Unofficial Strategy Guide and FAQ
                      Edited by Kasey Chang
                     released April 25, 2003

0    Introduction


I am surprised there is no comprehensive FAQ for Outlaws, the
best (only?) Western FPS there is. In fact, I can't find any FAQ
at all, anywhere! So, here it is.

This is a just a strategy guide and FAQ. You won't learn how to
play the game with this document. That job is for the manual.

This USG only covers the PC version since that's the only version
that exists.

This primarily covers the single-player campaign, and some of the
historical missions.

Some of you may recognize my name as the editor for the XCOM and
XCOM2: TFTD FAQ's, among others.

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Previously, I've written Unofficial Strategy Guides (USGs) for
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25-APR-2003         Initial release


Q: Can you send me Outlaws (or portions thereof)?
A: You can't afford $5? (Which is how much I paid for it)  Maybe
you shouldn't be playing.

Q: Can you send me the manual (or portions thereof)?
A: No. The jewelcase booklet is quite sufficient.

Q: Can you tell me how to play the game?
A: Read the manual (see above)

Q: Why is your FAQ shorter than other similar FAQs?
A: I don't include stuff that's already in the manual.

Q: Is your FAQ free?
A: Yes, it is free. However, donation of $1.00 is appreciated.
See end of [0.2].

Q: How many releases are there of Outlaws?
A: Two, the original release, and the 2.0 release which added
historical missions. You can download a patch that upgrades the
original 1.0 to 2.0. The jewelcase version is known as "V2.0

Q: How many CDs are there?
A: Two CD's. If you want to play multiplayer, each CD can be used
as a multiplayer CD (i.e. allows two players).

Q: What are the patches for Outlaws?
A: See LucasArts Games website for details. Basically, there are
GLIDE patches, D3D patches, upgrades from 1.0X to 2.0, and a
multiplayer patch.

Q: Can I create my own Outlaws Maps and/or missions?
A: There are some user-created maps. No idea about user-created

Q: Where's a list of keyboard commands?
A: It's in the manual (that booklet in the front cover of the

Q: Are there difficulty levels?
A: Good, Bad, and Ugly (which together makes a title of an old
Western movie).

Q: What is that "yellow dot" on the map?
A: That's the boss. When you see that dot, you know you're
getting close to the end. It only appears on "good" difficulty
level. It's in the README.

Q: How do I use Marshall Training?

A: Apparently this section didn't make it into the jewelcase
booklet. Shoot one of the wanted posters to select that mission.
Once you got at least one mission, you can access the deputy
training hut. When you got sheriff badge (10000 pts) you can
access the "sheriff" training hut. Finally, when you got the
marshall badge (15000? pts) you can access the "marshall"
training hut.

1    Game Information


Outlaws is a first-person shooter from LucasArts with a Western
setting. Use revolvers, rifles, shotguns, dynamites, and even
knives and fists and fight your way through a series of levels.
There is the main campaign, the historical missions, and
multiplayer (even over Internet).

The cutscenes are based on cell animations, which makes for a
VERY unique look. The graphic engine allows some huge levels.
While the graphics engine does not allow for fully 3D enemies,
just 2D sprites, there are some pretty impressive physical
effects behind the game. Shoot a guy on top of a ledge, and he
may fall off and bounce off rocks into the river below. Get hit
by a shotgun, and bounce back about 3 feet, and so on. You can
even light up dynamite and blow others up! (Sorry, no gibblets
here)  Or play stealth... Throw knives or punches, and take the
guns from fallen enemies.

There is the single player campaign, which you play the life of
ex-Marshal James Anderson, retired and raising a family.
Unfortunately, trouble came calling... And you are soon called
out of retirement...

There is also some "historical" (bounty hunting) missions, where
your objective is to kill enemies, and collect gold around the

And of course, there is multiplayer online.


Technically, there is NO other Western shooter on the market.

There's a fan project to recreate Outlaws using either the Unreal
or Half-Life engine, but that's a work in progress.

There's Gunmen Chronicles, which was originally a Half-Life Mod.
It's half-way sci-fi, halfway Western.


You should get the latest patches from LucasArt Games website.
The different versions are NOT compatible on the network. The
jewelcase version with 2 CD's is probably the 2.0 COMBO version,
which does not need further patches.


For modern systems, get the D3D patch. The D3D patch allows the
game to be very playable on modern systems, and vastly improves
image quality. You even get some lighting effects.  The game is
very playable in a low-end modern system.

There are two CD's, both of which can be used to start a
multiplayer game (i.e. allows two players to play against each


The difficulty levels, good, bad, and ugly, controls how much
damage the enemy will do to you, the number of enemies, and how
much replenishments you can get.

Really, it's all explained in the README.


It's there for a reason. If you don't read it, you wouldn't know
the stuff above.


The 3D engine in Outlaws is roughly comparable to Duke Nukem 3D's
"Build" engine. It allows "free look", which allows up and down
viewing, not just straight ahead. It also allows sloped surfaces
and irregular-shaped rooms.

2    Inventory / Weapon Review
Here's a list of all the weapons and inventory items, plus some
discussion on each.

2.1   FISTS

Fists are great silent weapons. You can lay the enemy out in a
single punch, and take their weapons and ammo. In fact, in one of
the Single Player levels, you will have to.

Best used when moving in slow mode, and crouched. Sneak up behind
the enemy, then POW!

Primary fire: Right hook

Alternate fire: Left jab.


Your default weapon is okay, and has a decent magazine (six
shots). However, its accuracy at longer range is lacking. It is
mainly a close-up weapon. Remember to reload. You can hold up to
100 bullets. Reload your gun before picking up new ammo. Alt fire
is pretty powerful if you need to kill things in a hurry.

Primary fire: single shot

Alternate fire: Hold down for rapid-fire, pumps out six shots in
about 2.5 seconds. Great for killing bosses and such.


You will need to find the scope before you can use the scope
function. Once you have it, hit the weapon key again to toggle
between scope and no scope.

Rifle has the largest magazine, about 12 shots, so you can take a
while to reload. This is both good and bad. You can carry up to
100 cartridges.

Scoped rifle is meant to be a sniper weapon, so use it that way.
If you can see the enemy, you can hit him. If you see arm or leg
from behind a column or rock, hit it. Look for drops of blood
spewing off if you hit. It may take several shots to kill the guy
if you don't aim for chest or head.

Rifle is good for medium range shots. Aim and you'll probably hit
it. There's no crosshair, so this can be difficult, but it can be

Rifle has no secondary fire function.


The normal shotgun saves ammo, which can be important as you can
only carry 50 rounds of shotgun ammo at a time. If you don't need
to clear a whole room, use regular shotgun.

Shotgun is a close-range weapon. It does not do much damage at
medium range to be worth the trouble. Switch to pistols if you
are fighting in medium range.


Double-barrel shotgun shoots two shells at a time. It's double
the damage, double the fun. The problem is it uses up your ammo
twice as fast. Reserve it for room-clearing. Remember, you need
to reload twice to fill the magazine.

Like the single-barrel shotgun, this is a close-range weapon, not
for medium range fights. For that, use pistol or rifle.


Sawed-off shotgun is like a double-barrel shotgun, except the
barrel is shorter. The accuracy is less, but the shots are even
wider spread. Basically, you hit more people, but less damage
individually. Again, double the ammo usage. Remember to reload

You can actually choose how many barrels to fire. Primary fire is
both shots, while alternate fire is single shot (I think). .


This is basically your "grenade". Use it to clear corners and
such you can't reach or enemies behind cover. Light it first (alt
fire), then throw it (regular fire). Remember to back off! You
get these one stick at a time.

2.8   KNIFE

This is the silent kill weapon. Sneak up behind the guy, and gut
him! You can also throw it if you need to take someone out at
range. Better than fists, but still not as good as guns. If you
get lots of knifes, try some.

Primary fire: stab

Alternate fire: throw


Gatling gun is the ultimate weapon... Lots of shots, lots of
firepower. Its main problem is once you set it down, it's
"fixed". You can't move from side to side any more. You can only
rotate the gun, but no side-strafing.

2.10  NONE

This basically means you're just walking along, not holding a gun
and not trying to hit any one.

You don't need it in the main campaign, but you may need it in
some of the historical missions where you pose as someone else.

2.11  LAMP

You have a lamp you can use in dark areas. You "refill" it with
those "oil" cans you find around. Of course, oil can run out, so
don't leave the lamp turned on for too long.


This is basically armor for yourself. (Remember the movie: "Back
to the Future II"?) Wear it and it'll take the hits for you. It
comes in two sizes.


Some doors can only be opened by crowbar. You'll find one on
certain levels.


Heals one heart (i.e. one part of your health).

2.15  ELIXIR

Heals full health. Use the canteens first.


Ammo boxes and bullets come in 4 different types: gun belts (may
have knife) with bullets and/or cartridges, rifle cartridge box,
bullet box, and shotgun shell box.


These are small white cylinders lying around. They are pretty
rare, and quite useful sometimes for room clearing, esp. on
higher difficulty levels.


I have no idea what this actually DOES. Is this a bonus item? Or
does it give you temporary invulnerability? Or what?


Select it in inventory, then hit enter again and it'll heal you
of wounds (like a portable canteen). Each bag can only be used

2.20  SHOVEL

You'll need this in one of the levels to access a hidden door,
hidden tunnel, and so on.

2.21  PEN

I have no idea what is this for. You find this in level 2, Slim's


You may find other items such as gears, keys, stone keys, and so
on. They are needed to open certain doors and such.

3    General Tactics
Here are some tactics to help you in your quest...

3.1   USE THE MAP!

The map is there for a reason! It gives you hints to sections
that have not been discovered yet!

On the easiest difficulty level ("good"), you can also see where
the boss is.


The more you move, the less likely you'll be hit. Side strafe in
and out of the doorway. Reload, and repeat.


Enemy gunmen have problem hitting crouched targets. Crouch behind
cover and then pop-up to hit enemies.


Here's a way to shoot from cover... Aim slightly low, then JUMP,
and shoot when you reach the top. You can repeat this and kill
enemies that don't come closer, or are crouched behind cover. You
can do this even when crouched, doing the bunny hop.


Scope rifle for the longest range

Rifle for far to medium range.

Pistol for medium to close range

Shotgun for very close / point-blank range.


You can only hold 100 bullets, 100 cartridges, and 50 shotgun
shells total, NOT counting the ones in your guns. Therefore, you
should reload the guns, THEN pick up the ammo on the ground. That
way you can be sure of having the most ammo available.

For example, let's say you fired two shots out of your revolver,
and you have 96 bullets in your inventory. You ran into a bullet
box, which contains 16 bullets. You now have 4 in the gun, and
100 bullets in your inventory, for total of 104.

However, if you had reloaded your gun first, you have 6 in the
gun, and 94 in inventory. After running into the bullet box (16
bullets), you now have 100 in inventory, and a full gun. You
gained 2 extra bullets.


If you got the rifle with scope, use it! Engage as many enemies
from long range as possible. Aim for the head, so when the bullet
drops slightly, you hit the torso. For REALLY long-range targets,
aim a little higher to account for bullet drop.


You have dynamite for a reason... Use it! They serve as excellent
grenades. Use them to reach into corners and such you can't get
to without exposing yourself. Remember it has limited throw
range, so they are perfect for clearing rooms and such.

Another possibility is get the enemy to chase you, then drop the
dynamite and run away.


If you hear bullets hit near you, back off into a corner and
figure out where the shots are coming from! Then use scoped rifle
or such and shoot back!


Enemy snipers often hide on high ledges, ready to shoot down at
you. Sometimes, they may even be behind you. When you enter a
room, beware of enemies above and behind you.


Don't walk into the middle of a room unless you're sure it's
clear. This is especially true in a room with multi-story ledges!
Stay to the walls.


If the door says it needs a certain key, remember where it is and
explore elsewhere. You can come back to it later when you find
the key.

If the door says it "is stuck", it requires a crowbar to pry it

If the door says it is "locked from the inside", there is another
way into the building.

It the door says it "won't budge", there's a special button you
need to push somewhere to open it.

4    Hints
This section contains "hints" what answers some of those "where
do I go?" questions.


You don't really need hints for THIS "intro" level, do you?


No hints needed, just kill everybody until the boss show up, then
kill the boss (who's wearing  poncho)

4.3   TRAIN

No real trick to this. If you're stuck, back track to the doors
that were locked before...


The only part that's confusing is the "Dead Man's Leap". The
ridge beyond that is a red herring.

If you can't jump right, try crouching.


Turn all the wheels you can find.

Got nowhere to go? Did you try "upstream"?

Shoot the switches in the flow and divert the flow to where you
WANT to go.

One of those switch-controlled gates is TIMED, so you need to
shoot it at the LAST second... THEN head into that area before
the gate swings back.

In that "purple room", there are two closed doors. Get both of
them to open and you'll get to another area.

Use the gears to open another door, then go through and find
another button to open yet another door.

If the door's stuck, go somewhere else...

Your final objective is to raise the MAIN drain gate, which leads
you to the boss...

The "danger" sign is there for a reason... It's a hint for you to
save the game.

4.6   THE FORT

If the front door is locked, there may be another way in.

The stuff you need are in those two towers, the problem is
getting to them.

The second half the mission is below ground.


If you think you ran into a dead-end, turn around, and look for
alternate paths.

The idea is to get onto the elevated tracks, and follow it.

If there are no tracks, try the conveyor.


The first "triple slider" puzzle has a hint at the river source.

Just collect as many keys as you can and try all of them.

The second slider puzzle is down, down, down.

SECRET AREA: Third slider puzzle has the hint in the lake itself.

The bridge itself needs a key.


Your first priority is escape.

Go in the Mansion from the back door.

Look for secret passages, door switches, and such.

Ledges can be jumped.

Locate the key for the final showdown.

5    Single Player Walkthru
This is the single player campaign walkthru.

Unfortunately, there is no compass in Outlaws, so giving
directions is quite difficult, esp. in a walkthru. I'll have to
use reference points.

There are only nine levels in the campaign. Most of them are
pretty straightforward. However, there are a couple of KILLER
puzzles, which are universally hated. I'll try to give a few
hints on the tough parts before giving you the entire walkthru.


Mission Briefing: Your home is gone. Your wife died in your arms.
Your daughter is kidnapped. The only trail is to Slim's

Overall Situation: there are no civilians here... Just shoot
anyone that moves. There are no real hard puzzles in this level.

You start just inside this little "town". Your horse is to your
right, so I'll use that as reference point.

There are THREE buildings in this town. If you put the horse
behind you, you'll see this large barn in front, one two-story
house to your left, and one two-story house to your right.

Difficult puzzles: none really, this is an introductory level,
after all.

First, with horse behind you, run straight into town, past the
barn, all the way to the far wall. You need to get into the OTHER
door of the barn. Run, since others will shoot at you from the
windows from the buildings.

Clear out the barn, and open all the doors so you know you've
been here. You can also check out the other part of the barn (the
chicken coop).

NOTE: There's a secret area inside the chicken coop with more
ammo and one bad guy.

You'll come to a locked door (need Iron Key). Remember this. Next
to it is a slope (it's supposed to be a ladder). Climb up, and
turn around. There's a door to your right and a passage to your
left. Clear out the left side, and then go through that door and
clear out inside. You'll find the steel key inside. Grab it.
Return to the door.

Head back down the slope back to ground floor, and get out the
big door you came in, and face the wall. Turn right, go, and then
right again. You'll come to the "right" house. Crouch so they
can't hit you from the windows. You can try to hit them from
outside, but you don't have ammo to waste. With the key, get in
there and clear out the floor. Beware of enemies crouching behind
doors and bars and such. Take ammo and canteen as needed.

Head up the stairs, and clean it out. Grab the "iron key" in one
of the rooms, and head back down.

Get back into the barn, and remember that door you couldn't open
before next to that "ladder"? You can open it now. Clear the
room, and you'll see this "hole" in the ground. See if there's
someone you can shoot from up here. After you've taken them out,
jump down, and follow the path. This will lead you into that
remaining "locked" building's basement (the "left" building).
You'll need to crouch to go under the staircase.

Clear out the basement. You'll find a room with Sheriff's Badge,
ammo, and elixir (full heal) with 3 bad guys inside. When the
basement is clear, you're ready to head upstairs to main floor.

Clear out the main floor. You'll need to watch out for more
enemies hiding behind doors. There are lots of enemies so use

Head upstairs (you'll find the stairs in the corner of the house.
Clear out the rooms as you find them. You'll see the brass key in
a bedroom. Take it. Exit through the other door in the bedroom,
and to your left is the final door, which needs that brass key.

Go through, clear out the room, and you'll find a solid door in a
small corridor. Open it, and take whatever health and ammo (open
the two cubbyholes) you need. Save now.

Open the final door, and there's Slim, hiding in the corner. He
can be pretty deadly (esp. on higher difficulty levels). Strafe
in, shoot once, strafe out. Repeat until he goes down.

Mission Debrief: Slim's done, and before he died, he said Sarah's
being taken north, toward a train depot. It's time to go...


Mission Briefing: You've arrived in town of Sanctuary, where
Sarah will be taken on the train. You don't know what to
expect... Except lots of trouble.

Overall situation: there are some civilians in town, so try not
to shoot the civvies. Civilians wear gray, have no hats. The town
is basically cross-shaped, with towns and buildings all over.
There are even some back passages.

I'll assume the heading you start at is north (i.e. at the
entrance). I'll describe the buildings in each "block". Then I'll
just refer to each building individually.

The town is basically cross-shaped. As you head in the entrance,
to your right is the saloon, and next to it is the telegraph
office. Then a small alley, then the dry goods store. The saloon
has a second floor with a set of stairs in the back, as well as

To your left is the post office, and next to it is the bank. Next
to that is a shack.

In the middle of the town is the large hotel. The iron key is in
the kitchen.

Still facing the hotel, further down, to "left" of the cross, a
coffee house (it has coffee ads on the walls) and warehouse, and
opposite them, the undertaker and one other building.

On the farside of the hotel, you have a small warehouse on the
left, then Dr. Thorax's House of Curiosities (just bad guys). On
the right, there's a small store, then the furniture shop.

On the "right" side of hotel, you have the church (with shotgun),
sheriff's office (a couple revolvers), then the jail to left
(civilians inside, with canteens and elixir), then the
corral/stable (shovel on upper floor) and another store to the
right (pen?).

NOTE: It is NOT necessary to clear out every building. The boss
character, Sanchez, will show up between the church and sheriff's
office after you've cleaned out most buildings. Once you defeat
him, you go on to the next level.

Difficult puzzles: none. This one is has a bit more sniping, but
some close-up action. Some items are optional, like shovel and

You can basically play this any way you want. Clear out building
by building and grab the goodies as you find them.

I recommend go right and clean out the saloon first, second
floor, then go through the hole in the ground, then clean out the
main floor of the saloon. Crouch, so the other guys in post
office and bank can't hit you through the windows. Then head
across and clean out the post office, which also has a back door.

The bank's main door is locked, so worry about that later. Duck
into the alley next to the telegraph office. The side door is
locked, but there's a crawlhole in the back. "Nudge" the box at
the crawlhole, and you can get inside. Clear it, grab the key
under the table, and get the rifle scope. Now you can open that
side door.

Now use the scope and start taking out the enemies one at a time
from long range, through windows and such. Watch out for snipers
from upper levels and windows.

I have trouble taking the iron key from the kitchen area in the
hotel. Your mileage may vary. It is not necessary to kill all the
bad guys upstairs any way.

NOTE: When you come to the well, feel free to jump inside. It's a
secret area. Kill some tarantulas inside, and you'll get some
armor and elixir and such.

Go to the stable, clean out inside, and one of the doors leads to
a ladder up to second floor. There's a guy up there, so be
careful. On the second floor you'll find a shovel.

With the shovel, go to the spot next to the bank, and you should
spot something on the ground that's a bit off in color. Use the
shovel there, and you'll dig a hole there into the vault. Head on
in, take out the enemies, and you'll get the bronze key.

Sanchez should have shown up by now. He usually appears across
from the stable, between the church and sheriff's office. When
you see him, take him out with pistol rapid fire, or with long-
range sniper shots from the stable. Once he's done for, it's time
for you to catch the train...

NOTE: Any know what is the pen for?

Mission Debrief: Sanchez is done for, but they're just delaying
you so the bad guy can take your daughter on the train...


Mission Briefing: you are now on the train... and you must figure
out a way to stop it... But there will be plenty of bad guys in
your way...

Overall situation: don't fall off the side, or you'll die (or
fail, same thing). Otherwise, this mission is straight-forward,
with a lot of close-in action. Shotgun and pistols are the best
weapons here.

Puzzles: none, really. If you run into a door you can't open,
continue forward and look for the key, backtrack to open the
stuck door, then continue forward.

First door is open, so shoot those bad guys! Clear the car.
There's shotgun in 3rd door to right if you need it. Further
down, a couple locked doors, then 4th door to left has a bad guy
and the iron key. Take it and open the 2 locked doors. There's a
third locked door that needs a steel key. Wait for later.

Continue to second car. Clear it of enemies, go door by door. You
will find a steel key in one of the doors. Back track and check
the first car's locked room, you'll find medical bags and elixirs
and such. One of the doors is locked by brass key.

Then you come to a flatbed section. Kill the bad guys. No trick
here, just don't fall off the side.

Continue to third car, and kill everybody. No rooms to explore.

Continue to fourth car, this car is tougher, as every room has
somebody inside. Have your shotgun ready and blast them as soon
as door opens, or you can bypass most of these rooms. There's an
elixir or two in this car.

Continue to fifth car, and clear it out.

The next one is the second flatbed. Do NOT move forward, engage
them from the open door. There's a sniper behind you on the car
top. Once you've taken care of the bad guys in front, turn
around, and back up and take care of the sniper. Then jump on top
and grab the ammo and sheriff's badge and medical bags if you

Continue into sixth car, and the rooms start to get crowded,
sometimes three bad guys in one room (use the shotgun!) open
every door and you'll find the brass key. The final door to next
car is stuck, so start backtracking. Try all the doors you
couldn't open before. All the way back in second car you'll find
a crowbar in that locked room. Take it forward again. Use the
crowbar on the stuck door, and the door opens.

Now you're ready to face the boss... Who's dressed liked a
conductor. Get your best weapon ready. (Probably the double-
barrel shotgun) Open the door to seventh car, and shoot! (Another
way is use a stick of dynamite, though it's risky).

Once you've taken out the boss, clear out the rest of the rooms
(don't kill the civilians!), grab what you need, and open the
last door, and the mission ends...

Mission Debriefing: The bad guy is one step ahead of you... He
has disconnected the front of the train from the rest of the
train, and you're too late to jump. You watch them dwindle into
the distance... And you dejectedly saddle up for the night...


Mission Briefing: you are resting in the river basin before
continuing down the road. You had a nightmare about your father
being killed... And you could not save his life, even with a gun
in your hand... Then a real gunshot rang out... Waking you from
the reverie... Someone is shooting at you with real bullets!

Overall situation: this has one nasty puzzle, but otherwise is
not THAT hard to beat. Just a lot of enemies. Use the scope rifle
extensively. And save whenever it looks like it's going to be

You start in a canyon/basin. Face into the valley, and you'll see
a ridge/bridge. The shooters are there. Run around and grab ammo
and such. Then use scope to take out the snipers if you see any.
Else, continue.

Head left and jump up those rocks to reach the ridge. There are 4
bad guys on this ridge, maybe more. Snipe what you can. Look all
the way right for more snipers. There's one hiding in the trees.
You cannot go through, so you must go around the trees. Grab
canteens and med bags as needed.

Now climb back down to your starting point, and go right, and
you'll see some ramps where you can get down. Shoot more enemies
and continue down the valley. There really is only one way to go.
Get to the river, and go right onto the raised path. Shoot any
one in your way, grab ammo, etc. There are two guys on a ridge.
While they're facing you, you can't hit them. This seems to be a
bug, but don't worry about it. You have to go past them, then
shoot them from behind.

Continue down this ridgeline to the right, snipe at any enemies
you see. Then turn back and snipe those two you passed. Continue
forward, and you'll see this bridge going left. Follow it until
it deadends. You may want to save now, as the river has some
currents. When ready, swim across. Get onto the island.

Follow the path of the islands, and up the path and make your way
up the cliffs, jumping from one to another. You'll come to this
"plaza", which has sheriff's badge, several bad guys, and some
snipers from ledges above. When you've cleared them out, jump
onto the only place you could jump to that you haven't been
before. Turn around, and you'll see this little tunnel just
before the waterfall. Watch out for the current! Better save here
before you jump. If you don't make it into the tunnel, reload and
try again.

Go upstairs, and follow the path until you come to this c-shaped
ridge. Watch out for snipers, so snipe everybody first. Then grab
all the ammo and such you need. Go up to top of the C, and get on
the upper ridge, snipe more bad guys.

There's a pit on either side of path, and a bad guy or two. Jump
down to grab elixir and ammo if needed. Use the ramp in the pit
to jump back onto the path.

Keep going on path until you go through an opening (with 2 dead
guys you shot before). This next room has two columns with a C-
shaped section in the middle. Go through to other side. I suggest
stay to either the left wall or the right wall and move slowly,
clearing out enemies as you go. You don't need to kill everybody
in the "room", but it's fun doing so. You'll see a big drop into
another room on the other side. Shoot a couple guys if you can,
then backtrack.

Remember the pit and the drop on the other end? If you drop on
the other side (or drop in the pit and crouch through the other
side) you'll see an exit leading to the "basement" level of the
same "room" above. Clean it out, and you'll get to that "other"
room that you wouldn't want to jump down to. Take care of
enemies, and you get to see a great vista... Continue...

You get to this path which opens to river basin to the left, and
a sign that says "Dead Man's Leap". If you look at the rocks on
the ground, it points an arrow right AT that little cliff. It's a
hint you should take. Save the game now. You can explore down the
path, but there's no way out there. Feel free to shoot the 4 guys
across the chasm. Remember this spot. Then backtrack to Dead
Man's Leap.

Walk to that cliff, aim at the waterfall, and jump off. You
should land in the water safely. Locate a tunnel to swim through.
Follow the path, and you'll re-emerge in a small "lake". Jump out
and grab stuff. Turn around, and you'll see another tunnel to
your right (underwater).

Go through this tunnel, and you'll emerge at another lake. Turn
around a bit to locate a shore to climb up to. Go up the steps,
turn left and go up, and kill this one guy on top. It's another
lake, and another tunnel to swim through.

Swim through, and this one takes you UP. When you reach what
seems to be a "dead-end", head UP, and you'll get to the other
lake... Climb out, and you're at the other tunnel! This is that
tunnel BELOW that ledge where you shot four guys! And as you look
across, you can see that higher up is the ledge you shot from,
and there's a room BELOW it! You need to reach that room.

Save now. Crouch, and move forward, (do NOT jump!), and the wind
should carry you to that tunnel BELOW that ledge. If you landed
on the ledge, you probably did not crouch and you bounced off the
wall, reload and try again.

Follow that tunnel, and you'll see a bridge you need to jump
onto. Save now. Do NOT overjump, or you die. Save when you

This landbridge (to left) leads to that ledge where 4 guys you
shot still rests. Grab what you need. Turn around.

Continue down this land bridge. Take out any enemies from long
range, then walk across the land bridge, which has a big hole to
the right. The wind is also very loud here, and may blow you off.
Sideslip to compensate. Crouching may help. Make your way across
(some say jumping helps).

Now you're in the final section, which is that "room" again, with
two columns and a C-shaped section. Follow the left wall, kill
all present, then kill the boss (he's not wearing a hat). Once
you take him out, this mission's over.

Mission Debrief: Guess it'll take more than bullets to win, heh?


Mission Briefing: You have reached the sawmill, and it's clear
that you are not welcome there...

Overall situation: this one has a devilishly complicated puzzle,
with LOTS of buttons to push and quite a few timing puzzles. Save
a LOT here, I mean it.

You start outside the sawmill. There's a "shed" to your right.
Clear it, and grab the brass key there.

Now go around the other end of the sawmill, to the double door.
Clear that room. This is the "lobby", so to speak. There's a
door, and a corridor. Clear the corridor, but do not enter the

Go through the door, and clear the area, which is like cafeteria
/ kitchen area. Clear all the rooms, and find your way into the
storage room. There you will locate the steel key. Now go back to
the "lobby".

Go down that corridor you avoided last time. Shoot enemies
through the window (shotgun is best as range is short). Clear
each room as you come to it. Push the red button when you see one
(just once). There should be one in each room. They open up the
next two rooms. One contains medical bag and ammo, the other
opens the next area. Clear this room, then advance, then turn
left. Clear that next room as well. There's a small corridor
leading right, and a door to your left that needs "iron key".
Ignore that for now.

This room I'll designate as "central hub". You'll have to revisit
this room quite a bit. Face the from, which leads to water.
Remember this place and orientation.

Turn right, advance down corridor. You come to a room with door
in front, then corridor leading left and right. Go right, clear
that next room, which has a corridor left (and a door to a room).
Go through the door, clear it out, get some ammo. Go through
corridor, clear out the first "gate control" room, and turn the
wheel. It opens the gate to the central reservoir. Return to
central hub.

This time, go "left" corridor. It leads to staircase to right,
and a "won't budge" door to left. There's enemy at the bottom of
stairs, so take him out. Continue and up the stairs on other
side. There's a room, with stairs ahead, and corridor to left. Go
corridor to left, clear the room, and there's the second gate
control room. Turn the wheel to open the second gate.

Now up that stairs you did not go before. That leads to a larger
room with lots of enemies, with TWO water gates (but just one
wheel). Clear the room, and grab the iron key from the far side
of the room, and turn the wheel. Return to central hub.

Now that you have the iron key, open that door you could not open
before (behind you if you returned to the default heading).
Inside is a button. Push it, and a door opens to your right,
which is another button. Push it, and it's an elevator that takes
you up to the OTHER dual gate control room. Clear it (quite a few
bad guys), and do the wheel.

Turn around so the wheel is at your back. Jump in the right
stream, and RUN forward, fight the current. When you get to the
next room, jump out of the water to the right, and clear the
section. Then jump to middle, repeat, then finally, clear the
remaining section.

Look at the map, and you'll see the stream leads to a different
direction at the other side of the Y. Jump in there, and let the
current take you to a different section. Just let it flow, and it
stops in this "pink" room full of water... And it's pretty deep.
Look around carefully now, as you'll see this room a LOT.

Look below, and you'll see TWO tunnels underwater. One is square
with yellow walls, and the other is gray ways. Go through the
yellow walls tunnel, and you'll see a set of stairs out of the
water. There's a big gear on the wall, but it's not moving. It's
missing some gears, and you'll need to locate the other three.
Remember this place.

So jump back off, and go through the other tunnel, and this time
you can't fight the current... It's pretty swift. Observe those
yellow/black handles... But leave them alone this time. You end
up in this room, which has an underwater tunnel that leads you to
another room, and an elevator, which drops you off at the pinkish
room again.

If you shoot those handles, it switches directions, which in turn
controls the gates and redirects the water flow. Thus, it takes
you to new rooms.

Shoot one handle at a time, so you get to new areas you have not
been before, and swim back to the elevator each time, after
obtaining the gear. You will need three of them. Go down the
"left" branch and you'll find two of them. The third one is
difficult as the gate "resets" after about 3 seconds. Use the
scoped rifle, and fire in the last second, then charge into the
sluice gate. You'll find the remaining gear there. Now take
another swim, and get back to the gear place.

Go to the gear place, and use all three gears to install them.
Now the gears are turning. Jump back into the water, and look up.
You'll see a NEW tunnel open that was closed before. Swim through
that, and you'll reach a new room. Jump out of the water, and
take care of the enemies. You'll see a vent on one side you need
to climb through.

Climb through, and you'll drop off in another room. Clear it,
climb the boxes, and you'll see this red button. Push it, and it
opens a previously "won't budge" door... And voila, you're at
that staircase that goes down and up. Go back to central hub.
Turn around, and you'll see another door previously locked is now
open. Drop down into the room, and crouch to fit through the
floor vent. Clear this next room, and push the big red button.
That opens the drain in the channel.

Jump into the channel, and let the current take you. It leads
back into the pink room, but there's a new door open at the water
level. Go through there, clean out the left side, and continue
down the water channel, which turns left. Clean out that place,
and open the door, which shows you one MORE wheel. Turn that, and
the MAIN drain gate is now open, and the way to the boss is
clear. Jump in the channel, and it'll take you to the main
reservoir room.

You can see the MAIN gate... it was closed before, it now has a
big DANGER sign above it.

Swim underwater, and RUN. The boss is on the top platform, and he
can kill you in an eyeblink, if you don't get out of the way.
Duck under the platform, get out of the water, and crouch, and
hide behind that huge wood block. Use that as cover, back up
slowly to see the boss's head, and start hitting him with any
weapon you got. You can even try a dynamite stick.

Once you take out the boss, you win.

Mission Debriefing: Well, the boss is taken cared of, and you
continue on your journey...

5.6   THE FORT

Mission Briefing: You have arrived at the old Mexican fort, a
known hangout for the "boss" Simms, and he has information...

Overall situation: the fort itself is not that difficult, use the
scoped rifle a LOT. The other part is slightly tougher, and the
boss can be difficult as well. There's the above ground level,
and the below ground level.

You start outside the fort. The entrance is to your right
somewhat. Each of the corner "towers" have firing ports, and
snipers may be there. Watch them carefully. Enemies may also
engage you from the entrance. Slide out and take them with long-
range fire. Clear as much as you can from long range. Pick up
ammo as needed.

Go to the entrance, and snipe more bad guys.

In the middle of the fort is a church. Clear it, then use its
windows to look for more enemies to shoot. Enemies can be on
first or second floors. So look for them carefully. Try to clear
each room from the outside first. Then when you come closer,
switch to shotgun.

Clear the right-side first (to "right" of the church), and follow
the inside wall going counter-clockwise. Open the room and clear
it. You can't reach the second story yet, but watch for enemies
on the second level shooting down. Follow the wall and through
that long corridor to left. Continue through, clear that little
"courtyard" and grab the "iron key", and clear the two adjoining
rooms through the windows (and watch for enemies throwing knives
from above and behind!)

Explore both rooms thoroughly, and clear the entire first floor.
You should also see a staircase leading up. Take it, and you're
on the second floor, next to the "left" wall (if you are at the
entrance looking in). Go to the two corners that you can reach,
and you should locate some dynamite in the near-left corner (from
entrance, facing in) and more enemies to shoot.

Explore the upper floor via the two paths offered. One path
(against the back wall) leads to a deadend except for a hole that
drops to room below. Stop and backtrack. Go via the other path
(the middle one), and clear more bad guys by moving into the room
from the aerial walkway. If you've done well with the sniper
rifle, there should just be dead bodies in there. Move through
the "far right" corner, then through the room against the right
wall (the one with the medical bag inside), and you should be
able to access the OTHER corner tower (near right) now, and the
brass key.

Come back to the corner (far right from the entrance) and you
should have this room where you can't open before. With the key
now, go in, and clear it. Jump off or run back to stairs and run
back, doesn't matter. Get there. Open the door, clear the room,
and you should see a hole leading underground. You've cleared the
fort itself of enemy presence, but the big fight is still ahead.

Be ready with your pistol, and jump down. Immediately spin around
and keep moving, look for enemies, and hit them. You'll see lots
of enemies around. Kill them, and clear the two "rooms" to either
side, and use scope rifle to take out enemies from further out.
Take the canteens to replenish any lost health. The central point
where you came down is the "bottom hub".

You can see there are two directions to go... in one you go down
this slope next to a building, and find more caves, and in the
other you walk this long thin plank.

Go down this slope next to a building. Beware of two guys hiding
underneath in ambush. Take them out, then look right for more bad
guys. Jump onto the platform, and follow the path clockwise to
claim the sheriff's badge, and get back to the bottom hub.

Look toward the side with the long thin plank. There's something
to right, but nothing to left. So get on the plank, go straight,
then turn right, and hop onto that piece of land. You'll see what
appears to be some sort of underground "jail". Kill two or three
bad guys inside, and the boss, an extra-fat guy, will shot up.
Kill him, and the mission is over.

Mission Debriefing: the fort's leader did not live long enough to
talk, but the bad guys know you're after them... And they will be
preparing a more appropriate "welcome" for you...


Mission Briefing: you've reached the iron mine, and the only way
out is "through". Expect a lot of opposition...

Overall situation: this mission is more tedious than difficult,
as there's a bit of backtracking, and a bit of key hunting.

Go forward, and you'll see this bridge into the entrance of the
mine. There are two guys on the bridge, and one to your left. Use
scoped rifle to take out both, then shotgun to kill the one to
left. Reload ammo as needed.

Enter the entrance, clear out opposition, continue into the room.
You'll find a ramp down, where you'll find 4 sticks of dynamite,
and a big red button. It summons an elevator. Arm shotgun and
enter the elevator, and push the button. It takes you down...

As the door opens, kill all the guards (4) in the room and secure
the room. You'll see this elevated track above you, and forward,
another elevated track that's NOT connected. Head down that
tunnel and look left, deal with some guards, grab more canteens,
and ammo. Return to elevator, facing out. There's a door to your
left. Head there.

Clear out a few guys in the right passage, grab medical bag and
such. Continue down corridor, kill guy to your right. There's the
same elevated tracks above, then another tunnel further down. Go
that way.

Go through the tunnel, see more elevated track, and more guards.
There's one guy on elevated platform, so be careful. There's more
guards one level down, kill them too. You can jump to that
elevated platform if you do super-jump (run and jump together).
Grab elixir and canteens in the room, and ammo as needed.

Continue to the level below, and up the passage, which leads up
slope into another room. Kill the guard. There are more bad guys
in the upper left (where the sheriff's badge is), so jump up and
kill them too. You can't reach that section yet. There's another
door to your left.

Go through that door, down the passage, and you're now on the
mining cart tracks. To right is a steep downhill (which is a dead
end), and to left is a wooden structure.

Go to the structure, be ready for enemies. Enemies to front, then
left. Clear the staircase leading down as well, but do not go
down. We need to get across that bridge, but there are enemies to
right. Be ready to toss a dynamite stick if you want, or shoot
carefully, or just run really fast. Into the room kills the
guards, and you get the steel key. Return to the staircase going

Go down, and you'll see exit to your right. Go there, and you're
at the "water tower" room, as the thing in front of you is a big
barrel of water held up like a water tower. Clear the ground
floor. However, there are enemies up top to the right. Be VERY
careful or you'll get shot from above a lot. RUN under them so
they can't shoot at you (like BELOW them). There's a metal door
in the corner.

Open it, kill a guy to left, then head right down to the lake.
Kill guard there, feel free to jump in the lake and grab a
sheriff's badge, an elixir, and some medical bags inside. Come
out of the lake and head back into the tunnel. Did you notice
another door to the right of the passage? Go down there.

Go down the tunnel, and it leads to a dead end. Turn around and
backtrack... Another small door to the right of the passage! Kill
the guard, drop through... Go forward, and you'll in this room
with THREE levels. Kill guards on all levels... There's many of
them. Go near the corner, and you'll hear "Bloody" Mary taunting
you. She's that old hag that hangs out of Dr. Death. You should
save now, as she can be tough.

Kill her, (perhaps with a dynamite stick) and you can collect the
brass key. There's a ramp that leads up from that room.

Go up the ramp, and open a door. You're now on level 2. Grab
shotgun and such. There's a corridor that leads to the tracks.
Continue down the track, kill a guard when you get to the room
with a lot of "lava". Continue down, and the track ends in a
downslope. There are many guards in this room, so have your guns
ready and kill them (maybe with dynamite sticks). There's a
medical bag in a crevice on the wall. There's also canteen and
elixir along the wall.

Continue to the "other room" from here, and it leads to a metal
passage, and more guards. Kill them, and go through. Watch out
for another guard at upper level. Kill the guard at your level,
then jump to kill the other one. There's a door on the farside
that leads out.

Continue thorough, clear the room, and you'll find more elevated
tracks. There's a door to left-front (metal). You can open.
Medical bag inside, and more enemies. Kill to left, then turn
around and kill upper level. Go upstairs to your left, then
continue down the walkway, and kill more enemies to right, then
left. Grab stuff as needed. The "left" side has lots of boxes.
Clear that section, grab elixir and such as needed.

Climb on the boxes, and see a ledge against the wall. Jump to it.
Go to the end, but stop before you drop off. Turn right, and try
to jump onto that higher walkway.

Continue down, and you'll notice a beam to your left. Drop onto
the beam.

Crouch on the beam, and go past the room wall. You'll be over the
elevated tracks. Turn left 90 degrees, and you'll see the tracks
makes a "right" turn. Drop onto the tracks, and follow it. You'll
go up a big slope, then down a big slope, and finally, you'll be
at the room where you took the elevator down, except you're now
on the elevated portion. Walk until that separated section of
elevated tracks is to your left. Turn 90 to face it. Save now.

Jump onto that elevated track. If you fail, reload. If you've
cleared this section before, there should be nothing to kill here
to left and right. Just continue down the track, until the track
opens up to left. Watch for enemy to left... And you're now on
THIRD level of the building where you killed "Bloody" Mary. Go
down the track, and you'll see a walkway to left. Remember this
spot. Walk down, kill anyone, and keep going and kill everybody.
When you've killed everybody, climb back up and return to
previous spot.

Continue down the track, and you end up in this room. Kill the
guards, and the room dead ends, unless you jump onto the conveyer
belt. Follow the belt down, crouch if you want, or look left and
right and kill more bad guys.

Follow the belt until you come to the "stompers". You don't need
to dodge the stomper... Just jump off to the left side, and
follow the path, down a spiral staircase, and into the room below
the stomper. Follow the only exit, kill bad guys, follow the path
down... When you come to the corridor which opens left to lava,
be careful. One guy may show up above you and behind you.
Continue down the path, and try all the forks. Most of them are
deadends, just one leads to a door into a room, which leads into
this big room with lots of boxes inside. Lots of bad guys are
inside too, so kill them to left and right. Slide right slightly
from the door, and use the scope. Somewhere in front is Dr.
Death. Snipe him and the mission ends. Or sneak closer and shoot

Mission Debriefing: Dr. Death said something about the Cliff
Dwellings 10 miles away... It's the only hint, so even if it's a
trap, you'll have to try it...


Mission Briefing: You've arrived at the cliffs, and apparently
someone has prepared a welcome for you...

You start on the top of a river stream. Follow the river down,
grab stuff as needed, kill bad guys from long range as much as
possible. Watch for snipers from upper levels.

Continue down the river. Remember this orientation. To the
"right" is a room with 3 sliders. To the right is a room with 3
"locks", and inside is a "stone key". Apparently, you need to
collect more keys to use there.

Continue down to end of the river, kill enemies. Look on the
right side and you'll see a hint for the slider... Down, up, and
up. Go to the slider room.

At the slider room, set the slider to down, up, and up (whatever
the hint says). Once you did that, the door beyond the slider
room opens. Go in and clear your way, continue forward onto one
of the ledges you've been shot at before.

Clear the ledge, then continue into the room, which has a passage
that leads you through a dark tunnel, then out into sunlight
again... Into sort of a maze.

Some have described the maze in amazing detail. The truth is...
It doesn't matter. Just explore the maze thoroughly and kill
everybody. You can use the map to determine where you have not
been before. I use the right-hand-rule... Keep the wall to my
right, and take the "right" fork, until I need to turn around.
You'll find a series of pits and bad guys at certain junctions.
The pits contain stone keys. Once you're clear the maze, you
would have collected the full set of stone keys. Return to the
"slider room", then head across the river.

Once across the river, go to the "stone key" room, and try all
the keys you got. The combination will probably be "heart",
"rain", and "plant" (at least on "good" level). Continue into the
passage, kill enemies. After a bit of winding passage, you come
to this wall with a sharp cliff dropoff. Remember this spot, as
it has a black spot on the wall to the left. Kill enemies that
you can see (probably via that staircase to right-front, then
down the cliff.

Move forward, kill the guy inside that "room", and you'll see
this hole. Arm shotgun, and drop through the hole. Climb out, and
kill enemies you can see (turn around if need be). Turn opposite
the enemies you killed, and climb out. Follow passage to a pit,
kill the guy, and claim the "swirl" stone key. Return to pool,
and climb off other side. There's a side door, where you'll need
to crouch through. There are two dynamite sticks there, and the
wall seems to have a crack here... But this is a deadend. Back
track to the pool.

NOTE: Secret area. Use a dynamite stick here at the crack... and
back off! Blow a hole in the wall, and continue through the
passage. You have two spare keys and you'll find spots to put
them. Put them in (try each one). You'll open a new door. It
leads to a passage, which drops you off at a stream. Take the
stream and fall off into another pool... Note the hint... Up /
down / up in the pool itself. Climb out and shoot the bad guy.
Climb up, and set the sliders on top. Climb back down, and you'll
see an opening on the far right of the pool, underwater. Jump in
and go through, and you'll be back at the main 'river'.

From the pool, climb up the stairs, kill bad guys, and you'll see
a new set of sliders. Set it to down, down, down, and the gate in
that little drain pool next to the slider opens. Jump in, swim
through, and you're back at the river.

Go back through the slider room again, and use the swirl key on
that black spot on the wall. That lowers the "bridge" from the
ceiling, allowing you to get to the staircase you could not get
to before.

Climb up, use your lamp if necessary, crouch and enter the crawl
hole to grab the stuff. You need to clear ALL the rooms. Crouch
and make your way via the OUTSIDE, to the entrance all the way on
the OTHER SIDE... You'll see it when you get there. Get inside,
and clear all rooms of all enemies, make your way to the ramp
leading up to second floor.

Climb up, clear enemies, and you'll see a door leading outside.

SECRET AREA: There's another crawlhole further down the passage.
Light the lamp and clear inside, and grab the goodies.

Go outside and clear the enemies, and make your way to the
entrance. Clear the front room and right room, grab stuff if you
need it. Save now. You're getting very close to the boss, Charlie
Two-Feathers. Move close to the door, and be ready to fight
Charlie. He is a knife thrower, and a good one. He has unlimited
knives. Use your scoped rifle and shoot him from long range, or
get in a bit closer and let him have it.

Once he goes down, the mission ends.

Mission Debriefing: Charlie Two-Feathers liked your style, even
as he lays dying... Your daughter is being held at Bob Graham's


Mission Briefing: You were surveying the mansion, and just
spotted Sarah when you were ambushed and knocked unconscious. You
had that dream again... Where this guy shot your father, and you,
even with gun in hand, couldn't shoot him... And then you woke
up, with no weapons, in the shed...

Overall situation: this is a fun level, as you must acquire
weapons to fight the enemies. After that, you need to solve the
puzzle and get to the boss...

You start in the shed, with no weapons except your fist. However,
you CAN get out. Jump on top of the boxes, and climb onto the
roof. Better save now. Look around, and you'll see two bad guys
around. Jump down and knock him out. If he drops a gun, even
better. Knife is good too. Kill more bad guys, be conservative on
the ammo.

Go around the barn, climb up the ramp, and kill more bad guys.
Clear the floor. There's a locked door. Climb up to second story.
Kill more bad guys and clear the entire floor. You'll find "iron
key". Come back down, and open that locked door. Grab the crowbar
and stuff inside.

Go for the next barn. There are two doors on this bar, a small
side door and a large door. Go through the large door by using
crowbar on the door, clear out first floor. Climb on the upper
floor, clear out second floor. Look at the rope tying that block
of hay. Shoot the rope a couple times, and the block will fall
through, break a hole in the floor into the basement.

Climb down and go around the building, and go in that small door.
Jump through the hole, clear opposition, and continue. You'll
find a door, which will lead you to the fireplace INSIDE the
building with the enemies. Crouch, go THROUGH the fireplace, and
clear the entire floor. Find the stairs going up, clear all the
rooms, and you'll find the "steel key".

Walk up the ramp to the ranch. Clear the front of enemy presence,
but you are NOT going in the front door. Instead, walk around the
back, kill more enemies, then clear that little patio out the
back. Now you can head in the back door. You're in the library.
At the library, look right... Remember that bookcase.

Clear the entire lower floor of enemies. There are quite a few,
but also plenty of ammo to grab.

Head upstairs, clear the upper floor of all enemies. There's a
locked door. You don't have the key yet.

Look carefully at the balcony of the library... See a "raised"
tile? Step on it. You heard something move? Jump over the railing
and voila! You see the open bookcase... Run inside! You see an
unlit fireplace. There's a "black bar" inside. Get close, and
"nudge" it... And the black bar will move to the other side...
This opens the secret door behind the main fireplace.

Crouch and enter the fireplace. You'll drop into the basement.
Clear out the basement carefully. You'll have to take out
"Buckshot" Morgan on your way. Explore the basement thoroughly,
as you'll also find the gatling gun here, and a heavy boilerplate
(armor), and elixir.

You'll find a room with a hallway, then sort of "chimney" going
up. There are three columns you can jump on. Jump from one to
another, up and up, then you need to jump THROUGH the
fireplace...  (save before you make the final jump). Kill
everyone in the room, and you get the key to open that last door.
However, don't go in yet. Save now.

Setup the gatling, and open the door. You will get a cutscene. As
soon as the cutscene ends, start shooting, then adjust your fire
to hit Bob Morgan. Do NOT allow him to shoot at you! You cannot
dodge while the gatling is active, and he can kill you with ONE
shot. So keep shooting! When you hit him enough times, enjoy the

Mission Debriefing: I'm not about to spoil the ending for you.
Win it yourself and enjoy!

6     Historical Missions
There are several sets of single missions, and then there's the
marshall training level.

Marshall Training will be discussed in the next section.


This super long mission features quite a bit of exploration, as
you must clear out the battlefield of enemy presence (in this
case, Confederate guys). There's actually TWO LEVELS within this
one mission, and LOTS of enemies to kill. You'll even get to
shoot a cannon!

There is really no "trick" to this scenario except to explore
every nook and cranny available to you. Range is usually pretty
close so pistol and shotgun is best. However, rifle can be used
as a decent medium range weapon as well. And you get to grab a
gatling gun early on.

You're "in the trenches" in a battlefield between the North and
the South (the Union and the Confederation). You're on the Union
side. Staring out, things can be tough, as there are reported
landmines around (landmines in the Civil War?) though I didn't
see any on "good" level.

Look around and find a crooked, broken wall, go around or jump
over it. OR go around and find a hole in the wall.

Go to the pathway with a bunch of plants in front of you. Once
you pased the Union flag, go forward, avoiding mines (?). Get the
scope underneath the shelter.

Exit through the hole and go forward (take the left path) toward
the Confederate flag. Immediately past the flag, turn left and
get the gatling gun and leave.

Go forward and around the fence. Go inside the opening. Kill the
people and continue. Go below the platform to the far left

Go inside the tunnels, clear it out. Go up the bridge and to the
front path (into the other tunnel).

Take the right path (not door). Walk to the end. Nudge the box.
Turn and go left, turn right, and hop past the box. Open the door
in front of you and get the crowbar.

Go back to the main room (where you turned right). Open the door
w/ the crowbar. Go up the stairs, turn left, and up the series of
platforms. Walk past the room and into another room. Go left,
down a flight of stairs, left again, and into another room. Open
the left most "window" on the walls (there are 3). Inside of it
is the iron key. Get it.

Go back to where you went down the flight of stairs. Go left,
right, past some boxes, and open the door. Go up lots of spiral
stairs. Go in the path. Walk forward. This is the point where the
game loads the new level.

6.2   CIVIL WAR 2

This is the second part of the Civil War mission.

You see this barn, house, and chicken coop in the distance. The
opening leads to a river valley. The bridge is out, so there's no
way to cross.

You can't get to the second floor of the house since the stairs
is busted, but you can clear the first floor. When done, come
back outside. The barn is locked, but you'll go find the key

Enter the chicken coop (crouch). Jump down the hole. You'll now
be walking in a stream of chicken shit. Keep on walking, go up,
and you'll get to a room. Keep moving, clear the room, and you'll
retrieve a brass key. Go up the stairs, and you can get out of
the house (again).

Go in the barn from the other side, up the ramp and opening the
large door(s), then clear the inside. Keep on clearing until you
locate a small crawl door at floor level. Open and enter. Kill
more bad guys. You'll see a narrow ramp on the right side leading
up. Save now, do NOT fall off or you may get STUCK.

Make your way up the narrow ramp, and you'll get to a ledge. Jump
to another ledge. You will be able to access that long beam that
sticks out of the barn pointing toward the house.

Back up, set RUN mode, and do the super jump, and land on the
MAIN roof of the other building. Then get exactly to the middle
(the sharp spine), then drop off to the patio roof, and kill the
guy inside. Get in, clear the floor, and you'll be able to claim
the fully rigged TNT (when you get it, a bell sounds). It looks
like a yellow BUNDLE of TNT.

Exit the building and follow the dirt path. At the end of the
dirt path is a broken bridge. Shoot the guys on the other side if
you got the scope. You can walk on the ledge and follow the
river, or drop into the river. Both work, so just pick one. .

Continue down until you come to a small dam, then a large dam
with a big crack in the middle and two levels. Kill all

NOTE: If you're in the water, look to the right and you'll see a
small entrance. Swim through, and climb up out of the well to top
of the dam.

Drop to the lower level of the dam (the side where you came
from). Find the crack and use the fully rigged TNT on the crack.

Once the damn's been blown, wait for the water level to equalize
between the sides. Opposite that entrance where you can climb out
of the well, there are 3 little holes on the side of cliff. Enter
any one of them, it doesn't matter, though the furthest one
(green floor) is the best. if you enter the first two (which are
connected) If you enter the first two, you have to use a stick or
two of dynamite and blow another cracked wall. If you enter the
furthest one you can bypass.

Continue down the corridor, and you'll eventually end up in a
square room. The ledges can be jumped, so jump higher and higher
ledge until you can get to the door. Exit it (you were in an

Walk forward and open the door to the building. Kill bad guys
above and at the same floor. Then open the door you see and clear
the entire floor.

NOTE: Look for a hidden "crawl door" on this floor, where you can
get a "boilerplate" armor.

Go upstairs, clear all the rooms. Drop down the hole, and clear
the room. Continue through door, clear the kitchen. Climb out
into the alley, clear alley.

Jump on the stack of 2 boxes. Jump into the building across from
you. Clear all enemies across and to your right (lower level). Go
straight and go down staircase. Clear entire lower floor. The far
left room leads to another room, which has a set of stairs going
up to the opposite ledge. Get up there, pull the switch at the
end, which opens the big door next to the switch. Return to
staircase, climb down, and exit that big door.

Look around a bit. You'll notice a cannon, a light-color wood
building to left of it, then more buildings to left. Go left
between the two "platforms". Snipe any enemies you see. Continue
down the platform, and you should see a hole in the wall to the
left. Go through, clear it.

Go through the door to left, clear the floor. Push the boxes (use
the map to see which ones can obviously be pushed). Head
upstairs, and push more boxes... Clear enemies. Locate opening,
continue down the crawlspace, and end up on the outside ledge.
Clear the next building over, and grab the steel key.

Now you need to get into the Confed HQ, which is that house with
two flags. However, it's surrounded by a wall... Still... There's
that cannon... See any armory nearby?

Head to the armory (that building in the middle), clear it, and
grab the cannonballs on the upper ledge. Come back, and use the
cannonball on the cannon. Boom! The wall goes down!

Go near, and snipe all the enemies you see. Kill any in upper
story if you can. Then head on in, and clear the lower floor.
Then head on up, and clear upper floor one at a time. As you come
to the barricade in the corridor, save the game. It's difficult
to assault the position without dynamite.

Continue into the compound, and you'll finally get to Sam Kenny,
the Confederate Commander. He's pretty good, and takes a lot of
killing. Once you take him out, the mission's complete (however,
as with all historical missions, you can keep exploring).


You are after more bad guys...

You start on an ice floe. There are 3 bad guys near you, but if
you don't move they won't notice you. So arm pistol, and start

Get on the ledge to grab medical bag and more ammo. Then exit and
jump ice floes to grab more things. Then head up the only path
you can go. Beware that ice flow is slippery, and it takes time
to gather up some speed, and it's a pain to stop as well. Shoot
those guys below you, then go down the right side (don't slide
off or you die!)

Jump to grab the scope and the shovel off the plank and the
island. Be careful... Continue down the other path, jump onto ice
floe, and climb up the ramp, shoot the guys to your left. You
will come to a big crevice. Jump across (use a LOT of room and
RUN in order to jump over).

Arm the shovel, and dig in the spot that's LIGHTER in color. Dig
a couple times, and you'll drop into the level below, and you'll
see a way out.

This part can get VERY difficult, so better save now.

Start moving downslope, and you'll start gathering speed. When
you come to a cliff, JUMP! Jump again! You're sliding down the
cliffs, and you can't miss any jump, or you die!

Eventually you'll slide into the lake. Get a breath, then look
for a deep hole you need to dive into, and swim through the
tunnel. Be careful when you surface... LOTS of bad guys up ahead.
Stay in the water and kill all of them. Look for some cover as
those bad guys can hit you pretty hard. There may be a box or two
as cover.

Climb the box, then jump onto the roof... Then jump through the
hole on the cliff. There's the first boss... Kill her. Someone
said digging the ground and let her fall in makes killing her
much easier.

Continue up the path, and you get to another lake and tunnel.
Swim through... And you get to the final fight. Be careful...
Kill everybody, including the final boss, and you're done!

6.4   VILLA

There really is no trick in the villa... Just kill everybody you
see on the first floor, really.

The door at the end of the spiral staircase leading down is
locked. You need to go back to the bookcase. Can you guess what
letters you need to push? Look around a little and see the label
on some boxes? B.F. Thud. So... Push the letters in sequence!
Which opens the door, and nets you one key when you clear the

When you come to this room with two high-back chairs and a little
interior balcony, climb onto the chair's high back and use that
to jump up to the second story, and clear that as well. Grab the
water bucket when you see it (it's in the room with the

Come back to the room where you jumped to second level. There's a
window there you can jump through (really). Get in there, grab
the key, and the stuff. Then open the next room up as well and
clear it, and grab the sheriff's badge.

Look for the courtyard with the fountain, and your horse. Try
using the water bucket on the fountain. Voila! It's a secret
staircase! Head on down carefully and snipe enemies from the
tunnel, do NOT go in. The boss is inside. He's the guy in the
black coat. Snipe everybody from the tunnel, clear the entire
room, and you're done!

6.5   WHARF

You start next to a pier. To your left is a barge. It's about the
ONLY place you can climb onto. If you fall in, climb back onto
the barge and jump to land that way. Later, you'll find shortcuts
to get back onto land.

Walk all the way to edge and look left. Jump to  that land just
past the wall. Grab the sticks of dynamite. Jump back to origin.

SECRET AREA: Drop a stick of dynamite next to the poster, and
you'll get a secret room.

Jump on the barge, then jump across to the other side. Kill
everybody you can reach. Throw some dynamite at that small "hole"
at the end of the conveyor. After a few sticks, that hole becomes
bigger, revealing a SECRET AREA.

SECRET AREA: Drop through that hole you made, and you get out in
the other room... Kill everybody, and grab the steel key. Climb
onto the conveyor, RUN back through to the river.

Jump to other side of the river, and go through that door that
was locked by steel key. Clear the room and the next room. You
should see a switch on the wall. Pull it, and a set of steps will
drop into the river, so you can climb out without going all the
way back to the barge. You may see more of these (one per
building) later. Pull them whenever you see one.

Clear this boat bay completely. On the other end you'll see
another door. Get out, and you'll see a toolshed. Clear it, and
grab the armor and other stuff.

Continue up the slope. Enter the house, and clear the house, both
floors. Come back to ground floor. Open the closet... Notice one
of the backwall has the wrong color? Nudge it, and it opens! Go

Clear out the next building, a hotel. Clear the ground floor
first. Climb up, check each and every room, clear them. There's a
couple door you can't open.

SECRET AREA: There's one in the first room under the "desk",
shows up as "cracked wall". Put a stick of dynamite there and
you'll get to another room of goodies.

Continue into the room you can open on the far end. Look outside
the window, and you'll see it leads to a balcony. Break the
window and get out to balcony. Go left and you're at window to
the locked room. Kill the guy inside, and jump in. Grab goodies.
Get back out.

Do the same in the next room, but go out the OTHER window.

Get into the last locked room. The closet has a secret passage...
Follow it and you'll drop into a fireplace. Crouch and get out
fast! Clear the room, and grab the crowbar. You're back in the
hotel lobby.

Use the crowbar on the doors that are "stuck", you'll see a
window where you can see the next building. Break the window and
you can get out. Get into next building, clear it, then head
downstairs, and you can claim the iron key. Use the key on the
door that needs it.

Go through that door. The path will lead you to a small pool.
Dive through, follow the underwater tunnel, and emerge into
another room.

Clear the next room, pull those stair levels when you see them.
Clear entire first floor.

Head upstairs when ready. Clear out everybody. You'll see a
switch. Pull it, and part of the floor will drop to lower
level... Allowing you to jump across to the other side.

Jump across to the other side, clear it, and you'll see a box
leading to this tunnel higher up. Jump up there, and follow the
tunnel. You'll get to the next building. On the side of the house
is a control panel, but the wheel is missing. Continue and turn
right, then clear the next room in.

SECRET AREA: in this room, there is a box with cracked side. You
can open it with dynamite. Inside you'll find goodies.

Exit to river, then enter next room through door, and clear it.
There's another control panel there that needs a "lever".

Head upstairs, and clear the entire upper floor. You'll find the
wheel you need.

SECRET AREA: the picture (General on horse) has a secret room
behind it. Blow up the picture with dynamite, and head in to
claim more goodies.

Get back down, and set the wheel on the missing panel... And
you'll close half of the dam.

Now, use the dam to jump to the other side. Clear both rooms.
There's a hole in the ceiling in one of the rooms. Use the box to
get up there... It's possible, really. Jump THROUGH the hole, and
get to the OTHER hole, drop through. Clear the rooms, and he will
drop a lever.

Look at the window, and you can see you're looking at the OTHER
dam... You need to jump out the window, and climb up the dam so
you can use the lever on that panel... And the other dam is

Now you need to get all the way back to that room where you got
the lever... Save the game here, as this jump is really painful.

Climb onto the window ledge, and jump into the pool of water
BEYOND the dam... Then swim across. The only way you can climb
out is to the LEFT, but there's no key to get in. Clear this
island first.

Jump across to the other piece of land. Clear the house, and grab
the brass key.  Jump back to the two-story house side.

Use the brass key to get in the lower floor, clear it. Go
upstairs, and clear it. There's a hole in the corner, and inside
is the boss along with his minions. You can snipe at a few from
up there, or toss dynamite sticks from above... Or just drop
through and hide behind boxes and such and start shooting. Clear
the room, kill the boss, and the mission's over.

7     Marshall Training
While it's billed as "training", some of these missions can be
quite tough.

To navigate the missions, exit from your marshall's office, and
head out the front door. Head around the back. You see three
buildings... Deputy, Sheriff, and Marshall. Then there are the
five "wanted" posters... Shoot any one of the wanted posters to
pick the mission.

To get to the buildings, you need to score some points from the
missions first. Once you gained a rank, you can go into the
building and push the red button, which takes you to the special

To EXIT from individual missions, get back to your horse, and
nudge it. Do NOT use END MISSION or you'll never see the ending

NOTE: On the wanted missions, if you are able to capture (i.e.
knock out or knife the felon) you get a better score.


NOTE: On the wanted missions, if you are able to capture (i.e.
knife the guy until he falls over) you get a better score.
Throwing or hand to hand, doesn't matter.

This one can be messy, as there are a LOT of alternate paths.
Feel free to explore all of them. I'll just cover the basics.

Go ahead and shoot everybody you can from the ledge you're on.
You'll use most of your rifle ammo now. Climb down to the left.

Head around the back of the fort. There's a corner that's held up
by sticks... It's a secret entrance, but it leads to a multi-
story ambush, so I don't recommend going that way. Still, if you
want to give it a try...

Continue to back of the fort, kill the guards. Open the door to
the corral, and climb into that tunnel. Shoot spiders, and the
guy inside... Continue inside, and explore the tunnels a bit.
There's this branch that leads to a room where you see this
"wall" of boxes... But you can climb through and make it INSIDE
the fort. Grab the key, and explore the inside a bit.

Now you have the key, you can explore the inside and try the
doors, or get outside and get back into the tunnel.

SECRET AREA: Go back to the corral tunnel, facing in. Go left,
and you'll see a cracked wall. Drop dynamite on it... And you can
get into this room... Grab gold, continue down, pop the lever on
the wall, and the bar retracts, and you're back in the courtyard
next to the fort entrance.

Now you have the key, open all the doors you can. One of them
leads to a spiral staircase up (in that "ambush" courtyard).
Explore all the upper rooms... Shoot everybody. You will find the
other two keys as you explore all the way around the fort. One is
at upper story, along the wall. The other is on the "roof" that
you can access.

With the other two keys, you can access all the doors and clear
all the rooms. You'll come to this ledge, facing another ledge
with barred windows.

Jump across, then jump through the barred windows (the bars are
wide enough). Then clear that, and head downstairs to meet the
boss. I just use sniper rifle and shoot him through the barrels,
though you can crouch and then head inside and knife him, or
throw knives at him.

Get out of the room, grab any more gold you see, get out of the
fort, and nudge your horse to end.


NOTE: On the wanted missions, if you are able to capture (i.e.
knife the guy until he falls over) you get a better score.
Throwing or hand to hand, doesn't matter.

This one is not that hard, but you may get stuck if you haven't
figured out what to do. It's dark, so enemy visibility is
reduced. However, your scoped rifle doesn't seem to mind. This is
essentially the fort in the main campaign, albeit slightly

Grab all the stuff near your starting point, and explore around
the fort a bit. However, beware of those huge spiders
(tarantulas, actually). They move incredibly fast. Use the scoped
rifle and take out as many bad guys as you can from your ledge.

Head inside, and clear the first floor, as well as any one else
you can snipe. Find your way to the staircase going up, and clear
the upper floor until you can't go anywhere any more. You should
have ran into a shovel in one of the upper floor rooms.

Come back down to the staircase room. Explore around a little and
you'll see this room with a hole in the floor in the corner. Arm
shovel, and start digging. You'll drop and then drop through to a
secret tunnel.

SECRET TUNNEL: Tarantulas infest the secret tunnel. Use a stick
of dynamite and shotgun to clear them. Then head inside and grab
the crowbar and stuff. Get back out.

With the crowbar, you can open that stuck door in the upper
floor. Go inside, to take care of the boss, shoot or knife. It's
your choice.

Once you got the boss, explore around for more gold. Then when
you're done, go back to your horse and nudge it to end the level.


NOTE: On the wanted missions, if you are able to capture (i.e.
knife the guy until he falls over) you get a better score.
Throwing or hand to hand, doesn't matter.

This one is fun as it's around a fertilizer plant.

SECRET AREA: right near your starting point, go right, jump on
that platform, and push the box in to reveal a secret tunnel. Go
through, clear out some spiders, and you'll be able to grab the
idol (it's that Idol from Indiana Jones!)

Grab all the ammo you need, and dynamite, then continue down the
path. Shoot as many as you can from long range, then head into
the building.

You'll see a gatling gun in the middle of the warehouse. Do NOT
go get it. Enemies are on all three floors ready to turn you into
Swiss cheese. Instead, keep your back to the wall and clear each
section one at a time, until you've clear the entire warehouse.

You'll see a tunnel that leads to another warehouse. This one has
a sheriff's badge in the middle. Clear that as well. There's some
doors you can't open yet.

That warehouse leads to a room with staircase leading down. Clear
that (beware of 3 guys at the bottom level).

Head through the door, clear the bottom, and head up the spiral
staircase. You're in the water tank. Jump into the water tank and
claim elixir and crowbar. Climb back out.

With the crowbar, you should be able to gain access to a door
that will lead you to level 2 of the warehouse. Jump through a
box barrier, and a ramp will take you to level 3. Clear level 3,
and you'll cross over to the other building that you can't
access... Drop through a hole in ceiling, and you'll claim the
other key you need. Jump out and climb up the stairs.

You can now open the other door that was locked where you got the
crowbar. Head inside, clear the rooms, and head on through. It
leads to a tunnel. Explore to right to grab gold bars. Then
continue in other direction. You see a room with 2 planks forming
a plus sign. Clear it, and jump down to it and claim all the ammo
and stuff. Jump back up, and you'll see a separate entrance. Jump

Continue down, follow the path, and you'll see "Bloody" Mary Nash
soon. She's easy to capture... Just rush her with a knife and put
her under. Then shoot all the others, drop through the cracks in
the floor and do that. You can make your way up later.

Head back to your horse, nudge it, and end the level.


This one is sort of based on an existing map, but quite a bit of
it is unique. Basically, you need to hunt the level for keys,
which will help you open the gate to the bad guy's hideout.

Head down the path to your left, do NOT drop to canyon floor yet.
Take out the guards on the ledges. You can jump from one ledge to
another. You can claim quite a few items.

You'll come to a town with some busted buildings and some whole
buildings. Stay on the edges and take out as many as you can.
Then proceed to clear the entire town, one building at a time.
Grab anything you find, including crowbar.

When you see a cracked wall, drop a stick of dynamite on it.
You'll get goodies.

In the far left "warehouse", there is an entrance in a corner
blocked by some boxes, but it can be jumped. Jump in, and go down
the stairs. Check each branch (clear tarantulas!) and climb up
the stairs to your right... Keep clearing until you find "steel

Access doors you couldn't open before with steel key. There's
this building next to the "danger" sign. Open the door, clear
inside (or shoot them through the window, doesn't matter). Climb
up the second floor, push button, which opens the door to the
small room on first. floor. Go there, push the button inside,
which opens the door bearing that "danger" sign. Go inside, clear
it (lots of spiders), continue, and you'll locate the brass key
with more gold. Dive into the pool for more gold.

On the opposite side of town, you'll find this wall containing
large red door. Open and kill everybody in your way. There's a
button hidden under the bar. Push it, and a door under the
staircase will open. Head inside and claim more goodies. Come
back to the "lobby".

Head upstairs, and try NOT to shoot civilians (i.e. NO shotgun!)
continue down corridor, and you'll get to the rear entrance. Go
outside, kill bad guys. You'll see another door heading into the
basement. Save now.

Get into the basement, and Dick Clifton is up ahead. He's called
dynamite for a reason... He likes to toss dynamite. Capture him
would be a problem, as it's hard to get up there. There's also a
couple bad guys nearby. You may want to move around with shotgun
and clear the room, then switch to knife throwing to take down
Clifton. You may be able to jump up there and knife him too...
It's up to you.

Once he's done, just walk back to the city, past the torn down,
and back up the trail... Nudge your horse and that's it.


NOTE: On the wanted missions, if you are able to capture (i.e.
knife the guy until he falls over) you get a better score.
Throwing or hand to hand, doesn't matter.

This one is not that hard, merely a bit tedious.

Go down the trail past the bridge, and kill anything that moves.
You have to clear two forts, and the associated passages between
the places.

Notice a dark brown shack, with a white rock next to it, during
your moving around. Climb onto the rock and walk onto the roof of
the shack, then drop into the hole, and grab gold and crowbar.
Use crowbar to get out.

Head back into the fort, facing you, and use crowbar on door
that's stuck. You'll locate the steel key. Head to the other
fort, use the key on the door that needs it, and you'll nab the
"iron key".

The iron key is used to access the room in the corner... Bloodeye
Tim is above you in the blue jacket. Crouch and jump on the
ledge, then throw knives at him until he goes down.


There's really nothing to this level... You go into this maze,
and end up in this central "hub", where you see three paths. The
black is so black not even your lamp will work. Use the map to

Each of the 3 paths leads to a set of 3 doors... Each with a bad
guy inside. As you approach, the door pops open. You should have
just enough ammo to kill all nine (3 per path).

Nudge your horse to get back.


This is a shooting range, enough said.

Continue down the path, into the building. Grab as many guns and
ammo as you wish, including the gatling gun and the gatling ammo
magazine. In front is a regular "shooting gallery". To right are
series of bells for you to practice sniping. To left is "skeet
shooting", where random objects are tossed.

You have a LOT of ammo. When you ran out, head back into the
"lobby" of the building for more.

Nudge your horse to get back.


This is basically the Outlaws version of an Indiana Jones
adventure... No guns, no whip, just your fists, and some fancy

Jump across the river, and go up the steps to the entrance. Head
on in. There's a TON of spiders dropping from the "hole". Just
JUMP over them and continue. You can't stop them.

If you see single spider, crouch and use punch to take it out.
Avoid the large groups.

Continue into the stone maze. Push them out of the way and
continue. To left is a deadend, so go right. One of the blocks
has a spring... It springs back. Doesn't matter, just keep going.

You get to a room with sun shining in. AVOID THE SUN. It BURNS!
Crouch and move along the wall to avoid it. Continue to this room
with four "islands". The water is POISONOUS... Don't fall in! If
you fall in, jump out immediately! Jump from island to island...
Into the next tunnel you go.

Continue into next room. There's a path to the left, and 3
islands to the right you can jump. If you go up the left side,
rocks pop out of the wall and shove you off the path (unless
you're VERY fast). If you then jump on the islands, the island
will drop you into the lake.

There's a hole you can swim through. Punch the button, then swim
all the way to the top and jump out through the hole.

You then run into 4 of the "metal men". I have no idea what these
guys do, but feel free to punch them until they catch fire.

Continue into the corridor. You come to a statue head. Save the
game now.

Grab the head and RUN, and be ready to do a super-jump (run and
jump) as one of the ledges will drop out almost from under you.
Jump back via the islands, make your way back, through the maze,
through the tarantulas, and jump across the river... Nudge your
horse, and you're done!

8    Multiplayer
Any one has more suggestions for this section?


boot:jerkboy   drops the player 'jerkboy' from the MP game


To send a message that is only seen by members of the red or blue
team in a Team game, enter the following (without the quotation
marks) in the chat field before your message:

To whisper to the red team: ''#r '' or ''red:''
To whisper to the blue team: ''#b '' or ''blue:''


To send a message to a single player, enter their name or the
beginning of their name in the chat field, followed by a colon,
before your message.

Example: To whisper ''hello'' to player GunPuppy but player
GunDingo, type ''gunp:hello'' without the quotation marks in the
chat field.


To play as a character named ''Nobody'' in multiplayer, go to the
character selection screen from the game lobby after joining,
then hit the ESC key instead of clicking on one of the six
characters. Your character name is now listed in the lobby as
''Nobody'' though you will look and behave like James Anderson
for all intents and purposes.

9    Cheat Codes
You don't need cheat codes, esp. not on "good" level.

To enter these cheat codes, get in the game, then type the code
in. No need to bring up a prompt or such.


olairhead - fly mode
olbounce - super jump mode
olether - invisibility
olimyella - god mode
oltombstone - you WILL die
olyahoo - bronze badge
olzip - teleport (you can sort of "choose" where you want to go
by using the map, supposedly)


OLOPEC - more oil
OLER - full health
OLRX - gives hearts
OLHITME - lose one heart
OLREALLYHITME - lose three hearts
OLHOWMANY - displays number of players
OLNETWORK - displays network information
OLMEMORY - displays memory use information
OLBLACKOPS - lights up objects in rifle scope
OLBOOST - add gold and rank in Historical Missions
OLSHADOWS - jetpack (use with X key)
OLJTF - displays player stats
OLSHAW - your hits push enemies back really far
OLRUNAWAYTRAIN - play as a mine car on the Mine level
OLANALKLIE - misaligns textures
OLPOLYS - displays polygon information [code from the Spitting
Horse Saloon]


These codes take you to level 1 through 9, respectively.




olappear - Make Boss appear
olash - Unlimited Ammo
olcds - Super Map Mode
olfps - Show Frame Rate
olgps - Show Player Coordinates
olgusher - Unlimited oil
oljackpot - Add Inventory
olpostal - Full Ammo for all Weapons
olredlite - Stops Enemies where they stand
olscore - Skip level
olscreening - show cut scenes
olstinnett - Walk with Gatling Gun
olwimpy - Auto reload


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