Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger
                Unofficial Strategy Guide and FAQ
                  by Kasey Chang ([email protected])
                    released December 9, 2001

0    Introduction


This is a FAQ, NOT a manual. You won't learn how to play the game
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This USG only covers the PC version since that's the only version
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Some of you may recognize my name as the editor for the XCOM and
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Spoiler Warning


15-JUL-1995         Initial release

09-DEC-2001         Updated format, more details in the walkthru


Q: Can you send me Wing Commander III (or portions thereof)?
A: No.

Q: Can you send me the manual (or portions thereof)?
A: No.

Q: Can you tell me how to play the game?
A: Read the manual.

Q: What do you know about the 3DO version of WC3?
A: Absolutely nothing.

Q: Why is your FAQ shorter than other similar FAQs?
A: I donít repeat the stuff thatís already in the manual. You can
read that yourself.

Q: Whatís the latest version?
A: This is before games get patches.

1    Game Information


There was Wing Commander (I).  As a young lieutenant recently
graduated from Naval Academy joining a 20-year old war that was
only getting worse, you were assigned to TCS TIGER'S CLAW, pride
of the Confederation Navy.  WC1 chronicles the attempt by the
Confederation to retake the Vega sector, with you leading the

WC1 was followed by two add-on scenarios, the Secret Missions.
Secret Mission 1 chronicles TIGER'S CLAW in pursuit of a new
Kilrathi secret weapon behind enemy lines in attempt to destroy
it, while Secret Mission 2 chronicles TIGER'S CLAW attempting to
protect a new ally against Kilrathi onslaught.  SM2 also
introduces two new wingmen, Jazz and Doomsday, both of whom will
make their appearance in WC2.


"Wing Commander: Privateer" takes place at a different corner of
Condeferation/Kilrathi border with a totally different
character... Where pirates and Retros (religious anti-technology
fanatics) roam the spaceways, attacking innocents, and the only
way to survive is fight them with more firepower.  You've
inherited a small scoutship and you can upgrade your ship by
taking contracts to deliver cargo or taking out targets.
Eventually you will find a derelict in space, take a working
cannon from it, and destroy an ancient probe marauding the

Privateer was followed by "Righteous Fire", in which your super
cannon was stolen, and chronicles your quest to get it back, as
you take missions all over the sectors trying to find clues.  You
ended up destroying the Retro's base in the sector.


There are two other games: Wing Commander Academy and Wing
Commander Armada, but those don't have a "plot", so they are not
counted here. There is also Privateer 2, sequel to Privateer, but
thatís a notable departure from the storylines.


Wing Commander 2: Vengeance of the Kilrathi opens with a BANG.
Your old ship, TIGER'S CLAW, was destroyed by three cloaked
Kilrathi fighters.  You were implicated in in its destruction,
and you were court-martialed by Admiral Tolwyn.  With
insufficient evidence, you were only convicted of negligence, but
there was no doubt that everyone believed that you had betrayed
"The Claw", just as you know that you are innocent and will prove
so one day.  You were assigned to a backwater station, and spent
the next ten years there...

Through a series of events (coincidences?) you ended up on the
TCS CONCORDIA, the flagship of the ConFleet, and the task force
commander is none other than Admiral Tolwyn, who still believes
in your "treachery".  WC2 then chronicles your struggle in
destroying the main Kilrathi base in the Enigma sector, defeating
Prince Thrakkath of Kilrah in a one-on-one dogfight, finding the
saboteur who framed you ten years ago and finally restoring your

WC2 was followed by two Special Operations expansions.  Special
Operations 1 introduces "Bear", who is the main character in the
second two WC novels, as you put down a mutiny, fly a new bomber,
and protect a defected Kilrathi colony from Kilrathi fleets.  In
SO2, Jazz, the traitor who framed you ten years ago, escaped
right under your nose, and SO2 chronicles your attempt in finding
and destroying him once and for all.  You get to fly a new
fighter as well, and ends with a final dogfight with Jazz.

Origin has also issued WC2 Deluxe CD-ROM containing the entire
set of WC2 including the speech pack, for one low price.


And the war isnít going too well for the Confederation...


Wing Commander IV: Price of Freedom, chronicles the life of Blair
and Tolwyn as the Confederation deal with the aftermath of the
war, and strained relations with the Border Worlds. (trivia: WC4
also holds the record of being the most expensive computer game

After this, there is Wing Commander: Prophecy, and its companion
expansion, Secret Ops. They were also released in the "Prophecy
Gold" bundle.  A new alien threat is encroaching on Confed space.
Even the Kilrathi are no match against it. Seem the ancient
Kilrathi prophecy is coming true...


All the "sets" are computer generated. They are blue-screened
with the actual actors and combined later.

There was a "Making of WC3" CD included in the "Deluxe" packages.
You can also buy the CD separately or with the Official Strategy

2    The Beginning of the End...
The rest of this unofficial strategy guide is written as a first-
person narrative by Colonel Christopher Blair, the main character
in WC series. Some of the scenes are taken from the cinematics
itself, all cinematics are copyrighted by Origin Systems.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

I stood on the Mistral coast of Vespus, and looked up to the
desolate sky, now a bloody orange, as if dyed by the blood of all
those who died aboard the TCS CONCORDIA. The lifeless hulk of my
second carrier lie in deep water not too far from where I stood.

"May they rest in peace," Paladin said.

 "Peace," I said bitterly, "Have we ever known anything like
that, Paladin?"

"Not for a long time, laddie."

I sighed. "First Tiger's Claw, now this."

"Enough!" Paladin chided, "You are not to blame for either."

I looked away. "Some would disagree."

Before Paladin can object, I raised the communicator to my lips.

"This is Colonel Christopher Blair, report to Admiral Tolwyn.
The wreckage of Concordia has been found on Vespus off the
Mistral Coast. Evaluation...  Total loss."

I switched the communicator off, and wondered if I failed

Paladin commented, "You can't live your life for the approval of
one man."

I considered that for a moment, then looked back to Paladin.

"Any word from Angel?"


Was it my imagination or did that answer came too fast? Too

"Is that the 'official' line?" I looked at Paladin, daring him.

"I know how much she means to you, laddie." He looked away.

I looked at Paladin, and decided that he did not know. I've known
Paladin for well over ten years, and he would not lie to me,
especially about Angel. I sighed, and headed back to the shuttle.

The trip back to the Destroyer taking us back to ConFedHQ was
quiet, though I could not get images of the wrecked CONCORDIA and
Angel out of my mind.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

"Excuse me, sir.  Did you say... the VICTORY?"  I don't believe
this! Tolwyn is assigning me WHERE?

Admiral Tolwyn looked up from his terminal and fixed his stare on

"Is there something wrong with your hearing, Colonel?"

"No, sir, it's just that I..."

"The TCS VICTORY is a fine carrier with a long history of service
to the Confederation." Tolwyn spoke with his typical British
drawl, and there was a gleam in his eyes, as if he was enjoying

"Yes, sir, a VERY long history, sir."  And I wasn't trying to be
sarcastic either.  VICTORY was almost as old as I was! I was
about to add something when Tolwyn's look stopped me.

"Ship assignments are not open to debate, Colonel. Of course, I
realize that the 'accommodations' may not be what you're quite
used to..."

"No, sir, I don't mean to suggest that..."

Tolwyn cut me off with a wave of his hand.

"The Victory will benefit greatly from having a commander of your
stature and experience."

"Thank you, sir.  But can't we at least discuss..."

"Now that we have the Kilrathi on the run in both the Gardel and
the Morpheus systems, I can afford to shift you to the VICTORY in
the Orsini system." Tolwyn smiled slightly, "What I'm trying to
tell you, Colonel, is that things are looking up.  Confederation
has been making some very positive strides.  DISMISSED!"

Tolwyn turned back to his monitors.

I was too surprised to move.  I know that the war is not going as
well as the Admiral said, but who am I to argue with an Admiral?
I was still trying to formulate my request when Tolwyn realized I
had not moved.  He looked back up.

I tried one more time, "Uh, sir, about my request..."

Tolwyn frowned, and it was not a pretty look.

"Yes, that came as a bit of surprise to me. As you know, Colonel
Devereaux's status is on a need-to-know-basis."  He didn't add
the obvious, 'and you should know better to ask'.

And I do NOT have a need to know?  Damn you, Tolwyn!  I was about
to verbalize that when Tolwyn interrupted my thought, as he
always had a knack of doing.

"Your shuttle is waiting, Colonel."

"Yes, sir!"  I threw him a sloppy salute, and left before I do
something I might really regret.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Thus I headed for the VICTORY...

3    Wingmen
Wingmen are very important. Each of the pilots under my command
have their specialties and their own morale. Keeping their morale
high allows them to perform better.  Thinking back now, I
realized I could have made some decisions a different way, but
first, let me introduce the various pilots onboard the VICTORY.

[Note: comments that does not have to do with the plot are
introduced in brackets like this.]

[Some wingman cannot be "killed", they'll just eject.  On the
other hand, some wingman become vulnerable after a certain
mission, and CAN be killed after that during spaceflight...]


I've known Hobbes for more than ten years, and he is "the best
wingman I've ever flown with", and I was NOT exaggerating.  He is
perfectly obedient, and as perfect a pilot as you can find
anywhere.  Which just makes it hurt that much more when he turns
out to be a traitor...

[Hobbes is never "vulnerable" until he "defects" back to

[If you choose to go after Hobbes immediately after he killed
Cobra and stole the Thunderbolt, you can kill him there, but
Vaquero will be dead when you come back, and you get a major
tongue-lashing from Captain Eisen. However ship morale will

[If you choose not to go, or you let him get away, he will
reappear at the final mission next to Prince Thrakkath, and ship
morale goes down.]

[It's your call...]


Well, I've known Maniac since flight school, and I'm surprised
he's still around and someone (including OUR side) haven't blown
him away yet, which just attests to his skills as a pilot.

As a pilot, he's a GREAT one, but too boastful, and virtually
NEVER follow orders. He's also the first one to complain about
situation being "too hot" and can/will abandon you if he deems it

In a fight, I send him in IMMEDIATELY, and I never bother
assigning him a target.  Just "Break and attack" will do. If you
need a specific target attacked, do it yourself or pick someone


Cobra lives to kill Kilrathi, and she keeps a big knife that she
sharpens all the time should she see one face to face.  As you
can expect, she refused to be in the same room with Hobbes except
during briefing, and then they keep to opposite sides of the

As a pilot, Cobra favors the direct and brute force approach, and
if you fly with her you should sent her in ASAP. She also hates
being pulled back.  If her morale's low, she flies erratically.

[Cobra cannot be killed until Hobbes killed her at Alcor, somehow
she always ejects]


Flint came from a long family of military service and fighter
pilots, and was eager to prove herself. She can get a bit hot-
headed sometimes, so watch for it.

As a pilot, Flint is one of the more loyal ones, usually obeys
your orders. She starts ignoring orders when morale drops.

[Flint is also one of the two love interests for Blair, and since
she's also a pilot, be careful in your choices...]


[Note: no relations to the author]

Vagabond is a pilot with a mysterious past.  Quite a bit of his
personnel file were classified, even to me.  He's a pretty good
flier though, but you may have to repeat an order a few times.


Flash has a big ego. He was the test pilot for the Excalibur, and
that made him think he's better than anybody else.  I had to hand
his head to him on a platter to wake him up by beating him in the

As a pilot, Flash is pretty good, though when his morale gets
low, he can be just as erratic as Cobra.


Vaquero means "Cowboy", but Lt. Lopez acts nothing like his call
sign suggests.  He's a no-nonsense solid pilot who wants the war
to be over soon so he can open his cantina for us fighter jocks.
He was not swayed much by rumors, and is a really steady guy.

[If you go after Hobbes, Vaquero will be dead when you come


No, she's not a pilot, but the head craft mechanic onboard
VICTORY, and a very pretty one...

[Chief Coriolis is your other possible love interest besides
Flint. Her morale rating doesn't affect the game much but sure
makes things interesting!]


I had to pick three wingmen to go with me to Kilrah for the final
series. At it turns out, NONE survived. I am glad I did not pick

4    Confed Crafts
Confederation crafts are one for one better than Kilrathi crafts.
However, you are ALWAYS outnumbered, and heavily.  Here are some
comments I had for our fighters.

4.1   ARROW

The Arrow is lightly armed, but carries up to 8 missiles, which
is EXTREMELY large for such a light fighter. It also carries
enough decoys to avoid most incoming missiles, and is
manueverable enough to avoid missiles withOUT decoys.  It is also
one of the only two fighters able to do the afterburner slide
(the other one is the Excalibur), so this is a GOOD all-around

Its main deficiency is its lack of "staying power", or ability to
take damage and keep on ticking.

Take this fighter when you expect enemy light and medium
fighters, no capital ships (including Corvettes).


The Hellcat is the general-purpose fighter.  Its armaments are
about the same as Arrow's though a little heavier and shorter
ranged, and it carries only 6 missiles, not 8 like Arrow, but it
carries more decoys.

This is the fighter you should take for general-purpose missions,
when you expect heavy fighters and small capital ships like


Thunderbolt's main offensive power is its single torpedo. It is
also manueverable enough to fight other heavy fighters, and its
six forward guns can chew up a lot of shields and armor. Of
course, its energy drain is phenomenal, so try not to drain the
whole gun capacitor.

Its rear gun is not really worth mentioning except some
discouragement from rear attacks.  I have never scored a kill
with it.

Overall, if you only need ONE torpedo, pick the Thunderbolt. If
you need more torpedoes, pick the Longbow.


Finally, a REAL bomber with afterburner! The only true heavy
bomber before the Longbow was the Broadsword, and that one has no
afterburner!  It takes AGES to get into attack range, launch the
torpedo, then turn away with Broadsword. I always prefer the
Sabre when I can get them over Broadswords.

Longbow also has a significantly reduced front/rear area, making
it harder to hit on attack runs, which improved survivability.
And with four torpedoes, you can take on multiple ships.

You don't QUITE have the maneuverability to keep up with enemy
fighters, but you have to try, since your rear guns is only
strong enough to drive them off, not to keep them off, unless you
take manual control. Use your large complement of missiles to
keep enemy fighters dodging while you line up the kill.  With
four heavy guns up front, you can take down most fighters that
come straight at you.

This is THE bomber to take on ship-busting missions.  If you
expect to take down cruisers and carriers, or you need to take
down multiple ships quickly, take this one.


This is every pilot's dream. With guns strong enough to actually
take out BIG capital ships, and enough missiles to shame bombers.
Too bad Excalibur doesn't carry torpedoes, so it will take a
while to take out a large ship, but it is possible, and I've done

It is also the only ship equipped with jump drive (sometimes),
cloaking device (only on the last mission), and altimeter (for
ground missions).

And finally, it is the only ship with semi-auto-aiming guns.
Within limits, the computer can adjust fire for you toward the
ITTS cursor, but you better turn it off during strafing attacks.

This ship has a HUGE gun capacitor, capable of powering full guns
for almost ten seconds, but once depleted, it takes almost as
long to fill it back up, so try to fire in five round bursts.

Take this ship if it is available unless you need to take out
large capital ships like a cruiser.  Then you need the Longbow.

5    Kilrathi Crafts

5.1   DARKET

This is a light fighter, but its twin meson blasters can easily
chew up the rear of most fighters, including the Excalibur, if
you leave it behind you.  It is also manueverable enough that
both the Longbow and the Thunderbolt may have problems keeping up
with it. They also operate in pairs. If you go after one, the
other bounces you from the rear.

ALWAYS keep it in front of you.  If its buddy is chewing you up,
switch targets and go after something else immediately to get it
off your back.  Use missiles to keep it dancing.


Dralthi is probably the sorriest fighter the Kilrathi has.  With
guns only slightly more powerful than the Darket, Dralthi is a
much bigger target.

Its tendency to pull UP after a strafing run makes it VERY easy
to gun down, especially if you can take the frontal damage it
deals out and maintain track. Thunderbolt and Longbow have enough
front guns to take one out on the first pass. (Not to mention the
Excalibur, which can probably take TWO)


Vaktoth is probably the deadliest Kilrathi fighter next to Prince
Thrakkath's Bloodwing. Its frontal arsenal is impressive (1
tachyon gun, 2 plasma gun, and 2 ion cannons), and it is ALSO
armed with a rear turret, as well as eight missiles.  It also has
respectable speed and being a heavy fighter, good armor and

When fighting a Vaktoth, keep a finger on the decoy button.
Vaktoth is known for volley missile launches. Otherwise there's
really no trick to it, just better flying. You have to use
flanking shots on it since that rear turret is dangerous!


The "stealth" fighter has an overblown reputation. Their weapons
and armor are weak. I make random 90 to 180 degree turns to catch
one fading in, then I just shoot it like any regular enemy
fighter. If I was short on time I launch a couple FF missiles,
which should pick up any uncloaked Strakhas around.

The trick to Strakha hunting is they will only fade in BEHIND
you, and will fade out IN FRONT of you.  Do sudden course changes
every two to three seconds so you can catch them fading in, then
blast them.

If Strakha and other fighters are around, take out "other"
fighters first, then hunt the Strakhas. The Strakhas takes too
long to hunt down, and doesn't cause that much damage.


Probably the best-armored fighter, this thing is BIG, and packs
lots of weapons, including a good rear turret. This is the ship
killer of the Kilrathi, and should be dealt with immediately.

I play chicken with it: point straight at it, fire, then turn
away to avoid the shots.  Excalibur is perfect for this, since
about three bursts will destroy a Paktahn, even from the front.
Shoot and scoot.


This ground-based fighter is small and maneuverable, and its
weapons are pretty good, though shields and armor are weak.
Still, their maneuverability in the atmosphere gives them a hard
edge as they can trick you into following them into a dive, then

Instead, I made them play my game. I afterburner away from them,
then hit them as they come headon. (Another variation of Chicken)


First time I saw these I was surprised by the mines it spew out
the rear as I chased it.  I avoided the first one, but the second
one got me.

To fight asteroid fighters, chase it, but not directly behind.
Slip left, slip right, slip low... Just not directly behind. Take
a few shots, slip elsewhere for recharge, repeat.


This thing is half-way between a heavy fighter and a Corvette,
but it's actually not THAT dangerous.  It has independent target-
able turrets of meson blasters, but its no match against
Excaliburs, especially if you engage them from a distance.  Due
to their shape, they maneuver like Dralthis, making them


This is not a fighter, but it is an important target.  It is a
cloakable missile, and cloaks every three seconds so it is not
always visible on the scanners. One of these will take out a
whole ship (transport, or even the VICTORY) so you must destroy
them. Usually Kilrathi Corvettes carry them.

I usually accelerate toward the launching corvette, keep hitting
T to see if the missile launched or not. Usually Corvette will
launch just as I pass it.  I turn around, target it, get in
range, and spray that area with all guns, with extra power
allocated of course.  If I miss, I afterburner closer, and try
again. Missiles are useless, so you must use guns.

6    General Tactics from Colonel Blair


I've given this advice before and I'll give it again.

I looked over plenty of rookies' shoulders in simulators, and one
of the most common mistakes for rookies to make is rely too much
on the ITTS cursor.  They wave their ship all over space trying
to keep up with the cursor, spraying shots into vacuum.

Keep in mind that while ITTS does not lie, but it is an ESTIMATE
of where the enemy will be.

Let's give an example.  Let's say enemy craft (bogey) is flying
left to right in front of you.  B=Bogey, C=ITTS Cursor


If the Dralthi pull up 45 degrees, the cursor would move up.


You have to pull your ship up just to keep up with the cursor.
What if the bogey was also speeding up or slowing down?  The
cursor would be flying all over the HUD!

The solution is quite simple. Enemy must point toward you to
shoot at you (unless you're approaching their rear turret, which
is discussed later) so during that time, the ITTS cursor is RIGHT
ON the target. If you shoot at that time, you are virtually
guaranteed a hit.  You can engineer this opportunity by using
afterburners to open the range up to 4000K or more, then turn
back, and aim toward the enemy.  As soon as the cursor overlaps
the enemy craft, fire away, then turn to dodge the enemy fire.

If you follow my advice correctly, even the four little guns in
the Banshee can be quite effective, since you don't miss.


You need to match speed with the target you're tracking, to
prevent sudden overtakes (ram!) or the target zooming out of
range. Use the match speed command, and use afterburner to get
closer. Against a faster target, this would mean constant taps of
afterburner. Mix this with sudden and random change of course
should clear your tail of most enemies.


A decloaking ship is usually accompanied by a "decloaking sound".
Since enemy ships ALWAYS decloak behind you, whenever you hear
the sound, immediately do a 180 turn and lock on, then fire away.


Yes, I know Javelins (HS) are virtually useless against fighters,
since it's almost impossible to get an enemy fighter to head away
from you for two whole seconds for the HS to lock on.

However, HS, and DF missiles are QUITE useful against capships if
you don't carry torpedoes.  Think of DF as a small torpedo that
needs no lock, and HS as a seeking small torpedo.


Torpedoes take 12 seconds to lock, so how do you survive that
twelve seconds?  Several ways, best combined.

1) "Pre-lock" the torpedoes. Arm the torpedo [select the torpedo]
before you approach the nav point can save you a few seconds once
you detect the target.

2) Send your wingman out to distract enemy fighters. This may
work against few enemy fighters, but won't work if there's more
than 4 fighters. Light fighters may be also too fast for your
wingman.. This tactic may work better if combined with 4)

3) Destroy all enemy fighter cover first. This is probably the
most reliable way, since cap ships do not jump away while you
take out the fighter cover. Of course, it also takes the longest
amount of time, and some capships launch replacements fighters as
you destroy its escorts.

4) Fend them off with FF missiles (and perhaps your rear turret).
This is better done in a Longbow since its rear guns are more
powerful. Avenger is not too bad though.

5) Double-launch the torpedoes on ships that need two. To arm a
PAIR of torpedoes (or missiles), press M to select a torpedo
hardpoint, then press "]" to select next without deselecting
first, then press "[" to arm the second one as well. When you
launch, both will be launched.

6) Launch CLOSE. The closer you shoot the torpedo, the less time
the capship has to shoot it down the flak, so hold the torpedo
until 2000 or even 1500. Shoot, pull up, and hit afterburners.


All ships have weak points. Engine nozzles are not armored. On a
carrier or cruiser the fighter bays are not armored nor shielded.
On larger ships, the bridge is also unarmored if you can see it
(finding it is a different matter). Hitting those spots will
cause MORE damage than going after general areas of the ship.


Capital ships have lots of turrets, but usually if you hide
directly behind the engines and match speed, you can hide in the
blind spot, where the turrets cannot hit you, while you can keep
hitting the ship with guns in the weak spot. This is very useful
if you have taken out the fighter cover but lacks the torpedoes
to take down a big ship. As for carriers, inside the hangar bay
is a safe spot, until carrier start to move, that is.

Use only afterburners to maneuver around capships. Leave speed to
zero or match the speed of the ship you're following.

Some turrets are vulnerable from the blind spot.


The FIRST thing you should do after getting into your fighter,
even BEFORE taking off, is adjust your energy distribution.
Engines should never get more than 25%, since more doesn't help
you in speed. Use the LOCK feature to lock it at 25%. Then, move
down to damage control and decrease that to zero, then increase
it back to 5%, so you should have more energy to weapons and
shields. If you received non-fatal damage, you can adjust the
ratios later.

Some pilots also lock the shields at 25% and devote all extra
energy to weapons.

7    Missions
Notes that do not deal with the story itself are noted in

For example: I boarded my craft after Maniac [You donít have to
pick Maniac, Flash works too.]

CA = Heavy Cruiser, DD = Destroyer.


The missions are grouped in series, which happens in a single
system or nearby systems.

The mission tree is similar to WC2. There are some cases in which
you can come back to the winning track, but other series are not
as forgiving. Lose 3/4 means you lose mission 3 or 4 in the

[Note: the chart below only lines up if you use a monospace font
like Courier]

  V       \- Lose 3/4 }-\
TAMAYO                   +- TAMAYO/L -} Lose 2 ---------\
  V       /- Win 2    {-/                               |
LOCANDA --                                              |
  V       \- Lose 2   }-\                               V
BLACKMANE                +- BLACKMANE/L -} Lose any -}  PROXIMA/Losing
  V       /- Win all  {-/                               ^     V
ARIEL   --                                              |  You Lose
  V       \- First loss-\                               |
CALIBAN                  +- DELIUS/L -} Lose 2 or 3 ----/
  V       /- Win 2/3  {-/
TORGO   --
LOKI    --} If you chased Thrakhath --} You are stranded in space
ALCOR   --} Lose 4 -----}\
  V                       \
FREYA   --} Lose 3 -----} \\
  V                        ---PROXIMA/Losing-} You lose
HYPERION -} First Loss -} //
  V                       /
KILRAH  --} First Loss -}/
You've won!
Kilrah Surrendered!


Despite what Tolwyn said, I know how badly the Confederation is
doing. Fortunately, Orsini is relatively quiet so I can train my
fellow pilots up to speed, but since I put Hobbes back on the
flight roster, only Hobbes will fly with me for the first

7.2.1     Orsini 1
Pre-flight log: Found Rollins in the elevator, trying to strike
up a conversation and score points with the new colonel. He was a
bit uptight, but I "played along with him". Found Vagabond in Rec
Room. I asked him about his blank spots in his personnel file,
and decided that "he's got a point" about Confederation's

Also saw Cobra in the barracks sharpening that big knife of hers.

Mission: Fighter sweep, clear three Nav points of Kilrathi

Wingmen: Hobbes

Craft:   Hellcat

Flight Log: I adjusted power distribution for more power to guns
and shields, then took off.  Found two Darkets at Nav 1.  Hobbes
and I each killed one. Nav 2 was clear, and Nav 3 we each killed
one more Darket. Landed without incident.

7.2.2     Orsini 2
Pre-flight log: Found Vaquero in the rec room, strumming along on
his guitar. He's pretty good too, and "Sounds good to me" I said.
Also saw Hobbes in Flight Control, and Maniac in Barracks.

Mission: Fighter sweep, clear three Nav points of Kilrathi

Wingmen: Cobra, Hobbes, Maniac, Vagabond, and Vaquero are
available, I picked Cobra.

Craft:   Arrow, Hellcat, Thunderbolt available, I picked Hellcat.

Flight log: As usual, I adjusted power and took off. Nothing at
Nav 1, 2 Darkets at Nav 2.  Order break and attack, and Cobra
quickly took out both, much to my surprise.  Found a Kilrathi
transport at Nav 3 along with 2 Darkets as escort.  I sent Cobra
after the Darkets while I eliminated the turrets on the
transport, then it's steady pounding until the transport blows.
Landed without incident.

7.2.3     Orsini 3
Pre-flight Log: nothing very interesting

Mission: Escort transport to Nav 3 and watch it jump

Wingmen: Cobra, Hobbes, Maniac, Vagabond, Vaquero available, I
picked Vaquero.

Craft:   Arrow, Hellcat, Thunderbolt.  I picked Hellcat again.

Flight log: Adjusted power and took off.  Flew close to
transport, established autopilot link, and took off toward Nav 1.
Between Nav 1 and Nav 2 we were jumped by two Darkets and then a
Dralthi, we took care of them with no problems.

At Nav 2 we found a Kilrathi Corvette, and that thing is nasty!
I'm glad I picked Hellcat over the lighter Arrow since I took a
bit of damage taking out that big rear turret, two Darkets also
appeared and Vaquero dispatched them.

At Nav 3 two more Darkets came along.  We destroyed them, then
two more came along.  No problem taking out all of them.  We saw
the transport jump out, and we autopiloted back to VICTORY.

7.2.4     Orsini 4
Pre-flight Log: Flint wants to fly, and wanted to convince me.  I
decided that "She has a point", and placed her on the flight

Mission: Escort transport to jump point, with one MAJOR catch:
There's an enemy corvette with the SKIPPER MISSILE out there.
One missile and POOF goes the transport, so get that missile or

Wingmen: Cobra, Flint, Hobbes, Maniac, Vagabond, Vaquero.  I
picked Maniac, and I hope he doesn't make me regret it, but I
need his skills at quick kills out there.

Craft: Arrow, Hellcat, and Thunderbolt available, I picked Arrow
since I need the speed to catch the skipper missile.  I replaced
all HS missiles with IR missiles.

Flight log: Adjusted power and took off, found 4+2 Darkets
attacking the transport.  Fortunately the transport's turrets are
doing okay, and we quickly toasted all the cats, with Maniac
constantly on the comm saying "More kitty litter, I'm hot today!"

The Corvette and its fighters jumped us between Nav1 and Nav2. I
told Maniac to break and attack, and I went after the corvette.
As I was almost on it, the skipper missile was launched.  I
locked on to it and went after it, sprayed about a dozen shots at
it, but missed. I tapped afterburners to keep in range, and as it
came back into view I got closer and tried again (it's heading
straight for the transport!), and got it this time.

By that time, Maniac had destroyed both Dralthi escorts and is
inflicting damage on the Corvette, and with me attacking as well,
it didn't last very long.

Nav 2 was clear.  At Nav 3 2+2 Darkets tried to jump us but
Maniac and I took care of them easily, and the transport jumped
out.  The rest of the flight went without an incident.

[Note: if you failed to protect the transport, two Corvettes and
two Dralthis will jump you on the way back from Nav 3. If you
survive that, VICTORY's morale will take a major blow.]


Tamayo sector is not really worth Kilrathi's attention, but they
came after it any way.  VICTORY was sent here to stop them.

Jace "Flash" Dillon arrived onboard with a prototype Excalibur,
and he's a typical hair-on-fire pilot, so brash that even Maniac
looked at him twice.

7.3.1     Tamayo 1
Pre-flight log: Flash's arrival onboard caused a minor furor, and
his marginal insubordination allowed me to decide that "This
kid's a smartass".

Back in gunnery control, Flint and Maniac was saying something,
or to be exact, Maniac was saying something about me. I
interrupted him with "I wouldn't finish that if I were you,
MAJOR." Of course, they expressed their attitude about Flash, and
"They're right". I'll have to deal with Flash later.

Just then the red-alert siren came on, as we're jumped by waves
of Kilrathi fighters.  This is a magnum launch.

Mission: Destroy all enemy fighters attacking VICTORY

Wingmen: none, all pilots are launched during scramble

Craft:   I didn't get to pick either, I got an Arrow.

Flight Log: As we took off, 2 Darkets and 2 Paktahns jumped us.
As we dealt with them two more waves like that came in, and after
that, 2 Dralthis and 2 Paktahn, for a total of 16 fighters.

Paktahn's rear turrets are dangerous.  I used my HS missiles on
them as they go on one of their attack runs on VICTORY, then add
an IR to go through the down shield.  My wingmen took care of
their escorts.

As things quieted down, I realized I did not see the Excalibur in
the landing pattern.  As I landed, I saw it still sitting there
pretty in the hangar.  Flash never took off, and I was steaming

7.3.2     Tamayo 2
Pre-flight log: I stormed into the Barracks and KICKED Flash
awake, (Flash was still in his cot taking a nap) then proceed to
chew him out for not caring about his own ship since if the
VICTORY goes up, so will him and his shiny new ship.

I then headed for the bar, Rachel was there.  She "suggested"
that the Excalibur may be available for a test flight for yours
truly.  "I'd love to fly that ship" I said... Nothing else is
said, but I know which ship will be ready for me...

Mission: Kilrathi was going after the planet TAMAYO II and there
are lots of incoming transports. You must toast them through
plenty of enemy fighters, then VICTORY can sweep up the rest of

Wingmen: Hobbes and Flint are automatically assigned by Eisen

Craft:   As promised, Excalibur is available for the picking! I
took it, if just to get on Flash's nerves.  Arrow, Hellcat,
Thunderbolt, and Longbow are available too, but why?

Flight Log: Took off with no problems. One Corvette and 4
Vaktoths were waiting at Nav 1, then 4 Darkets, then 4 more
Dralthis after that. The Vaktoth along WITH the Corvette are the
most dangerous, but I toasted them easily with my Excalibur. At
Nav 2 are four Kilrathi transports, easily destroyed. Landed
without incident.

7.3.3     Tamayo 3 (optional)
Pre-flight log: Flash was waiting for me on the flight deck as I
landed "his" Excalibur, then he challenged me to a duel. "Time to
teach this punk a lesson," I thought, as I accepted, and I made
him bet that he will transfer to VICTORY should he lose. Eisen
wasn't too happy about this since ship morale would suffer if I
lose, but he told me to "kick the little twerp's butt."

[You can refuse this mission, but ship morale would drop, so you
better take the challenge]

Mission: Fly against Flash in the simulator

Wingmen: None

Craft: Arrow

Flight log: Flash is pretty good, but not good enough!  He tried
a salvo missile launch against me, but I decoyed them away, then
I salvoed him, PLUS full guns. He didn't last very long after my
constant missile barrages.

Flash honored his bet and transferred to VICTORY (or else!).


Kilrathi is bashing the party with a "Recon in Force" task group.
VICTORY will trap them here and destroy them.

7.4.1     Locanda 1
Pre-flight log: Flint is in Gunnery Control, and I was slightly
surprised that this is her home system. She wants a chance to
fly, and I decided to "Give her a shot". I also found Cobra in
the barracks, and she appears to know something about Kilrathi
that we don't, as she predicted the use of biological weapons. I
decided that "She knows something".

Mission: Fighter sweep through four Nav points.

Wingmen: All wingmen available, I picked Flash, as I teased him
"Watch and learn".

Craft:  Arrow, Hellcat, and Thunderbolt available. Since I am
expecting a small capital ship, I picked the Thunderbolt. Since I
don't know what fighters I'll be facing, I picked IR/FF missiles.

Flight log: Took off without incidents.  Nav 1 is clear, but
between Nav 1 and Nav 2 two Vaktoths, then 4 Dralthis jumped us.
Vaktoths can be troublesome, but I was able to put my awesome
frontal weaponry to use. At Nav 2, 3 Darkets and then 4 Strahkas
jumped us.  At Nav 3, these were a Kilrathi destroyer and 4
Drlathis. I sent Flash after the Dralthis while I torpedoed the
Destroyer. At Nav 4, there's six Darkets, when the ace Fireclaw
taunted me. I sent all my FF's and Flash after the others as I
went after Fireclaw myself.  He's history in no time. Landed
without incident.

7.4.2     Locanda 2
Pre-flight log: Vagabond was in the rec room, and he seems to
know something too, and "He might be right."

Mission: Kilrathi destroyer is about to unleash biological weapon
tipped missiles on Locanda 2.

Wingmen: All wingmen except Flint is available. I picked Cobra.

Craft:  Arrow, Hellcat, and Thunderbolt available. I picked the
Thunderbolt since I need to take down that Destroyer FAST.

Flight log: Took off with no incident after standard power
adjustments, I pre-armed my torpedo, don't want to waste time.
Came out of auto-pilot right behind that destroyer, and torpedo
locked on right away.  I launched, ordered "Break and Attack",
then went after the missile it launched with afterburners lit.
The destroyer blew up behind me. Found that missile, then sprayed
shots in its direction. Took me two tries to hit it. In the
meanwhile, Cobra is busy toasting Strakhas. We counted six total
in waves of 4 and 2.

[Note: you have to take out that destroyer on the first pass
since it has a total of THREE missiles it can launch. ANY missile
hit the planet and YOU LOSE.]

As I auto-piloted back to VICTORY and entered the landing
pattern, Eisen came on the screen. It appears that Flint took a
Longbow and went after Kilrathis herself.

I decided to go after her, and told Eisen that I'll "Take the
risk". I told Cobra to land as I turned around.

[Note: come to a dead stop as you approach for landing. If you
approach too fast or hit autopilot for landing you will not be
able to turn around and go after Flint.]

[If you decided not to go after Flint at the end of Locanda 2,
she'll survive, but ship morale will suffer.]

7.4.3     Locanda 3 (optional)
Pre-flight log: see end of Locanda 2

Mission: bring Flint back in one piece

Wingmen: none, until I find Flint

Craft:  whatever I took last time, a Thunderbolt

Flight Log: I turned around and hit autopilot. There's four nav
points on the map. I headed to Nav 1, and took out 4 Darkets and
4 Dralthis. Nothing at Nav 2 and Nav 3.  As I headed toward Nav
4, I found Flint attacking an enemy light cruiser with 4 Darkets
around her. I was busy taking out the the Darkets when Flint took
out the cruiser. After that we took out 4 more Darkets, then 2
Vaktoths, then we made it back with no problems.


VICTORY's task group was assigned to Blackmane sector to help
defend Blackmane Base and the local jumppoint.

7.5.1     Blackmane 1
Pre-flight log: I landed along Flint, as the ship jumped not long
after. I walked up to her craft, wait until her climbed down, and
gave her a tongue-lashing, but in the end, I "gave her a break",
and did not ground her. I can use a good pilot. I stormed off,
and Rachel caught up with me, "she understands". Rollins was in
flight control and had some opinion to share, Eisen was on the
bridge and glad I brought Flint back.

Mission: Base defense.  Take out fighters attacking Blackmane

Wingmen: All wingmen available, I picked Cobra.

Craft:  Arrow, Hellcat, and Thunderbolt available, I picked
Hellcat. It was a good choice since we went up against some
Paktahns and need the maneuverability.

Flight log: We took and adjusted power. Four (4) Dralthis was
attacking Blackmane base, we took them out easily. Four (4)
Darkets followed, then 4 Darkets and 4 Paktahns. Kilrathi Ace
Bloodmist pilots one of the Paktahns. I sent Cobra on break and
attack while I went after Bloodmist. As long as you avoid the
front and direct rear, Paktahns aren't that dangerous, though
Bloodmist has a tendency to salvo missiles, and I had to use my
decoys quite a few times, and still took a hit.

7.5.2     Blackmane 2
Pre-flight log: Maniac was in the barracks when I dropped by. He
said something about me "putting the moves on" Rachel. I decided
that "He's jealous" and decided to rag him.

Mission: Escort in some transports after clearing out Kilrathis.

Wingmen: All available, I picked Vaquero.

Craft:  Since this is escort, I picked Arrow for its speed.

Flight log: Took off after adjusting power. Found 4 Dralthis
attacking two transports at Nav 1, took out the Dralthis, and
lead the transports back to Blackmane base. Went out to Nav 3,
two transports sitting there. I tried to communicate with them
but they didn't answer. I decided something's wrong and
approached VERY slowly. Just as I approached, BOTH BLEW UP! And
immediately 4 Strakhas uncloaked. I immediately afterburnered out
of range and ordered break and attack. Turns out there are 4 more
Strakhas after this bunch, but we took them out, no problems.
Landed without incidents.

7.5.3     Blackmane 3
[If you've grounded Flint back at Blackmane 1, you'll get to
choose whether to put her back now. If you don't Captain Eisen
will, but then you will drop ship's morale for "passing the

Mission: Escort in a special weapons convoy for Blackmane base

Wingmen: All wingmen available, I picked Flash

Craft:  Arrow, Hellcat, and Thunderbolt available. Since I expect
heavy opposition but no enemy cap ships, I picked Hellcat.

Flight log: Took off after adjusting power, linked up with
transports. Found 2+2 Sorthaks at Nav 1. Four Strakhas were
waiting at Nav 2, followed by 4 more, but we took them out with
no problems. The challenge came at Nav 3, when 2+2 Vaktoths
dropped in. Those missiles are dangerous! Fortunately we took
them out without further incidents. Dropped off transports at Nav
4, the base, and AP'ed back to VICTORY.


VICTORY was assigned to Ariel as a part of Recon-In-Force group
to secure this sector. Rumors are Tolwyn is planning something.

7.6.1     Ariel 1
Pre-flight log: Cobra is in Flight Control and she has something
to say about the Kilrathi. As usual, "she's right", though I
wonder why. Found Vagabond in the Rec Room, and he's bitching
about why the Confeds are so zip-lip about certain situations, as
if they're covering things up. "He's worried about nothing", I
thought, and I said so. He does not appear to be very assured.
Rollins on the bridge and he has something to say too.

Mission: Clean sweep, rid Nav points of ALL Kilrathi presence. If
any ship escapes this sector the whole ops is ruined.

Wingmen: All wingmen available, I picked Hobbes since I need
someone who will follow orders.

Craft: I picked Longbow, since I'm expecting Kilrathi cap ships

Flight log: Took off after power adjustments. Nav 1 had 2
Kilrathi transports, 1 Corvette, and 2 Strakhas. Used guns to
take down all of them, decided Corvette not worth torpedo. Two
more Strakhas appeared after the first two. Found 4 Strakhas at
Nav 2, and rear turret helped some. Found enemy carrier at Nav 3.
I sent Hobbes on sweep as I raced in with torpedoes. I nailed
that carrier with two torpedoes before it launched any more
fighters besides the 4 Darkets flying around. Landed without
further incidents.

[Note: the carrier can launch 4 Dralthis after 4 Darkets are
gone, then 4 Vaktoths when Dralthis are gone, so torpedo it

7.6.2     Ariel 2
Pre-flight log: Was it me or is every one getting worried? Even
Vaquero is a little down, and I have to tell him "Stop worrying,

Mission: VICTORY and escorts are hiding in a nearby nebula
ambushing Kilrathi convoys passing through beyond Blackmane
base's sensors. Destroy EVERY Kilrathi we encounter or they're
coming after us.

Wingmen: All wingmen available, I picked Flint

Craft: Thunderbolt and Longbow, I picked Longbow since I expect
more cap ships, and I was right.

Flight log: Took off and adjusted power. Nav 1 was quite busy,
with 1 transport, one DDH (heavy destroyer), and 4 Vaktoths, whom
was followed by 4 more Vaktoths and then 4 Darkets. I took out
the DDH with torpedoes and pounded the fighters with my guns and
missiles, then strafed the remaining transport. Found a Kilrathi
corvette and a transport at Nav 2 along with 4 Darkets, no
problem there. At Nav 3 we found ANOTHER DDH along with transport
and 4 Vaktoths, same routine, as I took out the DDH with
torpedoes while Flint kept the Vaktoths busy. Then I turned
around and missiled the Vaktoths. Four more Vaktoths joined the
party, followed by 4 Darkets, but they're easy to mop up, then we
toasted the transport and headed back to land.

7.6.3     Ariel 3
Pre-flight log: nothing interesting

Mission: Looks like we missed some Kilrathi, and they're back
with skipper missiles. Take them all out while VICTORY find the
jump point to leave this place.

Wingmen: All available, I picked Maniac for the kills

Craft:  Arrow, Hellcat, Thunderbolt, Longbow available. I need
speed but I also need torpedoes, so I picked Thunderbolt.

Flight log: Took off after adjusting power. Before reaching Nav 1
we were jumped by 4 Darkets and 2 Paktahns, but they didn't last
long between me and Maniac. At Nav 2, we found Kilrathi carrier
with 2 Strakhas. I decided to take out the carrier from the
inside and save the torpedo for later. I flew into its hangar bay
and put my full guns to work, and I afterburnered out just as it
blew up.

[Note: carrier can launch 2+2+2 Darkets if you destroy the

There was a Corvette at Nav 2, I took it out with my torpedo but
it launched a skipper missile, which I destroyed.

[Note: if you pre-arm the torpedo you can kill the corvette
before it launches the skipper missile.]

[Note: this mission is semi-random. The new jump point can be at
either Nav 1 or 2, in which case you won't see enemies at Nav 2,
and you need to land before VICTORY leaves.]

Darn, Kilrathi have somehow CLOSED a jump point! It's not there
any more! Gotta go somewhere else... and VICTORY is jumping


Kilrathi have somehow closed off the jump point we want in the
Ariel system, but we found a jump point which leads here, and now
we need to shake off those pesty Kilrathis off our tail, and find
the jump point that leads out of here.

7.7.1     Caliban 1
Pre-flight log: Found Cobra and Hobbes arguing on flight deck. I
"stuck up for Hobbes", and Cobra left unhappy. Now I realized it
was a mistake, since I should have "played along with Cobra".
Found Maniac in Gunnery Control and decided to "rag him" some
more. Is it me or does it actually make him better?

Mission: The destroyers have separated from VICTORY to decoy the
Kilrathi. We need to take out the Cats following each so they
don't get their word back.

Wingmen: All wingmen available, I picked Flash.

Craft:  All except Excalibur available, I picked Thunderbolt
since I expect enemy cap ships.

Flight log: Took off after adjusting power. Found DD Sheffield at
Nav 1 duking it out with a Kilrathi destroyer, and 4 Vaktoths
making her day difficult. We took out the Vaktoths as Sheffield
took out the Kilrathi tin can. Found DD Coventry at Nav 2 doing
the same thing, so we did the same thing.

[Note: if you feel like it, you can "hide" behind your destroyer
and let them do all the work, you can't lose this mission unless
you die.]

Landed without incident.

7.7.2     Caliban 2
Pre-flight log: Found Flint in flight control, lamenting about
her father, flying a desk. "It's tough getting old", I commented.

Mission: Kilrathi found us, but they have to fly out to get the
word out. We have to catch them before they can do so.

Wingmen: all available, I picked Hobbes

Craft:  All except Excalibur available, I picked Thunderbolt

Flight log: Took off normally. Only 4 Darkets waiting at Nav 1,
but 6 Dralthis were waiting at Nav 2, followed by 4 Vaktoths.
That was a tough fight, and I have to use a few of my missiles.
The real prize was a Nav 3: 2 corvettes, a destroyer, AND a
scout. I sent Hobbes after the Corvettes while I went after the
Destroyer with my torpedo. Then I nailed the scout ship with guns
only. The rest was easy and we landed without further incident. .

7.7.3     Caliban 3
Pre-flight log: Found Hobbes commenting about the war on Flight

Mission: The task force has gathered again and we're leaving, but
Kilrathi has other ideas. You are to destroy most of the pursuit

Wingmen: all available, I picked Vagabond.

Craft:  only arrow and Hellcat available, I picked Hellcat for
staying power.

Flight log: Just as we took off Victory came under attack by 4
Darkets and 1 corvette. Took them all out. Another 4 Darkets and
1 corvette was waiting at Nav 1, but the BIG surprise was at Nav
2. We found 4 Dralthis, 1 Corvette and 2 Dralthis, 4 Vaktoths, 2
Darkets and 2 Vaktoths, and 4 Darkets, in that order. It was
REALLY messy and I had to order Vagabond back to base due to his
damage, but I killed all of them. I don't think I would have
lasted as long in an Arrow.


Tolwyn arrived and assumed personal command of the Task Force.
This doesn't look good...

7.8.1     Torgo 1
Pre-flight log: Tolwyn arrived onboard, and tried to "honor" me.
I told him that "We're all equals here". Found Flint in Gunnery
Control, and "she can see Tolwyn's a jerk" too. I decided to let
out a little of my past dealings with Tolwyn, just to get it off
my chest.

Mission: Tolwyn wants a Magnum launch (all fighters) to protect
the Behemoth, under attack nearby.

Wingmen: None, though Flint came along

Craft:  It's a scramble launch, so Arrow it is.

Flight log: Took off after adjusting power and found 2 Paktahns
at Nav 1, with 2 Strakhas. No problem there. Nav 2 was a surprise
with 4 waves of 2 Vaktoths and 2 Paktahns each. Fortunately Arrow
wasn't so easy to hit even with missiles. I went after Vaktoths
first since they're more dangerous. Ended up using ALL of my
missiles here. At Nav 3, we found 2 Strakhas and 2 Paktahns, no
problems there. Finally saw the Behemoth at Nav 4, and DANG!
That thing is HUGE! It's MUCH larger than the VICTORY or even my
old ship, the CONCORDIA...

7.8.2     Torgo 2
Pre-flight log: Rollins was in the lift with more rumors, and
Tolwyn is on the bridge about Behemoth is "his baby".

Mission: Behemoth needs minor "adjustments", so you must go out
and plant some mines to protect her, 2 mines at each Nav point to
be precise. Beware enemies dropping in as you deploy your mines.

Wingmen: all available, I picked Flint

Craft: Longbow it must be for all those mines.

Flight log: We found at each of 4 Nav point 2 Vaktoths and 2
Paktahns waiting for us. We destroyed them and dropped two mines
at all four Nav Points. No big deal.

7.8.3     Torgo 3
Pre-flight log: nothing interesting

Mission: Behemoth is ready to jump, with one catch: no fuel.
Tolwyn saw this Kilrathi convoy and want us to disable all of
them and capture the fuel. Brilliant idea...

Wingmen: all available, I picked Cobra

Craft: I picked Hellcat over Arrow

Flight log: Found 2 Asteroid fighters along with 3 tankers at Nav
1, and those rocks are TOUGH!  Their mines can be nasty too if
you run into them. We took out a total of 8 of them, and lost
quite a armor and shields to their mines. Then we carefully took
out the turrets on each transports and took out the engines. The
rest is up to the marines.


Behemoth is complete and ready to go, and we're taking the
offensive into Kilrathi space. First stop, Loki system, where
there's a quasar blocking communications. We will take out the
enemies around us, then test the weapons on the planetary base...

7.9.1     Loki 1
Pre-flight log: Vaquero is happily stringing his guitar in the
barracks, and Rachel is on the Flight Deck, all "clean and
spiffy" on Admiral Tolwyn's order. Gee, sure looks different!

Mission: Clean up the area of Kilrathi presence

Wingmen: All available, I picked Flint again

Craft: I picked Hellcat, my favorite

Flight log: Took off after adjusting power. At Nav 1 found
corvette and 4 Darkets. As we destroyed 4 Darkets we found
another corvette and 4 Vaktoths coming in. It was a bad fight and
Flint was damaged. Nav 2 has 6 Dralthis, which we took care of
easily. At Nav 3 we found 6 Vaktoths. Flint took two missiles and
had to eject, and I took out the rest of them. After them came 4
Darkets and 4 Strakhas, but those are easy. Found Behemoth at Nav

7.9.2     Loki 2
Pre-flight log: Lots of people to meet...  Tolwyn's on the
bridge. Cobra is in the barracks. Eisen is in Gunnery Control
starring at the stars lamenting his command.

Mission: Your job is to make sure the Behemoth is safe as Tolwyn
orders the test of the Behemoth on the planetary base.

Wingmen: all available, I picked Hobbes

Craft: call me silly, but I picked Hellcat over Arrow again.

Flight log: as we took off we hit 4 Paktahns charging in. Hobbes
and I destroyed one as the Behemoth fired, reducing the planet to
ashes. After that 2 corvettes dropped in, and after that 4
Strakhas, and finally 2 Paktahns. Had to use all my missiles to
keep the fighters away since those corvettes are nasty. Landed
without further incident.

7.9.3     Loki 3
Behemoth is one jump from Kilrah, and Kilrathi knows it too. They
are attacking with overwhelming force...

Mission: I was supposed to defend the Behemoth, but it was
impossible... So my primary mission was survival.

Wingmen: Pick Hobbes, though it doesn't matter.

Craft: Doesn't matter, though I picked Hellcat over Arrow again

Flight log: Took off and autopiloted after adjusting power.
Before I can get close enough to nail the Paktahns, even with
afterburners, Behemoth blew up. It was as if the Cats knew
EXACTLY where to hit her! Then prince Thrakkath appeared in his
Bloodwing and beamed the video of Angel's demise to us...

Thrakkath offered me a chance at single-combat, but Rollins cut
through and told me that VICTORY is jumping in 90 seconds. I know
I can fight Thrakkath another day... But it was hard finding a
clear channel with both Thrakkath and Rollins on the radio so I
can request landing clearance. I landed with 5 seconds to spare.

[Warning: if you go into the bay withOUT landing clearance,
you'll be left behind!]


I couldnít eat or sleep for days... I spent hours... days... in
the rec room, hoping not to remember... everything...

7.10.1    Alcor 1
Pre-flight log: Rachel sat down beside me and talked me out.
"She's OK... She understands." I stopped drinking.

[Note: if you keep drinking, your flight controls during the
mission may become erratic.]

Mission: Kilrathi is coming after the VICTORY. The destroyers are
separating to provide decoys again, while VICTORY hides somewhere
to make repairs. All fighters will take off and defend.

Wingmen: None, it's a scramble, though Hobbes is waiting.

Craft: Arrow

Flight log: I'm sure glad I didn't toss down that extra drink.
This mission is HARD! Took off after adjusting power. At Nav 1,
DD Sheffield is having a field day with THREE Corvettes. Then
another corvette and 4 Vaktoths jumped in, then 8 Darkets. What a
mess! Hobbes and I took out the fighters and let Sheffield take
care of the corvettes. At Nav 2 we found 2 Vaktoths and 4
Paktahns, then 6+6 Dralthis, then 4 Paktahns. Nav 3 is relatively
quiet, with only 4 Strakhas. Nav 4 is quiet with 4 Vaktoths, and
Nav 5, 2 Sorthaks are firing on VICTORY, followed by 2 more
Sorthaks.  All in all, Hobbes and I took down 46 fighters (a few
may be credited to Sheffield) and partial credit on the four
Corvettes with Sheffield.

7.10.2    Alcor 2
[If you flew drunk on last mission and survived, Flint chew you
out, and you get to talk to her in this segment. "She's right"

Pre-flight log: Cobra and Rollins in the Rec Room are talking,
and as usual, Cobra has a good comment or two, and "She's got a
point". Found Paladin in Gunnery Control. When questioned,
Paladin revealed that he knew Angel's dead back when we're both
on Vestus. A red haze clouded my eyes. To think I trusted him for
10 years!!! I slugged that SOB...

Turns out Angel did send a message out before meeting Thrakkath's

Mission: You're scouting ahead, with orders not to let any
Kilrathi escape.  Cap ships are expected. We are going to rescue
a "Dr. Severin" from Alcor V, and with his help we can build a
"Temblor Bomb", capable of splitting planets apart. That's
Angel's legacy...

Wingmen: all available, I picked Vagabond

Craft: Arrow, Thunderbolt, and Longbow available, I picked
Longbow since I expect Cap Ships.

Flight log: Took off with no problems, adjusted power. Found
Kilrathi DD and 3 corvettes at Nav 1, nailed DD with torpedo,
played tag with the other 3 corvettes, got bored and used another
torpedo on one. After dealing with them, another corvette and 6
Darkets jumped in. Darkets are messy since Longbow doesnít have
enough maneuverability to keep up with them. Used a few missiles
to keep them far away for the guns. Corvette is easy after you
eliminate its fighter cover. Found 4 Asteroid fighters at Nav 2,
avoiding mines wasn't that hard if you turn away periodically to
avoid the mines. Have also found that RAMMING them really helps,
if you can catch them. After those 4 are gone, 4 Strakhas dropped
in, then 4 Darkets. At Nav 3, we found another Kilrathi DD with 4
Paktahns. Nailed the DD with my remaining torpedoes. After the
Paktahns are gone, we found 6 Darkets, then 4 Dralthis.

7.10.3    Alcor 3 (Optional)
Mission: Cobra was found mortally wounded on the flight deck,
wounded by Kilrathi claws. She caught Hobbes trying to transmit
information about the Temblor Bomb. Hobbes had escaped in a
Thunderbolt. Either I go after Hobbes now, or let Hobbes get away
scot-free... But the mission to Alcor V is almost upon us, and
Eisen says not to go...

I am going any way! Revenge was all that's on my mind...

[You can stay, but shipís morale will suffer.]

Wingmen: None

Craft: There was only one Hellcat available, I took it.

Flight log: DAMN! Hobbes is every bit as good as he was flying
WITH me as he is now AGAINST me. We both launched salvoes of
missiles against each other and neither of us got a hit. We
zoomed by each other back and forth under afterburner when I
realized that this isn't getting anywhere. I decided to save my
afterburner fuel and only use my afterburners sparingly. Sooner
or later he's going to run out, since he needs afterburners to
make up for his Thunderbolt's lack of maneuverability. After a
few more passes, from which we both got some hits, he's not
afterburning any more, but his rear turret kept me from effective
firing positions. It took me a while before I got in enough shots
to toast his engines, and he exploded, no ejection for him. I
headed back to VICTORY, and found it under attack by 4 Strakhas
(including ace Stalker) and then 4 Paktahn. Took care of them

7.10.4    Alcor 4
Pre-flight log: I landed, and even Rachel was not pleased in
seeing so much damage on the Hellcat I took out. Eisen was not in
a good mood, as he informed me that after I left, VICTORY was
ambushed and Vaquero bought it, and it's all my fault. He's
cleaning up Vaquero's locker, so I volunteered to write the "next-
of-kin" letter. I am the Wing Commander after all...

Found Vagabond in the Rec Room.  Turns out Vagabond was one of
Severin's assistants, and blames himself for what happened at a
colony where Severin conducted some illegal research that ended
up wiping out the colony. Feds covered it up as accident, but he
knows better. I told him that "he shouldn't blame himself."

Mission: VICTORY arrived at Alcor V, and we need to cover the
marines going down to get Dr.Severin. First clear the space, then
go down and clean out the ground forces.

Wingmen: Flint, Vagabond, Flash, Maniac (Vaquero if you didn't
fly Alcor 3). I picked Flint.

Craft: Excalibur, the only ship that can fly ground missions

Flight log: Take off is simple, adjusted power. Found 6 Darkets
in orbit, blasted them easily with Excalibur's firepower. Then I
headed down to the planet. On the way, the power system reseted,
forcing me to set them again.

The Ekapshis at Nav 2 are messy. They LOVE to dive, I don't. I
afterburner away from them then turn back toward and let them
enjoy a couple blasts from my tachyon cannons head-on. Works
every time. Did the same thing for the 4+2 Ekapshis at Nav 3.
Strafed the tanks on the ground, then hit speed 0 and toasted the
prison complex.

Nav 4 was clear, while Nav 5 has 4+2 Ekapshis, 6 tanks, and more
buildings. Did the same thing as Nav 3. Wasn't that hard,

Strafing is not fun, it's not hard either. Remember to turn off
the auto-aim, then slow down to about 300, point your nose
directly onto the target, and start shooting when in range. I
only strafe with tachyon cannons, since reaper cannons don't seem
to do that much.

As I landed, I saw a live video feed of marines rescuing
Dr.Severin. I saw a Hellcat landing next to them, and pilot
jumped out. I was about to say, "Hey, that's Vagabond!" when
Vagabond went up to Severin and slugged him. The marines grabbed
Vagabond immediately of course.


Freya sector has a jump point direct to Kilrah system. It's a
secret, and a badly kept one too. We need to clean out this
sector in preparations for advance to Kilrah.

7.11.1     Freya 1
Pre-flight log: Maniac was in the Rec-Room and he handed me some
cheap shots about Angle. "You're asking for it, man." and
retaliated. Rollins was in the lift and was commenting about
Vagabond in the brig for slugging Dr.Severin. I commented that
"Vagabond has his reasons".

Mission: Sweep, clear out Kilrathi at all Nav points

Wingmen: Flint, Flash, Maniac, (Vaquero if survived earlier). I
picked Flint.

Craft: All available, I picked Longbow since I expect Cap Ships.

Flight Log: Took off after adjusting power. Nav 1 showed 1 DDH
(Heavy Destroyer) and 2+4 Darkets. Took out the Darkets first,
then nailed the HDD with one torpedo. Nav 2 shows 2 corvettes and
4+4 Dralthis. The two corvettes are pretty close together and
they cover each other. Took a while to take them out, sent
wingmen after same corvette. At nav 3 found a Kilrathi CV
(Carrier), with 4 Dralthi as escort (followed by 4 Darket and 4
Dralthi), use torpedoes to take out the carrier first as not to
play with other fighters, then took out the other fighters with

7.11.2    Freya 2
Pre-flight log: I "try the hard sell" on Eisen and he agreed to
let Vagabond out, as we need his skills.

Mission: We found the jump point, but it's shielded. We found the
shield generator though. Fly an Excalibur and take it out.

Wingmen: None

Craft: Excalibur

Flight Log: Took off after adjusting power. Found 4 Dralthis at
Nav 1, no problem. Autopilot to ground. Found 4 Ekapshi at Nav 2
(ground), another 4 Ekapshi at Nav 3. Ekapshis are easy if you
afterburner away from them, then turn back into them and meet
them head-on. The generator building is at Nav 4, with a big
energy arc on top. I nailed it with guns, and went back into
orbit. Found 2 Dralthis waiting for me, at Nav 5, and another 2
Dralthis at Nav 6.

7.11.3    Freya 3
Pre-flight log: Found Vagabond in Rec Room, he has a few choice
words to say...

Mission: Kilrathi wants this system and they're coming through!
Defend VICTORY or else... Lose big-time.

Wingmen: Flint, Vagabond, Flash, Maniac (Vaquero if survived)

[It appears that Vagabond can "die" now... If heís still here.]

Craft: All available, picked Excalibur

Flight Log: Long list of enemies! 3 Dralthis, 1 Corvette and 2
Darkets, 3 Darkets, 2 Darkets, 3 Vaktoths, 3 Vaktoths, and
finally 3 Darkets. Fortunately, the lighter fighters are nothing
under the tachyon cannons. The Vaktoths may be trouble, so I used
missiles. The corvettes are trouble but the slide took care of


We have a Temblor Bomb for testing, and we'll test it in Hyperion
sector before sending one into Kilrah.

7.12.1     Hyperion 1
Pre-flight log: I knew it was trouble when I spotted BOTH Flint
and Rachel at the Rec Room bar... And I have to make a choice. (I
could refuse BOTH, but why?)

[You can't pick both. If you pick one, the other one gets mad.
The mad one won't have anything to do with you. Flint won't fly,
and Rachel won't configure your loadouts.]

[To be totally cold-blooded, AVOID the entire scene, don't pick
EITHER one. If you go through and refute either one their morale

Mission: Test the Temblor bomb on the Kilrathi planet, it should
be relatively undefended.

Wingmen: None

Craft: Excalibur it is!

Flight log: Took off after adjusting power. 4 Dralthis jumped me
before Nav 1. Dropped to ground at Nav 1, found 2 Ekapshis at Nav
2, another 2 at Nav 3. Used standard tactics on them
(separation). Two Ekapshi tried to interfere with my bombing run,
but took care of them. Tried to fire off some missiles and almost
dropped the Temblor Bomb on nothing!  Finally dropped temblor
bomb on ground fault, and POOF! 4 Dralthis were at Nav 5, no
problem there.

7.12.2    Hyperion 2
Pre-flight log: Flash was in the barracks, and he's boasting
again, but I "have to admit-- he's a damn good pilot". Found
Vagabond at Gunnery Control, lamenting that he has nowhere to go.
"He really deserves a home", I thought.

Mission: Friendly cap ships are taking back Freya. You are to
jump into Freya and help them out.

Wingmen: (I picked Rachel earlier, so Flint's not available)
Flash, maniac, Vagabond, Vaquero. I picked Flash.

Craft: Arrow, Hellcat, Excalibur, I picked the last one.

Flight log: Dang, lots of enemies around ehre! Take off is quiet.
Found at Nav 1, 2 Darkets and 1 DD, then 2 Darkets, 2 Dralthis,
and 2 Dralthis. At Nav 2 found 1 CV, 2 Dralthis, 2 Dralthis, 2
Paktahns. At Nav 3 found one of our CA (heavy cruiser) going up
against a Kilrathi CA with 2 Paktahns. Took out the Paktahns and
helped blowing up the Kilrathi CA.

7.12.3    Hyperion 3
[If you picked Flint in the bar before, and have yet to fly a
mission with her, you'll find her in Rec Room where you have to
decide to fly with her or not.]

Mission: Kilrathi is still pushing hard at Freya.  VICTORY BG is
jumping back into Freya to defend the jump point, and you must go
out on Search and Destroy missions to keep the road to Kilrah

Wingman: (Flint), Flash, Maniac, Vagabond, (Vaquero), I picked

Craft: All available, but Excalibur is the only way to go!

Flight log: Still lots of enemies. Nav 1 has a HDD and 4+4
Darkets, and 2 Dralthis. Nav 2 has 4 Darkets. Nav 3 had 6
Darkets, 4 transports, and a cruiser, plus 5+6 Darkets. Cruiser
is not that hard if you can stay away from its firepower, and one
way is match speed at 8000m, then afterburner your way in until
you're JUST behind the engines, where no turret can hit you, then
just allocate lots of power to guns and keep firing. If you feel
macho, take out all the turrets first with sliding.

[Flash may buy it taking out the cruiser with Excalibur. If that
happens, take a Longbow instead and torpedo the cruiser first.]


This is it, folks. Do or die. Nail Kilrah or Confederation is
doomed. It appears that the Kilrathi are preparing the FINAL
invasion fleet. Confederation is preparing a last stand at
Proxima sector, but things doesn't look good... So I guess we are
the last hope of the Confeds.

7.13.1    Kilrah 1
Pre-flight log: I have to pick the best 3 wingmen I have. Since I
have only three, I picked Flash, Maniac, and Vagabond.

[If Flint is available, try not to pick her. She will not survive
this series unless something unbelievable happens...In fact,
EVERYBODY is likely to die/eject in this series except you.]

Mission: Make your way into the Kilrah system and land on the
first hidden asteroid depot.

Wingmen: See above

Craft: Excalibur it is! Pick half FF and half IR.

Flight log: Take off is no problem. Nav 1, the jump point, was
guarded by 2 Sorthaks. We cleaned them out quickly. We jumped to
Nav 2, where we found 2 corvettes and 4+4 Darkets. I send all
wingmen after a single corvette to take it down faster. At Nav 3,
we found 2 corvettes, 6 Dralthis, and 6 Strakhas. Vagabond bought
it when taking down one of the corvettes. At Nav 4 we found 3
Darkets, 1 DD, then 1+6 Darkets. We left the DD alone, found the
asteroid depot, and landed.

7.13.2    Kilrah 2
Mission: Make it to the second/final depot, where the bomb is,
take out all enemies.

Wingmen: whoever survived Kilrah 1. For me, it's Flash and

Craft: Excalibur it must be. (Use loadout terminal to customize
missile loadout)

Flight log: Took off and adjusted power. 4 Darkets and 2
Corvettes was waiting at Nav 1, followed by 4 Dralthis. At Nav 2
4 Vaktoths and 2 corvettes were waiting, followed by 6 Strakhas.
Flash was heavily damaged by this time. I ordered him back, but
he refused. Three Sorthaks, 1 Strakha, and 1 DD infested Nav 3.
The Strakha uncloaked right behind Flash and toasted him with a
missile salvo. I took out that Strakha of course, but it was too
late. One Sorthak then 6 Darkets followed the fighters.

Took them all out and made my way to the final hidden base.

7.13.3    Kilrah 3
Mission: make it through Thrakkath and escorts and bomb Kilrah...

Wingmen: whoever survived Kilrah 2. For me, it's Maniac

Craft: Excalibur

Flight log: 1 DD and 4 Paktahns at Nav 1, followed by 4 Dralthis.
At Nav 2 we found another DD with 4 Dralthis followed by 6
Strakhas. At Nav 3, we found ANOTHER DD with 3+6 Darkets (some
veterans).  Maniac bought it at this point, and I engaged cloak
to get away from the DD.

At Nav 4, found 2 Paktahn, and Prince Thrakhath in his Bloodwing.

[If Hobbes is still alive, he's here in his Thunderbolt.]

I used the cloak to sneak up to Thrakhath, and rammed him once
(under cloak). I got only frontal armor damage. I then came up
behind him and matched speed. I then decloaked and launched a
salvo of missiles, and that toasted him. The Paktahn scattered
and I went down to the surface.

[Note: as soon as Thrakhath dies, you go down, you don't even get
to see him blow up! You can take out Thrakhath several ways, but
they all involve sneaking up behind him and uncloak behind him
with full guns and salvo of missiles.]

I ended up flying on the fault.  I engaged cloak, and looked for
the fault... It was interesting flying through that gigantic
trench. I found the spot, but it was guarded by 2 Ekapshis. I
decided on a subterfuge. I climbed to max altitude, then stopped,
then I turned nose down straight toward the fault. I decloaked,
and headed down. Before the Ekapshi can get to me, I have
targetted the fault. With a few short bursts of afterburner I
avoided the Ekapshi until lock-on, then I drop the bomb, pulled
up, and hit afterburner!

I held my finger on the afterburner button as I accelerated out
of the atmosphere. I can see the halo of the temblor bomb's
destruction behind me, growing across the planet. I can only
imagine what's happening on the surface...

Then Kilrah exploded. All shipyards in orbit and its moon
disintegrated as well. The explosion created a shock front
spreading across space, overtaking my Excalibur on full
afterburner. The joystick was wrenched out of my hands and my
head hit the front console, stunning me. I must have passed out
for a while. I can only guess that the auto-stabilization system
somehow engaged and threw me out of the energy wave...

Then suddenly the craft stopped. I turned around and looked: I
was caught in a tractor beam, from a Kilrathi dreadnought. I
checked my energy reserves and hoping for escape, there is none.

The tractor beam pulled me into their hangar and dropped me on
the deck. I was able to activate landing gear. Kilrathi marines
surrounded my fighter with drawn weapons. I slowly opened the
canopy and climbed down, keeping my hands in plain view. They
made no other threatening moves.

Four of them escorted me to the flag bridge. I recognized Melek,
Thrakhath's second.

"Heart of the Tiger", Melek observed, "In my heart, I wish to
kill you."

"Do it then. It won't bring back your homeworld." I was sure I am
dead then. Might as well go down gloriously.

"And a race without a homeworld?" Melek shakes his head. "The
Kilrathi are a beaten race, and to kill the one warrior great
enough to bring about their end would bring me no honor."

I am going to live?!?! I was too surprised to say anything.

"A new millennium lies ahead. We have became too corrupt, and too
much slaves to our blood lust. And we have paid a heavy price..."

Melek looked at me. I can see that he is forming his words with

"We are surrendering to you, Heart of the Tiger..."

Melek dropped to his knees, as did the guards.

"It is an action unlike any we have ever taken, but it is time
the Kilrathi find new ways. The Kilrathi must not die out as a

The war is finally over.


[Losing missions are only minimally noted...]

7.14.1    Tamayo/L 1
This mission is identical to Tamayo 1.

7.14.2    Tamayo/L 2
This mission is identical to Tamayo 2, and if you lose you go to

7.14.3    Tamayo/L 3
This mission is identical to Tamayo 3, except if you lose you go
to Proxima/Losing. If you win 2 and 3 you can make your way back
to Locanda series.


Confederation is losing the Blackmane sector. VICTORY is here to
cover the evacuation.

7.15.1    Blackmane/L 1
Mission: Link up with 3 evacuation transports and take them to

Wingman: All available

Craft: Arrow, Hellcat, Thunderbolt. Pick a Hellcat or heavier...

Flight log: Link up autopilot with 3 transports upon takeoff.
You'll meet Kilrathi Carrier (CV) at Nav 1, with 2 Dralthis (up 
to 6 more one at a time at reinforcements). You MUST lose no more 
than one...

[If you lose you go to Proxima/Losing]

7.15.2    Blackmane/L 2
Mission: Link with 3 evacuation transports and take them to
safety. Oh, and stay in the pulsar shadows.

Wingman: all available

Craft: Arrow, Hellcat, Thunderbolt. I pick Hellcat

Flight log: Link with 3 transports at Nav 1. Nav 2 are 4
Strakhas. At Nav 3 you must stay in the Pulsar shadow or you will
take damage. Then destroy 3+3+3+3 Dralthis before they destroy
more than 1 of your transports, then watch them jump out.

[If you lose you go to Proxima/Losing]

7.15.3    Blackmane/L 3
Mission: We've lost the base, and there's one more convoy that
needs to run for it. Link up with it and bring them back.

Wingman: all available

Craft: Arrow, Hellcat, Thunderbolt. Doesn't matter.

Flight log: 4 Strahkhas between takeoff and Nav 1. Nav 1 found 2
transports, though those are decoys and exploded as I got near.
Then 4+4 Strakhas uncloaked and ambushed me.

If you win this one you go to Ariel System.


VICTORY is ordered to attack the Kilrathi hidden asteroid base in
the sector.

7.16.1    Delius 1
Mission: Search and destroy in an asteroid field

Wingmen: all available

Craft: Arrow, Hellcat, Thunderbolt, Longbow. Doesn't matter.

Flight log: Asteroid base at Nav 1 with 4+2 Vaktoths. 3+3
Dralthis at Nav 2. Nav 3 has 2 Dralthis and 2 Darkets, and Nav 4
has 4 Vaktoths.

You don't need to hit the asteroid base yourself, as VICTORY and
her destroyer escorts will take it out later. However, it can be
done. If you destroy the asteroid base, you go to Torgo series.

7.16.2    Delius 2
Mission: Mine the approach Nav points to trap the reinforcements.

Wingmen: all available

Craft: Thunderbolt, Longbow. You need the Longbow.

Flight log: Nav 1 has 1 corvette, 4 Dralthis. Nav 2 has 4
Darkets. Drop mines and let them come after you. Nav 3 found
asteroid base, destroyer, 2 Dralthi, 1 corvette and 2 Vaktoth, 
2 Vaototh and 1 Sorthak, and finally 4 Dralthi.

If the asteroid base is destroyed, you'll jump to the Torgo

7.16.3    Delius 3
[only if you STILL havenít destroyed the base]

Mission: It's still there! Nail that asteroid field once and for

Wingmen: all available

Craft: Arrow, Hellcat

Flight log: Take off, 2 Darkets, another 2 Darkets, then asteroid
base with 2 Dralthi. After you cleared them out, watch VICTORY
and destroyers take out the base.

When you destroy the asteroid base, you go to Torgo series.


The last stand, folks. Confederation is losing on all fronts.
Proxima is one jump point away from Earth, and you are to hold
there as long as you can, until Eisen says we're going.

7.17.1    Proxima 1
Mission: Survive until Eisen calls you back.

Wingmen: all who survived are available, pick the best (Maniac?)

Craft: all available, pick the Excalibur.

Flight log: Endless waves of random fighters. Land when Eisen
says so, or die while VICTORY jumps back to Sol system.

7.17.2    Proxima 2
Mission: It is a good day to die...

Wingmen: all who survived are available, pick the best (Maniac?)

Craft: all available, pick the Excalibur.

Flight log: Endless waves of random Kilrathi fighters. Eisen
takes out a dreadnought by ramming it with VICTORY, but there is
no way out...

[Die fighting, or be tractor to die on Thrakhath's carrier. Watch
fall of Earth, then pick how do you wish to die...]

8    Winning and Losing


There is only one "winning endgame", destruction of Kilrah. There
are three variations on it, depending on who did you pick as
companion earlier. Will you be with Flint, Rachel, or neither?


There's several ways to "lose"...

Death -- If you died, you can REPLAY or CONTINUE. If you
CONTINUE, you'll see EISEN presiding over your funeral.

Court-Martial -- If you killed one of your wingmen, Eisen meets
you on the Flight Deck with marines and dump you in the brig.

Chased Thrakhath at Loki 3 -- You have 90 seconds to land or
you'll be there sucking vacuum forever.

Victory Dies at Hyperion 2 -- Most of your fighters made it back
to Proxima, but you will lose there also...

Earth's Last stand (Proxima/Losing) -- You can die at Proxima/L 1
or 2, doesn't matter. If you eject, you will be captured by
Thrakhath, then you get to pick how to die, but dead is dead.


Try to see each of the alternate endings

Try to kill one of the dreadnoughts that show up at Proxima 2.
(It can be done)

9    Misc. Information


Authorized Combat Guide to Wing Commander III, ////BradyGames.
ISBN 1-56686-238-8, $19.99 USA. -- Not much on behind the scenes
look, but includes information on the 3D0 version. It's all
generic tactics plus mission specifics. Its best feature? Color
pictures of key cinematic scenes.

Origin's Official Guide to Wing Commander III, ////BradyGames.
ISBN 1- 56686-287-6, $24.95 USA. -- This book is worth far more
than the extra $5 dollars you pay. It comes with the CD "Behind
the Screens of Wing Commander 3" (only available in Premier
edition of WC3), as well as the "behind the scenes" numbers on
things such as numbers for all the pilots and Kilrathi pilots and
aces, actual numbers for all crafts, including capitals
ships,dialogue for all characters, and interview with key members
of the WC3 team.


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