Weel, I guess I'll go ahead and take the time to type out the new RAII codes....

I'm going to have this file cover both PC and Mac versions... The Mac keystrokes 
will be in the left column, the PC in the middle, and the description follows on the 

To activate a certain feature, just enter the code.  Use the same code to deactivate a 
feature.  Be forewarned, with a game like Rebel Assault, if you use the cheats to 
greedily, it really ruins the game for you in terms of replay value and you may 
feel jipped.  I'd save the really juicy ones (Like the Force Mode) for the hardest 
difficulties and the spoilers (The Yoda Power Mode) for after you've beaten the 
game and want to show off to friends...

First of all, you need to turn the cheats on.  

     Mac    | PC           |          Description/Notes
Option-V |  Alt-V      |  Turns the cheats on.  On the Mac side, you need to Go to 
                               |   the main menu and do this.  On the PC, you need to pause 
                               |   the game at any point (I think) and do this.  It should say 
                               |   something like "Cheats Activated."
                                    FORCE MODE
LETGO  |  LETGO   |  This activates the force mode.  On both versions, type this 
                               |   in quickly (As you would do in Doom or Dark Forces)          
                               |    after you have turned the cheats on.  It should say "You 
                               |   are using the force." All of the following codes are used 
                               |    during gameplay.

      +      |      +        | The + Key reduces your damage
      -       |      -         |  The - key restores all health.
Option-E | Alt-E       |   Adds an extra life.
Option-L | Alt-L       |  Gives you unlimited Lives.

                            YODA POWER MODE
ISNOTRY|ISNOTRY|  This activates the Yoda Power Mode.  Again, on both 
                               |  versions, type this in quickly after you turn on the cheats 
                               | mode, and it should say that the Yoda Power Mode has been          
                               | activated.  
` or clear| Escape      |  Pressing this will skip any level or cutscene.
Option-J | Alt-J         |  Jump to a chapter of you choice: use this DURING 
                               |  gameplay (after pausing the game). It should ask you which 
                               |  chapter and you type in a number.
Option-P| Alt-P        |  AutoPlay-the computer plays for you until you deactivate 
                               |  this option.  Helpful if you want to get through a level and 
                               |  see all of it as well (instead of skipping).  This can be 
                               |  activated/deactivated both in and out of gameplay.
Option-M| Alt-M      |  MOVIE MODE! I like this one.  You watch all video 
                                 straight through.

Have fun!!
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