Donkey Kong 64

The survival of Nintendo 64 is in the hands on Rareware. Golden eye, Banjo Kazooie and now Donkey kong 64. It's a combination of Banjo and Mario. The result is unbelieveble. The quality graphics, the game play and the enjoyment of challenge and puzzles will blow you away. This is one of those games that all must buy, and probably all owners of the N-64 will. The object is to take back the golden bananas stolen by the bad Croc. The worlds are filled wit evil henchmans and every world you travel to has a boss that must be beaten. Some of those bosses are easy, some are very very tough, but they are at all times original, imaginative and beatable (in the end). The versatility of this game will stagger you to perform 100% with every character on every level. For all creatures (5 in total) each world hides 100 bananas and 5 golden bananas. As all the characters have their own colors, you must traverse each level 5 times. However the puzzels are different per character and each of them can open up other parts of a level, so you will need to change the characters involved. They all get their own weapons and their own musical instruments. The weapons can be used to activate switches or shoot the bad guys. Some points require a musical instrument. All items and spells must be bought however, so be prepared to find coins. just like the banana's to each his own color currency. Here you will find the info on getting the coveted golden banana's. I did not specify the location of the coins and the normal colored bananas, you should be able to find them by traversing the levels. most of them are in plain sight, some are in balloons, so at times do look up.




Name Color Weapon Instrument
Donkey Kong Yellow Coconut shooter Bongo's
Diddy Kong Red Peanut popper Guitar
Tiny Kong Pink feather bow Sax
Lanky Kong Blue Grape shooter Trombone
Chunky Kong Green Pineapple blaster triangle


move 0
move 1
move 2
move 3
Donkey Kong Simian slam
Donkey get's this move for all apes to use when he completes training
Baboon Blast Strong Kong Gorilla Grab
Diddy Kong Chimp Charge Jetbarrels Simian Spring
Tiny Kong Shrink Pony Tail Twirl  
Lanky Kong Orangstand Babboon Baloon  
Chunky Kong Hunky Chunky Primate Punch  


move 4
move 5 move 6
Donkey Kong

Super Simian Slam
All Kongs can now slam blue plates

Super Duper Simian Slam
All Kongs can now slam red plates
Diddy Kong
Tiny Kong Tiny pad
Lanky Kong Orangestand Sprint
Chunky Kong Chunky pad


Each world also has a mini game for each of the characters. The only complaint i have is that some mini games come back. Some remain easy, some become really hard.The ones that do become really hard will not be solved easily, but the reward of passing the test is defenitely worth it (if you survive the frustration of all the attempts that you failed).


0 Donkey Kong island
1 Jungle Japes
2 Angry Aztec
3 Frantic Factory
4 Gloomy Galleon
5 Funghi Forrest
6 Crystal Caverns
7 Creepy Castle
8 Hideout Helm


Level actions for all levels
Every team member must visit Cranky for moves. You pay him in coins, so always look for these suckers. Some moves are payed by one, but will be available to all, so let the richest ape go first at all times. And do this always as soon as you find the shed (it will often have a barrel there too).
The former action also applies to the weapon shed. The general upgrade starts later on in the game in the form of munition belts, and sniper scope.
Always activate a teleport pad the moment you see it. It can safe time and agrevation if you overlook one.
Each kong must get his own blueprint. To find the right one, check the haircolor of the 'subboss'. White hair means your kong already got a blueprint from this fellow.
Almost every level has two fairies, recheck every part of each level for these fairies. Saving one will add the option for more ammo on some items (like crystals). Once you saved them all a reward awaits you.
Whenever you see a pad with a musical instrument let that Kong play there. Some open up new parts of a level, some open the way to a golden banana.


Donkey Kong island
The place that links all the levels together.
Level actions
Before you enter Funghi Forrest, shoot the toad at the ceiling by color of person to get the Chunky pad
Tiny can shoot open a hatch holding a fairy at Funghi Forest.
Close to the Aztec temples are stones on pads, Chunky should remove them.
If lanky plays close to the Aztec Temple, a diddy barrel will appear at the entrance of the Funghi Forest.
In the Crystal caves are Ice walls, Chunky should remove them and place a rock on a pad.
Donkey Kong After speaking to Klumsy he'll open the entrance to Jungle Japes and uncovers the first banana.
In The Frantic Factory, pull the handle with your gorilla grab, get up the elevator and play some bongo's for the next banana.
In the Crystal caves is a banana in a lake of lava, you could get it as Strong Kong.
Just below the vines leading to Snides is another banana.
At the entrance of Hideout Helm lies your part of the blueprint.
Diddy Kong Take the diddy barrel from the Funghi forest just across is a gate with a banana.
Just above the peak of the island is a barrel, get that banana.
In the crystal caves is a diddy barrel, fly to the red door and play music on the guitar pad, your reward is that famous yellow banana.
Use the diddy pad nect to Snides to get this banana.
In Creepy Castle, after Donkey opens the cage, Diddy can collect a blueprint.
Tiny Kong At the Angry Aztec level, let Diddy sound the two gongs. A banana will appear and Tiny can jump to it with her pony tails.
Behind the Fairy Queen palace.
After Chunky slams a box in the Frantic Factory, you can bash for a blueprint.
From the boat the a Tiny pad up, there a musicpad awaits. Play for a banana.
In Gloomy Galleon, after Chunky slams pad, you can reach the banana by shrinking.
Lanky Kong Behind the entrance to Klumsy is your first Island banana.
At the entrance of Jungle japes is a rock, when removed play trombone for banana.
In Klumsy's room is a banana, sprint to the pad and to the banana to get it.
After chunky removes a boulder in Creepy Castle. You can float to your banana.
Remove wall in Crystal Cavern as Chunky. Behind it is your part of the blueprint.
Chunky Kong Close to telepad 3 lies your banana behind bars. A pineapple perhaps?
Close to the Aztec temple is a pad, play music for a banana.
After Tiny makes the Chunky barrel appear, slam as Hunky Chunky the big 'X' to get a banana out of the big rock.
The entrance of Gloomy Galleon contains Chunky's blueprint.
The entrance of Hideout helm has a barrel, only invisible you can get to it.


Jungle Japes
Imprisoned Diddy Kong
Level actions
Donkey needs all the coins he can find, for with this money he can buy his coconut shooter and shoot the three buttons that open the cage of Diddy. After his freedom is a fact, he will wait in the barrel. the red bananas and coins are now active.
Close to Cranky is a cage, a coconut opens it, it will change donkey into a Rhino. destroy the huts (there are buttons below the huts) and leave this area. Take the 1st left and ram the wall. It opens a new area.
There is a rock only strong Kong can lift. Below it is a area he can open too. A few jumps is all it takes.
Donkey Kong In front of Diddy's cage
In Diddy's cage
After removing the huts around Cranky, slam the pad and run to this banana. It is in front of telepad 1
Barrel game, the pad is above a big rock, get there using vines.
Blueprint. The guy holding it is in the corridor next to the barrel pad.
Diddy Kong In the cavern leading to Cranky is a boss holding Diddy's 1st blueprint.
The button close to Cranky releases the banana next to the Armory. Run!
In the cave between the two telepads 1 is a gate open it and the Banana awaits.
The mountain at telepad 2 gives a path when the button is shot, in there is a button, shoot it and walk the plank before time runs out.
In the room next to the previous banana is a button, charge it to make the belts run slower. Quickly go up and into the mine kart minigame, 50 banana's makes one golden.
Tiny Kong Up past the gate she can open is a place Tiny can get to, if she get's smaller. Jump on the mushroom to get on the treestomp, inside awaits her banana.
Next to this place is a hive she can enter, one more banana if she can traverse the distance. Shoot to kill!
The button close to Cranky opens the gate to the banana on the waterside. Run fast!
The corridor that had DK's Blueprint also has Tiny's blueprint.
The cave that Diddy opened has a barrel. Swim to get all the coins and another banana if your fast enough.
Lanky Kong in the cavern leading to Cranky is his subboss and his blueprint.
Close to the blueprint is a hill, handstand it up, and into the barrel for a banana.
Outside close to pad one, is a place he can handstand to, go armed to shoot yourself a banana, start it all by jumping on two buttons. Squat the wasps for a banana.
The button close to Cranky opens the gate by the canon.
Between the two pad's numbered '1', lies the cave he needs to be in, open the gate for the last golden marvel named 'Banana'.
Chunky Kong On the big 'X' is a rock, throw it to uncover the banana inside.
In a cavern below a rock is a blue print. shoot some pineapples to get the ropes. from there pounce to get the blueprint.
On the other side of that cave is also a banana, two for the price of one as they say.
In the cavern to cranky is a rock, remove it to find a button, slam the pad for a race to the banana that is next to the hut where you deliver the blueprints.
In a cavern below a rock is a blue print. shoot some pineapples to get the ropes. from there pounce to get the blueprint.


Angry Aztec
Imprisoned Tiny Kong, Lanky Kong
Level actions
Let everyone buy their Instruments here. The first one will get a mellon of health extra for all.
There is a cage with a Camel, let Diddy play the guitar on top of the cage to open the corridor to the next part of the level.
In the pyramid next to Candy is a pool, use tongues to get to a music pad, it will melt the water.
In the Pyramid with the Camel, Donkey should play the Bongo's. And once he can swim in the pool, he should look for Loony Lanky.
To make the great pyramid accesable, slam the pad on it's roof and feed the totum.
Donkey Kong Close to the entrance is a part Donkey can open, Invincibility gets him across the sands, slam hard to get a blueprint.
The Camel pyramid, use the barrelpad to free the Camel for a banana.
Free Lanky In the Camel pyramid to get a banana.
Find your price in the great pyramid.
Become invincible at pad 5 to traverse sand for a minigame and a price.
Diddy Kong Next to Candy is a place that holds Tiny, free her to get the banana.
Charge four gongs to raise the tower, on the top you will find a banana.
Get the banana in the great pyramid.
On top of the building that held Tiny is his part of the blueprint.
Fly through the top ring totem three times to get a race with a condor, keep up with him for a banana.
Tiny Kong By the pool that led to your freedom is a barrel, shrink and swim down into a little hole. To get a banana.
The blueprint you on the path between Candy and Cranky.
In Lanky's pyramid, get small enter the hole, slam a pad and jump across lava to a banana. Don't forget to activate the teleport pad.
Enter the great pyramid for a Fairy and a banana.
Become small and play your sax before the tower, a bird will drop you at the top for a race with a roach.
Lanky Kong In tiny's pyramid, slam a pad and shoot the bird.
In Lanky's pyramid, play trombone to raise a bridge and go for the barrel.
Open the doors in Lanky's pyramid the shoot matching heads with matching sounds. Once all the heads spin, you'll get a banana.
Where Tiny jumped the lava, you'll find a blueprint.
Get your prize in the great pyramid.
Chunky Kong Open the doors close to the entrance of this level. Carry the bottles to the matching stands and get a banana.
In the pyramid that held Tiny has a pad where Chunky can play some music. And for a banana, Chunky will be willing to bash a few crocs.
On the path to the great pyramid your find your barrel, as the Hunky Chunky you can lift the big boulder to put on a higher pad to lowe the pad and raise the cage, a mini game is all that keeps you away from a banana.
Enter the great pyramid and bash the hell out of a blueprint carrying opponent.
Get the banana in the great pyramid.


Frantic Factory
Imprisoned Chunky Kong
Level actions
The strongest kong is kept safely in a big iron cage, Let Lanky free him.
Where Tiny raced, let Donkey pull the handle for a fight pad and some coins for Chunky.
Donkey Kong Below the cage of Chunky a Barrelpad will appear, go through the course to add a handle to the DK game. Finish it to get a banana. To get a rare coin finish it again.
In the room next to the large cube stack, slamm the pad, then 16 nrs. for a banana.
From R&D there is a hole, jump down to get to a shed, when you activate the machine a banana will be yours for the taking.
Enter the machine, as Strong Kong you can make the distance to the banana.
Up in the machine room stands a lonely blue guy holding your blueprint.
Diddy Kong Climb the large cube stack for a mini game to get a banana.
In the R&D section play some guitar, then bash the combinations to take out all the competition, after round three you'll get the banana you want.
In the machine room you can slam a pad and work your way up to a banana.
Where Donkey opened the powershed, Diddy can slam a pad and jump some ropes to get to the famous fruit.
At the base of the machine awaits your part of the blueprint.
Tiny Kong In the room next to Chunky's cage is your blueprint.
Up from the blueprint follow the path to a place you can shrink to get to a banana.
Win a GP close to the Donkey kong machine, the price is... (you'll never guess).
In the room with the large cube stack shring and get into the room for some shooting. 1st price is a brand new banana for your collection.
After you slam a pad in the machine room, get up to your banana.
Lanky Kong Handstand up a pole and slam a pad to free Chunky, a banana will be your reward.
By the large cube stack os a pad, balloon your way into a mini game and.....
In the R&D department, copy the tones for some fresh fruit.
Slam pad in the machine room, and go a long path to the banana, the last part you can do on your hands.
Your blueprint is in the R&D section. It is waiting for you to be taken.
Chunky Kong Next to the room with the cage is a box. destroy it and slam the button to make the banana visible, then pounce the chunky faced button and jump to the banana.
Up a pole from Tiny's blueprint, slam a gate and play a mini game for a yellow....
In the R&D department, play some music, smash a chest and destroy all for a banana.
Slam the pad in the machine room, and race via pad 4 to your banana.
Walking around the large cubes stack is your holder of the blueprint.


Gloomy Galleon
Level actions
Lanky must open access to the treasure cave by jumping through the DK symbol as a fish.
Donkey Kong Slam a pad to get into the lighthouse, climb it to the top. Pull a handle there to releases a banana.
Outside the lighthouse is a barrelpad, it releases the seal, get to him for a banana.
Race the seal and win to receive a second banana from him.
Play bongo's on a cactus to open a wreck and find the banana inside.
Your blueprint is in the treasure cave, you can only get there after pad 4 works.
Diddy Kong By the lighthouse is a cave, it holds your part of the blueprint.
Get to the top of the lighthouse for some guitarwork, get to a fish and swim inside it's mouth, now shoot his heartvalves until they are black for a banana.
Slam the pad on the boat to fire a banana, it will land on top of the lighthouse.
In the treasurecave is a diddypad, get to the top and win some fruit.
The cactus has a guitarpad, use it to open a wreck and the road to a banana.
Tiny Kong Slam a pad and swim into the wreck.
Play the sax to explore another wreck. However the same price will be yours.
There is a duct below the cactus, shrink to get into it and claim your price.
Below the lihthouse is a mermaidcave, she'll tell you how to get your banana, what you need you can find in a chest in the treasure cave.
Next to pad three awaits your blueprint
Lanky Kong Under the lighthouse is a fishbox, swim into it to become a swordfish, now break these boxes for the ultimate reward.
At the start to the right is your part of the blueprint.
Slam the pad and get the banana in a wreck.
As a fish jump trough the DK symbol to open the way into the treasure cave. Float a few times to get to your banana.
Play some music on a cactus for more wreckage and another banana.
Chunky Kong Close to pad one are three chests, one holds a banana.
At a cave near the lighthouse, play some music and race to the other side to get into a wreck, you'll never guess what kind of banana is waiting there for you.
Jump on the boat and slam the hatch, hit a few barrels for a banana.
At the beginning is a cannon, get the bullet to the gun and shoot to get a banana.
Your blueprint is on top of a cactus.


Funghi Forrest
Level actions
To change the time on this level, shoot the apropriate button on the big clock. Any Kong can do that.
Donkey Kong There is a barrelblast pad outside the highest point of the mushroom. a banana awaits.
Shoot all the buttons in the big mushroom, when the cannons appear, slam the pad and run to the cannon to reach your banana in time.
Get the belt in the mill working by entering the code, is is visible if you look around, the banana you can pick-up in the evening.
A barn with a thorny hedge can be visited at night. Slam the pad as Strong Kong to get inside. Inside slam the pad and run like hell to the vines leading to a banana.
Behind the thorny hedge lies your blueprint.
Diddy Kong At night on the rooftop of the mill, slam the pad, get inside, shoot the 'ON' button and bash the button, with some music outside the banana is yours.
There is a barn close to the mill, at night you could enter the attick and after some music carefully find your way to the banana that waits on the other side.
Your blueprint is in the big mushroom, just climb up to get it.
Follow the Owl around to prove your worthy of his banana.
Fly to the top of the giant mushroom to get a banana. Just enter the barrel.
Tiny Kong Slam pad in the big mushroom and run for the banana.
Somewhere up in the big mushroom, your blueprint awaits.
Near pad 4 is a Anthill, if your small enough, your sax could call a parrot to help you out getting the banana.
Take the seed in the anthill to the empty patch next to the tomatoes, get small to let a parrot guide you to the banana. just use the sax.
In the barn is a spider lair, at night you could go in and fight for the banana.
Lanky Kong On top of the rooftop slam a pad to open two doors. Run through the door to get them one at a time. So 2 banana's in one easy go.
Race the bunny near the big tree for a banana. You better be able to sprint this one.
At night, balloon up near pad one, to get into a room with bats and a banana.
At night under a hollow tree near pad 4 your blueprint awaits.
Chunky Kong Smash some tomatoes as Hunky Chunky and after that carry off a apply, to swap it for a banana.
Near the big clock is a well, slam the cover and use the minecart to get the banana.
After Donkey started the belt, Play music in the mill to start the mill, place 3 metal kegs on the belt to get a banana.
On top of the big Mushroom,, picture yourself for a banana.
Past the 3 vines in the mushroom at night you can find your blueprint.


Crystal Caverns
Level actions
Diddy must fly to the pads 4 and 5 to activate it.
Diddy must fly through the DK symbol above the Iglo to make the music pads appear.
Donkey Kong Close to Cranky is a barrelpad, go shoot a banana.
Get in the house with some music, remove the wasps for a banana.
A little house by pad 2 will give you a banana if you slam the colors in pairs.
Your Blueprint is between the castle and a rock pad.
In the iglo is a moving maze, get to the banana without touching the walls.
Diddy Kong If tiny activates pad 4 while getting her banana. You can get your blueprint here.
In the waterfall is a banana, fly to it.
With some hguitarplay you can enter the iglo for a banana
Remove the inhabitants of the house to get a banana, time is short
In one house there are three candles, remove your opponents then fly over them to light the candles and the banana is yours.
Tiny Kong Close to Cranky is a little hole. Only you can get through it to get this banana.
You can find your blueprint close to pad 2.
In the iglo slap the moving pad three times to get a banana.
Use the Tinypad next to pad 4 to get this banana.
In the house are crocs, remove them to get some fruit.
Lanky Kong Float to the roof of the little house by pad two to gain entrance. Get the banana using a sprint to the pad and from there to the banana.
In the castle play slam pad. if you get more symbols then your opponent, then the price will be a banana.
Beat the beetle in a race and get 50 coins for a banana.
In the Iglo remove your opponents and float to the banana.
At pad 5 is your blueprint, only diddy can activate this pad.
Chunky Kong On top of the Iglo is your part of the blueprint
Close to the castle is a pad, place a boulder on it to free a large boulder. As Hunky Chunky you can place the big one and gain a banana.
Get into the house by playing music. Slam the pads when the light isn't shining. turn invisible for a banana.
Close to the entrance is a Chunky pad, when invisible a banana appears
Fight the fireballs in the iglo for a banana.


Creepy Castle
Level actions
At the start is a barrelpad, Let Donkey reach the DK symbol to open the hollow tree.
Donkey Kong In the hollow tree is your part of the blueprint.
In the hollow tree is a well, jump in it for some target practice and a banana.
Slam pad to get into the library. Bash enemies and slam pad top open the way to the banana. Run to it as Strong Kong.
In the dungeon below the red blueprint is a button you can slam. make a picture that looks like DK to get the banana.
By the armory is a pad you can slam. On the wall it says what levers to pull, just pull them in the right sequence to get you going towards a banana.
Diddy Kong Fly to the very top of the castle to find this banana.
Slam pad to enter the ballroom. First remove the enemies, then light some candles to get this banana.
In the dungeon, slam pad to get in, shoot button as sniper to make the chains appear, swing to the banana.
Behind the door with the tombstones is your part of the blueprint.
close to your blueprint is a oor you can open, bash the four buttons for a banana.
Tiny Kong Near pad 4 is a trashcan, if your small you could use the mushroom to get in. Shoot all the bugs for a banana.
From the start go all the way round the castle on the lowest point to get the blueprint.
Close to Candy is a gap, only you can get over it to the banana.
In the ballroom is a Tinypad. From here into the factory for a race and a banana.
Open the door close to diddy's blueprint. play some music and get from hand to hand to banana.
Lanky Kong Get into the greenhouse by pad 4, beat it in time for a banana.
In the dungeon, use the pads to float to your banana. Step by step.
Close to the armory is a door you can open. It could lead to a banana, if you are really fast.
Close to pad 2, towards pad 1 is your part of the blueprint.
At the top, slam button. defeat enemies and shoot the buttons. after that float to the pad for a banana.
Chunky Kong In the castle close to Candy is your blueprint.
Enter the holow tree and bash the cracked wood, shoot a button as a sniper to get to the banana.
Close to the red blueprint is a button you can shoot, Inside is a button you can shoot. In that room, bash everything and everyone for a banana.
Slam pad to enter museum, hit the three shields, put the rock on the pad and the banana is yours.
Near pad 4 is a door you can bash, bash the box, when invisible you can shoot bats to get the banana.


Hideout Helm
Level actions
Here you need to get to the boss.
First of all, there are no banana's to get, just each Kong will get a golden medallion when he switches off his part of the machine.
This is a timer issue. You get a certain amount of time to deactivate the machine. The amount of time is influenced by the amopunt of blueprints you brought back to our little weasel snipes.
Defeat the rocket game at Cranky for the Rareware coin
Defeat the Classical Donkey kong a second time for the Nintendo coin
Boxing Matches
After you free Klumsy will be true to his name and take K.Rools escape croc down with him. So now next to pad 3 a new destination becomes apparant, the final one.
Donkey Kong Barrelblast into this boss. Hit him 4 times and down he goes. (1)
Diddy Kong Avoid the gloves and when the barrel is there fly up and shoot the targets on both sides of the light to make it drop. Four lights means knock-out for the Croc. (2)
Tiny Kong Avoid his shockwaves while you move around, then when a barrel appears Get small and enter his shoe. Go have some fun with his toes, one at a time (4)
Lanky Kong This one is really hard. After Diddy dropped the lamps on him it is dark and K.Rool doesn't see so good. You have to do three things. First hit the button with your long arms. then grab the bal and throw the barrel on the floor. then make sure the banana peel is between you and KRool and play some music. And while you do all this avoid K.Rool who is running around. After the fourth slip you win. (3)
Chunky Kong Last is Chunky. This one is not easy. K. Rool is invisible, but that is something Chunky can do too. So gofor the pad and take him out, but it's a little less easy then it looks. (5)


Army Dillo Your first boss, the little sucker fires fireballs, run from left to right so you won't get hit. After the fourth ball run towards the gunpowder. After the fifth he will look, throw the barrel at him. He will try to crush you, run around to avoid him. Repeat these actions three times and away he goes.
Dogadon The little dragon fly is trying the same approach as Army Dillo was. While he's flying, avoid and when he lands blast him with a barrel. So the reward is easily obtained, another key for the cage.
Mad Jack The hardest boss of them all. swirl from platform to platform, when he lands you need to slam the button on the color platform he is on while shooting at you. It becomes harder and harder, but in the end, the key can be yours.
Galleon The fourth and my favourite. Lanky must race his boat through the 5 DK stars for the boss to get a nice shock, however he needs to get shocked a few times and every time you get less time to race from star to star. Not hard, but nice. In the end the key was mine.
Dogadon II The Dragon fly is back, but extremely pissed. Chunky can start the same way by throwing barrels, however it is not enough, the platform will start to sink into the lave, so when the Chunky barrel comes, hit him often and hard. Enough TNT and hits will defeat him, but don't miss, or you'll burn.
Army Dillo II Like Dogadon, Army is also rebuilt, but now he is a lot stronger as well as equiped with a homing missile. So the strategy is basically the same, add to that jumping over shock waves and run away from shadows of the fireballs Army shoots in the sky and avoid the homing missile he fires at you. All this will get you a key.
K. Rool Billboard Although Lanky Starts, all Kongs can fight him. Rool will first just come up, hit him three times by entering a cannon. He loses a limb, then he will come reflecting a false image on the other side, it is a little more vague, so no competition here. Get another limb. The last time he'll be appearing shooting and moving. First he will shoot and move twice. This is done counter clockwise, then he will appear briefly at the next four walls once, so you'll need to time your cannon jump exactly. three of those and the key is yours.
Last key The last key that opens Klumsy's cage is behind the doors of Hideout Helm, you need two coins to open the door. After Klumsy is free, you can go for a battle with the big man himself.


Rareware Coin Beat Cranky's rocket game, you get this option after you get 15 golden medals.
Nintendo coin In the Frantic Factory is a classical Donkey Kong game, the first victory gets you a Banana, the second time you do it, this rare coin.
Crown 1 In front of the Armory is a fight pad, enter for a Crown
Crown 2 After Lanky get's a banana from a bird, the pad becomes available.
Crown 3 After Donkey pulls the right lever, the Pad becomes available in R&D
Crown 4 Below Cranky is a gate, Let Chunky slam it and go for the Crown.
Crown 5 On the outside of the big mushroom the pad can be found, fly there with Diddy
Crown 6 In the hut where Donkey had to pair up slam pads, this pad can be found
Crown 7 When Lanky gets his banana in the maze, the pad to the crown will be there
Crown 8 Next to Snide's place on the ship.
Crown 9 In the hut leading to Funghi Forest is this pad. to see it, Chunky must be invisible.
Crown 10 In Hideout Helm lies the last pad, Only Diddy can fly to the top of the machine.


Jungle Japes Where Lanky went up a hill to shoot wasps this Fairy can be found
In the cave leading to Cranky is a cave with water. Fairy 2 is here
Angry Aztec In Lanky's pyramid close to a place only Tiny can enter, this one will be.
In the big pyramid, where Tiny looks for her banana, a small hole leads to this one.
Frantic Factory In the corridor leading to the 16 buttons Donkey must slam
It will appear close to the armoury
Gloomy Galleon In one of the chests Chunky has to crush
In one of the sunken ship parts Tiny can enter
Funghi Forrest In the barn attic where Diddy carefully walks over the slim boards at night.
Inside a box in the barn Donkey must enter at night
Crystal Cavern In the Iglo where Tiny get's her Banana this one will be flying.
In the room where Diddy must light three candles.
Creepy Castle In the hollow tree where Donkey has to do the sniping
Before Tiny enters the factory for a race, photograph a fairy
Hideout Helm These two Fairies are together, they are in the room with the key. Just photograph them through the window.
Donkey Kong Island It will appear on a Island next to the lair of the Fairy queen
After Tiny teleports for music and a banana, she can have a fairie desert
Hit feather switch in Funghi forest hut
In the Frantic Factory entrance.



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