Mortal Kombat PC
Internal Cheat Information
Initial Release v1.00
by [email protected]
The short of it:
1) Load game
2) Press F10 for setup, hold SHIFT while typing D, I, and then P (DIP).
3) Turning SWITCH 5 to ON will give you FREE PLAY (unlimited continues)
4) The change will take effect instantly, no need to save changes (unless you
   want to keep it in the config file) or reload.  (However, see #4 below to
   find out about what kind of changes require reloading)
Here are the intense details:
1) I have tested this on Mortal Kombat v1.0 for the IBM PC (both with and
   without the cheat patch by Stimpson J. Cat) as well as "v1.1", the 1/4/94
   version updated by the MKFIX.EXE from Acclaim.  So it basically seems to
   work on any "release" version, but I did not test it on any of the beta
   releases.  However, since the cheat involves the "F10 Setup Screen" I
   highly doubt it works on the beta version which had a separate SETUP.EXE.
   They were tested with a Soundblaster v1.0, 486/33, 8 megs RAM.  (This may
   seem irrelevant but one of the below Switches does affect sound card output)
2) Load the game.  Go to the setup screen by hitting F10.  At the setup screen,
   hold SHIFT, and press the letters "D", "I", and then "P" in that order.
   It doesn't matter if you hold left or right shift, as some people were
   discussing.  You don't hold D-I-P simultaneously or anything, just hold
   SHIFT the whole time then basically type "DIP".
3) A screen will pop up with this list:
        SWITCH 0: ON
        SWITCH 1: ON
        SWITCH 2: ON
        SWITCH 3: OFF
        SWITCH 8: OFF
   The default is with those first 3 switches on, and the rest off.
4) Ok, now about these switches.  For one thing, SOME of the switches are a
   real pain in the ass to test through playing the game because they do
   NOT take effect until you reload the game after "EXIT & SAVE" from the
   SETUP screen.  Basically, things like FREE PLAY do not require reloading
   the game since they do not require loading a set of graphics or sound,
   but things like turning fatalities/blood/sound on or off DO require
   reloading the game since they require loading a different set of graphics
   or sound.  Here are a FEW things I have found out from testing the
   DIP switches so far.
   NOTE: All of these tests were done using Sub Zero, and knowing those
   bastards at Midway they might have different effects depending on which
   characters you use.  Also, aside from all switches ON or all OFF, I did
   not test like "Switches 1,4,7 ON, all the rest off" or anything like that.
   Again, certain switches being ON/OFF in combination might very likely
   produce secret effects.  Finally, with each individual switch, just because
   I said it only affects one thing (I.E. SWITCH 0=Fatality), doesn't mean it
   might not affect something else.  I only mentioned the first major thing I
   noticed in certain cases.
        No blood, no fatalities, the text of MIDWAY PRESENTS is yellow rather
        than white, etc mentioned individually below
        Blood, fatalities, FREE PLAY (YES!), etc mentioned individually below
        (Each of the below was tested with SWITCH x: ON, all the rest OFF,
         except as noted.)
   SWITCH 0: (does not affect blood during match) (default ON)
        ON=Fatalities ON
        OFF=Fatalities OFF
   SWITCH 1: (does not affect fatalities) (default ON)
        ON=Blood ON (during match)
        OFF=Blood OFF
   SWITCH 2: (default ON)
        ON=Sound ON during title sequence (does not affect sound in game)
        OFF=Sound OFF during title sequence
   SWITCH 3: (default OFF)
        ON=Music ON, Sound Effects OFF (speech off,etc. I have a strong feeling
                                        this is equal to "force Adlib mode")
        OFF=Music ON, Sound Effects ON
   SWITCH 4: (default OFF)
        ON=Computer Performs Fatality EVERYTIME he/she beats you (Switch 0
        OFF=Normal/Random                                         must be on)
   SWITCH 5: (default OFF)
        ON=Free Play ON
        OFF=Free Play OFF (Credits=4)
   SWITCH 6: (default OFF)
   SWITCH 7: (default OFF)
   SWITCH 8: (default OFF)
With all of these switches, I only looked for any obvious effects during the
very first match.  I didn't have time to test each switch all the way through.
ON, and besides the things mentioned in the above switches, I noticed NOTHING
else out of the ordinary.  No differences with Kintaro/Shang Tsung, no
"automatic-get-to-fight-with-Reptile" (only if you do the usual flawless,etc)
If anyone figures out what Switches 6,7,or 8 do, please let me know and I will
include it in an update of this file.  Of course, if any of my guesses
as to what the other switches do is wrong, please let me know as well.
Thanks for reading, I hope this helps.
Internet: [email protected]

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