-- ELITE --

      To start with, think offensive!  If you start going soft, you're out!

  This is the golden rule of Elite, you've got to struggle to survive.

      The biggest profit lies in trading narcotics from a rich industrial
world to a poor agrucial.  The profit is also big when trading in medicals
and computers from the rich industrial worlds to the poor agrucial.  
      Gold, platonium, minerals, liqures and sometimes furs is profitable
to trade from poor agrucial worlds to rich industrial.

	The fastest route to assets is to travel to a planet which has a
Feudal guvorment.  This is the most law-less kind of all guvorments (where
Corporate State is the safest) and here you can, and will meet many pirates.
Shoot 'em and collect the cargo cannisters they leave behind (this requires
fuel scoops, of course).  
	Warning!  You ought to be equipped with a better laser than the 
standard puls-type, 'cos there will in most cases be too many pirates
attacking at the same time thus resulting in a catastrophe if you're 
equipped with a lonley puls-laser.

	NEVER buy retro-rockets.  They cost CR 8000 and is almost useless,
since all they do is to thrust you backwards a couple of times.  Nice to
use to escape from your enemies for a short period of time, but it isn't
worth the dough.  If you want to escape, use the escape-capsule. Your cargo
is gone, but you'r getting a new space ship, identical to the one you 
dropped out from.

	To speed up the game considerately, buy a docking computer, switch
the docking computer to the 'fast' mode under options (+)and the second you
press 'C' (when the 'S' sign has appeared in the lower right corner of 
the radar) you will be in the automatic docking sequence, instead of using
most of the game time just approching space-stations.

	During combat:stop the speed of your craft as soon as the enemies
appear.  This gives you more time to shoot at them before they return the
confetti.  If their number is overwhelming gain top speed and fly away from
them while using the rear laser to shoot 'em down.
The last tactic is preferable if you meet a Thargoid and you've got only
a pulse laser.

These hints were written by THE FLASH TEAM. We hope they can help you
completeing the difficult task ahead of you!

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