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Date: 29 Apr 1997 20:11:47 GMT

Powerslave Team Doll Locations

Straight from Lobotomy Software

1) Tomb of Ramses - Blow a hole in the wall as you are riding down the
first elevator (facing north) to open a hidden
passage. The opening is about halfway down the shaft. Look for a slightly
out of place brick. JOHN SCHWAB

2) Tomb of Ramses - Go to the chamber with the four pillars. The pillar
in the northwest corner of the room has a
slightly different hieroglyph design on one side (very subtle). Blow the
top of this pillar apart and use the
bomb-boost (look down, jump, and throw an Amun Bomb to propel yourself to
new heights) to reach the top. Again use
the bomb-boost to jump from the top of the pillar up to a hidden cove to
find the doll. KEVIN CHUNG

3) Karnak - In the obelisk courtyard, jump from the waterpool area (at
the top) down to the top of the arched doorway
(where a couple of pots are situated). This triggers a door to open at
the south side of the same area. Use the
Feather to levitate quickly over to the hidden passage before the door
closes. If the door closes before you make it,
jump back to the arched doorway to re-trigger the door and try again.

4) Karnak - Blow open a hidden passage above the waterfall and then blow
another passage open on the right wall (need
Feather to reach). MARK COATES

5) Karnak Sanctuary - In the swamp trench, before going out to the bridge
where the full ammo and fullhealth are
found, stand on the small block that has a fullammo on it (in the
corner). Look up and throw a bomb to blow open a
chunk of wall. Now you can either use the bomb boost to jump up into the
hidden passage or walk back and around to
the bridge near the Plant Key door and levitate over to get the Doll.

6) Sobek Pass - Blow open a hole in the side of the large rock pillar
that you need to jump from to get the X key
(the pillar that has several exploding vats on top). The hole is about
halfway down the pillar, on the north side.
Use the bomb-boost to get back out of the trench. PAT SCHRELBER

7) Sobek Pass - Travel up to the highest point in the stage (by the two
key doors at the end). Turn around and
levitate all the way back to the beginning of the stage and look for a
small ledge sticking out of the wall. Stand on
the ledge and point north. Levitate over to the wall you are facing and
blow it open. There's your Doll. TOM

8) Sobek Mountain Shrine - In the large lava trench with the four
floating platforms, levitate underneath the
northern-most platform. Now look straight down at the lava and throw a
bomb to blow open a hidden passage below the

9) Amun Mines - Blow a hole in the ceiling where the Amun Bomb is picked
up and bomb-boost up into the hidden

10) Set Palace - Stand below the only bridge in the stage and look up.
Blow a hole open in the wall, levitate out
over the lava, and bomb-boost up into the passage. WILLIAM VALLIERES

11) Set Arena - Throw a bomb against either of the two large pillars in
the fullammo/fullhealth room to blow them
into several floating chunks. Levitate down to the Doll at the bottom and
then bomb-boost to get back up to the top.

12) Cavern of Peril - After the room where there are four wasps and a
wall shooter that blows open the wall on the
opposite side of the chasm, look up at the ceiling and blow open the odd
looking surface. Bomb-boost to get up into
the passage. PAUL SCHRELBER

13) Nile Gorge - Jump OVER the camel that takes you to the Thoth Treasure
Reliquary and bomb the wall. Here you will
find the upside-down room and yet another cherished Doll! RICHARD NICHOLS

14) Thoth Treasure Reliquary - Blow apart the pedestal below the Anklets
to reveal a hidden basement. Drop down to
collect the DAVID LAWSON team doll. Now turn around and bomb the opposite
wall (with the decorative mural). Bomb
again to reveal another secret area and find another doll. JOE KRESOJA

15) Heket Marsh - After passing through the hut just past the 2/switch
2/door hut and avoiding the 3 wall shooters
(that shoot from the wall on the left), go through the next door into the
donut-shaped room with the fenced grating
above the next door. Bomb-boost up to the top of the pillar in this room
to find the doll. PAUL HAUGERUD

16) Selkis Path - Levitate to the platform located ABOVE the last green
platform in the final trench leading to the
camel. From this ledge, bomb-boost up into the air and catch yourself
with the feather at the highest point. Levitate
over to the platform and avoid the shooters. KURT PFEIFER

17) Selkis Burrow - Walk to the bottom of the spiral staircase at the
beginning of the stage. Turn around and bomb
the wall to the right of the grey marble wall. Hit the switch to lower
the highest stair and blow the wall open
behind it. Hit the switch here to lower another stair. Walk around to the
lowered stair and bomb the wall. Walk to
the end of the passage and bomb-boost up to the next Doll. TROY JACOBSEN

18) Magma Fields - In the large room where the spiral bridge and full
health are is a tall stalagmite. Bomb the base
of the bridge on the opposite side of the stalagmite (when you first
enter this room this spot is to your right). Hit
the switch and descend down to the bottom to collect the Doll. The switch
opens the door blocking the team Doll.

19) Horus Peak - After running across the series of dropping platforms
(several of them) you end up on a floating
platform, pointing toward a lavalfall. Bomb an opening in the side of the
lavafall and levitate into the cubby hole.

20) Canyons of Chaos - From the beginning of the stage, jump and levitate
straight ahead and follow the path around
until you reach an overhang. Squeeze under the overhang and travel around
to the Time key door. Turn around, jump up,
and levitate back to the overhang. Bomb the wall here, enter the passage,
and jump up through the hole in the
ceiling. Keep going to the dead end and bomb a hole in the ceiling.
Bomb-boost up into the passage and jump up to the
top. Using the feather and a lot of patience, navigate through the maze
of lasers to reach the next two Dolls.
Extremely difficult! JOHN VAN DUESEN/JOHN YUILL

21) Kilmaat Boss Stage - Defeat Kilmaattikahn and travel up to the Mummy
Incubation Chamber. Before grabbing the
Mummy, carefully drop down to the lowest ring. Looking back under the
last door, you can see a Doll floating in
space. Leap out toward it and you will land on an invisible bridge. Pick
up the doll and turn around to go back. Use
your 2D map to see where the invisible bridge ends (a cross split), and
jump back to the lowest ring (very tough to
do without falling!). Now walk out to the side of the ring (so the bridge
above isn't directly above your head) and
bomb-boost back up to the bridge. Collect the Mummy and you're out of

When all 23 Dolls have been collected, defeat the Queen and get the good
ending. After the credits, start a new game
over your saved game to play in Lobo-flight mode. Play control in this
mode uses the same control as swimming.

After saving the game in Lobo-flight mode, return to the title screen and
prepare yourself and 5 of your friends for
DEATH TANK (supports the multi-link).

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