D R A G O N'S  L A I R  II: T I M E  W A R P  S O L V E ! !

             Solved by: The Mighty Thor! (Angel Eyes's brother) 
             Typed by: Angel Eyes

   Note: I've listed each scene and given a brief description to each move
         so it will make more sense as you play each scene.

   Scene 1: Breakfast Table

     Move LEFT just before mother-in-law hits Dirk with Rolling Pin.

   Scene 2: Drawbridge

     Move DOWN then RIGHT to avoid tentacles and mother-in-law. These two
     moves must be executed quickly together!

   Scene 3: Castle Entrance

     FIRE to hit snake then move RIGHT to go into shaft.

   Scene 4: Descending into the Castle

     Go DOWN (quickly) to climb down step. Move LEFT to avoid snake.

   Scene 5: Mother-in-Law Riding Snake
     Move LEFT to avoid Rolling Pin then go UP to climb out! These two moves
     are executed quickly together!

   Scene 6: Jumps to Rock Pillar

     Move UP to escape crumbling pillar.

   Scene 7: Rides the Rocks

     Move DOWN then wait til rock starts to tilt then DOWN again.

   Scene 8: Finds Time Machine

     FIRE to hit serpent then move UP. Pause for a sec then FIRE to hit serpent

   Scene 9: Time Machine Lifted into the Air

     Move UP to get back on Time Machine.

   Scene 10: Jumps to Ribs

     Move RIGHT to enter Rib Cage.

   Scene 11: Inside Rib Cage

     Move LEFT to avoid serpent, then FIRE to hit serpent, and LEFT again to
     avoid pack of skulls.

   Scene 12: Slides Towards Time Machine

     Move DOWN to go to the Time Machine. FIRE to hit serpent.

   Scene 13: Serpent Attacks Dirk on Time Machine
     FIRE to hit serpent. Move LEFT to hang on to Time Machine. Wait til serpent
     grabs Dirk's legs then LEFT again to be in attack position and finally FIRE
     to hit serpent.

   Scene 14: Activates Time Machine

     FIRE to hit serpent. Move RIGHT to insert sword into Time Machine, and
     FIRE again to activate Time Machine.

   Scene 15: Arrives in Prehistoric Time

     Move Up to dodge flying dinosaurs. FIRE to kill flying dinosaur then
     FIRE again to kill the next one.

   Scene 16: Dirk Flies by Mordroc

     Move UP to avoid Mordroc.

   Scene 17: Carried Away From Mordroc
     FIRE to kill flying dinosaur then UP (quickly) to avoid him.

   Scene 18: Dirk Gets Dropped

     RIGHT to drop onto ledge.
   Scene 19: Centaurs kidnap Daphne

     DOWN to avoid flying dinosaur then FIRE to kill him. (screen pause)
     Move DOWN quickly right after pause to dodge then FIRE to kill the
     second flying dinosaur. (screen pause) LEFT quickly to get wings then
     RIGHT to put wings on and UP quickly to fly off ledge.

   Scene 20: Dirk Finds Centaurs

     Move DOWN to go after Daphne (wait til you see her fall)  
   Scene 21: Dirk and Daphne Land on the Time Machine

     Move DOWN to drop into mud, then RIGHT to grab sword, then UP to get
     on Time Machine.

   Scene 22: Arrives on Clouds

     Dirk will climb up vine by himself.

   Scene 23: Dirk is Attacked by Guardian Angel

     Move DOWN to avoid the Angel's wand, then UP to climb vine.

   Scene 24: At the Gates to Eden

     Move DOWN to dodge Angel's wand, then LEFT jump onto edge of castle.

   Scene 25: Dirk Enters Eden

     Move Up to dodge Angel's wand, then UP to jump over castle wall.

   Scene 26: Dirk Enters Eden
     Move LEFT to climb across vine, then DOWN to drop off of vine, then UP
     to jump, then RIGHT to exit castle.

   Scene 27: The Snakes of Eden

     FIRE to swing at snake, then wait til Dirk gets wrapped in snakes coils
     the hit FIRE again, wait a second and hit FIRE once more.

   Scene 28: Swinging with the Snakes of Eden

     Move RIGHT to avoid being eaten by snake, then go UP and when Dirk
     stradles snake move UP again.

   Scene 29: Riding the Snakes of Eden

     Move DOWN to invert Dirk, then RIGHT to avoid being eaten.

   Scene 30: Dirk Gets Licked

     FIRE to hit snake on head.

   Scene 31: Exits Eden on Time Machine

     Hit FIRE to activate Time Machine.

   Scene 32: Finds Mordroc and Daphne

     Mordroc puts ring on Daphne's Finger (get ready to move fast!)

   Scene 33: Throws a sword at Mordroc

     Move UP to get off of falling platform then hit FIRE really fast to
     throw sword.

   Scene 34: Sword flies into Mordroc's Wrist

     Sword hits Mordroc's Wrist (no moves)

   Scene 35: Dirk vs. Mordroc

     Move Up to jump forward, then LEFT to jump onto platform, then (while
     in the air) hit DOWN to land, then move RIGHT to exit scene.

   Scene 36: Dirk leaps to Death Ring

     Move UP to jump onto platform, then RIGHT to avoid the crumbling platform,
     then hit FIRE to get ring, then go LEFT to exit scene.

   Scene 37: Dirk Throws Ring at Mordroc

     Move UP to avoid energy bolt, then hit FIRE to throw ring at Mordroc.

   Scene 38: The Death Ring Lands on Mordroc's Finger

     Mordroc dies...(no moves)

   Scene 39: Mordroc Mutates

     Move LEFT to get off crumbling tower.

   Scene 40: Destroys the Gas Bag

     Hit FIRE to destroy Gas Bag, then move UP to avoid explosion.

   Scene 41: Leaps to Daphne

     Move DOWN to avoid falling rocks, then LEFT to walk towards Daphne,
     then UP to jump.

   Scene 42: Dirk Tries to Awaken the Sleeping Daphne

     Move DOWN for the kiss, then FIRE to hit little flying reptiles.

   Scene 43: Depressed Dirk

     FIRE to kill another little flying reptile.

   Scene 44: Daphne Opens Her Eyes

     Daphne awakens...(no moves)

   Scene 45: Daphne Wakes Up

     Hit FIRE again to kill another flying reptile.

   Scene 46: Final Kiss

     And finally hit FIRE once more to kill the last flying reptile.
                     CONGRATULATIONS! YOU WON!!!


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