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  ====    INDEX   ===== 
  1) Secret Characters
  2) Third Costumes
  3) Hidden Modes
  4) Endings
  5) GameShark Codes
  6) Tricks
  7) Updates
  8) Links
  9) Credits

Getting the all Hidden Characters in Tekken 3 is quite simple and easy. 
Mostly what you have to do is beat the game with different characters. 
As you beat the game you will get the characters in the following order: 
2.Julia Chang 
3.Gun Jack 
5.Anna Williams 
6.Bryan Fury 
7.Heihachi Mishima 
9.True Ogre  

These aren't the only characters though. There are two other characters: 

Gon: Beat Gon on Tekken Ball Mode ( He should be the first one 
you fight against ) or after you score fist one survival mode, 
enter you initials as GON; afterwards Gon should be selectable. 
After beating him he will be selectable on any mode. To select him 
on arcade mode, just keep pushing left, right until you are off 
the screen and he is highlighted. Gon is very cool, he cannot be 
grabbed, but he can't do any combos. 

Dr. B (Bosconovich): Beat Tekken Force mode 4 Times. Everytime you 
beat it, you will get a key ( Copper - Silver - Gold ). Once you get all 
the keys, beat it again and you should fight agains Doctor Bosconovich. 
Beat him and he will be selectable in any mode! PS: Although weird, he 
is very fun to play with! 

A character's third costume may be selected by pressing the "Start" 
Button on the Character Selection screen. But you can't just go and pick 
them, you must first earn the costumes. 

Law's Yellow Suit - Beat the game with both Law and Paul.
Gun-Jack's Jack 2 Costume - Select Gun Jack 10 or more times.
Eddy's Tiger Costume - Beat Arcade Mose with 16 different characters.
Jin's School Uniform - Play with Jin a total of 50 times or more.
Xiaoyu's School Uniform - Play with her a total of 50 times or more.
Anna's Striped Suit - Play with Anna a total of 25 times or more. 

Tips: To get the uniforms that require you to pick a character ( a 
certain number of times or more ) quicker and easier, simply go to 
the options menu, set it for One (1) round, with Twenty (20) seconds, 
with guard damage on, and select Vs. Make it so both Player 1 and Player 
2 pick the character, as they both count. You might wanna check how many 
times you have already picked the character at the Options menu before 
you start, so you ll have an idea of how many times you will have to 

There may be other costumes that we don't know about yet. If you find 
any that are not listed here, e-mail me and I'll add it on a next
version of the FAQ. You will receive full credit!

- TekkenBall Mode - Beat Arcade mode with any 10 characters. This 
mode is problably, the most innovative. Its a Ball, a beach ball, 
that must be hit around by your characters. Combos and Super Moves 
will make the Ball go wild, making it burn on flames, or surronded by 
electrycity, so it hurts the opponent. The Opponent may hit the ball 
back to the attacker, causing even more damage. The player also loses 
damage if the ball lands on the ground on his side. 

- Theatre Mode -  Beat Arcade mode with the 10 starting characters. 
This mode lets you watch all the endings that you have obtained, so you 
dont have to beat the game all over in order to understand the 
storyline. Within the Theatre mode, there is another hidden option:
        -Disc/Music option in Theatre mode - Get (watch) all 22 endings. 
This mode allows you to watch the endings from Tekken 1 and 2! You 
have to try it to believe it! 

- Intro: No, not the FMV intro, the intro where if you leave the 
game alone fot awhile, it shows up. It originally shows Hworang 
practcing his skills, and then switches to other characters. There are 
two other Intros though:        
         -2nd Intro - Get Theatre Mode - This intro i 
basically the same, but the characters are wearing their second 
         -3rd Intro - Have all 21 characters - All of the original 
characters are substitued by the hidden characters. Its funny to see 
Panda and the others doing the more serious characters' moves!

There are 22 endings to Tekken 3:
Tekken 3 Opening - Start of the Game
Tekken 3 Arcade Opening - Beat the game Once
Paul Phoenix - Beat Arcade Mode with Paul.
Forest Law- Beat Arcade Mode with Law.
Lin Xiaoyu- Beat Arcade Mode with Xiaoyu.
Nina Williams- Beat Arcade Mode with Nina.
King- Beat Arcade Mode with King.
Eddy Gordo- Beat Arcade Mode with Eddy.
Jin Kazama- Beat Arcade Mode with Jin.
Lei Wulong- Beat Arcade Mode with Lei.
Hwoarang- Beat Arcade Mode with Hwoarang.
Yoshimitsu/Dr. Bosconovich- Beat Arcade Mode with Yoshimitsu or Dr. 
Kuma/Panda- Beat Arcade Mode with Kuma or Panda.
Julia Chang- Beat Arcade Mode with Julia.
Gun Jack- Beat Arcade Mode with Gun Jack.
Mokujin- Beat Arcade Mode with Mokujin.
Bryan Fury- Beat Arcade Mode with Bryan Fury.
Anna Williams- Beat Arcade Mode with Anna.
Heihachi Michima- Beat Arcade Mode with Heihachi.
Ogre/True Ogre- Beat Arcade Mode with Igre or True Ogre.
Gon- Beat Arcade Mode with Gon.
Tiger Jackson- Beat Arcade Mode with Tiger. 

Note: There are really 23 characters if you count Gun Jack's different 
endings. He has the -BAD- Ending, which you get by beating it on easy, 
and his -GOOD- ending, by beating it on normal, with everything green on 
the game options.

Here are a couple Links to great Tekken 3 GameShark Codes:
Tekken 3.1 -
    This page has the most awesome Tekken 3 codes, such as you being able
    to play as the Tekken Force Mode enemies, and switching the character's
    fighting styles around!
    They have some great codes, but they are mostly ordinary codes, such
    as Infinite Health. GO there if youre having trouble beating the game.


Move Recording on Practice Mode: 
First go to Practice Mode. Select any character, then select "Free". 
Set the Replay Settings so its not on manual. Go to okay, but whrn you 
slect it, Hold all the Rs and Ls and press Circle. While playing, press 
down and select to record a move. After you have recorded, press select 
the charcter will the the move all by himself!

v 0.2: - Added new way to get Gon
       - Added new Practice Mode recording Trick
       - Corrected Spelling :)

Here are a few links to Tekken 3 sites:
Alien's Tekken 3 Codes Page -
    My page. It has all the codes on this FAQ, and also Forum,
    Polls and that stuff. Give it a visit, and sign the 
    guestbook  :-).
t e k k e n 3 o b s e s s i o n -
    A great site, with more in-depth info in the game, such as
    individual character moves and info, and such.
Tekken 3 Information Center -
    Another very good site, with loads of info on the characters,
    and also on the other tekkens.
    Go here fo character movelists!

Tekken, Tekken 3, all the characters and all that stuff is (c) NAMCO.
This FAQ is (c) Henrique L {Alien}, all rights reserved.
I did not copy this info from any sites and/or FAQs, except
my own!

My e-mail address is [email protected].

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