More Hints For Wing Commander! 

I'm working on Secret Missions 2, hold the rank of Lt.Col and have over 425 kills.
The hints provided by Scott "Digger" Ward are right on the money and are
pretty much the same techniques I use, but I have a few of my own to relate.
I'll refer my hints to the sections within his "hint book."

Section 3, Ship to Ship Combat:

1. When you need to get to your wingman, or need him to get to you, instead 
   of chasing all the way to where he is, call him to join on your wing, and
   he'll meet you half way. As he approaches, tell him to break and attack,
   he'll turn on the enemy and you'll have a shot at whoever's behind him.

2. If you hear those plaintive calls from your wingman (esp. Spirit and other
   wimpy wingmen) saying they're in trouble, tell them to join on your wing. 
   After awhile they'll tell you they're ready to attack (or wait a minute
   then send them back into the fray).

3. When faced with a gaggle of enemy ships and can't figure out how to avoid
   a head-on attack, try this: Reduce/maintain speed at 100-200, then tell
   your wingman to attack. He will blast ahead, and the bad guys will tend
   to head for him. You then go to max speed and afterburner, then circle
   around for a 6-oclock shot. Being attacked from 2 directions, the furrballs
   will tend to scatter, allowing you a better chance to pick them off.

4. If you're trying to save a Drayman or your wingman and time is critical,
   a quick and dirty way to eliminate that last bad guy is simply to RAM HIM!
   You will need full shields for this move, but you can get away with it.
   The enemy fighter will usually be obliterated, and the most you'll lose 
   is shields and a little armor. Not a routine maneuver.

5. Taunt the enemy. This really will work, about 50% of the time. Wondering
   how to save that ship you're escorting? As soon as you're within range,
   try some "abusive language" on the enemy pilots. You may be able to draw
   them off the target, but of course they'll then be after YOU!

Section 4, Enemy Capital Ships:

1. Digger's about got this covered, but there is one helpful hint I can
   add: If you are attacking more than one enemy capital ship, alternate
   your attacks from one to the other, and the ships tend to circle each
   other. Eventually they'll ram into one another, doing damage to each.

Section 6, Mines and Asteroids:

1. The technique I use to get oriented with the map's plane of reference:
   Pick two nav points that are on the same side of the sky. Look at the 
   map, and pick the one that appears to be to the left and front of your
   ship. Now point the ship at that point. Now go back to the map and 
   select the nav point to the right front of your ship. Now, go back to 
   the cockpit and roll until that point is to your right. You have now 
   formed a plane to include the two nav points and your location, and
   should be oriented to the map.

2. I've found that going really fast, say 400 or so, gives me a better
   sense of depth and movement within the fields. Not for the squeamish.

3. If you pop out of a mine/asteroid field and into combat, turn around
   and lure the unsuspecting enemy back into the field. On one mission I
   disposed of two Fralthi and a wing of Jalthi that way. Amazing.

Miscellaneous - Porcupine mines:

I've found that if you're heading into a gaggle of bad guys, esp. head-
on, drop the mine right before you pass 'em and one of them will detonate
the mine. Works like a charm. 

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