Star Trek: The Next Generation
                              Birth of the Federation
                           FAQ By Gareth Hunter. e-mail:
                             [email protected]
                                   Version 1.02


	1.  Introduction (A brief summary of this FAQ and Update information.
	1.1 Updates
	2.  The Species ("I like my species the way it is!")
	    The Federation.
	    The Klingon Empire.
	    The Ferengi Alliance.
	    The Romulan Star Empire.
	    The Cardassian Union.
	2.1 Minor Races.
	2.2 What side to pick.
	2.3 What type of Game.
	3.  Colonization Tactics, Hints and Tips.
	4.  Diplomacy.
	5.  Battle Tactics.
	5.1 How to conquer a plannet.
	6.  What to build....and why!
	7.  Winning!
	8.  Losing.
	9.  Cheats.
	9.1 Questions from the audiance.
	10. A final Word.

1. Introduction

If your reading this FAQ your either, rubbish at BOTF (Birth of the Federation)
or your an experienced/intermediate player looking to pick up some tips. Either
way hopefully this FAQ will help you. The reason I decided to make this was
because of the lack of good BOTF FAQs out there. (there was only one I could
find and it didn't cover everything)

1.1 Updates

Ver 1.01
This is the first version of my FAQ. If you have any suggestions, or if you've
noticed anything that needs changed that I haven't noticed, please don't
hesitate to e-mail me at
[email protected]
If you are going to distrubute this in any way please e-mail me and tell
me. It would be nice to know that all my hard work was actually usefull to
Ver 1.02

Second update of my FAQ. Added new section on questions I've been e-mailed, and
changed the address to my new one. Started work on my new Star Trek: Starfleet
Acadamey. Should be at www.gamefaqs.com soon. Keep your eyes peeled.

Anyway enough of this babbling. Lets get down to buisness....

2. The Species

Here is a list of the races that you can pick to go in BOTF and there
attributes, and there weaknesses.

	The Federation

Attitude: 			Peacefull/Diplomatic
Diplomacy:			Very Good. Minor races favour The Federation
Ships:				Good all rounders. No weak points in shields or
Vendettas:			Romulans and the Cardassians


The Federations biggest attribute is there natural flair for Diplomacy, which
can always be used to there advantage. Minor races favour The Federation and
can usually secure an alliance or if your lucky, make them members of the
Federation. There ships are fast and manuverable, there shields and hulls and
very resiliant and there weapons are enough to defend them selves in a fight.
The Federation get many bonuses for liberating an occupied planet which has
taken over. The Federation only attack as a last resort and even then people
not happy when you go to war. You may even have to declare Martial Law because
of the unrest. The Federations weakest point is espionage but can defend them
selves from it through Internal Security. The Federation Is a good all rounder,
for beginners or the experienced.

	The Klingon Empire

Attitude:			Warlike/Honorable
Diplomacy:			Reasonable. Many trust, but dislike the Klingons
Ships:				Very manueverable and Fast, Weapons very strong,
Aft Shields and Hulls weak/Clocking ability
Vendettas:			Carrdassians and the Ferengi


The Klingons are a warlike race and prefer war to peace, but that said the
Klingons are very trustworthy and when they make an Alliance or Freindship
treaty or non-agression Pact it will last un-less you do some 'unhonorable'and
or show that you are weak. This is why relations between the Federation and
Klingons are so bumpy. The Klingons ships are extremely fast and manuverable,
and there weapons are very good. A wing of Klingon Scouts can cause quite a bit
of damage. The Klingons people like war, but only when there winning! remember
this if your playing the Klingons. The Klingons think that espionage is a
dishonerable thing to be doing but are prepared to protect them selves from it
through internal security. The Klingons are a very specialised side. There
attributes will be better used if you are an experienced player.

	The Ferengi Alliance

Attitude:			Greedy/Neutral
Diplomacy:			Decent/Bribary
Ships:				Reasonably good. Fast and Manueverable
Vendettas:			Klingons and the Cardassians


The Ferengi care about to things, Money and there lives(not neccesseraly in
order, depends on the situation!). A major advantage of the Ferengi is that
can establish trade routes without freindship treaties. This way they can gain
alot of extra income. The Ferengi will only make treaties or alliances if it
looks like they will make money out of it. There ships are good all rounders,
but not as good as Federation Ships. But with the economic backing they can
replace ships easily. The Ferengi will go to war if they will make money out of
it. They will also make peace if they will make money out of it. Basically, the
Ferengi will back the winning side. The Ferengi strong point in espionage is
stealing money, but there Internal Security could be stronger. Although the
Ferengi will be good for beginners I recommend that you get a little experience
before using them.

	The Romulan Star Empire

Attitude:			Xenaphobic/Secretive
Diplomacy:			Terrible/Militiristic
Ships:				Not very manuverable yet fast/Strong
weapons/Clocking ability
Vendettas:			Federation and the Ferengi


The Romulans are the most secretive race in the game, with the Cardassians
coming a close second. There espionage abilitys are second to none. They can
bring a Race to its knees just through espionage....if used properly. Not many
people like the Romulans but because of them being so powerfull many people
suck-up to them. There ships are fast but not very manuverable, but they make
for it in fire power. there plasma torpedos are deadly. The Romulan people
aren't really fussy, as long as they are winning. Its not hard to keep them
happy. The Romulans a very specialised in espionage.

	The Cardassian Union

Attitude:			Secritive/Militiristic Govermant
Diplomacy:			Good/Just a front
Ships:				Decent all rounders/Slow but manuverable. Can fire
in all directions!(Hint!)
Vendettas:			Federation and the Klingons


There govermant being run by the millitary, the Cardassians are intrested in
thing and one thing only, conquest. There ships are specialy designed to be
to fire in all directions, but the ships are slow. The only reason that the
Cardassians will make an alliance or treaty is if there backing the winning
side. As soon as there bgack is turned they will strike. They dont want a
victory. They want to do it alone, and become the rulers of the Galaxy. There
espioage is the best apart from the Romulans. The Cardassians are a cross
between the Romulans, Klingons, and the Federation.

2.1 Minor Races

In total there are 30 different minor races. Below is a list of them all, in
there different catagories.

Name                   Home World                  Type
----                   ----------                  ----

Acamarians             Acamar                      Aggressive
Andorians              Andor                       Aggressive
Angosians              Angosia                     Aggressive
Antedeans              Antede                      Scientific
Anticans               Antica                      Aggressive
Bajorans               Bajor                       Scientific/Primitive
Bandi                  Deneb                       Primitive
Benzites               Benzar                      Scientific
Betazoids              Betazed                     Scientific
Bolians                Bolarus                     Scientific
Bynars                 Bynanus                     Scientific
Caldonians             Caldonia                    Scientific
Chalnoth               Chalna                      Very Aggressive
Edo                    Rubacun                     Primitive
Ktarians               Ktaria                      Scientific
Malcorians             Malcor                      Primitive/Scientific
Mintikans              Mintika                     Primitive
Mizarians              Mizar                       Scientific/Cowards!
Nausicanns             Nausica                     Aggressive/Scientiffic
Pakleds                Pakled                      Very Aggressive
Selay                  Selay                       Aggressive against the
Shelliac               Shellia                     Scientiffic
Takarans               Takara                      Scientiffic
Talarians              Talar                       Aggressive
Tamaraians             Tama                        Aggressive/Un-Diplomatic
Trill                  Trill                       Very Scientific
Ullians                Ullia                       Scientific
Vulacans               Vulcan                      Very Scientific
Yridians               Yridia                      Scientific/Sneaky
Zakdorn                Zakdorn                     Scientific

Making a minor race become part of your empire can be difficult. The Federation
can make minor races members much more easily that the other empires. Remember
that althoungh minor races are small, some have powerfull ships and have very
upgrades that can benefit your empire greatly.

2.2 What side to pick

If your a beginner I strongly recommend that you start with the Federation. The
are the best to learn how to play the game. Once you've grasps the basics, just
pick a side. Read through the descriptions above and pick one you like.
to way up the good sides and the bad. What side you pick makes a huge
as to how the game is played. But just remeber, You can take a horse to water,
but you can't make it drink. What Im saying is, Dont try and make the Klingons
Diplomats or the Federation warlike. Stick with whats best. My motto is 'if it
works stick with it'.

2.3 What type of Game?

In the game there are many different options to pick from. What type of game
example, Vendetta or Domination, What size of Galaxy, What type of Galaxy ect.
Now the first thing that you should think about is difficulty. There are five
different options for this; simple, easy, normal, hard and impossible. Dont
think that normal is too easy for you when you first begin, because even easy
can be difficult if your a novice. Impossible isn't as difficult as it sounds
but I would practice a little before you try it!! :-)
	Now the next is what type of game you want to play. Below are thee two
options and what is needed to complete them.

Vendetta: Vendetta is when your empire has to destroy its two most hated
For whichs ones you have you have to destroy check the species chapter and look
up the race that you're playing.

Domination: To win this type of game your empire has to control 60% of the
galaxy or 75% if you have affiliated with another major power. The bigger the
galaxy the harder this is.

The size of galaxy you pick affects the game greatly. In Domination it makes
game much harder. The type of galaxy you pick; Spiral, irregular ect. just
determines where the plannets are placed.

3. Colonisation Taticts, Hints and Tips

If your playing a Domination game this is the most important part. To win in
Domination you have to control 60% of the Galaxy. I know it doesn't sound hard
but when you start bumping up the difficulty levels you will find this
incredably hard. The other way to win is by erradicating all other major races.
	Now there are three ways to extend your borders.

One: 		Colonize a System
Two:		Build an Outpost or Starbase
Three:		Attack a planet and take it over

Now unless you want to declare war, this leaves you with two main options, one
and two. Just remember one thing: You cant build ships and gain credits from
outposts or starbases. Think of Outposts and Starbases as temporys, to expand
your reach until you can colonize a planet or system. One thing Starbases are
good for though is defence. Also theres nothing more threatening than a few
Starbases sitting on the edge of your space. Before you can colonise a planet
you may have to terraform the plannet. This can take from one turn to about
three. Just remember, the more colony ships you put on the job, the faster it
will get done.
	Now to take over a system is a completely different matter. Now the first
thing you have to to do if your taking over a system is to get a small, cheap
ship, say a scout, into that system. Now if you look at the info on the system
at the bottom of the screen it will tell you how many orbital batterys there
in the system, and how many are powered up. Now if theres, say four powered up,
they can become easily overcome by normal ships, with decent enough weapons.
if your knocking on 20 and upwards, then your gonna have to break out the fine
china. You will need Planatery assualt ships and a dreadnought wouldn't go a
miss. After you've overcome the orbital batterys, a tip is too attack the
for another two turns. This will make it easier to take over with ground troops
from a transport ship(s).

4. Diplomacy

Diplomacy quite a hard area to cover, as it depends on what side you are using
and what type of game you want to play. If you just wanting a muck about and
want to get into a few dog fights, dont worry about diplomacy. But if your
wanting a proper game follow these guides for the different races:

The Federation: Always try and make friends, and never declare war unless
absolutly neccessary. Always be nice. This is what works best with the
Federation and it will keep your people happy.

The Klingon Empire: Try not to offer treatys too often. Declare war when
or wanted. Act as if everyones against you, yet your playing along. If you do
this properly you will declare war quite a few times during a long game (700
turns and over) and make and break friends. This should keep your people happy.

The Ferengi Alliance: Remember the 34th rule of Aquisision: Peace is good for
buisness. Also remeber the 35th Rule of Aquisision: War is good for buisness.
But also remember that theese are just guidelines. Hey, do you think it would
have been as popular if they had named it the suggestions of aquisision!

The Romulan Star Empire:  Be secritive. Dont talk unless you plan on
intemidating people by demanding money. Ask for treatys only if your getting
hammered. When your allied with people use espionage to find there weak spots,
and then exploit them. Remeber, If knowledge is power then to know everything
to be unconquerable.

The Cardassian Union: Be plausable. Make them think that you dont have a hidden
agenda. Try and make treaties until you get powerfull, then whoop E.T.'s ass!

5. Battle Tactics

If you want to kick some alien butt your going to have to learn what to build
and when. Also your going to have to learn about research. Researching isn't
most important part of the game but it is nice when you get to the defiant
when playing the Federation. A few of these you'll never have to worry again.
you want this ship or in the other races case there best ship, research weapons
and propulsion. Thats it.
	Now when in a fight you've got to wiegh up the chances, that is the chaces
of you winning or you getting your butt whipped. I mean if you've got five
scouts and you go and attack a starbase dont expect them to back for supper.
Same goes if you've got two dreadnoughts and you go and fight five. It aint
gonna happen and the quicker you figure that out the quiker your gonna start
winning a few games.
	When in a battle you get a choice of manuevers that the ship(s) can do.
You can find out what the other ships are doing and then figure out whats the
best (it tells you). But its not always wise to pick what the computer
recommends (as computer technicians would know!), Try and think about the ships
you fighting and there weak points. For example if your carrdassians (which
ships can fire in all directions) and your fighting Klingons (who have weak aft
shields and hulls) who are circling, dont do what the computer recomends.
them, that way you hit them from the front and more importantly the back. When
in a big battle try and send small useless ships in to ram or swarm around the
big ships to distract them.
	Starbases have one option...shoot, need I explain?

5.1 How to conquer a Plannet

Stealing a plannet is a very common thing in BOTF if your the Cardassians or
Romulans. For the best tips, check above at chapter 3. Colonisation Tactics,
Hints and Tips. If your playing the Federation or The Klingon Empire I
that you dont do this, as it will cause unrest and diplomatic negotions may be

6. What to build and Why!

In my opion, the most importantant thing in the game is industry. With it, you
can build faster, more things to build will become available, and without you
will most certainly loose. At the beginning of the game, this is the best thing
to build, along with, Farms (or that species equivalant) and colony or
ships. As you get on in the game start to build special structures, like wind
turbines, ect. (Note: if your the Federation, Never build the Genesis Research
Lab unless you want to go to war with the Klingons)

Another important building is your Databanks, which give you more room for
intelligence and espionage. If your the Romulans or the Cardassians, this is a
very usefull thing to build alot of. If your any other race, it is still a good
idea to build a few of these as to defend your self from espionage. Upgrading
can be a very long and tedious operation but in the long run it is worth it. It
is very costly to upgrade so your better to just bite the bullet and let it do
it itself. (unless your loaded!)

Research centres help you to research faster, which is good. Its really up to
you and what type of game you are playing, as when to place them. But just
remember the earlier you build the more research your going to get done. But
just remember, energy is important. Without it your unique and special
structures like, Wind Turbines, Ship Yards and Dilithium Refinarys will not

Ships have there purposes like Planatary assualt, Escourt, Border Patrol and
defence. But just remember, ships with weapons can fire at other ships with
weapons. There multi-purpose. Just because it says, "Planatary Assault" it
doesn't mean that it cant fire at other ships. Command ships help your other
ships in the same group fire more accurratley and they also have big guns!
is nice.

7. Winning!

So you won! Well Done! You've learned well. But dont get too cockey. Theres
other difficulty levels. And if you've won on all of them, why not trying
playing someone on the net?

8. Losing

So you lost. Stop sulking and try again, after all practice makes perfect.

9.  Cheats

Well just incase your completely hopeless at the game and need some help, why
not try these. But I strongly recommend that you use these only as a last

To activate the cheats:

Start the game from a command line with "-Mudd" ("M" is capitalized) as and
additional parameter.(e.g C:\BOTF\Trek.exe -Mudd)

To do this, Right click the Shorcut in the Star Menu and click on proerties and
then amend the line in the target window.

Then you may use the following codes in game:

F9  - Adds 100% to Overall Research
F10 - Gives 10,000 Credits
F11 - Reveal Map on/off

9.1 Questions from the Audiance

Q. How can you win a game of 'tank rushing' when your the Ferengi?

A. Well, as I mentioned earlier, the Ferengi's ships are cheap, quick, and very
easily replaced, but most lack the required punch for a full on tactical game.
Your best bet is to concentrate on defense and colonise as much as possible.
When your in a good posistion, and you know you can hold, and you have loads of
money, then the fun begins. Demolish the enemy with espionage. Sounds nasty,
cowerdly... infact, it's just what the Ferengi would do. When the Ememy is
falling to pieces move your armada of small ships in and wipe out all his
ships, which will be in a 'state of flux' (bad joke, you should get it if your
a Voyager fan.) Thenm take all the time you need to build planetary defence
busting guns! Then you win the game. K?

I got tons of mails about my FAQ and people asking questions that they would
know if they looked at the manual. So please look at the manual before you ask
me how to "build a ship".

10. A final Word

I hope that this FAQ has helped you, and please if you have any comments or
corrections, dont hessitate to contact me at:

[email protected]

Alot of hardwork has went to this FAQ, so please, if your going to distribute
in anyway, plaese contact me first and ask for my permission. This is version
1.01. No doubt I will probably be making updates so look out for it. You will
able to find the most up-to-date version at GameFAQs.

Please look out for my new FAQ on Star Trek: Starfleet Acaadamey out soon!

Star Trek: The Next Generation(TM),(R),(C) 1999 Paramount Pictures. All Rights
Reserved. Microprose is trademark of Hasbro and its affiliates. All other
trademarks are the property of their respective holders. This FAQ is Copyright
2000 Jamal Leyba. This FAQ is for private use only. It may not be reproduced,
redistributed, or altered in any way without the
author's consent.

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