Raoul's speech

I spy you, little fish.

Oh, no, it's a big fish, rather. Are you here to sing, too? We'll re-enact the memorable scene between Raoul and Valerius at the bridge. I'll begin.

The city, at night. Raoul, the handsome, young Opera House owner, sings to the Lady Valerius: "I, Raoul, do accuse you of using treachery to obtain your wealth!"

Then Lady Valerius sings, "I, Lady Valerius, have obtained the Opera House, yes, right from under your nose; you must kiss the ground underneath my toes."

Now I live here, under the Opera, but I go back, stealing food, and such as I need. She can't kick me out, not Raoul, ha ha. Then they come down, looking for spiders, but they found the treasure from the Shrine instead. Now she has that, too. I've seen her with it; it has...powers. You - you could steal it from her, yes. That would make her sad. Let's see, what would she sing?

Ahh, I know. Lady Valerius, weeping in her chamber, sings: "I, Lady Valerius, am so, so sad. Where has the treasure gone that once made me glad?"

You need a map? Raoul has a map. You need a key? You can get that too from me. Remember, a left at the sewer, though the right might look newer, that's the secret of the way in. Now go, go, go, up, up the rope you go, why do you move so slow?

Raoul's patter

I've been told that Raoul's patter can be hard to follow. Here are some of the more interesting bits. He says these things randomly, but since he's continually talking and singing to himself, he'll say all of them if you wait for awhile.

Whether you read the note beside the corpse earlier or not, Raoul's patter should give you a hint that he can help you, if you listen long enough.

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