Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II Cheat Codes

 In Jedi Knight, press t to bring down the command line. Then type:

 Code                                                      Description
                               Demo version

5858lvr on                                                    Full map.
bactame on                                                      Health.
deeznuts on                                    Next level of the force.
eriamjh on                                                    Fly mode.
imayoda on                                             Master of Light.
jediwannabe on                                                God mode.
red5 on                                                    All weapons.
sithlord on                                             Master of Dark.
slowmo on                                                  Slow motion.
thereisnotry on                                             Next level.
wamprat on                                                   All items.
whiteflag on                                               Disables AI.
yodajammies on                                               Full mana.

                           Full version

5858lvr                                                       Full map.
deeznuts                                       Next level of the force.
eriamjh                                                       Fly mode.
imayoda                                                Master of Light.
jediwannabe 1                                                 God mode.
pinotnoir 1                        Restarts level with current weapons.
raccoonking                                                  Uber Jedi.
red5                                                       All weapons.
sithlord                                                Master of Dark.
slowmo 1                                                   Slow motion.
thereisnotry                                                Next level.
wamprat                                                      All items.
whiteflag 1                                                Disables AI.
yodajammies                                                  Full mana.

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