1. Command Line Parameters
start with     wc3 -mitchell
Target an enemy and press {ctrl} {w}. Now you get a message saying "1 enemy
destroyed" in the upper left corner every time you do so. Works on Fighters
and on Capital Ships. Mail me if anyone did it with ground targets. If you
press {ctrl}{alt}{w} to destroy any enemy on the radar.

2ut one of the CDs 2-4 (not 1) into the drive and go the screen just before
you load things. Click on the stars in the following order: double click on
the upper right, lower left, upper left, lower right.
4. HexCheat
3ut the savegame-file (00000001.wsg) in a HexEditor. The offsets 40 and 24
are now important. Offset 40 is the number of the mission, offset 24 is the
number of the CD. To go direct to a special mission, just edit this to
offsets with the following numbers:
mission    Offset 40   Offset 24
0 to 13    00 to 0D    01
14 to 30   0F to 1E    02
31 to 39   1F to 27    03
40 to 50   28 to 32    04

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