Crusader: =No Regret= NEW Cheat Codes
 LOOSECANNON16 = Enable Cheats
 CTRL-F10 = Enable Immortality
 F10 = Get all weapons, max out energy, and get all items
 H = Hack mover (Hold down shift, then click and drag whatever)
 F = Display object framework
 CTRL-V = Memory stats, version #, and other misc. stuff
 F7 = Display grid over level
 ALT-F7 = Display a different grid over level
 CTRL-F7 = Display yet another gred over level
 Useful Command Line Parameters
 -warp x (where x is a #) = Warp to level x
 -skill x = Change default skill level to x (useful when using -warp)
 Useless Command Line Parameters
 -asylum = Displays message "Enabling ENHANCED mode. (Not!)"
 -demo = Continuously loop intro

To get a refill on ammo just drop the weapon your using and pick it
up again.

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