Author: Trombo
[email protected]
Version 1.1 (11-11-2000)


	Take note that this is my first FAQ, so it may be a little ugly. The other
problem is that my kra`hen cd donīt works, so if someone could send me some
ideas I would appreciate that.
I'm hoping that tips/strategies/hints from you are coming when I'm doing
this FAQ (It's a matter of organization). So if you have downloaded this
FAQ (If you are reading this it's because you downloaded it) and know any
tip/strat/hint and you think it could be useful in this FAQ mail me, I'll
read every mail and answer them. Donīt forget that this FAQ is to
everyone :).


                          TABLE OF CONTENTS

    In Space
    In Ground
    The Auto-Bld Features
    Civilian Buildings
    Industrial Buildings
    Military Buildings
    Commercial Buildings
    Opening movie
    Opening movie
Revision History
Legal Stuff



In Space -

	The first thing to do before entering a battle is to know how much
ships the enemy has and how much ships you have. Always take in count the
technology the enemy has and yours. And forget the number of fighters
that the enemy has even it is more than 250, you can always destroy them
if you have some big ships. Of course that you will lose if you only have
2 or 3 small destroyers.
	Always concentrate your fire of the entire fleet on one enemy ship
than have the computer decide which ship attacks which, because the
computer spreads the fires by every ship. By concentrating your fire will
destroy the ships in a matter of seconds without losing any of your ship.
The fighter IMO only work as a kind of support other by distracting the
enemy ships or by helping the battle, but the fighters donīt do many
damage and you can't redesign them.

In Ground-

	If you are attacking first destroy the enemy tanks because they
will be all together near a fortress waiting for you to come and the
attack. This is bad because you will have to attack a fortress and the
tanks and your fire will not be very concentrated. So you must destroy
them before they agglomerate or by distracting them to a place were are
no fortresses and then kill them.
	With the fortresses the thing is different. They can't move and
some of them have a high firepower, many health and many turrets. I
prefer to attack the fortress than taking the turrets one by one. The air
strike pod and laser strike pod are a fine weapon but inaccurate. It's
better to spend all of them before going in with the tanks, and in many
cases they can destroy everything without moving the tanks! As I have
said they are pretty inaccurate so you will need 2 or 3 Air Strike Pods
to destroy a Machine Gun Fortress for example. But if the enemy
fortresses are all together aim for the space between them and you will
hit both. The Air Strike pod you call fighters to bombard (I donīt know
if it will work if you have not fighters) and it's weaker than the Laser
Pod. The Laser Pod will call the big ships to fire a bunch of lasers and
will destroy a Machine Gun Fortress with one shot if you are lucky.
	I think that after 20 tanks they will group up appearing the number
of tanks. This means that you will see one tank but it's three and when
one dies the number decreases and you will continue to see one tank. This
is good because the tanks will arrive one by one and when the second
arrives the first is already being damaged. But when you have three tanks
in one it's the firepower of three taking damage and one being damaged.
And your screen won't be full of little tanks firing like crazy!



	When you start a game the first thing to do is search and colonize
a few planets and assign them to some Auto-Building like Technological,
Trade, Spy Centres and Production. In this way you will get a Trade Port,
Spy Centres and some Tech buildings so you can research and a way to make
new ships. Later you can put another Auto-Bld when you have more planets
or all is done. The Auto-Bld is very useful because you can't assign what
every planet will build and when you have a large empire that is
impossible. I never select the civilian Auto-Bld because the only thing I
think it does is to make population and to attend the planet problems
like food or workers shortage. The other Auto-Bld features also to that
and the population rises alone. I prefer to select Military because it
builds fortresses and planetary guns to defend my planets. It may be more
expensive but only in the early stage of the game you have money

                   -The Auto-Building Features -

Civilian - Only build houses and attends to the planets problems (see

Military - Builds planet fortresses, planetary guns and shields.

Production - Builds Ships and Tank Factories.

Technological - Builds Ships, Tanks, and Building research factories.

Ship Production - Only builds Ships Factories

Tank Production - Only builds Tanks Factories.

Trade - Builds Trade Ports.

Spy Centres - Builds Spy Centres (DUH!)

	I prefer Production to Ship or Tank Production because with
production you can build ships and tanks at the same time. I only select
Spy Canters one time and when all the 12 Spy Centres are done, (it's one
Spy canter for one spy and you can only have 12) you can assign another
thing. I put Technological in three or four planets and again I take it
out when I donīt need more.

	When you defeat an enemy planet assign it immediately to Military
so it builds some defences because the enemy will try to caught it when
they are unarmed. The enemy can also caught a planet when a fortress is
in the building phase so if it finishes it's in the possession of the enemy,
and when you go to re-conquest the enemy that planet as a fortress that you
have sent build.
        The priorities are the amount of money given to the planets. Higher
priority will give more money to the planet. I think that priority are only
useful in war when you conquer a planet where you need to build fast. The
planets near other that produces ships or tanks, or that are building defences
can also have an higher priority.



                         -Civilian Buildings-
|		 |          |	        |           | 	              |
|      NAME      |   COST   |  ENERGY   |  WORKERS  |    PROVIDES     |
|                |          |           |           |                 |
|  Small House   |   4000   |    100    |    150    |   7000 Workers  |
|                |          |           |           |		      |
|  Large House   |   6000   |    150    |    150    |  12000 Workers  |
|                |          |           |           |                 |
|  Colony Hub    |  10000   |     0     |    500    |                 |
|                |          |           |           |                 |
| Food Factory   |   6000   |    300    |    300    |   9000 workers  |
|                |          |           |           |                 |
| Auto Food Fac. |  10000   |    450    |    400    |  18000 workers  |
|                |          |           |           |                 |
|   Hospital     |   5000   |    200    |    300    |   8000 workers  |
|                |          |           |           |                 |
|Police Station  |   5000   |    150    |    400    |  15000 workers  |
|                |          |           |           |                 |
| Fire Brigade   |   5000   |    300    |    250    |                 |
|                |          |           |           |                 |
|     Park       |   5000   |     50    |     50    |                 |
|                |          |           |           |                 |
|     Bar        |   8000   |     50    |    100    |                 |
|                |          |           |           |                 |
|Recreation Cent |  10000   |    150    |    350    |                 |
|                |          |           |           |                 |
|    Stadium     |  20000   |    450    |    600    |                 |

                        -Military Buildings-
|                |          |          |            |                 |
|Planetary Gun 1 |   5000   |    400   |    1000    |                 |
|_______________ |__________|__________|____________|_________________|
|                |          |          |            |                 |
|Planetary Gun 2 |  10000   |    500   |    1500    |                 |
|_______________ |__________|__________|____________|_________________|
|                |          |          |            |                 |
|Planetary Gun 3 |  15000   |   1000   |    2000    |                 |
|                |          |          |            |                 |
|Planetary Gun 4 |   2000   |  12000   |   25000    |                 |
|                |          |          |            |                 |
|Rocket Fortress |   5000   |    0     |    1000    |                 |
|                |          |          |            |                 |
|Machine Gun Fort|  10000   |    0     |    1500    |                 |
|                |          |          |            |                 |
| Laser Fortress |  15000   |    0     |    2000    |                 |
|                |          |          |            |                 |
| Heavy Fortress |  20000   |    0     |   25000    |                 |
|                |          |          |            |                 |
| Planet Shield  |  20000   |    350   |     200    |                 |
|                |          |          |            |                 |
|Adv. Planet Shld|  25000   |    750   |     300    |                 |

                       -Commercial Buildings-
|                |          |          |            |                 |
|  Trade Centre  |  10000   |    100   |   5000     |                 |
|                |          |          |            |                 |
|      Bank      |  20000   |    100   |   3000     |                 |
|                |          |          |            |                 |
|  Trade Port    |  10000   |    700   |   2000     |                 |
|                |          |          |            |                 |
|  Fusion Plant  |   3000   |     0    |    300     |       600       |
|                |          |          |            |                 |
|  Solar Plant   |   4000   |     0    |    400     |      1000       |
|                |          |          |            |                 |
|  Magma Plant   |   5000   |     0    |    500     |      1995       |
|                |          |          |            |                 |
|  Mezon Plant   |   6000   |     0    |    600     |      2000       |

	When I say that the Food Factory provides 9000 workers I mean that
provides food for 9000 workers. With the Hospital and the Police Station
it's the same thing, the Hospital provides assistance to 8000 workers and
the Police Station provides security to 15000 workers. That's the way I
think this works and if I'm wrong say something.



	The spies are very useful, even more if you are playing with the Shinari. They
can acquire information, steal credits or inventions, kill enemy spies or
incite some revolts in other planets. The spies will appear periodically for
hire. When some appears, a message will say that he is waiting for you. Go to
the spying menu to see the new spy. Here you can see the information about the
new spy. In the early phase of the game, you should hire every spy even if it's
on level 1 with everything on 1, because they will improve later. In an
advanced phase, choose only the good ones. You have only space for 12 spies,
which consist in one spy centre to one spy. Therefore, you only need 12 spies
centres. To train the spies you have 5 options. Each one costs more than
another and gives more experience, but missions give more experience than

        You have also the percentage of succeeding in some jobs. If the
percentage is low it's a bit risky to send the spies, cause they can be
captured and killed. Send only with high percentage of succeeding.
        When you manage to capture an enemy spy, you have the options to kill
him, having him joining your empire or becoming him a double agent. If the
enemy has a poor rank kill him, it's one spy less for the enemy empire and one
less to bug you. If the loyalty is low make him and double agent, he will have
a super probability of succeeding the mission only against his empire.
Alternatively, you can have them joining you team.

        In peacetime put every spy in Counter Intelligence so, they will
prevent attacks to your empire. In wartime, choose the best spies to sabotage
ships and building and one very good spy to incite revolt or to assassinate
leader. These two are very difficult to accomplish. With the sabotage of ships,
the enemy fleets will become weaker, so it's better if you choose first bigger
ships to destroy. With the buildings, choose only fortresses so you have less
opposition waiting for you. The incite revolt has only one problem: the planet
in cause can become neutral or rebel or join an empire. The problem is that
they will join the empire with better relations and that can be any empire.

	The information you can obtain in the spying menu it's these:

Name - Shows the name of the spy.

Race - Shows the race of the spy (It can appear some races that aren't in the

Xp - Now were getting into interesting ones. The Xp shows the total experience
that the spy has. More experience means better spy. This experience can be
raise by training or successful missions. The type of mission affects the type
of improvements.

Rank - This is the rank of the spy. Usually higher is better but sometimes it
isnīt that. The spy can be level 99 and be level 1 in all areas except the
loyalty. I now that loyalty is very beautiful, but isnīt very useful. When
hiring a new spy have attention in the combat and infiltrate areas.

Infiltrate - This is the capability in infiltrate in other empire without being
noticed. This is good when you send your spy to work in other empire.

Counter Int. - This is better when you select the Counter Intelligence option.
Counter Intelligence is the capability of catching enemy spies working against

Combat - If you order your spy to hunt enemy spies or assassinate leaders you
must have this area very high. Sometimes a spy can't kill another because one
spy is stronger than other.

Loyalty - Having this high prevents your spy to work as a double agent or
becoming an enemy spy.


	There are 3 races in the game: The Solarian, The Shinari and The
Kraīhen. Each race has it's specifications.


	The Solarian are the most average race in the game, although their
research is faster and cheaper. They have a storyline that consists in
finding four special crystals that is give you some special power (I have
not found all four). The problem is that you probably will beat all the
other races before you find the crystals.

                            -Opening Movie -
(Yet to be completed)

                              -Messages -

	Here I will post the messages by chronological order that appeared
in my game. These messages are a bit random and can appear in other time
in other game and some of them can even not appear.

Unidentified Ship closing in -

	Your advisor says that unidentified ships are approaching and that
they have enough power to attack. Your mission is to destroy that ships.
When you do that you will win an alien ship design

Terrorists threaten to release a virus -

	A terrorist faction claims that they have stolen a virus from one
of your laboratories and say that they will release the virus if you do
not pay a random fee (7000 credits in my game). I donīt know if you have
the choice to choose if you pay or if you attack but you advisor advises
you to attack. If exists a choice I said no, so the terrorist say that he
will release the virus. A ship appears in the map going towards one of
your planet and you must destroy it. I donīt know what happens if the
ship is not destroyed and what are the consequences because I destroyed

Treasure map found -

	Your advisor says that a scientist has found a treasure map during
his research and that treasure is in one planet. It appears that the map
as the name but that name should be obsolete so you must send a fleet to
every planet of that name. When you encounter the planet a new message
will say that the treasure was true and that theyīve found some money
(20000 in my game)

Small riots disturb our cities -

	Your advisor informs you that a group called Brotherhood of Tears
is asking governmental aid to search the Tears, which they claim is the
lost heritage of men. You advisor says too that the support of this group
is growing. Here is the first time you ear about the crystal and the
brotherhood of tears.

Morgan Kam`r - Offering the services of my son and I -

	This Trademan is asking you to put his son in your spying agency.
He also says that if you do this he will search and upgrade your new
ships that you have designed.

News about the recent problems -

	Before this message arrives you will see a neat cutscene (they are
all neat) in which a man driving a tank shoot upon his teammates. After
this you will receive a message saying that in some planet there are
alucinacion drugs and to solve this problem you need to invest in medical
research, this is to make new hospital. At least two will do.

Software pirates entered our system -

	The governor says that a group of pirates has cracked the bank
security codes and accessed the transaction system stealing the taxes.
Later the governor will say that that pirates have been caught but
there's no trace of the money. (I donīt know if they could find the money
or is it in this way)

New pirate threat -

	It appears that there's a rebellion in one of the planets caused by
a crime syndicate that occupied the governmental buildings and the police
stations. Your objective is to build more police stations on that planet.
Two or three should do. When all is resolved a message comes and says
that everything is all right and the morale has boosted 20% and there's a
new design of a fortress.

Juno Leoni -

	This man claims to be an inventor and he has an invention to
 sale. Some inventions are true, others not like weapons to
 destroy planet or to move planets. I once get a Mezon Plant
 for 15000 credits.

Banking System Malfunction -

	Your Fleet Advisor says that the intergalactic system has
 malfunctioned and that trader fleets must transport the taxes
 The problem is that these trader fleets are very weak and the
 pirates already know this, so they will be for some easy money. T
 his can only end capturing the pirate’s base or destroying the pirate’s fleet.

Ion storm damaged our radars -

	A freak ion storm has affected one planet and his radars donīt
  work. This ends over some time.



	They are the diplomats and merchants in this game. They have
a good relation with the traders league and even do some jobs for them.
Their spies are also very good having the double chances of succeeding
a mission. Their trade agreements also have the double outcome. They
can easily foul and lit to the enemies. Never trust these guys.

                          -Opening Movie-

	In this movie we see a merchant asking for Shinari escort.
they agree but in the middle of the escort they turn against the
merchant stealing it’s cargo. It seems that the merchant didn’t said
everything about it.


	The messages I post here concern only to the Shinari. For
information about the common messages see the Solarian messages.
Again these messages are posted in chronological order of my game.

New about a forthcoming call -

	You advisor says that a number of traders have been making
inquiries as to your production output. It seems that the Traders
League is sizing you up and that could increase the trade income.

Merchant - New offer -

	A merchant says that a customer has placed an order for light
tanks (wheeled tanks). If you want you can build these tanks in a
certain planet that he will give you a reward.

Merchant - New offer: Spaceships wanted -

	Now the merchant wants mid sized ships (destroyers). So you
must build destroyers and sell them for double the money.

Volcanic activity  increased recently -

        A planet has some anomalous seismic phenomena and the volcanic activity
has increased. a scientist says that a Prof. Zaschkin can solve the problem but
he his now working for other empire. You must go to the spying menu and choose
Locate Prof. Zaschkin.

Chance to invite Prof. Zaschkin -

        Your agent says that the Prof. Zaschkin is working in a military
project but is unhappy with is situation and is leaving. You can catch him in
30 days.

Prof. Zaschkin rescued -

        The Fleet Commander says that they rescued the professor and he is
going to the planet in 10 days

About my recent findings -

        Prof. Zaschkin says that the planet is doomed if you donīt research a
new invention, the Thermal-Cooler. He also brings a new alien ship design.

Research completed -

        The governor informs you that the planet condition is under control.
The morale in that planet boosts and Prof. Zaschkin influence boost your
research capability in 25%.

Pergan - Do you want some information? -

        This Pergan has an offer to do. He offers information about the fleets
outside your radar, of course, for a small fee. Now what will happen is that
this trader will gain a small radar so you can see where he is going.

Help in creating a trade agreement -

        The chairman of traders comes to you to propose a trade agreement
between some empire. Note that you will not pay anything.

Research cooperation offered -

        Some empire will ask you fo research cooperation. You can accpet or
refuse and wonīt pay anithing but the pact will end some time later.

News about the Solarian Empire -

        Your advisor says that they caught some information about the
Brotherhood of Tears. This story will continue to evolve with more messages
until they found the cristals.

We have discovered interesting rocks -

        A cristal has been found in one cave and the governor wants 2000
credits to put it in a theme park, that will generate some funds. You have the
option to accept and to refuse. I think thatīs better to refuse because the
solarian could do something about it.

Meteorites heading for your colony -

        Before this message a cutscene will appear, showing some asterois
approaching a planet. In the message a scientist orders you to destroy it with
your fleet. The asteroid will appear in the tactical map.

Report about recent pirate activity -

        The Governor asks you to destroy a group of pirates in a certain
planet. Send a fleet with some tanks and the job is done. In my game, this was
the last planet of pirates so the traders league offers you a 20% discount in

Mineral quarry found -

        A Scientist says that they found a quarry mine in a planet, so the
productivity in factories have a bonus of 20%

A serious problem requires your help -

        The chairman of the Traders League needs your help to save his
daughter, that was kidnapped by some pirates. The problem is that they have she
in an Auto-Destructive Building so you need many tanks to occupy the planet
before it blows. Finish this and the chairman wants to recompensate. You can
ask for discount in trades, having his daughter has an financial advisor or
asking nothing. If you choose the financial advisor you will not win nothing
but if you choose to ask for nothing he will give you 500000 credits and a
monthly payment of 125000 credits.

                       REVISION HISTORY

 Version 1.1 (11-11-2000)

- More Shinari messages

 Version 1.0 (8-11-2000)

- Added some Shinari information
- Added the Spying Menu

 Version 0.6 (12-10-2000)

- Now on GameFAQS
- Added the Shinari and more buildings

 Version 0.5 (8-10-2000)

-First version

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my name.
	It may be printed or copied for personal, private use only and it
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