level in less than 1 minute.

Frigate- When you are attacking, the room where all the weapons are, there is a small docking area. It is square, and is made out of wood. Get your impact hammer, and run backyards, jump, release and you should land in the back of the boat. Very diffucult to pull off, but if right, you can beat Frigate very easy.

Where the front gate is, there is a gate. Go up in front of it, use the impact hammer, to jump up, and you should land inside the fortress. Somewhat diffucult to pull off, but if you don't get it right the first time, you won't have enough health to do it again.

Use the jump boots, and jump ontop of the cabin cars. Keep going until you reach the first one. There will be a small hole where you can jump down, and you will be able to acess the cabin control switch.

Thats all the assault secrets I know. If there is more, please E-Mail me, and I will give you credit.

7)Last Man Standing-

This match is O.K, I don't really play it that much, due to those F*cking campers. Damn those F*cking campers!!!

Last Man standing Strategies-

Duh! Stay alive. Don't get killed. 

Be lame-
You can camp out, and hide, and when people pass by, bam! Head shot. But be aware your title of Llama will be presented to you.

Hit and run-
Ah! The good ol coward tactics! Load up 6 rockets, shove em into your opponents throat, and get the hell away.


Finally we come to the weapons. UT offers some sadistic weapons of destruction.

Primary fire-Continous ripping blade
Secondary Fire-Sweep of the blade
This weapon is O.K. I don't use it much, not as strong as should be.
Just rev up that three HP engine, and push it into someone's chest for massive damage

Impact Hammer-
Primary fire-Charged shot
Secondary Fire-Quick Shots
The impact hammer is a quite good melee weapon. One hit from the charged shor, results in instant death. Also, I find the impact hammer very good online. Unlike bots, human players can't see behind them. A good ol pounding to the chest should give you a free frag. Also, I use it as a neat tool in assault. (Read section 6). Te secondary fire, I never use. The manual "Claims" it deflects shots, but I never tried that, so I don't care. Besides, how can you deflect a rocket?
Charge it up, run up behind an unsespecting enemy, and release it. 

Primary fire-Slow firing, but accurate shot
Secondary Fire- Ghetto Stylez side carrying shot
I think the enforcer is an O.K weapon. If you play it on hardcore, one bullet does a whopping 30 damage!! How do I know, I run "tests". I play a team deathmatch, and put friendly fire to 100%, and "test" weapons on some poor test subjects. The Ghetto Style Shot shoots twice as fast, and you can carry two, so you can pop some caps.
You should take two enforcers for maximum damage. If I get two, I just jump up in front of their face and use the alternate fire, to take advantage of its quick fire. When in close range, alternate fires of Enforcers and Miniguns are extremely lethal.

Primary fire-Green toxic shit, stuff you find in that old carton of milk that has been staying on your shelf for 6 years.
Secondary Fire-Fire a Huge clob of toxic shit 
The Biorifle is an O.K weapon. The primary fire is slow, and damage is O.K. But the secondary fire, one shot will KILL ANYONE!! Even If they have a shieldbelt, a direct hit with a fully charged shot will waste their ass.
I like to charge the alternate fire, and when a nigga comes by, fire it and watch em explode. Or you can shoot somewhere where you expect they will be at. Like in CTF, when someone runs into your base, fire the glob at the flag's base and watch that nigga die.

Shock Rifle-
Primary Fire-A instant blue bolt 
Secondary Fire-Blue ball thingy
Combo attack-Fire secondary, then primary, and get a very powerful explosion
I think the shock rifle is very powerful, when the combo attack is used. I think it is great for killing 3-4 people close ot each other.
I tend to use the Combo attack very often, because I think it is very powerful, and covers a wide radius. Other than that, I think you should use the Primary fire when far away, and alternate if the enemy is close, and they are near walls, because the secondary fire has splash damage.

Pulse gun-
Primary fire-Rapid fire green plasma ballz
Secondary fire-Stream of Plasma
This gun is very good, I keep it in my arsenal of death at all times. The primary fire is very powerful. One ball does 30 damage. How do I know, my loyal "test" subjects were used. The secondary fire is only good at close range. Every second with the secondary fire, the damage increases. If you leave it on an opponent for about 2-3 seconds, hes dead as Osama Bin Laden standing in front of the white house.
I like to use the primary fire because in High Lag conditions, it is very hard to aim, and if you spread those pulse balls, theres a good chance some of them will hit the enemie.

Primary fire-A richoteign blade
Secondary fire-Explosive blade
When I first saw this gun, I thought it was going to be a gruesome killing deice. It is, but doesn't live to it's full potential. Imagine a saw blade ripping through your chest. Ouch. You should get hit for about 75 damage from one of those. But tests show the primary only does 40-50. I think It should do more. But overall, this is a pretty good weapon. 
With the ripper, I like to use the primary fire, and jump around. In High Lag Conditions, the blades bounce off the walls, and with luck, they will hit the enemy.

Primary fire-Accurate burst of bulelts
Secondary Fire-Inaccurate burst of bullets
Man I love this weapon. It is very powerful. Every time I find one of these, I usually go on a killing spree. I am able to rip through defenses with a close up secondary burst. The primary is pretty good, only use it at a long range. The secondary fire is only good if you are close to your opponent, that way, the bullets will do maximum damage.
I usually stick with the secondary fire with this gun. The primary fire is very weak, and fires slow. With the alternate fire, and jump in front of enemies and watch them get ripped to shreds.

Flak Cannon-
Primary fire-Chunk of hot burning skrap are tossed
Secondary fire-A grenede of flak
This guns freakin awesome. I can jump and toss some Hot uranium at oppenents and watch them go down. The primary fire fires about 5-7 chunks of flak. Each flak does about 30-40 damage. Very powerful. This gun is great for High Ping players, because aim doesn't really matter. The secondary shot, is a extremely powerful grenede that does an instant kill. I like to use the secondary fire to "Mortar" the enemy. I just stand on top of a ledge, and start firing. 
Three words, "Jump N Shoot". This weapon is ESPESCIALLY good for people with High Ping. Because the primary fire shoots a wide radius, the chances of hitting your enemy is high. Also, combined with some insane jumping skills, you are very hard to hit.

Rocket Launcher-
Primary fire-Single or up to six rockets
Secondary fire-Single or up to six grenedes
Combo 1-Load up six, and hit secondary fre to launch six rockets in a circular formation
This weapon mean portable destruction. With one rocket doing a whopping 150 damage, this gun is a killers dream. The splash damage is tremendous too. A rocket that explodes five ft. from you should kill, with 10, severely injur you. The secondary grenede is O.K, its only good for taking ou those bastard campers. Just lob em in a crevice or box, and fuck up that damn coward.
I always load up rockets in a fight. I usually fire when 3-4 rockets are loaded, and I fired near a wall if the enemy is close, because rockets have nice splash damage. Also, humans tend to stick together, and a couple of rockets nearly destroys a group if aimed correctly.

Sniper Rifle-
Primary fire-Instant 7.62mm bullet
Secondary-Use the scope
The sniper rifle is an excellent weapon. You can zoom in at up to 8X, ensuring your shot will be accurate. With a Diazapemed arm, and trembling disabled, your aim is excellent. I like to crouch, and hide is a small area, and snipe the enemy. It does get annoying for other players though.
This is a very good snipers weapon. I usually crouch, and use the zoom at around 4X-5X. 8X is too close, and its hard to see, unless the level is "Face".

Primary fire-Launch a Nuclear Missle
Secondary Fire-Guide the Missle
The most powerful weapon in the tournament. Extremely powerful, use with great caution. I really like this weapon, because of its secondary fire. Excellent weapon in CTF. Guide the redeemer around, until you see the Flag carrier, and disintegrate him with your 8000 degree farenhiet nuclear explosion.
With the redeemer, I run to a place and hide, then fire the secondary fire. I then use the mouse to guide the rocket around, scaring the shit out of enemies. Then just find a group, and crash the rocket into the ground.

Primary fire-Shoot your disc
Secondary fire-teleport to your disc
An excellent tool. You can kill people, go up in high places, or use it to move. A great item, on CTF "Face" where there are snipers everyher. Keep tossing and teleporting, and the snipers will just be wasting their ammo.
I find this handy device more like a tool than a weapon. The only time I really use it is to get power-ups (Damage Amplifier, Shield Belt, etc.)

Well those are your weapons. What you find good for you, is good for you. I usually prefer the flak cannon, minigun, or rocket launcher.

Weapon VS Weapon Guide
This is the Weapon VS Weapon guide. I will walk you through on how to use what weapon you have against your opponent. Even if you have an enforcer, you can still kill a guy with a rocket launcher.


Impact Matchups-
The impact hammer is a very deadly and powerful weapon. When used in any matchup, the best tactic is to constantly jump and strafe your opponent and the goal is to get behind him, and hit him with your impact hammer.

Impact Hammer VS Impact hammer- 8
-This should be interesting. Just jump around, and try to confuse your enemy. Then fire your charged shot at him, and watch em explode.

Impact hammer VS Enforcer-6
This is a fairly easy match up. As the Enforcer is slow and weak, you can get in pretty fast and kill him.

Impact hammer VS Bio Rifle-7
This is sort of hard. As being the Bio Rifle doing lots of damage, the enemy can run backwards, and ward you off with the goo. As I mentioned, try to confuse him, and get behind him.

Impact hammer VS Shock Rifle-6
This is somewhat easy. As the shock rifle being a very accurate gun, it is hard to shoot and kill a jumping lunatic with a impact hammer.

Impact hammer VS Pulse Gun-9
This is going to be tough. As tHe pulse gun's alternate fire fires a beam, the enemy can hold its beam steady, and inflict lots of damage on you.

Impact hammer VS Ripper-7
This is sort of easy. Like the shock Rifle, the ripper has to be aimed correctly in order to kill someone. Just get behind the enemy, and release.

Impact hammer VS Minigun-9
This is not going to be easy. As the minigun has a mind blowing Rate of Fire, the enemy will shred you with his bullets. Just try to get behind him, and it should be O.K

Impact hammer VS Flak Cannon-10
Probably the hardest matchup. The Flak Cannon's spread ability to kill you long before you can get in close enough.

Impact hammer VS Rocket Launcher-10
Another diffucult matchup. Lets just say if you are seen, youre toast. Or, if the enemy has low HP, he might try to hit you, but hurt himself in the process.

Impact hammer VS Redeemer-10
Whoever thought of a person trying to kill someone carrying a nuke with a melee weapon? Best way, is probably run.

Enforcer Matchups-
The enforcer, is a weapon that should not be used very often, due to it's rate of fire, and weak attacks. So beware if you run in a fight with an enforcer, because you won't live long. Best time to use your enforcer, is when you are behind someone. Just get close and use your alternate fire.

Enforcer VS Impact hammer-7
Try and run backwards, while shooting your alternate fire, because the enemy will most likely jump and strafe.

Enforcer VS Enforcer-7
If the enemy is close, jump and use your alternate. If the enemy is far away, try to "knick" him with your primary. As the enforcer has a 30 round clip, the match will be "Whoever runs out of ammo first dies".

Enforcer VS Bio Rifle-6
As the enforcer can kill enemies at range, run backwards and fire our primary fire.

Enforcer VS Shock Rifle-8
This wont be easy, as the enemy can use the combo attack on ou. Try to strafe around him, while firing your primary for maximum accuracy.

Enforcer VS Pulse Gun-8
The Pulse gun is a deadly weapon, and this fight must be avoided at all costs. The enemy will burn you to your death in a few seconds before you can do anything.

Enforcer VS Ripper-9
This won't be easy, as the ripper does a whopping 40 damage, three hits, and lights out baby. Try to srafe and jump

Enforcer VS Minigun-9
This is going to be tough. As the Minigun has a insane ROF, you won't get far.

Enforcer VS Flak Cannon-10
As you know, anyone with a Flak Cannon is deadly. The best way to kill someone with a flak cannon is to use a range weapon, such as shock rifle, minigun, or rocket launcher. Enforcer, is a stupid way to try and waste some pyscho carrying a flak cannon.

Enforcer VS Rocket Launcher-10
Can u say instant death? Probably nothing can save you, if you are fighting an experienced player who has a rocket launcher. Like metioned before, try to strafe, while firing your alternate fire. Be sure to get in close as possible.

Enforcer VS Reedemer-10
One word, run. 

Bio-Rifle Matchups-
The Bio-Rifle, is more of a defensive weapon. I don't mainly recommend it or offense, as the globs travel slow, and most enemies will be able to dodge them. 

Bio-Rifle VS Impact hammer-
Best tactic for this matchup is to try and run backwards, while firing the goo. Try to splash it everywhere, and hope your enemy will die before he can smear you with the hammer.

Bio-Rifle VS Enforcer-
too tired to write more. Will finsih in next version.


Most of the items in UT are for your advantage, and should be taken immediately.

Health Pack-
Replenishes 20 health. Simple

Keg O' Health-
A barrel o health that gives you 100 health boost. Nice

Health Vial-
Each vial gives you 5 health, up to 199. Sweet

Thigh Pads-
A type of armor that adds 50 to your armor rating. Groovy

Body Armor-
A vest of Armor that adds 100 to your armor class. Gnarly

Shield Belt-
The shield belt is its own armor, and adds 150. So think of it as 150 extra health. Dope Yo

Damage Amplifier-
Adds tons of Damage to your already damaging weapons. Groovin

A power-up that makes you invisible. Gives you a slightly visible outline, so you are not 100% invisible. (Ran out of gay adjectives)

Anti Grav Boots-
Pair of dirty boots that lets you jump really high. Really

Scuba Gear-
Lets you stay underwater longer. Wow


What do I mean by classes? When I say classes, you can be a coward, or Hero. 

Here are some tactics to become an annoying, faggetass punk. First, you gotta hide. 

Find a good place to hide and a weapon- 
First find a good place to hide, and get a cowardous weapon like a sniper rifle. Stay there and kill people as they go by. Simple. 

Camp out-
Find where the redeemer respawns, take out, and guide it to your opponents death. 

Be an Asshole-
On levels where there are hazourdous enviroments, like lava, space, etc. Get a weapon that sends momentum, Imapct hammer, shock rifle, rocket launcher, etc. Knock your team mates in there and watch em get pissed! Very funny when your team mate has a flag and you knock em in the lava.

Be a traitor-
When you see one of your team mates go hide, like in CTF, if both flags are being carried at the same time, the flag carrier usually hides until their flag is returned, notify the other team.

Refuse to take action-
In assault, stand there and play stupid. Refuse to do your objectives, and worse, take all ammo and supplies!

Heres some tips on how to become a recognized hero in UT, and be recognized by young fans from across America.

Be heroic-
When you see injured team mates, lead em to heath. If you see a team mate with an enforcer, throw out some of your unused weapons, so he can be prepared to fight.

Be a Martyr-
Die for your team! Run into battle with guns blazing and die in a couple seconds. Hey at least you weakened em. When you die, don't respawn yet. Stay there and check out what the enemy is doing, and report to team.

Be good-
Good, as in really good at UT. For your name to be recognized, you gotta be really good. I mean really good. I mean really, really good. (You get the idea) Your name must strike fear into your enemies hearts. When you join a server, players should be- "Hey, its the notorious,______________, hes really good. He got Godlike twice, and had 56 frags on one match!!!" 

10) Online tips-

Here are some tips for playing online against other humans. Unlike bots, humans are diffrent. They play smarter, harder, and more aggressive. Heres some tips that will hopefully, train you into becoming a recognized killer that domiantes the online world of UT. 

-Feign Death
Hit the F key on your keyboard to fake your death. Wiat until a helpless opponent run by, and shove a 9mm bullet down his throat.

-Use the impact hammer
The impact hammer, is very powerful. Unlike bots, humans cannot react fast enough to find and kill a crazed player with a charged shot, jumping and strafing around.

It is quite easy to "shake" a human player, just keep running, and eventually, they'll give up on you. Not always though

-Practice offline
Although Bots differ from human players in many ways, they are still good practice. Try to beat a 10 minute deathmatch, with 8 bots on the skilled diffuculty. If you can, you are pretty good, and should be ready to stand a chance against players online.

Jump around-
Jumping around makes it much harder for peopel to kill you, and gets them annoyed and confused.

Get a good ISP-
With a slow internet, UT will really piss you off. You won't be able to score frags, and youll be target practice for the players with DSL and Cable modems.


One of the things I love about UT, are the Modifications (MODS), and Mutators people make. These addons made by users, gives UT even more replay than it does already.
Here are some of the MODS I have and usually play


Agent X-
This is a semi-realistic weapons mod, that is very fun to play. It is a very small download, about 5 megs, which is a relief for 56K users. It has very nicely modeled weapons, and gives UT more replay.

This is an original and very fun MOD, that gives UT a new game type. This MOD pitches you against Monsters from Unreal 1, and you have to kill them to earn fun. Very fun gametype, and provides a nice challenge.

WAR Weapons Mutator-
This is a weapons pack, which gives some wicked weapons to UT. The weapons are exremely powerful cough *Kill-O-Matic*cough*
Although a bit unbalanced, it still is pretty fun.

Next Generation Weapons Pack-
This is a great MOD, that fires up All of UT's weapons, giving them a fiery approach. All of UT's weapons have been given the element of fire, causing havoc and death. Very fun.

Excessive Overkill-
This has got to be the most played weapons pack I have. Excessive Overkill, Overkills your weapons, causing destruction and mayhem. Very fun. The bad thing is, your PC can get sort of slow with all the explosions.

U4e(Unreal Forever)-
Probably the biggest weapon mod for UT. It introduces about 30-40 new weapons. The weapons ar every creative, and out of this world dude.

Well, those are currently most of the MODS I have, if you know any good ones, E Mail it to me.


Unlike MODS, Mutators are usually smaller, and do not change that many of UT's features.

This is one of the best mutators there are. This makes the decals in UT stay longer. Blood, bullet holes, explosions, all stay longer with this mod. After about 30 minutes of fighting, the level will look will World War two.

A Madman's dream-
This is a good mutator, in which it enables you to make the bodies of the dead, stay longer. Combined with Decal Stay, this makes a level look more like WOrld War 2.

This is a really neat mutator, where you can "swap" items from diffrent mod packs. Great utility to have.

12.)Total Conversions

What is a total Conversion? As you may remeber from classic FPS, such as Duke Nukem 3D, a TC changes everything in a game. The only one I played so far( Due to MASSIVE size, with a 56K modem) is Tactical Ops. How I got that 100+ Meg beast of a file, I was lucky enough to get it on a PC GAmer Demo disc. IMHO, Tactical Ops is one of the best Semi-Realistic Mods there is. The weapons are beatifully designed, maps are designed with heart, the models are detailed, every aspect of the game is great. The bot AI is good, everything is good. A must for any UT player. Only bad thing, 100+meg file :(

13)Greatest Moments of UT for me

In this section, I will talk about some of the greatest moments of UT online. From, last minute frags, to heroic suicides, everything is covered.

-There was a time, where I was playing CTF online. The Capture limit was 5 and the map was "FACE", and both teams were 4  and 4. I organized my team into a final group, and prepared the assault. The other team, had done the same thing, and we were going to face each other in the final battle. I got out my trusty shock rifle and started pumping out combo attacks. The battle field was havoc. Projectiles were flying everywhere. The other team was winning. They had 3 guys left, and I had only 2. 2 rockets hit the ground, and killed my last men. As a desperation manuever, I hit the "panic" key,(feign death) for me. The human players walked truimply by. I got up, and ran toward their base. I snagged some health packs, and grabbed the flag. I quickly transported up to the top tower. From there, I dropped slowly down, the tower. I ordered my team to back me up, and they did. We finally made it back to my base, and won the match. That was one of the greatest CTF matches I played.

-This was a time where I was messing around and being a total jackass. I was playing CTF on Face, and felt like being a idiot for some reason of god. I ran around with my shock rifle, knocking team mates into space and oblivion. I captured the flag, teleported all the wya on top of the tower, dropped back a little, used my teleporter to drop the flag, and left the flag there for eternity. It took em about 10 minutes to find the freakin flag. I then got bored of being a jackass, and just disconnected.

13.1)-A UT experience in the form of a story  (some parts aren't true)

It was deathmatch at its greatest. A match with 6 human players was getting near the end. With about two minutes left, I pulled out my trusty Four HP chainsaw. The blade was Two feet long, stained with blood. I heard foot steps in the corner of my ear. I revved up the saw, and prepared to kill. I saw my opponent, he was a cowardous camper. When he heard that whirring sound of death, he started running. I chased him immediately. Because of my atheletism, I quickly caught up to him. I stuck that Two foot blade into his chest. The blade tore his right lung apart. A spurt of blood splashed onto my face. I withdrew the blade, and ran it deep into his left lung. His death was approaching. With every breath, he choughed out spurts of blood. I withdrew the blade. He fell down with a thud. I wiped my blood stained forehead with my arm. I quickly searched his body for some "provisions". He had a shot of some sort. I took it, and injected it into my left vein. A stimulating sensation aroused my body. I felt inner strength. It was like my body had doubled its power. A pyschotic feeling had come out of nowhere. I searched his body for more recreational pharmaceuticals . He had a Two inch wrapped paper thing of some sort. It looked as though it used to be lit. I pulled out my lighter, and lit it. I put my nose next to it, and it smelled really good. I began to put it into my mouth, and tried to smoke it. A wierd sensation was in my head. I felt dazed but good. (Enough of the drugs...) I know wanted to kill. I pulled out my minigun, and ran around trying to find victims. I saw one. He was about six foot, with no muscular frame. I opened fire on his ass. 9mms shredded his chest. Bits of his skin and flesh
flew everywhere. I wasn't satisfied. I took out my chainsaw, and started ripping apart his dead body. After I tore all his limbs off, I needed more blood. I started to rip apart his chest, with my bare teeth. I sunk my jaws into his skull, and fractured it. I ripped his brain from his skull, and started devouring it. It was bitter, but it gave me a pyschotic feeling (wait a minute........) 

14)Links to other UT sites

Here are some of the links I KNOW of

Possible the best UT site there is

Should be the official site of UT.

-Newbie Section-
Heres a section for you Newbies to UT. I will start by answearing some FAQ. (Frequently Asked Questions)

1)How do I change the screen size?
-Just click on the upper right hand corner. Although I do not recommend playing UT is a window, well for me, it is very dark, but playing in a window frees up some memory.

2)How do I install extras, like skins, mods, and maps?
-Most UT files have a .UMOD extension. Just click on the UMOD file. Although some, you have to manually install it. The file usually comes with a "Readme" that explains how to install it. If it doesn't come with a Readme, Heres some tips.
-.UTX files are textures, and should be placed in "Textures" Folder
-.U, or .int are system files, and should be placed in "system"
-.UMX, are sound files and should be placed in music or sounds
Thats all I know.

3)How do I set the colors, gamma, resolution, etc?
-uhhh I don't know. Can't help you on that one. Call the UT Support

4)How do I configure the "BOTS"?
-Just config as you wish. You can change the name, skin, voice, combat skills, its pretty easy and straight forward. Although, some combat parts can get confusing, so I'll explain.
The skill part of a bot determines how "skilled" he is at UT. A low skill means he'll run into a wall, and fire Six rockets at it, just to see what happens. A high skill means he'll kill you with an enforcer, and you have a rocket launcher and a set of armor. Also, skill determines how fast the bots run. When skill is low, the bots run extremely slow, and vice versa.
This determines how accurate the BOT is. Will he aim at you, and shoot himself in the leg somehow? Or will he be able to stand in a blizzard, with no Diazepam, With a .44 magnum with no scope whatsoever, and shoot a driver in a car going about 60 mph in between the eyes?
This determines his "Alertness". Can the BOT get shot in the chest and not realize what hit him? Or can he smell blood a thousand yards away?
What is camping? Camping is a common word used online in FPS for a person who waits for a item to respawn. In UT, the bots are already configured to NOT camp. But you can make them do it if you want to.
This determines if the BOT strafes or not. Strafing is a technique used by many FPS, as moving to the side. When you strafe, you are very deadly and hard to hit. Although it is much harder to aim while strafing, it pays dividends in the end. 
-Combat style-
You can pick out how the BOT will fight.
Beserk-The BOT will jump in your face and kill you. 
Aggresive-The BOT like to fight and kill, but knows when to stop.
Normal-The BOT will kill, but will not jump in the middle of a fire fight.
Cautious-The bot will move steady, being more like a sniper
Coward-The bots scared as hell. He will shoot you from long distances, and from behind.
-Jumpy Behavior-
Selecting this makes the bot jump.

5)How can I get better at UT?
-Read the FAQ! IF you still suck, keep practicing playing UT at novice, you should get better.

6)Where can I get more UT files?
-www.Planetunreal.com is probably the best site. That site is just links though. Browse around. I like to get MODS\Mutators at ModSquad. Maps i turn to File Planet. Skins, I don't really like skins, so I don't know where to get them.

7)How do I play online?
-Have an active internet connection, start UT, and click on "Find Internet Games" in the Multiplayer section. UT will open a new window, and will show all available game modes. Wait 5 minutes for UT to find servers, find one you like, and double click it. UT will try to connect, and if successful, you should be in.

8)UT is too slow on my computer, what should I do?
-The best bet, shell out $3,000 and buy one of those ALienware computers. OR you can upgrade your computer. The best thing to upgrade is RAM, and since RAM is very cheap these days, it shouldn't be a problem. If you don't want to upgrade anything, change the settings. Disable all sound, and graphics options. Run it in a window, with the lowest resolution possible. Don't play with too many bots, as they slow down UT.

9)Is there any "Adult" Mods for UT? Like "penthouse" for DUke NUkem 3D?
-Not that I know of. But I wish they would make one :) You can download some skins of females for UT at File Planet. 

10)Hey I thought you were 15, what the hell are you doing talking about "Adult Mods"?
-That question is irrevelant for UT, and I have the right not to answear it. Good Day.

11)I like the idea of making MODS and Maps, where should I start?
I don't know, I don't know anything about Coding or Map design. Ask one of the folks who made MODS, i'm sure they are willing to lend a helping hand.

15)Some stuff about me
Heres some stuff about me just to let you know

My Email- [email protected]
You can Email me about anything, UT, or other stuff too
MY AIM Screen Name is BretXhart
You can IM me if u want, i won't be bothered

A quick profile||

Name-Galang Pham (G for short)
Where I live -CA
Ill add more later



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