Wing Commander II: Vengeance of the Kilrathi
                Unofficial Strategy Guide and FAQ
                  by Kasey Chang ([email protected])
                     released April 21, 2002

0    Introduction

0.1   A word from the author

A quick browse through the shows that there despite
the age of Wing Commander 2, there is no FAQ for it. So here's my

This is a FAQ, NOT a manual. You won't learn how to play the game
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This USG only covers the PC version since that's the only version
that I have.

Some of you may recognize my name as the editor for the XCOM and
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0.5   The Author

I am just a game player who decided to write my own FAQs when the
ones I find don't cover what I want to see.  Lots of people like
what I did, so I kept doing it.

Previously, I've written Unofficial Strategy Guides (USGs) for
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0.7   Revision History

21-APR-2002         Initial release

0.8   The Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you send me Wing Commander II (or portions thereof)?
A: No.

Q: Can you send me the manual (or portions thereof)?
A: No.

Q: Can you tell me how to play the game?
A: Read the manual.

Q: What's the latest version?
A: This game is before games get patches. Though you can get the
Kilrathi Saga version.

Q: The game runs too fast!
A: Use a slowdown program like mo'slo, or buy the Kilrathi Saga
(which contains code to be speed independent).

Q: How do I get Kilrathi Saga?
A: Try's auctions, expect to pay well over $100.

Q: How many expansion packs?
A: Just two: Special Operations 1, and Special Operations 2.
There are three sequels (WC3, 4, and WC: Prophecy).

Q: How do I run the DOS version under Windows?
A: Use a boot disk. Visit for some help.

Q: How do I land?
A: Request landing permission, then fly close enough to the

Q: How do I win medals?
A: You don't. You spent the game trying to redeem your honor.

Q: How do I get promoted to higher rank?
A: You don't. At the end of the main WC2 campaign, if you win,
you'll be promoted to Colonel.

Q: Is there a particular taunt that is more effective than
A: No.

Q: Where are the cheat codes?
A: See last section

1    Game Information

1.1   Before it all...

There was Wing Commander (I).  As a young lieutenant recently
graduated from Naval Academy joining a 20-year old war that was
only getting worse, you were assigned to TCS TIGER'S CLAW, pride
of the Confederation Navy.  WC1 chronicles the attempt by the
Confederation to retake the Vega sector, with you leading the

WC1 was followed by two add-on scenarios, the Secret Missions.
Secret Mission 1 chronicles TIGER'S CLAW in pursuit of a new
Kilrathi secret weapons behind enemy lines in attempt to destroy
it, while Secret Mission 2 chronicles TIGER'S CLAW attempting to
protect a new ally against Kilrathi onslaught.  SM2 also
introduces two new Wingman, Jazz and Doomsday, both of whom will
make their appearance in WC2.

1.2   As this chapter starts...

Tiger's Claw was ordered to Enigma sector as part of the force
assaulting K'tithrak Mang, the major Kilrathi starbase in the
sector. While you and most of the fighters were sent out on
patrol, a wave of Kilrathi fighters swooped in and destroyed the
Claw. The fighters came from a sector on YOUR patrol route. You
had noticed some ships, but they DISAPPEARED right in front of
you. You weren't able to convince any one of the sighting after
your flight data recorder tape mysteriously disappeared.

Admiral Tolwyn was convinced that you are the traitor that let
those Kilrathi fighters through and destroyed the Claw, and
cooked up the "cloaked fighters" excuse. With insufficient
evidence, you can't be convicted of treason or even negligence.
Instead, you were send to Caenarvon Station, out in the quietest
corner of Enigma sector, where you will be out of the way, unable
to "further betray" the Confederation.

You know you are innocent, but you were not able to prove it.
Suffice to say that you spent TEN YEARS on the station, just
flying patrols without ever running into any one except a few
Free Traders, until one day fate provided you with another chance
at redemption...

1.3   Hardware Requirement

Wing Commander 2 was designed for early 386's (33-40 MHz or so),
with VGA graphics card and optional SoundBlaster or Roland MIDI

The Kilrathi Saga, which includes WC, SM1, SM2, WC2, SO1, SO2,
and WC3, was released after WC3. The older games get speed-
compensation so it will run correctly on any computer speed,
though it is still fundamentally a DOS game.

1.4   Changes from WC1 to WC2

1.4.1     Torpedoes

Torpedoes changed the way capital ships are attacked forever.
With phase shields, conventional weapons are nearly useless
against capships. Only an anti-matter torpedo, with an
appropriate phase disruptor, has a chance to punch through the
phase shield and kill the ship within. However, it takes time for
the torpedo to acquire the phase shield harmonics. Only the
heavier fighters can carry torpedoes with the electronics to
guide them.

If you fire from too far away, the flak from the capships can
destroy the torpedoes.

1.4.2     Bombers and turrets

Bombers need to survive those seconds needed to ensure torpedo
lock-on, even against enemy fighter cover. The answer is
defensive turrets. Armed with a variety of guns, the defensive
turrets make attacking bombers a dangerous job, but hardly
impossible. Bombers without escorts are relatively harmless as
you chase them all over the sky without giving them a chance to

1.4.3     Tractor Beams

The bombers carry tractor beams that can be used to pick up
objects from space. While this is usually used to retrieve
ejected pilots, this can also be used to retrieve certain objects
from space, such as data recorders from a destroyed ship.

The best way to employ tractor beam is to aim your craft at just
above the object. As you fly past it, come to full stop, and use
the rear turret to look for the object. Remember to switch to
tractor beam, then reel it in!

1.4.4     Flak

All capital ships (capships) are armed with flak cannons, which
are much more effective against fighters, than the simpler
weapons in WC1. The flak cannons also work against torpedoes. So
watch your shields when you approach capships.

And watch out Fralthra's anti-matter guns... They use those
against bombers too... And if one of those hit you, you'll be
heavily damaged. Two of those hit you... You'll be toast.

1.4.5     Recorder

WC2 includes a VERY LIMITED flight recorder that records
everything up to the last time you dropped out of autopilot,
SUBJECT to amount of EMS memory available. You canNOT save the
reply. You can view it ONCE.

1.4.6     Dynamic Artificial Intelligence

WC2 features a dynamic AI engine that adjusts enemy AI to fit
your level of expertise in dogfighting. If you fight really well,
next mission will be harder. If you failed several times, enemies
will be easier to kill.

[See final section for info on manual adjustments of AI level.]

1.4.7     More Cinematic Angles

Instead of all talking heads, WC2 introduced different camera
angles and more refined graphics for the cinematics.

2     Combat Tips

2.1   Wait for shields to recharge

Your shields do NOT recharge while you are in autopilot, so wait
until the shields recharge BEFORE you trigger autopilot, or you
may enter the next fight with LESS than full shields, which is
NOT good for your health.

2.2   Route the last in the wave

If the enemy comes in two waves, you can route the last fighter
in the first wave by damaging it heavily, but NOT destroying it.
It will run away, and the second wave will NOT show up, saving
you a lot of shooting.

2.3   Anti-Stealth Tactics

To avoid stealth fighters, never flight straight for more than 3
seconds. They try to uncloak behind you, so if don't fly straight
they usually don't decloak near you. Use that to recharge your
shields, then fly slower so you can sudden turn around and blast
any that decloaks.

2.4   Lure out of range

Lure the escort fighters away from the enemy capships, usually
with taunts. Lure one at a time, kill it, lure another, until you
take out all fighter cover.

2.5   Bypass nav points

You don't HAVE to follow all the nav points. If you want to
bypass a nav point, or fly them in a different order, then open
the nav map and choose a new destination. This is a way to bypass
certain enemies or asteroid fields/mine fields.

2.6   Switch between front and rear fighting when using bombers

Bombers have rear armaments, and you should use them. Fight with
front armaments for a while, then turn around, let the enemy
chase you, while you hose them with rear guns. That way both of
your shields will share the load and get time to regenerate.

2.7   Torpedo Tactics

You can lock on to ships BEFORE you get into range of flak. After
you took out all the fighter cover, get out to about 11000 m and
stop, turn in, and lock on with torpedo without fear of being hit
by flak. Then charge in and release at 2-3000m.

2.8   Defending Capships

You will be called upon defending capships on many occasions, and
most of those are quite difficult. Your objective is to defend,
not to rack up kills.

Some ships are invincible. Bonnie Heather and its cousin, the
Gamal Gan, are invincible. Concordia has decent shields and will
take a while to die. Confed transports, on the other hand, are
easily killed, as are fellow Confed fighters and bombers.

You should divide up the enemy fighters with your wingmen. You
take on one, while he takes on another.

Consider ramming the enemy fighters, esp. if you are in a heavy
fighter and enemy is a light fighter. However, ramming also
damages your nose, where your targeting computer is. If you
damage that, you can't achieve a lock-on, thus cannot shoot lock-
on missiles and torpedoes.

You should break apart the initial attack wave by using missiles
on the leading craft. Fire missiles as soon as you lock-on, then
follow up with full guns while head-on and it should die. Then
take on another.

Pay attention on which crafts are making attack runs on the
ships. Use taunts to draw them away from the ship and attack you
instead. If that doesn't work, shoot them to force them to attack
you. As long as they are not attacking your ship, they are not
fulfilling their mission.

2.9   Afterburner Slide

Point your craft's nose OFF to one side of the enemy, the hit
afterburners. Then turn the nose toward the enemy, and you'll
slide sideways until your velocity drops to "normal". During that
time, you are very hard to hit and you can hit the enemy.

2.10  Friendly fire is anything but

So called "friendly fire", or "fratricide", is anything but
"friendly". In WC, it means your wingmen are trying to shoot
their target THROUGH you, and that is BAD for you. Some wingmen
(Hobbes, Maniac, etc.) are very dangerous that way. When there's
one or two enemies left, STAY AWAY from the remaining fighter!

2.11  Saving Afterburner Fuel

If an enemy ship is getting away, don't waste afterburner fuel.
Instead, just let it go. Select and autopilot to the PREVIOUS nav
point, then head back. You should run into that ship that got
away. It'll be "fresh" (no damage) and waiting for you.

2.12  Use those chaff pods!

It's better than being hit by the missile! Drop one, then
afterburner away from the impact area!

3    Confed Crafts

Confed crafts usually emphasize shields and armor over firepower.
However, they are in general INFERIOR to Kilrathi crafts except
in a few instances.

Roughly in the order of introduction...

3.1   Ferret

A light fighter similar to the old Hornet, Ferret is armed with 2
mass drivers giving it a decent punch. UNFORTUNATELY, it carries
NO MISSILES. It's a little light on the shields and armor, so
stay away from the heavy fighting. Use up your afterburner fuel
and you'll be dead meat, but if you don't use them you'll be dead
meat too.

3.2   Broadsword

Uhh... Worst craft in the game. It's large, it's bulky, it's got
horrendous maneuverability, and it's got NO AFTERBURNER. Don't
expect to get away from anything except a capship. At least it
has ITTS to help you aim.

Stay away from furballs, kill fighters first, THEN go after the
capships. If you go after capships while the fighters are still
around you'll be nibbled to death while the torpedo locks.

Stay as far away as possible from enemy fighters. Your main guns
are VERY powerful. The problem is keeping it trained on enemy

3.3   Rapier

Rapier haven't changed much in the 10 years except up-rated armor
and shields.

3.4   Epee

What the heck is Epee? It's light like Ferret (and FASTER). But
it has LOUSY shields. It can even carry some torpedoes... It's
almost like kamikaze craft! However, the particle guns has ITTS
to help you aim.

Epee is extremely fast, and that makes it dangerous to yourself,
as you often get into places you should not be. SLOW DOWN and
shoot at long range. Use your speed to keep the range open.

3.5   Sabre

Best craft in the game, bar none. Light enough to carry
afterburners, heavy enough to carry torpedoes and turrets.
Manueverable enough to kill fighters.  Armor and shields heavy
enough to withstand damage. Guns heavy enough to kill things...
This is an all-around killer.

3.6   Crossbow

[Only appears in Secret Operations I expansion disk]

Who designed this piece of junk? The Crossbow bomber is like a
slightly smaller Broadsword that kept ALL of Broadsword's
shortcomings. It still has no afterburner, flies as bad as
Broadsword or worse, and a SEVERELY CONSTRICTED FRONT VIEW. It
also lost the side turrets. What a joke! And to think you need to
dogfight in this thing...

3.7   Morningstar

[Only appears in Secret Operations II expansion disk.]

Nice fighter.  Manueverable, good shields, good armor, good guns
and missiles... And the Mace missile. No rear turret, but it's no
big loss. Too bad you don't get to fly it more often.

The afterburner fuel is the same as jump drive fuel. If you do a
jump, your afterburner fuel will be seriously low.

3.8   Clydesdale [Capship]

Clydesdale is a military transport that requires a lot of
escorts. It does NOT have phase shields, so regular fighters can
kill it.

3.9   Waterloo [Capship]

Waterloo is a strike cruiser that has its own fighter complement
along with anti-ship weaponry. It has phase shields.

3.10  Gilgamesh [Capship]

Gilgamesh is a Confed destroyer, essentially a smaller Waterloo.
It has phase shields. Watch out for those anti-ship guns... They
can hit you too.

3.11  Free Trader [Capship]

A VERY LIGHT capship, these traders are smaller than transports,
and has LOUSY shields. Escorting them can be difficult.  No phase

3.12  Concordia [Capship]

Your carrier, it's longer, slower, and EXTREMELY well-armed. Its
primary cannon can kill enemy ships in ONE SHOT... If it's
working. It's relatively hard to destroy, so don't panic when
called upon to protect it. However, you can't dawdle either.

3.13  Starbase [Capship]

Technically not a ship because it doesn't move, a starbase is
nonetheless a friendly you need to protect. It has some flak
guns, and some fighters, that's about it.

4    Kilrathi Crafts

Kilrathi crafts in general emphasize firepower over protection.
However, they are better crafts than Confed fighters overall.

4.1   Sartha

Sartha is Salthi designed right. The neutron guns do a lot more
than sting. They are DEADLY in groups. Fortunately, they are not
well armored or shielded. Watch out for occasional kamikazes.

4.2   Drakhri

A supposedly better Dralthi, it is not [better]. Dralthi Mk. II
is a better craft. With 3 laser cannons, they don't do that much
damage. Their shields and armor are almost as bad as Sarthas.
However, in groups they can be dangerous.

4.3   Jalkehi

A relative of the old Jalthi, this heavy fighter has a rear
turret and that makes it somewhat dangerous. Good thing they
don't carry torpedoes. Try to attack from the sides and
top/bottom to avoid the guns.

4.4   Grikath

This is Kilrathi version of the Sabre... Fast, manueverable,
heavily shielded, and carries torpedoes. EXTREMELY dangerous,
second only to Gothri.

4.5   Strakha

These are the Kilrathi "stealth fighters"... It's amazing that
after 10 years, they haven't changed a bit. It has only average
performance, and lousy shields and armor. If you can catch one,
you can kill one. Don't waste missiles on them. Use full guns a
couple times and it's toast.

In general, they only uncloak behind you. So when they do, turn
around and shoot it out of the sky.

4.6   Gothri

[Gothri only appears in Special Operations I and Special
Operations II expansion disks]

Gothri is the BEST Kilrathi fighter EVER. It's fast, it's got
incredible shields, it's got good maneuverability, and it is
heavily armed. It's also a real PAIN to kill if you got a lousy
fighter in your hands.

4.7   Dorkathi [Capship]

Dorkathi is basically an upgraded Dorkir from WC1. A simple
transport now armed with flak cannons, and relatively easy to
kill even without torpedoes. No phase shields.

4.8   Kamekh [Capship]

Kilrathi corvette does NOT have phase shields, despite that the
manual says. They CAN be killed with regular guns, so don't waste
torpedoes on them unless you need to kill one in a big hurry.
They have heavy conventional shields, so it'll take some time to
kill one. Their flak cannons can do you harm in presence of
escorts, so lure away the escorts and kill them, THEN deal with
the corvette.

4.9   Ralatha [Capship]

This destroyer is a relative of the Ralari in WC1, and has phase
shields. It is also relatively fast for a capship. One torpedo
can kill one, though sometimes it may take two. They MAY use
their anti-matter guns in point-defense role (i.e. shoot at you).

When you get the Morningstar, try your Mace missile against a

4.10  Fralthra [Capship]

Kilrathi cruiser is nicely armed and will require TWO torpedo
hits to destroy due to heavy phase shields. Fralthra will also
use their antimatter anti-ship guns in point-defense role (i.e.
shoot at you), so be careful!

4.11  Kilrathi Supply Depot [Capship]

Just a Kilrathi base... Yes, I know, not a ship, but it's bigger
than a fighter, okay? Flak guns only, no REALLY serious shields.

4.12  Kilrathi Starbase [Capship]

A really big supply depot, with really heavy shields.

5    Weapons

5.1   Laser cannon

Laser has the longest range of any fighter weapon you have, but
also the weakest.

5.2   Mass Driver

A decent medium range weapon, it is quite hard-hitting at closer

5.3   Neutron Gun

Close-range heavy-hitting weapon, get close and let them have it!

5.4   Particle Cannon

A new invention that combined laser's range with firepower of

5.5   Dumb-Fire Missile (DF)

Straight-shooter, it could be used against fighters if it's
heading straight toward you or away from you, but best used on
cap ships, which can't get out of the way.

5.6   Heat-Seeking Missile (HS)

Heat-seeking missiles need a "rear aspect" lock-on, so you have
to get behind a fighter and stay there until the lock-on. Best
used on slow and heavy fighters.

5.7   Image Recognition Missile (IR)

IR missiles can be locked on from any angle, so they are much
more useful than HS missiles. Reserve them for really
manueverable enemies.

5.8   Friend-or-Foe Missile (FF)

True fire-and-forget missile, its warhead strength and range is
less than other missiles, but you can fire them blind in a
dogfight to keep enemies off your back.

5.9   Torpedoes

Only "bombers" carry torpedoes. These are heavy anti-matter
containers with a special phase shield penetrator. They need to
"lock-on" to the target's shield harmonics, and that will take
time, during which the torpedo must remain pointed at the target.

See section 2 for torpedo tactics.

5.10  Mace Tactical Nuke

Mace is a special weapon for the Morningstar fighter (Special
Operations 2). Basically it is a nuke that works best fired into
a middle of a group of fighters. It also works against small
capships quite well. It will self-detonate in 10 seconds, or you
can shoot it to detonate it.

6    Wing Commander II Campaign

The WC2 campaign is not as complex as the WC1. Most WC1 players
do NOT play the "losing branch" missions, thus Origin felt that
their efforts had been wasted designing the losing branch
missions. There's still a losing branch, but mostly they are the
same as the winning side missions, only harder.

There are a total of 12 series for a total of 47 missions.

L=Losing track, W=Winning track  L=Losing track  X=doesn't matter

           /Lose          /Lose          /Lose         /Lose
L  Ghorah KharA  Novaya KievA      TeslaA      GwyneddB
     /     \       /      \        /     \    /        \
    L       W     L       W       L       W  L         W
GwyneddA  Ghorah KharB  Heaven's Gate   Enigma       Win Game
    W       X     W        X      W       X  W         W
     \     /       \      /        \     /    \       /
W     Niven      Novaya KievB       TeslaB    K'tithrak Mang

6.1   Gwenydd A (4 missions)

You're in Gwenydd, Enigma sector, on Caenavron station, running
stupid patrols and never saw any enemy for the last ten years.
But things will change...

Ship: Ferret

Wingman: Shadow

Must do to win: The Fralthra in mission 3 MUST be destroyed

Win: Go to Niven

Lose: Go to Ghorah Khar A

6.1.1     Gwenydd A 1

Patrol mission. Just run the waypoints as you've always done.

Nav 1 has 3 Sarthas. Nav 2 has an asteroid field and 3 Drakhri.
Nav 3 is empty. Land and you're done. Easy start for you.

Where did those Kilrathi come from? They haven't been here for
TEN YEARS! And suddenly those show up? What's going on here?

6.1.2     Gwenydd A 2

Defend mission. You received a SOS from the USS Concordia, which
is nearby and under attack by Kilrathi fighters. Their launch
bays were damaged and require fighter cover.

Launch and head toward the waypoint. When you come out of
autopilot, you'll find 6 Sarthas swarming the Concordia. Just
take them all out, and you get to land on the Concordia.

All the old shipmates that survived the Claw were on the
Concordia. Angel is the "CAG" (flight group commander), in charge
of all the pilots on the carrier. Shadow was really shaken up...

[Trivia: CAG = Commander Air Group, a term left from the naval
carrier days.]

6.1.3     Gwenydd A 3

Escort mission. Escort 2 Broadswords on an attack run against a
Kilrathi cruiser.

NOTE: The Fralthra MUST be destroyed to win the series.

Launch and meet up with the Broadswords. When they acknowledge,
hit autopilot. You'll come out near the Fralthra and 5 Sarthas
will attack (one may be an ace). Kill them quickly as they CAN
take out one of the Broadswords.

Once the Fralthra is gone, autopilot back, and you'll run into 3
Jalkehis. These guys are pretty deadly against light fighters and
you need to be careful. Once you defeat them, get back to
Concordia and land.

Sparks and Angel are the only friendly faces on the Concordia.
Everybody else is netural or downright hostile. Angel wonders if
you'll transfer to the Concordia... Tolwyn is onboard, and he
understands loyalty... And besides, the carrier DOES need pilots.
You can decide later.

6.1.4     Gwenydd A 4

Defend mission. Protect Concordia from another Kilrathi cruiser
and its fighter escorts.

You launch from Concordia, heading home to the station. Autopilot

As you come out of autopilot, you get another SOS from
Concordia... A saboteur has bombed the launch bay controls...
Just as a Fralthra attacks. You have to turn back immediately.

You autopilot back, and found 5 Sarthas and 4 Drakhris in a
furball around the two capships. The two capships will trade anti-
ship antimatter gun shots, and those will kill you dead if they
hit you, so don't get between them! Instead, take out the

Shadow will die in this mission. This is scripted and there's
nothing you can do about it. Just kill the remaining Kilrathi
fighters and land on the Concordia.

You are now officially transferred to Concordia, and Tolwyn is
still not happy with you. However, you will be tolerated.

6.2   Niven (4 missions)

It is impossible to "lose" the Niven series unless you die. You
will head to Ghorah Khar B series.

Ship: Ferret / Broadsword

Wingman: None (no one will fly with you)

Must do to win: nothing, you ALWAYS win the series

Win: Go to Ghorah Khar B

6.2.1     Niven 1

Patrol mission. You fly a Broadsword as you use a "jump tracer"
to look for enemy ship presence.

Fly the waypoints. Nav 1 is empty. You'll find 3 Jalkehi at Nav
2, and 2 Grikath at Nav 3.

Remember Broadsword has ITTS so use that to help you aim. Make
sure you wait until your shields are completely recharged before
you autopilot to the next waypoint. Use both front and rear guns.

6.2.2     Niven 2

Courier mission. Take your Ferret and deliver something over to
Niven. [Technically you don't land, but you'll see cinematics of
you landing.]

There is only one waypoint between you and Niven... and 5
Sarthas. Take care of them and you're done.

6.2.3     Niven 3

Escort mission. You fly your Ferret back. Escort two Free Traders
to the jump point, then get back to Concordia.

4 Sarthas jump you half way to the jump point. Kill them quickly
to protect the two ships (though they don't affect your mission).
At the jump point, keep the 3 Drakhris busy and the two ships
will jump out. Kill the Drakhri and you can go home.

When you come back, you found that there's a murder onboard. As
you've been away, it's not you for sure... There's a traitor
onboard... But who is it?

6.2.4     Niven 4

Patrol mission... Just fly your Ferret. See any enemies around?

Launch... Nav 1 is empty. There are 3 Strakhas at nav 2 (yes,
stealth fighters). There are 3 more Strakhas between you and the

Fighting Strakhas is relatively simple... Get one in your sights
and kill it before it cloaks again.

As you land... You found that your flight recorder is busted...
There will be no record of your fight against the cloaked

Angel explains that the Enigma sector contains some long-range
jump points... Very strategic.

6.3   Ghorah Khar B (4 missions)

Ghorah Khar is a Kilrathi planet, and they had rebelled against
the Empire and join the Confeds almost 10 years ago. If you
watched the opening cinematics, you'll also realize that this is
where the Strakhas were built... That would explain why the
Kilrathi haven't improved them much since then... No factory!

Any way, Olympus station is the Confed Starbase in orbit.
Kilrathi want the planet back (more like kill all those rebels).

Hobbes is a decent pilot, but don't get between him and his

Ship: Rapier

Wingman: Hobbes

Must do to win: Kamekh in Mission 3 MUST be destroyed

Win: Go to Novaya Kiev B

Lose: Go to Novaya Kiev A

6.3.1     Ghorah Khar B 1

Patrol mission. Your wingman is Hobbes, the Kilrathi defector.
Yes, he can fit into the cockpit just fine. If no one will fly
with you, he will. No one will fly with him either. And he's
actually a pretty good pilot. Any way, patrol the waypoints.

Launch. You'll find 4 Jalkehi at nav 1. They aren't so tough with
you in a Rapier. The 4 Grikath at nav 2, with 1 ace, are a much
bigger problem. Kill the ace first, let Hobbes worry about the
others. Use your missiles on the ace.  Nav 3 is empty, and you
can go home.

Downtown tells you the "Society of Mandarins", a group of humans
who sees war with Kilrathi as impossible to win. The Society will
secretly help the Kilrathi win the war, and try to absorb the
Kilrathi culture like the way the Mandarins did against the
Manchu (the Ch'in Dynasty) in ancient China. They are considered

6.3.2     Ghorah Khar B 2

Escort mission. Patrol, then escort Bonnie Heather back to the

You'll find 3 Drakhri at nav 1 and 4 Jalkehi at nav 2. Bonnie
Heather is at nav 2 also. She's piloted by Paladin. Just make
sure you don't kill yourself. Bonnie Heather is INVINCIBLE
(really) so you can take your time killing the Jalkehis.

Paladin is actually in special ops and reports directly to
Tolwyn... And Paladin believes you are innocent. Maniac is in the
news... He somehow got two Kilrathi ships to collide, thus saving
the Deneb sector. He's either crazy or good... Or both.

6.3.3     Ghorah Khar B 3

Escort mission. Escort the Broadswords as they take out the
Kamekh attacking Olympus station.

As you take off, 5 Sarthas will attack. There will be some
friendly Rapiers as well. Kill Sarthas until there's only one or
two left, then get AWAY or the friendlies will likely shoot
THROUGH you to get to that last Sartha.

After that, you have two options. You can forget about the
Broadswords at nav 1 and take on the attackers with just you and
Hobbes, or you can pick up the Broadswords and make a combined
attack. In any case, take out the Grikaths first, then go after
the Kamekh with the Broadswords.

Land on the station.

6.3.4     Ghorah Khar B 4

Defend mission. Another wave of fighters is attacking Olympus

Launch and kill the 5 Drakhris. 4 Jalkehi will follow when you
destroy the Drakhris (so try to route the last Drakhri if you
can). Then you can head back to Concordia.

6.4   Novaya Kiev B

Khasra has been given the task of destroying the Concordia...
And he's setting a trap. The withdrawal of Kilrathi from Ghorah
Khar was too fast, too simple... And Paladin is suspicious.

Ship: Broadsword

Wingman: Doomsday

Must do to win: nothing, you WILL win no matter what unless you

Win: Go to Heaven's Gate series

6.4.1     Novaya Kiev B 1

Strike Mission... Destroy the depot and the transports one jump
point away.

When you get to the depot, you'll find 2+1 Dorkathis, 4 Drakhri,
3 Jalkehi, and the supply depot itself. Destroy all of them,
Drakhri first, the Jalkehi. Save the torpedoes for the depot.

You can request refuel from the tanker Valdez on your way back.

6.4.2     Novaya Kiev B 2

Rescue. Stingray ejected in the middle of the enemy force he's
attacking. It's too risky for a rescue, but you're going any way.

There are 4 Jalkehis between you and the waypoint. When you get
there, you find 4 Drakhris and 2 Kamekhs. Destroy all of them,
then pick up Stingray (if you are REALLY good with tractor beam
you can pick up Stingray without killing everybody).

Tolwyn is not happy about you disobeying orders. Stingray gave
you an ambiguous thanks that you refuse to accept. Spirit is
still wondering about her fianc‚e Philip, who was captured by the
Kilrathi over 10 years ago...

6.4.3     Novaya Kiev B 3

Strike mission. Escort Hector (Gilgamesh-class destroyer) on a
strike against a Fralthra.

Not much to this... Launch, rendevous with Hector, then follow it
to the Fralthra. Take out the 4 Jalkehis flying CAP, then torpedo
the Fralthra (or let Doomsday do it). When you fly back, you'll
run into 4 Grikaths. Take them out too and land.

Heaven's Gate has a Kilrathi starbase, and it'll be your target.
Spirit claims she got some e-mail from the traitor supposedly
about Philip.

6.4.4     Novaya Kiev B 4

Escort mission, escort a Free Trader carrying a data pod back to
Concordia. No Wingman.

Launch normally. Before you get there, a Kilrathi fighter group
and a Ralatha destroyed the Free Trader. Your mission is changed
to retrieve the data pod from the wreckage.

There are 2 Drakhris trying to stop you at the jump point. Take
them out, let shields recharge, then jump through and take out
the 3 Sarthas buzzing the area. Then torpedo the Ralatha (make
sure you don't get fried) and take the data pod. Land and see
Concordia jump to Heaven's Gate.

6.5   Heaven's Gate (4 missions)

Epee is a lousy ship to fight close-in. Stay way back.

Ship: Epee/Sabre

Wingman: Spirit

Must do to win: The Kamekh in mission 1 MUST be destroyed

Win: Go to Tesla B

Lose: Go to Tesla A

6.5.1     Heaven's Gate 1

Patrol mission. Just fly the waypoints with your Epee.

Launch and fly the waypoints. You'll find 4 Drakhri covering a
Kamekh. Take out the Drakhri and join Spirit in strafing runs
against the Kamekh. It should blow up soon. 4 Sarthas block your
way home through nav 2, and that's all the enemies.

Angel said they intercepted an unauthorized message, possibly
from the traitor, that says Spirit will NOT cooperate. Tolwyn
thinks Spirit sent that as a decoy. Angel and you are somewhat
more trusting.

6.5.2     Heaven's Gate 2

Escort mission. Shepherd the two Clydesdales to the jump point
and come back with your Epee.

Nothing much to this mission... Nothing happens at nav 1 where
the 2 transports jump out. On your way back you run into 4 Jalkhi
and 4 Drakri. Epee is NOT a good dogfighter. Use your speed
advantage to stay away and shoot them at long range.

Angel need to talk with Spirit alone... You'll fly next mission

6.5.3     Heaven's Gate 3

Escort mission. Bring back the transport in one piece.

This is another "anti-stealth" mission... Except you get to do
this in an Epee. At nav 1 you will find 3 Strakhas, and 5 more at
nav 2. Then find the transport and bring it back.

Again, your flight recorder is busted (definitely NOT a

6.5.4     Heaven's Gate 4

Strike mission... Take out the enemy Starbase. You get a Sabre
this time.

Note: You canNOT eject in this mission. You will be captured and
you will DIE if you eject.

Launch and kill 4 Sarthas at nav 1 (including ace Rakti).
Continue to enemy base and kill 3 Jalkehi and 5 Drakhri. When
you're nearly done, Spirit will be crippled and she kamikazes her
Sabre into the Starbase.

After landing, Angel was sorry about what happened, and you two
hugged... And the relationship... just went from there to more.

6.6   Tesla B series (4 missions)

Tesla is not a bad series to fly... Lots of things to kill.

Ship: Rapier

Wingman: Stingray

Must do to win: nothing, you can't lose this series except by

Win: Go to Enigma

6.6.1     Tesla B 1

Patrol mission... Nothing to it.

Nav 1 has 3 Jalkehi inside an asteroid field. You find the Bonnie
Heather at nav 2, under attack by 3 Grikath. Take out the
Kilrathi and take the Bonnie back. Remember, Bonnie Heather is

6.6.2     Tesla B 2

Strike mission... Sensors show 2 Kilrathi transports separated
from the main fleet... Take them out.

Take off, 4 Sarthas in your way, then 4 Jalkehis, then finally
you see the Dorkathi. Don't worry if you only see one. As you try
to kill the first, the other one jumps in. Destroy both and go

Khasra, Thrakath's cousin, will be attacking... But the Emperor
have better plans for Thrakkath...

6.6.3     Tesla B 3

Escort mission: take Bonnie Heather out to the jump point.

4 Drakhri at nav 1. Bonnie Heater jumps out at the jump point. As
you come back, you saw Frlathra, with 4 Jalkehi (one is piloted
by Khasra). Lure the fighters away from the flak guns so you can
fight one at a time. You can't destroy the Fralthra yourself so
don't try. After destroying the fighters, go home.

6.6.4     Tesla B 4

Strike/Escort mission, protect a Gilgamesh-class destroyer to
blast a nearby Ralatha.

As you launch, 4 Grikaths will attack. Take them out. As you
approach the enemy destroyer, you'll see 4 Jalkehis. Take them
out, and watch your destroyer take out the enemy destroyer.

6.7   Enigma Series (3 missions)

William Tell is gone. Downtown was ambushed and killed. Angel
will fly your wing.

Ship: Broadsword

Wingman: Angel

Must do to win: The Ralatha in mission 4 must survive to jump
out, THEN destroyed

Win: Go to K'tithrak Mang

Lose: Go to Gwynedd

6.7.1     Enigma 1

Recon/Strike mission. Recon the jump point before Concordia come
through, kill anything in the way.

The unknown nav point has 3 Drakhris. When you reach the jump
point, there's a Kamekh with 4 Sarthas. Destroy all of them.
Concordia will jump in and you can land.

Jazz said the comm room is under "shoot to kill" orders against
unauthorized access.

6.7.2     Enigma 2

Strike mission. To ensure the Concordia's safety in the asteroid
field, you'll take out the Kilrathi listening post Korah Pokh.

Take off and fly through the asteroid field to Nav 2, then Nav 2.
You'll find 3 Drakhri and 4 Jalkehi at the listening post. Take
out the fighters, then torpedo the listening post.

6.7.3     Enigma 3

Recon/Strike mission. You have to CHASE the Ralatha away so they
run to K'tithrak Mang, then you will TRAIL them to determine the
jump point...

Fly through the asteroid fields through nav 1. When you get to
Ralatha, kill the Jalkehis, and Ralatha will jump out. At Angel's
message, jump through the way point, then kill the Ralatha, and
Concordia will follow, and you can land.

6.8   K'tithrak Mang (final series, 4 missions)

You are NOT guaranteed a win in this series, unlike WC1.

Jazz don't believe your stories... And everyone knows that there
is spy onboard too. No one has idea who yet though... You have
your suspects...

Ship: Sabre

Wingman: Jazz

Must do to win: destroy K'tithrak Mang

Win: Win the campaign

Lose: Lose the campaign

6.8.1     K'Tithrak Mang 1

Strike mission... Take out a Ralatha in the way.

Four Jalkehi (piloted by Drakhai elite guards) will be guarding
the Ralatha. Take out the Drakhai first, THEN the Ralatha (if
Jazz haven't killed it already).

Three Grikath will attack the Concordia when you come back. Just
kill them.

6.8.2     K'Tithrak Mang 2

Patrol mission, fly the waypoints.

Fly the 4 nav points. Asteroids at nav 1, 5 Strakhas at nav 2,
asteroids at nav 3, and 5 Strakhas at nav 4. Take them all out.

This time, your flight recorder works fine... And you have
evidence of the stealth fighters. The logical conclusion: Jazz is
the traitor. He confessed to Angel upon interrogation, then
escaped in a Sabre...

6.8.3     K'Tithrak Mang 3

Capture the traitor!

If you follow autopilot you'll fly through an asteroid field.
Past that there's Jazz and his Sabre near the jump point. Just
shoot him out of the sky, and watch Angel rescue Jazz for a court-

You've officially been exonerated of any treason charges...

6.8.4     K'Tithrak Mang 4 (final mission)

Strike (sort of). Kill K'tithrak Mang

There are 3 Strakhas in the asteroid field midway to the base.
Then you get to kill 6 Sarthas (Drakhai guards) and Thrakhath's
personal heavy fighter (better than a Grikath). Kill all of them,
then wipe out the base.

Yahoo! You've won the Enigma sector and even Tolwyn seem to like

6.9   Ghorah Khar A (4 missions)

Losing path mission, nothing too interesting except the increased
difficulty level. Very similar to Niven series.

Ship: Ferret/Broadsword

Wingman: None

Must do to win: Must destroy Dorkathi in mission 1, and Kamekh in
mission 3.

Win: Go to Ghorah Khar B

Lose: You get reassigned back to the station (and thus, lose the

6.9.1     Ghorah Khar A 1

Patrol/Strike mission. Patrol and kill anything in your

The main problem is the Dorkathi minelayer... It is escorted by 3
Jalkehis, and it will jump out if you don't hurry. Use your
missiles and guns and make repeated passes quickly. You have to
kill it before it gets out. THEN get outside the minefield and
kill the Jalkehis outside.

6.9.2     Ghorah Khar A 2

Patrol/Rescue mission. Patrol nav points, kill enemies in a

You'll find a transport "Sable Star" under attack by 4 Drkahri.
Kill them and fly home.

6.9.3     Ghorah Khar 3

Patrol/Strike mission. Sweep the area with Broadsword.

Fly out to nav 1, and you'll see a Kamekh with 4 Drakhri. Kill
them all. 4 Jalkehi is at nav 3.

6.9.4     Ghorah Khar 4

Patrol mission. Sweep area with Broadsword.

You run into 2 Strakhas at nav 1, asteroid field at nav 2, and 5
Strakhas at nav 3. As expected, your flight recorder is damaged.

6.10  Novaya Kiev A (4 missions)

Losing version of Novaya Kiev B, it's not that different.
Doomsday is not a bad flier, but his pessimism is giving me a

Ship: Broadsword

Wingman: Doomsday

Must do to win: Must destroy Fralthra in mission 1 and data pod
in mission 3.

Win: Go to Heaven's Gate

Lose: Lose the game

6.10.1    Novaya Kiev A 1

Escort Strike. You've been tasked with 2 other Broadswords to
take out a Kilrathi capship via a flanking nav point.

Get there, through 5 Drakhri and 3 Jalkehis, blow the capship out
of space, return. Nothing to it.  Take out those Drakhri quickly
though... They CAN take out one of your wingmen.

6.10.2    Novaya Kiev A 2

Patrol mission.

Boring... Asteroids at nav 1. 4 Drakhri at nav 2. 3 Jalkehi at
nav 3. Then home.

6.10.3    Novaya Kiev A 3

Patrol mission.

This can get hairy. Nav 1 only has two Sarthas, and they can be
nasty customers. Split them with Doomsday and kill them with guns
only. You need your missiles later. Nav 2 is empty. Nav 3 has 4
Jalkehi and 4 Grikath, and they can do you serious damage. Pick
one and kill it.

6.10.4    Novaya Kiev A 4

This mission is IDENTICAL to Novaya Kiev B 4. It's repeated here:

Escort mission, escort a Free Trader carrying a data pod back to
Concordia. No Wingman.

Launch normally. Before you get there, a Kilrathi fighter group
and a Ralatha destroyed the Free Trader. Your mission is changed
to retrieve the data pod from the wreckage.

There are 2 Drakhris trying to stop you at the jump point. Take
them out, let shields recharge, then jump through and take out
the 3 Sarthas buzzing the area. Then torpedo the Ralatha (make
sure you don't get fried) and take the data pod. Land and see
Concordia jump to Heaven's Gate.

6.11  Tesla A (4 missions)

This series is very similar to Tesla B series.

Ship: Rapier

Wingman: Stingray

Must do to win: must destroy Ralatha in mission 2, must defend
Concordia in mission 3

Win: Go to Enigma

Lose: Lose the game

6.11.1    Tesla A 1

Patrol/Escort mission.

4 Drakhri intercept you on the way to nav 1. At nav 2 you find 3
Jalkehi menacing Bonnie Heather. Take care of them and escort the
Bonnie home to Concordia.

6.11.2    Tesla A 2

Escort/Strike mission. Get William Tell to attack the 2 Ralathas.

On the way, you run into 4 Sarthas, then 5 Jalkehis. Get the
Sarthas first, individually. William Tell is INVINCIBLE. Just
stay out of its way as it destroys both Kilrathi destroyers.

6.11.3    Tesla A 3

Defense mission.

4 Jalkehi and 6 Grikath attack the Concordia.

6.11.4    Tesla A 4

Escort mission, get Bonnie to the jump point after defeating
nearby Kilrathi fighters.

Take off and take out the 4 Grikath that are attacking. 4 Jalkehi
awaits at the jump point.

6.12  Gwenydd B (4 missions)

As you did NOT locate the location to K'tithrak Mang, your
location has become untenable and you're forced to fall back to
Gwenydd, where you started. However, there is still a chance...
If you can take out the attacking task force in the final
mission, you can still win...

Ship: Sabre

Wingman: Jazz

Must do to win: Destroy Fralthras in first mission, then all
attackers in the last mission

Win: You win the game

Lose: You lose the game

6.12.1    Gwynedd B 1

Strike mission. Take out 2 Fralthras that have penetrated.

As you launch, 4 Grikaths attack. 4 Drakhris wait for you at nav
1. Then 3 Jalkehis are escorting the 2 Fralthras. It is not
impossible, but it is quite difficult.

6.12.2    Gwynedd B 2

[This mission is identical to K'Tithrak Mang 2. The mission
summary is repeated here]

Patrol mission, fly the waypoints.

Fly the 4 nav points. Asteroids at nav 1, 5 Strakhas at nav 2,
asteroids at nav 3, and 5 Strakhas at nav 4. Take them all out.

This time, your flight recorder works fine... And you have
evidence of the stealth fighters. The logical conclusion: Jazz is
the traitor. He confessed to Angel upon interrogation, then
escaped in a Sabre...

6.12.3    Gwynedd B 3

[This mission is identical to K'Tithrak Mang 3. The mission
summary is repeated here]

Capture the traitor!

If you follow autopilot you'll fly through an asteroid field.
Past that there's Jazz and his Sabre near the jump point. Just
shoot him out of the sky, and watch Angel rescue Jazz for a court-

You've officially been exonerated of any treason charges...

6.12.4    Gwynedd B 4

The grand finale... You must destroy ALL enemy crafts, esp.
Thrakkath in his special Grikath, to win the game.

Fly out to nav point, and combat 4 Sarthas. Continue to projected
inbounds, and you'll find Thrakkath (in his special Grikath),
Ralatha, 2 Jalkehi, and Fralthra. Take out Thrakkath first away
from the others, then the 2 Jalkehi. Then ration your torpedoes
CAREFULLY and take out both capships, and you've won the

7    Secret Operations 1 Campaign

Spec Ops 1 mission tree is essentially "double elimination". In
each series, you have an overall objective. If you failed that, 
you're sent to a "second chance mission". If you fail that too, 
you lose the game. If you win that, you're sent back to the next 
series as if you won the preceding series. There are a total of 20
missions in 5 series.

The improved Ferret now carries 2 HS missiles.

-W-} Winning track   -L-} Losing Track

Pembroke -W-} Rigel -W-} Ghorah KharA -W-} Gohrah KharB -W-} WIN
     L      /  L       /  L        ______/  L
     V     W   V      W   V      W          V
    SecCha1    SecCha2    SecCha3           SecCha4
     L         L          L                 L
     V         V          V                 V
    LOSE      LOSE       LOSE              LOSE

7.1   Pembroke Series (4 missions)

Thrakkath is having problem keeping Khasra in line. Tolwyn
informs you you're back to rank of Colonel, and have been
assigned to special ops.

Ship: Ferret (improved) / Broadsword

Wingman: Stingray

Must do to win: Patrol all nav points in mission 4

Win: You go to Rigel

Lose: You go to Second Chance 1

7.1.1     Pembroke 1

Patrol/sweep mission. Kill anything unfriendly.

Nav 1 you'll find 3 Sartha (Drakhai pilots). At Nav 2, you see 2
normal Sarthas. There are 4 Strakhas and a Kamekh corvette are at
nav 3. Some asteroids are between nav 3 and home.

You don't need to kill everything here. Feel free to run if you
need to.

7.1.2     Pembroke 2

Patrol Mission. Kill anything unfriendly, again.

Nav 1 has 2 Drakhri. Nav 2 has 2 Fralthra cruisers and 6 Grikath.
You can wipe out the fighters, but you can't kill the 2 cruisers.
Just get away. Some asteroids are between nav 2 and 3. Then head

7.1.3     Pembroke 3

Defend mission. Protect Concordia and Pembroke Station.

As you launch, 4 Gothris attack along with 2 Fralthras. Those
Gothris are incredible... Very difficult to kill. After that, go
through minefield and emerge close to Pemborke Station. Take out
the 3 Grikath (piloted by Drakhai) and head home.

You'll get your "R&R" at Rigel... which just went off the air
after reporting "under attack".

7.1.4     Pembroke 4

[You MUST hit ALL nav points to win this series]

Patrol mission. Clear the way to the jump point.

This time... No wingman, and you fly a Broadsword. Eeek.

On your way to nav 1, you run into a minefield, with 3 Jalkehis
inside. Messy. At nav 1, you jump, and you are under attack by 4
Confed Ferrets! Take them out. Hit all the nav points, and make
your way back.

Tolwyn tell you that TCS Gettysburg have mutinied. Those Ferrets
are probably from it.

7.2   Rigel (4 missions)

Ship: Epee / Sabre / Crossbow

Wingman: None

Must do to win: Reach Gettysburg in mission 3 and destroy pirate
base in mission 4

Win: You go to Ghorah Khar A

Lose: If you fail mission 3, you got to second chance 2. If you
fail mission 4, you lose the game.

7.2.1     Rigel 1

Patrol/Rescue mission... Patrol the place for the Gettysburg and
the pirate base.

Take off. You get 2 wingmen. Fly to nav 1, destroy 3 pirate
Ferrets. You get distress call from a Kilrathi Kamekh. You fly
out to the distress call... You find the Kamekh under attack by 6
pirate Epees. Kamekh is destroyed before you get there. Destroy
all of the Ferrets. At nav 2 you find 2 pirate Epees near
asteroid field. Then you can go home.

7.2.2     Rigel 2

Rendezvous mission. Fly around and look for "Bear" Bondarevsky,
leader of the mutineers.

Nav 1 has 2 pirate Epees. Nav 2 has 4 pirate Ferrets. At the
Rendezvous point, there are 2 Gettysburg Epees including
Bondarevsky. Finally, at nav 4 there are 4 pirate Epees that want
to take out "Bear", so protect him.

"Bear" reveals that Gettysburg is guarding the supply depot. You
think there's a way to get to the Gettysburg, convince them that
the fleet believes them and there will be no charges...

7.2.3     Rigel 3

Patrol/Rendezvous mission. You go out and look for the
Gettysburg. You fly a Sabre on this mission, no wingman.

Nav 1 has 2+3 Ferrets, and nav 2 has 2+2 Epees. Kill them all.
Nav 3 you'll meet up with Gettysburg. Just hang around and
eventually you'll be invited onboard.

While onboard, you told them that there's a convoy coming in that
doesn't know the depot is now in hands of pirates. The mutineers
agree to join your little crusade... You'll fly Crossbow bombers
with the mutineers to destroy the pirate base.

[If you cannot reach Gettysburg, you'll go to Second Chances 2.]

7.2.4     Rigel 4

Strike mission, take out the pirate base/depot. You will fly the
Crossbow with 2 wingmen.

[See craft section for notes on Crossbow.]

You intercept the Clydesdales at nav 1 and convinced them they're
heading into danger. At the jump point, you see 2 pirate Epees.
The FF missiles are useless against these pirates, so you have to
rely on your guns. When you jump to the depot, there are 6 more
Epees. Take them all out, then kill the pirate base.

You CAN kill the base without torpedoes... And you better do or
you lose the game!

You've successfully resolved the Gettysburg incident. Nice job!

7.3   Ghorah Khar A (4 missions)

Now you finally get to your spec ops job... And you're defending
Ghorah Khar again. Hobbes will be on your wing.

Ship: Crossbow

Wingman: Hobbes

Must do to win: MUST get data pod in mission 4

Win: Go to Ghorah Khar B

Lose: You go to Second Chance 3

7.3.1     Ghorah Khar A 1

Escort mission. Escort Paladin (in Bonnie Heather) to Olympus

Take off normally, and you find loads of Drakhai (Kilrathi Elite
Guard) in various crafts. Nav 1 has 3 Drakhri, then you jump. You
will then run into 4 Strakhas, then a Dorkahti, and 3 Sarthas at
Olympus station. And yes, they are ALL Drakhai.

Bonnie Heather is invincible, so don't kill yourself protecting

7.3.2     Ghorah Khar A 2

Rendezvous mission... Escort a transport to meet with a Kilrathi
Rebel destroyer.

Take off and autopilot out... Then you run into 3 Jalkehi, kill
them quickly to protect the transport. Continue to the destroyer.
Two more Drakhai Grikaths will attack, and 2 Kamekhs will be at
the jump point. Kill them before the transport moves in. Take out
5 Drakhri at nav 2, and you can go home.

(Or you can bypass nav 2 after the transport jumps out.)

7.3.3     Ghorah Khar A 3

Patrol/Training mission with Sabre. Fly the way points, while
"training" 3 rookies. (Huh? We're spec ops, not babysitters!)

Nav 1 is empty. Nav 2 has 4 Sarthas and a Kamekh. Nav 3 has 5
Jalkehi. Kill them all.

7.3.4     Ghorah Khar A 4

Patrol/Retrieval. Supposedly Kilrathi has dropped a data pod for
their forces in the outer rim of the system. If you can retrieve
the pod, and substitute a fake plan, you can mess the Kilrathi

Nav 1 has asteroids and 4 Drakhri. Nav 2 has 2 Grikath and the
data pod. Nav 3 has 4 Drakhri.

You MUST get the data pod or you go to Second Chance 3.

You can bypass nav 1 and 3, just go directly to nav 2 for the
data pod.

7.4   Ghorah Khar B (4 missions)

Trap is set, but something's not quite right, according to

Ship: Crossbow / Sabre

Wingman: Hobbes

Must do to win: Must destroy Fralthra in mission 4

Win: You win the game

Lose: You go to Second Chance 4

7.4.1     Ghorah Khar B 1

Strike mission. Incoming fleet detected on the fake plan's
vector, but it's smaller than expected.

You get two wingmen, Hobbes and Landis. Get out to task force,
kill 1+4 Drakhri, then torpedo the Fralthra QUICKLY (it'll jump
out)... Then you got news... Kilrathi carrier groups incoming!
When you get back, take out 3 more Drakhri.

7.4.2     Ghorah Khar B 2

Defend/Escort mission... Olympus is under attack, then help
Bonnie Heather get back.

Take out 3 Grikath and a Fralthra attacking Olympus station. Go
out to jump point and take out 4 more Jalkehis. Then jump out to
help Bonnie Heather. Paladin reports that another group of
Kilrathi jumped in and they're shooting at each other! When you
get over there, kill any remaining Jalkehis and pick up the
ejected Kilrathi pilot, and land on the Bonnie.

The guy you picked is none other than Prince Thrakkath, heir to
the Kilrathi throne... And apparently, his cousin Khasra was the
one that sent fighters that did him in. Khasra knows that
Thrakkath survived and is on the Bonnie... Khasra will let Bonnie
(and you) live if you'll turn over Thrakkath... Thrakkath want a
fighter so he can die fighting. You said forget it. You drove one
of the Crossbows out to patrol... Then Thrakkath escaped in the
remaining Crossbow.

7.4.3     Ghorah Khar B 3

Pursuit mission. You are trying to chase down Thrakhath alone.

You turn around and chase Thrakhath. Once you get there, Khasra
(Gothri Ace) and 5 other Gothris block your exit. Thrakhath jumps
out. You need to survive... Kill all the Gothris in the clumsy
Crossbow is going to be quite difficult. When you do, land back
on the Bonnie.

When you finally made it to Olympus, you're just in time to beat
off the next Kilrathi attack.

7.4.4     Ghorah Khar B 4

Strike mission... Take out the attacking Kilrathi task force
before they get close enough.

You change to Sabres with Hobbes and start attacking. Midway to
the taskforce, you found Bear and Buell dueling 2 Sarthas. Help
them. They'll join you. Take on the 2 Fralthras and 3 Gothris at
the task force. If you take them all out, you win the game.

You thought you won, but actually you've been tricked. While
forces concentrated on preventing the loss of Ghorah Khar, the
Kilrathi had conquered Deneb sector. Khasra is gone, but
Thrakhath is glad... and he will be ready for Tiger's Claw...

7.5   Second Chance (4 Missions)

You don't fly the Second Chance series together, but rather
individually as a result of losing one of the regular series. If
you win, you go onto the next series. If you lose, you lose the
game. In Second Chance 4, you will lose either way.

7.5.1     Second Chance 1

You fly this mission if you mess up Pembroke Series. You fly
Sabre with Doomsday.

Take off, and defend Concordia from 5 Gothri and 2 Kamekh.

7.5.2     Second Chance 2

You fly this mission if you mess up Rigel 3. You fly Broadsword
with Hobbes.

Take off and take out the pirate base. There are 5 enemy
Crossbows at the pirate base.

7.5.3     Second Chance 3

You fly this mission if you fail Ghorah Khar A series. You fly
Sabre with Hobbes.

At Nav 1, you find the two Sabres you need to rescue, under
attack by 4 Gothris. There are also 4 Grikaths at nav 2. Take
them back to Olympus.

You can ignore nav 2 and go directly back to Olympus Station.

7.5.4     Second Chance 4

You fly this if you mess up the Fralthra Strike. You fly Sabre
with Hobbes again.

Take off from Concordia, and take on 5+4 Gothri, then the
Fralthra. You lose any way, so don't hold back.

8    Secret Operations 2 Campaign

Spec Ops 2 mission tree is identical to Spec Ops 1. In each
series, you have an overall objective. If you failed, you're sent
to a "second chance mission". If you fail that too, you lose the
game. If you win that, you're sent back to the next series as if
you won the preceding series. There are a total of 20 missions in
5 series.

Rapier-G has slightly different gun arrangement, with particle
beams replacing lasers. Otherwise, it's still the same Rapier...
Good shields, lousy armor.

-W-} Winning track   -L-} Losing Track

CanewdonA -W-} CanewdonB -W-} CanewdonC -W-} Ayer'sRock -W-} WIN
     L      /  L       /  L        ______/  L
     V     /   V      /   V       /         V
    SecCha1    SecCha2    SecCha3           SecCha4
     L         L          L                 L
     V         V          V                 V
    LOSE      LOSE       LOSE              LOSE

8.1   Canewdon A (4 missions)

Tolwyn will chair the court martial of Jazz, and no one doubts
the eventual outcome: death. However, another traitor is
apparently onboard the TCS Centurion, informing the Kilrathi
about the "Morningstar" project...

Ship: Rapier-G / Sabre

Wingman: Stingray

Must do to win: Rescue Minx in mission 3

Win: Go to Canewdon B

Lose: Go to Second Chance 1

8.1.1     Canewdon A 1

Escort mission... Escort Jazz's prison transport.

Launch and rendezvous. On the way, other transports were
attacked. You went off to their defense (4 Jalkehi), only to find
Mandarin traitors took over the prison transport and jumped
out... With Jazz.

Kilrathi has some plans for the "Morningstar" project... And Jazz
will play a part.

8.1.2     Canewdon A 2

Patrol mission. Recon the standard route.

Launch and fly the nav points. There are 3 Gothri at nav 1, 4
Sartha with a Dorkathi at nav 2, and asteroid field with 4
Gothris at nav 3. Not a pretty sight.

Sparks finally tell you about Morningstar... Apparently it's a
new experiment fighter. Maniac, your old nemesis (besides Jazz),
leader of the Wild Eagles, is the test squadron.  And they are
coming to the Concordia.

8.1.3     Canewdon A 3

Rescue mission. You fly a Sabre.

There's an asteroid field with 4 Grikath between you and nav 1.
When you get there, Minx's Morningstar is disabled. Take out 5
attacking Drakhris, and Minx will auto-destruct the fighter. You
can then tractor her onboard and take her back.

You MUST rescue Minx or you go to Second Chances 1.

Apparently Minx likes you, and no, you can't fly the Morningstar

8.1.4     Canewdon A 4

Escort mission. You will escort Maniac out for another test run
of the Morningstar in a Sabre.

Go out to nav 1 and rendezvous with Maniac. When you get to nav
2, a Kilrathi transport will hail you. Just keep flying and
ignore the transport. There are 5 Jalkehi at nav 3.

The Kilrathi transport has a Mandarin onboard. After
interrogation, he revealed that they are carrying supplies to a
Mandarin base called "Ayer's Rock". However, he doesn't know the

8.2   Canewdon B (4 missions)

Ship: Broadsword / Sabre

Wingman: Maniac  / Stingray

Must do to win: Must destroy Kamekh in mission 4

Win: Go to Canewdon C

Lose: Go to Second Chances 2

8.2.1     Canewdon B 1

Patrol/Escort. You will accompany 3 Morningstars in a Broadsword
to make sure they are alright on a patrol.

Nav 1 is empty. Nav 2 has 4 Strakhas. Nav 3 has a Gothri. Nav 4
has 4 Jalkehi. They should be no match for all that firepower in
your group.

You get to meet more of the weirdos in Maniac's squadron.

8.2.2     Canewdon B 2

Strike/Defend mission. Defend Concordia against 6 Gothris and a
Kamekh. You'll fly Sabres with Stingray.

Get out the hangar and get out of range of the flak, then turn
back and take on the Gothris. THEN worry about the Kamekh, though
Concordia should destroy it without your help. Don't get between

Wild Eagles makes a couple digs about you.

8.2.3     Canewdon B 3

Patrol/retrieval mission. Look for and grab a data pod. You get a
wingman in Broadswords.

Nav 1 has asteroids and 3 Drakhri. Nav 2 has 3 Jalkehi. Nav 3 is
a minefield with 4 Sarthas. When you've gotten close enough to
the nav point, you were informed that it's a trap... The pod is
actually a bomb! You better get out of range (just fly directly
away from it) before the bomb explodes. If you destroy the last
Sartha the bomb will go off too. Then just make your way back.

Jazz hasn't been sitting still. He's turn pirate with the
Mandarins. Talon thinks you let Jazz get away, while Minx is more

8.2.4     Canewdon B 4

Rescue mission. Minx returned early from patrol, leaving her
wingman at the nav point agianst enemy fleet. You better go out

You fly out there, and you find Angel, in a Sabre, against 5
Gothris. A Kamekh join the party later. Shoot them all down.

You MUST destroy the Kamekh to win the series.

Paladin said you'll find Jazz soon. Beyond that, he can't comment
on it.

8.3   Canewdon C (4 missions)

Search for Ayer's Rock continues, while Mandarins get bolder...

Ship: Morningstar

Wingman: Maniac

Must do to win: hit all nav points in mission 3 and destroy the

Win: Go to Ayer's Rock

Lose: Go to Second Chance 3

8.3.1     Canewdon C 1

Rendevous mission. Mandarins want a prisoner swap, so you escort
one transport out and escort another transport back.

Take off, get the transport out, then the other jump in. Get
close enough so they acknowledge you, then autopilot. As you get
to nav 2, 5 Drakhri and a Ralatha crash the party. Take out the
Drakhri quickly, then wipe out the Ralatha, and you're done.

8.3.2     Canewdon C 2

Maniac tells Talon and Crossbones to get ready. They get to the
flight deck, they find Minx ready to launch... Unauthorized!
She's the traitor! Then the bomb explodes... Crossbones is dead,
others are in sickbay. You and Maniac will take the remaining
Morningstars to chase down Minx. Maniac finally tells you about
the "Mace" tactical nuke.

Pursuit mission. Chase down Minx.

Nav 1 has nothing. You see a minefield between nav 1 and nav 2.
There are 3 Sarthas at nav 2, then 2 Jalkehi at nav 3. 4 Gothris
are at nav 4. Finally, 2 Dorkathis and a Kamekh are at nav 5.
Take them all out, but no sign of Minx. She had gotten away.

Mace Tactics: best group is probably to launch it straight at the
Kamekh or between the two transports. Another possibility is
launch it into a group of enemy fighters, like that gaggle of
Gothri at nav 4.

Paladin informs you that his agent is on Ayer's Rock, and you all
are going there later.

8.3.3     Canewdon C 3

Rendevous and escort mission. You will rendezvous with Paladin in
that Kilrathi transport you captured earlier and escort it back.

Head off the nav 1, and take out 3 Dorkathi with 2 Gothri as
escorts. Nav 2 has asteroid field and 5 Drakhri. You find Gamal
Gan, the transport, at nav 3. Dock with it.

The ship has EM shielding that will prevent the Morningstars from
showing up.

8.3.4     Canewdon C 4

Sweep mission. Clear the waypoints of Kilrathi presence.

Nav 1 has 2 Strakhas near a minefield. Nav 2 has 4 Jalkehi. Nav 3
has 2 Gothri. You can shoot them all, or you can take out the
Strakhas and dock, and slip by the other enemies.

Watch the cinematics as you jump into Ayer's Rock system... And
you were able to get by the password. You are in.

8.4   Ayer's Rock (4 missions)

Ship: Morningstar

Wingman: Maniac

Must do to win: Must destroy Jazz

Win: You win the game

Lose: You go to Second Chance 4

8.4.1     Ayer's Rock 1

Sweep mission. Mandarins detected the EM shielding. Your cover's
blown. Kill enemy fighters.

Launch and take out 5 Gothris, then go to nav 1 and take out 5

Scorpion, Paladin's agent, revealed that Ayer's Rock is THE
Mandarin base, and most of the Mandarin leadership is at the
base. Unfortunately, Concordia is busy repelling enemy attack.
It's time to run...

8.4.2     Ayer's Rock 2

Flank sweep mission. You have to protect the flank as Gamal Gan
runs for the jump point.

Nav 1 has 4 Sarthas. Nav 2 has 3 Sabres (however, their tail gun
doesn't seem to work) and 2 Fralthras. Take them all out.

Scorpion revealed that Ayer's Rock is being evacuated before he
was caught and executed.

8.4.3     Ayer's Rock 3

Strike mission. Concordia is busy, so it's up to you to blast the

Launch, kill two Kamekhs in your way, save your torpedoes. There
will be SIX Sabres covering Ayer's Rock. Destroy all of them,
then torpedo the base.

If you torpedo the base... No sign of Minx, Jazz, or the
Morningstar... While Concordia is still in a hot fight. Minx
called from escape pod... Jazz apparently left her out to die.

If you failed to destroy the base, Minx calls to gloat.

8.4.4     Ayer's Rock 4

Sweep mission. This is the final showdown... Jazz is out there.

Launch and ready for jump. Unfortunately, Maniac's jump drive
failed, so you're alone. Kill the 3 Sabres, and Jazz will show
up. Kill him, and you're done.

Tolwyn liked what you did. Mandarin base is now useless.

[Bonus feature... Watch the cinematics AND the credits ALL THE
WAY to the end. You'll see Maniac, STILL out there in space,
waiting to be rescued!]

8.5   Second Chance (4 missions)

You don't fly the Second Chance series together, but rather
individually as a result of losing one of the regular series. If
you win, you go onto the next series. If you lose, you lose the
game. In Second Chance 4, you will lose either way.

8.5.1     Second Chance 1

Sweep mission. You must destroy ALL Kilrathi before they reveal
Concordia's position. You fly Sabre with a wingman. Destroy EVERY
enemy ship you see.

Nav 1 has 3 Grikath. Nav 2 has 4 Kamekh with 3 Gothri (Drakhai).
Nav 3 has 3 Sarthas.

8.5.2     Second Chance 2

Patrol mission. You fly Broadsword with Crossbones as wingman.

Nav 1 has asteroids with 2 Jalkehi. Nav 2 has 5 Sartha and a
Fralthra. Nav 3 has a Gothri.

8.5.3     Second Chance 3

Sweep mission. Destroy ALL enemy fighters to prevent them from
revealing your location. You fly Morningstar with Maniac.

Launch. Destroy 5 Sabres at nav 1,and 2 Broadswords at nav 2.

8.5.4     Second Chance 4

You really messed up the strike, didn't you? Concordia is
retreating, and you volunteered for sweep to let Concordia out of
the system. You will fly with Maniac.

Nav 1 has 2 Jalkehi. Nav 2 has 4 Drakhri. Nav 3 has 3 Broadswords
(Mandarins). On the way back from nav 3 is a minefield.

9    Miscellaneous

9.1   Cheat

Can't get by a mission? You CAN cheat a little... First, enable
the cheat. Start the game by

{game} Origin

Yes, you need spell Origin correct, WITH capital O.

In place of {game}, put WC2 for Wing Commander 2 SO1 for Spec Ops
1, and SO2 for Spec Ops 2.

If you want to make yourself invulnerable as well, add -k after
Origin, so the line looks like

WC2 Origin -k

Here's a list of "debug mode" keystrokes

Alt-Delete     Destroy targeted ship

Alt-Insert     Destroy all enemy fighters and bombers, not

Alt-i          Increase enemy AI level

Ctrl-i         Decrease enemy AI level

Alt-z          Self-Destruct (destroy own ship)

Alt-m          Show memory status

Alt-o          Show cockpit damage

Ctrl-v         Show version info

Ctrl-o         Toggle "Eject" warning light

Ctrl-p         Pause without the "Game Paused" message (great for
taking screenshots)

Alt-Delete may not work immediately on Drakhai (Kilrathi Elite
Guard) and Aces. You may need to Alt-Delete them several times.


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