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DISCLAIMER: Uhh... Sorry, I forgot where I got one of the ANKHs. When I get the 
   time go go back and look I'll update this guide.  If you need any more hints
   please feel free to e-mail me.  Or if you have some hints you like to see 
   put into this guide e-mail me. Basically I just put in hints for parts that
   weren't immediately apparent to me.  Obviously this doesn't hold true for
   everybody.  I realize this is a sketchy guide but I didn't feel that the
   game was difficult enough to justify a full walkthru.  (There are PLENTY
   of REALLY ANNOYING parts though - that lava shaft, the jumping across the
   poison pool w/o ANKLETS, etc... )  All in all, I did have fun with this 
   game despite the annoying parts.  Hope you do to.

NOTES:  The following guide is meant to 1) show what the goals of each board
   are and what you NEED to succeed.  (Actually that's not entirely true,  for
   instance you CAN get to the Canyon of Chaos w/o the Feather, but anyway)
   The [] enclose those items needed to accomplish each goal.  Also, when it
   comes to symbols within the [], they are given in the order in which must
   acquire and use them!  Its pretty easy to tell approximately where the 
   Transmitter Pieces are in the game.  You get a nice hot/cold beep to lead 
   you there!
   NEW EDITION: I've now included the team doll locations!!!!

CHEATS: THERE ARE NONE!!! This has been confirmed by PIE.  Only the 
   pre-production version had any!
GAME PATH (Including Major item you acquire): 
(I figure you can get the Transmitter Pieces at your leisure!)
   Tomb of Ramses(PISTOL) -} Karnak -} Karnak Sanctuary(M-60,SANDALS) -} 
   Karnak -} Sobek Pass -} Sobek Mtn. Shrine(SOBEK MASK) -} Karnak -}
   Amun Mines(AMUN BOMB) -} Set Palace -} Set Arena(SHAWL OF ISIS) -}
   Karnak(ANKH #1or2) -} Amun Mines -} Cavern Of Peril(FLAMETHROWER) -}
   Nile Gorge -} Thoth Treasure Reliquary(PROTECTIVE ANKELTS) -} 
   Karnak Sanctuary -} Heket Marsh(COBRA STAFF) -} Sunken Palace of Khnum -}
   Deserted Slave Camp -} Selkis Path -} Selkis Burrow(SCEPTER) -}
   Karnak Sanctuary(ANKH #3) -} Sobek Mtn. Shrine -} Magma Fields(RING OF RA) -}
   Horus Peak(HORUS FEATHER) -} Amun Mines -} Canyons Of Chaos(SACRED MANACLE)-}
   Kilmaat Colony -} Kilmaat Haunt/Arena -} Tomb of Ramses (automatic) -} 
   the hell out!
TEAM DOLLS: Acquiring the 1st 10 Team Dolls gives you Dolphin Mode which allows
   you to swim faster and jump out of the water.  Acquiring 4 more gives you 
   Vulture Mode which allows you to fly anywhere. Unfortunately, getting all 23
   team dolls only gives you a sound byte (NO hidden game like in the Saturn 
   version!!!).  This has been confirmed by PIE.  
   NOTE: you don't need all 4 dolphin dolls to get vulture! You're 14th doll
   gives you Vulture!  Thoth you need Vulture to get out NOT to get in...
   Also, you CAN get the team dolls any time after you win the game the 1st 

                      |     SORTA WALKTHRU     |

Tomb of Ramses:
   1) [] PISTOL
   2) [] Camel (To Karnak)
   3) [All 8 Transmitter Pieces!] Team Doll (10 of 23 - Jeffrey J. Blazier): 
      MAKE SURE your Amun Bomb is FULL when you're 
      done killing Queen.  I MEAN FULL!!!  (I like Manacle on 1st boss & 
      flamethrower Cobra Staff on 2nd - salamander).  On your way to copter 
      look for strange stone on left wall of passageway bomb it.  Two walls 
      to bomb, left one 2 = switch, right one = about 20 walls + a couple 
      switches, sealed door and 1 regular door right in the middle to screw 
      you up!
      NOTE: acquiring this as the 10th doll gives you Dolphin Mode! (Neat little
        Planet of the Apes sound byte!)
   4) [Dolphin Mode] Team Doll (11 of 23 - Kevin Chung): 
      Blow out wall (small crack @ bottom) near 1st switch leading to Ramses 
      Tomb.  Bomb ceiling X at end of water passage.

   1) [War] - Camel #1 (To Karnak Sanctuary) Blow thru E. wall in 1st open
      area, hit switch, get key & blow thru another wall, left door to War Door.
   2) [SANDALS] - Camel #2 (To Sobek Pass) near water tunnel.  NOTE: Camel 
      behind entrance
   3) [Power, MASK] - Camel #3 (To Amun Mines) Thru water tunnel
   4) [Time, SHAWL] - ANKH #1or2 near pool across from Time Door - jump & float
      across to urns.
   5) [Vulture Mode] - Team Doll (15 of 23 - Ezra Drisbach) 
      Bomb top of waterfall & wall to right above falls.

Karnak Sanctuary:
   1) [] M-60
   2) [Time,War,Earth] - SANDALS OF IKUMPTET
   3) [Time, ANKLETS] - Camel #2 (To Heket Marsh)
   4) [SCEPTER] - ANKH #3 left of where you got M-60
   5) [Dolphin Mode] - Team Doll (12 of 23 - Pat Schreiber) 
      Bomb wall under bridge spanning green slime.

Sobek Pass:
   1) [] TRANSMITTER #1 Drop from ledge to ledge over lava pit
   2) [War, Time, Earth] - Camel (To Sobek Mtn. Shrine)
   3) [] Team Doll (1 of 23 - Tom Kristensen?) 
      Blow out wall behind Symbol of Earth.  hit switch.  back to room with     
      wall Ankh.  Blow out wall directly opposite Ankh eye. Get full health ... 

Sobek Mtn. Shrine:
   1) [War,Earth,Time] - SOBEK MASK
   2) [SCEPTER] - Camel (To Magma Fields) 1st Left doorway @end on left
   3) [] Team Doll (2 of 23 - Paul Lange) 
      When you get to lava pit.  Blow out wall ahead of 1st platform

Amun Mines:
   1) [Time,Earth] AMUN BOMB
   2) [Time,Earth,Power] - Camel (To Set Palace)
   3) [] TRANSMITTER #2 - Behind barrels next to door that leads to pit + next
      to green pool is wall you can blow thru w/AMUN BOMB
   4) [SHAWL] - Camel #2 (To Cavern Of Peril)
   5) [Vulture Mode] Team Doll (16 of 23 - Scott Branston) 
      Bomb center of purple room roof behind Earth Door.

Set Palace:
   NOTE on getting to Camel (THANX Shahir for providing this tip)
    -- In Set Palace, if you go beneath the Up/Down ledge near Transmitter#3
       then follow the lava bank a bit until you reach a short bridge above,
       jump onto it, get full ammo on one side and blow up the wall on the
       other side and Presto!...you've reached the camel without having to get
       Power, Time and going thru' all those timed switches and falling ledges!!

   1) [Power,Time] Camel (To Set Arena) NOTE: Switches are strictly timed!
   2) [] - TRANSMITTER #3 - Left of Power door is opening.  Leap to Up/Dn Ledge.
      Blow thru wall & leap to Piece.
   3) [Vulture Mode] Team Doll (17 of 23 - William Vallierez)
      Underneath bridge over 1st lava moat you encounter.  Blow out E. wall.

Set Arena:
   1) [Beat SET] - SHAWL OF ISIS - My preferred way to kill him... circle him
      with the strafe buttons constantly.  While doing so throw bombs at him.
      When he jumps turn around and repeat.  When you run out of bombs switch
      to the M-60.  Avoid his paralysis missles at all costs!
   2) [] Team Doll (3 of 23 - Paul Knutson) 
      Blow up pillars & wall behind full weapons.  Go to full health hit switch,
      follow tunnel & bomb...

Cavern Of Peril:
   1) [] - FLAMETHROWER - Blast thru wall by green waterfall.
   2) [Power] - Camel (To Nile Gorge) HINTS: Switch #1) Bottom of pite near
      top of large waterfall.  Swtich #2) bottom of green falls jump to landing
      & jump/float to Up/Dn ledge when its @top then turn & jump immediately
      (Yes, it sucks!) Back thru Hieroglyp door of Power Symbol.
   3) [Vulture Mode] Team Doll (21 of 23 - Paul Schreiber)
      Blow out wall by end camel.  Hit switch.  Fly ALL the way back up shaft.  
      Door open next to full weapons on bridge.

Nile Gorge:
   1) [Time,Power,War,Earth] - Camel (To Thoth Treasure Reliquary) 
      HINTS: 1) Power behind corner pylon underwater.
             2) Earth thru underwater tunnel under Earth door
   2) [Time] TRANSMITTER #4 Pool w/underwater shaft, blast through corner 
      wall at bottom.
   3) [] Team Doll (4 of 23 - Richard Nichols?)
      Jump over camel @end. Blowout lower wall.

Thoth Treasure Reliquary:
   1) [Time,War,Earth] - PROTECTIVE ANKLETS  HINT: Look @ground just before
      entering lav tunnel.  Blast & float down to Earth symbol.
   2) [Time,War, FEATHER] - Camel (to Canyon's of Chaos) - Alright you CAN
      make the jump but it's a BIG PAIN!
   3) [Vulture Mode] Team Doll (22 of 23 - David Lawson) - Bomb Anklet pedestal.

Heket Marsh:
   1) [Time,Power,War,Earth] - Camel (To Sunken Palace of Khnum)
   2) [Time] - COBRA STAFF
   3) [Time, SCEPTER] - TRANSMITTER #5 - As you're dropping into pool inside
      Time Door room.
   4) [Dolphin Mode] Team Doll (13 of 23 - John Schwab MIA)
      Blow out column across from exit camel.

Sunken Palace of Khnum:
   1) [Time,Earth,War,Power] - Camel (To Deserted Slave Camp)
      HINT: when you pick up symbol of Power GET OUT!!! or you'll be sealed in.
      Two openings ahead, take one on right for Full Weapons.
   2) [] Team Doll (7 of 23 - Paul Haugerud)  
      Take left door after last key.  Across from 
      door you come out into pool is Full health.  Bomb wall behind it, hit 
      switch.  As you're leaving to go to camel there will be tunnel on your 

Deserted Slave Camp:
   1) [Power,Time,Earth,War] - Camel (To Selkis Path)
   2) [Power,Time, FEATHER] - TRANSMITTER #6 - you may be able to do this w/o
      the FEATHER.  If you can more power to your gaming skills.  But I 
      wouldn't recommend it.  Oh... It's ahead of the fireballs that are 
      shooting at a downward angle.
   3) [Vulture Mode] Team Doll (18 of 23 - Joe Krusoja MIA) 
      Hit switch on floor just past where       you got Transmitter piece.  
      Lower shaft.  Go in cloverleaf rooms.  Shaft above 2nd tier of NE section 
      of cloverleaf rooms.
Selkis Path:
   1) [Power,War,Earth] - Camel (To Selkis Burrow)
   2) [Vulture Mode] Team Doll (19 of 23 - Kurt Pfeiffer)
      Shaft up btw last green ledge & camel to another green ledge.

Selkis Burrow:
   1) [Beat Selkis] - SCEPTER Just play duck & run.  Save Full Weapons in 
      Selkis' room as long as possible .  consider Scorpions left when Selkis
      dies as a nice bonus.
   2) [Vulture Mode] Team Doll (20 of 23 - Troy Jacobson) 
      Blow out bottom of column around which circular stairs wrap.  Hit switch,
      hit another switch, drop through missing stair.

Magma Paths
   1) [] - RING OF RA Drop to lava pit when you come in & hit switch behind door
   2) [] - TRANSMITTER PIECE #7 - 1st Up/Dn platform that you see. Jump to next
      Up/Dn platform & follow.
   3) [] - Camel (To Horus Peak) HINT: After floating down lava tunnel (use 
      map to center yourself so you don't touch walls) Kill 1st Magmantis for
      Full Health & open passage out, kill 2nd for Full Weapons.
   4) [] Team Doll (4 of 23 - Dominic Meisner) 
      As soon as you come out entrance drop to right 
      of bridge & blow out middle of bridge.  Hit switch & fall down lava chute.
      Blow out floor panel at end of chute.

Horus Peak:
   1) [] - HORUS FEATHER
      HINTS: 1st Lava pit w/Magmantisis - avoid them, hit swtiches & GET OUT
      2nd Lava pit (Tall w/ledge switches) - kill 1st 4 Magmantisis by staying
      where you dropped & hittem them w/M-60 & Ring. Avoid their fireballs by
      retreating & jumping.  Get 1st swtich.  Jump to 2nd swtich then drop back
      down for 3rd (door now open).  Reset by stepping on switch.  Kill 2 more
      Magmantisis.  Make sure you hit all 3 swtiches ONCE after resetting 
      fireballs. When all silent make your way up to the top.
   2) [] Team Doll (5 of 23 - Eric Klokstad) 
      After run of falling wooden platforms.  Jump over lava falls turn and 
      bomb side of lava fall.

Canyons Of Chaos:
   1) [] - SACRED MANACLE HINT: From where you start, follow left to end of 
      ledge then float around to left
   2) [Earth,Power,Time] - Camel (to Kilmaat Colony)  HINT: BE Patient with
      this board. I could describe this board in more detail but its damn hard.
      If you find a sealed door and you're facing a Magmantis...  Well, kill it
      to unseal the door (this is required 2 or 3 times) otherwise avoid them.
   3) [] - TRANSMITTER #8 Around and up to the topmost level there is a ledge
      shooting blue fireballs.  
   4) [] Team Doll (8 of 23 - John Van Deusen) 
      HARD! From camel jump/hover to right duck under 
      span land in front of Time Door turn go back to span and bomb it.  
      Enter up thru ceiling to 2 Magmantises. (I suggest you kill them).  
      Bomb ceiling above platform, Jump up ledge to ledge then enter BLUE BALL 

Kilmaat Colony:
   1) [Power,Time,War] - Camel (To Kilmaat Haunt)
      HINTS: Blow out panel right of entrance. Drop to poow, blow sewer cover &
      follow tunner to door to step switch.  Back thru water to ledge & door to
      Symbol of Power.  Jump up ledge & grenade next ledge up.  Back to 
      beginning thru fireball tunnel.  Through power to door to left to floating
      floor.  Let it drop then drop & float to Symbol of Time.  Now follow 
      tunnel to pool. Blow open ceiling panel in room.  Go back to floating
      floor, follow passage & drop into room. Through Time Door.  Hit swtich &
      follow lava tunnel to floor swtich.  Jump on ledge left of Time Door & up
      to next level.  Go to ledge w/Up/Dn ledge and drop down thru hole 
      (ceiling) you blaster earlier to get Symbol of War. Go all the way back
      to Time Door romm & take ledge up .  Drop into room w/War Door.
   2) [Dolphin Mode] Team doll (14 of 23 - Mark Coates) 
      Take door in room w/Time door.  Bomb middle of W. wall.
      NOTE: Get Vulture Mode! (Kind of a pain to control.  You can easily fall 
        too far and die if you're not careful!)
Kilmaat Haunt --} Kilmaat Arena:
   Just concentrate on firing, circling & NOT FALLING OFF!   DON'T use your 
   Amun bombs if you're going after the team dolls!  I like the Manacle on the
   1st guy.  You can actually kill him BEFORE he releases his pods with 3
   full hits from the Manacle.   
   1) [] Team Doll (9 of 23 - John Yuill) 
      Give up Feather & Scepter (as you come in the last 2 graves on your left.
      Go back up.  Door is now open behind Full Health.
   2) [Vulture Mode] Team Doll (23 of 23 - Brian McNeely)
      Under Ramses body.  Fly from lower ring towards entrance to invisible 
      walkway with team doll on it.
      NOTE: What do you get for the last doll? 
        -- Bill Clinton impression of Planet Of The Apes quote.

END #1) w/o Transmitter --} join Ramses in realm of dead. Kilmaat come back to
   excavate your remains. (Oh Joy!)
END #2) w/Transmitter --} Ramses gives you gift of immortality & ability to rule
   over all you survey.  Get Out??? (Yes, I said you still have to get out!
   How annoying!)  You become King of World.  
NO OTHER ENDINGS in the PSX version.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Thanx to Shahir for the tip in Set Palace, Thanx to Paul
   Olivero for passing on tips on finding the first 10 team dolls form Lee at
   PIE (Thanx to him too!).

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